How to Add Minutes to your ReachOut Wireless phone

Some people say 250 free minutes each month seems very generous. But in the real world, when you consider how dependent on our phones we’ve all become, 250 minutes isn’t really a lot of time.

The good people at ReachOut Wireless offer their customers 250 minutes each month, but they are the first to realize that that may not be sufficient to get a lot of people through the month. So they offer their Lifeline customers an assortment of ways to add extra minutes.

But before we get into the specifics, we want to point out one huge difference between ReachOut minutes and minutes from some of their competitors: Additional ReachOut Wireless cell phone minutes never expire. Never! These Refill Minutes, as ReachOut calls them, simply roll over to the next month. So you can rest assured that every minute you buy for your phone will be valid until you use it. No matter how long it takes.

ReachOut makes it simple to add extra minutes by offering several ways to do it:

The Easiest Way: Contact ReachOut directly

The simplest way to get more minutes is to call ReachOut Wireless or go to their website at and buy an airtime “card”. It’s not really a physical card, but that’s the common wording these companies use. You can buy Airtime Cards in increments from 20 minutes to 1,000 minutes. Once you purchase the card, you will add the airtime by entering the PIN you receive into the phone. Keep one thing in mind, though: You must enter the card’s PIN within one year of buying the phone.

Buying ReachOut Minutes at MoneyGram

You may purchase ReachOut Wireless minutes with cash at any MoneyGram agent location. There are over 40,000 agents nationwide including Walmart and CVS. With that many agents, you can rest assured that it will be easy to find one in your neighborhood. And to make this option even more attractive, minutes purchased through MoneyGram will be automatically loaded onto your account. What could be simpler?

Buying ReachOut Minutes at Western Union

You can also buy ReachOut Wireless minutes in cash at any Western Union Agent location worldwide. You can find Western Union locations just about everywhere – such as supermarkets, convenience stores and check cashing stores. Just click the “Buy Now With Western Union” on ReachOut’s site to learn more. This option is made even more attractive by the fact that the minutes you purchase at Western Union will be loaded on to your account automatically.

Get More with ReachOut Wireless Promo Codes

Unfortunately, unlike Assurance Wireless and Safelink, we haven’t found any promotion codes or coupons that you can use to get special discounts from ReachOut Wireless. That doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t offer promotional discounts from time to time, but we have not seen them. Check back here often because we’ll post them as soon as they’re available.

In conclusion

ReachOut knows that 250 minutes isn’t a lot, so they’ve worked hard to find easy, convenient, inexpensive ways to let you add more minutes to your free cell phone.

Thanks, ReachOut!



    • Woodrow Williams says

      will not let me buy minutes. Tell me my zip code is wrong. I live in Pratt Ks. , and zip is 67104….. now what ?

  1. Rosemary Barron says

    I’ve been with Reachout Wireless for almost 3 years. My phone was stolen or lost and I need to know how can I apply for a new one? Can someone reach out to me by email or can call me on my grand daughter’s phone. (***) ***-2371. I really need to replace my phone because I do not have a house phone line. You can leave a message if you call that number. Thank you. regards, Rosemary Barron

  2. faith says

    I like the phones n yes the minutes don’t last very long but this phone is s big help n I’m grateful.
    However the only problem I have with this service is u can’t see how much talk or text time you have left.and I cannot know how or where to go to find out when my monthly minutes are available each month

    • Peter Proff says

      don’t let the minutes run out like I did as there is a nasty price to pay in your phone gets shut off and there seems no way to turn it back on as all you’ll get is a reachout recorded message

  3. Tameka Bateman says

    i recieved this phone and they say i dont have an account and now im trying to put mins on it what should i do and where can i buy mins for this phone i live in east orange nj 07017

    • jarrod says

      if you have reachout life line dial #022, send. there it will give you them mons on the phone and it lets you add money by way of creditcard but if you want to talk to some sorry don’t know that one yet good luck

    • Dennis Boyle says

      Reachout Wireless told me when I called them telling them that my phone was stolen said I would have to buy my own phone with the Verizon emblem and that then they would be able to set up the new phone for the Government Free minutes and etc, etc… I found one on Craigslist for $20.00 bucks then went to the place where I got my free phone the one that got stolen and they set the new phone up with the Government Program had to pay a small fee to do so. It didn’t cost much to do so. I think around $5.00 or $10.00 dollars. So, this is what you have to do Rosemary. Only explanation I can give you. Bye for now…Dennis Boyle

  4. Peter Proff says

    I have a reachout phone and am on lifeline. My minutes are used upand am now trying vehemently to add them, I have a dollar amount in mind but am reaching and hitting dead-ends! How do I/Can I achieve this as I’ve now been on this endless charade for over an hour and a half and my patience is wearing very thin. I was on your $26.50 endless program when they canceled it and paid my $26.50 getting minutes and ran out turning my phone into a piece of junk! Is there or will there, ever be as program like that ever again? That was the only reason I purchased and stayed. I don’t want to seek another phone company as my needs were met, not quite successfully but satisfactorily, but now I’m getting kind of pissed/nervous as you do not offer even a successful way to renew and I need my phone now!!!!! What can I do, and maybe I’ll get shocked and you’ll actually respond to this email!!! Please respond as I need to add minutes so I can use my phone

    • DOTTIE says

      they just added unlimited talk & text back for 27.50 log on to your account only way u can get that price.

  5. Priscilla Chamblis says

    Hi I am a new client and my phone was out of minutes, but I didn’t know it. I did dial #022 but the message I heard did not relate any information about finding out how to know how many minutes are on the phone, or how to obtain my minute balances so I would have an idea. If anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate , thank you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Yes, they do. Each company’s plan is different. Some count them against a 250 – 500 minute usage, and some companies are moving towards unlimited.

  6. Leah says

    I have been with ROW for over 2 years now. The phone they sent me is wore out and barely works properly. I’ve contacted ROW multiple times about a replacement, they told me to go to their website to see what phones they have available. I have checked that site over and over, and it always says “under maintenance.” I’ve told them this many times, so they sent me looking for a phone that’s compatible with their service. I’ve bought 3 phones now using their guidelines and each time they tell me these phones won’t work with their plan. Phone won’t last much longer, Help please?

  7. Lonnie Boling says

    There is nothing honest or fair about Reachout Wireless! This company is one of the biggest frauds the Federal Goverment supports. Low income and disabiled are suppost to be getting help from projects like this, but in reailty, tax dollars are being misappropperated and it seems to me that no Goverment agency is chedking to see where tax payers money is going, OR… somebody is getting a hell of a kick- back yo keep quiet. I have tried to inform my congressman, and my state senator of this fraud, but all I get is answering machines and NEVER any responce. I hope somebody really cares enough to call me. Tens of Thousands of people are being swendled along with Millions of tax dollars.

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