Tracfone Minutes Extend your Safelink Phone Airtime

Get Safelink minutes from Tracfone Airtime Cards.

When you first got your cell phone, you thought 250 Safelink minutes and one thousand texts a month are going to be enough. But, what if you get put on hold when you’re calling the doctor? What if you call social services with a question and get switched from person to person before you can get an answer? What if there’s an emergency and you have to spend the day making a series of calls. Fact is, any number of things could eat up your minutes.

Safelink Wireless phones come with up to 250 minutes of airtime and 1000 texts a month (some states 500 minutes and unlimited texts!), depending upon which of the three free Safelink plans you use. That should be enough for most people who are truly using the phone as a lifeline. But sometimes running out of minutes is just plain unavoidable.

Luckily, there is a way to get more minutes as soon as you need them. It’s not free, but it is affordable. Here’s how easy it is:

Add Tracfone Minutes to Your Safelink Phone

The phones that Safelink provides come from their parent company, Tracfone, one of the three major prepaid cell phone companies in the country. As the owner of a Tracfone mobile phone, you can get additional minutes the same way any Tracfone customer would.

Buy more minutes online

Yes, you can buy more minutes directly from TracFone at Is that easy or what? Click, click, click and the minutes will be automatically delivered to your free government cell phone.

Buy more minutes by phone

Since you already have a free government cell phone in your hand, adding minutes by phone is pretty simple, too. Just call Safelink at 1-800-378-1684, press a few buttons, and your additional minutes will be automatically added to your account.

Buy more minutes from a local retailer

The first thing you need to do is buy a Tracfone Airtime Card. You can get one online by going to, by calling Tracfone at 1-800-378-1684, or in person by visiting any of 70,000 retail locations across the country, such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Radio Shack, Vons, Family Dollar, Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid and many others.

The Safelink website allows you to buy minutes in four different packages of Airtime Cards with a different number of minutes in each package. But take our advice: Don’t buy from here because you can find many more packages and some great deals over at the Tracfone site. So save yourself some money and just go there directly to’s Airtime Card page will show you many different options. Each option will show you the number of minutes you will receive.

For example, if you purchase 30 minutes, Safelink will give you 100 minutes for just $9.99. If you purchase 60 minutes, they’ll give you 200 minutes for just $19.99. If you purchase 90 minutes, they’ll give you 250 minutes for just $24.99. And, finally, if you purchase 120 minutes, they’ll give you 300 minutes for just $29.99. Bargains one and all, we’d say.

Once you choose the Airtime Card that’s right for you, you’ll need to enter either your cell phone number or your phone’s serial number. If you are unable to make and receive calls, enter your serial number.

Once you have already purchased an Airtime Card and want to buy more minutes, you can do it directly on your phone, or you can do it online. If you are doing it online, just follow all the prompts to get to Rapid Refill and fill in the form. If you want to do it on your phone, here’s how:

  • Make sure your phone is turned on by pressing the PWR/END key.
  • Go to the Prepaid Menu from the Main Screen.
  • Select the Redeem Airtime or Add Airtime option.
  • Enter your Airtime PIN Number.
  • Here are specific Rapid Refill instructions for each Tracfone model.

Save more money with Tracfone promo codes

Here’s good news! You can get additional airtime and other benefits if you can locate a good Tracfone promo code and use it for your Airtime Card purchase. Ahhh, but where do you find these secret codes?

Sometimes you can find them on Tracfone’s site, but there are other independent sites that often list them. If you find the codes on an independent site, make sure it’s expiration date hasn’t expired. Our advice: Find several promotion codes and try several of them on the Tracfone order page until you find one that works.

For example, has a page of Tracfone promotion codes you can try. We constantly update that page, but there are so many promotions and so many codes that you may well find that some of them have already expired. Keep trying because the savings can be substantial.

The bottom line: There’s no perfect solution to the problem of running out of minutes before you run out of month. But with some careful planning and a little work, there are very affordable ways to add minutes and make your Safelink phone even more valuable.

Important notes

The following information has been taken directly from the Tracfone website and it’s important that you read it.

Customers Please Note: If you are a SafeLink Customer on Plan Option 1 or 2, TracFone Airtime minutes added to your SAFELINK WIRELESS phone do not expire with active service and Usage (as defined in the SafeLink Terms and Conditions) during a consecutive sixty (60) day period. If you are a SafeLink customer enrolled in plan option 3, all of your unused minutes expire at the end of each month upon your receipt of your free 250 monthly minutes unless you have purchased and added a TracFone airtime card to your phone. You may carry over unused airtime minutes on the SafeLink 250 Minute Plan for up to 3 consecutive months if you purchase and add airtime from a TracFone Airtime Card before the 25th day of the month. By purchasing and adding a TracFone airtime card before the 25th of the month, your unused airtime minutes (including your free monthly allotment and any additional TracFone Airtime cards) will carry over for 3 consecutive months from the date of your last TracFone Airtime Card redemption. If you purchase and redeem a TracFone Airtime Card on or after the 26th day of any month, your airtime balance will be reset and not be carried over to the next month. The minutes you purchased will be carried over together with your next three allotments of free monthly minutes. Adding more than one Airtime Card at the same time will NOT extend your airtime carry over for more than the 3 consecutive months. The 3 month carry over is effective from the date of redemption of the last airtime card redeemed to your phone.


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    • missy says

      call customer service and tell them you lost your phone, you will be asked questions about yourself to make sure you’re the owner of the phone and service and then they will send you one in about 7-10 business days.

    • missy says

      You have to call customer service and tell them it’s asking for the puk code and they will unlock it for you.. I went through it about a month ago.

  1. Thomas. Marshall says

    Why can,t disabled vets like myself receive free cell phones ? You would think there would be a phone company that would give out free cell phones..I am a veteran of the Viet Nam war. I am disabled .

    • says

      Unfortunately the government doesn’t seem to be very concerned about our vets. However, we salute you service and thank you.

  2. mohammad farooq says

    which company give cheap cell phone service. in Virginia please response me. in advanced thank you very much for your cooperation,.

  3. jack says

    If you own a tracfone already and then become eligible for this program by qualifying for food stamps can you use the same phone and get the free minutes or do you have to switch phone numbers?

    • Gillian Leach says

      I have a safelink tracfone. I am not qualified for free minutes. Could I use this phone to purchase tracfone minutes? Thank for your response.

  4. Christine says

    Can I transfer my current Lifeline service and minutes from Safelink to Assurance Wireless or Budget?

  5. Albert Palmer Short says

    I received my phone from the Veterans Administration. I was told I qualified for the free phone. Now I receive this letter from Safelink telling me I have to return the form verifying my eligibility. But according to the letter I don’t qualify. I did buy another phone , an inexpensive one from Tracfone because the one I got from the Veterans was not very good. I’m supposed to have this response back to them by the 7th of August. Not possible. What do I do?

    Albert Palmer Short

  6. wendy says

    I bought a 60 minute card from dollar general called the number because it doesn’t say add airtime under prepaid it said I would get 200 minutes but I have not received them I did it 10:00 this morning every time I call safelink it says there is a transaction being made to my phone wait 15 minutes make a test call and if not retrieved call back beendoing it all day I don’t have my minutes I bought and can’t get anyone on the phone ugh help :(

  7. jeri says

    thanks for theWHOLE LOUSY 250 a month. cheap. DO U USE 250 MINTES A MONTH????????????????

    MOST PLANS COME WITH 1000. WE DONT EVEN GET 500????????????



  8. Solomon Olumese says

    I have Lost my cell 240-237-****. Given to me Few Years ago During my visit to New Jersey on the 6/28/2015. I have filled a form earlier to report this incident. I am without Any phone and IT is difficult to go out for Fear of being Lost. In case of problem I Cannot call home any where. I Shall be grateful for Your consideration for a NEW one. Thanks.

  9. Tina Alvarado says

    My phone never gets the 250 mins per month and I have mins left call them my $ is 713-820-****

  10. timothy says

    i just transferred my safelink phone service to a tracfone i bought and now i’m charged each text. i’m supposed to be getting unlimited texts. can i fix this somehow?

  11. Pamala says

    I lost my safelink phone. I think the number is740-324-****. Date of Birth 9/5/****
    Social Security ***-***-****,
    Send New one to 813 ******
    ******,New Mexico

    • says

      Seriously everyone. Please STOP posting all your personal information publicly. Do you want to have someone steal your identity?

      (This is only one of dozens like it we get a week. We delete them, but let this one through to remind everyone).

      • Chey says

        I came looking for information on if I could add minutes to my grandmother’s phone because she is out (which I found the answer to, thank you) and to see if I could make her sim compatible with my old unlocked Verizon smartphone (we just upgraded) and I see people posting their addresses and SS#’s all over the internet and asking you for phones. Wow. I don’t even have words…

        But, do you think that the Verizon phone would be compatible? She has safelink (Tracphone)
        She lives 18 hours away or I would just go try it myself.
        If not, would they allow me to purchase her a better phone so that I could send her pics and videos of her grandchildren?

        Thanks for any info if you know.

        • missy says

          I was told once you transfer your safelink to another carrier and/or phone that isn’t a tracfone
          the safelink free mins goes away, you will have to pay for the mins or contract on the phone you activated. I wanted to use an LG at&t phone and I called and asked them and that’s what safelink told me.

  12. John Galyen says

    Gave birthdate, area zip because forgot inrollment #. I still can not verify as I am a already customer.
    Now what do I do?

  13. Elida arnau says

    I have a number from Puerto Rico and the phone with out minute want to know what I can do can contact me please

  14. Elnoa says

    Hello my name is Elnoa. I work at a non-profit organization called Disability Network. We would like to receive some applications from your company for our consumers who are usually receiving Social Security Disability or Social Supplemental Income. We have many homeless individuals who have no way to be contacted who are in need of our services. We would like you to send some of your applications to our organization so we so they can be available for those who need a phone and cannot afford one without this program. Our address is 5555 Conner Detroit, MI 48213 and we would like the applications as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Elnoa W.

    • says

      Tracfone is associated with Safelink Wireless. They don’t monitor the comments on this site so you’ll need to contact them about this request. CLICK HERE for their contact information.

  15. Jeffrey Calvin says

    I would like to get some more minutes on my phone.At least enough until the 1st of June when I can get more
    minutes.I only have one minute left on my phone.My#is 3369267965 .

    • Devalishious says

      Hey Jeffrey,you shouldn’t give out your personal information it’s very dangerous there are some creepy people out there,hacker’s and such.

  16. Brandon Mitchell says

    I didn’t get any minute for the month of May can you tell me why my # is 337-442-**** and will I get some next month

  17. GORGE M MANENT says


  18. mICHAEL mURPHY says

    I already have a free tracfone account and it stopped reloading. I’m almost out of minutes, and it’s been 2 months since I got any additional minutes. My phone number is 228-235-0653

    • mary ann jett says

      i am out of minutes and do no all of vender numbers and codes you requier. i only have one code 8932.

  19. Robert Van Meter says

    question 1. what day of the month do you give out the phone minuter?

    question 2. can I stop having “emergency” minutes.

  20. Lessly Carthan says

    i haven’t recieved minutes in 3month’s no contact number? a human to talk to? is this the ge of ultron!

  21. Naomi Thomas says

    What ever minutes i have left, from one month into the next you just take and replace with 250 minutes. I thought my minutes were suppose to roll over?

  22. Lisa says

    I’ve spoken to the call center multiple times trying to figure out my pin number… Are there questions I can answer, something I can do to learn what this number is? Something i can input on my phone to find it? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

  23. Rose Hobbs says

    Why is it that new comers receive 250 min. And the ones that have been with for a very long time. What do you do for us. Maybe you should give us once a year on our rejoin date. Just something to think about. His don’t understand .

  24. Matthew Parlett says

    I just received my minutes on the 1st of April; I received 500 minutes for the first three months. now it is April third and I have only 72 minutes left. I have no money to buy more minutes that is why I chose safe link. How do I get more minutes when I need them when I have no money and my family and friends cant help me. I need my phone my to stay in contact with my family and friends. I also need to talk to them a lot more then my minutes allow me too. Safe Link we need an unlimited plan for all the phones that is free. 500 minutes is only equal to 15 minutes of usage a day. that is no where near enough time when you need to stay in constant contact with Family friends and doctors; especially when Doctors offices love to put us on hold. Please give us an unlimited talk and text plan.

  25. Kim says







    so I had a LG500…they replaced it with a LG306 which was not working so they got the process going to send me out another replacement phone even had me thinking that it would be another LG306 or something else along that line…the diactivated my services 4 days ago and they claim they put it on the new phone that is coming tomorrow


    they are sending me a Alcatel 205…I asked them why and they told me that another LG306 is not available in the warehouse to be sent as a replacement phone….but….wait for it….


    THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE….you have no more LG306 phones available to replace the busted up one you sent me but if I choose to pay for one THEN YOU HAVE THEM AVAILABLE

    does this Alcatel 205 phone come with Double or Triple minutes??

    I know there is a Web Browser but no Camera….how is it that you can surf the web but cant take, send, receive pictures?? that doesnt make sense…most people would rather take, send, receive pictures than surf the web

    the keyboard sticks and switches to different Input Methods on its own

  26. Martha helson says

    I write about my phone I can not find my phone my no is 270 996 **** and I try to call couple no can get talk any body I talk to a lady she give me a no can you call on this no 270-202 **** you can call me no or email is ********* thank you

  27. Sandy Gagnon says

    OMG I’ve waited awhile before commenting but I’m still pissed…..I was & still am not impressed with the conversation I had with a woman on the phone here with SafeLink….I wanted to add minutes to my phone…1) I could barely understand what she was friggen talking about…2) keep being told one second please we are almost done yeah right like 30 mins. and I’m still waiting…seriously people YOU ALL NEED TO HIRED AMERICANS TO DO THIS BETTER….U HIRE FOREIGNERS TO COMMUNICATE & THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH OR TO SPEAK CLEARLY SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND…Do I sound upset YES I’m so tired of talking to a non-english person…dang I’ll go to the store & get a card & do this crap myself….thanks for nothing.

    • cathy akers says

      Safelink is not even worth the trouble to have the free phone service! i mean i have had my service through them & i gave up…literally! every month it was something! i would not receive my minutes because supposedly i never made any calls or texts the month before which i had used ALL of my min time up on month they were claiming i had made no calls! i ALWAYS had to strain to understand a foreigner when i called! they ALWAYS directed me to call a different department which would then direct me to call the 1st department right back & the 1st department would then direct me to call the 2nd department back & so on & so on til i ended up telling them where to stick it! i would ALWAYS be on the line with them for 1 to 2 hrs! there at the end they could not even help me anymore after i had spent 1 or 2 hrs on the line with them! they are the most unorganized, lazy, no clue, non helping customer service with unclear, & very, very, horrible English speech! i would not recommend ANYBODY using Safelinks so called service!!! go with Assurance wireless instead! go with ANY government service besides Safelink! go without before going with Safelink!!! trust me from experience Safelink is is only going to cause you your time on hold with customer service with no results & no service!! you will only get a terrible head ache as far as results from their so called customer service!!

      • Disabled&Grateful4Help says

        If you are in a position to make the statements:
        “Safelink is not even worth the trouble to have the free phone service!”
        “i mean i have had my service through them & i gave up…literally!
        “go without before going with Safelink!!!”

        then you DO NOT NEED this assistance. Get rid of your sense of entitlement and get off your butt and get a JOB.
        Go to every business in your community and ask if they have any open positions and if they say yes, ask for an application. Ask for an application even if they say NO, tell them you want your application to be on the top of the pile in case they have openings in the future.
        Look in your local newspaper, penny saver & similar free community papers, on Craigslist and other sites for job listings.
        Go down to the nearest unemployment office or temp agency and ask for help finding a job in your area.
        Ask your family, friends, friends-of-friends, acquaintances, neighbors and (if applicable) church congregation to pay you to do odd jobs for them while you look for a full-time job.
        Pick up bottles & cans on the street that can be returned for money!
        And if you really can’t afford all of your expenses while you find a job, apply for SNAP to cover your food bills to help you fill in the gaps (and use only what you absolutely need to use, even if they give you more).

        There are people who legitimately need the help these programs provide, there are millions of people in America who are homeless, disabled, or elderly, there are veterans and single teenage parents (supporting themselves and a child), all of whom desperately NEED a Lifeline phone in order to contact doctors, call 911 or other emergency services, call their or their child’s school, call the social security administration, contact their local department of social services, try to find a job or be able to keep a job (without a way to reach you by phone most employers won’t keep you on for very long), or stay in regular contact with social workers while they are homeless or living in a halfway house or domestic violence shelter or transitional housing for people with mental illnesses (who are now being treated and getting better) in order to get help finding stable housing.

        If you are able to say the things you said YOU do *not* need this help. Stop abusing these programs and stop taking funds away from people in legitimate need. The only thing to which you are entitled is being treated with some kindness and understanding, and that’s only if YOU have treated others the same way and behaved in a manner deserving of such treatment. People who genuinely need help for reasons outside their control should receive the help they need, but no one (certainly no adult) is *entitled* to anything, and that includes you.

        P.S. I have been fully disabled for well over a decade due to severe medical problems I developed suddenly for which no treatment was successful, and after a long fight was finally approved for disability a few years ago. Public assistance, safety net, Heap, food stamps, Medicaid, and more got me through during that time when I had literally zero source of income, with no help from family, for years.
        I still need help from some of those programs to get by because my disability is severe enough that I only get about a couple hours a day out of bed, and that’s just to do things like use the bathroom and eat, and when I’m feeling well enough occasionally use my very old computer to browse the internet using the nearby free WiFi for a little while (today I’m having a good day in terms of my health). Disability only provides a very limited amount per month, but nevertheless when it comes to social services I only apply for what I really need so that I don’t take resources away from people in my local county who need the help even more than I do, and I use what I am given in the best and most cost-effective way to the best of my ability. (I have even tried to take advantage of the classes that are supposed to be free to all SNAP recipients on how to buy food and eat healthy on a budget, make good use of SNAP benefits, etc. but not one single class has been offered within 25 miles of me in the past year!)
        Thank you to you taxpaying Americans who funded the programs that helped me during those years and the programs that still help me like the Lifeline phone, which allows me to keep in contact with my doctors and medical providers, call 911 when I have a medical emergency, report changes as required to Social Security, and pay my bills. If any of you are reading this, please know that I am friends with and have met many people in similar situations as myself who also legitimately need help and while there are people who abuse or misuse these programs, they also do help a large # of people in need, and we are grateful for the help. (There are even people who unknowingly or unintentionally misuse these programs but not all of them are just lazy liars – my friend didn’t know you couldn’t have more than one Lifeline phone, and had one on both a landline and a cell phone thinking that they were separate programs because it was for two different types of phone service and two different company names. I explained it was all under the same program called “Lifeline” and you could only get ONE Lifeline benefit no matter what you used it for, and even though the government hasn’t yet discovered it, they are now in the process of voluntarily reporting that they’ve been receiving two Lifeline phones by mistake and requesting one be stopped.)
        Thank you.

    • Nickolas says

      It doesn’t look like you speak the English language very well Either. I ordered a phone for my dad so he has a way to contact me or emergency services. It makes me worry less. My mother just passed away and it’s been very hard on all of us. When I say “hard”, that’s putting it lightly. We have NEVER been on any kind of government assistance. But now we have to until we get back on our feet. I think people expect to much out of the government. They expect to much out of everyone and everything. Be happy your being given a phone at all. Count your blessings. (everyone)

  28. alibet rodriguez says

    Yo tengo un telefono con ustedes y aun no se ha vencido y este mes no me lo han cargado y no logro comunicarme con nadie. Saludos

  29. Stan Thompsen says

    I have never had so much trouble trying to add minutes with any company as I have with this company. I had 21 minutes left and tried to add minutes and by the time I gave up, because you couldn’t get it done, I was down to 7 minutes. What is your problem? Do you have competent people working there? I don’t think so. You are not keeping up with your promise. Please get it done and get it done now!

  30. Margaret B. DeVoid says

    My daughter (special needs) has the same free tracfone for 2-3 years She gets 250 minutes per month which was shown on her phone Jan. 1. On Jan. 2 it went down to 19 minutes without usage.She now has -0- minutes and it reads 358 service days left. Please advise if the minutes will be reinsstated.

    • pat derr says

      it may be time for your annual renewal. the service days really don”t count. call Safelink number. or under the coin sign under menu click then scroll down to recerify. go to and put in acct number and recertify.(if not safelink go to provider)

  31. kaycie ragan says

    I received my replacement government tracphone which normally I have 250 min and 1000 txts and wen I activated he replacement phone it only gave me 20min why???

  32. melody says

    I have been trying to speak with someone to get my phone working.but i keep getting the automative recording please help

  33. joshua says

    ive recently turned my Obama phone back on after being disconnected for 5 months , or rather it was not used for 5 months. I went to the safelink website , went through there process and now my phone is back on , I can text , and call but my minutes are still where they were when I stopped using the phone I had 31 minutes left now im down to 22 , I went to tracphone and put in a 555 code to try and get minutes but nothing happened. im just trying to figure out if there is something im missing , safelink says im good the phone is working but im not getting the minutes allotment do all the phones get minutes on the first? I cant recall when they hit the last time I was using this phone.

  34. larry Kallioinen says

    I would like to change plans to number 3. How do I go about doing this? Plus how do I get my voice mail working?

    • AnnMS says

      call 1-800-867-7183 an push number 2 option, an go from there my phone had 8 minutes an then the service disconnected then i called an went threw this process of pushing codes into my phone an i received my minutes for the month an it was restored,. Try an let me know if it worked for you.

  35. Robert Casaletto says

    I have had my phone for a long time. It is a free phone and used to have 250 minutes. I called and asked why I was cut down to 125 minutes. I did away with my Comcast land line as they jumped my bill to $130.00 per month. I’m on a fixed budget, disabled and on Social Security. So now if I run out of minutes and there is an emergency I’m screwed. Add to that those people from India who claim to have a $7,000.00 Grant from the US Grant People calling every day and sometimes more, eating up around 50 minutes a month and no one willing to help. Now I wish to change my number but it takes a computer TI to find where the hell that is on your site. I better stop here as the longer I go on the more angry I become and that is not good for me.

  36. Wilbert Hatcher says

    Safelink is a joke, if you purchase min. for a Tracphone, the prices is the same as the 1990s. I tried to help a person with a safelink that had family issues and used all her time, I had to pay $23.00 for 60 min. Who pays that these days!!! Once again they’ve taken something good and made it EVIL

    • Marie says

      Thank you so much for letting me know that once again, only fraudulent people are able to benefit from another government program. I was trying to help a family member as well. I won’t bother, as it would only cause heartbreak and confusion. The ex family member has benefited from it, but is also familiar with fraudulent activity and is able to continually reap benefits in this manner. Go figure.

  37. Ashley Pittman says

    I am very displeased with Safelink. Because I received a letter to re_certify by November 1st 2014. And I did. Was told safelink received my renewal application. Got my free mins for November but was NOT told my account was closed. Safe link representatives mixed my account with my room mate account. Then told me I haven’t spoke to them since 2013 which I know is damn lie. Because I called Safe link twice in 2014 & received my replacement phone. Which was still not the phone I would receive. And told me it wasn’t possible that I got my replacement phone & letter stating to recertify at my 995 green street Apt. C conyers ga. I told them it was possible because I was looking right at the box my replacement phone came in & the yellow envelope with the renewal application. The several times I called in 2014, I had changed my main account address’s from 2204 partriot court conyers ga to 995 green street apt. C conyers ga. The safelink representatives told me everything was fixed my main account address, which turned out to be a lie. I re-did a new safelink application on December 10 2014 and again a q week later and before sometime in November of 2014. I was promised that I would receive the other part of the new application in the mail 7 to 10 days from December 10, 2014. Been more than 10 days & no mail from safelink. I have now missed out 2 months of my free 250 min for December & January. It is NOT my fault safelink closed my safelink account due to stupidity after I explained to several safelink representatives over the phone. If there was a problem then how did I recive my replacement phone in August of 2014. I blame safelink for not notifying me of my account being canceled on their stupidity. After receiving the renewal safelink application in October 2014 & submitting & mailed it out on October 15, 2014. And being told I was good for another year of safelink services for 2015

  38. Wenderland Broome says

    I first ordered a phone from Safelink araoud December 6th. I have not recieved it yet but… I have received a letter from Safelink that states I have not made a call to activate the phone. I cannot make the call to Safelink to activate the phone until I receive it.. Can you help me with this situation.

  39. Roberta says

    I have been waiting on a replacement phone for one month now! After six attempts …I cannot speak to a “person”, just an automated recording! I am past frustrated! I even bought a new phone but can’t get it activated due to a “pending” transaction! What next???? HELP!!!!!!

    • Sylvia says

      I just went thought this first thing just keep stating operator and a person will answer… not let them sell you a new phone, inform operator that you already purchased a phone and need a new sim card. note if you get upset they will give you extra 30 minutes. Good Luck!

  40. Mary says

    I gave a safe link phone and it keeps loosing service. So my family went out to purchase me a new tracfone that was a smart phone yet when I called to get my government minutes on their I was told I couldn’t get them on this new phone since the government won’t support it. Yet the free phone from safe link won’t keep service, how is this suppose to help those who are using this as their only source of phone service. I need a new safe link phone that will get service or figure out how I can use this new tracfone with my safe link minutes. Please help……

    • says

      We don’t know if any of these companies do that or not. Go to their websites and read their Terms and Conditions page.

  41. Teresita Portillo says

    My Dad has a safelink cellphone, except he has been struggling with it becuase it will no longer charge, we bought another charger and nothing, so we ended up purchasing a universal charger and a new battery but he is still stuggling because they dont charge fully. My question is, can he get a free cell phone from you guys again,he has had this cell phone for a couple of years now.Or can i buy him a TracFone cell phone and just change the SIM card on to it?

  42. Pratibha Chauhan says

    I would like to change my plan . At present I get every month 68 minutes but from next month I
    Would like to have 250 minutes
    Every month.Please advise me how to go for Track
    Phone number is: 1 201 220 ****
    Pratibha Chauhan

  43. Lexi Ratcliff says

    I have a SafeLink phone, I was supposed to get my minutes today and I never got them. I called support and they said that I should get them on the December 15, 2014. I was supposed to get them but I didn’t. Then I tried adding minutes but that didn’t work either. What do I do?

  44. Mitchell says

    I have gotten three phones and they will not pick up a signal I was I could buy any tracfone phone when I did then I was told I couldn’t use that phone what gives????

  45. Millie tirelli says

    My mother has no minutes on her safe link. She barely uses the phone. She uses it for emergencies to call me she is elderly and must have a phone. Her minutes are not being renewed. How can we fix this asap

  46. LINDA FRAIM says


  47. Mary ANN DAMBROGIO says

    still waiting for someone to e-mail me i am hard of hearing and i had to order a trafone from t-mobile and waiting for it to be delivered . as of november 12th i lost my safelink wireless cell and now i would like to know if there is anyway i can have my cell number transfer to my tracfone from t-mobile??? and how do i do this and i am on ssi and get f.s. for myself and see alot of dr’s walk with a cane wear two hearing aids carry asthma medications etc. I need someone more understanding to hel_ing me with this issue.. not my fault that i lost my cell it fell out of my bag and i cannot hear it fall or not even a sound only can hear high sounds over 60 decibles and higher.. need someone with better understanding toward me …
    thank you

  48. bree says

    i have a question more than a comment. how do I find out how many text messages I have sent each month? last month they just started the 1000 free texts. it used to be .2 min per text. but last month I supposedly ran through my thousand texts by the 10th of the month and it started taking 1 whole min per text I was completely out if min by t15th of the month, there is no way, not even close, that I used 1000 texts, I doubt I made 300 texts. I don’t text that often, I have googled it, and read all over ,and no where does it say anything about text messages. so my question is,” how do I check my remaining texts orhow many have I used,either way obviously”

    • erica says

      I just got my phone today and it’s showing that I have 500 minutes, I made a call and the minutes went down to 499.00, I have made several texts and received several texts already and the minutes have remained the same. I do not understand how this works. As to your question, if i am only supposed to have 250 mins but have 500, it would serve reason to believe that each text would cost .25 mins. (250/1000 = .25) but for some reason my phone is not deducting that .25 when I text.. I would like to know how to check the amount of texts remaining as well.

  49. Christopher Joseph Gurucharri says

    am requiring to change from my old cell phone; I now have several phones, and can only use them on phone minutes purchased

  50. Marjorie Rood says

    I need a government phone as I cannot afford to purchase my own. My income is very low and I qualify for food stamps. Please send me an applicaton so I can fill it out.

  51. brenda wells says

    I have a problem my safelink phone isn’t sending messages…… I receive message but the other party isn’t receiving my messages. I checked message settings message center number +13123149810. This always worked but just started happening this month. I would appreciate your help thank you

    • shorty says

      I had that problem, plus my calls wasn’t going through. And my received calls was going though it was going straight to voicemail. I called customer service and they told me to turn off & on my phone and it worked. She told me every time, that happen that’s what I have to do. Turn your phone off & on and see what happens. Hope it works

    • erica says

      it accommodates for .25 mins per text which .25 x 1000 texts = 250 mins.. that would be my understanding but my minutes are not going down with each text that I am sending so I’m a little confused..

  52. jennifer h says

    trying to buy mins for my safelink phone can’t do it on the web site (tracFone) because it says my number and ser do not add up. can’t do it with my phone because it keeps asking me for a pin number

  53. David carrow says

    Can I upgrade the phone u sent to a flip phone? I am enrolled as a veteran. Will my free minutes roll to the new phone, if so, how do I do this?

  54. Kelly Sampson says

    My Safelink phone (I am in Maine, using the 250 plan) certainly does NOT offer 250 minutes AND “up to” 1000 texts. I get 250 minutes total, once per month, for use for both talk and text (texts use 0.3 minutes per), and the texts I send come out of that 250. If I am supposed to be getting “up to” 1000 free texts IN ADDITION to the 250 minutes of talk time, something is seriously wrong. Please address this issue/ misrepresentation on your site, as I know I am not the only one who thought there would be texts IN ADDITION to the voice minutes. (That is the way that the Safelink site reads, as well as this site) ???

  55. Linda. sterling says

    Some one has taken my phone. need to know how to replace it. and shut the other off.My number on my safe link phone is 410 422 **** my address is ****** creek view dr princess anne md 21853

  56. Karen Brooks says

    My Safelink TracFone was turned off on Nov. 1, 2014 because I would not BUY AIRTIME. I had Plan Option 2 and I never stopped using my phone. I had to file a complaint with the FCC.

    On Sept., 2013 Federal Communications Commission fined TracFone 4 million for charging Lifeline customers. See: File No.: EB-IHD-13-00010668
    TracFone Wireless, Inc.
    NAL/Acct. No.: 201332080029
    FRN: 0006855639

  57. Lance says

    Didn’t receive mins this month and called to ask why. They said someone else in my household had another phone receiving discounts through Safelink, which is not true. Asked to speak with supervisor & was denied. They said I had to reapply. BS!

    • Karen Brooks says

      You will not get your minutes. They continue to give everyone the run around. See, FCC. website I enrolled again.

  58. Brenda Dubose says

    I didn’t receive my minutes for October or Nov. I called entered 555 and did everything, still no minutes. What am I suppose to do

  59. Lisa says

    You should really give unlimited talk time min an give the internet for free to the poor people why you may ask the library is free an has free internet but they only give one to two hours per person an for many it may be to far to walk to an they don’t have money for transportation so they have to go ever day to fill out job applications to try to get a job an it is takes a lot of time to do these so if they were given a free phone with internet they could do these from there phone yes it’s a better way to help those looking for work an as for the 250 min of talk time it’s not enough there are people that will use up min very fast the need to be put on hold to talk to the doctor to make a appointment there on the phone getting directions to a job interview ect see what I mean an they can’t afford to buy air time

  60. Ellen sumner says

    I haven’t had mins on my tracfone in2 or 3 months i did the phone calls gave them my information that still do not do any good then they send me the application to sign and still no mins then they send me a letter saying someone at that address has a tracfone i sent the letter back saying the man who use to live there did i just move in this house in april and i don’t that man and still no mins for me why do they have to give you 2 or 3 different numbers to call to get your mins who ever need to get there stuff fixs this is some BS

  61. Kandy Beaudin says

    Trying to get a phone number to talk to someone about my phone but every number is just a recording and i cant talk to anyone …. my phone is in a locked code and i cant unlock it i need help please

  62. srainey says

    I have been trying to activate a new sim card that was sent to me by safelink wireless .I have not been able to I called and was told I would get activation in 1 hour that was 3 hours ago

  63. Matthew teale says

    Just call 1800 378 1684 and ask for a representative and a man or women should awnser and tell them youll did not get yalls monthly minutes and the ask you to put in some codes into your phone then you should get your monthly min

  64. alex priest says

    i keep trying to apply for phone but it keeps stating someone already receives one here but that is not true

  65. peter chulack says

    tried to buy minutes now phone says pin blocked enter puk cannot use phone need help please send email on what to # 239-288-**** help .

  66. John Longaberger says

    The 250 minutes that are usually added on to my phone at the beginning of each month were not added at the beginning of October. Can you please tell me why and see if it can be fixed.

  67. Mae Julia Baker says

    For the month of aug, sept, and oct. I have not received my minutes for these months. I call and I use th 555 number but have not gotton them as yet. I am 70year old and I do have to have my phone for doctor appointment and all. Please email me about what the problem is.

  68. how do i change my plan? i only get 68 min a month and need more now that im on social security for being disabled. says

    I would like to change my plan now that I’m retired and disabled. I don’t know how. I will look forward to your response. Thank you very much.

  69. Sheila Dempsey says

    When I tried to apply to I was told that I had an account pending. Can you tell me if I will get a phone? Thank you.

  70. Tracy McLellan says

    There is no instruction readily apparent here for how to buy these minutes. I knew this was going to be a hassle.

  71. Mike says

    I purchased a airtime card at Radio Shack for $32.00, and found out that Tracphone and Life wireless are not the same company. I had to “barter” the airtime from 750 minutes to a substantially reduced 100 minutes with NO refund, NO rollover time and NO added features.
    Buyer beware…

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      For Enrollment and Plan Changes Support: 1-800-Safelink (723-3546)
      For Technical Support ONLY: 1-800-378-1684

  72. jerry mineer sr says

    we only have 1 safelink phone and no home phone so why do we need to fill out the paper we got in the mail saying we have several when we have 1 so who ever is tracking isn’t doing people right

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The federal government’s records believe there are two there. Just say which one is the one you have.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The FCC is tracking it, and Safelink and the other companies check that database, by law.

    • Sharon says

      Yes they are tracking..I had both Safelink and Aussare for years,,,had to chose which one I would keep.Both where alright.Safelink was the one I kept,because of rollover min,which I don’t use much its great for emergencys(medical ect…when I’m outside the house.


  73. Gina Ewing says

    If I can put tracphone.minutes on my phone why can’t I transfer my service to a better phone that’s a tracphone .

  74. Brenda says

    I mailed my information that qualifies me for my free government phone minutes to Safelink about a month ago and still have heard nothing from them ??? Who do I contact to check the progress of getting my phone?

  75. Yes Why Could'nt i chose a phone says

    it makes no since Yes its free but u should be abel tp pick wat head set u well have To Use in my case my fingers are to big and Cnt typwany think with out hiting 2 buttons at once…..

  76. PAM says

    Since you lose minutes left over at end of month, if i purchase an airtime card, do the minutes left over at the end of the month belong to you or me? Will I lose them?

  77. Jackdashack says

    I presently have a Tracphone that I do not use much because of the cost. The # I have has been mine for a long time and is on many many records and contacts for me. Is this number I have portable? I am on VA disability pension and make less than $12k per year. I have not applied anywhere as yet. Thanks

    • Lee says

      Purchase one Tracfone Wireless Airtime card from Wal-Mart and ask the store representative to help you add the minutes.

  78. elias romero says

    my daughter played with my cellphone and she locked me out, how do i unlock it when i dont know the code

  79. Dennis Carl Bradley says

    I just found out there is no way to get minutes added to the Tracfone on line. What is going on here ??? When you are lucky enough to get help on the 800# the person speaks a language that is not plain to me, I can”t understand them. Don”t ask for the Supervisor, that person speaks the same language…

  80. Phoenix says

    This is a great informational website! Thanks for such a great community service. People who post here– use your brains & stop asking these kind folks for help! They are not your phone company or the govt! If you have problems of any kind getting a phone or with your phone service, CONTACT YOUR CELLULAR SERVICE PROVIDER DIRECTLY!

  81. Diane hebert says

    Doing this for my Mom she received a free government phone. She forgot her password for her voice mail. It say Press star 86 then it says press password and the pound button. We are not able to hear the voice mail . The only thing I have is her phone number Don’t know if you could check why we can’t hear her voice messages. There is 6serial numbers we tried all of them . We tried calling some one we listen to the messages but didn’t help us out .hope this matter can be fixed soon. Thank you .

  82. Ernestine pate says

    Im very dissapointed with my safelink trac phone. I only had it for a month and already its turned off. I still had 57 minutes left on it. I dont know what happened but i do wish that someone could contact me ASAP. I missplaced the telephone number. I enjoyed having it for that short period of time, in fact, I was going to change from assurance wireless to safe link.

  83. william ames says

    and one more thing if i already get the lifeline plan from you all and live in asstiant liveing group home we have like 20 residents here and they want or need a free phone aswell and we all pay differnt amount of rent here and have our own rooms with room numbers on it cause i know in a nursing homes more then 1 person recives the free phone from you all so would it be the same here aswell in a group home?

  84. Tim Locke says

    I am tired of this monthly pursuit of getting my monthly 250 minutes on this phone. Someone please help.

  85. martine oquinn says

    I just had a new phone from you and now the texts aren’t free like before, this is from the same number I had from the old phone you gave me ..

  86. linda fields says

    my cell phone was stolen i need it turned off please and is there any way ican get another one please who do i contact about this i had 4040 minutes on my phone and it was stolen my number is ***-***-****.

  87. DANIEL VALDEZ says

    i am having trouble with my phone how can i get another phone can i go to a store and look into getting one or look in to getting a android powered smartphone plan from $7 per month please let me know

  88. Eileen Hall says

    Can I get a free government in a provider store or do I have to order one though the mail? I live in SSpringfield, MO

  89. peuterey hombre says

    Estilo de la falda larga de la chaqueta hacia abajo, la versión de la sangría del modelo tipo natural, que no se lleva en el cuerpo hinchado. Estilo Bud dulce y linda falda, con un negro medias transparentes de la piel, zapatos de tacón negro, señoras gama completa de los niños todavía.

    • william ames says

      if you have the 250 minutes amonth on the free cell phone and if you run out of minutes can you still send and recive texts

      • Rhonda says

        I’m out of the. 250 mins. I tried to send a text but an error comes up said insufficient airtime balance. ;(. How can u get minutes double when u but more mind? Ty

  90. Amanda Kendrix says

    I still haven’t got my minutes for November 2013. What do I have to do to get them? I already sent a message through y’all last week and still nothing.

  91. Laura Harper says

    Whyhaven’t I received my safelink minutes, I have called safelink and tracfone and still haven’nt got my minutes for November 2013

  92. Javier says

    Lost my phone how do I get a replacement?? Tried the website but sends me back here ..any info will I just sign up again hhmm..might try that.

  93. Thump Clift says

    I have called ‘n filled out the questionform to get this old phone which isn’t working properly, replaced. NEVER has Trac phone complied because they no longer list my phone type ! What the dickens is wrong with y’all ? How does anyone get in touch with a request to ya ? P. O’d !

  94. Laurie Roberts says

    I think this is one of the most difficult websites to work with. I am a case manager and whenever I have to assist someone with an application it takes me forever to actually get to the application. Can this be made simpler.

  95. Joe Vasold Sr. says

    My husband needs a phone please. He had one a few yrs. ago but they didn’t get the verfy and so now he needs an new one..

  96. betty deforest says

    I need a cell phone to call doc appt for my granddaughter she have lots of appt all the time like two or four time a month of appt so please help to get one and when do I get my free phone

  97. Janice J Campbell says

    I draw SSI & I travel 100 miles one way to the doctor & I need a cell phone but I can’t afford to pay for one.Am I eligible for a Tracfone. If so Please call me at ***-779-5490. Thank You

  98. Raymond says

    Hello! safelink just replaced my damaged phone. I still have 150 minutes on the damaged phone.But as soon as they replaced my damaged phone with a new one,I lost all my minutes ,I tried too retrieve my 150 minutes but it replies back and say”s there are no pending updates at this time.where did my 150 minutes go?

    • terri says

      contact tracfone ur min’s prob on ur sim card unless ? found & used them all & long as u can borrow someones phone they prob can help you & would be Nice if tracfone gave us a free # to call but they dont

  99. Carolyn Harris says

    My sister has a free trac phone but we do not know how to access her voice mail and she does not know her password,how to we check it? Also can we add additional minutes to her phone and what would be the charge for unlimited minutes,she does not need text or email.

  100. Kevin Alan says


    I Signed up for the Free Cell Phone almost 2 weeks ago but no response . I sent in my Income Tax W whatever form since my Food Stamps card does not have my Name on the card.

    Will I get my Phone any time soon?


    Kevin Alan Cantrell

  101. Jodi says

    I finally got to talk to someone who was in Belize, Central America and he was very nice, BUT he stated that the computers were down and I had to call back in two hours. I waited 47 minutes on hold. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH

  102. Jodi says

    I lost my phone and have called their 800.378.1684 number and have been on hold for over 25 minutes and I just need to report it stolen and get them to send another one. Anyone have any ideas how to do this. I am afraid that I will have waited all this time and not be at the right number.

  103. Chris O'Brien says

    I am not getting my Safelink monthly minutes on time since I replaced my original phone, which broke and I had to replace with another Tracfone I paid for myself. I have had to enter the “555” airtime code since I got it to add my March minutes. Now I can’t get my April minutes and I am told that there are “no pending updates for my phone at this time.” Again, I did NOT receive my April Safelink minutes. Why is this a problem with my replacement phone?? How do I get my minutes??

    • Cheri ROSS says

      The problem is you purchased a Tracfone, rather than waiting for a replacement phone from Safe Link, & your new phone is not 1 of the 3 phones used for used by Safe Link. Even tho its activated, your new serial(esn)# that identifies that phone, is evidently not compatible with the Safe Link’s automated system, that adds minutes to a BULK SET of Safe Link identified serial #s vs a Tracfone”regular”cell phone consumer’s serial #’s.

  104. Debbie says

    I have a trac-phone from the goverment and it doesn’t work in my area, I have called repeatably about this phone and never get a person who can understand english, The minutes added up to over 800 still i can’t use it, when i tried to explain this to the trac-phone people that i know is not in the USA, constantly explaining to them the problem & the company stopped adding minutes because i have to go 10 mile away from my home to use it, So they finally seen that it doesn’t get out on my zip for me to use it they had me to call a different provider so i would have it, I am on oxygen for a severe lung problem & the disc in my back has taken my ability to walk and i really need a phone just in case i need help, anyway i called the # &kept getting the non english speaking trac-phone answering center & by the way they sure can’t speak or understand simple words,I told this man what was going on, that the phone would not get out and i needed a different one , i explained to him that they stopped adding minutes because of this, He kept repeating( if you no got minutes call a #) he was giving me,he talked like that, after 30 minutes of trying to get this towel head made me so angry that i cursed him out and told him to put some one on the phone that really spoke & understood english same o same o, he kept saying he spoke english so i get frustrated again ended up blowing my stack and throwing it away, for god sakes if your going to help the poor people in the U.S. pay for real americans hat speak and under stand english, Don’t make the same mistake if you get a trac-phone return to sender

  105. Dave B says

    Be careful. Safelink will steal your minutes therefore stealing your money. I have a Tracfone which I had purchased 2 months before being enrolled in Safelink. I had 1324 minutes that the stole from me even though the airtime card I bought originally gave me a year to use those minutes. I specifically asked the Safelink rep about that before choosing my plan and he told me that my existing Tracfone minutes would not be affected. That was a lie. So it DOES NOT matter how much time the airtime card gives you. Safelink will steal your minutes after 3 months.

  106. adranna valenzuela says

    i was trying to get a lifeline free cell phone by goverment can u please tell me who gives them out please

  107. Patty says

    paperwork got thrown away and I cant add airtime can anyone tell me how to retrieve my PIN # please.MUCH THANKS Patty

  108. daniel robinson says

    I’ve been trying to get my minutes for my safelink account and have had no response whatsoever. What have I done wrong. Will you please send me the minutes promised this month to this new number 480-287-0559. I feel like I’ve been put in a singularity that says don’ t help him…. keep him suffering. Someone please talk to me!

  109. ada parker says

    i use to work for safelink for 3 weeks i worked when it came time to pay my supervisor refuse to give me my money when i called the safelink line they could not help me who can i talk to to get the money i earned

    • Kelsey says

      Call human resources, or the corporate office. They should each have a copy of your hours were and what you were supposed to be paid. If they still say they can’t help you, you should probably sue your boss, because that means he did not put you into the computer system as an employee and you have been working for free. If you have any proof that you were working and what hours you worked, that would also be helpful. Good luck!

  110. Nicole says

    I do not have the “add minutes” option on my phone under PREPAID, it just starts with “my ohone number”. How do I add minutes?

  111. Vivian Souders says

    My mother has a hearing problem, so she can not talk on the phone. Her talk plan minutes would be useless to her for she can only text. Is there a company or plan for that would be better suited for her?

      • Lor A. says

        Nancy I originally got the 250 min plan cause I didn’t text and thought having the the extra minutes would be good for me.Then this summer I started texting and I took notice it was cheaper.They say w/ that 250 0ption that it deducts a min each time.Not true.A short tex deducts 20 sec. medium 40 sec and long ones 60 sec.I have been texting ever since.I have safelink but you might wana look into assurance.They sell 10 dollar refill min cards and safelink staerts at 20!!!! Good luck

  112. JANET S says

    I ordered the safelink fone, then i moved and the post office sent the fone back. Does anyone have a number to call for lost and or stolen fones from safelink?

  113. Shellie Cotton says

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Dear Sir or Madam, I received a old blackberry phone from Tag phone company about 2 weeks ago. I put it on charge 2 days ago and it has totaly quick working. these phones that are sent out to people needs to be checked out real good. I need another phone.

  114. Cynthia Avey says

    I got a free phone and service and the phone I revived was an old used phone and x2 they sent me batteries for the phone and keeps saying bad battery! Well then I asked for a pre-paid postage sticker to send me to return the bad phone from the and they told me I had to pay the postage! I do think that they are not really testing the phones and charging testing batteries at all so I got a bad phone from them so I am trying some one else! That company is giving out bad phones! And expect us to pay the postage not good I say! What do you think on that wireless company now?

  115. myriam pabon says

    My daughter applied for this phone but Sorry this phone does not work. When you talk, it get disconnected constantly and you “ofcourse loose your minutes”. They keyboard takes forever just to enter one work and when you do it gives you the wrong letter. Turns off by itself….the connection is bad….I rather pay for a good phone. Im in the process of mailing it back. No thanks!

  116. jaime shultz says

    I would like to know if there is any way we can upgrade the cell phone that we received through safelink. and if we can how do we go about it.

  117. kesha johnson says

    Hello, I am so confused I have assurance wireless and I have a couple of minutes left on my phone, and I have been trying to add minutes on this phone and I have went to top up but still nothing. What do I do now?

  118. Patricia Olds says

    I am wanting to add minutes to my sister’s phone I have a top up which I purcahsed for additionla minutes. Can I add form the web site? We are two differnt parts of the cisty? thanks for reponding.

  119. Deborah Slaughter says

    I havent received my 250 mins. for December. Itried the 555 method and it didnt work. I have called all available phone numbers and didnt get any luck. I need to speak to some one so Ican get the minutes on my phone. You can call me at 330-***-****. y track phone # is 330-***-****.Thank you Deborah Slaughter

    • Barbara Malone says

      I did not get my 250 minutes for December 2014. My balance remains at 108 minutes – and I have the 250 [non-roll over] minutes plan. I have turned off/on my phone. still have 108 minutes. I have called the 800# – no personal help. My account is current, says that I am on the 250/month plan – but I did not get my 250 minutes for December.

  120. Magda Batlle says

    I received a letter from Safelink and the sample of tracphone cards, I called is no way to get the right one,1-800-378-1684 I want to buy the one is 60 minutes with 140 bonus a total of 200 minutes and 90 days service. My safelink was cancelled since I do have a discount on my home phone. I want to keep the phone safelink and I want just to take this offer that came with the letter.tell me what to do.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You can buy a Tracfone phone at Radio Shack or elsewhere for $10. Just dump that phone, buy a new Tracfone, and then use the promo code to add minutes. Radio Shack doubles your minutes, so you’ll get even more.

  121. Melissa Brown says

    FYI you CANNOT (at least I can’t) purchase tracphone minutes on the tracphone site for a safelink phone. I have tried and get a message that my phone number is already connected to another account. I messaged Tech Support and they informed me that you have to call Tracphone to get minutes added over the phone (and you have to have time left on your phone to do so, so plan ahead). It took me 20 minutes to add minutes the last time I called because the foreign girl I spoke with wasn’t entering the promo code properly. I ended up having to speak with a supervisor and complained enough to get reimbursed for the 20 minutes that should have only taken 5.

  122. Davjohn says

    For the ones that didn’t understand the site, go to and click apply. Take it from there. It’s easier.
    All states will have the Safelink phones. If your area doesn’t have them yet, keep checking back. There is no set time table. You might find more by clicking the “Contact Us” link on

  123. tracey fisher says

    i would also like to know how u apply 4 the free phone the web site dose not make sense to me as well

  124. rosendo rodriguez says

    i would like an application for the free government cell phone but dnt quite understand your web site on how to apply please get back to me
    thanx rosendo

  125. Laquasha Wilson says

    Hi, I just wanted to know when was the government gonna bring the free cells phones to Minnesota low-income families

    • RevSue says

      My Blog will be active soon: “AskRevSue ” For Now—-

      go to and you will be able to either 1). fill out an application there or have one sent to you. 2) If you cannot do this, call information and get the toll free number for Safelink.
      There are certain criteria you need to meet, (income, govt. programs etc..) but you will get a chance to get a free phone.
      One other company (I feel secondary to Safelink) but they offer almost the same thing is– Assurity Wireless… Do the same with them. Different criteria.
      These companies use different carriers with govt. contracts).
      I hope this helps everyone out there who can qualify for a phone…
      If you do, you can add minutes buy buying a tracfhone card and getting codes from the Internet to add even more minutes for free.

      I hope this helps everyone and do pass on the information… Everyone DESERVES a cell phone… Emergencies DO exist.

      Peace, Clarity, Prosperity and most of all, — May the Love of God surround you and yours and lead you in your every thought and step — All Ways.