Safelink Promo Codes (Tracfone Promo Codes)

If you have a Safelink Wireless phone, you can often receive a discount on your purchases of minutes. The codes are actually more specifically Tracfone promo codes, because Safelink Wireless is a subsidiary of Tracfone and distributes Tracfone cell phones. Give these Tracfone promo codes a try, to obtain extra minutes of airtime at a discount price. We say give them a try, because they do expire so some could be invalid.

You must enter the tracfone promo code properly to avoid not being able to take advantage of it. The important thing is to enter the promo code at the same time that you first enter the PIN. You must enter the code immediately after the PIN, with no spaces. Same thing if you are entering the PIN on the website — enter the code on the first go-around.

Note: Please use the comments section below to let us know if the codes still work, and if you know of any others.

How to enter your Safelink Wireless promo code

For Motorola C139, C155 & Nokia 1112

  1. Press the “Menu” key in the center of your navigation or arrow keys. When the “Prepaid”
    menu appears, press Select.
  2. Using your arrow keys, go to “Redeem Airtime” or “Add Airtime.” If your screen displays a
    message, scroll down and press “OK” until you see Card# or Airtime Pin.
  3. Enter your 15 digit Airtime PIN* and immediately after, enter your 5 digit Promo Code and press
  4. Make sure to keep your SafeLink Wireless phone ON to receive your Minutes.

For Motorola W175 and all others

  1. Press the “Menu” key in the center of your navigation or arrow keys. When the “Prepaid”
    menu appears, press Select.
  2. Using your arrow keys, go to “Redeem Airtime” or “Add Airtime.” If your screen displays a
    message, scroll down and press “OK” until you see Card# or Airtime Pin.
  3. Enter your 15 digit Airtime PIN* then press “OK.” Enter “Yes” and enter your 5 digit Promo
    Code. Press “OK”.
  4. Make sure to keep your SafeLink Wireless phone ON to receive your Minutes.

The Safelink Wireless Promo Codes

Order of codes are most recent at the top. A promo code could be expired at any time.

24028 – 50 bonus minutes with purchase of 450 minutes or greater card
66857 – 40 bonus minutes with purchase of 450 minutes or greater card
72454 – 250 bonus minutes with purchase of 1 year/400 minutes or greater card
89041 – 40 bonus minutes with purchase of 200 minutes or greater card
78380 – 30 bonus minutes with purchase of 120 minutes or greater card
12745 – 60 bonus minutes with purchase of 60 minutes or greater card
32313 – 120 bonus minutes on purchase of 120-450 minute card.
29624 – 250 bonus minutes on purchase of one year card.
52464 – 30 bonus minutes on purchase of 60 minutes or more.
60860 – 40 bonus minutes if you buy 120 minutes or more
79679 – 60 bonus minutes if you buy 120 minutes or more
71287 – 30 bonus minutes on purchase of 60 minutes (user reports 170 free minutes!)
32313 – 50 bonus minutes on a 200 or greater minute card
18354 – 40 bonus minutes on a 200 minute card
32102 – 60 bonus minutes on a 200 minute card
59396 – 30 bonus minutes if you buy 60 minutes or more
84464 – 30 bonus minutes if you buy 60 minutes or more
30788 – 20 bonus minutes if you buy 60 minutes or more
17202 – 30 bonus minutes if you buy 120 minutes or more
36848 – 20 bonus minutes if you buy 120 minutes or more
32102 – 60 bonus minutes if you buy 120 minutes or more
15085 – 40 bonus minutes if you buy 200 minutes or more
10360 – 40 bonus minutes if you buy 200 minutes or more
91311 – 250 bonus minutes if you buy 400 minutes or more
88542 – 300 bonus minutes if you buy 400 minutes or more
55539 – 250 bonus minutes if you buy 400 minutes or more
66271 – 200 bonus minutes if you buy 400 minutes or more
53288 – 50 bonus minutes if you buy 450 minutes or more
70166 – 30 minutes extra if you buy 60 minutes.
60860 – 40 free minutes when you buy 120 minutes.
32102 – 60 Bonus Minutes When Used With A 120 Minute Card.
5645461 – Buy 200 minutes and get an extra 240 minutes free.
70166 – Buy 60 minutes and get 30 minutes free.


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    • Jaydee says

      Yes, Michael, thanks for the info! I just tried it today and the code worked for me, too. Purchased a 60 min. card and received 200 bonus minutes with your promo code. Thanks buddy!!!

  1. Michele Weiler says

    Has anyone bought a recent card and used a bonus pin that works? Promo numbers (according to safelink) expire after 3 mths. The last time someone posted re:bonus pin was in June. All other texts are totally irrelevant. TY

  2. helen rodriguez says

    I have done my annual evolution with my food stamps last friday, and im try to get minutes back on my phone how do I do this.? I keep getting told that I haven done my evaluation please me.

  3. Nicole says

    Safe link is the best. A life saver when I was walking bare foot in the snow storm on my way to the shelter with my crippled aunt Barbie. She was no longer able to go on and I was able to call for help. Thank you so much we would be lost without you.

  4. jesse camacho says

    invalid codes. the pin entered must be 15 digits long. please try again. whats the rest of the codes is it my phone number thats 7 digits plus the 4 which is a total of 11. need 15 total digits.

    • Merci says

      That’s because you need a top up card…. the promo codes are to get even more minutes when you buy them…. perhaps you should read a little more

  5. Jimmy says

    I used the first promo code in the list above, code #32313, when adding a 200 min. Tracfone card thinking it would be for 120 mins. It only added 50 bonus mins. When I looked further down I found that the seventh code in the list is identical and does say it’s for 50 bonus mins on a 200 min card. I called Tracfone and when I told them the promo code # it showed to be a 50 bonus min code. Just an FYI to this web site and its users.

  6. pamela tackett says

    I have been working with safelink on my tracfone & just received a text msg to give tracphone my email so they can send me free extra bonus minutes & promo codes. Safelink has been wonderful helping me with getting my new tracfone working. Everyone has been so courteous & helpful. I hope I’m sending this to the correct place. Thank u for everything

    • LILLY says


  7. e says

    Hi, Thank you for the promo code! I successfully used promo code 52464 for 30 bonus minutes on the purchase of a 60 minute card for my Safelink cell phone with service through Tracfone. I was happy to have received 170 bonus minutes. Thanks again! e

  8. michael lovitt says

    I was wondering if I could get bonus minutes for my phone it’s 253 314 **** I always running out of time because the lock always waist my minutes and I need my phone for my young son just for emerancy

  9. Karen Kemper says

    I did not receive my minutes for June.. I tryed putting the 5555 code in but it did not work

  10. J.Donaldson says

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW About MY MIN.they give me 250 a month. And they r never on my phone.I always have to call for my min.I think if you have a government phone at least they can put your min back on your phone on the right date.SMH.

  11. RaimundRConway says

    I HAVE A 1000 Min.card net 10.can it be converted or adapted to track phone or for I phone?

  12. susy says

    i have safelink and just purchased a 60 min card (did not get my mins this month. called safelink and they claim it was deposited on the 1st :(. ) I entered code 52464 and got 170 mins extra :) God is good when times are tough!


    How about bonus minutes for people in celebrate recovery. When you need to talk to someone so you dont fall off the wagon and you cant dial out on the phone to even reach your company makes it difficult and easy to fall off the wagon.

    pascale m. hostetler
    City of Spokane Valley WASHINGTON

    • tom says

      Take the money ur going to use to fall of the wagon and put it on ur phone, if staying clean is truly ur goal( use your tools)

  14. Ronald Eginoire says

    How do I Get My Minutes without my Airtime Pin # . My phone # is 515-770-**** and my serial # is *************** I was suppose to receive 500 min. per month and 2000 text mg per month as I am on social security and on Medicare.

  15. David Kimbrough says

    Shortly after I got my phone, I received a text telling by going on Facebook, and adding my number and confirming it, I would receive a additional 250 minutes, for the month. I did it and even got a text telling me Thank you for participating in this promotion and enjoy my 250 minutes, safelink/tracfone. I never received the minutes, I replied and was given bad link addresses and a 800 number that wasn’t in service. Tracfone did respond to my messaging, and I supplied all promo codes they gave and phone numbers, the final text was oh it needs to be 5 digits not six, so I sent them all. But no answer.

  16. Ryan says

    So if i have safe link service can I go get my own phone and transfer the service and if so what service off phone would I need

    • Carol Nowland says

      My son is a young adult in a depressing nursing home His birthday is next month and I want to no if safelink/Trac phone has an upgrade smartphone I can purchase for him?
      Thank you so much!
      Anxious Mom

  17. laurie says

    I bought the 200 min card n used code 32102 and got 200 bonus min in total got 400 mins for 30.00 not bad

  18. Robert Arazy says

    Just wanted to let people know that the twenty dollar double airtime purchase can not be used for safe link minutes so it is not worth it to buy I found out the hard way you are just throwing your money away you are better using the promo codes or waiting for safe link to give you a offer good luck

  19. Robert Sourwine says

    I have bought an air time card for 200 minutes and can I use the promo code 66271 when I add the minutes to my new trac fone then.
    signed, Robert Sourwine

  20. liz says

    I have a model # A205G and is asking me for a puk code. It won’t let do anything with out that code what do I do?

  21. laurie says

    I used code 32102 and got 180 bonus mins I bought the 120 min card so now I have 300 mins used on 3/19/2015

  22. Amy says

    I just purchased a 120 minute card online, with the promotion code: 79679, and added an extra 60 minutes for $10. They gave me 380 bonus minutes (560 total). I was nervous at first, because it doesn’t list how many bonus minutes you’ll get when making the purchase, but it came through. I’m happy! :)

  23. Devonte Wade says

    Im suppose to get my reload minutes on the 1st of every month and its the 7th and im still without minutes.

  24. fay stronach says

    received my cell phone from safelink yesterday.. have been charging it all night it will not charge.. what do I do now? tried to call and talk to someone but that can’t be done only get recordings

  25. Destinee says

    I just bought a 200 minute card and used promo code 15085 and it gave me 200 bonus minutes instead of 40 thought it was cool

  26. Regina Hampton Gann says

    I am on disability, my son needs to be on line for Job Chore. That’s the best college for him that we can get. I live in A Hud Housing apartment.

  27. Tomeka says


  28. John Taylor says

    I have government phone. I have minutes on my phone, but can’t make always says this is not and emergency call.any help on this matter .thanks.

    • tiff says

      That probably means your not getting a signal..try taking the battery out, putting it back in,and turning on..also moving it around in a different area might be able to pick up the signal..if that doesn’t help you gotta call customer service and they will send a replacement..good luck

    • pitalyn says

      I moved from Pickaway County to Scioto County I got the phone in Pickaway county. Mine did same thing only emergency calls. I called they checked area code to make sure I was in there service area, then they checked the next 3 set of numbers and for some reason they changed the second set and It started working right. I am not saying its the same problem as yours , but just maybe call and it could maybe help. Good Luck

  29. Samuel ThorntonSr says

    I have no access to my phone to make any calls, redeem airtime is not working, ” 555 ” , to get my mins.

    • Talliyah Hall says

      Hi Kelly,
      How many minutes did you buy to get 230 minutes free bonus minutes with code 71287? Thanks!

  30. katherine palmer says

    When minutes and texts are put on my phone only minutes are showing up no txts. So when I text it takes my minutes. Why is it doing that?

  31. sharon steed says

    My welfare service is due to end in 2 days. I need service time as well as airtime. I have been in and out of hospital and did not notice it coming to the end of my service. I do need renewed ASAP as my medical condition requires me to have a phone. I do apologize for my not keeping up to date. My services end in 2 days and my time doesn’t. Start back up until the 1st of each month. I would like more minutes as well you are talking to a nurse and they put you on eternal hold which uses all my time thank you for any inconvenience I may have caused. Could you kinda like hurry. The phone number is 717332****. Please hurry. Thank you so L

  32. Jenn says

    Used code 79679 with a 200 min card to get 60 min free on my safelunk phone. I got 260 bonus minutes instead!! Thank you so much because I am really struggling right now and that helped out tremendously..
    So very very happy!!! :)

  33. SONDRA M. KAPLAN says

    I am currently using Safelink…unfortunately the the Samsung cell phone given to me does not perform optimally making every conversation very difficult.
    I wish to retain the Safelink program since of my financial circumstances and upgrade a working cell phone that will make conversations without frustration of repetition.
    Is this a possibility. I cannot afford to purchase monthly minutes. Currently I receive 250 minutes which works well for me. Please call or email. The current Samsung phone is close to worthless

    Sondra M. Kapln 9782545317

    • BonnieGreenbud says

      A friend gave me their old Samsung S390G when they upgraded to a smartphone. I was able to transfer my SafeLink service from the horrid handset they gave me to the Samsung S390G. Once you contact Tracfone, they will mail you a different SIM card for the new handset and transfer any days and minutes you have on your Safelink account. Worked for me and happy I did it.

  34. candy says

    if you bye a card for 120 minets this code well dubble it and add 20 bonus minuets code is (94949). only untell the end of December 2014

  35. Martha caro says

    I did not receive my free minutes this month . Is there something I need to do? is there a number I need to call ?

  36. Rodney says

    I want to know do yall give aeay free minutes as a one time offer because I didnt receivr my free minutes this month.

  37. Angela says

    Just tried 32102 with a 120 minute card and it was expired. I tried 93528 and it was expired. Finally, tried 60860 and got 40 bonus minutes on a TMFL phone for a grand total of 400 minutes. Awesome.

    • Talliyah Hall says

      Hi Angela!

      Ok, you said you bought a 120 min card and got 40 bonus minutes (with code 60860), which equals a total of 160 min. You said you somehow ended with 400 minutes.

      So if you start with the 400 min received – 120 paid for – 40 bonus = 240 min left/unaccounted for. Do you think the other 2 codes (32102 & 93528) that said they were expired actually kicked up 120 each or???

  38. Keith says

    Promo code 32102 from the list says 60 bonus minutes with a 120 min. card.Just used it and it gave me 240 bonus mins. for a 120 min.card. Not a bad deal.

  39. Joyce carpenter says

    Cannot get my airtime minutes Been trying all week and keep getting “system unavailable. Pleas try later”. Help!

  40. Tammi F says

    Just used 72754 with a 120 minute card and received 120 extra minutes for a total of 240 minutes plus 90 extra service days. Lots of other sites say it’s an invalid code but as of 9-14-15 it worked for me.

    FYI I do not have DMFL for my phone so that had nothing to do with the code working for me. Good luck.

  41. James Powell says

    I have not received my samsung trac phone airtime and it’s asking for a 15 digit number. Where would I find it as well as a promo code?

  42. Tammy Powell says

    I have not received my samsung trac phone airtime in months&it’s asking for a 15 digit number where would I find it as well as a promo code

  43. shelby says

    i got my minutes but not my txts. it is taking 2 min from me to send and recieve. lady on chat is telling me im not enrolled? ive had this phone a yr and a half and already recertified. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. she was no help except making my day soooo much worse.

  44. Cathy says

    I have not received my minutes for the past 2 months in a row. I have only had the phone for 2 months and was suppose to be getting 250 bonus minutes for the first 3 months. And now my phone is locked. I can receive calls but the phone will not allow me to dial out. Help!!!

  45. Maria Ballesteros says

    Had a phone years ago got on my feet .im out of work and sick now, I really need a phone I got lots of appt. please hlep

  46. larry tucker says

    Want to know why i did not get my 250 min for August 2014? I only received 10 min. Is there a reason for this punishment? Thanks

  47. angel marrero says

    My old cell phone got wet so i could not use it so i try saying that to some people that call me but they didn’t understand what I was try to say to them but it’s OK I understand its OK.

    • tamaryion says

      what promo code do i put in please someone tell me cause im tryin to get my sister a phone so she can call me when im in chicago

  48. A Ryan says

    After many phone calls I was told trac fone doesnt honor codes-nor can you get a monthly plan with free minits-Im switching providors.

  49. damion bell says

    my name is damion i been having trouble getting more minites on my cell phone because it wont let me will you help me.

  50. Ramona Villalpndo says

    Did not receive my free minutes, 555# doesnt work. I have no other phone to call customer service. HELP!!!!

  51. Beautiful_Me_83 says

    Im not receiving my minutes and I just got a new phone. I tried for about 3 weeks for this phone to give me my minutes I called the people and they wont answer and I got on the web site and they don’t have the right place for me to go so I can add my monthly minutes!!! HELP IM GETTING VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

  52. beverly avery says

    I got my replacement phone today. stayed on the phone with a person for 45 min only to be told to call back in 48 hrs. there was on issue with my account. all I wanted was to have the replacement phone activated…. requested to speak to a supervisor, waited another 10 to 15 min for him to answer. he activated the phone with no min… however the phone says I have service but no min. the other phone says no service with 300 min. I still do not have a working phone…. Coastal NC hurricaine on the way. Maybe both of them will get blown away…. customer svc. is a joke…..

  53. ArtRick says

    Going close to one (1) year and I have only received 125 minutes, ONE HUNDRED & TWENTY FIVE. At first they sent me a phone with a bad battery. The phone keep on telling “out of battery” during it;s dying stage. I called Tracfone and the idiots didn’t know what that meant. During that time they are getting money using my name. After months has passed I had to re-apply-but the Gov payment did not stop and I had no phone.They sent me another phone, and it was a problem phone.-again- After calling them numerous times they said to send it back,they are getting paid and I had no phone I still did not have any phone. Ok, they sent me a nice one -thanks to who made that error–but with only 125 minutes and that was at the start of 2014.
    Their excuses was I should make even one call each month-and in the meantime I am pinching the 125 minutes, doing what, it was making calls. So stupid, could I just thow away the minutes? After asking for my minutes,many times,they said someone was stealing my minutes.Maybe when I am sleeping someone broke into my home and steal the minutes. Then the latest correspondence about a month ago they were going to send me a paper which I only had to sign my name and mail it back to them-that piece of mail looks black to me. Anyway it has not reached me yet.
    So, here is my deduction, give the phone, dont give any minutes, and we sufferers have to find money to pay for what the Government is paying them for already. That’s why we hear how much millionaires there are. They suck the poor dry, like how a scorpion does. I hope they can use those minutes to extend their you know what or shove it.

  54. erica says

    How do I check my balance with Safelink? I have an lg Safelink/trace phone and it only tells me the service date. But no minutes used or left. I have no idea if I’ve even gotten any if my free monthly minutes. And with the 555 code, it never let’s me say no to the bonus code. Help help!’

  55. kassy says

    10 days ago my phone started charging a minute per text when since January 16 it was charging nothing at all. my friend’sphone that same day started charging her .30min a text. customer service online said i went over a thousand text that’s b s. why they charge differently in the same town. Washington state is where I’m at. it just now at one am said to call customer care at blah blah number to get minutes but not working. 555 is getting me the same message over and over again. idk what to do

    • shiela says

      put 555# in the add air time and answer no to the no promo code not even a minute later I received my minutes….. I was putting the number in the wrong area and wasn’t adding the # sign ….. it all makes a difference

    • Lisa Stockert says

      So, we are supposed to get 1000 texts AND 250 minutes?

      and if we go over, they take away from the 250?

  56. Kathy Scott says

    I have a samsung phone thru safelink. When I tried to make a call the other day, I was told that I had no service. I called customer service, they told me that the phone had been reported “stolen” and that they sent me a new one. I never reported the phone stolen and have never received a new phone. Customer service reactivated the phone, but now I have no service end date and I did not receive minutes

  57. Larry says

    Why does my safe link ph take 1 minute to send/receive texts??
    it use to only take .50 cent. why cant the text messages be free
    like other phones and just deduct when a person calls u or u call someone?

    • mickey says

      My safe link comes with 250 min and 1000 free text per month. the only time you should be charged 1 minute for text is if you went over 1000 text’s.

  58. Linda Lou From Kalamazoo says

    Can I switch my safephone minutes over to my LG Tracfone? It seems silly to have two phones at once.

  59. Leah says

    The person who I put down who refered me to this safe link phone, did NOT get there minutes. Does anyone know what I can do to help the friend receive there minutes? Thank u

  60. Scotty walker says

    My phoneis completely worn out ! He do I get a replacement or get my phone fixed I can’t get a human. If I call a number it gives a number that refers me back to the number I just called, somebody help!

    • Rhonda says

      Leave ur number for a call back. I do. Not sure if they replace a worn out one. Tell them u lost it and they will replace it

  61. Edna says

    It’s just not working, I called the number for cs and its just a run around. No free 250 minutes no cs. What a waste of government money. Shit like this makes the republican party strong.

    • Rhonda says

      If u didn’t recieve monthly mins. And the 555 didn’t work u have to call and route u to code entry mode and u will have to type in a lot of numbers several times. I just had to do it for this month.

  62. larry s vanmeter says

    I didn’t receive my 250 minutes that I am supposed to receive for the last 2 months, and am frustrated and really need them, my number is 5702395331, it is the only phone I have and I depend on those minutes to get me through the month, thank you so much for taking the time to help me when you read this, Larry

    • Melissa Demery says

      I wrote safe link and gave them all my documents to get my 250 free minutes still haven’t received I’ve done everything they wanted still no minutes I have no phone to cal
      Them to ask were my minutes are can you help me

      • Kaycee says

        You have to call costumer servise from a different number and they will fix it. But you HAVE TO CALL THEM. So you will have to find a phone to use.

  63. Dee says

    My dad did not receive his 250 minutes this month and I’d like to know why and how he can get them. I live in a different state than he does & I’m hoping you fix this problem on your end. Thank you

  64. Denise Lewis says

    I purchaced a 60 minute card pin # 990022067645393 for my trac fne.. # 3523560313… I was texted a offer to get 200 minutes w/purchace of a 60 minute card.. Promo code 70133… I did not recieve my extra minutes THank you I`ll be waiting to here from you about this matter

  65. james sciandra says

    i did not recive my 250 min for feb or march can you help me my num is 409-223-9251.
    thank you james

    • Cindy says

      Did you go to your airtime and put in 555? Put that in like you put in minutes you’d buy. If this doesn’t work call 1-800-378-1684. I’m having to call for my daughter tomorrow. We had the same problem, we didn’t get the minutes for this month. When we put 555 in this time it didn’t work and it usually does. Tomorrow I’m going to have to call to see what the problem is.

      • shiela says

        put 555# in the add air time and answer no to the no promo code not even a minute later I received my minutes….. I was putting the number in the wrong area and wasn’t adding the # sign ….. it all makes a difference

    • ron says

      Go to add airtime push 555 if you did not get your minutes or push #241 to get your minutes a day or two early. Select no on the promo code

  66. kathleen Draper says

    I have a safelink phone but they tell me that – my last 4 digits of my social security are different according to what they said it wasput in when i received my phone!

  67. Leticia Shelton says

    I feel that Tracfhone should mail about cards either monthly or yearly with a code that you use to put extra minutes on your card each time u add minutes no matter how many times you can use that code unless they send you a new one then you would not have this problem, everyone is trying to save money.

  68. Brenda Pizarro says

    Compre mi TRACFONE el dia 28 de dic 2013 solo duro 5 dias en servicio y ya no tengo servicio con minutos alladidos de 124 en total ni siquiera la use y el code nunca me llego a mi E-mail gracias por su coperacion…

  69. Joann says

    my mins. go on the first, I’m trying to buy mins til then but no pin # to put (don’t know it) so I can’t get on ,I hope the phone still works from what I’m reading IDK if I messed it up yet still got no mins.

  70. Margaret Wrein says

    These promo codes from Safe Link promo codes does not work anymore. I called the technical support number after trying so many times and the gentleman told me that Safe Link does not offer any promo codes any longer. They will offer promo codes just for the Holidays. I was so out done and frustrated. I asked the technical support gentleman why does safe Link still have their site up and they don’t offer any of these promo codes any longer? He didn’t know why. He said that he thanked me for the heads up.I am so frustrated after trying so many times and I had to call the 1-800 number to find out why I was having so many problems. I wasn’t until the tech tried with 2 of the promo codes that I gave him ,and he kept saying that they don’t work. They could have offered me some free bonus minutes after all of this trying promo codes and I had to call them up.This would be a great service to me, after all of this stressing.Now I have to wait until the Holidays to receive a promo offer. What do anybody out there think?

  71. Nichola says

    I have a safelink phone received my first free minutes but no texts .. it says 1000 free texts and I was being charged for every text . did not have 1000.. also as of this month of November I still have no received my minutes I followed all the steps entered 554 and it stated that there is no update for the phone what is the problem please get back to me .. Thank you

  72. jennifer says

    *promo code 84464* (says triple minutes for life + free bonus minutes) i used this with a 120 minute card and it gave me 210 bonus minutes..for a total of 330 minutes..on november 24, 2013

  73. will says

    Yeah I just got the service disabled thing after trying too many promo codes with no minute card. I even asked the tech support lady if she knew a way to give me like emergency minutes. No dice, I guess all you can do is buy a card. I wish they didn’t cost so much, they know people with safe-link aren’t rich. Now I’m afraid to use one of the codes on here that doesn’t work when I do buy a card. Could someone post the best code to use with a 60 minute card that still works? Thanks yo. Also wrote down the numbers she had me type in the promo-code.

    • Anonymous says

      You get a pin by buying an airtime card at the store or online. The cards they are talking about are $19.99 at most retailers for 60 minutes. Safelink gives you minutes with the ‘555’ code every month. You cannot use that code for anything except your free minutes.

  74. Dakotah Ruge says

    The phone you sent is close to being with no minutes left because ha had to use it more. We can wait fore our new minutes after the first of the month. Also Dakotah’.s income has not changed. He makes $7oo.oo a month. ONE more thing, we have had endless calls for another person that most of had this phone or phone number. This takes a lot of his minutes and we get calls 4 sometimes 6 times a day. we can not texed on the phone there is something wrong with it. I have had other people try as well with no luck. Is there a way to switch or get a new one so we don’t have to get on the computer, I don’t even know if you will get this letter????? our home # is 727-378-8860. The Cell Phone you gave us is 352-364-0096. your mail to us said sorry you two numbers with e-mail. 78133 and 48-or0-48-0r 0.It says to redeem or ad press 555 we id that and nothing gave us phone minutes???? So we are trying to get minutes by email to you Thanks June and Dakotah Ruge address change 7314 Windsor ST Hudson FL 34667. My income has not changed as well. If this is not the right person please forward it to 4 or @cluelessClou77: last THANK YOU SO MUCH. WE HAVE NO MONEY FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH AND I AM IN AN OUT OF HOSPITAL. It’s been one Doc after another and the bills I have are no way I can pay with Medicare. It”s way into the 10 thousands by now and I have no way to pay any of it,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS ONCE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. carrie says

    I did the buy 60 mins get 60mins free a few minutes ago but it actually gave me 170 mins free. Def worked for me

  76. carmel drizzle says

    i have an tracfone s125g and i can get texts i just cant send them or do anything on it somebody please help me ive tried evrythng please thnku. my phone says service dsisabled i dont know how to fix it please help me thnku once again

    • Anonymous says

      You might have tried to put to many of these codes in. After so many (I don’t know the number) invalid codes your service gets shut off. You have to call either tracfone or safelink to have them help you fix that. When they tell you what the process is for that phone, write it down for next time.

  77. seanwarbinton says

    some of these promo codes do not work I would like promo code for a 60 mins cards get 60 free mins we need new promo code that work thank you

  78. James says

    when trying to add minutes, it keeps asking for a 15 digit PIN number… ???? I have no idea what it’s talking about… any help?

    • Casey says

      The 15 digit PIN is on the back of the airtime card that you purchase. To access it, you must scratch off the silver stripe on the back.

    • Casey says

      You may have bumped your browser. That takes minutes out really fast. You have to buy a new card to add more minutes. Go to your prepaid option and add the 15 digit pin off the back of your card.

    • Rebecca says

      Turn off your internet connection to stop accidental minutes from disappearing when you weren’t using your browser. Just google “your phone’s model and turn off browser”. You can turn it on and off when you need it but it won’t eat up your minutes by mistake. If you call tracfone customer service they should refund your minutes. Don’t wait, if you try to recoup after 30 days they won’t help. Be vigilant not belligerent or they won’t give you the favor.

    • Jesse says

      you can call yourself and check your voice mail for free from another device/home phone by pressing * and entering your PIN number

  79. Joanne says

    I have a tracfone that was supposed to be used to transferred to my safelink account (long story short, guy lost my number, deleted my minutes on my phone (300) and created new cell number now I’m stuck with a tracfone with 9minutes he saint it would take up to 4 days to fix. I don’t even think he’s going to get my number back. My safelink phone now shows that I have zero days in my contract :( very upset. Is there any codes I can enter into a tracfone for minutes without a pin? The 555 won’t work since he disconnected me from safelink it’s just a plain tracfone with 9 minutes. Ok sorry guess I couldn’t make it short but I was on the phone for 3 hours yesterday. It’s a nightmare, I need my number back. :( and some minutes. Help!

  80. Krystal Watson says

    Code 84464. Works…buy 60 min and get 170 bonus minutes. Awesome tsworked on a safe link phone …thanks to all who posted this previously…

  81. Toni Thomas says

    having problems adding minutes to my L G cell phone don’t have pin number lost it.
    Could you help me add minutes to my phone?
    Thank You
    Toni T.

  82. Roosevelt Lewis says

    I lost my Safe link phone so would you please turn it off and send me a replacement. Thank you!!

  83. Stella Johnson says

    I have a government phone and can not get it back on it has been off for 2months please tell me who to call

  84. Linda Hall says

    I got my phone on june 6th and pushed ok r done before adding my code now it says I don’t. Have service can I get you to reset it r what do I do?

  85. marcia says

    4.90 mins left on my safelink..brought 60min card
    added air time + bonus#84464…Bingo got 110 bonus minutes..YES!!!

  86. Dave says

    Mine is a free phone for welfare. The way it’s set up is enter 555, click enter, then it asks for the promo code. I also tried just entering codes with 555, i.e. 55533523, but it seems these don’t work on the free phones I have to wait several hours before I can try each code.. Has anyone had any luck using any codes?

  87. WoeMax says

    Im out of time on my virgin mobile assurance phone, were an how do i put the promo code in to get more min. ?

  88. trishahenn says

    I dont acctuallyt add my minutes safe link does it 4 me is there a way 2 add promo codes anyway on top of there minutes?

    • FromParkersPen says

      @trishahenn, Yes, but only when you buy/add airtime. The minutes you are granted by the Safelink Wireless program, or “free” minutes, which are automatically added each month remain the same. On top of those minutes and plan terms, if you run out of “free” minutes or want to add on more minutes before running out, then you must make a PURCHASE. It can be a bit confusing, but here’s a tip I hope helps:

      First, make sure you have your Serial Number from the Safelink Wireless program’s Tracfone you use, because it’s required on website. Also, if you are using a Promo Code, enter that number in the space when the time comes during the online checkout/purchase process. You get the amount of minutes you buy, plus any bonus minutes and any extra time that comes with that purchase. It does not affect your program “free” minutes; it adds on to it the minutes you buy, and it extends only the purchased minutes’ life/rollover.

      For example, this one worked for someone today: The “84464 – Buy 60 minutes, get 170 free minutes more” listed above. The user’s 250 Safelink plan ran out very early this month. From 0 minutes and an inactive phone, the user went to the SafelinkWireless website and selected the 60 minutes option under ‘More Savings, Buy Airtime’ tab. Then the cell phone A/C + phone number, and Serial Number get input when asked, and any Promo Code, 84464 in this case. The purchase was a “one time” buy, paid by credit card, after skipping some irrelevant confusing screens, and the confirmation screen showed 230 minutes, which is the total of the 60 min paid for and the additional 170 bonus Promo Code minutes. The purchase link goes to Tracfone’s site from Safelink.

      Again, yes, when the next first of the month rolls around, the “free” program minutes will just increase, “on top of” the total minutes if any are left from the purchase. Customer Service was not highly helpful when called to explain this. So, I hope my sharing the user’s experience helps. By the way, Safelink users get preset bonuses as shown on the chart: buy 60 min, get 200 total, for example, but the Promo Code netted the better deal, 230 vs. 200; you don’t get both.

      Customer Service was not highly helpful, this time, when called to explain this. So, I hope my sharing the user’s experience helps. Happy calling and texting : )

  89. PlzHelpLex says

    i have no money and i really need to use my phone. registering for school and having to manually deal with my taxes through the IRS because someone committed fraud on my name have eaten all 250 of my mins. i have no minutes left, and no money to buy any. my balance is at ZERO. is there anyway to get some extra minutes for free this month? any code? i really need a phone. i’m living out of my car with my son, and we just can’t be without a phone. it’s not safe. plz help with any info u have.

    thanx so much,

  90. Mra says

    How to use the fast14 i tried but wont work its says add time then enter pin then promo code or which are the steps help please thank you

  91. jeff grace says

    I was under the understanding that I am to recieve 100 free minutes for a friends enrollment on a new plan. Do I get a promo code for that new enrollment. Please respond A.S.A.P.

    • krazynala34 says

      if ur friend did not enroll before I think it might b the 24th of march then u will not recive the extra min till may. has something to do with enrollin after a certin day of the month. that’s what happen w/me but all in all I did recive my 100min the following month if they really gave ur name and info that safelink asks 4 then u will recive them next month if u don’t then u need to contact them. good luck

  92. says

    I used code # 84341 on my Safelink / Trackphone for a 60 min card & it came up with 200 min, so i guess it worked ok!
    Happy Easter to everyone

  93. satellite phones for sale says

    You actually make it appear so easy together with your presentation
    but I in finding this matter to be actually one
    thing which I think I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complex and extremely vast for me. I’m taking a
    look forward for your subsequent publish, I will
    try to get the cling of it!

  94. ANGELA says

    I was in a financial bind and really needed help and I did the 250 free minutes code, and VIOLA! I now have 250 minutes, where before I only had 50. I guess my 50 got lost, but who cares? I also now have 700 service days left, instead of 300 something that I did before.

  95. Josephina says

    I keep gettin texts from a 4179 & a 850-319-99004 number tha keeps telling me i got free texts from my friends & they’re giving me a 1,000 Free minute it keeps tellin me to go to does anyone else get these text messages?

  96. Diane says

    I entered the pin and then used 77578 prom code on a 200 minutes card. I have double minutes on my phone however it didn’t add any additional minutes to my card other than the double minutes I have already get. Now its telling me to call the 800 number of trac phone to complete the transaction.

  97. mathew says

    enter 333277771 into airtime pin and promo code boxes and you will have 250 free minutes me and my cousin did it and it worked both times

  98. Jacqueline says

    I also don’t have minutes on my safe link phone, I got this flyer in the mail saying if I didn’t receive any minutes this month that all I simply have to do is “add airtime” and then enter 555! Sounds so easy right, even if you phone does NOT come with that option!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t exist.Why create a flyer that doesn’t even know its own phone options? Under prepaid, It goes “my phone number”, “airtime info”, “airtime display”, “serial number”, and “code entry mode”(which yes I tried putting 555 in that section and it says “error 33″), so let me get this straight, I had to restart my service/ everything last month because it stopped giving me minutes even though I still have service days. I got those minutes and was thinking that this month they would appear on their own but here I am with zero minutes and a useless flyer that was made in Medley, Florida. Oh and I am not the only one with this issue, ahhhhhhahahahaa

  99. Rashida says

    This my second month having this phone!
    My free monthly minutes aren’t there!
    I even did code 555 nothing!!
    Help :(

    • Kevin says

      1.) Select Menu and select number “1” Add Airtime.
      2.) Enter the 15 digit Airtime PIN from a Tracphone Prepaid “60” Minute Card.
      3.) Select “Yes” when asked if you “Have a promo code? and enter in Promotion Code “86508”.
      4.) You will receive a text message with 60 Mins, 240 Bonus Mins and 90 Activation Days.

      Thanks Jo for the Tip (Worked on December 27th, 2012.

  100. tom says

    I know one or two days before the first of the month if you go to add airtime
    Enter. 555 no promo code you can get your free monthly minutes early.

  101. Sherry says

    Just to let Safelink Tracfone customers know…if you buy 60 minutes from Tracfone website they AUTOMATICALLY ADD A BONUS OF 140 MINUTES, which I personally feel is amazing! So if you have the $20.00 to purchase 60 you get total 200…can’t beat it!! Good luck to all and God Bless.

  102. Wendy says

    I keep loosing the “Add Airtime” feature under the prepaid menu on my phone. Is there any codes I can enter myself without trying to called customer service and the guy had no idea what to do.
    I don’t have another phone I can call from.

  103. Maria Angelica Fernandez says

    i tried to remove this service disabled…. what i should do to remove this?….. please can u help me

  104. Maria Angelica Fernandez says

    i tried to u remove this service disabled…. what i should do to remove this?….. please can u help me

  105. Sheila says

    I did press 555 on the code entry mode, it’s not working at all, I try everything on
    my cell phone to get more minutes, I call to get more minutes, the problems
    is that you guys have the machine on, that I couldn’t get my minutes at all, it’s been
    on going for a year since I couldn’t press 555, and I wonder if my cell phone
    is broken because of no way to press 555 on my cell phone to receive more
    mintues. This sucks in biggest time for me to try everything to get the mintues, and
    why my cell phone won’t let me press 555 on the code entry mode ?.

    • christina says

      it tells me that i have to put in 15 numbers but theres some promocodes that u dont have to buy min to get free mins how do u use those

    • Cheryl says

      I have the same problem. There is NO option under prepaid regarding “ADD AIRTIME”
      Also, when i used the “555” code to retrieve my friends minutes, it gave him 500 minutes that month.

      Well seems i know where my minutes went.
      Its all whack…but free i guess.

  106. Heather says

    I just used the code listed above as “33987 – One year, plus 1050 minutes” on a 60 min 90 day card purchased at 711. It gave me 60 min plus 140 bonus minutes for a total of 200 minutes.

  107. Anne says

    Be careful when calling customer service from your tracfone/safelink. I called wanting to add minutes to my plan and after using up 20 of my current min. I was no farther ahead. Most of the minutes used were asking the rep. to repeat himself due to poor english. Good Luck.

  108. crystal says

    use 157840 i got 500 free minutes. i went on website to buy 9.99 card 30 minutes and put in promocode but before i could pay for it my phone lit up with 250 minutes. i did it again 250 more free

  109. dawn says

    How do I track my safe link phone using my ticket number?? It has been 5 days and I have not received my replacement phone… What do I need to do???

  110. Rhonda says

    I tried as well to put in the promo code and it says that it needs to be a 15 digit pin. I do not understand what needs to be done to get the extra minutes. I put in the 555 and then 444811 to get the extra minutes and that’s when it gives me the “The Pin entered needs to be 15 digits long.” Can someone help please? I will wait until it is closer to the end of the month to try it but I want to ensure that it is done correctly.


  111. Nonya Business says

    I tryed to put just the promo codes but it said i need an airtime pin? what do i put right their? it is a 15 digit code it says

  112. CSinNH says

    Does anyone have the LG800G Prepaid Camera Phone with Triple Minutes For Life? If so, how do you like it? How do the triple minutes work? Do the FREE minutes get tripled – or just the additional minutes you purchase / add?

  113. Tarrah says

    WOW…..either you’re VERY young and disrespectful or you dont have a CLU whata hard knok life is! I am a single mother of two great kids and as I am constantly lookin for jobs I have to count on my 15 yr old niecet to watch my 11 & 6 year old…….We havin a hard enough time keepin up wit bills to support MY family…..dont knock a phn that could help up in an emergency, in case we’re lost, etc. And I need all the help I can get right now, unless u can pay my bills dbdbdb, u need to quit talkin

  114. mama says

    back to the codes…I’ve tried several of these codes, and none of them work. Are there any updated ones for 2012?

  115. Alfred E McCaughan says

    Still trying to get my free minutes for the Month of April 2012. 555 doesn’t work, calling doesn’t work, will this?

  116. Smile For Me says

    67861 – 60 bonus minutes with a 60 minute card

    ***Works EVERY time I use it. Go to to buy your 60 minutes (they give you 200 total minutes anyway). The bonus code gives you 60 more minutes. That’s 260 minutes altogether! Come on, do it! You know you want to…

    -much love

    • Gina says

      Hi, just wondering if you have the Samsung model? Ive heard different codes work on different phones and in different markets. You mentioned you do yours online but have you had success entering the pin and promo code directly in the phone? ….I will smile for you :o)

  117. NPH Stalker #666 says

    I used codes
    and each time it said
    “Invalid code
    and after my phone says “Service Disabled” and sometimes “Prepaided Service Disabled”
    What happened and how do I get this fixed?

  118. evil robot chuck says




  119. Nghia T Le says

    My phone do not work I think it may be disconnected. Please check my status and solve the problems or show me how to solve my problem.
    Thank you
    My saeflink phone # 253-***-****

  120. Ms. Margaret says

    Last month, I received 500 minutes. I thought a friend of mine had helped me out. Now I have no minutes. I’ve been trying to reach customer service, Can’t get through, dropped call, or the call center is closed. I hope you get the glitches out of the system. I really appreciate the service and support, However, I don’t need the frustration. I need the phone; Job applications, business calls and medical support, now I have to change all of my contact information.

  121. Deb Wellman says

    I thank the Lord for such gifts given to me. When I received my phone, I called a 3 digit # to find out why I couldn’t speak mobile to mobile. They said I could and for about 2 days it worked. Now, I can’t speak mobile to mobile with a friend who also has Safelink and it eats away at the minutes. I just don’t understand why. I just happened across this message board because i was looking for that number. I guess I will call the 800 #. lol Wish me luck!!!! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours….. Sincerely, Deb P.S. With our country in the shape it is in, we should be happy to get something free to those in need of such things.. And as for the negativity on here, nothing positive comes from having such an outlook as what I have read on here. I guess it is true that “MISERY LOVES COMPANY”. JUST REMEMBER WHEN YOU GO TO SEEK AND CANNOT FIND WHAT YOU NEED, ” THE LORD GIVETH, AND THE LORD TAKETH AWAY. ” AS I SEE IT, YOU ARE A FAULT FINDER!!!!

  122. Beck12 says

    I just went to tracfone’s website to buy some minutes after looking at the promo codes on this site, so I selected a 30 min card for 9.99, then added promo code 157840, entered my phone number and hit continue. As I was getting out my debit card, i got a message on my phone saying 125 minutes was added to my phone and i didn’t even pay for anything!!!!!!!! Are they going to bill me some way or was this completely free? I didn’t even give them any other info, so im really hoping it is free :) O btw, the promo code said it was for double minutes which mean ti still should’ve only gotten 60!!! YAY

  123. cindy says

    i would like to know why do u give out promo’s codes with no limit on them and then dont give to me (67861) and then u send ou bd cards with free minutes and go to use them well…. cant 47385 , i am hurt i find a company buy minutes 2 to 3 days ago go to use a promo code get told cant use it i go to use bd promo and guess what doesnt work. i cant affort company’s that put out faud and then not receive it , i cant purchase att visvon, crickett its all goes with trust president, congross,senate and now u well we ever get true things not a bunch of bs keep ur bd card
    oh merry christmas

  124. jaybuga says

    How do you add the free minutes? The website says to punch in your pin then add the promo code. What pin are they talking about? Any ideas?

  125. mary says

    I read your note AMAZED and unlike moonsinner .. I was glad someone had the insight and fortitude to share from the heart .. inspired by the cruel words of heartless people. I’m right there with you… and when the 4th sentence came.. I was just getting warmed up! Therein lies the difference in people. I too, noticed all the complaining and gibberish … and notice when people take time to be inspiring ..rather then putting others Down. Some have Spirit.. some are void. Thank you for taking the time you did.

      • David L says

        Reston, I meant to reply to cindy, but wanted to give you a shout out for your wise & succinct reply to that cracker. David

    • David L says

      Cindy, Reston is right-GO AWAY! Perhaps you have been lucky enough in your life to have been spared a disability which makes it impossible for you to work. Unfortunately, the rest of us have NOT been so fortunate. I’d GLADLY take a job, so I could then shove my cell phone up your ASS!

      IF I had to guess, I’d say that you either have a Mommy &/or Daddy who takes care of you, or that you managed to marry rich. In which case, you’re all probably Republicans-i.e-what’s in it for ME ME ME-let the poor pay all the taxes & starve. (Or better yet DIE, as Ebenezer Scrooge said, “Thereby ridding us of the “surplus” population”-hmmm…the needy?)

      Our parents & then WE worked to pay the taxes to PAY for these government HANDOUTS. The less we make, the MORE we pay. The poor & middle class don’t have the tax shelters & write-offs which enable the rich to get away with paying next to nothing in order to help this country survive.

      Reply to me with some facts. I DARE YOU!

  126. vicky says

    You must enter the tracfone promo code properly to avoid not being able to take advantage of it. The important thing is to enter the promo code at the same time that you first enter the PIN. You must enter the code immediately after the PIN, with no spaces. Same thing if you are entering the PIN on the website — enter the code on the first go-around

  127. dawn says


    I like most everyone is a poor person. I am thankful for the phone. What do you have to do to get extra min? Do I have to buy a card first, then enter certain numbers to get extra mins? I know it asks for a pin number, does anyone know what that means? Thanks a bunch and have a blessed day.

  128. Dean says

    Let me make a statement about these free Safelink phones.
    Some people resent them and I read nasty comments about them all over the Web.

    I have one and it is a Godsend to me. I am visually impaired. I lost my left eye in a plane crash. Then my remaining eye detached its retina in two place requiring surgery that left blurring floaters in my vision.

    Brighthouse was taking me to the cleaners for land phone and Internet at $80.00 month. I heard about Safelink and really doubted it could be too goo to be true. Finally, I applied and a week later my cell phone arrived. It was so easy to get it working. And the numbers on the pads of the my LG 320G are large and I can see them to dial. The phone works so well. I even have Speaker Phone, which is really handy.

    So, I got rid of my land phone and cut out a $45.00 phone bill.

    I couldn’t be happier. I love this little LG320G phone. Simple enough for even me to use. Plus, I had to buy some minutes last month to get to the 1st of the month and used the Safelink “buy 60, you get 200″ plus I used the 67861 promo code and got 60 extra minutes above that.

    I can’t say enough good things about Safelink and Tracfone, because before this I admit I was a cell phone hater. But, it has changed me over. And they made a new customer if I have to buy minutes. And when I do, Tracfone shoots the minutes to my phone in seconds. No waiting.

    So, I am one of the handicapped people they were meant for, and I truly thank God that I went ahead and applied. This is a great program.

  129. jenny says

    Dont’t used prom code 77578. We are supposed to get a bonus 100 minutes with our 200 minute card pruchased. With my double minute feature that would be 500 toal minutes. But….when it doesn’t work you have to call 1-800-867-7183 and be on the call for 23 minutes. And the call is NOY FREE !!! Tracfone charges us to call customer service ! You could burn up all your minutes on hold with tracfone’s lousy customer service. The agents are nice and polite, but the phone call quality is so bad everything needs to be repeated several times before the words are understood.
    Sure, eventually I did get my 100 bonus minutes, but in reality it was only 77 minutes after the phone call. Not worth the bother.

  130. Mwmann says

    I tried code11300 for 30 min and gave 250min I dont koow why. Ph not showing safelink anymore. Is this normal? He usually gets min from safelink on the 3rd I wonder if they will. Any advice?

  131. Robin says

    Ugly phone? wow smart guy, dont like the phone go buy a cheap one you like call safelink up and they transfer it all to the new phone.

    I have the lg500 for my safelink phone

  132. Tom says

    I just bought a a 60 min card at CVS and I used promo code 67861. I got a total of 260 minutes. 200 BONUS MINS!!!! I do have a safelink phone (Same as Tracfone) So I got 200 extra mins with this promo code!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      That’s great Tom. We have listed that you only get 60 bonues minutes, so that’s good to know.

  133. JOHN T says


  134. jewl says

    The promo codes dont ALWAYS work but most of the time they do. The higher extra mins, the less likly they will work. Google Safelink promo codes and find more sites.

    • Tre' says

      Enter 5555 to get your monthly mins. If you continue to have issues with adding your monthly mins. call customer service and a safelink rep will assist you.

        • Amazed says

          I am truly amazed that there are so many people that visit a website created to assist those of us who are down on our luck and criticize, demean, call their peers names or rudely throw around unnecessary comments and opinions. It reminds me of the jealousy, teasing and ignorance of a first grader. I have not always needed assistance to “make ends meet”. My divorce took a toll on my family in many ways that I could not have other wise imagined. I was the one that was leaned on, the strong independent woman that could handle anything. I had not relied on my family for one thing since I moved away with two jobs at 15. At 30 I was forced to move in with my mother due to the environment and conflict that my babies and self was being drug through. 12 years of marriage and two step-sons gone, new house “he stayed”, car sold to help pay to furnish and start over from dished to kids’ beds… 100% the only thing that I kept or needed was my two miracles. We worked our way up to having a decent home and materialistic things after many years… a raise here and there. His families money could hold out longer then I could and he fought for the kids, abusing such “helpful” programs with lies and manipulation for his greedy purpose. One he didn’t want me to leave but I finally got the courage and family encouragement and support to help me stand up for myself and the best interest of our young children. Two he swore that no matter what, he would never pay child support. The attorney fees were overwhelming but to top it off was fees for a guardian ad litem and a mediator. The end result was agreeing to $300 a month from $800 child support and he voluntarily gave up a weekend (was 1st, 3rd, & 5th) to every other weekend because it’s to much traveling. I drive about 750 miles a month while he does about 480 for his visitations so a huge portion of that support goes into gas… Just in those 4 days. I had to move with my two young children to a town that is very limited in opportunities. It was hard to get a job where there are none! Especially with daycare expense and a $300 van that I can’t drive out of town… Even across town without it over heating and leaking oil, in 3rd cause it won’t stay in drive, (that now has both front tires with cords separated badly and one of them flat with a hole in the side wall). I am a licensed cosmetologist, certified nurse aid and great at sales with management experience. At 30 I took a job as a car hoop at Sonic because “it was a job”. I was making it but barely. I have not bought myself one thing in a year.. But my kids are happy and healthy and get what they need. I have always been proud of my strength through the years but never more then I am now.. And yes that comes at a time when I have no job because employees were cut to 10 hrs a week for seasonal change. Monday through Friday 2pm to 3:30 or 4pm.. 5 DAYS with less then 10 hours a week at $6.00 an hour and tips at Sonic, terrible most of the time. I paid $10 a day for childcare of my 2 year old son and $5.00 a week for an after school program for my ‘first grade’ daughter… You do the math, throw in transportation expenses, it was costing me to work. Because I quit, I do not qualify for unemployment. At one point my ex and I lived on an income of about $90,000. $50k of that was my income. Now I am raising 2 children as a single mother and full time college student, “job searching”… on $300 a month before expenses… Gas, diapers… YES I am proud of myself, I am trying.. Oh and in reply to “dbdbdb”(June 2011) my entire purse along with my straight talk phone was stolen on October 19th, 2011. My child support card was emptied and all identity and money.. Every dime.. Gone Social security cards, medical, license, and the rest of a women’s life that she carries close to her heart. It actually took away my identity for me and caused so much that was just keeping balanced on the edge to tumble and fall. I have to have a phone by court order for my children to have frequent contact with their father. I just heard about this program and I am so thankful that it exists. May of you, same as me have paid into these programs through our prior $200 a month phone bills with out rages taxes for 20 different things that help allow and create this program. I am not a big phone person but I tell you when my daughter ran off into a friend’s house where I couldn’t find her and I couldn’t find my phone… I realized how much I really needed one……. I know that no one give a shit. I rambled on just to say this, quit trying to make others feel bad to make yourself feel better. Stop feeling sorry for yourself like no one else has problems “sweet” (October 2011) shame on you… how sad to see your first post calling someone a “fool” that was only trying to be helpful while probably accidently hitting an extra 5 while demeaning them and scolding him for trying to help. I just can not believe that the language you posted on this site was not respectfully flagged and removed, like writing on a bathroom stall with your phone number”. Your what’s wrong with society, take a good look in a mirror and realize that when you reflect on what is wrong in your life, “You receive what you dish out”. You have to stay positive to get positive results. So smile, and in criticizing be constructive not destructive…

          • moonsinner says

            Amazed: I, too, am amazed that you felt compelled to share your life history with us. This site is about cell phones not one’s unfortunate life. I quit reading after the first four lines.

          • DeeDee says

            Amazed is what I am. I read your whole comment to quote “sweet”. God is truly blessing you. He allows us to be humbled so that we may enter into heaven’s gates. You never doubt yourself and your decision to provide a safe place for you and your children. They are very lucky to have a mom who has the strength to do it for them when there are so many women who don’t even try. Also, if the devil didn’t fear you then he would not try to break your spirit and your faith in God. Never question your faith. It is the most important thing. If you ever have the chance you should listen to brother T.D. Jakes on T.V. I believe the name is correct. God bless you and your kids. You should be extremely proud of yourself but know it’s God.

          • cmread says

            AMAZED—I can certainly identify with your situation, I know exactly what you are going through. As a single mom with two girls, one who had to have five kidney surgeries, and I worked three jobs to make sure my children had everything they needed. I am proud of you for doing all you can possibly do to take care of your kids, and I know that as a mom you do without so that they can have. Been there done that. My girls are now 29 and 27, and have their own families, but I have not forgotten how hard it was for me. Somehow, with God’s help, I managed to raise two independent, strong, smart, and responsible girls. So hang in there sweetie pie, it will get better, and one day your efforts will be rewarded. Now I have a beautiful two year old grand daughter and a very handsome grandson who is one. Both of my girls are very good mothers.
            Just wanted you to know someone does care, I read your whole post and I have great respect for you.

          • mr.z says

            @AMAZED: Boo-Hoo, cry me a river already… Ridiculous!!! Nobody wants to hear your problems and life story. We’ve got our own problems to deal with, many of which are worse than yours, believe it or not, Mrs. Pity-Party!!! Now I can truly see “why” your ex left you!!!

          • Ramon Davila says

            Amazed, I think you are amazing, in every sense of the word! I am not here cause I need this phone, I was actually doing a little research for a friend of mine that has one, he was trying to get a promo code for minutes. I read your comment in it’s entirety and wish I could take you out for a cup of coffee. It is people like you that are inspiring with your words and encourage others with your examples of strength. As a father, I had a time in my life where I was worried about finances. I am a roofer/carpenter and I was forced to have back surgery. I was a jobsite foreman and led two different crews of six men each. I assumed I would have to make a career change (building houses and commercial roofing were, really, all I knew), it was a very tough pill to swallow. Instead, after I healed up, I went in to collect my things and what I thought to be my last check. I walked out being a personel supervisor in charge of 42 men and women with a substantial increase in my salary. At 30 years old, I never thought something like that would happen to me. So I sit here in my 30’s and I realize my story might not be as bad as some, but it had it’s effects on me. I will end my rant with something my son told me at five years old… Keep on keepin on dad! So keep on keepin on amazing! I applaud you!

          • Sadeyes8nt4ever says

            *Amazed…LOVE the message u were trying 2 send! I understand how u could have gotten swept up in telling yr story. Long winded? Yes, but when u have so much 2 say sometimes it can feel like yr bursting at the seams…I could see myself doing that, just getting on a roll, thinking maybe I should delete, then thinking forget it, I’m a person 2 and dang it I have something 2 say…no, this may not have been the best forum, but nothing wrong with letting people know that there r plenty of us in need who are REAL people where many used 2 think of those in need as lazy or good-4-nothing. I read yr story and God bless u!!

          • happy2bealive says

            “Moonsinner” and “Mr.Z” you guys are jerks and if you didn’t want to hear her story why did you read it? “yoytse” you were obviously bored enough to read and reply. “Amazing” I hope life gets better for you. You not what they say when God closes a door he opens a window.

          • andrea says

            Amazed…you are simple amazing, ans you told your story because some woman at the end of her rope needed to hear it….needed to know there is life after tragedy…you have to keep fighting. Money comes and goes, but in the end all that last is love…the love from our heavenly father,. Now keep grounded in a good bible based church, ans wait on the Lord to heal your heart, mind, spirit ans soul!!! Be Blessed. p.s. to all the naysayers…I was simple on this site to find a code to add moniutes to my nieces cell phone and I was blessed to read AMAZED story of ultimate survival!!!

          • chris says

            GOD is looking after you always! may his blessings be with you and your children! love in christ!!

      • sweet says

        what you complaining for if your on this site then you got an ulgy phone to u asshole what are u got alot of money and think ur better than everyone else then come here to rag other people your just an ass and i bet you kiss your momma with that mouth too jerk………………………….anyways you tell them they stole your phone and they will replace it but if you speak to a superviser and tell them you have to have more min they will give u 20 min instead of 10 on your replacement phone

      • Scottie says

        I have a Safelink phone, but mine is not ugly. You don’t have to use the phone they give you. I bought a new phone and transfered to it. And i don’t know what phones you got, but mine that they sent me originally was a lot nicer than the one you get from Assurance wireless.

    • Susan Bonner says

      That has happened to me before .. Someone stayed at my house && stole it && he gave it away && the person he gave it to wouldnt give it back. So I just called safelink && got a replacement phone.

      • Matt Bonner says

        && I went and do the same thing Scottie I bought a different phone because the phone they gave me didnt pick up where i lived.

    • Ryan says

      You can buy 60 or more minutes at walgreens, Hilander, woodmans or CVS, Via Tracphone card and since you have the safelink phone it will automatically double your minutes without a promo code. Example you buy a 60 minute card and put in on your phone you will receive 120 minutes or more and the 60 minute card is 21.76 including tax. You can also buy minutes on the website or with your phone.

    • Ryan says

      Go into menu then it shows prepaid, hit ok, then it should say add airtime, hit ok, it will say enter pin then enter 5555 and hit ok, it will ask if you have a promo code select no, now your done and just have to wait a minute for your minutes. If your phone does not have the add airtime selection under the prepaid menu which is the coin Icon, then you will have to call customer service.