How do I get a replacement for a lost, stolen or broken phone?

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As the nation’s leading authority on Lifeline Assistance, the free government cell phone program, we get a lot of questions. But the question we’re asked most often is, “My cell phone was lost or stolen. How can I get it replaced?” In fact, the question is asked so often that we suspect there may be a major crime ring out there dedicated to stealing free government cell phones (just kidding).

Dozens of companies now compete in the Lifeline program and although their “lost or stolen” policies are generally similar, they’re different enough that we thought we could provide a definite public service by compiling the following comprehensive list all those policies together in one place.

There are five free government cell phone companies that are near national in scope plus dozens of others that compete regionally or in a handful of scattered states across the country. Let’s review the five “national” companies first:

Safelink Wireless Replacement Policy

Safelink Wireless is the largest, oldest and best known of the companies that offer free government cell phones. They have millions of customers in 38 states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. It’s lost or stolen policy says:

Lost or Stolen Phone Policy: For any lost or stolen SAFELINK WIRELESS phone, you may request and receive only one replacement phone per customer. The replacement phone will be a refurbished phone. All reported lost and stolen phones will be permanently deactivated. The replacement phone will include only 10 minutes of lost airtime. Any additional airtime that you may have had on your lost phone will not be replaced. In the event you lose your replacement phone or it is stolen, you will need to purchase an additional phone. If a phone is lost or stolen while in transit to the customer before the customer receives the phone, the lost phone and airtime may be replaced as a onetime courtesy in TracFone’s sole discretion.

Assurance Wireless Replacement Policy

Assurance Wireless is a division of Virgin Mobile. It has grown rapidly and now serves 40 states and the District of Columbia. Its lost or stolen policy states:

What should I do if I lose my Assurance Wireless phone?
Don’t panic. Take another look around and try to find your phone.

If you still can’t locate your phone, let us know right away and we’ll suspend service. That way, once your service is suspended, no one can use your remaining balance. We can help you get a replacement phone (most likely at no charge). We usually can have it to you in just a few days. .

Call us at 1-888-321-5880 to suspend your account.

What should I do if my Assurance Wireless phone breaks within the first year?
Your Assurance Wireless phone comes with a one-year warranty from the original equipment manufacturer. If you experience an equipment malfunction, call us at 1-888-321-5880 and we will arrange for a replacement mobile phone.

Reachout Wireless Replacement Policy

ReachOut currently offers LifeLine service in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Here’s the text of the company’s lost or stolen policy:

Unfortunately, ReachOut Wireless™ like every wireless provider, cannot be responsible for lost or stolen handsets or handsets that are damaged after they are delivered to the subscriber. However, ReachOut Wireless™ now offers phones at a discounted price that includes taxes and shipping for one low price. The make and model of the initial mobile phone you received is random according to ReachOut Wireless™ inventory. You are unable to choose which model of phone you initially receive under the ReachOut Wireless™ program.

However ReachOut Wireless™ now offers you the ability purchase a Samsung, Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Audiovox or Nokia replacement handset. The phone you purchase will be factory tested. You may purchase the same or comparable model that you received from ReachOut Wireless™ the first time. Remember, the phone will be shipped through your USPS Postman, as your original phone arrived. Your phone number will remain the same AND all minutes accumulated on your phone will be transferred over to your new phone. With your replacement phone purchase, you will also receive BONUS minutes depending upon the make & model of the phone you purchase.

Budget Mobile Replacement Policy

Budget currently offers free government cell phone plans in 30 states and have already announced expansion plans into 17 more states and Puerto Rico. Here is the company’s lost or stolen policy:

We can suspend your account so no one can use the phone. If you happen to find your phone, please contact our Customer Service department, so we can restore your services. Unfortunately, if you are unable to find your phone, you will need to purchase a replacement phone.

To purchase a replacement phone, you may stop by your local Budget Mobile store, or you may mail a money order in the amount of $20.00 to: Budget Prepay Inc, 1325 Barksdale Blvd, Suite 200, Bossier City, LA 71112. Please be sure to include your account number or mobile number on the money order.

Life Wireless Replacement Policy

Life Wireless does business in 25 states plus Puerto Rico. It’s lost of stolen policy says:

Lost or Stolen Phones: If your Device is lost or stolen you must contact us immediately to report the Device lost or stolen. If your Device is lost or stolen, you will be responsible for all charges incurred on your phone number until you report the theft or loss. You can report your Device as lost or stolen and suspend your service without a charge by contacting us. You may request a replacement through customer service by paying a $20 replacement fee. Replacements will be shipped within 24 business hours on receipt of payment. After you report the theft or loss to us you remain responsible for complying with your other obligations under this Agreement including, but not limited to, payment of any monthly service fees. We and you have a duty to act in good faith and in a reasonable and responsible manner, including in connection with the loss or theft of your Device.

In addition to the Big Five free government cell phone companies, dozens of smaller, regional companies compete in the Lifeline Assistance business. The companies vary from state to state, so let’s review some of the larger ones:

Assist Wireless Replacement Policy

Assist Wireless offers Lifeline Assistance plans in Arkansas, Maryland and Oklahoma with planned expansion in California, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas. The company’s lost or stolen policy is as follows:

There is a $25 fee to replace your damaged or lost Lifeline cell phone. You may replace your lost or damaged phone by mailing payment to the address listed below or by completing the online form located on this page using your credit card/debit card. Your handset will be mailed to you at the address you provide in the order. If you choose to mail a check or money order please send payment to the address below:

Assist Wireless
Attention: Phone Replacement
2402 Gravel Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76118

** When mailing in a replacement request please include your name, address, mobile number,
contact number, and a $25 check or money order.**

Cintex Wireless Replacement Policy

This regional Lifeline provider offers cell phone plans in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island and West Virginia. The company’s website is silent on the subject of any lost or stolen policy, but according to an independent online source this is the policy:

If your phone is lost or stolen, your monthly minutes are not protected or reimbursable until you notify the company of your missing phone. You must call 877-304-9183 or visit Cintex Wireless website, ( Once the company is notified you can buy a new phone and all remaining time and your old phone number will be transferred to you new phone. If minutes were used during the time your phone was lost, they will not be refunded.

Website: Cintex Wireless – Apply
PO Box 10707
Gaithersburg, MD 20898

i-Wireless Replacement Policy

i-Wireless is a division of Cincinnati Bell and serves residents of Ohio only. i-Wireless does business under the Access Wireless name, so don’t be confused. They are one and the same. Here’s the company’s lost or stolen policy:

What should I do if I lose my Access Wireless phone?
If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, you are responsible for charges incurred until you notify us of the loss of your mobile phone by visiting our website at or by calling Access Wireless at 1-866-594-3644. Upon receiving notice that your mobile phone is lost or stolen, Access Wireless will suspend your account. If you do not either activate a new Access Wireless phone or notify us that you have found your old mobile phone within 60 days of the suspension of your account, your account will be deactivated, you will lose your Access Wireless phone number and Access Wireless will assess you a termination charge equal to the balance in your account, which is not refundable even if you reactivate your account. Customers may purchase a new i-wireless phone at the regular retail price at a participating Kroger store or online at, or you may choose to receive a refurbished replacement phone for a fee of $30, plus applicable tax.

StandUp Wireless Replacement Policy

StandUp Wireless is a free cell phone provider in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Lost or Stolen Phone Policy: For any lost or stolen STAND UP WIRELESS phone, customer should contact STAND UP WIRELESS at 1-800-544-4441 immediately to suspend account. Customer is responsible for all usage, authorized or unauthorized that occurred between the time phone was lost and when it was reported to STAND UP WIRELESS. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with replacement of the phone.

Terracom Wireless Replacement Policy

This is a regional provider that serves the states of Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia or Wisconsin.
Here is how the company’s lost or stolen policy is spelled out on its website:

Lost or Stolen Equipment:

If you lose your handset or have your handset stolen, you are responsible for all charges incurred until TerraCom Wireless is notified of the lost or stolen wireless phone. To report a lost or stolen wireless phone, please contact TerraCom Wireless at the TerraCom America Service Number located above. Upon receiving notice of the lost or stolen phone, TerraCom Wireless will suspend the account immediately. If you do not either activate a new TerraCom Wireless phone or notify us that you have found your wireless phone within 30 days of the suspension of the account, the account will be deactivated and you will lose the TerraCom Wireless phone number.

Yourtel Wireless Replacement Policy

This regional provider, a sister company of Terracom Wireless, offers free government cell phone plans in Kansas, Illinois. Missouri, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Rhode Island and Washington. Its lost of stolen policy states:

Unfortunately, YourTel Wireless cannot be responsible for lost or stolen handsets or handsets that are damaged after they are delivered to the subscriber. However, YourTel Wireless now offers phones at a discounted price that includes taxes and shipping for one low price. You may upgrade your phone at any time as long as you have active service with YourTel Wireless.

YourTel Wireless offers you the ability to purchase a Samsung, Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Audiovox or Nokia as a replacement or upgrade handset. The phone you purchase will be factory tested. If you are replacing a lost phone, you may purchase the same or comparable model that you received from the first time. Remember, the phone will be shipped through your USPS Postman, as your original phone arrived. Your phone number will remain the same AND all minutes accumulated on your phone will be transferred over to your new phone.

ATTENTION: Before making your selection, be advised that you are only allowed 1 transaction for any amount, per 24 hour period.

Wireless for Hope Replacement Policy

Wireless is a small, regional player that operates in Arkansas and Louisiana. They also do business as Easy Wireless. The company’s lost or stolen policy is spelled out on the Easy website:

What should I do if I lose my Easy Wireless phone?

Don’t panic. Take another look around and try to find your phone.

If you still can’t locate your phone, let us know right away and we’ll suspend service. That way, once your service is suspended, no one can use your remaining balance. We can help you get a replacement phone. We usually can have it to you in just a few days, and we’ll transfer any remaining balance in your account to your replacement phone.

Call us at 611, or 1-877-476-3451 to speak with a customer service representative and request a new phone.

Tag Mobile Replacement Policy

One of the major regional competitors — Tag Mobile — offers no website information on its lost or stolen policy. Considering the number of cell phone owners who evidently lose their phones or have them stolen, this seems to be a major oversight — one we hope Tag will correct soon.

Other Companies’ Replacement Policies

In addition, some free government cell phone companies — primarily the smallest of the competitors — also neglect to include their lost or stolen policies on their websites. Despite our best efforts, we’ve been unable to determine what those policies may be. Those companies include Alaska Communications (Alaska only), Care Wireless (Illinois), True Wireless (Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Texas).

Help Finding your Phone

We know how frustrating it is and how much time can be wasted when your cell phone is lost or stolen. We want to help you find it without having to go through all the rigamarole required to get a new one. Androids and iPhones will let you track the phone’s location if it goes missing, but for most of the Lifeline phones from the above carriers, there is no such feature. The only options available are low tech: look between the sofa cushions, under the bed, and in your cost pockets; and revisit places you were last at.

However, if for some reason you have an iPhone or Android, the following videos will help you to use technology to quickly locate exactly where you phone is.

How to locate your Android phone:

How to locate your iPhone:


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  1. perry mason says

    Hi,I drop my cell phone and crack my screen.I need a new cell phone,I already have unlimited min and txts.

  2. Tyanna says

    Someone stole my phone october 1st,2015. How do i get it turnt off and a new one. I keep calling the nunber for coustomer service but not getting anywhere..

  3. Reginald Peterson says

    I had my Access Wireless phone for about 3weeks I went to the Jaguars first home game and I was so involve in the game that I lost my phone I have been calling the toll free number for weeks and I still can’t get in touch with anyone why is that?

  4. Gary Lee Rodeheaver says

    My phone quick working the number is 301-859-8873 it won’t come on after charging tried and tried but won’t work. Can I send it back and get a new one it is the only cell phone I have. I have a land line the number is 301-245-4380. My name is Gary L. Rodeheaver have no use of the one I have. can you help. Thanks Gary

  5. okiemare1946@yahoo says

    Help plz,my phone is dying,will not recharge,cutting out and not getting all my phone calls..I just bought this black berry and need it desperately,I am bed bound since 2003, and fell just last week.. I need a new phone asap,plz contact me asap @ the above address,my aide has to check in and out on my phone also,oh,plz contact me,I will give you my address and phone number then,this is an “EMERGENCY POST. God bless..Mary A. In Miami,Okla. 74354…hurry,plz,plz,plz…I have been with your company for years and I do truly love my “True Wireless Phone !!””

  6. Lisa Godbold says

    yes I have read everything I came across to find my answer.
    Apparently I didn’t find it.
    I live in Indianapolis In.
    I’m looking into replacing my government phone as quickly as possible. I have to be able to communicate with my children.
    Could you please help me and advise me on what I need to do?
    Thank you very much
    Lisa Godbold

  7. Jason Allen says

    My safelink phone will no longer turn on so can I receive a replacement phone because this is the only phone I have.

  8. Barbara Coontz says

    I have had my safe link phone for three years charger will not charge any more and u can’t find one like it. How do I get a replacement charger only would like to keep same phone and number.

  9. Virgil Ingle says

    I lost my phone. I have an old LG phone that still works.
    Can I transfer my SafeLink number to that phone?
    How would I do that?

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    battery not charging it is alcatel where do i get battery, has worked great for past couple years ,have been very satisfied

  11. Timmer says

    All I can say about most of the people on here complaining, is go back to school. Get a proper education on grammar and spelling. I had a hard time trying to read through most of these posts.

  12. Debra Cullen says

    I got a tex say[ng that if i want a new free phone call this number and i delieted it before i got the number can you tex me again with the number Thank you

  13. S. Matthews says

    I activated my life wireless phone and as soon as I try to make a call it cuts off. Can’t call 611 because the phone dies before the other person can answer. Do you have a customer service line for this company please?

  14. carol a taylor says

    I am deaf but wear hearing aids in both ears. My old safe link phone has limited volume and the numbers on the key pad have worn off. Was wondering if I could get a replacement phone ,I understand I will lose my minutes but more important to be able to hear when I am making and receiving calls.. The Key pad is really small so hard for me to see when most numbers are worn off .I have had this safe link phone for at least 4 or 5 yrs.So please let me know if I am able to receive a replacement. Thank-you for your time
    Carol A Taylor

  15. Ashley Vargas says

    Some one stoled my purse and my phone was in i please get a replacement phone with the same number 6615104185 please

  16. Irene zlotnik says

    My sister died and she has a free gov.. phone. her x-caregiver has her phone and I believe she is using and letting the company think my sister is using it. How can find who the provider is so I can report her.

  17. haji muhammad says

    my safelink phone number 585-743-8647 is lost during travel in bus please stop it calls and deactive it immediately. my contact number is 585 3347977

  18. misti duty says

    I have just a regular tracfone and I have to carry it with me at all times. My problem is bye carrying it all the time I lose minutes because while carrying it the browser button gets it. I was wondering how you could get a flip phone through safelink so this stops happening. I am pleased with the service I have received. I don’t have the money to add minutes when these run out so a flip phone would surely save me minutes. Thank you and hope you can tell me what I need to do.

  19. barbara towner says

    I dont know if its my charger or what. but my safelink tracfone is not holding a charge. if its the battery can i get that replaced say at radio shack? or walmart? or does safelink replace them?

  20. kathy marshall says

    my safe link phone some times lets a call come in and sometime out.i want to know how i can get a upgraded phone that will replace my phone i have right know that only works part time. do you offer a smart phone.that will replace my phone i would been fit a lot more with a smart phone because i can save money at the store. can you email me and let me know also my phone don’t keep a signal and a charge.

  21. Ronnie Mae Barbour says

    I feel the same way just like Beverly Liggett y’all keep sending us a card talking about cutting off the service because we ain’t using the minutes how can we if we ain’t got no phone and I see how she feel to cause y’all send me a Replacement Code 9801174 and I been calling y’all for 2 months and it keeps going to thàt automatic system and l don’t thànk it right for y’all to turn off our service if we ain’t got no phone don’t you agree with me Beverly Liggett

  22. Gale Dean says

    I am very unhappy with your service. Phone went bad last year and I was told I needed a new Sims. You sent me a new Sims and it said Sims card is full. After weeks of trying to contact you I finally got someone. We spent a lot of time on fixing the phone. The next day it did the same thing and has not worked since. You sent me a replacement code and I am not able to get anyone to give code too. I can only get voice message. Help!!!!

  23. Beverly Liggett says

    My phone has been lost or stolen. I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. I got a card in the mail that said if your phone has been lost or stolen to call 800-378-1684, I have tried several times to get thru and it doesn’t give me the option to explain my problem the SAFELINK phone number that belongs to the lost or stolen phone is (814)475-1608. I NEED a replacement phone. The card states to use replacement code 20521487. I have borrowed a phone and can be reached at (814)241-**** if you have any questions. I am very upset with the automatic service. If you could call (814)241-**** to let me know you have received this message I would greatly appreciate it..

  24. SEBRINA says

    How do I ask for an replacement phone not a lg black flip phone but an regular look of an track phone I think that’s the one a silver looking phone really appreciate that

  25. shelly says

    I can not find out who i received my free cell phone from I thought it was from TRUCONNETCT but can not locate a number Thanks!!! :( can anyone give me a phone number Please!!!! Thank you!!!

  26. kathleen vance says

    i have a safelink goverment phone . i’ve had it for a few months now. it keeps going to roam for days at a time. what can i do to fix the problem. i don’t have an other phone to call tec- support.

  27. victor carroll says

    I haven’t had service with safelink in over 2 years my phone was stolen and someone used my address to get a safelink phone I have a application thts pending

  28. Angelina Torres says

    my pocketbook was stolen and my phone was inside how do I get a replacement phone also my id was in my bag also

  29. Victoria says

    How do I retrieve my four digit pen an how do get a replacement phone if the screen went out I’m willing to send in the old phone for the new one really need this emergency phone in my home.

  30. tandalan says

    I almost immediately was getting damages to my phone including… lost home screen(…process has suddenly stopped unfortunately…) broke volume button and was on vibrate only so unless I’m by it I’d not even know, charger got run over and torn from the wall by a stroller, that’s not even all… told this from the start, it’s been since the whole time I’ve had it. No Response other than we have received your…. phone cant take anymore and is nothing but unreliable, still seeking a replacement. i told them I’d be more careful and even – once employed, buy the protective accessories so that it doesn’t happen again. psshaw, i never broke the screen though(lol)

  31. Ron Byram says

    My phone was stolen. The company is called Surelink. I could not find it in the list you provided. Please help!

  32. alner velazquez says

    I LOSt my cell phone last Friday..i been calling TELSCAPE customer service…I been on hold for 1 hour and no help at all..

  33. brenda baylor says

    what government payes you and the sells person can’t call for me to stop the lost phone mins I show id it’s me , my old number is 954901**** can you replace my phone in person not in the mail at 36streetand 10ave hot dog stand , the latino you got today do not know English and latin she do not understand nothing, today date 08/24/2015

  34. daniel quinonez says

    i have called access wireless to report my phone lost only to be put on hold for an hour and nobody answered. went to there website. no help nothing there to report a lost phone.

  35. Angela Robyn Stubblefield-Norris says

    I got a phone from unnecto in San Diego California . I moved to Northern California I’m still on public assistance but during my move my phone got water damage and will not hold a charge and it says the first SIM card isn’t working I also lost all information on it I don’t know hoe to contact the company for help! Can you help me? I am looking for work and really need this phone! Thank you Angela

    • says

      You contact Budget Mobile and ask them to cancel. Or you don’t use the phone at all for 60 days.

  36. wandaburns says

    my phone was stolen and I would like to know can you track it and tell me who where it is please if not can you turn it off and send me another please as soon as possialbe it emercery I need one for my doctor appointment and my kids

  37. Kristin Bodon says

    I lost my phone while I was on the computer at the libarey, either that or someone sole it. I tried calling it and of course no on answers it and now it goes straight to voice mail.

  38. Barbara Brusseau says

    I just dropped my phone in the driveway and it popped open, battery one direction, cover and phone in others. I replaced the battery and put the cover on but it won’t work now. I called from another phone and it goes directly to voicemail. So, I guess its a goner, is it possible for me to get a replacement?

  39. neshie wallen says

    Received my replacement phone an really disappointed the back cover is way to big for the phone.and my grandma hasent recived her min in at least 5months an can’t never get it to work when call it in

  40. Donna Honaker says

    My cell phone no longer works.I have another cell phone i need to transfer my minutes to my other cell phone My home number is 779-475-****,my cell number is 779-423-((((.Please contact me by phone so i can charge my other cell phone and you can place my minuets on to it.Or email me at the email mentioned above.I just think calling would be better and faster for me .THANK YOU SINCERELY,Donna Honaker

  41. That ****enGuy says



  42. Lora says

    I don’t know who I have an account with. I lost my phone but I don’t know that company it’s through. The phone number is 574-904-****

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You must get in touch with your cell phone provider, not us. We are just an informational website.

  43. Ronald S. Aplin says


  44. samantha says

    I just enrolled with safe link as ive learned they are horrible to get ahold of I wanted to ask them if I purchased a trac phone can I switch my number and info to that phone or is it not aloud? They give you a stick phone which for some is awesome but I have poor eyes and can barley read whats on the phone I was thinking of getting a flip phone there on sale for 2.00 but I dont want to buy it and them tell me I cant use it do you know if its allowed? If not thats ok ill just keep calling

    • Nancy says

      Call 611 and listen too the instructions for transferring too a different phone and it will tell you what too do I know because I just did it, I hope that helps……..

  45. chaz harris says

    My phone has a broken screen and i text alot i need a texting phone with the 500 min plan can you do that for me

  46. Simon says

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I do apologize for bothering you but my phone has “died”. I do not know the service provider and I think it is a very cheap phone.
    Would you mid sending me a replacement at XXX South XXXXX St., Raleigh NC 27603.
    DOB :
    SSN : ***-**-2215

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Sorry, Simon, but we are an informational website, not the phone company, so we can’t send you a replacement phone. We don’t know which company had your account was with. You’ll have to determine your provider before you can make any progress.

      But even more important, PLEASE DO NOT leave your personal information on any website where dishonest and unscrupulous people will have access to it. We took the liberty of editing out any of your personal info that could be stolen.

  47. THERESA A WINES says


      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        The only way to upgrade your free government cell phone is to contact your provider directly and ask them how to do it.

  48. kirk mead says

    I am a current safelink customer with a phone that doesn’t work it won’t turn on ,charge, and before that wouldn’t hold a signal for more than about 10 min I would like to port my number to a new phone but have been told it can’t be done so i guess i will need a replacement however every time I call tech support the number doesn’t work i need help I am losing opportunities because people can’t reach me kinda defeats the whole purpose!

  49. Thomas Simonsen says

    I have had my goverment phone for two years and a number called one day last montb and my phone would not come back on or charge.please i need this phone back

  50. Louis H. Roberts says

    Recently my Safelink Wireless phone quite working, in the middle of a conversation with my doctor. I have been having problems with it for a while now and it has been working on and off. I am needing a replacement sent as soon as possible, I am a cancer patient and rely on the cell phone for assistance from doctors and other agencies.

    • Jamin says

      Any tracfone will work as a replacement phone, and they only cost as little as $5 at Dollar General or Family Dollar.

  51. Virginia Spear says

    I lost my safelink phone and have been trying to report it for over two weeks…I have called every number listed for Safelink and cannot get anyone to answer the phone…I was give a number and when I call it I am told to press #6 to report my lost phone when I press #6 it states they do not recognize the option what now

  52. Latonia Cheatham says

    I’m trying to get an replacement phone, because mine is broken. I’ve tried over and over again, and having a heck of a failed chance to even get into my account. It’s been quite a while, since I’ve had this phone and everything was fine until recently. I cannot remember my enrollment ID, for the life of me, because it’s been so long since I first signed up. Please help me. I really need this phone. All my doctor’s, and kids doctor’s, as well as other business agencies has this number to better help me and my family. Please, please help me replace this phone and fast. There’s to many Doctors appointments, I have. This is my health I’m talking about. Please. I thank you, kindly.

  53. Adonis Swan says

    How can I terminate my Safe Link application or enrollment in Safe Link? If You can, Please remove my name from your program.

    • says

      You need to contact Safelink. Or, if you go 60 days without using the phone it will terminate.

  54. n j parker says

    I’m looking into this ‘free’ service. It’s clear one gets what one ‘pays’ for..looks
    like most everyone is having major problems, from faulty equipment to poor
    service, and beyond. As they say, nothing in life is ever free. If anyone can convince me it’s worth giving up my landline for this, please try. Seriously!

  55. Amber says

    My phone needs a sim card, how do I get a sim card? the Budget Mobile store I got my phone from in San Bernardino, ca. on Waterman and 9th street has closed and I cannot make phone calls or receive phone calls and cannot send text messages or receive text messages without the sim card. Please tell me how I can get a new sim card. Also a lot of the apps built in apps have been disabled by someone else and I am not able to get them enabled. Please tell me how I can get these built in apps etc. enabled.
    Thank you.

  56. marsha ball says

    my phone doesnt work all the time. and it says battery dead then you look at it a minute later it says full charge and i didnt charge it. i also have trouble with losing my minuets. because it just randomly dials numbers and it calls 911 5 or 6 times a day. i think i would do better with a flip phone. i live in the country and am disabled and my phone is my only lifeline so when it decides not to work i get worried

  57. Roderick Snipes says

    I’m expecting a replacement cell. Should have gotten here about two weeks ago! How do I find out about it!

    • says

      Well, we’d say you call the company from whom you requested your replacement.

  58. Artherine Hill says

    My phone you an see it ringing but no sound…..cannot make calls out…need another phone…

  59. erica stilphen says

    i spoke with a reprsentitive two weeks ago I’ve repeatedly tried to call to track the replacement phone with no luck..the gentlemen and i went over my re application evrything was recorded and my phone should have been here by now.. what iw going on and when will i get my phone.

  60. michele estrada says

    I need all text messages and number with names that was use from the phone as of may 2015 to current phome number is 951 623 **** as soon as possible problem with unknown calls and text messages need names with the number if possible please contact me at 951 224 **** i will need help with this process thank you for your time please have a turn around time asap very important i receive this information having difficulties.

  61. wanda martin says

    yes i need to know what to do my phone is working you can make calls but you cant here anythink,what do i need to go

  62. rosario says

    I have had my phone stolen for about 2 months now an have no idea on how to replace it if someone can help that would be great. I need feedback

  63. tracy barber says

    I filled for my replacement goverment phone that was stolen on June 23rd, 2015. I still havnt got it in the mail. How do i track it? Thank you for your time in helping me with this matter.

  64. DARRELL MABE says

    look my phone has been lost for 4 months i just found it i made a mistake by hitting cancel i need my phone reactivated i try talking to some one but they did not understand and i got angry i “m sorry for that but they did not under stand i love services

  65. rebecca j razor says

    I got my phone from a vender in New Castle In. about 4 weeks ago but it doesn’t work, it won’t charge. I tried to find the vender for the past 3 weeks but haven’t been able to find anyone in town since then. What can I do ?

  66. daleshawn says

    I Have Been Trying To Get A replacement phone the phone that i have is very little and i cannot see the words i need a phone with a bigger screen my vision is badd my glasses wont even catch the little words on the phone i need a better phone help

  67. linda m. says

    ask for a PUK code o and when he he ended up facing the problem with A he ended up facing the problem with a PUK code showing up on his phone so he contacted safely and told them about the issue and they said they could not issued him another PUK codes they had to send him a replacement phone and it has been well over a month and a half and he still has not received his replacement phone and him and I both have tried to contact safely and neither of us are getting a live advisor we need to speak with a individual human being not a computer or a recording how can we do that so he can get his replacement phone sent directly to him this is beginning to be ridiculous and he is getting frustrated SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME

  68. morris sproul says

    I have tried to get a replacement phone for over a month…..I have not been able to talk to a real person to do so.
    I have tried every number email ad online cntact….but to no avail. I have no wat to contact my sister and have to use my neighbor phone to do so. can someone plz plz help me thank u

  69. wuzaard marks says

    I have an alcatel one touch phone. It will only work for a 911 call. I should have 250 minutes, but it won’t work. How do I fix it? Or where can I go to get it fixed. I’m in Minnesota.

  70. Kim Barnes says

    I lost my Safelink Wireless phone and need to get a new one but don’t have my enrollment iD!!!

  71. George Jones says

    Safe Links Numbers are not helpful and do not help or work. I have a phone I need to replace how do I talk to a person.

  72. Rose says

    How can i cancel all the Obama’s phones that aren’t under my name cause of that i can get a phone because every time i apply they say i have an already and i didn’t even new of that so who do i call or contact to cancel all the phones that are under my name thank you ???

    • Cody Emerson says

      For those who aren’t all that educated, the phones are called “Government Phone” people!!

  73. Tomie Edley says

    My husband received his government phone through the mail last month. I have been trying to find out what service provider this phone goes through. The information that is on the phone states it is with assurance. I have contacted them they have rudely informed me that its not a registered phone. Its a refurbished LG Elite and the screen has stopped working. If I provide you with the number or whatever you need can you find where we can get this taken care and fond correct provider. Those Philippinos are very rude. Thank you

  74. Lisa Wilfong says

    My safelink phone recently stopped working. The power seems to shut on and off whenever it pleases. It is always fully charged so I’m not sure what the issue is other than I need a replacement. Which companies around this page and my to contact in Elkton Maryland area is where I live.

  75. Mary C Johnson says

    I still have my free phone but is it possible for me to exchange it for a flip phone with larger numbers and one I can increase the sound? It is hard for me to hear it when I,m talking on it.

  76. robert a logan says

    my phone not working I don’t get t not all tex not all calls sometimes don’t get calls jn my home

    • says

      We usually just delete comments where someone says they lost their phone and then post their phone number. But once in a while we let one through, redacted, so we can remind people — once again — to please DO NOT POST PHONE NUMBERS OR OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION on public forums.

  77. Ashley Robinson says

    I lost my phone and want to get a 30 dollar refurbished phone from you. How do I go about paying you the money to do this. What are the steps to get one. Thank you

  78. Porsha Price says

    Was on phone for an hour ..Lost phone #256201**** . Please send replacement to Porsha Price. ***** *****,Al 36273 . You can call me at 256568****. The cs operater hung up on me .Please. help

    • says

      That’s frustrating. But no company can help you through the comments here. You’ll need to get back on the phone with them and try again.

  79. Mary Cartwright says

    For seniors citizens this will be a life saver for many shut in’s and great means of communication and help pass the day with what we read. thanks thanks!

  80. Antonette Griego says

    I cannot afford to buy a replacement phone and need a new phone for emergencies I’m about to have a baby and have a toddler

  81. Tiaqua Bradley says

    Hi. I’ve owned a free phone before. The phone was lost and I haven’t used it in over a year. How can I get a new phone and service? I tried to sign up again and it went through until the final step and said to call someone, but I’m trying to resolve this without talking to people.

  82. Paul Wardlaw says

    This Phone is my only source of having tele-communication of my own/without borrowing from someone else!

  83. Sherry Miller says

    Safe link I had my phone stolen around Christmas ..I have report it.. But I didn’t get a reply can I get a replacement phone…

  84. timthony warren says

    was sent a phone and the front cve screan was broken off need to have another one sent to me

  85. shanon velasquez says

    I have the 250 free min. plan, is that for just outgoing calls.
    Or am I deducted for incoming and also voice mail messages.
    Also see it deducts mins. for accidently hitting the browser button, and I don’t have web on the phone

    • Billy Bradley says

      That is deducted from voicemail checking,outgoing calls,missed calls,incoming calls, and everything they could possibly take minutes for except texts.

  86. Crystal Verdi says

    I have a cell phone that did break and was told to purchase a verizon phone and then call your company to turn it on. can you please send me the correct phone number ?

  87. Charles Palmer says

    I recently went on an appointment with my phone in hand. Somehow, I misplaced it. I can’t find it or remember the last place I had it. I may have left it at the doctors office or my health care provided transportation.. I need to replace it and I don’t mind paying a minimal fee. However this go, I need to notify Reach out that I am not in possession of the phone in case someone stole the phone and I am thinking I laid it down and can’t remember where.

  88. shawn murphy says

    I got caught in a rainstorm & my SafeLink/Lifeline phone got soaked. It doesn’t work anymore, so PLEASE send me another. The # was 321-946-*****. (Serial # *********1). Thank you…

      • Betty Smith says

        Don’t do any good to call Safelink, can’t talk to a person, & punching the numbers don’t give you what you need.

  89. Annette Morris says

    i am trying to get ahold of someone regarding my safe link phone, i cannot get my phone to work it will not let me make any calls. I don’t know if this is because I moved from the country to town and have a new zip code or not, it also will not hold a charge, my old address is ***** Ky Hwy 455 Sparta, Ky. 41086 and my new address is **** Morton Ave. Warsaw, Ky. 41095. Please help me out my phone will not work.

  90. Sharon Boone says

    I lost my cell phone and I just want to know If I can get a replacement and my email is not letting me and here how you can get a hold of me 435 703-**** and I would really appreciated if you can respond to my phone number not my email address and Thank You, Sharon Boon

    • says

      To Sharon and everyone: Please do not place your phone number, address or other personal information on these public pages. No phone vendor will reply, and you’re likely to get crank or fraudulent calls.

      • Sharon says

        Why don’t u help people that have lost phone. “Don’t post number” if its lost who cares. Mine is lost to. Most don’t have the $25 to buy another. If we did,we wouldn’t qualify.for free phone

        • says

          Sharon, let me get this right. You suggest that we allow people to post their phone numbers, addresses, and even social security numbers? Even if just phone numbers scammers would be trying to contact the person trying to get their money or their identity. These are public comments, so anyone that comes on can what’s on the page.

          In addition, we cannot help someone get a replacement because we are not a cell phone company. We are just an informational website that helps people learn where to go to get a free government cell phone.

  91. Kimberly Campbell says

    My phone was stolen today May 26,15 I need that phone turn off .Can they send me a another one

  92. jennifer pacheco says

    I tried to click onto the go here part of number two, but it didn’t give me any contact information in regards to who I would contact for a replacement phone. So could you give me some information please on who to call or contact.

    • says

      If whichever Go Here link you clicked on brought you to a cell phone provider’s page, you’ll find a Contact section in the article on the page which contains a website link and phone number for the vendor.

  93. Lance watson says

    I lost my phone and received a re certify letter and when I called they said I wasn’t enrolled with safelink and I called again and was told I was cancelled and had to re apply . When I attempted to re apply I was told I was enrolled somewhere else which is not true. Thank you

  94. Jennifer McMullin says

    I can’t seem to be able to cancel my budget mobile I got a phone and the phone worked once now it doesn’t I’ve called the phone number no one ever answers

    • Jay says

      Dear Jennifer: Good Luck. I have the same problem with Budget Mobile. My phone quit working. I have emailed with no support. The best you or I can do is to enroll in another cellular company after the 30 days with Budget Mobile. You have to wait the 30 days. Also, I am going to file a complaint with the FCC over their misconduct. Sincerely, Jeffrey

  95. says

    To the dozens of people who post a comment each day that you lost your phone and don’t know what to do, we are most likely not going to publish your comment. The reason is that you simply need to read this page.

  96. anita bynum says

    on may12015 someone stole my phone could u please shut that one off my number is 238-**** and could you please send me a replacement phone

    • says

      EVERYONE: This website is not a phone company, we are just an information site. Please contact your phone provider for a replacement or a cancelation.

  97. mona schuring says

    hi I have a question ? my phone is acting up and I cant use up the few mins I have being on hold. how do I exchange a phone? can I keep this one until I get a new one? can I put the sim card that I have in the phone I have now in my new phone? please let me know asap thank you very much. and have a great day. mona schuring

  98. Yolanda Brown says

    Can someone please give me a number to contact access wireless my phone has stopped working,it shut down and won’t turn back on only had phone 3 months.

  99. sherry white says

    my phone was ran over right after i added a

    $20 card to it. i need another phone but havent been able to contact the right person to get one

  100. julie says

    my phone has been stolen I need a new one its been a few months since it was stolen I was never able to report it .please help thank you..

  101. Irmafaye says

    Have an old Safelink no frills phone. Has worked great. Made 2 calls yesterday and then the menu screen disappeared. Can still call out and receive calls. It’s completely charged. Removed battery. That didn’t reset. Could it just need a new battery or is it shot? I have lots of minutes left. Thanks.

  102. Kim wilkinson says

    I lost my safe link phone and was wondering if I could possibly get a replacement? I heard you have touscreen. If so I’d prefer one of those please and thank you.

  103. Linda Angelo says

    I am having problems since I first got this phone (wonderful idea by the way), I cant seem to hit the right keys to call someone. Is there a phone that has larger numbers on it? My daughter has offered to buy me a bigger phone,, but i dont know if I could accept it.

    thanks for any answers.

  104. Renee sturgeon says

    My phone won’t turn on and I just paid with my own money for extra minutes $30.00 like four days before my phone died. I sent the $20.00dallors to a budget store budget said to send to this address in Louisiana but I tried calling to put a hold on my phone so I don’t lose my minute until I get my new phone, and I was also wondering how long it took to receive my new phone? But they never answear the phone I’ve been calling for the past five days and it doesn’t matter what time of day they always have high call volumes and never get back to me. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME??

  105. Raynard Brown says

    I lost my SafeLink phone over a month ago, and can’t find a number to report it lost. Please call me at 910-920-****.

    • says

      If you look up above in the article, you will see what do to about reporting a lost Safelink phone. That’s what this page is all about.

  106. Renee sturgeon says

    I have a budget phone I love it I pay 30$ a month and it’s affordable and even though my phone was not in good shape when I got it I made the best of It I’ve had my phone since September I’m a loyal customer but what my problem is is that my phone finally died it was on its way out when I first got it but I took good care of it but now I just put 30$ on my phone and now it’s not working I can’t get my contacts and I don’t want my minutes to expire before I send out to get a new phone I have no way to call budget and when get to use someone’s phone no one answers..

    • says

      Our sister site is the authority on the low-income internet programs. If you qualify, you’ll get broadband internet for $10 a month. Go to: http:/

  107. brittany bible says

    I was wondering if there was a way to get a better phone than the one they sent me. cause it is to small and hard to hear on and I would like to be able to take pictures and also make it so I can put a lock code on it for when its not in use. can u please help me?

  108. Regina collins says

    I have a government tracefone that I’ve have for years and now it won’t cut back on. I wanted to know how to get a replacement but I’m not sure of the company its through, it’s been so long.

    • Rose says

      Go through the list they offered above this article and look to see which one services your state.. If two or three are in you state than at least it narrows it down. If you are in VA than more likely it would be Safelink since they are the only ones that service state

  109. kim roux says

    i was 2 be sent a replacement phone and the old phone has been shut off……but i still haven’t recieved the new one and i can’t get through 2 support now, i can’t get any help because the old # is out of service……when will i get my phone? right now i have no phone and can/t even call 911. i did nothing wrong, but if the phone was left outside my apartment door , i’m sure it was taken. at least if u send it via the us postal system, it will go IN side my mail box! my old # is 248/805/3258…..please help as soon as possible.

  110. Lisa VanFossen says

    I have a safelink phone and the buttons and the screen are to small for me to see and I am having trouble dialing and sending texts to friends and family. I was wondering if there is another model that is bigger that I could transfer to? Also hopefully I won’t loose any of my rollover minutes that I have now.
    Thank you
    Lisa VanFossen



  112. Patricia Arden says

    Assurance Wireless claims they have no record of my account or phone number, although their name is all over the documentation that came with my free govt. cell phone, so how do I replace the phone that was stolen on the bus last week? After searching the web, I found all kinds of fraud alerts for Assurance Wireless, so I suggest the Florida govt. take a look at this shady company or dump them for Safelink.

  113. Don McCartha says

    I have a old Verizon LG free phone that I got last month which I just started to use reason being that I was using up the minutes on my Net 10 phone. The Verizon doesn’t hold a charge for more than a couple of hours and wont charge properly. Can I get a replacement phone or is there a way that I can get free minutes switched to my Net 10 which is also a LG?

  114. Cece says

    I am inquiring for my sister, she is elderly. She received her free phone in June, 2014, it is broken and needs replacement. She went to Telscape, service provider, and was told they cannot help her. How does she go about to replacing or repairing phone. You don’t have this type of information on your website.

    • says

      We don’t have the info on our site because we expect the phone providers to act responsibly. It’s inexcusable that Telscape would not offer a new phone even with a charge for it. All we can say is to try again with them and ask to speak with a manager. They should at least sell you a new one for twenty bucks or so.

  115. Brandy Green says

    Im not sure why but my phone is locked down and it says for me to enter PUK. What is that and what am I supposed to enter or do to get it off this screen and be able to use my phone?

    • says

      PUK stands for ‘PIN Unlock Key’. It’s a unique code that is linked to your phone or specific SIM card and is usually 8 digits long. Some phones may ask for a PUC code instead. This stands for ‘PIN Unlock Code’ and is exactly the same thing as a PUK Code. You need to get this from you mobile ohone provider after answering some security questions.

  116. Carolyn Jo Thompson says

    I lost my phone but found it and they already turned it off how do I get it turned back on with my free min I can’t afford one you can call me on safelink or reset my min 1 850-586-****

  117. Tricia Rutenberg says

    Lost my phone in December. 336-847-****, was unable to contact you in month of January. ! Very frustrated getting a replacement phone!!! Talking to a Human Being would be awesome! It would be a miracle! Mom’s number 336-267-****, if u have any questions. Don’t do E-mail. Tricia *******

    • says

      WE cannot help you here, as we are not a phone company. You’ll need to contact the company directly.

  118. christina adams says

    I have already ordered my new phone and I haven’t got it yet so I am writing to you too see were my replacement phone is it has been almost over a month ago since I have called you to get the replacement phone so it would be nice to get the replacement phone please

  119. Birthener Joseph says

    I actually dropped and broke my phone. Its dead and won’t come on at all. I do need a replacement pone. Thank you!

  120. Janet Boyce says

    Someone gave me a flip phone that he used to get Safelink service from. Since all the phones sent to me by Safelink haven’t worked, and this flip phone did, can I transfer my Safelink service to this flip phone? How do I do that?

  121. Jenny says

    I have a safe link . I am not sure what happened, this is what appears on my phone….. ENTER PUK OK SOS ?????? I have called Tech support several times today.. My phone still is inoperable am unable to talk with any tech support person tech support number doesn’t give that option, I only get hung up on…….

  122. Penny Atkinson says

    I received a tagmobile free government phone and for some reason it no longer will work. The only came with one sim card and the sim card was in the spot where the other sim card that goes with it was empty so there was nothing I could do about it. How would I go about getting a new replacement phone because the one I have is not working at all and the charger is not any good either. Please let me know what to do. My address is **** Ashleman, Waco, Texas 76705. My home phone is 254 799-****. Hope this problem is resolveable. Thank you, Penny *******

  123. Jeanna Dodd says

    I’m having trouble my messaging is
    Going crazy it prints any letter it wants I’ve tried all the selections and still don’t u know how to fix this or can I gat a different phone. I hope I’m not asking for too much

  124. Lynn Williams says

    Hi I called about a week and a half ago and suspended my service but im still on the list, if you would please take me off. I lost it quite a while ago now. Im going to call again to make sure you got this as soon as I get to a phone that im not using there minutes. Thank You, Lynn Williams

    • says

      Hi Lynn, we’re not a cell phone company. You’ll need to address your comments to your company. We hope you get it worked out.

    • says

      Yes, we can help you. The article above explains what to do and we mention Safelink specifically.

  125. DUANE CORN says


  126. Michael Hayes says

    I lost my phone; How do I get a new phone; I’am a vet. with no job, I’m living at a place for homeless vet.

    can you help?

    Thank you

  127. Monica Marquez says

    Hi i recieved a free government phone and im not sure what service its with its a basic free phone its service shows at&t service but every since i got the phone it has never allowed me to get service to make calls or texts so who do i contact for the malfunction inthis phone and how do i know what service i signed up with please help

  128. Angelo Jones says

    I had a safelink wireless phones that was broken and I was wondering will you all send me a replacement phone.

  129. Andre mills says

    I’m wondering if there are any companies in oklahoma that will allow me to use my current cell phone?

  130. tami mattingly says

    My mother Linda Barton lost her safelink phone. How does she get a replacement? Her code number is ********. Thank you

  131. TarakayE MUnsee says

    The California Lifeline does not mention to you the available, “FREE” internet plan through FreedomPop, or The CAlifornia FREEdom Plan that’s available.

  132. Diane says

    Is there a secret to getting a human o the Safelink number who can fix my problem? I have the replacement phone and they activated it without transferring my current phone number or minutes to the new phone. The old phone still works but is old and defective – buttons don’t work well, callers cannot hear me as if I’m on mute, etc. I tried calling Safelink several times and used the LiveChat on their website but after being told they have transferred my phone number, it is still on the old phone. The person on the phone number (once I got around the robots) is trying to tell my my phone number is expired and she can make my new phone a regular Tracfone, but I don’t want that. She also can’t find my account with my enrollment ID, even though Safelink gave me that ID number and I can use it on the website. I told her to just not do anything because I’m afraid she’ll mess up my account more. This is very frustrating.

    • Diane says

      UPDATE: Safelink has totally messed up my account to the point where I’m not even a Safelink customer anymore. Both phones are now regular Tracfones. Wow. I don’t know what to do now.

  133. joyce Thomson says

    I have lost my phone it is very inportant that i get another phone i live in a homeless shelter it is my only way i would be able to get a apartment or a job please help

  134. miguel santiago says

    My phone screen doesn’t work and it freeze I can’t send it back because I am a sick person with multiple ilneses, and I can at least dial 911 in case any emergency .can I purchase a phone and change the sim ,I have a life wirless phone and my number is 787-636-**** ,please help



  136. anonymous says

    I work at a living assistance facility/ nursing home. The facility administration orders all the residents safelink phones however she has the stacked up on her officer floor for at least 4 months and will not distribute the elderly folks their phones. Im concern as to why has she order the phones which has every residents name on the but will not allow them to have their phone, two of the elderly people phones has passed away with the last two months. ******* ***** is the name of the facility and the address is ***** ***** avenue, Miami, Fl 33177 please don’t send anymore phones to this places it ran like a jail instead of a alf.

  137. jacob trego says

    my phone barely works. I have requested a new one but have had no success. I am not willing to have my minutes taken seeing as I usually pay for them , and that my 9yr old daughter now has to use it also.. Not to mention this phone is junk.. I may as well go to one of those phone tents on the side of the road and get a decent phone, that makes my 20 dollars every other week for more minutes worth while… Since your not my cell phone company and this is the only phone I have, my confidence in safelink is now lost………. Sincerely,
    Jacob Trego

    • Chris says

      quick, call them back !!!! I have been arguing with safelink since Jan 31,2015. I got my phone for Medical reasons and after calling Safelink to say I lost my phone, they have not sent a replacement phone 3 times: Jan. 31, Feb14, Feb 18, Feb 26th. So I went out and bought a Tracfone and I finally, got service 3/4/15 but lost my number that I have had for 9 years and that I need for the hospitals, doctors, waiting lists of all the various research studies that I have applied for help. They told me each time that I would be able to get my number transferred to the replacement phone. They do not comprehend the dramatic effect this could have on me !!!!!!!! I don’t know what to do, the supervisor’s supervisor just kept repeating my phone number is no longer available! They could be taking my life.

  138. Bridget Bush says

    My phone service is thru safelink, and my phone just stopped charging and if I can get it to charge it will come on and go right back off. I need a replacement phone…

  139. Melissa Cessna says

    I am unsure of which company I have my cell phone through….however, I accidentally washed it and need to get a replacement phone if possible.

  140. arthur woods says

    I lost my phone, reported it stolen, the phone company claims they sent me a replacement which I never got, I’m homeless but now have a place to live. I contacted my Congressional Representative (Andre Carson of Indiana where I currently live, went to his office to fill out a complaint because now every time I go to apply for a phone so I can have a phone I’m told I already have one and I’m DENIED a phone because supposedly the FCC still shows I have a phone which is NOT correct!!!! I CAN’T SEEM TO GET THIS STRAIGHTEN OUT SO I CAN GET ANOTHER PHONE!!!!! WHAT THE HECK CAN I DO!!!! CAN’T GET A JOB BECAUSE EMPLOYERS HAVE NO WAY OF CONTACTING ME TO SET UP AN INTERVIEW!!!! Went to Congressman Andre Carson office last year to try to get some assistance and I STILL can not get a phone!!!!!

    WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO????? SOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica Garcia in Congressmen Carson office is the person that responded to request but STILL nothing!!!!!!!

  141. Shasta Chester says

    The home button does not work anymore and i have minutes on my phone but i cant receive incoming calls. Everything else works though. Could i possibly i get another android smartphone. It would be great if yuo could replace it. Thanks again

  142. Kristin says

    Can I change my minutes and my safelink number to any prepaid phone? So I don’t have to wait for a phone……

    • nancy campbell says

      Buy a track fone. It won’t cost you anything on transfer just the price of the phone. I got one at dollar Gen for $5 and one from Walmart fo9.99. I called tech support (after activating my new purchased track fine) and got my minutes loaded to one I purchased immediately. You must know your ID no. And your phone no. Or your phone no and your serial no from free phone. And I’d and serial number from new phone to have agent transfer. When you call 1800378-1684 for safe link replacement line you push 1 for eng. Right away…then listen to recording and she will ask if you want to take a survey (don’t push anything, just keep listening) and when she comes back on push 4 she will come right back on and say…if you want to…push 6. Then you will hear a gentleman say “tell me the number you are calling about”. You reply “I don’t have one”. An actual agent will then come on the line…give him the number to freephone sent to you and tell him you purchased a track fine and want your minutes transferred. It will be done by the time you hang up…usually takes 20 minutes or so…but it works.

  143. Jenny Royal says

    If I understand right then you do not replace phone , my question is can I by a phone and still have my minutes add to the new phone I by

    • suzi says

      Get you a tracfone from $ store take back off get info numbers off “sim card” careful dont bend sim card write them down, look in prepaid section for rest of numbers you need. You will need sim card # plus “IMEI”#? Call the tracfone co. tell them you bought your phone need it activated.Number is 1800 867 7183 to tracfone. Good luck

  144. christopher jones says

    I would like a replacement phone and my current phone number suspendent due to a lost phone and i don’t want anyone using my services or my carrier may misunderstand my problem. I do by chance have a old government phone and is it anyway possible that one may get it activate,if not one willing to wait the proper time until this matter get resolve. Thank you,tremendously.

  145. Robert Kimball says

    I am using my son in-law’s email address for I do not have a computer. My current phone will not hold charge any longer. It is old cell phone. It was very useful and I surely could use a new one to keep in touch with doctors and my people who taxi me around.
    Thank you for any help and assistance.


  146. cassandra horton says

    I already have safelink phone service but my screen is busted and i have another safelink phone to use but i know the sim cant be used in another phone so how do i switch to my other phone with safelink??? Thank you cassandra horton

  147. GLADYS M. PREAS says


  148. Carrie Girardin says

    My name is carrie, I have a phone from you and I have lost it, how do I go about getting another one? Please contact me by email, Thank You!!!

  149. robert arthur says

    my phone was stolen and i have another verison phone witch my old one was from verison but it was buget to can i transfer to this other phone and can i keep the mins that is left on it if there is any left thanks

  150. Gail Hughes says

    I lost my safelink phone and can not find it. I have tried calling the 1 800 378 1684 number many times only to be cut off and told to wait 15 minutes and call again. how do , who do I report this to and how can I get my phone replaced.

  151. Cheryl Van Meter says

    my phone fell into the toilet, accidently of course. I called the Safe Link number and they already had determined that I needed a replacement phone. They asked me when did I apply for my phone. I was unsure of the month so they asked me for my enrollment ID#. I didn’t write down the number in the correct order, so they wouldn’t send it. I was told to get the number first. I keep trying to find a way to hear the number again but none of the options given by the phone are leading to that option. How do I get the number?

  152. tonya troutt says

    my safelink phone has currently been stolen out of my home. I was needing to know if there would be anyway that I could receive another one. I cant not do a new application because it ask for my id number and I do not remember all the information they are asking for.

    • says

      Call your current cell phone provider and request a new one. There will probably be a small charge.

  153. Dorothy LeClair says

    I had a safe link phone which was working great,but a few months ago I had a fire in the trailer where I lived and I lost everything I owned including my home and everything I owned. So I was wondering if I could receive a replacement phone. I really could use it.

  154. Latoya rogers says

    Some one stole my track phone and I’ve called every provider and they said I’m not in there system how do I contact sum one

  155. Mary Hodges says

    I am on the Safelink Government Program. I have a LG Tracfone and I dropped it and cracked screen. Phone still works but I want to buy a replacement . What list of phones are copatible with my phone? Thanks!

  156. charlestbrown says

    my safelink phone quit working and I wqnt to end service so I can transfer my number to an assurance wireless phone.

  157. otto says

    How do I do to get a replacement a cellular phone Assurance if I want to do by internet and I live in New York and I lost twice in the year? Thank’s.

  158. Dean Taber says

    I ordered a replacement phone 2 &1/2 weeks ago and still haven,t received it yet? It was to be sent to **** Park St. Clearwater Fla. 33756, could u please check on it and let me know by email, Thanks Dean G Taber.

  159. Frankie Jo Lewis says

    My phone was stolen it is a safelink phone. I can not find a number to get a replacement. The prompt tells mone number to call 800-378-**** there is NO option for stolen or get a replacement. The phone # is 352-419-****. My enrollment is 5493385 it was ordered when I lived in zip code 34436. Please call my friend or email I really need a phone. Oh I have moved since then.
    Thank YOu,
    Ms. Frankie-Jo Lewis

  160. Darlean Burnell says

    I have lost my Safelink phone and have tried to report it for over a month but have been unsuccessful. I have called every numbers and have tried to reach someone through email with no success. Can anyone offer assistance?

  161. Megan howe says

    Aplyed for phone and they never sent phone so I can cancel their phone in califorina it in unlimited calls and TeX and the co .i didn’t want said I would have to send their phone back so they can cancel it wears our phone ppl

  162. joseph richardson says

    I need to get my old phone turned off and have my replacement one activated. please help. each time I try to activate m account. I cannot get to my page.

  163. greg carter says

    i sent my damaged phone back to reachoutwireless in the box they requested.paid for the return postage ,track #, the whole 9 yards.THat was in july 2014 ! nothing still!!! contacted them, seveal time for an update. NOTHING!!!!!IT’s December. My phone number still active ,goes to voicemail when called. my gov. benefits program is still paying for my phone.Reachoutwireless-Nexus comunications are receiving profits for a phone servive that i am not able to use. no wonder California is broke. personally i think it’s a bunch of B-S.! sincerely- a totally unsatisfied with the situation. .call me if you have a solution…..wait i dont have a phone.???

    • K. Nikolaus says

      When I had problems getting in touch with Reachout Wireless, I called the California Lifeline Administrator and they gave me a telephone number that THEY used to contact them and lo and behold, I actually got a live person from Reachout Wireless on the phone! It still took a little time to get my problem solved, but I called them repeatedly and stayed on the phone with them until they gave me a tracking number to verify that they finally sent my phone. Yes, it was a pain, but especially with the problem you have, the Lifeline Administrator would want to know about and should be able to help you get it resolved. Wish I still had that phone number for Reachout Wireless but I’ve moved several times and lost it. Good luck.

  164. Shirley Burton says

    I originally had applied for a safe link phone in 2008. I have since then lost that phone and have tried on several occasions to get another one. When I try to reapply because I have moved several times, it keeps telling me I already have an enrollment pending. No, I do not have the enrollment number, therefore I can’t get any further in the process. I moved recently and am trying again to do this and still can’t get any where. Please help me. Thank you, Shirley Burton

  165. jimmy shempert says

    hi my name is jimmy shempert my safelink goverment phone came up stolen and i was woundering if i could get a replacement phone at no charge to me and deactivate the stolen phone

  166. Rosie Reese says

    My safelink phone is broken it will not even turn on or do anything for that matter so I bought a tracfone and would like to switch my service to is that possible for me to do?

  167. Gerald Slyziuk says

    Trying to transfer my number to new phone ,old one not working when i called Safelink number took over a hour still not accomplished is there a web site i can use .thanks.

  168. jasmine brown says

    My phone Ben stolen and I don’t who and then you my minutes right now can I have that phone shut off and can y’all send me a nother phone please my address is **** ravine ave Rochester NY 14613

  169. Rhonda R. Hudgins says

    Didn’t anyone read that they published this page as a public service just to help those with the phones know what to do if they were lost or stolen? They [this webpage] are NOT the company you [or in our case my son] have your phones through … THIS IS JUST AN INFORMATION PAGE …

  170. Raymond E. Kelly says

    My phone was stolen & I really need it replaced, but I have no money to do so. How can I get it replaced for free?

  171. robert matchett says

    i dropped my assuance phone and broke the glass screen on the veiwfinder.i have had the phon for well over a i elligable for a free replacement phone.thank you

  172. corinthea avery says

    Hi I never received my phone and am being told that my minutes have been suspended so pls contact me at 850-607-**** ext 125

  173. Wanda B Patterson says

    I have a safelink phone I’ve been calling for 3 months about my phone being lost and can’t talk yo nobody the options they give turn your phone off then turn back on then they say call back if you still having trouble. call back and hang up.I need to talk to a representative to tell them I don’t have a phone to turn off.HELP ME IF YOU CAN!! OR WILL I HEAR BACK FROM YOU?? OR IS THIS A WASTE OF TIME?????????The # i’ve been calling is 1 800 378 1684

  174. johnnie miller says

    my phone is broken and I can not use it it has been less than a year and I can not find a number to call for help or to replace it help me please

  175. Cathrean N Simms says


  176. Alireza AzmoodehAmlash says

    Hi I lost my safelink phone along ago and last month sometimes after Oct/20/2014 a black lady with a young teen ager with some safelink phons in their hand came to me by Fordham road and Creston ave and asked me if I want a free safelink phone and then they asked about my information and entered it in their system , and when I was busy they went away , please stop that , thank you , best wishes,Alireza AzmoodehAmlash.

  177. Rolleen Card says

    I have a phone that will not work anymore, it was a low income phone I cannot remember where it was from to get a replacement. Also is it possible to get a better phone than the flip phone I was sent? I am from Rhode Island any suggestions helpful.

  178. Tina Lawson says

    My phone broke February and I need a new one I called and they said I would get one in the mail and never received it

  179. Teresa Diaz says

    The LG Tracfone that I have since 2008 is not working anymore. I am not able to hear the caller or them hearing me. Please assist me at your earliest convenience.

    My safelink number is 352-209-0851.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Teresa Diaz

  180. Patricia Haines says

    My SafeLink phone was stolen. I can’t remember the wireless company that I got the phone from, so I have been unable to close the account. Is there a central number I can call to get this service cancelled?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      That’s a common problem, Patricia. We wish we could help, but there is no central number to call for the program.

  181. chuck robbins says

    My phone never arrived through the mail. Is this considered to be my fault or is it the responsibility of Assurance to make sure the phone gets delivered to me? Thank you for your assistance.

  182. ANGELA HESHER says

    Hi safe link I am Angela hasher I get food stamps and I got a phone from you to help …………. my phone got damp and I can’t use it only when some one calls me some of the numbers do not work and I can’t tax on it or I would like to know how to get a replacement if I could please thank you and God bless yours truly Angela

  183. Mary hall says

    My sons verizon wireless fliptop’s charger is broke how do I go about getting a replacement from reach out wireless gov. Phones he is unable to charge phone- he is special needy child and he needs the phone- thank u for a quick response

  184. BRENDA STEART says


  185. Patti Stephens says

    I have safelink. The charging port cover of my phone came off and charging is getting hard to do at times. I was wondering if I get a new straight talk cell, such as Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Ace or ZTE Solar, would I still be able to use safelink? I would hope to keep my number and my minutes. Thank you.

    • Nancy Harpster says

      What’s the answer to this question? What type of plans are available?? Came across a site that showed these types of phones, no sure which it was that actually has LG Phones, Samsung etc….??

  186. Ashleigh Melissa Coles says

    To Whom This May Concern,
    My Name is Ashleigh M. ****, and my Safelink Wireless Phone was stolen from me three days ago. I am currently on welfare in Newark, NJ 07108. I live at *** Chadwick Avenue. My Social Security Number is ***-**-****, And My name is Ashleigh M. *****, m birthday is 04/01/****. My number on my family first card is **********



  188. stacey black says

    I lost my phone and need a new one cause when I call all the assurance wiresless numbers they tell me its saying I got one and want let me apply for a new one.

  189. Patricia Bogseth says

    My cell phone has a large crack and does not keep a charge anymore. How can I get a replacement.

    Thank you. patricia bogseth

  190. Mary A. Williams says

    I need to swap my assurance phone as it will not send a text, save or edit a contact,view a number, or call voice mail. How can I get another phone.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      I believe we’ve addressed the question with the article on which you’ve posted your comment.

  191. DENISE BARKER says




  192. Angie says

    I lost my Assurance wireless phone or some kid stole it I had 1 replaced already I need another one how do I go about getting one not sure if I buy one from the store it will be compatible with the service provider.

  193. jacqueline caccavari says

    Hi, I am in desperate need of my cell phone. I live in a rural area and no transportation or buses. I am also a full time online student and need my cell phone for help and instruction.Colorado tech. Online Campus. My phone number was (760) 660-****. (I am pretty sure that was my number) My phone was Assurance and I loved it. Thank you so much for your service as it is very much appreciated.

    • rick carrillo says

      My name is Rick and I work for safe link this is my first time browsing this sight I would like to help you all but unfortunately I can only help in Illinois near the Chicago land area 630-902-****.

  194. tina lindstrom says

    my safelink phone has been crushed, I’m still enrolled but have not used since accident How do I get another

  195. Karen Reiland says

    I lost my phone but do not have mother phone to call you on. How can I replace the phone- online or such?

  196. Thipphachan says

    I lost my sefelike wireless phone after I reciped the phone but I didn’t activate it yet what should I do?

  197. debra hocutt says

    yes my phone was stolen but I went and bought a tracfone phone from the store so what do I do to get the same number from the gov

  198. Andrew Hollender says

    I lost my assurance phone and can’t remember the password. I have called assurance and they keep telling me they will mail my account number but they dont i have tried 3 times. What can i do?

  199. Raisuzzaman says

    my wife have a free phone but now its not working.she lost mobile paper.she forget which company give her free phone.let me know how i got mobile company name.thanks

  200. Sandra Frazier says

    I lost my cell phone and I need to get another one. this is my life line because I fall a lot. please tell me how I can get another one. I don’ have money to get one. I’ve tried calling the phone to no avail. I really need your help.

  201. nichole l davenport says

    ok check this out! either my phone was stolen or its just lost but either way i dont have the phone anymore the number was 816 328 **** and since i recently mysteriously lost the phone i have tried to apply at q-link can u please cancel this safelink account so that qlink can accept my app please. If that is an impossibility then please tell me how i can go about getting my phone replaced

  202. claudia rivera says

    I lost my phone and I can not get anybody on the two numbers I have for safelink. Can you please help so I can get a replacement phone.

    • alroy crowder says

      i have had my phone at least 6yr i think it got wet now it comes on and and buttons do not work all the time when push can i get a free replacement or do i have to purchase a new one??

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      First of all, if you can dial out, try 611 to reach customer service. If you cannot or it doesn’t work, we don’t know how. That’s a question a lot of people have, and we don’t have an answer to it. We wish we knew how.

  203. lydia thomas says

    I lost myphone been tying to contact safelink for to months need my phone keep trying these stupid ass numbers and cant talk to anyone my safelink number is 478-213-****,cant get a working number so im using the computer for help.

  204. lydia thomas says

    I lost my safelink phone been trying to get in touch with safelink for the last two monhs, ths is crazy I need my phone and my minutes, my number is 48-213-2807.

  205. DOTKAM says


  206. Becky Brannon says

    I washed my cell phone in my shorts pocket, I’ve moved down the road from old address it’s 703 Centerhill rd. Sylacauga, Ala. now Please Help me with information to how to get it replaced! Thank You Very Much!

  207. charlotte says

    My sister has a lifeline cell phone and lost her charger. Can I get a replacement for her? Or where can I buy a compatible charger. Tried LG site and tracfone site. No luck Thank you

  208. Ruth Dow says

    Someone stole my phone l have no other phone would you please help.It was on when it disapeared. I have had different people call it only get voicemail.The number is 207518****. Thank You

  209. Kenneth L. Smith says

    I may have made a mistake. I did sign up for Access Wireless from a street vendor. However, service was ok except my phone was stolen and now I can’t find the number anywhere to have service discontinued. Please have my phone disconnected. My number was 615-818-****, Nashville, TN

    • Kenneth L. Smith says

      Thank you for being so kind and posting the phone number to call regarding my stolen phone. However, I have not been able to get through. Wait-time is tremendous and I have no landline and people can’t let me use 30 minutes of their air time. Access should have better communications system for those that need to talk with them ASAP. I will keep calling–maybe at 3:00 in the morning. Thanks again kind person.

    • albert mingo says

      after fours yrs the of using the same phone from assurance wireless the connection from the chargers will not let the phone charge, I feel that after that manys yrs I should get a free phone
      I just use for local and emergeises only the I love the phone and I am on a fixed imcome and
      a am 65 yrs old with poor eye sight
      thank you

  210. Sandra Norman says

    I/ve had my phone for about 3 years and now the buttons just don’t work. Is there any way I can get another phone. I really need this phone.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We really doubt a company will give you a new free phone after three years. But they will probably sell you a replacement phone very inexpensively. Give them a call.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You need to contact Safelink Wireless and ask for a new phone. You may get one free, but you alos may have to purchase a new one.

  211. Paige says

    My assurance wireless phone sounds like the speaker is cracked and I cannot understand anybody talking. It is past the first year that I have had it. I tried to buy a phone but they say that I cannot transfer service because it is an assurance phone and is government issued. What am I suppose to do for a phone if I can’t buy one and it is past the year warranty?

  212. treagos says

    I lost my phone and was wondering can i get a repacement phone didnt know that i could get one.but thanks and have a nice day.

  213. P.I. says

    I have a safe-link wireless phone. I have had this phone for more than a couple years. The reception to the phone is bad, and it drops the calls and/or cuts me off in mid-sentence. This is frustrating since potential employers and loved ones call this phone. I can barely hear the caller sometimes. Also, when I make a call I am getting restriction code 34. What does this mean? Sometimes, I don’t use the phone because I can’t make calls that are not dropped and/or the reception is spotty and bad. How do I receive a replacement phone immediately. I don’t want to miss out on any job opportunities, because this phone is currently not functioning properly. I am greatly concerned and worried. How would I switch to another provider, if the problem is not resolved. I could not call 611 without the call dropping, and then restriction code 34 stopping me from dialing the number again. I need help right away like yesterday. Can someone please help me?

    Signed Frustrated

    • P.I. says

      I know I missed a couple of question marks in my comment, but I am not a happy camper about this situation. I apologize for those punctuation errors.

    • P.I. says

      I am looking up my phone provider on the internet to try to find out what to do. However, when I call the 611 number I am unable to get through. Now, what other suggestion do you have?

      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        None. We cannot divine who your vendor is. Well, we have one suggestion for the future: don’t sign up for a product from anyone unless you know who the company is. And don’t ever sign up for a phone from a street vendor.

  214. Angie says

    I have a free government phone. All of a sudden, the screen went blank. It still can make calls and receive, but I need to see who is calling me and I need the contacts stored on the phone. I don’t remember the phone numbers of family and friends. I called the number to the person who gave me the phone outside of the Welfare office cause I qualified, but the number is not in service anymore. Where can I go to fix it or get it replaced?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The only way is if you knew the company it’s from. That’s what we don’t like about these street hawkers — they take your name and go. Maybe someone in the welfare office might remember what coampany they were.

  215. Denise Passauer says

    All I want is my Safe Link Phone replaced to me,, I had just called in an had it changed over to my maiden name of McFall
    because I got divorced an didn’t want the Passauer last name… I had one of the very 1st safelink phones out,,,, An now it’s gone just help me out cause I hate being without a phone an being Disabiled….

  216. Alan Mathews says

    The phone won’t charge when I plug it up to charge the screen comes on to a white screen then flashes charge battery to low power off really fast on and off

  217. Alice p Stanley says

    I lost my phone, do not remember number, and throw the box away, i did not think i was going to lose it can you help me, thank you

  218. D.K. Foley says

    My parents phone will no longer ring only buzz when someone calls. They cannot hear the buzz. All of the settings have been checked and it is not on vibrate. What do I need to do to either have it fixed or replaced? Thank you.

  219. Christina bray says

    Can anyone email me and tell me how to get another phone ??? Mine has been stolen and I don’t know the service provider here in Indianapolis… It was a free phone from our government…any help would be appreciated try everyone…

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Your only choice is to go to our Indiana page and contact the vendors in the list. (I left you a comment on that page too).

  220. Joey Robert Turner says

    A friends try to dog chewed my phone a couple years ago, I did not have the #**** to report it. Is there a way that you could e-me and tell me how I can get another? Thank You

  221. johns says

    broke my screen to my phone wondering if i can buy a phone and use it for with the same plan i have now?

  222. Terri McFarland says

    During a storm one morning last week, I was rushing out to my car an dropped my phone in the yard. I didn’t think it was hurt, but once I got to work I took it apart to make sure it wasn’t wet inside, but it wouldn’t come one after I had dried it off an let it sit all morning. I tried to charge it thinking maybe it was just dead. I did this over night, still no activity. I tired another battery an that didn’t work either. I was hoping I could send it in an perhaps get a replacement for it.

  223. Rosemary Barron says

    I need to replace my phone that was lost or stolen. If you can tell me how I can get one with my same number or if I can buy one cheap. It is very important to me to have a phone because I do not have a home phone line. Thank you, regards, R.Barron

    • letheria says

      I understand everything I have read above is it possible to receive a replacement phone I lost my phone please and thank you

  224. Linda Dixon says

    I lost my Safelink phone over a month ago and for over a month I have been trying to contact Safelink to have the phone replaced to no avail. The phone just forwards you to an automatic response and cuts you off so I have never gotton the chance to report the phone lost.

    Miss L. Dixon

  225. Loretta J Zambrano says

    i dropped my phone while playing ball with my son and the screen went black. Please if you can send phone to me with the same number. Thank you.2

  226. shirley vanbuskirk says

    need a replacement battery the one we have got wet in the rain and it is warped and wont stay charged and cant get the phone to stay on for more than a minute so we cant use it was wondering how do i go by getting a new battery for it if you could email me at this email and let me know that would be great my husband david
    vanbuskirk signed us up for the cell phone but he cant contact you in getting a replacement battery for it he is in jail not sure when he will be out thank you shirey vanbuskirk .

  227. Barbara Mendoza says

    my phone is no good I reported this trouble last year and I can not find the phone at all it stopped working that was my first phone how can I get another one and how will I be able to talk to a person instead of a micnine that hangs up on you please e-mail me or call me at ladybarb00@****.com or 815 222 **** thank you

  228. Ebony Ginyard says

    My phone was stolen yesterday. They won’t return it, and I need you to cancel my phone.

    The phone number is 313-576-**** PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK ASAP :(

  229. cheryl says

    my phone has been lost or stolen since february 2014. i have no idea who the carrier is. I have tried to call each carrier and here is the list life wireless, budget, assurance, access wireless, safelink, reach out wireless, your tell, entouch wireless and they all have denied having knowledge of this account. the phone number is 612-246-****. The company where i received the phone is no longer in the location. the company next door says that they are working out of a van. I have no idea who is the carrier of the phone. can help me..

  230. David a dugger says

    my phone has been lost or stoling and ,i need to get it replacement very bad,what do i need to do ? and what info do i need ? thank you , DAVID.A.DUGGER…..

  231. jacqueline barnes says

    Please help my phone an whole pocket book was taking from me by a robber i see its a fee so whats the process cause some1 gonna use it an i dont want them 2

  232. william says

    I have a tag mobile phone. ive had it for 2 yrs. how do I get a replacement phone? some of my buttons don’t work any more….and it also turns it self off..all the time….

  233. jarrod says

    I like how reach out wireless put in that they can not be responsible for damaged after they are delivered that have been delivered I have them and when I received my phone after almost a year waiting for it cause they lost my paperwork good thing I had all the emails .. so after my phone came I called got it turned on and all everything thing was ok I go to charge it and the charging part on this phone comes out onto the floor so I called them I was told there’s not a thing they can do for me I said I just got the phone today I was told that I can buy one of there phone that’s all that can be done I hung up … and went looking for a new company I don’t see where free working phone applies to there saying when you end up have to pay might as well get service with for $5 bucks a month you get the same and you can use your own phone

  234. Reva says

    haha no such thing. Better off getting a blrcbkeray pearl from t-mobile with myfaves. With that, you get to talk to any 5 people for free and data plan is only $20

    • Robert Stro says

      Ha ha it is I lost it and it still has 1500 unused minutes bcuz it goes straight to voicemail which means it must be laying damaged somewhere I dropped it bcuz it rained shortly after I lost it. Dam I hate when I lose shit.

      • Loretta Harris says

        I have lost my Safelink phone. I have requested for another one,but I have not yet received one yet. I am on SNAP.Please help!

  235. Robert Stro says

    Ive lost my phone but I dont know my carrier it came in a sandwich bag but I got 1500 minutes unlimited text per month if that helps from maryland

  236. Annie Henderson says

    I reported my phone stolen last month @ asked could I get a replacement @ was told I couldn’t, was asked the serial number to the phone (How could I give that when it was stolen? ).Whoever has it is calling a phone Im using @ family members so if you will, Will you please deactivate it @ send me a replacement?

  237. Melissa says

    I spent hours going through an endless loop with Safelinks automated system. I then discovered LucyPhone, a free service that fights the automated system for you. I was skeptical at first, but decided that it was worth as try. I input Safelinks number and a number to reach me at and I received a call within 10 minutes with a LIVE PERSON. So that was a major accomplishment. Then after 26 frustrating minutes with a Safelink Wireless (I’m assuming foreign) representative who faded in and out (it took 15 minutes to record just my address)….I should receive a replacement phone in 7-10 days. Either Safelink Wireless should provide their representatives with a better phone signal OR they should focus on one customer at a time. I could go into keeping American dollars in the USA, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Thanks LUCYPHONE! Your service made this bearable.

  238. kendal fulbright says

    My Gov. phone has broken and I need to replace it. I am on SSI and I have had my phone about 2 years. I am not sure what to do.I am unable to afford to buy a new one.What do you suggest I do? Thank you.

    • Amanda Talada says

      my track phone is broken all it does is blink white on the screen nothing comes on my phone not even my phone # or nothing. my safelink phone is the only way i have to make calls will u please send me another one ? i have never asked for a replacement phone thank u

  239. patty jackson says

    MY phone has a damaged connector where it plugs in to the battery charger.I cannot get it charged up. How do I get a replace ment for it. I have an assurance phone

  240. chastity a price says

    my phone was stolen I would like to get another phone, asap. my new address is ****** mail route drive little rock Arkansas 72206, I cant afford to by new phone. im on governmect asiasts. ssi and snap and medicad. please send me anew phone new

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Please, people, do not post your personal information such as addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers.

  241. Don't Waist Your Time Ordering A Replacement says

    Don’t waist your time trying to get through to your cell phone service to get a replacement.

    Some of the providers want you to pay a fee or go out and buy another phone. By the time you spend going through all the hassle and maybe spending your hard earned money for a replacement, just cancel the service and apply for a new service through another provider.

    SafeLink and Assurance are the easiest to cancel your old service through, you just go online at their website, fill out the cancellation form and that’s it.

    Then just go to a different provider and order a new phone. There pretty much all the same.

    The only drawback is you won’t be able to keep your old phone number. But for most people, that won’t be a big problem, if it is, then your stuck with dealing with the old company and you will have to deal with the hassle of contacting them, explaining what happened and wait it out.

    Just a thought….good luck!!

  242. ANDRE w HOWARD says

    My phone was stolen this morning How do I get a replacement The web page is very confusing for me to understand can some one help me to get a replacement I can be reached by email @dremaxton I check my emai three times a day I really need my phone back so that I can stay in contact with helath care professionals and employer for my job I am disablble and have limited resourses is there any way this can be done quickly today thank you andre howardf

  243. Robert Johnson says

    My phone fell in the the tube. it no longer works. i need a replacement phone please help me.

  244. tanya says

    I need to replace my phone and would like a new booklet to view as the one that came with my phone has somehow became lost. I need to purchase a phone for my original number, can you please send me a new order form with the phones that can be purchased after the loss of my original one that was free in the mail.

  245. Susan Durall says

    I tried on several sites to e mail the company for a replacement for stolen phone and Im unable to find apps for getting ahold of them and NOT being able. Sure is funny they only give phone numbers out to call on this , HOW CAN YOU CALL IF PHONE IS STOLEN? Tried for 2 days now and unable to get anywhere, and if you try to call the number its all a recording (NO REPS TO TALK TO). and its leaves you crazy and cornfused!

  246. alexandria gallese says

    My phone is not lost or stolen. I even have an old safelink phone that I can use in place of mine if possible–just the basic do nothing phone. The problem with my present phone is I can NOT send a text. I do the 1 time for a 2 for b etc. It just puts up any letter it wants and i get a jarbled unrecognizable message—–however if I put in a new contact info it works getting the right .letters. I have gone to just template—call me. I don’t no if I can be talked thru a fix or what–or need new one or can just use my old one. open for any suggestion to remedy the situation. THANKS

  247. Victoria says

    I lost my phone and cannot find it ……..I have reported it to different Safe link sited but still unable to talk to a live person or get an answer in my 3.mail Can you help

    • Debbie Franklin says

      I lost my phone and would like my service suspended asap until I can reach somebody through u that can replace it. The number is [phone number redacted - please don't post personal information]

  248. Mariann says

    Just received my free phone from Budget Mobile…what a piece of s***, and I haven’t even tried to turn it on yet.
    The reason?
    The battery has a dent in it and is bulged.
    The condition otherwise is FILTHY, GOUGED, SCRAPED and looks like it was the victim of a parking lot run over. The screen is so scratched that I doubt I could even read it.
    What a deal!
    Or maybe I wasn’t supposed to notice how bad it really is cause I’m POOR?
    How disappointing.

  249. loretta teague says

    i have lost my phone i need one bad this was my only phone i tack carre of my mom i need a replacement than you

    • loretta teague says

      i have lost my phone my number was *** *** **** and i need a new phone how do i get one pless help thank you

  250. Christy Morgan says

    My safe link phone just shout it self off an also when get a phone call or make a call the phone just cut off.
    I want to know how do I get a replacement for it.

  251. TINA THOMAS says


    • Darren says

      Hello Tina, I don’t know if you resolved your lost and or stolen phone issue but for those whom this may help, here is the process I followed….

      Because I was not in possession of the phone I could neither turn it on nor supply the serial number, and every time I entered the phone’s telephone number attempting to contact a real person the automated system would claim that I had a pending transaction for that phone – prompting me to call back in fifteen minutes, then I was disconnected each attempt. Never able to resolve the issue until:

      I contacted SafeLink Corporate Office:
      9700 Nw 112th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33178, United States

      Phone: 305-640-2000
      Fax: 305-640-2070

      I was offered only two automated prompts – one of which was “do I want to speak to an operator”. After contacting the operator I explained the situation above, how I could not report the phone lost or stolen because I could not turn the phone on nor provide the serial number.

      The operator then transferred me to a real live genital man whom assisted me in shutting off the lost or stolen phone, preventing that phone from being used by anyone, and than he proceeded to help by sending me a complementary phone. I was able to keep the same phone number as I had before. Note: at first he claimed to need to know the manufacture of the lost phone of which I could not provide that exact information neither, but in the end he worked it all out and I was given a ticket number and the new phone was issued and sent directly to my location hassle free.

      I hope this is helpful to anyone and everyone whom finds them selves in a similar situation, aggravated with the automated systems both over the phone and on the internet (that which seemingly blocked my simple request at every turn).

      Kindest regards,

      • Donna says

        Yes I’ve been trying to get ahold of somebody with this company because my phone has broken it won’t turn on nd if it does it shuts right off. What can I do???

  252. albert kasper says

    my phone is from safelink. have not replaced the phone. it will not stay on long enough to make a call and when it does can not hear the person I called. battery is ok . would like a replacement phone asap. this is my only phone. thank you albert kasper

  253. melissa says

    I have service through BUDGER MOBILE …… My phone was NOT lost or stolen but……It does NOT work right battery only stays charged 5 to 10 minuits even bought 2 brand new batteries and does the same so I was told then that its NOT the battery but it is the phone. So does the replacement policy work the same as a lost or stolen phone?


  254. Nancy says

    Some time ago I ether lost or had my cell phone stolen. I believe I had only used it once in the past year, because I was unable to find it. I could not afford to replace it, so I never called. Recently a friend mentioned that you would replace it free? I have gone onto your site and find that, since I am a Medicaid recipient, I will be entitled to one replacement phone. I cannot remember my id #, so I entered the information in the second box, such as last 4 digits of S.S. and date of birth and zip code. It kept going back asking me fill in the information again. I attempted to do this twice, and I now writing you to find a way to get this replaced.

  255. Willie mink says

    my true wireless llc phone will not work , I try to call and I get a busy signal , If someone calls me it goes to voicemail ,

  256. Rose Scott says

    I just noticed a few mins
    ago that the area where I plug my charger into
    my cell …is not there and my cell is beepin away “low battery”,
    I am in need of a replacement badly,please Help!
    I’m disabled and rely heavily on my safelink cell for my doctors.

  257. Dorothy Ferguson says

    I lost my phone I’ve been calling 1800 378 1684 can’t get anyone service is horrible there should be a live person to talk to is there a number

  258. bertha barnhart says

    I lost my safelink phone I call for a replacement they said I was good to get it but never did how can I get new one

  259. Terry Kobernick says

    I have lost my phone went thru all phone numbers have not received any one to get a replacement. I need this phone now. The number of lost phone *** *** ****. Please get back to me asap. I really need this phone I am

    Thank you, hopefully I will get some service this way.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      TO ALL: Please do not enter personal information on these pages, or any pages on the web for that matter. We delete comments with phone numbers, addresses or full names. But we occasionally leave a few up here and there with the information redacted, to remind people.

      • Jennette Knight says

        I lost my Safelink phone. I have a new TracFone would like to put minutes from old Safelink phone on new phone,but can’t get anyone from Safelink to speak to !!!! I have tried since October it’s now January ! Please address this issue a.s.a.p. ,as I am getting VERY FRUSTRATED ! Thank-you Jennette Knight

  260. sharisse says

    I have a Safelink phone. I dropped the phone and the screen pretty much shattered. How can I get it replaced? I will buy one if I have to but I don’t see it anywhere on the website.

      • jennie colangelo says

        my cell phone was lost or stolen i wrote a letter to a florida office on the card over a month ago received no reply and just got a card and tried to call the number on the card and i get a machine .please help it said if i dont make 1 call month it will be shut off. please let me know what to do. this is not my computer so please let me know asap thank you

        • Free Government Cell Phones says

          If the “Florida office” is the office the of the cell phone provider you got the phone from, there is nothing more you can do. Your fate is in the hands of the company’s customer service department.

  261. Yolanda Jenkins says

    I’m with Standup Wireless,, once I receive a replacement phone will all of the rollover minutes be transverse to the new phone?? Even if I have a large amount of rollover min on the broken phone. Thanks for your help.

  262. RUBY says


  263. oleg says

    I lost a charger for my free cell phone. The phone is turned off so I can not use a phone now, plus the battery needs to be charged. Please help me with my problem. What do I need t do now? Thank you for the help

  264. dan says

    how do i replace the safe link phone i lost. What site do i go to. I reported it stolen but no one returned my call.

  265. Gene Richards says

    I lost my Safe Link wireless free phone. I want to know with the replacement phone would my number have to change and how long will take for emergency phone to arrive ,Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  266. Donna M. Williams says

    Ive lost my assurance wireless phone.I dont remember my phone number or my pin number.How do I get a replacement.Ive searched for two months and have yet to find it.Ive still got 250 minutes on it.The phone is turned off so I couldnt call it plus the battery needs to be charged by now.Please help me if you can.Im frusrtated over trying to find it.I havesearched everywhere.

  267. Richard Hooks says

    My Safelink cell phone, a Samsung T125, got misplaced while I was returning from a pharmacy; such item was discovered missing when I returned home. I checked the gray windbreaker that I was wearing — all the pockets that it had on it, when I got home.the cell phone was nowhere in sight, because I later realized that, after checking the special pouch that zips up, preventing the device from escaping, the phone was not in there that time. The loss occured somewhere between 1:45 and 3:00 pm, but it was sometime around 3:40 pm when I discovered it missing.

    Can anybody at Safelink see about geting online with me and talk about replacing this cell phone? I need to have this cell phone, in order to continue posing any questions that I may have for the enrollment counselorat Capella University Online, as well as having job prospects reach me.

    While I have two non-Safelink cell phones, a Samsung T245 and an LG 420, both flip phones, Tracfone service expired on both of those phones, due to my being unemployed as of the first two days of January of this year [meaning: No longer active].

    If no help can be given me, as I need it, I may have to suspend services with Safelink. While the service has been great, I can’t continue experiencing such because my cellphone turned up missing on November 21st, 2013.

    Can you help me, Safelink? If, not, I see a parting of the ways, not too far in the future,

    Richard Hooks

  268. HIRAM HILAIRE says

    My phone is Samsung galaxy S4 has been lost on

    hiram September 16 2013 I need another phone thank you

    MY phone Samsung galaxy s4 has been lost on Thursday sept 07 -13

    My divice white T-moble insurance

  269. Jose says

    I lost my phone need another one can u please send me address is 609 summer ave in Newark nj 07104 thank you

  270. michele frazier says

    i lost my phone ,, i found it nd tryed to activte it again filled out about 4 applications and talked to 3 operators to help me turn it back on .. all thoses people that helped me could not turn it back on now i got a letter saying i have minutes on the phone and got another letter saying i dont i mhave to reaply ,,now my phone wont charge somethings qwrong with my phone it wont turn on .. i need a new phone ,, i am very sick ,need to call my doctors .. pls help me

  271. George Ramos says

    George Ramos, november 7, 2013 at 4;30 pm they stold my cell pohen assurance wirles . how can I get replacement cause I need the pohen for my medical apoments.hope iget a replacement soon ok, thank you very much.

  272. michael ellerman says

    My assurance wireless phone has quit working, won’t turn on or anything, has been fully charged and a new battery installed but with no luck. Is it possible to get a replacement?

  273. Jimmy Cornejo says

    My Phone is aLX260/AX60, On the Bottom of the Phone is where I put the plug in to Charge it. But the Charging slot borke and bent in side. Can I get a nother Phone if it’s not Fixable or can I use my T-Mobile Nokkia and Transfir my services to it.

    Thank you Jimmy

  274. anna reyes says

    I Anna Reyes residing at 13924 Henson circle, Tampa Florida 33625, lost my phone but found it later in the car. My phone does not work now .I try charging it , nothing dead. Please replace my cell phone. I went crazy looking for it in the house.Please replace my phone. I have a medical history and need it. thank you.

  275. William Speight says

    I lost my phone I have been trying to find a phone number to report the lost.Can someone email me the number or email me for a replacement Thanks

  276. Phyllis Wampler says

    I have lost my Safe Link phone. I have been trying to request a replacement phone. What do I need to do? I really need this phone replaced, for doctors appointments and transportation. Thanks!

  277. charles peters says

    i have almost no income 59.oo every two weeks,county pays my bills,i lost my phone a couple months ago,i can’t afford to buy one and don’t know what to do,i have no phone,can you help

  278. JJ789 says

    The government phone program is a joke. I had no hassles in getting approved and receiving a phone. But it has to be the most outdated, junkiest phone on Earth. I actually tried to place a call to my wife. Talk about the worst reception and service. I tried to send a text. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. This is one of those tiny push button phones that weighs the same as a feather. Normally on these phones, to send a text, you just hit a button until the letter you want appears. But on this phone it does weird things like doubling letters, spelling wrong words. I am well versed with cell phones. But this thing is unusable. Its clear to me that Safelink (actually Tracfone) is just sending crap phones out to customers to get the money from the government (people).

  279. Stuart says

    I formerly worked for safelink. If you have lost or had your phone stolen. You need to call customer service at 800-977-3768. Yes it is laborious. But you will get through. When you speak to the rep it is important that you tell them that you either lost or had your phone stolen and that you need your enrollment number. Very important!!!!! After they give you this 8 digit number, ask for the phone number for technical support. These are the folks that can handle your problem. Good luck.

  280. Renee choate says

    please help me I have been trying to report my phone stolen/lost with safe link I have dailed every number and there is one that says to report a stolen/lost phone but when I get there it says phone number you are calling about when I put my number in it says it needs to program if this does not fix call back in 15 min so I call back and its the same thing over and over I have tried to go to live chat with also know luck I got a letter telling me I was gonna lose my phone do to not using and the reason I havent been using is I dont have someone please help SAFELINK all I would like is a replacement phone please .

  281. Varick Mantzoros says

    please Assurance Wireless can you just send me a replacement phone for all the run around you peole have given me

  282. Varick Mantzoros says

    I lost my government phone from Assurance Wireless.I just bought an replacement and been trying to connect it for the longest. They keep on giving me the run around telling me that there is a problem and they need another number to reach me . Well they never have. So I return he phone back to Kmart. Just the other day I went to Walmart and bought another Virgen Mobile to have it connected to my Assurance Wireless account. The operater told me ther seems to be a problem and we need 72 hours to fix it. Do they really know what their doing? Can you just send me a replacement phone for free. Now I have to go take this phone back. Please just send me a replacement for all the run around you guys have given me.

  283. betty fizer says

    I lost my phone I really need another phone but cant get any where with the numbers I am given to call. I am disabled and live by myself I am in need of a replacement phone can some one help me

  284. WILLA HICKS says

    my mother lost her phone about 6months ago and did not report it, now she found it can we have it actv again it says unregistered sim 250 min please help

  285. WILLA HICKS says

    my mother lost her phone about 6mos. ago and would not report it , she has found it can i have it actv again please help

  286. J Stephenson says

    I have lost my, cell phone, I did not panic, I looked for it, however I still cannot find it.
    I have called all the Safe-link telephone numbers available, I have not been able to speak to anyone or gotten any results from using the promps available. Please e-mail me back advising what I need to do to get a replacement telephone. I have called these telephone numbers with no results: 1-800-378-1684
    1-800-977-3678, 1-888-271-7576. Please do not disregard the e-mail, this is an emergency, this is my lifeline. Please respond via the above e-mail, as soon as possible. Thank You
    P.S. This is my first time requesting a replacement.

  287. thomasina funches says

    i had been trying to contact the company for and while but never could,nt .i really need and me and phone

  288. gary hayes says

    bought free phone from local distributor and paid the 10.00 activation fee. the phone worked for approx. 3 days and quit. called the 888 phone # and was told to mail phone to them and they would fix or replace phone in approx 10 days. i mailed phone regular mail with no tracking # and after 3+ weeks and still have not received phone. called to find out what the hold up is and without a tracking # they will not replace my phone. is this service a rip off (scam) just to get more money for the government, as if we have that kind of money to throw away. cna anybody help in this matter or should i report the issue to consumer affairs, better business, or what, maybe the media. please advise

  289. Charity mccausland says

    I have lost my phone and have tried to call the service number but can’t ever talk to someone trying to get replacement phone

  290. Sandra Weber says

    My safelink phone was stolen last Friday. I’ve tried every number listed for safelink and tracphone to report it stolen but there are no options to choose from to report a stolen phone. I’m at a loss as to what I should do next. Will someone please advise me as to how I can get in touch with someone to report this. Thank you,
    Sandra Weber

  291. patrick bowers says

    I didnt lose my phone but it will not let me into it, it says that there is a lock on it that i never put in and it will not hold a charge after being pluged in for hours. can you please send me a replacement phone.

  292. Paula Gonzalez says

    My phone broke and I need a replacement I’m with Alltel And they said I have to buy a new phone or a old Alltel phone and I’m currently unemployed and don’t have money to buy anything I even ask if I can use a old cellphone from another company and they say no! Please someone can help!!!!!

  293. Angelica Escobedo says

    I lost my phone i dont even have a number to call to replace it and when i call it it says its not working
    I dont know what to do i really need it

  294. Delphine Wells says

    To Safe-link, I lost my phone and need a replacement asap. If possible please send me one that’s easier to keep up with instead of the smallest ones which are not up to date and harder to keep up with.

    Thank you
    Delphine Wells

    P.S. I have called multiple times and left messages and still haven’t been able to speak with anyone and none of my messages answered. Please call me if needed at 404)752-9067 or 404)452-1435

  295. Addie Collins says


  296. Diana Bradley says


  297. linda whitfield says

    I have lost my phone i look everywhere for it i dont rember the phonenamber but will you help get a replacement.

  298. patricia wilkins says

    i have lost my phone but i am in delaware right know doing an interinship for three months i dont have a car to get back to md to pick it up im staying with a friend but i need my phone know can i have it mailed to my temp address so i will have it i tried to call the 1-800-378-1684 number but it is a automater machine so i cant even ask this question on the phone because of this. and does safelink have a nimber to talk to a live person cause it really makes it harder if you cant talk to anyone over the phone

  299. Christopher Gonzalez says

    What is the policy for broken phones? I got water damage on mine and need a replacement, how could I go about that?

  300. tyne boehler says

    I’m leaving my email because it required but I have no way of getting on the internet, I’m using one of my friends internet devices to even message you right now so if there’s any way you can contact me by mail. 18 noble Street in Tiffin Ohio OH 44883. I recently lost my phone I’ve looked everywhere for it I think my eye 15 month old might have threw it in the trash I don’t know and I have no way of contacting anyone in case there’s an emergency with me or my children so it be really great if I could get a nother phone

  301. Tasha says

    My phone got washed a couple of years ago and it will not allow me to reapply or login to Safelink… What can I do???

  302. Daniel says

    My cellphone holster with my cell phone inside fell off my belt and a car ran it over breaking it the number was ***-3845, I went to the assurance wireless site for a replacement phone or a contact us link or support link, the only thing their site gas is how to apply, I have no other way to be contacted and family 2000 miles away cannot contact me, can someone help me, email is the only way you have to contact me now, I was using it to find a job but the job market will not hire a 53 year old with a lot of experience anymore.
    HELP ME PLEASE, Thanks.

  303. Dimples Kelly says

    I lost my phone and can not get the support needed to replace it. My number is ***541-1841 please help.

  304. Justyne Jacobs says

    I have been trying to get a replacement phone for almost 2 months now. The customer service line is not working they dont give you an option! Please help me get a replacement phone..Someone needs to change the customer service line it is a joke!!!!

  305. martha duffield says

    I lost my cell phone somewhere two weeks ago.i need a replacement phone my cell number is *** 587 2931.

  306. Ann JudithSantiago says

    My phone is not working it was water logged. I purchased a new trac phone but when I activated it I was given a new number. I need my old number. Please, how do I get that back.

  307. D Mercer says

    My phone is lost or stolen. My number is ***-263-9240. I have tried different Safelink contact numbers but there is nothing about replacement phones in the lists. There is never an option for customer service agent to talk to. What do I do now?

    • Justyne Jacobs says

      I am having the same problem the customer service line is a freaking joke…Did u ever get a replacement phone yet..ive been trying for 2 months!!

  308. luz maria negron says

    hi ihave lostmy safelink yesterday at the store how cani get another one and also have a new address

  309. C. Atkins says

    The last place I can remember having my phone was at my son’s house the day before his house burned down. I have looked EVERYWHERE and not found it yet. Will safelink give me a new phone or make me buy one?

  310. princess farley says

    i lost my phone last night some one find it is there anyway u could cancel the service and send me a new phone

  311. Stella Frasier says

    Hello my name is Stella Frasier on my way home from Rye Playland I lost the my Access Wireless telephone the number to the phone is *** 684-1417 I want to have the phone discontinued so no one else can use the airtime.

  312. Justi Charles Knapp says

    I have lost or the battery was stolen and I would like a replacement phone as soon as possible.

  313. cindy norman says

    could I please get a replacement phone mine is broken you cant answer or hear anyone when they call the speaker broke and it wont work I enjoy yalls phone service I have a lot of medical promblems and I need it,and at least I can afford this one iam on disability which is ssi, thank you very much and have a nice day.

  314. Douglas George says

    I need a replacement phone with bigger buttons its too small to call and text, already got my 1 replacement but I desperately need an upgrade!

  315. Ronald Misla says

    My phone was stolen from my room. I did not even have it for a year. I am on SSI and Snap. Last for of S.S is 0625

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You have to contact your phone vendor. Also, we removed your other comment with your address — you cannot post contact information in a public comment.

  316. brandy hodges says

    i lost my safelink phone. how do i report it stolen and order a new one? is there a number or email to contact

  317. rubye gayle arrington says

    my phone is not working properly-dropping calls and going dead-and I need a replacement please.

  318. line deas says

    I lost my phone some between last sunday july 21 and Monday 22nd wha.t do I need to do to get areplacment 1-***-514-0815 or e-mail me jackie*****

  319. shauna says

    This is the replacement policy directly from Assurance Wireless’ web page:
    Hit the “Suspend My Account” button below and we’ll put a temporary hold on your account. That way, no one else can use your balance.

    Do you have Phone Insurance?
    Click here to file a claim with Assurant Solutions. You can also call 877-391-3611 from 7a.m. to Midnight CST; 7 days a week.

    Don’t have Phone Insurance?
    Not a problem! We will offer you a great deal on a replacement phone in case your old phone doesn’t turn up. Once you suspend your account, you’ll have 60 days to find your old phone or buy a replacement. Otherwise, you’ll lose your number and any balance left in your account. If you have questions, or want to hear about our great deal on replacement phones, call Customer Care at 1-888-322-1122.

    Please note that if you have already paid for next month’s service, suspending your account will automatically cancel that payment and the money will be returned to your account balance.

  320. debra johnson says

    dear reach out wireless, i had some health issues, and after being misdiagnosed for over the past four years, i was finally diagnosed with lupus sle. during that time of being misdiagnosed i was falling and dropping my phone because my hands became weak. needless to say my phone is falling apart where as i caint use it any more ,no sound at all i need a replacement. sincely yours debra johnson

  321. alida carrasquillo says

    My phone fell in the toilet I need a replacement .please help me I really need it for my appointment.

  322. Vicki Schweitzer says

    My phone was stolen out of my purse at the library on Wed.July17, 2013. This is my only communication and transportation as I don’t have a car either. Please replace my phone as soon at possible. Thank you.

  323. Guadalupe Zamorano says

    My battery won’t hold a charge. It won’t even turn on so I need a new phone. I am 73 years old and that is my lifeline….please help me get a new phone asap.

    thank you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Just head down to Radio Shack or Best Buy and buy one. The company is not responsible for your battery (unless you just got it).

  324. Sabrina Mixon says

    I lost my phone with safe link and have looked everywhere! Can you replace my phone? Or is there a # i can call to have it replaced? Help! Thanks!

  325. melissa hall says

    My phone was stolen and i have tried all yur contact numbers to have it replaced but i keep getting. Automated coputer respinses…i need to speak to a live person…please help me!

  326. holly robinson says

    I moved and.want to purchase a new phone, old one wont hold a charge (old flip thick Motorola). Can I get a new one without purchase? Or if I try online it only has old address and wont let me put my new in. Please change options it had it before but not now. So if u click submit it will send to old address?

  327. jackie boggess says

    my phone has come up missing looked everywhere cant find it how can i get another one i need one badly

  328. jeannette hale says

    yes, the battery on my safelink phone want hold a charge, can I get it re[laced … if so can you just send me a new one ,if not can you tell me how I need to get it replaced thanks Jeannette

  329. Kenneth Edwards says

    I lost my phone. I had a challenge with my health. Place in the hospital. Phoine came up missing. The line is still on (312)288-1805.The incident took place on the 7/!/13. The Hospital was unable to find the phone. Will you please replaced my phone Thank You



  331. Ragin says

    I have been trying to report my phone lost for over a month now. All I get is automated services none of which gives me the option to report my phone lost. So what am I supposed to do about my lost phone? ANYBODY???????

  332. Epifanio Vazquez says

    I have tried safelink and tracfone toll free numbers,All I get is a cg call and after pushing
    #6 they ask me to turn on the phone, THE PHONE IS BROKE. No way to talk with a person.

  333. Epifanio Vazquez says

    My phone broke. When I try to unplug the charger a part come out with the
    charge plug.

  334. danita martin says

    my phone was left on the bus, can u please cut it off phone number is(***-832-7523) thank you very much .and if possible can it be replaced.

  335. Macrina Renk says


  336. Gary says

    I’v had cintex wireless for some time now,with no problem,onece in a while, yes you will get an operator that has a problem with english ,other than that my min. are always there when they say they will be.The phone was used and the battery does’nt hold a good charge,I could get a new batt.for a super low price through them ,in the mean time this one suit’s my need’s just fine,,,,

  337. Megan Cockerill says

    I have lost my phone I think it was stolen and I really need a new one please and thank you!!

    • PATRICIA says

      I broke mine one time,got one from dollar store ,called safelink n they programmed it n give me my minutes back,,hope this was helpful,,

  338. Krystal LaFond says

    My smartphone got stolen I need a replacement its was a LG white android smart phone I can be reached at ***8980842

  339. eilyas g hassan says

    hi safelink ,i lost my phone last month may, so i call safelink customer serv but ther is no service.
    so please pls send me new one if u can.

  340. johnny crump says

    I called to Receive a replacement phone just need to make sure all the info went thru you can leave message at (***)368-8125 Thank you

  341. derrick waller says

    I have lost my phone a think it was stolen and would like another one please I can be reached at ***3420335

  342. c.dAVIS says

    I have tried both safelink and tracfone toll free numbers. all I get is a cg call and after pushing #6. it says, “thank you for calling, Goodbye.” Boy that is some service. wonder if I can go to work and say, “I was here, Goodbye.”?
    Where is the customer service with these companies? They spend thousands teaching foreigners to speak english…lo and behold….they give us a computer to talk to….why oh why?
    I need help with a broken phone…nothing…nothing…nothing…for over 2 weeks…nothing….
    is this how all of our goverment works? Why yes….nothing nothing nothing…………………….

  343. Danny Bellard says