Frequently Asked Questions for the Lifeline Program and Cell Phones

All the information that the vast majority of readers should need can be found on the informational pages of our site. But we’ve created this FAQ page to attempt to answer other questions that come up most often. If you have a question that you don’t see answered, please go to our Help page to learn how to submit your question to us.

The Frequently Asked Questions are categorized into several groups for ease of finding information about the specific question you have about the free cell phones available through the various Lifeline companies.

Popular FAQ’s

About the program


Phones and Plans

Participant Issues

Assurance Wireless Specific

Safelink Wireless Specific



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  1. Jacqueline Polk says

    “These free phones aren’t cheap wireless phones or a discounted models. These are recent model, fully-featured cell phones, backed by prominent mobile phone companies. You won’t get an iPhone, but you’ll get a basic, modern phone.” The phone I received from Assurance is a Kyocera S1360, it’s a cheap worthless phone and is a discounted model with no camera. I have searched the web for the release date of this phone and couldn’t find it. I sent Assurance e-mail about the quality of the phone. The response I received stated that the phone sent to me was a “program” Kyrocera Jax 1360 again, I’ve searched the web and it’s non-existent. Evidently they don’t even know what they sent me.. The Rally model looks exactly like my phone but it’s not. It is a fully equipped modern phone. This must be the model they sold to the government for the free phone program. But these are not the ones the qualified recipients received. If you can’t do anything about this, please refer me to someone who can.

  2. Crystal Moreno says

    My question is – I graduated from college 2014, lived with my boyfriend, and then have had to stay with my Mom, I don’t know that I can continue living with my bf, so I’ll be trying to stay with my Mom.

    My Mom cannot afford to pay for a phone for me because she is currently paying for rent, utilities, and food, also, my sister cannot afford to pay for a phone for me as she works at a part time job and is paying off bills that won’t accommodate for a phone that will help me. However, the total income they both make is over the low income amount you have posted.

    I don’t have an income. I need to find a job. I can’t even drive yet. Is there anyway that I can use my Mom’s address to sign up for a free phone?

    • says

      You should have your mom apply for the phone, and then she can let you use it, as long as there is not someone yet in your household with a Lifeline phone already.

    • says

      The only thing you could try is to contact your phone provider (try 611) and ask. It’s doubtful they will comply though.