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  1. Terri H says

    I want to switch away from Entouch. Assist is the only Missouri provider that doesn’t have even worse reviews, but I can’t find any recent ones here, and their Google reviews are only for their actual store in OK. Any suggestion where else to check?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Sorry, Terri, but we think we are the only website dedicated to the Lifeline free government cell phone program that offers readers the chance to make comments.

  2. michael edwards says

    why cant I get a f***ing free phone, I’ve sent every thing you guys have asked for 3 or 4 times. every one I know that has one no trouble at all, I have tried other free phone company’s same problem what do i have to do

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We are not Assist Wireless, Michael, so we cannot tell you why you do not qualify.

  3. Michael Coley says

    I work at a homelesss shelter and I’d like to know what verification that my residents would need to qualify? We are federally HUD funded

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We actually have no idea what happened to the delivery of your phone, Anthony, because we are not your service provider. You’ll need to get it touch with its customer service team to find out the status.

  4. Artrell L. Willis says

    I lost my phone at the Metro Bus Stop Station in Cincinnati on Government Square and i raelly needed to find out my EMEA number so I can get my Government Assistant cell phone back from them. So help if you can?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We urge our readers NOT to enroll at street events. They’ve been the scenes of too much fraud and abuse.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We can’t send you any forms because we are not Assist Wireless, Melissa. This is an independent informational website.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      If Assist is the company you’ve chosen, you will need to contact its customer service team in order to enroll. You can find that contact info above.

  5. Destiney Castleberry says

    I got a letter in the mail saying you guys wanted my service back and this company I’m with now sucks and my phone won’t even ring I want my service back

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Follow the instructions in the letter you received, Destiney. This website is not affiliated with Assist nor your current service provider.

  6. Melissa Stahlman says

    Currently I have my phone with qlink its important I keep the number I have can I switch to assist wireless and keep my number but get a phone that actually works? I depend on this phone … Please someone anyone who knows please comment.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      It’s easy to keep your number. When you enroll you need to tell the new service provider that “I want to port over my current phone number.”

  7. Diana L Kelly says

    I Hope Access Wireless Is In Ohio Because I Want A Chance To Get A Free Cell With A Large Enough Screen Like A Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone,The Reason Is I Have Trouble Seeing What Is On The Screen.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Most companies offer special phone and services for vision/hearing/vocally-impaired customers, Diana.

  8. Karen says

    Can I have a att prepaid phone transferred to my phone…I …was given one… since my inbreeding screen broke when I touched it…

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Not quite sure what an inbreeding screen is, but you’ll need to contact Assist customer service to find out if the specific make and model of your phone is compatible with the Assist cell network.

      • Anna says

        😳 Wait! WHAT?! did u REALLY say: “As with anything else, try calling the company”
        You MUST be joking! Right?! Because if you aren’t I want you to know THAT WAS EXTREMELY RUDE AND VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!
        Ever heard of the term “IThere te no dumb questions” I’m all set with using this company now because your response was a total TURN OFF

        • Free Government Cell Phones says

          Not quite sure what you’re talking about, Anna, because if we did say “As with anything else, try calling the company” it wasn’t in this comment thread. But what the hell is unprofessional about telling someone to call customer service? One other thing: Whoever said “there are no dumb questions” has never had to do our job. Trust us, there are plenty of dumb questions.

          • Kim says

            To the person from this very informative site that responded to Anna’s comment, IM CRACKING UP! Well
            said and well done!! I’m beginning to believe some readers don’t actually read. You made me smile. I had to let you know that 😉

  9. Reva wood says

    I’m with Dart right now, but don’t care for there service. Would like to change to Assist is that possible? I’ve been with them over 2 months.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Yes, you can switch. The rules of the Lifeline program state that you are eligible to switch from one service provider to another every 60 days.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      All you need to do is contact one of the free government cell phone companies and enroll, Deron.

  10. B says

    Somebody who has a government phone through one of the companies in OK has got ahold of my CC & authorized some charges. I know who it is but need to link EVERY way I can to them. What do I do & who do I call?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Call your local police department, B. This really isn’t a free government cell phone issue.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You need to contact Assist by using the contact info we provide in the article above, Sandra.

  11. miracle polk says

    i have account with assit wireless but my phone got broke and havent used it in months how do i find out if the account has been delted or what i need to do

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      According to the rules of the program, your account should have been terminated when you didn’t make a call for 30 days. You can confirm that it has been cancelled by speaking to your former service provider’s customer service team. If you have been cancelled, and if you are still eligible for the Lifeline free government cell phone program, you should be able to enroll with any company offering the service in your state. Here’s where you can find all those companies and their plans:


  12. Anthony Harrell says

    I live in Avant OK, Osage County. I’m a Choctaw Indian, with a CDIB CARD. Can I get service at my address in Avant OK. If so what are my service areas.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Only Assist customer service can answer that question, Anthony. Contact them using the contact info we provide in this article.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We strongly urge our readers NOT to enroll at a street tent. There have been far too many cases of fraud and abuse at these locations. You’re much safer if you enroll online or by phone from the comfort of your home.

  13. Shelley THomson says

    I live in Texas and am eligible for a free phone. I’ve already spent way too much time reading your online material. Are there any human beings employed by your company? If yes, how do I actually get the phone? All I’m getting now is endless red tape.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We think that when you say “your online material” and “your company,” you are referring to Assist Wireless. We hope you’re not referring to us, Shelley, because we’ve done everything imaginable to make this site informative and user-friendly.

      If you can’t get through to Assist Wireless, stop trying. There are plenty of other free government cell phone companies in Texas. Here’s where you can find a list of those companies, their plans, and their contact info:


    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      All Lifeline companies are now required to offer data packages, Stephanie. All you need to do is contact Access customer service.

  14. Matthew brown says

    I just got my phone yesterday and was told I didn’t have to pay anything till the first bill. my data shut off. it will not connect no matter what I do. it didn’t even work a full day. I got the 1 gig plan.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Explain further, Matthew. Why are you paying for a free government cell phone plan? Is it because you added an extra data plan?

  15. David B Baker says

    Why am I making payments? I have been trying to send texts. Every time I do I get a message stating ( and I quote from a message sent to me by my carrier )” You are not allowed to send text messages. Msg 2120 “

  16. Dianna Alvarez says

    I live on mo. Of I get this is there other cell plans that I can up grade to more minutes at a lower cost then most cell companies thank you dianna

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Despite the fact that you asked so nicely, Jacyee, we are an independent website, not a free government cell phone service provider. You will need to contact Assist Wireless or any other service provider directly by phone or online to apply. Good luck.

  17. Anthony Toste says

    Saidly they use T-Mobile service which is but useless on west side of town where I live in Vinita, OK with 1 bar 80% or 2 bar 15% and making call with drop out that a pain and last 5% there was no signal most the time even know the tower is only 2 miles way same as AT&T tower at leases it works
    It dose work with AT&T GoPhone Lumia 640 LTE that was able to get unlock
    We never could get the data plan to work
    I end have to drop them

    Two good link help

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      If you were “:paid up,” we assume you do not have a free government cell phone account?

  18. T Ross says

    I personally have found that myeasywireless.com in Oklahoma has been the easiest provider for the lifeline program. Just as the name says EASY WIRELESS! They are beginning to get the more updated phones now and unlimited talk and text for $4.95/month. They also have data plans available. BUT if this is supposed to be a LIFELINE program that the government generously provides to the unfortunate the phones and service plans should be more than sufficient as long as they are working properly and the service is provided as promised.

  19. Jack says

    Those phones aren’t worth a penny not alone 1dollar hell you couldn’t use if you had to there’s not one bit of service on them where I’m at

  20. ricky says

    I ha e assist wireless they gave me a great phone when i signed up the screen quit they ha e me a phone i told them i didnt want much smaller than the original to get a similar phone would cost $98 or take the crappie one.seems when you sign up your great after that. your screwed they get the govs.money for at least 60 days couse your stuck and it sucks for both parties me and gov

  21. idrisbinkarim says

    Hi i am older customers right now is my phone no working I don’t known what happen please can help for me I am already paid yet for 5 month

  22. Brandy Hoover says

    I have used all my data already, do I have to wait till next month before I get anymore? Can I get unlimited data? If I get unlimited minutes, I can’t get text??? Why not? The sales guy explained absolutely nothing to me.

  23. Sherry Graham says

    Is there somewhere in Bartlesville or Dewey, Okla where I can sign up for one of these?I am on SSI an d I think I qualify I also need to know what I need to do this so I don’t have to drive up more gas than 1 trip.Thank you.

  24. marcus willis says

    Am a subscriber and my phone died before Thanksgiving and it still wont work! How do I go about getting a new phone, battery, or both? Thank You

  25. Tonya Anderson says

    I can’t make or receive any text messages. What do I need to do to change this? I can’t seem to get an answer.

  26. linda sanders says

    i just got my phone last week im out of min thought i had unlimted, but was told they will put 100 more on @ a time till i get 500 back on next month, still dont have any min phones been off since noon yesterday,this is really messed up, dont need the stress, got to go back to cricket, i guess,

  27. M K Hefner says

    I’m fairly irritated. The store I enrolled at and bought my phone/plan from is understaffed/needs flow systems to handle the customers and an attitude adjustment.

    My phone has stopped using the network so that my weather app won’t load, etc. and I don’t get green for either bars, WiFi or network. I started trying to get this corrected 3 months ago. I’ve been back to the store too many times to admit to, and STILL without being able to stay long enough to have it seen to! Today, they are fortunate that I didn’t “sign in,” because if I had been there for another half hour, either of the times I was there, today, the fur might have flown. There were too many people waiting to imagine keeping my friend waiting.

    It’s wrong that trying to run in and pay my bill can take so long that I have to leave before seeing it done. Yes, I have resorted to paying online. Why should someone who just wants to pay have to wait for technical assistance savvy clerks?

    It’s wrong that I’m paying for and not able to use my data package. Being Disabled means I can’t drive and folks good enough to give me a ride shouldn’t have to make a day of my phone. I shouldn’t have to wait and wait in a lobby after being told to sign in, nothing else, and, it’s not ever my turn to ask how much longer I might have to wait.

    I’m really irritated. I’m almost ready to go through the mess to use another provider.

    The Assist Wireless store I’ve tried to use is at 1415 SW 59th St in OKC.

    Thank you,
    MK Hefner

  28. stephanie brewer says

    I am not happy cuz I was told that I had unlimited talk and text when the lady came to myt house and I am gettinhg a text saying. I am almost out of min.

      • T Ross says

        I believe that there needs to be some definite clarification that your website is more of a informational website providing the basics on the government lifeline program and it is NOT the customer service/support site for these individual cell phone providers. I just glimpsed through most all of the comments posted on here. Wow!

  29. Alex says

    I have lifeline cell in NYC, and I want to used the Android phone, can you provide me with the SIM card, anf Transfer my account too?