How to Add Minutes to your Assurance Wireless Phone

Alert: If you have an Assurance Wireless phone in California, they have just upgraded your phone to unlimited minutes so you have no need to purchase extra minutes. Read more about the Assurance Wireless unlimited talk and text plan.

Assurance Wireless offer 250 minutes (current special of 500 minutes) and unlimited texts on on plans outside of California (where talk and text is unlimited). What do you do if you run out of minutes before the end of the month on your Assurance Wireless phone?

In addition to offering its customers a free cell phone, Assurance Wireless also offers its Lifeline customers 250-500 minutes of airtime and unlimited texting each month.

Generous as that is, there are going to be times when that’s just not enough, times when you run out of minutes but still need to make important phone calls.

Luckily, there are several ways around this problem. Think of this as’s handy guide to help you navigate your way to more minutes when you need them.

Want to add more minutes or data to your plan? There are two ways to do it.

Solution #1: Paying ten cents per extra minute

It’s a fact of life: After your monthly 250 minutes have been used, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls and the only outgoing calls you can make will be to 911 and Assurance Wireless customer support. But if you have money in your account, you can pay 10 cents per minute over your maximum minute allowance.

Solution #2: Upgrading your free Assurance Wireless plan

We strongly recommend that you consider taking advantage of Assurance Wireless’ extra minutes plan. You can substantially increase your monthly airtime even if you’re on a tight budget. As you will see, Assurance Wireless offers you lots of options. Here are the specifics:

Three offers from which to choose

$5 TalkOffer – Add $5 each month to get an additional 250 voice minutes (that’s 250-500 FREE minutes). This offer does not allow rollover minutes. Whatever monthly minutes you don’t use will be lost at the end of the month.

$30 Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web Offer – Add $30 each month to add unlimited voice minutes and unlimited data. No reason to worry about rollover minutes on this plan, because you get unlimited minutes, texts and data as long as you’re on the plan.

These plans include a guarantee of 250-500 Free Minutes each month as long as you remain eligible, even if you cannot pay for your plan in a specific month.

If you use all of your monthly voice minutes on the $5 plan before a new monthly cycle starts and you have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be charged 10¢ for each additional minute you use.

What’s more, you don’t have to make a long term commitment to either plan. You can upgrade to either of these two plans for a single month if need be. Assurance will automatically revert you to the free 250-500 minute plan if you leave your account at a zero balance and not have the money in the account to continue on the upgraded program.

Assurance makes it easy to Top-Up your account

In addition to giving you a choice of plans, Assurance Wireless also gives you a choice of ways to pay for those plans.

You can add money and change plans on their website. You can add money and change plans directly from your Assurance Wireless free government cell phone. You can add money and change plans through Assurance’s automated phone service. Or you can buy a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card at thousands of retail stores across the country.

And to make it as simple as possible, you can pay for the extra minutes, texts or data with your credit card, debit card or via PayPal.

Here are the specifics on each method of topping up:

1. Add money and change plans from the Assurance Wireless website.

Go to and click on “Log In.” It will take you directly to the Virgin Wireless, where you can log in by entering your Assurance Wireless phone number and account PIN. This will take you to the My Account page. There you can enter your payment method or Top-Up card PIN, and perhaps choose either the $5 Talk or $30 Unlimited Offer offer by selecting “Change Offers.” Or choose neither and you will be charged 10¢ for every extra minute over your 250-500 free minutes as long as you have money in your account.

You may choose to purchase the plan immediately, or at the beginning of your next cycle. Customers that have already purchased a plan for the month will only have the option to purchase at the beginning of their next cycle.

2. Add money and change plans right from your Assurance Wireless free government cell phone

To add money to your account press the OK Key to see the Menu. Then Press the 2 Key to get to My Account and then press the 1 Key to get to Top-Up. At that point, enter your Top-Up card’s PIN number and press OK Key.

To change your plan, access your account by hitting the ‘Up’ arrow. Your current offer and the minutes you have used this month will be displayed on the screen. Hit the ‘Down’ arrow until you can see the ‘Other Offers’ section. You will see three offers:

- $5 Talk & Text for 500 voice minutes
- $30 Unlimited Talk, Text & Web for Unlimited voice minutes, texts, and web

Move your arrow over the offer you want (the link will turn yellow) and hit the ‘Select’ button. You may choose to purchase the plan immediately, or at the beginning of your next cycle. Customers that have already purchased a plan for the month will only have the option to purchase at the beginning of their next cycle.

3. Add money and change plans through Assurance’s automated phone service

Use your Assurance Wireless phone to call Assurance’s automated phone line at 1-888-321-5880.

To add money to your account, choose the “Top-up” prompt. You will be presented with various options to add money to your account.

To purchase additional minutes or messages, choose the “Change your plan” prompt. You will be presented with various add-on options that include:

- $5 Talk & Text for 500 voice minutes
- $30 Unlimited Talk, Text & Web for Unlimited voice minutes, texts, and web

If you decide to purchase one of these plans, they will not be added to your account until the start of your next monthly cycle.

Please be aware that Assurance may require a minimum Top-Up of $10 per purchase.

4. Buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from retailers across the country.

If you’re out and about, there are literally thousands of places to purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards. To be specific, you can find them at Best Buy, RadioShack, WalMart, Target or Virgin Mobile, K-Mart, Walgreen’s store or thousands of other independent retailers. And to make it even easier, you can pay for them with your credit card, debit card or even PayPal.

The bottom line

Sometimes it’s easy to blow through 250 free minutes and 250 free texts in a month. It’s amazing how quickly they can get gobbled up.

Rest assured that 250 free minutes and 250 free texts per month is just the beginning for Assurance Wireless customers. The company offers its Lifeline customers a wide variety of ways to get more from their free government cell phones.

And that’s good news for you.



  1. ladagosta says

    free doesnt help when you are out of state and can not make a call .. emergency cell is worthless if it only has service in your local area. I had to make a out of state trip to get my transmission repaired and was stranded and unable to make one call since it kept saying out of range. if it was not for my son i would still be sitting there this very minute unable to communicate my emergency. this is the case every time i leave my local area it says can not complete call.. so why have a phone at all.. think about it cant wait until i can afford to add cell service to my tablet.. for safety issues as having this cell phone is senseless i have magic jack when i am home so it serves none at the house.. and most people know where i go so if i do not return they will find me where I went when it comes to local running.. when i go out of state is when i would need this phone for emergency reasons and yet it will not allow incoming or outgoing calls. the tower signal is never connecting free = 0 = worthless dont get me wrong i can chat for nothing but i can do that on the magic jack.

  2. Hal says

    WOW Talk about being ungreatful ? Just another gimme, gimme, gimme moron (Champagne TASTE on Ripple POCKETS) that does not know THANK YOU, it’s not in their vocabulary, I’ve had this FREE PHONE now for 3 years and never had any problem making calls or receiving calls from ANYWHERE & if I ever did I would say “OH WELL” try again later what did we do before cell phones anyway ? Just backs up that APPRECIATION and COMMON SENSE are near COMPLETE EXTINCTION, very sad world we live in today..

  3. Antonio says

    I bought a Top-Up card at Walgreens in Tucson Arizona for an Assurance Wireless cell phone that is supposed to be using Virgin Mobile. The Top-Up card does not work and per one of the Assurance Wireless Supervisors “Amy” they know that there is a problem with these phone cards. The retailer will not take it back and has stated that they know of one other customer who had this problem. So far Assurance Wireless has done nothing to credit my account and has basically lied to me twice. These people have the most terrible customer service that I ever have endured from a telephone service provider. Do not choose Assurance Wireless unless you want the Government to be giving money to a company that does not care about it’s customers and does not care that Top-Up cards are being marketed that do not work. I desperately need a cell phone in order to try and find work as I am destitute. Assurance Wireless does not care that I had to borrow money to buy a Top-Up card that is basically worthless. On some of my calls I even heard Customer Service Representatives laughing in the background more than likely at the conversation that I was having with the CSR that I was on the phone with. These people are not nice, stay away from Assurance Wireless.

    Antonio-Tucson AZ

    • kim says

      did you lose the phone? if you qualified before you should still qualify. I think there was a rule
      that you had to use the phone once a month or it would shut off but I am not sure. Just contact assurance or apply as before.

      • janet says

        I’VE HAD MY PHONE 8-9 yr.s, there’s been alot of months I didn’t use it at all, never any problems, ever. I love it. I call out of state anytime easily. One problem, I can hardly hear it ring, if I’n not holding it or very close to it, I miss my call. That happens alot!!! Low ring or no ring…bjut now I’m trying to purchase texting but can’t seem to get it…but I’ll keep tryin. It keeps telling me I don’t get texting but won’t say WHY…I’m trying to purchase it! Any advice???

        • teresa says

          You should call customer service and see if your plan include texr msg. I tried doing it myself for four months and I finally called and the gentlemen saw where I had been trying and he got me my txt right then.

    • edwin says

      Keep trying, when you call the automated number, after the introduction, begin pushing buttons until it tells you it will get you a live person, either tell them your desire or ask for a new application and literally start over, I did and it took 3 months but I got it back, amen to that , however, the man that experienced out of rang no coverage, well, I had the same problem when I went to Montana, I guess that we all need a back up plan, if your in the mountains there is no coverage for all phones not just assurance, so,have a backup plan for such emergency’s. hope this helps,But keep calling and push numerous buttons to get a live person, no matter how difficult they are to understand, what can anyone expect for free, overall, its a wonderful plan and a blessing to say the least.

    • teresa says

      call customer service and they can put the minutes on right there. It does depend on who you get to talk to. My txt minutes werent showing and he super nice and professional

  4. Andrea Jimenez says

    Why does it take up minutes when I am checking my voicemails? I also think that it is using double minutes or something bc, I only used the phone for a total of 21 min last month, and it says i used over 50 minutes. I know this bc, I looked on my call log and looked at the total time of the calls I made, and it added up to 21 minutes.

  5. Lynda Janson says

    I have added money to my account because I ran out with so many Dr. appointments. I don’t remember my pin, password because I don’t normally run out. Can u change my plan to the $5.00 plan or give me my password? I thought it was my old phone # 5847657812 but I guess not, can you please help me? Thanks

    • janet says

      I did the same, dr.s appts took up all my minutes being put on Hold for 25 min.s every call… When I added min.s for $5.00, the password is 8-10 numbers which they text to you when your purchasing the extra min.s or are in the process. Just check your texting, they will text the numbers to you. (or should) if not CALL them, those calls are Free. I know we were on for 15 min. trying to add the $5.oo & get the text of my password numbers. Check your text.

  6. tracy says

    Wow people shouldnt we be a little grateful for this yes its a no frills phone and no frills on the service but really did you expect premium service for free??????? Talk about greety and selfish get a grip at least you all have a phone. To keep intouch with loved ones. And emergency be thankful for wat is offered cuz i know i cant afford. Phone service rite now while im out of work THANKS FORTHIS SERVICE! !!!!!

  7. Clifford E. Boone says

    I recently reported my assurance cell phone as being lost.
    I just found it and after i recharged it, its saying that its “closed”
    and the power is off. Can you please help me and restore my service.
    The original phone number was 716.715.****.
    Thank You,
    Clifford E. *****
    *** Oakgrove Ave.
    Buffalo, Ny 14208

  8. shelley says

    Thank you assurance I get coverage any where and your customer service is awesome.I appreciate the unlimited text. Getting this phone has helped me so much.( otherwise wouldn’t have phone) Again thank you keep up the good work.

  9. Debra Bell says

    I’m trying to add minutes to my daughter’s phone, 610-800-****. She or I don’t now a pin to log in. Can I still add the minutes on line or do I have to call in

  10. renee says

    I’m going into the third year of having my little phone and now they are gonna change it to unlimited texting… GREAT!!! I’m hoping that I will be able to buy another phone from them soon, so I can get unlimited internet for just $30/ mth. U can’t get that price from anyone. Thank you,Assurance!!!

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