How to Add Minutes to a Free Cell Phone

It’s a cellular world and we all depend on our cell phones. Sometimes they seem to be glued to our ears from the moment we wake up until the moment we climb into bed and drop off to sleep. In other words, it’s pretty easy to eat up a lot of minutes every month.

Since the various Lifeline Assistance companies only offer between 250 and 1000 free minutes every month, it’s not surprising that many Lifeline customers end up needing extra minutes every month. That’s why one of the most often asked questions we get here at is, “How do I add minutes to my free government cell phone?”

We held a meeting with our research department. We told them we wanted to write comprehensive information that would quickly and clearly tell everyone with a free government cell phone how to add minutes to their account. We told them to search the internet, to make phone calls, to send emails, to do whatever it takes to track down the official “How to add minutes” policies from all the biggest companies that participates in the Lifeline Assistance program. They brought us all the information and we put together this comprehensive compendium of minute-adding information.

Keep in mind that five major companies dominate the Lifeline Assistance business and that they conduct business on a nearly national scale. In addition, another dozen or so smaller, regional companies are also included in this compendium.

How to buy extra Safelink/Tracfone Wireless minutes / Safelink/Tracfone Promo Codes
How to buy extra Assurance Wireless minutes
How to buy extra ReachOut Wireless minutes
How to buy extra Budget Mobile minutes
How to buy extra Assist Wireless minutes
How to buy extra Cintex Wireless minutes
How to buy extra StandUp Wireless minutes
How to buy extra Wireless for Hope minutes
How to buy extra Yourtel Wireless minutes
How to buy extra Terracom Wireless minutes
How to buy extra Care Wireless minutes
How to buy extra FreedomPop minutes
Another great option: The Airfair Card

How to buy extra Budget Mobile minutes

Budget Mobile is another rapidly-growing free government cell phone company and it currently offers plans in 30 states and is expanding into an additional 17 more states and Puerto Rico. Here is how they outline their “How to Add Minutes” policy:

Talk and text all you want on your Budget Mobile Lifeline phone. If you run out of minutes or text messages, simply purchase more on-line with a click of a few buttons!

There are NO pins to enter. Minutes are automatically added to your account once your purchase is complete.

Budget give you options of adding 100, 250 or 400 voice minutes; 1000, 2000 or 4000 texts; 50, 125 or 200 mms messages; and 100, 250 or 400 Megabytes. (NOTE: The company’s data plans are only available to customers with a Budget Mobile Data phone.)

How to buy extra Life Wireless minutes

Life Wireless now offers Lifeline Assistance free government cell phones in 25 states and Puerto Rico.

If you’re a Life Wireless customer, it’s simple to add minutes by filling in an easy-to-understand form found on the company’s website. Just enter your cell phone number, click, and you’ll be taken to another page where you can make your purchase.

Although the five biggest companies have millions of customers, dozens of smaller companies give them plenty of competition. Let’s take a look at the “How to Add Minutes” policies some of the most significant regional companies:

How to buy extra Assist Wireless minutes

Assist Wireless competes for your Lifeline Assistance business in three states (Arkansas, Maryland and Oklahoma) and says it will soon expand into California, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The company’s website doesn’t offer any specific information on adding minutes, but does offer a link for existing customers that says, “Reload minutes now”. Customers are required to enter an account number and password.

How to buy extra Cintex Wireless minutes

This smaller free government cell phone company offers Lifeline Assistance plans in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island and West Virginia. The company’s website says the following about it’s how-to-add-minutes policy:

1. Customer Phone Number

Enter your 10-digit phone number in the field below.

2. Select Your Talk, Text, and Data Package

Talk & Text

We provide a variety of talk & text plan to fit all budgets. Check out the plan details for more information.


Select the data package that best fits your needs. Need some help? Check out our Data Calculator to help guide you.

Note: Data will expire when talk and text plan expires.

How to buy extra StandUp Wireless minutes

StandUp Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance vendor in eleven states (Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin). The company states its how-to-add-minutes policy on its website:

What if I need more minutes each month?
You can add minutes anytime by purchasing additional airtime or you can choose one of our Premium Lifeline plans that increase your pool of available airtime each month. These prepaid plans are discounted by the subsidy available for your state and provide tremendous value.

How to buy extra Wireless for Hope minutes

At this point, Wireless for Hope does business in just two states — Arkansas and Louisiana — but it also does business under the Easy Wireless name. The company says the following about adding more minutes:

What if I need more than the 1000 FREE minutes my plan comes with?
If you need more minutes or texts, you have 4 top up plans to choose:

EZ-Talk/Text 150 – $5 (+ tax)
EZ-Talk/Text 300 – $10 (+ tax)
EZ-Talk/Text 600 – $20 (+ tax)
EZ-Talk/Text 1000 – $30 (+ tax)
All voice packages come with texting. These plans are in addition to the 1000 Minutes of Voice and Texts you already receive each month. These additional minutes purchased are good for 30 days from the date of purchase and do not rollover if they are not used. Pricing for domestic calls and messaging only. All domestic text prices are to send and receive.

How to buy extra Yourtel Wireless minutes

Yourtel now offers free government cell phones in Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Rhode Island and Washington. Here’s what the company’s website says about purchasing additional minutes:

How do I top-up my YourTel Wireless phone?
There are 3 ways to top up your YourTel Wireless phone: Go to your nearest YourTel retailer and purchase a YourTel Wireless PIN, add minutes on the YourTel Wireless website, or call customer care at 1-877-388-1082. If you call us, you will need a credit card.

How to buy extra Terracom Wireless minutes

YourTel’s sister company, offers Lifeline Assistance cell phones in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia or Wisconsin. The information on its website is exactly the same as YourTel’s except for the company phone numbers:

How do I top-up my TerraCom Wireless phone?
There are 3 ways to top up your TerraCom Wireless phone: Go to your nearest TerraCom retailer and purchase a TerraCom Wireless PIN, Add airtime on the TerraCom Wireless website, or call customer care at 1-877-524-2260. If you call us, you will need a credit card.

How to buy extra Care Wireless minutes

Care participates in the Lifeline Assistance business in Illinois. The company’s website offers no specific public information about purchasing additional minutes, but a log-in page appears to provide existing customers with a way to purchase minutes. It says:

Manage your i-wireless phone service needs anytime, anywhere; with my account access.
Check your account balance
Add Minutes to your phone
Reset your voicemail password
Set up Autopay, and more!

How to buy extra FreedomPop minutes

FreedomPop is a bit of a square peg in the round hole known as free government cell phones. We won’t get into why we say that here, but you can read about FreedomPop’s unique cell phone service and pricing here. FreedomPop’s bring-your-own-phone policy says:

A handful of the smaller, regional free government cell phone companies neglect to include their add-more-minutes policies on their websites and have not responded to our requests for information. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to determine the policies of Alaska Communications (Alaska only) and True Wireless (Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Texas), and i-Wireless (Ohio and Kentucky).

Another great option: The Airfair Card

You can also reload your Lifeline phone with additional minutes, texts or data by purchasing the Airfair card at 7-Eleven stores across the nation (there are approximately 8200 7-Eleven stores in the United States and we have not been able to confirm if the Airfair card is available at all of them) or at 75,000 other independent convenience stores and bodegas.

Just walk into a participating retail location and choose from $5, $10, $20, $30 and $50 payment options. After purchasing an Airfare Lifeline Reload card at checkout, you simply call a redemption number on the back of the card and your additional minutes will automatically be added to your account. You can find a complete list of participating stores at

There you go — everything you need to know to add minutes to your Lifeline account, courtesy of


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  1. Gwendolyn L. Coles says

    I paid $30.00 to add minutes on by phone at Boost It added to the phone for every minute I talk it take 10 cent. Can you fix it. I wanted unlimited minute. I understood it cost $30.00. My phone is 804855****. You can text me or email. Thank you.

  2. Trish says

    I have a Life Wireless phone. I’m trying to look for places around my hometown that carries the Life Wireless phone cards and none of them seem to. I need help. Any suggestions?

  3. nicole cole says

    I have a safelink tracfone that is not working good,but i have another tracfone though and i would like to switch everything over to the other phone

  4. Olga Castillo says

    when does my minutes renew, usually my minutes are there the begining of the month, im still waiting for my minutes to be renewed

  5. joseph young says

    got lifewireless free phone july14 phone wont recharge went back to rep got a new battery same thing call custmer service wait 35 mins hungup using another min phone try again 40 mins

  6. Deborah Reynolds says

    I’m a current reachout wireless costumer my # is 614-203-****
    My mins are supposed to go on the 7th of the month and my phone does not work.

  7. Marlene Lillie says

    I didn’t get my monthly mins called safelink they said was lifeline CNT verify my info but it is all the same. I get food stamps and medical what gives? Please help?

  8. James W Evans says

    I have a Sprint pre-paid govt free phone, and Im out of minutes.Im having difficulty trying to add minutes I am completely out of minutes and need my phone for many important things I have called *3 and get nowhere I visited the Eastside office on Lien rd here in Madison and they told me they didn’t handle “Obama phones” and didn’t how to do it Im getting extremely frustrated,as I have trying to get this done for several days! I purchased a yellow Sprint card from Walgreens for $20.00 which is supposed to give 100 minutes but I get Bupkis What do need to do. P.S. I am a 61 year old homeless man and currently non-employed I had to borrow the money from one of my children HELP!!

  9. Michael Johnson says

    From the beginning, it has always been, “Keep phone on/make a call, & receive 250 min./month” .. My minutes from May carried over to June, which was like 15 min. left. So when they ran out, I kept my phone on/dialed out to receive my 250 min. for June, & it’s just saying, “No Air Time”. This is ridiculous .. I’m not purchasing any minutes, because this phone is supposed to be 250 min./month, not 250 for 2 months. What’s going on here?

  10. felipe says

    Ive had this service phone for 3 years and for the past year it has been freezing up and it turns off by itself. How can i replace or change the phone?

  11. Daniel Laveau says

    have one of these reach out wireless phones and after contacting the Inspector general in Washington the Chicago FBI have impeded the minutes from loading and have some how via the electronic fusion center made it so the unit provider can not be accessed via the net to contact the company in one of numerous panned criminal designs to impede legal contact to lawyers and offices of accountability and to have me in incommunicado threat of no phone ..see FBI organized stalking g + community and Chicago corruption face book ……..

  12. katherine hawkins says

    I did not get my free mins this month an I don’t know why an I tried to add them in the air time an it didn’t work please help

  13. Rosalinda says

    # (831)212-****
    It’s been 30 days, do minutes reset automatically? Please rich bases on what my next step will be. Thanx! Looking forward on hearing from you.

  14. Yuri espino says

    I aplay for a cell phone and I haven’t get it can you tell me how I found out if I got it in the mail. Cuz I think some one else is using it. Please contact me at ******

  15. Evette montoya says

    I actually have a question how many minutes do I use per text message and how many minutes do I use for every call.

    • says

      It various from company to company, often about 3 texts for each minute. But sometimes fewer. And then there is Assurance Wireless with unlimited texts.

  16. christie says

    does anyone have a list of each lifeline carriers top up amounts. i sell the prepaid cards for most of them at wireless warehaus in spartnburg s.c. i just dont have time every time to look up how many minutes you get

  17. rusty dillion says

    I cant figure out how to add time to my cousin phone. It is a governmet provided phone. All i know is his phone number. I dont even know how many minutes he gets a month. Please help. He lives in de wit, ar.72042

  18. treasa shockey says

    I am wondering how I can get the 500 minutes and 1,000 texts. I would realllike to know how I can get it. Thank you for our time.

  19. me says

    I need a phone and live in Oklahoma where I live T mobile and Sprint doesn’t get service at my house what is the best company government phone plain to go with does anyone know would be very happy for any help thak you for your time

  20. Edna says

    I am trying to add minutes to my phone online. What do I do because it keeps kicking me out. So I am doing something wrong.

    Thank you

  21. franchesca says

    I need to know how can I put minutes on a sprint spectrum phone I guess is just like a government phone I don’t know what service its through

  22. ellen says

    Safe-link stole 700 minutes from me. After spending a couple of hours with Customer “Service” there was nothing they could do. So I tried to buy minutes so I would have cell service, until the time I receive my service with E-Assurance. I can’t buy minutes bec. the instructions for buying minutes are ONLY for a motorola, but my phone is a Samsung.

    thanks a lot Safe-link. you suck.

  23. Bryan Lobsinger says

    did not receive my 12/12 minutes yesterday what can I do to get them?? Have job offers expected and no minutes to get them!!!

    • Robert C Manthey says

      I’ve been at 1.94 minutes. I text a lot. I mean…I text a really lot. My phone is still at 1.94 minutes.

  24. James Jackson says

    My handset is Kyocera….Carrier is Sprint…
    How to I reactivate my phone…as I have told
    that I am not an existing customer. I have a local L A Number.
    I am very ill; have dr visits; attorneys calling
    dr. visits…This is stressful….

  25. lupe says

    i want to know how n when i get my next free min and tex for the next month?
    is there a number that i can call and check how many min i have?

  26. jennifer says

    Can i recieve more free talk & text mins from spending my vision card at groc stores? Or is there any way to get more free mins added to my budget mobile cell phone?

    • Nelson Lee Williams says

      I just activated a replacemant phone,but before
      My phone was stollen,i did not receive my monthly minutes.

      My prepaid service was inactive.We fixed the problem.
      But before that i put in #*0 and entered code but it was interupted.
      How do i get my monthly minutes.

    • david hughes says

      i get free minutes on my assurance wireless phone and still have about 220 minutes left. on my assurance wireless phone. i droped it into the ocean i still have another assurance wireless phone that the free minutes can be added too how is this done

  27. shellie says

    I want to know if/how to add mins to my assurance virgin mobile phone, using the free promo codes you can get online? does anyone know how I can do this?

  28. amy says

    I have the Alcatel phone and I get 250 free mins a month I was told u can buy phone cards to add extra mins but I do not know what kind of phone cards…

  29. Thomas says

    I had 400+ minutes on my phone, now today I have 250. I sure it’s because of the monthly reload. Though I thought that the minutes would add on. Exactly how does this work?

  30. Tricia says

    I am wondering how to tell who my carrier is and what kind of the card should I buy. I have one of those Samsung free phones and it has TracFone logo on it but I live in an area where I wasn’t getting any service. I called customer service to let them know what my problem was and that AT&T was the only provider that anybody around here would be able to get a decent connection through. Because of the language barrier I spent an hour on the phone trying to get someone to understand me as well as I understanding them, they finally got it. They sent me an new Sim card to put in my old phone and now I’ve got great coverage out here but I don’t know who the provider is. There was no paperwork sent with the card, there is no information on card, and there’s no information in the phone. Basically, it looks like a generic sim card.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      How did you call customer service without knowing who you were talking to? Did you call 611 to get them? Why didn’t you ask customer service who you were talking to?

    • mmmc says

      If it is compatible with the company you are contracted with. Call your gov’t program rep, or dial 611 from your gov’t phone.
      Have your ESN or MEID numbers from each phone, as well as name and model number of your other phone, available when you call the rep. They’ll let you know.

  31. Lettice Bridges says

    Samsung government phone has 200 service days, but zero minutes
    The due date for additional min says 1-31-2015 please help Need some minutes

  32. Gilbert Coleman says

    I had to grt an alactel Lifeline Assistsnce phone. It did not cost me anything and I got 250 free minutes. We were told by the representative that we never had to buy minutes that when our minutes were up all we had to do was dial any number and it would automatically hook me up again for another 250 minutes. We were told we never had to buy any minutes that it was all covered by the government. Well its all a big scam because now my phone does not work and we can’t call anyone! There was no book or psperwork with the phone only what the represenrative told us. NOW what do we do to get the phone back on??? Any phone number we can call for information?????

    • Yolanda says

      Usually you can dial 611 from any cell phone for customer service or even trying to dial out will connect you automatically to customer service. However, I have never heard of minutes being replenished right as they were used up. Minutes are usually replenished on the bill cycle date so it would be once a month. Sounds like the representative may have been new or misinformed themselves. Your minutes should automatically replenish the same time every month so it would be the same day as your activation date.

  33. Randolph newhouserd says

    I’m having terrible problems w/my minutes virtually disappearing in a very short period of time. It is not
    My usage. When I try and call I get the same stupid recorded message that leads me no where. Call
    me immediately at 248 ***-**** so I can speakk w/a person. 2:15 5/22/14

    Randolph Newhouser. If not resolved immediately, I’m switching carriers!

    • PleaseDont says

      Oh, please, no! Don’t take your “business” elsewhere when you’re getting a free phone and free minutes. Geez. What a threat.

      • mmmc says

        Why not?!?
        If you honestly believe these companies (not the Gov’t assisted benefactors) do not make money off of the customers brought to them by the Gov’t assisted programs, you are so, so wrong. These companies, after contracting with the Gov’t aid program, not only increase their potential customer database, they also increase their company profit when they upgrade the customer to a much nicer,
        prettier or more efficient phone. Along with this, include the extra service purchased each month to supplement the (average) 250 minutes provided by the Gov’t assisted program. Let’s see, lets do an avg. $10.00 added each mo. by each customer. That
        looks to be a pretty big profit. At least for that company that is providing the FREE service to the Gov’t Assist program. In fact, for an individual to revue e such poor service, I would definitely contact the Gov’t Assist program who provided the service, explain the situation, cancel the service and con.tact
        a program that is working with a company that appreciates the many benefits they are receiving
        by working with the many Gov’t.Assist Programs.
        So, while you are ridiculing this customer with the legitimate complaint, I’m gonna ask him which company/carrier he’s with so I (and hopefully others) are aware of which companies are giving poor service and/or seeking to take advantage of a Gov’t funded program as well as the clientele and future potential profits acquired in contracting with and offering this FREE service to US!

    • Cynthia S says

      Is your phone a flip phone? If so, make sure that it is hanging up when you close your phone, otherwise it will stay on and keep using up your minutes!

  34. heniretta north says

    would any one know how i get my free minutes on my gov phone.they havent put them on there

    • Hal Morris says

      Simply call the government and inform them that they have failed to update the minutes on your phone and they should have you up and running in a few minutes! It may take a few trys to get through, the government is usually very busy, but once you do its a snap! Hope this helps, have a great day!

      • Mmmc says

        If Wolfie says only Verizon works in his area, why would you tell him/her to call T-Mobile?!? Anyone w/cellphone knowledge would know T-mobile & Verizon are Competitors, not subsidiaries, with Verizon having the widest network coverage and T-Mobile lagging a very poor

      • Mmma says

        What this person, Wolfie, needs is the name of the subsidiary (gov’t assisted lifeline) cellphone company that is sponsored by, and works on the same network as, Verizon.
        Your answer, unfortunately, is telling the customer to call a COMPETITOR of Verizon, and in this instance, a competitor who is very substandard in their network coverage.

        • mmmcmma says

          If possible, and this is my question also, could you provide the names of the parent companies of the various lifeline programs?
          And, ok, we know there are 4 major networks, (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile). Which (specific) lifeline programs do each of these 4 major networks support?

      • mmmc says

        Wolfiestatesthat the only network coverage that works in his area is Verizon. Therefore, telling him/her to call T-Mobile is totally incorrect. T-Mobile is a COMPETITOR of Verizon, not a subsidiary, (though that is not a totally bad idea, considering the

        • mmmc says

          Ok, trying to get this on.
          Wolfie is not asking for the name of a competitor to the only company that is able to provide him with network coverage, he is asking for the specific Gov’t assisted Lifeline SUBSIDIARY program(s) that is/are appended to, supported and or sponsored by Verizon.
          To make this more clear, there are 4 major Network carriers in the United States. These 4 major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) provide network coverage for other (subsidiary) companies who pay the individual major (parent) network so that they can use (ride along on) their network and provide network coverage for their own customers.
          Along with this, the Gov’t also contracts with these major carriers, either directly or through a subsidiary (child) company in order to provide free Gov’t LiifeLine assistance

          • mmmc says

            Ultimately,.what Wolfi asking is the name of the LifeLine program that is contracted with and is using the Verizon Network Carrier wavelength.
            Personally, it would be nice to know ALL the subsidized programs being listed individually, by each of the 4 Major Network Carriers, individually. This would make it MUCH easier to match up with a program based
            ed on availability and network need. Or strength.

  35. Glenn Martin says

    I didn’t receive my minutes for the month. What is the #– numbers to receive your new minutes for the month. Thank you.

    • Yolanda says

      I agree! I just tried to pay on the website for enTouch wireless and it just tells you what top up cards to purchase and the number to customer service so I called and they were closed at 6:30pm! I’m frustrated because earlier today the rep told me I could pay on the website too!! :(

  36. Audrey Lockett says

    Can’t get my free 250 minutes per month. Have called repeatedly and was told the system is being changed and I would get minutes shortly. Still waiting after a month.

  37. angela ruiz says

    I am having a hard time buying minutes and my have to get another Carrera 323-360-6730 I can log in to my account it says that I have the wrong pass word or id number

    • Dania says

      Well I recommend that you call the assurance wireless people and ask them to help you to setup a new password and find your correct ID number

  38. beverly alcorn says

    i want to know how i can get a free 1000 text minutes on my phone i had it on my on phone but the sent me a new one and it dont have it on it.and also i reference my sister in law and i was going to get 100 free minute.

  39. Vickie says

    My mother in law has a government cell phone and she lives in a different state than me. I’m not sure what type of phone she has but I need to add minutes to her phone. Can you assist me please. She lives in Savannah Ga

  40. anthony trotter says

    1 have one of those kin government free phones and need to know how can I go on line to add minutes to this phone ,or where can I buy minutes at for this phone I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

    • rose whitten says

      how do I, get my free minutes on my Samsung phone, you sent me a card two months ago to use 555, but it is always unavailable. I have called and got no help. pleasehelp me get my minutes. thank you

      • Dania says

        The 555 never works I recomend you don’t use it cause your wasting minutes. To add minutes to your phone you go to top-up enter top up PIN, enter a promo code(optional) or top up by using credit or debit card or paypal

  41. Kathleen Hurt says

    I am a single woman, just moved in with a friend. I am currently unemployed, car is broke down, license is suspended. I do not have a phone or phone service of my own. I do have computer access and wifi where I am staying. I really could use a phone to contact potential employers and have them contact me.

  42. vanessa says

    im from Houston Tx and i have a safelink phone. but my phone got stolen nd i wonder how could i replace another one

  43. Jannetta says

    I’m from Utah and have a safelink phone. My minutes did not re-set like they should. I did what they told me to go to prepay add time hit no on promo code and type 555 for the pin… after that it said network not working can somebody please tell me why???

  44. ivellis rivera says

    I got my phone in puertorico and i’m on vacation in milwaukee i was wondering where can i buy minutes because the card i buy it’s called pure wireless buzz

  45. Lorraine Hudson says

    I have service thru EASY WIRELESS (DO NOT GET!!! VERY VERY UNHAPPY!!)
    I got my cell service in the month of May-2013…I sat down with the girl and made sure that I was wanting UNLIMITED TALK/TEXT (my kids text-uggh!)..she reasured me that that is exactly what I was signing up for-Very excited about my luck since I am disabled and see 5 different doctor-fixing to have surgery-and live alone and the phone was to be my only source of communication…all for $1.00-wow right? A couple of months later they shut my off-after extended conversations, I was told that it now was $5.00 for the UNLIMITED TALK/TEXT! Well, okay-still a great deal for someone with VERY LOW-INCOME (RIGHT?)…then sometime in September they changed again-again I was not notified! Here it is December…went down to the store(is it really? looks like an empty building with a table and register and computer-whatever!)…December the 14th I paid 2 months worth of phone sevice…my bill wasn’t due until the 21st! (I have no Idea when I can get another ride there!)…December 16th, they shut my phone off!
    OMGosh, really? So I went up to the store again-and was terribly upset when I was treated like crap..and told that I was abusing the phone! I proceeded in asking what that meant! “You use your phone too much!” was the answer to that! Then I asked them how could that be-I have UNLIMITED TALK/TEXT…that means UNLIMITED! Apparently not anymore…they decide how long you are to be able to use the phone-even if it is unlimited! My daughter’s boyfriend paid them another months worth of service just to have them turn my phone back on-and it only covers 100 minutes! CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????????????????????? I desperately need service NOW that I can afford-fixing to have surgery in Oklahoma City…I need service-cheap! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says


      Sorry to hear of your problems. We had not heard of Easy Wireless before your comment and looked them up. I see they are in three states, one if which is Oklahoma, which it sounds like you live in. We looked at their plans and I see the $4.99 Easy Lifeline Unlimited* plan. Note the asterisk at the end of the plan name? Well, we looked down the page to see what it meant and it says this:

      *Our Easy Unlimited plan comes with 2,000 minutes to use for voice or text messaging, while our Easy Unlimited Plus Data plan comes with 2,000 minutes to use for voice or text messaging, as well as 1 GB of data. Customers will receive an invoice via text delivered to their handset monthly. See our Terms and Conditions for excessive use definitions, and flex calling options.

      So, we went to the Terms and Conditions to see a little more about this. Well, when they say “2,000 minutes to use for voice or text messaging” that’s not 2,000 minutes plus get your text for free. Each text message (in and out) cost you one minute. That’s how you probably got above 2,000 “minutes.”

      BUT, the calling 2,000 minutes unlimited is B.S. Why don’t they just call their plan the 2,000 Minute Plan? This is dishonest.

  46. ot says

    I’m not a customer or have an account with the free phone deal but I have a pregnant sibling who does. I just needed to add minutes to her phone cause she’s due any time. How can I add minutes.

  47. carmel drizzle says

    i threw my box away that contained my airtime info can somebody please give me a workin numc=ber thnku and god bless

  48. liz says

    Hello I was wondering how would I be able to change the plan I originally have with safe link? And I would like to know if we have free night and weekends as well? If not you should consider putting free nights and weekends it can help with saving mins for those who are unable to pay for refills such as the elderly, people with disability single parents and children who need to keep in contact with their parents as well. One last thing how can we check your account and make changes our self without the help of a rep having to do the work for you a lot of people don’t have time to go to a rep to make such changes during the day?

  49. Lindsey wagner says

    The minutes are usually added on the 1st through the 3rd of each month for government phones. I heard some states are different. If your minutes have not been added you can take your battery out put it back in and it will add your minutes. Your phone also has to be on during this time the 1st through the 3rd. If your minutes are still not added then go to MENU then PREPAID then ADD minutes or add pin and type in pin number 555 or 5555. I think its 555 though then turn phone off if it doesn’t add within 2 minutes. Anyways about the issue with the minutes if you choose the plan where the minutes roll over then you get only 125 minutes per month. If you choose the plan where you get 250 month then the minutes do not roll over. It resets your minutes every month even if you only used 5 min the previous month it will not roll over so if you have roll over plan and its not rolling over then you need to call customer service with whomever you got government phone through and tell them you have rollover plan and that your minutes are rolling over but your new minutes of 125 are not being issued as well. They should give you your minutes owed all at once if not ask to speak with supervisor if the supervisor does not settle the problem keep asking for the supervisor of each supervisor till someone helps you. They are not going to risk there business over some minutes so trust me you will get your minutes your owed. Hope this helps.

    • Lindsey wagner says

      Also would like to add that some of these companies will try to rip you off and not give you your minutes. If ou are not at the end of your year and you turned in all your paper work they request after you signed up and got approved, then you will defiantly get your minutes every month. If they say you are not owed any and that you have no pending minutes you need to ask for supervisor and explain that you 100% are owed minutes and explain that you keep track of everything and that they have not issued them for this month. The month is not over so call and get your minutes before oct 1 so they will roll over as well if you don’t use them. Everyone needs to keep track of your minutes because this happens more often then not.

  50. Bessie Davis says


  51. Christine says

    I am a Conexion Wireless customer and my minutes is not on my phone i am trying to get n contact with y’all but the number u have saying not a working number how am i going to add minutes to my phone if unable to contact the provider u have 2 1-800 numbers but neither one of them r nonworking numbers so would u please provide me with a good number so i can talk with a respersentative about adding minutes to my cell phone or account. Thank You!

  52. Love James Carter says

    I attempted to change my phone number and
    now my sim card has be shut down.
    Previous Cell number ending in 5233

  53. Vanessa says

    I can’t recieve text on my phone. It is so raggly. I don’t see why they give s these raggly phones when theyare getting paid millions of dollars for people like us[poor]. they are treatng us just like that too. it takes 40-60 minutes for them to answer when you call.

  54. Crystal says

    My son let the phone die and we had 220 min before that happened and now that it has been charged back up we have no minutes. Is there a way to get those minutes back??

  55. JACKIE says

    So I guess I’m not the only one this is happening to…Everytime / or when I do get through to ass…. they tell me I’m the only one this is happening to …I even went and bought another phone thinking well you know what I was thinking and NO it did not work….and this is my only source of communcation via phone I mean….So I give up….I think I’m going to go to tracphone since all these are hokey and they none of them stand behind the product and the service…and besides I need my phone to work the right way…tired of the run around….
    Hope you all get what you need …Have a great day…jaxs

  56. Ericka Duval says

    i bought minutes last night for my reach-out wireless phone and my phone doesn’t work. My phone # is ***-522-6439. the conformation # is ***481842J2461619 can you fix this asap thank you Ericka

  57. carlos cano says

    I would like to have android straight talk or any other com partible phone but .I don’t know if it work with gov plans if it works how much it cost the telephone and how much is the plan whit internet at this moment I pay 26.50

    • Laura says

      I’d also like to have an Android phone, but I can’t get one because too many taxes are taken out of my PAYCHECK to pay for all the free government phones and all the minutes. As it is, I’m trying to add money to my asshole crackhead sister’s phone so we can get ahold of her to make sure she’s not DEAD.

  58. Kimberly Webb says

    I just got monthly minutes and my phone is not working. When I call it from another phone I get a busy signal. Can you help

  59. ruby thompson says

    i put 5 dollars on my phone today for the extra package thing n i didnt get it instead its taking minutes off at a time how do i get this straighten out my cell number is *** 879 9110

    • ruby thompson says

      i want the 250 min for 500 instead its taken 2 dollares off for texting i cannot talk n thats all i can do i have no voicebox n i rely on the texting to talk with my family n friends

  60. teresa says

    I have assurance wireless, over the last month and a half I have had no service in or around my home???? I get a call it goes to voice mail, I try to access voice mail, the call drops and is not audible?? I have to go over 2 miles from my home to make a call, it still drops calls and if I go 5 miles than I can have a successful call. I called assurance 8 times over the last month and could not get an answer to why no service? the other day they asked me if i had other buildings and trees near my home?? the nerve..of course Im poor on housing and live in an apartment and we live in oregon? where is is not any trees. I had no problems the first year at all. Yesterday I went to target and they told me the truth that sprint is revamping there network so the cell towers are not working that great?? Why cant assurance be truthful. So I called assurance and told them about the sprint revamping ( which is who assurance wireless uses for there service) and the “Live Advisor” spilled her guts and told me everything??? but why is it taking well over a month to have service?? Im disabled and need a phone in my home..Im not getting any answers fro assurance??? what can I do I cant use my life line any where else?? i cant activate my net 10 phone but for the low minutes I have to pay over $20.00 Im now paying assurance $5.00 for barley any service untill when ever sprint gets done doing whatever.. This vent is for those on assurance who have not been told by assurance or target what is going on with your service..

  61. Nikki says

    how do i know which one my bf’s government fones through, all i know is it says boost mobile on the back but he gets free mins put on it once a month im trying to add mins to it but idk which carrier he has it through bc his dad gave it to him and all it says is boost mobile and there is no option for boost.

  62. raymond greenley says

    Ok so I did my recertification three weeks ago By mail,and I Still don’t have any minutes,can someone help me

  63. felecia says

    All u have to do is press the up arrow key and it will ask if u want to add mins or change u click on that n it will tell u ur mins and message options

  64. ShayJ says

    My guy has a lifeline phone he’s been trying to add minutes but can’t seem to find a place to get them. The card that came with the phone said he could get it from tag wireless or airfair mobile but neither 1 of those are in the stores near us

  65. Reachout Wireless says

  66. Feker Pet says


    So the upgrade minutes is not free also if you have a free gov cell phone and you want to upgrade for additional minutes u can.

    Best Day

  67. leslie wimsett says

    I let my boyfriend borrow my phone he put lock code on it now we are broke up how do I unlock it to be able to use it

  68. Bruce says

    I lost my phone and just called about a replacement. They said they are starting to get some refurbed iPhone4. They said they have unlimited data and are not limited to the 250 minutes. Everyone should call in for a new phone before they run out.

  69. kola says

    I have been told my minutes will be added in 72 hours it’s 72 plus hours and I have not rceive those minutes yet. And could someone that speak better english talk to you PLEASE! I lost my pin and they reconneted my phone, and from there I have no service at all. What can I do?

  70. Crystal whiteday says

    I got my phone in Oklahoma, I have a droid and I am wanting to know how to check my minute balance and how to re-up my minutes at the end of the month?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  71. Leonara Houghton says

    i would like to now how mine minutes im gettin a month and will thay biuld or be takin away from me

  72. Joyce George says

    I paid for minutes 3 weeks ago and they aren;t added. You never answer the phone. U are always busy. and I need an answer ASAP. 818 383 5365 is my number, I have a receipt from CVS pharmacy that states I paid thru moneygram.

  73. vivian garcia says

    I am haveing a hard time puting minutes on my phone i call it rings then it hangs up i cant get throw i have benen trytng sence the 4th it is know the 10th i dont want them to turn of my phone

  74. Wilfred J. Eckola says

    Don’t you people know that this is just another way of our “fine” government to keep tabs on what you are doing? All they are doing is gathering information on who is doing what and to whom. Don’t just think of this as just another government handout. but instead of another form of spying on the American people. Why are you so naive to the fact that this government is no better than any other 3rd world countries? Wake up and smell the stupidity!!!

  75. says

    To answer most of these questions, in a general reply, I will say this:

    1. To add minutes to your phone, you must know which lifeline service provider you are with. That is the ONLY company you can add minutes to your phone with. You can not purchase airtime at Walmart, Target, etc., and add to your phone.

    2. If you have not received your monthly airtime, you will need to contact the company that provided you the phone. They are the ONLY ones who can assist you with your issue.

    I will not say anything about the different providers, but none of them currently cover all 50 states, so you much research which providers are available in your state.

  76. frank palazzo says

    i cant log in to this site or virgin mob.i see everybody having trouble changing up to the twenty dol. plan me included what is the problem y would u offer this serv. and no one can get it i already canceiied my at&t plan this is crazy

  77. keisha says

    where do i go to add mins. to my phone been calling all day but have not gotten a answer.can u please tell me where i need to go to get more mins. THANKS

  78. Ashley Bullock says

    My mom has the Safelink phone but for the past 2 months they have not put any minutes on her phone. Any idea what I can do about this?

    • jerome p sankus says

      i really need my min.put on my phone,they are always there the first of every month.i am not sure way they are not.can you a please put them on or tell me what happen.typlease call or write

    • Laura Peffley says

      I did not get my minutes for the month of March – my phone is listed with someone elses name – my number is419-615-3737 — I really need the minutes -=- thank you

  79. Elnora says

    I have not received my monthly minutes for this month and the phone will not allow me to call customer service. Whom should i contact?

    • april harrington says

      i have the same problem.i cant get a hold of any one to help me at all.i have been trying for over a month.i think this is a big scam.and i think that the president needs to know that the government is scamming poor people .but it dont surprise me,they have done it for years.

  80. brian cunningham says

    Have been trying to contact anyone about minutes on my blackberry that i received. How can i get minutes on my phone please? Love the phone just dont have any minutes!

      • says

        Blackberries are available as free phones. You can purchase refurbed blackberries at ridiculously low prices, yet in this case, they are just used phones someone has traded-in. There are some droids available as well, but it is just a matter of what phone the person picks up to ship, as to what phone you will receive.


    I lost my pin and I cant get to the site to add minutes to my cell phone can anyone help me? I do have the credit card.

  82. says

    I’m trying to recertify to keep my government cell phone and I need help doing it!I went onto the website and I didn’t find the information on the website anywhere could you please walk me through recertifing?.

  83. Robert L Harris says

    I missed placed my phone and did not add air time at the end of January. Do I have to wait untill the end of February.. I have tried to get airtime but it does’nt give me minutes

  84. patrick says

    i need to add minutes in my phone but i can’t find any movida card in almost all 7 eleven stores.what should i do?

  85. joanna walton says

    i need minutes so bad like now because my boyfriend is missing and he has a phone and i need to get a hold of him. please help

  86. janie laird says

    looking for the web site to buy extea minutes for my reachoutwireless phone,i’ve had this phone over a year always went to a web site i had in my fravoites list now it’s not there any more.can’t find out where to go now to buy extra time on my free phone & min.. i see i am not the only one that can’t find where to go on the internet to buy extra min.

  87. steph says

    i am trying to buy minutes for my phone. i am not understanding how i am suppose to put more minutes on my phone. i need more then i have and i am not seeing anything to help me get more minutes on my phone. the card that was sent said i could call, go online or go to a local store in get a card. i am not sure what type of card i am suppose to get and you can not call to use a debit card either. how can i put minutes on my phone?

  88. Leslie says

    I understand how to upgrade to the extra min.plan through my account, my issue is what is my pin#?
    Thanks for your speedy response

  89. Lisa Kivi says

    I want to change my plan to the $20.00 a month but everytime i do it doesn’t work. I put $20.00 on the phone for the $20.00 plan and it did’t work am i doing something wrong. Please let me know.

  90. Cheryl Weimer says

    You service says its open to change my plan for extra minutes or Top up from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Not only was my phone still not working when it should have been, but it says your closed when I call I wanted to Chane my plan for the 500 minutes!! ~~~ ????? Plz message back on what to do.

  91. meusha says

    i have an goverment phone and i need to try to figure out how do you get the other fone that was shown on television besides the 250 free voice minutes phone that was being sent out

  92. andre says

    i have a phone i should be getting my 250 minutes on the 13 off every month but now is the 14 and i havent get my minutes as yet what should i do or who should i contact my ph. 9546611476 thak you

  93. kim williams says

    this is really ridiculous i cant put minutes on this phone to save a life. It should not be this hard to put minutes on a phone. There are truly flaws in this program.

  94. tyrone traylor says

    to yourtelwireless i just got my phone thanks i love it. but i really need to know how do i check the balance on my minutes, please text me and let me know

  95. Marie Wilfong says



      • robert bruyneel says

        when u call u need to ask for accounting and billing and ask to speak to a lead or floor supervisor and state that i have pirchased additional mins for my cell please have ur phone on charge for there are thousands opeople that are calling to add air time please keep trying thank you for using your gov,cell ser.

      • robert bruyneel says

        if u dont have a safelink or a assurance dealer in your area krogers and mters should be a distibuter of the additonal mins cards