How to Add Minutes to your ReachOut Wireless phone

Some people say 250 free minutes each month seems very generous. But in the real world, when you consider how dependent on our phones we’ve all become, 250 minutes isn’t really a lot of time.

The good people at ReachOut Wireless offer their customers 250 minutes each month, but they are the first to realize that that may not be sufficient to get a lot of people through the month. So they offer their Lifeline customers an assortment of ways to add extra minutes.

But before we get into the specifics, we want to point out one huge difference between ReachOut minutes and minutes from some of their competitors: Additional ReachOut Wireless cell phone minutes never expire. Never! These Refill Minutes, as ReachOut calls them, simply roll over to the next month. So you can rest assured that every minute you buy for your phone will be valid until you use it. No matter how long it takes.

ReachOut makes it simple to add extra minutes by offering several ways to do it:

The Easiest Way: Contact ReachOut directly

The simplest way to get more minutes is to call ReachOut Wireless or go to their website at and buy an airtime “card”. It’s not really a physical card, but that’s the common wording these companies use. You can buy Airtime Cards in increments from 20 minutes to 1,000 minutes. Once you purchase the card, you will add the airtime by entering the PIN you receive into the phone. Keep one thing in mind, though: You must enter the card’s PIN within one year of buying the phone.

Buying ReachOut Minutes at MoneyGram

You may purchase ReachOut Wireless minutes with cash at any MoneyGram agent location. There are over 40,000 agents nationwide including Walmart and CVS. With that many agents, you can rest assured that it will be easy to find one in your neighborhood. And to make this option even more attractive, minutes purchased through MoneyGram will be automatically loaded onto your account. What could be simpler?

Buying ReachOut Minutes at Western Union

You can also buy ReachOut Wireless minutes in cash at any Western Union Agent location worldwide. You can find Western Union locations just about everywhere – such as supermarkets, convenience stores and check cashing stores. Just click the “Buy Now With Western Union” on ReachOut’s site to learn more. This option is made even more attractive by the fact that the minutes you purchase at Western Union will be loaded on to your account automatically.

Get More with ReachOut Wireless Promo Codes

Unfortunately, unlike Assurance Wireless and Safelink, we haven’t found any promotion codes or coupons that you can use to get special discounts from ReachOut Wireless. That doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t offer promotional discounts from time to time, but we have not seen them. Check back here often because we’ll post them as soon as they’re available.

In conclusion

ReachOut knows that 250 minutes isn’t a lot, so they’ve worked hard to find easy, convenient, inexpensive ways to let you add more minutes to your free cell phone.

Thanks, ReachOut!



  1. george bozesman says

    on march 17 I received a message that I had used all my minutes.on the 7th of march my free minutes was added .I had 7-hours or more remaining on minutes purchaced.without using my nee phone for only three times ,my minutes disappeared.

    • Ann Marie Eigenman says

      My name is Ann Marie and I have been having trouble with my mobile device deactivated itself somehow My # is (***) ***-***. It is a Samgsung’ Versizion, On the back of the phone, behind the battery —MED HEX ; AOOOOO173D8E2A. MODEL ; sch-u750. I need my phone turned back on. This is the second time this has happened in the last few weeks. I feel you owe me some free minutes for my trouble. I don’t understand why it’s not working all of a sudden.??? This is my only lifeline to the outside’ and I live in a bad neighborhood.Its real important that my phone gets turned back on.

      • David R. Johnson says

        This happens to me quite OFTEN. In fact, it IS to be expected, with wireless reach out. Simply be on your land line of choice. After waiting for 5 hours, a 3rd world agent will come on, GIVE them the numbers, you typed in, on this web site, on inside sticker, inside the back on your phone, inside of it. Remove the battery to see it. After a few moments, The phone will be able to call out again. It’s BEST,to always have another phone, so you can test, the reach out phone, on a regular basis.

  2. Pam says

    How is so hard to get in touch with ReachOut, what is the method of checking balance of minutes ,I cannot find out who owns the phone company, is it still ReachOut. I cannot even get costumer service on my phone?

  3. John a brown says

    Your service sucks. Your answering service sucks. I waited from caller 115 down to 34 and then you cut me off!!! #1 he bought unlimited plan for $37.50 march 6. On march 22 no can’t even reach you to replenish??? Did one time and got confirmation #and then THAT didn’t work. WTH??? Bout works just like our government does…it don’t. Broke system

  4. Bebrezzy2you says

    I’m having the same problems as other customers. I payed for minutes at Wal-Mart money center each month. Not only do I not get my minutes until I call in but they have the nerves to tell me to leave a call back number due to high demands. Well if I sit and wait for a returned call from ReachOut Wireless, I’ll still be waiting for that call. I think we can get better services from any Dollar Store than reach out wireless. If this companey is funded by the government, Reach Out is just taking the government money. I really do not think that the government KNOWS about how bad these services are that we are faced with on a daily base. Reach Out Sucks Bad!!!!!!

  5. jj says

    This company is ripping off it customers. I have over 16 hours left however, they say I am out of minutes. I think we should complain to the federal airway FAA or federal communication FCC. They are shrewing people over. And you can never get an actual person on the phone it is always an automation.

  6. shanique says

    why is it so hard to add your minutes to the phone it should be simple. This company will not be in business long free or not.

  7. says

    I need to know how to tell if my minutes have been added to my phone. I use to get a tex when it was added but this time I have not got anything on my phone telling me my time was added on the number .

  8. Terry Daniels says

    we need to know why we dont know how much time is on our phone please let me know what is going on my number is **********

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