How to Add Minutes to your Assurance Wireless Phone

Alert: If you have an Assurance Wireless phone in California, they have just upgraded your phone to unlimited minutes so you have no need to purchase extra minutes. Read more about the Assurance Wireless unlimited talk and text plan.

Assurance Wireless offer 250 minutes (current special of 500 minutes) and unlimited texts on on plans outside of California (where talk and text is unlimited). What do you do if you run out of minutes before the end of the month on your Assurance Wireless phone?

In addition to offering its customers a free cell phone, Assurance Wireless also offers its Lifeline customers 250-500 minutes of airtime and unlimited texting each month.

Generous as that is, there are going to be times when that’s just not enough, times when you run out of minutes but still need to make important phone calls.

Luckily, there are several ways around this problem. Think of this as’s handy guide to help you navigate your way to more minutes when you need them.

Want to add more minutes or data to your plan? There are two ways to do it.

Solution #1: Paying ten cents per extra minute

It’s a fact of life: After your monthly 250 minutes have been used, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls and the only outgoing calls you can make will be to 911 and Assurance Wireless customer support. But if you have money in your account, you can pay 10 cents per minute over your maximum minute allowance.

Solution #2: Upgrading your free Assurance Wireless plan

We strongly recommend that you consider taking advantage of Assurance Wireless’ extra minutes plan. You can substantially increase your monthly airtime even if you’re on a tight budget. As you will see, Assurance Wireless offers you lots of options. Here are the specifics:

Three offers from which to choose

$5 TalkOffer – Add $5 each month to get an additional 250 voice minutes (that’s 250-500 FREE minutes). This offer does not allow rollover minutes. Whatever monthly minutes you don’t use will be lost at the end of the month.

$30 Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web Offer – Add $30 each month to add unlimited voice minutes and unlimited data. No reason to worry about rollover minutes on this plan, because you get unlimited minutes, texts and data as long as you’re on the plan.

These plans include a guarantee of 250-500 Free Minutes each month as long as you remain eligible, even if you cannot pay for your plan in a specific month.

If you use all of your monthly voice minutes on the $5 plan before a new monthly cycle starts and you have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be charged 10¢ for each additional minute you use.

What’s more, you don’t have to make a long term commitment to either plan. You can upgrade to either of these two plans for a single month if need be. Assurance will automatically revert you to the free 250-500 minute plan if you leave your account at a zero balance and not have the money in the account to continue on the upgraded program.

Assurance makes it easy to Top-Up your account

In addition to giving you a choice of plans, Assurance Wireless also gives you a choice of ways to pay for those plans.

You can add money and change plans on their website. You can add money and change plans directly from your Assurance Wireless free government cell phone. You can add money and change plans through Assurance’s automated phone service. Or you can buy a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card at thousands of retail stores across the country.

And to make it as simple as possible, you can pay for the extra minutes, texts or data with your credit card, debit card or via PayPal.

Here are the specifics on each method of topping up:

1. Add money and change plans from the Assurance Wireless website.

Go to and click on “Log In.” It will take you directly to the Virgin Wireless, where you can log in by entering your Assurance Wireless phone number and account PIN. This will take you to the My Account page. There you can enter your payment method or Top-Up card PIN, and perhaps choose either the $5 Talk or $30 Unlimited Offer offer by selecting “Change Offers.” Or choose neither and you will be charged 10¢ for every extra minute over your 250-500 free minutes as long as you have money in your account.

You may choose to purchase the plan immediately, or at the beginning of your next cycle. Customers that have already purchased a plan for the month will only have the option to purchase at the beginning of their next cycle.

2. Add money and change plans right from your Assurance Wireless free government cell phone

To add money to your account press the OK Key to see the Menu. Then Press the 2 Key to get to My Account and then press the 1 Key to get to Top-Up. At that point, enter your Top-Up card’s PIN number and press OK Key.

To change your plan, access your account by hitting the ‘Up’ arrow. Your current offer and the minutes you have used this month will be displayed on the screen. Hit the ‘Down’ arrow until you can see the ‘Other Offers’ section. You will see three offers:

– $5 Talk & Text for 500 voice minutes
– $30 Unlimited Talk, Text & Web for Unlimited voice minutes, texts, and web

Move your arrow over the offer you want (the link will turn yellow) and hit the ‘Select’ button. You may choose to purchase the plan immediately, or at the beginning of your next cycle. Customers that have already purchased a plan for the month will only have the option to purchase at the beginning of their next cycle.

3. Add money and change plans through Assurance’s automated phone service

Use your Assurance Wireless phone to call Assurance’s automated phone line at 1-888-321-5880.

To add money to your account, choose the “Top-up” prompt. You will be presented with various options to add money to your account.

To purchase additional minutes or messages, choose the “Change your plan” prompt. You will be presented with various add-on options that include:

– $5 Talk & Text for 500 voice minutes
– $30 Unlimited Talk, Text & Web for Unlimited voice minutes, texts, and web

If you decide to purchase one of these plans, they will not be added to your account until the start of your next monthly cycle.

Please be aware that Assurance may require a minimum Top-Up of $10 per purchase.

4. Buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from retailers across the country.

If you’re out and about, there are literally thousands of places to purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards. To be specific, you can find them at Best Buy, RadioShack, WalMart, Target or Virgin Mobile, K-Mart, Walgreen’s store or thousands of other independent retailers. And to make it even easier, you can pay for them with your credit card, debit card or even PayPal.

The bottom line

Sometimes it’s easy to blow through 250 free minutes and 250 free texts in a month. It’s amazing how quickly they can get gobbled up.

Rest assured that 250 free minutes and 250 free texts per month is just the beginning for Assurance Wireless customers. The company offers its Lifeline customers a wide variety of ways to get more from their free government cell phones.

And that’s good news for you.


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  1. Valere Williams says

    the plan helps me but I can’t see the phone it’s too small for aging eyes. Can I get an upgraded phone?

  2. Jennings Evans says

    Hello, I have an assurance wireless free phone that has 20 minutes remaining & must go out of town tomorrow. I tried adding 5.00 to my phone & all It says Is 5.00 cash balance. Could you please explain to me what that means. I’m worried in an emergency what to do when I have no minutes. I’ve tried emailing assurance wireless but they don’t answer me. Thank You. Can you call 911 when you have no minutes?

  3. Gregory Eastwood says

    Hello, my problem is that I have added the extra $5.00 now I think it’s going on two months now and it still dosent show up on my account, . I have had some changes in my personal life that requires more phone time, so if you would please contact me and let me know what the problem is so we can remedy this. Thank you

  4. Tina Ihde says

    the free phone and minutes is great but it got dropped and the entire screen is cracked and broken now. but I have another phone of my own that I have had for awhile thru at&t, but I have no minutes on that phone and I was wondering if I could somehow apply the minutes to it?? and, the other thing is that it would be great if we could also get free phones for our teen aged children

    • says

      “the other thing is that it would be great if we could also get free phones for our teen aged children”

      That would make the program much to expensive. The teenagers should get jobs.

  5. Melsadis Peets says

    I would like to apply for the assurance phone and I don’t know how to reapply went out of town for three months and I happened to lose my service please HELP!!!

  6. Chuck says

    This company sucks. Have had the phone for over a week. Keep calling, trying to get it activated. So far no help. Still no phone service and no phone charger with it. Cannot get a phone from another, better provider because I have this useless one. Please handle this problem or take me off of the record so I can get a phone from someone else. Have had enough of getting NO HELP!!! And STILL have NO PHONE to use. Thanks for nothing and also for stopping me from getting a different phone.

  7. Lisa says

    My name is Lisa I live in Maine. I have assurance wireless as my primary phone. I am going to get the thirty dollar plan. Can I get a new phone with that such as a touch tone phone. Would it have to be through virgin mobile. Would it have to be a certain kind of a phone.

  8. Colleen Canning says

    I’m trying to get more minutes on my cell phone having a hard time figuring it out. Can you please help me Thank you

  9. Karen Morgan says

    How do I get the 500 minutes a month promotion cause I tried several times and it wouldn’t let me do it. Thank-You!!

  10. Deryk says

    You have to call 888.321.5880 and tell them to add the minutes. Press 3 (in my case) for technical support.

  11. Gwendolyn Higgins says

    i added money to my account and now I need it put on my phone and the wait is too long

    • Corrina says

      You have to speak to someone in person to get it added on right away. So when it’s opened call them and tell them you need a transfer to use right away.

  12. SUSAN MAIN says


    • Corrina says

      You have to speak to someone in person to get it added on right away. So when it’s opened call them and tell them you need a transfer to use right away. And usually your pin number is your phone number or less digit I mean the last 4 digits of your social security number or birthday. That make you sure you speak to a person not the automated service

  13. judith mcfarlane says

    This is the 2nd month in a row that I have not received any additional minutes on my cell phone 541-291-****.

    I have followed the instruction make at least one call per month and to leave the phone on for at least the first 15 days of the month.

    Why am I not getting additional minutes?

  14. nickysatra says

    I had to put all my things in the storage and I just found my phone but no minutes on the phone how do I get minutes back on the food stamp phone

  15. Alexis Overton says

    I purchased a virgin mobile top up card andhave a $10 balance but no minutes added. I entered the pin number and pressed done and no minutes were added. I called 611 to top up and still no minutes were added, what to do next?

  16. Gail says

    I would love to pay the five dollar plan on the 500 talk and text phone but my husband name is on the account. What shall i do?

    Gail Green

  17. Donna Giampietro says

    I am unemployed with zero income. I have filed for disability and have not received it. I understand that I may be eligible for a free phone?

  18. Annette Jeffersson says

    Being able to add minutes to this wonderful service from the government satisfies me. Being a mother a cell phone is handy, thanks Assurance Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

  19. Arnold Bullock says

    I have a Budget Mobile phone. I purchased $5 worth of time, 100 talk minutes and 3750 text minutes over the phone(611). Under the plan option, I received the 100 additional talk minutes and according to the 611 recording I received 3750 text time. I am should have 3575 text messages left but am not able to send text messages. can someone please correct this problem or should I go to a budget mobile store to have it corrected. Please call me at 410-746-**** if this call is free.

    Thank you

    Arnold Bullock

    • Joyce says

      I find it really difficult every add mins to my phone using my credit not & cant find A top up card.How do I add mins with my card?

      • Corrina says

        Call customer service and speak to a real person. Do not use automated service or you won’t get to use your minutes right away. That’s what they told me and that’s how I do it. It works

  20. Janet Hall says

    I was supposed to receive my extra 250 minutes starting today, but it did not add on. I have enough money in my account for it. Will you please fix this?
    Thank you,
    Janet Hall

  21. Mark Connolly says

    I added $10 to my account, but the minutes balance did not increase. Did I do this correctly?
    Phone # is 651-770-****

  22. Alena McCoy says

    after business hours and I topped-up but how would I convert the money into minuts in stead of
    using 10 cents a minute

  23. wanda campbell says

    what phone can i purchase to get upgrade my current phone am i allowed to get a touch screen how do i purchase more minutes foe only one month not to continue to bill every month on my phone

    • Mary Ann Keitel says

      I need to know how to get in touch with a customer service rep. I want to add minutes to my phone and NOT want to give my credit card number out over the internet., Please advise
      Thank you
      Mary Ann Keitel

  24. TIFFANY says

    My phone was shut off because my boyfriend got one using my address and I’ve moved since then. I believe I still qualify for a phone. I need to sign up again. Who do I call? Can you give me a phone # please?

  25. Erika says

    I’m trying to add minutes to my brothers phone because I have lost contact with him but I need to get ahold of him for an emergency. But when I call assurance wireless they say his number is not in their system. But lifeline told me his number is under assurance wireless. What can I do?

  26. Renee Sternweis says

    Assurance sent me a Q-link phone and my fingers are too big for the letters. I bought a new Virgin Mobile phone and am trying to transfer phones but don’t know how. Can you help me?

  27. Michael Kennedy says

    I didn’t receive my free minutes this month also last month I put $5.00 so I would have extra minutes this month. I recertiied last month now I lost all my minutes and I am without a phone
    what can be done to fix this? I need this problem addressed right away

  28. willie ramirez says

    i got an HTC cell phone on 10/24/14 and was very happy but lost total service of my carrier after a system update was accepted on the phone. i have my phone but need help with restoring my service. please . Barstow Ca.

  29. Christina Brown says

    It didnt work for me when I went to Radioshack and paid money to put more minutes on my phone and im still waiting for it to show up !! Im very dissatisfied with your company right now..

    • Corrina says

      When you reach the automated service during business hours only continue to screw up the information until it directs you to a live person. It works

  30. Ignacio Garcia says

    yesterday I recharge $5 at the phone ‘s mother in low Elsa j *****. 305 438 **** and in this momentes she have only 29 min in her phone. WATH ABOUT $5?

  31. renee says

    I’m going into the third year of having my little phone and now they are gonna change it to unlimited texting… GREAT!!! I’m hoping that I will be able to buy another phone from them soon, so I can get unlimited internet for just $30/ mth. U can’t get that price from anyone. Thank you,Assurance!!!

  32. Debra Bell says

    I’m trying to add minutes to my daughter’s phone, 610-800-****. She or I don’t now a pin to log in. Can I still add the minutes on line or do I have to call in

  33. shelley says

    Thank you assurance I get coverage any where and your customer service is awesome.I appreciate the unlimited text. Getting this phone has helped me so much.( otherwise wouldn’t have phone) Again thank you keep up the good work.

  34. Clifford E. Boone says

    I recently reported my assurance cell phone as being lost.
    I just found it and after i recharged it, its saying that its “closed”
    and the power is off. Can you please help me and restore my service.
    The original phone number was 716.715.****.
    Thank You,
    Clifford E. *****
    *** Oakgrove Ave.
    Buffalo, Ny 14208

    • Mr Rhonell Williams jr says

      The service is good, only sometime you get a bad signal . THERE IS A MAGNETIC FIELD that is blocking the signal . No matter what kind of phone you buy .talking too much texting eat up your minutes,my brother use to tell his friend back in the 90 you have two minutes say what you have say .the phone have a timer. we over talk ,text some company charge 25 cent a minutes do research !I like to have a 32gb phone i can afford so free phone is the way to go some people send the same text twice i do it some time too !free phone is the best 1000 – 2000 minutes is what a person like me need! some people talk about a lot of junk it waste your minutes !

  35. tracy says

    Wow people shouldnt we be a little grateful for this yes its a no frills phone and no frills on the service but really did you expect premium service for free??????? Talk about greety and selfish get a grip at least you all have a phone. To keep intouch with loved ones. And emergency be thankful for wat is offered cuz i know i cant afford. Phone service rite now while im out of work THANKS FORTHIS SERVICE! !!!!!

    • Mr Rhonell Williams jr says

      All senior should have a mobile phone and PC or laptop. We live technology age we have to change with time .all young people should own music album get Phonogram a cassette player portable radio for backup !

  36. Lynda Janson says

    I have added money to my account because I ran out with so many Dr. appointments. I don’t remember my pin, password because I don’t normally run out. Can u change my plan to the $5.00 plan or give me my password? I thought it was my old phone # 5847657812 but I guess not, can you please help me? Thanks

    • janet says

      I did the same, dr.s appts took up all my minutes being put on Hold for 25 min.s every call… When I added min.s for $5.00, the password is 8-10 numbers which they text to you when your purchasing the extra min.s or are in the process. Just check your texting, they will text the numbers to you. (or should) if not CALL them, those calls are Free. I know we were on for 15 min. trying to add the $5.oo & get the text of my password numbers. Check your text.

  37. Andrea Jimenez says

    Why does it take up minutes when I am checking my voicemails? I also think that it is using double minutes or something bc, I only used the phone for a total of 21 min last month, and it says i used over 50 minutes. I know this bc, I looked on my call log and looked at the total time of the calls I made, and it added up to 21 minutes.

    • teresa says

      call customer service and they can put the minutes on right there. It does depend on who you get to talk to. My txt minutes werent showing and he super nice and professional

    • kim says

      did you lose the phone? if you qualified before you should still qualify. I think there was a rule
      that you had to use the phone once a month or it would shut off but I am not sure. Just contact assurance or apply as before.

      • janet says

        I’VE HAD MY PHONE 8-9 yr.s, there’s been alot of months I didn’t use it at all, never any problems, ever. I love it. I call out of state anytime easily. One problem, I can hardly hear it ring, if I’n not holding it or very close to it, I miss my call. That happens alot!!! Low ring or no ring…bjut now I’m trying to purchase texting but can’t seem to get it…but I’ll keep tryin. It keeps telling me I don’t get texting but won’t say WHY…I’m trying to purchase it! Any advice???

        • teresa says

          You should call customer service and see if your plan include texr msg. I tried doing it myself for four months and I finally called and the gentlemen saw where I had been trying and he got me my txt right then.

    • edwin says

      Keep trying, when you call the automated number, after the introduction, begin pushing buttons until it tells you it will get you a live person, either tell them your desire or ask for a new application and literally start over, I did and it took 3 months but I got it back, amen to that , however, the man that experienced out of rang no coverage, well, I had the same problem when I went to Montana, I guess that we all need a back up plan, if your in the mountains there is no coverage for all phones not just assurance, so,have a backup plan for such emergency’s. hope this helps,But keep calling and push numerous buttons to get a live person, no matter how difficult they are to understand, what can anyone expect for free, overall, its a wonderful plan and a blessing to say the least.

  38. Antonio says

    I bought a Top-Up card at Walgreens in Tucson Arizona for an Assurance Wireless cell phone that is supposed to be using Virgin Mobile. The Top-Up card does not work and per one of the Assurance Wireless Supervisors “Amy” they know that there is a problem with these phone cards. The retailer will not take it back and has stated that they know of one other customer who had this problem. So far Assurance Wireless has done nothing to credit my account and has basically lied to me twice. These people have the most terrible customer service that I ever have endured from a telephone service provider. Do not choose Assurance Wireless unless you want the Government to be giving money to a company that does not care about it’s customers and does not care that Top-Up cards are being marketed that do not work. I desperately need a cell phone in order to try and find work as I am destitute. Assurance Wireless does not care that I had to borrow money to buy a Top-Up card that is basically worthless. On some of my calls I even heard Customer Service Representatives laughing in the background more than likely at the conversation that I was having with the CSR that I was on the phone with. These people are not nice, stay away from Assurance Wireless.

    Antonio-Tucson AZ

  39. Hal says

    WOW Talk about being ungreatful ? Just another gimme, gimme, gimme moron (Champagne TASTE on Ripple POCKETS) that does not know THANK YOU, it’s not in their vocabulary, I’ve had this FREE PHONE now for 3 years and never had any problem making calls or receiving calls from ANYWHERE & if I ever did I would say “OH WELL” try again later what did we do before cell phones anyway ? Just backs up that APPRECIATION and COMMON SENSE are near COMPLETE EXTINCTION, very sad world we live in today..

  40. ladagosta says

    free doesnt help when you are out of state and can not make a call .. emergency cell is worthless if it only has service in your local area. I had to make a out of state trip to get my transmission repaired and was stranded and unable to make one call since it kept saying out of range. if it was not for my son i would still be sitting there this very minute unable to communicate my emergency. this is the case every time i leave my local area it says can not complete call.. so why have a phone at all.. think about it cant wait until i can afford to add cell service to my tablet.. for safety issues as having this cell phone is senseless i have magic jack when i am home so it serves none at the house.. and most people know where i go so if i do not return they will find me where I went when it comes to local running.. when i go out of state is when i would need this phone for emergency reasons and yet it will not allow incoming or outgoing calls. the tower signal is never connecting free = 0 = worthless dont get me wrong i can chat for nothing but i can do that on the magic jack.

  41. Robert King says

    I paid $10.00 for extra minutes for my reachout mobile government phone. I received conformation # fuypbce9e535 what do I do my phone uses Verizon don’t know why please help

  42. tammy hysten says

    can not add minutes from mobile automated system will not access my account options not offered to add.

  43. Chloe Weiss says

    I put five dollars on my cell for a regular program of five dollars in addition to the 250 minutes and text 250 text but they just put it on my cell as mo in account not new extra minutes. Please recteify. My number is 316-308-8480 and the pin is the same. Thank You, Chloe Weiss

  44. Erika Leal says

    Just dial 611 from the phone then push 3 to do it automated no hold time doesnt cost u any mins then you just follow the easiest instructions ever as prompted by the automated voice such as punching in your acct & cc #s blah blah blah & then you’re done in 3 mins tops & then just hang up & you will be texted instantly that it went thru successfully. You can even have your cc# saved for future purchases on your plans mins/texts to save you an extra min the next time you call if 3 mins is too long of course…easy as 1,2,3! Good luck hope this helped, cheers!

  45. Edna says

    my phone won’t even ad the 250 in a new month, and when I put in the code it always says the system is busy try later

  46. ernest says

    I to am having one he’ll of a time downloading minutes on my assurance wireless virgin phone. We all can’t be stupid, right.

  47. erich schaffer says

    why the hell is it so difficult to add min, I no I do not no how to use a computer still schouldnt be this hard

    • tbangry says

      I can add $5 for minutes but can’t use the money to ADD the minutes. VERY Frustrating. E-mailed Assure for steps to do this; I’ll post it if they reply.

      • Bill says

        Never rely on adding money by e mail. Always get a live operator. You can still do this . call their 800 number and don’t use any prompts untill they offer and they will an operator. Then you can make clear what you paid and what you want. Absolutey success every time buying minutes with a live person

  48. Jazzy says

    I need to add minutes to my phone and I’ve tried calling (888)322-1122 because the message on my phone said I would need to call that number, but each time I call, all I get is a recording saying all circuits are busy.I really need to add minutes to my phone because of a family emergency. Can anybody help me?

  49. michele says

    I have never had so much trouble with trying to figure out how to add minutes to my phone. exactly wtf thankyou for the phone but come on evidentally my pin is wrong which finally got a real person for that but no don’t work so idk gonna try another way I guess soooo frustrating my god

  50. Susan says

    Where can you buy the Virgin Mobile Top Up Card? I used to buy it at FYE but
    they don’t have it anymore. I couldn’t find it at Walmart or Best Buy.

  51. Anna says

    I am having a lot of trouble adding minutes to my phone, Even my daughter doesn’t understand how to. Why is it so hard to just add $5.oo each month to get more minutes??
    Should be an easier way.
    Thank you.

    • Jazzy says

      I am trying to do the same thing, has anybody given you an answer yet? I’ve tried calling the toll-free number they said I had to use but each time I call all I get is the recording that all circuits are busy. You can e-mail me back @ [redacted]. Thanks!

      • Jazzy says

        Anna, I just added $5.00 to my account. First you have to call (888)322-1122, select the option to top-up your account using a credit/debit card, it will ask for your pin number which I didn’t know mine at the time so I entered what I thought it was twice.The $5.00 cash balance showed up but my minutes didn’t change. I had to call (888) 321-5880 and spoke to a representative and was told they have to speak to you to add min/text. I was successful, then I was sent a text with my pin number. The text balance changed immediately, the voice minute change took a little longer, but it works. Good luck!!

  52. Anna says

    My phone doesn’t ring.It did in the beginning, but now all it does when I get a call, is light up. So I put
    it on viberate. what can I do to get a phone that rings?

  53. Joann says

    I can’t figure out how to get mins. for the monthly 250mins. go on yhe 1st but I need mins. today so do I get the 5$ min. or will the min. be taken at the end of the night???

  54. olgamercado says

    I put the virgin mobile card of 10.oo and now I cant make any phone call or text but u took my money what cant I do

  55. KLM says

    Do you have to use the phone they send you. Our can you up grade. Also are all gov phones virgin mobile, and if not how can you find out the provider.
    Respectfully, KLM

  56. HOW TO DO IT!!!!! says

    Easy fix, just call 611 from your cell phone, have a debit or credit card in your hand
    And when you here the options just push 000000 till you get on hold with a live person, yes they are out there, when you talk to them give them your phone number, then they will ask you for your password. Wtf is that its not your voicemail password! If you dont know it ask them to text it to you, yes they will do that or just set one up with them with your personal info, hello ok hello can you hear me now. Ya make sure the person you talk to understands that you are paying 5.00 for extra 250 minutes airtime
    Because if you dont say that they will give you a 5.00 credit on your phone and airtime
    Minutes cost .10 cents a minute, that plan sucks it can eat up 5.00 dollars a call, trust me i learned the hard way.So make sure to tell them that you want the plan 250 minutes for 5.00 dollars. Hope this help ya. All i ask is help somebody help themselves
    Thank you. Thank people for the internet.

  57. carlos egea says

    really i dont understand your services but are so poor that i dont know how your company is giving services with a contrat from the goverment carols

  58. robin johnston says

    how do you access your account if you can’t remember or find your PIN number? My sister is stranded with no phone right now because she cant find the PIN #; she has no internet either, so this is really critical. I am trying to help her get her phone on again, but this is really difficult when you cant just do it from the phone

  59. latatia searcy says

    HELLO ASSURANCE WIRELESS; I WANTED TO PAY $5.00 dollar /500 minutes. using my aunt debit card with her permission. is it possible i may purchase more minutes doing this. thanks.

  60. carly says

    when do the minutes come in my friend said they come in on the 14 and they still yet to come is it because i had my phone shut off? Or is it the beginning off the month, how many minutes do i use sending a text?

    • evil genius says

      I feel like I should step in here and do my duty as the evil genius. Doug this should help you and other people who don’t pay attention to what they’re reading. now all you want to do is pay $5 . that’s not a problem as long as you go to the assurance paysite not virgin mobile top up site for sure in sight will let you pay 5.00 virgin mobile top up is $10 minimum but it is a faster and easier way minutes on your account providing you use the same top up card. all you have to do just wait a few minutes and your minute’s pop right up. it don’t get mulch esi thanks that people. that’s it for y’all today my school save some other poor misguided suole…. evil geniuses left the building

  61. steve says

    how do you add minutes is there a website or a phone number to call. You list all this information but neglect to inform folk on how to actually complete the process.

  62. karen houston says

    If you call 611 for help you are charged nothing! It doesn’t matter how long you talk. Listen to the choices and push for trouble with your phone and you will get a live tech every time. I have had my phone for over two years and that is how I talk to someone “live.” You might get someone you do not understand if that happens ask for another person I have done this before and it works.

  63. Vee says

    Right now I have six message in Voicemail and I can’t retrieve them. I keep calling Voicemail and hearing the first and oldest message over and over again. It ends in mid-word and won’t move on to call number two OR three OR four OR five OR SIX!! No matter what I do and even when I follow operating instructions, I CANNOT retrieve those messages–NOT EVEN THE “VIEW” function so that I can see the phone number of the caller!!! THIS is my major emergency . . . actually, it’s equal in urgency to CONVERTING MY DOLLARS TO MINUTES!

    This seems to me to be very unfair and this is a replacement phone that I just go!

  64. Vee says

    Just exactly which calls and msgs to and from Assurance Wireless are free? I believe my minutes are being used up just trying to find the right option to either convert dollars to minutes OR to ask a question about the phone to learn whether we’re operating it wrong OR whether there’s something wrong with the phone! Those questions aren’t answerable among the options when calling AW and I hate to LISTEN to all FAQs if I’m being charged 10 cents/minute because I can’t get my dollars converted! Please help.

  65. Vee says

    The instructions above DO NOT include how to CONVERT dollars to usable minutes. I’m still trying to figure out why I can’t always reach a real person to do this! If dollars are not converted to minutes, we pay the 10 cents/minute charge! Sometimes I somehow accidentally reach a person and they tell me there’s an option to talk to someone but it’s NOT always available. So I go round and round listening all the way through ALL the options, using up 10 cent minutes, I’m sure, and there’s no way to automatically convert without a real person and the real persons are not available. What’s up with that other than stealing more money than necessary from poor folks?

  66. Kelley Qualls says

    I agree with Robyn Smalley. I am trying to add minutes to my phone, and it tells me how but doesn’t take me to where I can actually add them.

  67. debrafrancis says

    I have put 30 dollars on my phone for unlimited minutes for next time my plan is up nov. 16 I have tried everything can you help me

  68. Edward Jones says

    I have a Assurance Phone. ( Kyocera ) My problem is the Battery will not hold a Charge. How do I get a new one.? Thanks. Edward Jones

  69. ROBYN smalley says

    What happened to this website. I can’t find anything or, if I think I do find something it’s no help at all.
    i am trying to top out my account and either nothing happens or it send me somwhere else. Also I do want the plan I had the 1,000 calls and 1,000 texts. Can I do that?

  70. Sue D. says

    I’m eligible, but none of these programs is available in my area. I’m totally disabled and far below the poverty line, yet there isn’t a company that serves my area. With my annual recertification for Medicaid/food stamps/LIHeap, the state sends me a brochure to alert me to the availability of these services. I “check availability” by typing in my zip code. The answer is always the same: Sorry, we don’t serve your area. Check back frequently… Ten years and we are still not covered. Actually, there is almost no help for the poor in these areas. It is as if we exist in a black hole. (Except when it comes to taxes. For some reason, we aren’t invisible then). How depressing is that?

    • Mike 444 says


      When you look poor you become invisible. Grow 3 days worth of stubble for a beard, wear a wrinkled shirt, baggy (but clean) pants, and voila – you are invisible. People do not see you, except Police, and they see you really well, especially if you are driving thru nice neighborhoods, or have a tail light out..

      So, be cool, and enjoy being invisible. Just don’t walk thru rich neighborhoods, that gets you visited by the police – it is best to hang out downtown.

  71. maryanne linder says

  72. josh lafferty says

    i have a couple quick questions about our government phone plan. It is an att phone, we live in evansville indiana. What is the process we need to follow in order to have additional time purchased for when the phone time runs out. We are pretty confused ,so please send me as detailed of information as possible. Such as different rate options for text and time as well as different ways of actually paying for them i,e, credit card in such. Thanks, josh

  73. Amy Vondersmith says

    I don’t remember my password or secret question & I want to Top Up. Am out of talk minutes & am unable to access anything. Please help!

  74. Bridgett says

    My father called 911 from his assurance wireless phone because he needed an ambulance and assurance wireless charged him over 140 minutes for the one call…He contacted assurance wireless and they are the ones that told him this… So my question is what if you have NO minutes on your phone, can you NOT contact 911!? Now he i out of minutes and can’t even contact anyone, including 911 again if he needs to until his minute renew or he ha to pay for more… This is ridiculous!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      That doesn’t make sense. 911 calls can be made free of charge on any cell phone, with or without service as well, at no charge.

  75. sherry thomas says

    I have found there terms are good you can also buy unlimited talk text and some data for $30.00. I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas & they only have 1 tower , reception sucks dropped calls all the time!!!!

  76. rigid13 says

    I wanted and payed for 500 minutes for $5.00 with Top Up Card. The Customer Service guy only gave me 250 minutes for my $5.00. What`s the deal? In the past I got what I payed for, somewhat confused about that conversation a few min.s ago feel like I got gyped!!!!

  77. mysti riggs says

    i have no clue what my pin is! please help i need to add minutes and i have no other means of commucation. and have small grand children who stay with me. please help a.s.a.p.

    • Julee Beaver says

      RE: ***-532-4880

      I know my phone number but do not remember the pin number to get more minutes on the telephone..can you please help me out with this problem. Thanks in advance for your help!

  78. Paul Moulaison says

    I just spent a total of 20 minus trying to submit an application on line and then thru one of your Appl. employees in Costa Rica…!!! I’m not sure what was worse, the on-line Appl. not finding my mother’s address or the reception in Costa Ric !!! You’ve got to be kidding !!!

  79. Carol Rivera says

    How can I add minutes on someone’s phone who is not near me. Can I purchase minutes online or by phone.

  80. Lorie Carpenter says

    I just paid $20.00 for extra time on my phone and I can’t seem to get it on there. Can you tell me how to go about adding these minutes.

  81. randall thornton says

    im on ss disability and ssi can i get afreecell phone i have a cell phone and i can not afford to buy mins for it

  82. Nam Nguyen says

    My money balance now $9.90 .Please let me add $5.00 and get 250 minutes,total 500 minutes for this month (05/27/2013 to 06/27/2013).
    Thank you so much.
    Nam Nguyen.

  83. Maria Bosque says

    Need to know how to do it. Do I have to do from my cell phone? Don,t have any minutes left.

  84. Katrina says

    You can’t even call customer service if you don’t have any minutes on your phone… I PAID FOR UNLIMITED 30 AND KEEP GETTING CUT OFF SAYING I DON’T HAVE MINUTES.

  85. shirley says

    First, I been to this site on several occasions and I find that the links you say to clink on don’t go to nothing that will tell you how to apply for a free government phone. Second, “Click here” appears right after and in front of the where you say how to find-out more on how to get your free cell phone, or something of that nature. Third, I don’t think you have any intention of directing reader to anywhere they can receive a free cell just a phone at a discount rate. Finally, stop the riff-raff.

  86. steve says

    I have been trying to do the $5.00 option to add the extra 250 minutes and can’t get any where with any of your suggestions or able to log into my account. My phone number is ***-267-6569

  87. Pearl Heller. says

    I enrolled in the $10 program and now I am having trouble topping up . I hope you can help me with that. Thank you. Peael

  88. kanea says

    please my income its too low icant to by cellphone I need help me and my son we dont have cellphone please we need helo as soon as thanks.

  89. david wallace says

    I paid 5.00 on mydebit card on nov 16 2012 250 mins and didnt get them .now i,m trying to topup agin for 5.00 and can,t get to you. I have called you and they say the phone no is not no good .now i,m trying to get you on the computer and nothing .how do i go about toping up? thank you dave wallace

  90. kathy says

    Yeah .. can’t figure out how to top up my phone with $5 for another 250 minutes. I called and talked to a computer, as usual. Using a debit card, I put $5 on my account to top up my minutes. The only response I get is that I don’t have the correct 10 digit acct. pin #. So now I have $5 just sitting there for nothing! And $5 less in my acct. You don’t make this easy.

  91. david wallace says

    I have add 5.00 to my account and can not top up . can you help me out. I have tryed calling and on my cumputer no luck.let me know. thank you dave

  92. ruth says

    I have been trying to add minutes to my son’s phone online (I’ve done it before), and cannsince the 26 they took my credit card numbers and everything and then nothing so i got no service and hope they didn’t use my credit card.

  93. lisa says

    i dont see any information relating to data packages. do the free phones have internet and app capability? can the phone offered be upgraded? please email me more information so i can make a decision as to which provider i choose.

  94. Margaret Lucas says

    I have been trying to add minutes to my phone since the 26 they took my credit card numbers and everything and then nothing so i got no service and hope they didn’t use my credit card.

  95. Jagjit Rosha says

    I would like to subscribe extra minutees to my account and charged on my credit card every month.Please tell me how to do that?Thank you very much.

  96. Annette C. says

    I don’t know why everyone is having problems adding minutes to their phone. I just go to ANY store that sells cards for Virgin Mobile, go to the Virgin Mobile website OR use my debit card with my cell phone. Simple, easy peasy!

  97. georgiamom says

    they keep saying that we can receive a phone in Goergia (Thomasville, 31792) but everytime we apply they always say that they are not in our area. How long before you reach souuth Georgia?

  98. susandavidson says

    I want to reapply for my phone service.How do you get the free text messages?My application said you can also get 250 free text messages too.

  99. Sandy says

    PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I keep going round & round & CANNOT FIND THE APPLICATION TO SAVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!! PLEASE…..I need a link!

  100. lp says

    I have thought of getting the assurance wireless due to income, but from all the questions/comments, it certainly seems that most everyone has problems contacting a live person to help them and alot of trouble findinf where, who and how to add extra minutes. Yes you do have explanations, and I consider myself to be of average intelligence but your instructions are a bit difficult to follow. Perhaps you could clarify them for a lot of people or at least put phone numbers that could be called to reach someone.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We list the names of the vendors for each state, on each state page we have on the site. When you click any of those vendor names, you are taken to a page that has the contact information for that company. It’s rather simple.

  101. mary blackmon says

    to whom it may concern i need menuites on my phone why is it so hard now to get thought to someone,please let me know something soon i dont have any menuites my phone is off. mrs.blackmon cell n.9092640246

  102. Wilfred J. Eckola says

    U.S. government officials are spineless, gutless cowards. Just ask any politician and they will vehemently deny this accusation. Of course, if they deny it, then you know it’s probably true. Have a great day.:)

  103. Ronald Saffold says

    I added $20 talk to my phone and I now have a zero balance and the reverted 250 plan has not kicked in on the automatic restart date. Need a resolution because I have no communication ASAP! Phone number is 8503031965…

  104. Kim says

    I have a virgin mobile phone that works fine at my address but the company says I can’t get assurance wireless.

  105. The king of king says

    What website i should go to add more minutes free on my phone aslo if i when to change the assurance phone for example, change it to Timobil or Virgin Mobil what should i do

  106. Anne Marie says

    My best friend just bought me a used virgin mobile phone on Will I be able to use it with my assurance wireless plan?

  107. kevin hickey says

    i just got a assurance wireless phone and would like to purchase minutes. who sell the cards? can i add them over the phone if i buy a card can i call and have assurance wireless add the minutes on for me? what is the $5.00 a month and how is it paid for other than using a credit card?

  108. carlos a pulistar says

    my phone is acting up been trying to communicate with assurance wireless to see if i could get a replacement .the problem is that it”s eating up my minutes.please give me a feed back.

  109. Carol says

    Why would the minutes we purchase NOT be carried over to the next month if we don’t use them all? Will that be changing anytime? -Thanks

  110. Lynda Faye Wilson says

    I’m not understanding how to add minutes/money to my used up 250 Free Minutes. I n one place it state $5.00, another $10.00 and another $20.00.
    I am interested in adding on to the phone $10.00. Can this be done easily
    or is it impossible or complicated? The original 250minutes went might fast.
    from the 15th of the month until now. I think the $20.00 at this juncture would
    be a bit much for me. I need to use the phone now, not wait until March 15th!

  111. Tonia Ohnstad says

    I cannot find where to go to add minutes to my assurance wireless phone on the assurance wireless site.
    Please help.

  112. Me says

    Why doesnt any page or anything ever say where we can actually go to get minutes, I need more to call the doctors office and cant figure out what to do!!!

  113. Sparky says

    So , can you add 250 min,. to your Obama Phone, without changing your monthly program? It appears that your account will simply take, money at the rate of ten cents a minute, from any money you put in.. This also dictates that you buy a $10 card even as you would spend $5/ mo.Sparky

  114. shelly says

    My daughter is having her first baby.while 250 minutes are enough I need to add
    minutes , now before my payment date what to do!!!!! this is a one time thing.

  115. d says

    I have waited for a “free” phone since I was approved by Assurance. After I inquired about the arrival of the phone to several Supervisor’s, I was then told that I didnt get the phone because I had not enclosed 29.99.

  116. Eric says

    um im not gettin as many minutes on my phone as promised what do i do about that?and where do i go to get minutes everybody tell me they dont do easylink watever that company is

  117. um im not gettin as many minutes on my phone as promised what do i do about dat says

    um im not gettin as many minutes on my phone as promised what do i do about dat. n where do i go to add more minutes…. everybody say they dont do ezlink

  118. roper keith says

    I need to get information on purchasing one of your cell phone asap-if you could
    contact me with the application I need it asap.

  119. LONNY E. WELCH says

    My safelink ID is 7538594. I was disqualified because I didn’t send enough for the program (FoofStamps) a paper with my name–name isnot on our Lonestar Card—so, I’d like to go ahead and apply based on my income. I get $666.00 per month Social Security. I think that’ll be easier to provide you my Award Letter from Social Security.
    Please help with this. Thanks!
    Lonny Welch

  120. ELMER FUDD says

    ****this webpage does NOT help at ALL ! It does NOT tell me WHAT website to go TO to use my credit card and make payment to ADD MINUTES to my cellphone ! ***

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Mr. Fudd,

      Click the link for Assurance Wireless in the article. Plus there are other exact instructions if you read it again.

      – Mr. Bunny

  121. No service says

    When does this months (Oct. 2011) service begin???? Always was on the 7th …I can’t get an answer anywhere ….online or phone…Please help!!

  122. poofofproof says

    If I own a cell phone (example verizon) and I quailfy for free government cell phone & minutes, can the free minutes be used on the cell phone I already have? Thank you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      I believe one of the companies lets you do that, but I don’t remember which one.
      Ask each of the companies that works in your state.

      But honestly, these companies don’t go out of their way to take care of unusual circumstances, so I don’t know if I’d exert the effort.

  123. tobianofilly says

    PLEASE consider being the first to strp up and come to Minnesota. There is nothing here for us. We have to make choices about copays, gas for transportation or communication.

  124. laughingdove says

    Please! When will you be in Missouri for sure?? I cannot get a straight answer from your people.
    It plainly states on the Missouri site that you are available.
    Please RSVP let me know.