How to Add Minutes to your ReachOut Wireless phone

Some people say 250 free minutes each month seems very generous. But in the real world, when you consider how dependent on our phones we’ve all become, 250 minutes isn’t really a lot of time.

The good people at ReachOut Wireless offer their customers 250 minutes each month, but they are the first to realize that that may not be sufficient to get a lot of people through the month. So they offer their Lifeline customers an assortment of ways to add extra minutes.

But before we get into the specifics, we want to point out one huge difference between ReachOut minutes and minutes from some of their competitors: Additional ReachOut Wireless cell phone minutes never expire. Never! These Refill Minutes, as ReachOut calls them, simply roll over to the next month. So you can rest assured that every minute you buy for your phone will be valid until you use it. No matter how long it takes.

ReachOut makes it simple to add extra minutes by offering several ways to do it:

The Easiest Way: Contact ReachOut directly

The simplest way to get more minutes is to call ReachOut Wireless or go to their website at and buy an airtime “card”. It’s not really a physical card, but that’s the common wording these companies use. You can buy Airtime Cards in increments from 20 minutes to 1,000 minutes. Once you purchase the card, you will add the airtime by entering the PIN you receive into the phone. Keep one thing in mind, though: You must enter the card’s PIN within one year of buying the phone.

Buying ReachOut Minutes at MoneyGram

You may purchase ReachOut Wireless minutes with cash at any MoneyGram agent location. There are over 40,000 agents nationwide including Walmart and CVS. With that many agents, you can rest assured that it will be easy to find one in your neighborhood. And to make this option even more attractive, minutes purchased through MoneyGram will be automatically loaded onto your account. What could be simpler?

Buying ReachOut Minutes at Western Union

You can also buy ReachOut Wireless minutes in cash at any Western Union Agent location worldwide. You can find Western Union locations just about everywhere – such as supermarkets, convenience stores and check cashing stores. Just click the “Buy Now With Western Union” on ReachOut’s site to learn more. This option is made even more attractive by the fact that the minutes you purchase at Western Union will be loaded on to your account automatically.

Get More with ReachOut Wireless Promo Codes

Unfortunately, unlike Assurance Wireless and Safelink, we haven’t found any promotion codes or coupons that you can use to get special discounts from ReachOut Wireless. That doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t offer promotional discounts from time to time, but we have not seen them. Check back here often because we’ll post them as soon as they’re available.

In conclusion

ReachOut knows that 250 minutes isn’t a lot, so they’ve worked hard to find easy, convenient, inexpensive ways to let you add more minutes to your free cell phone.

Thanks, ReachOut!


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  1. Gerson badette says

    I am looking for internet low income people and Tv + 55 channels
    thank you for your cooperation

  2. SHIRLEY levy says

    I have a reachout Wireless already. my number is 662-440-**** you all text me anywhere from 20 to 30 times per day about not calling out on the phone , and I was I used that phone everyday 3 or more times per day. and when you all were texting it was using my minutes. now I have no minutes,

  3. darryl cheatham says

    I currently have access wireless certification will expire in June looking a new company. had your company before. would like your company again.

  4. maria soza says

    have a gov phone phone from reachout wireless and are not receiving my 250 free minutes. What day do you load the free minutes on? This is crazy it has happened alot and I just buy minutes, I can’t do it I don’t have the money and I really need my phone. Can you tell me why my minutes have not been loaded this month? It already the 8th and no minutes!

    • Reachout Wireless says

      All Reachout customers can dial #022 from the phone and that will tell you youe balance and when your free mins load.

  5. Diane Peters says

    i calledreachout today to get unlimitedminutes and text I was toldthat I could”tget unlimited every again that was banned for live because they seam to think nthat i abused 411 so if we are not touse 411why is it on our phone Ibeen with this company forabout 6 years and gotgreat service what has happened to this company and the people that i SPOKE with were so rude then asked to talk to a supevise and they hung up on me something needs to be done with this company our g0overment is paying forthis service not them soget your act together this is the only phone i have and Ihave health issues and need a phone with unl9mited minutes reachout you need to get it together.

    • says

      That’s pretty bad. If anyone here knows about “411 abuse” as grounds for de-enrollment, please let us know.

    • dee boyer says

      I’ve had the same problem, they are VERY RUDE, and also hung up in my face when I asked to speak to a supervisor, PLUS, they BARELY speak INTELLIGIBLE ENGLISH!!!!

    • j bond says

      Don’t feel bad I was told I am an internet abuser, I bought the unlimited card (phone, text, internet) for 25.00 every month for about a year and then all of a sudden no one get buy this, only thing was to add minutes which is way way to expensive, much better plans elsewhere. I called and they said since I used the internet so much that I could not longer purchase this plan. What is so funny is that no one can purchase this plan. I think thihs company has gone under and is still collecting money from the government.

  6. richard dill says

    it is a problem finding an outlet to replenish minutes on a reachout phone, via phone stores. no one seems to carry pin cards. I know I can purchase via moneygram,or via telephone,but what cards could I use like today the bank was closed,and I tried several stores that sold phonecardsbut no one knew what I was talking about

    • maria soza says

      I also have troubles receiving my free minutes. Already the 8th of June and no minutes. Last month I purchased minutes , didn’t receive minutes that month either’??????????????????????

  7. Delia Rios says

    Where do i buy a minute card for my phone. whats the name of this card cause all thid time i thought i was a verizon customer so i purchased a verizon card and i cant use it

    • Reachout Wireless says

      Reachout Wireless customers can dial #6673 or #022 to check mins when the free mis load also to purchace mins via a credit card

  8. Melinda Garcia says

    I just wanted to know if I already have an account with q link wireless under my name is there a way to get a free phone with your company under my son’s name if he too receives Medicaid and food stamps? Plz get back to me thank you.

  9. Brett Z says

    I got the govt FREE phone last pretty good but one day i had no min on the phone i called talked to a real person and was told that row no longer covers my area so now it,s 10.00 a month and 3.00 money gram to send it. im going to find out who to report these rip-offs to.(by the way i live in los angeles county they dont cover l.a come on!!!

    • mlm says

      REACHOUT wireless for some reason is only available in Ohio,contact safe link, they have a wide variety of minute packages to choose from; such as 250 monthly minutes that doesn’t roll over , or 125/150 monthly minutes but they roll over if u used, but in addition to any minutes,You also get 1000 text, they have unlimited text packages,minute packages, usually they’re customer service representatives are very friendly and knowledgeable.

      . MLM

      • says

        Actually, ReachOut Wireless is in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

        • DAVID DAVISS says

          all these ***holes ever gave me was a big hassle every time i tryed too resertify for my gov cell time on my reach out phone that they sent to me in the mail they are the sorriest cell phone provider in this country any were

    • Barbara says

      I had tried several times since January to reapply for Lifeline through ReachOut who I have used for a few years now but something always happened and I could not finish the preocess. The last time I received the letter stating ReachOut does not service Lifeline in my area right now. My understanding it is in all of California not just Los Angeles were you and I live. I went online to chat today and was told that I could purchase them at any authorized retailer, Walmart stores, MoneyGram locations, or with a debit or credit card with ReachOut directly. I wish I knew about the Walmart option years ago. A friend told me he did purchase his minutes that way but I thought it was a card and maybe it was at the MoneyGram desk and not the electronics department. Maybe that is why I never saw the phone cards at Walmart. I will check it out today because before my new service takes over, I may need to purchase minutes one last time.

      If you are in Los Angeles and have EBT or MediCal, whenever you are outside a local DPSS office, they usually have other phone companies set out there. I went the other day and there were at least 3 different phone companies set up between the bus stop and the DPSS location with phones activated and charged to hand out. I had planned on going with Assurance but Budget offered me a 4G Smart Phone that day so I accepted. Now all I need to do is go into the office and port my number. You can keep the same number when you transfer to another company for Lifeline. ReachOut use to tell you that you cannot but that is not true anymore. They have to let you keep you number.

      Also you can go to any other phone company for Lifeline. Verizon, AT&T, Budget Mobile, Assurance (which is actually T-Mobile which is Sprint). ReachOut finally told me any phone company should have Lifeline. I hope this help you out. Good luck transfering to a new company.

  10. Norma Cortez says

    I purchesed minutes on my phone and I have not received them yet, why is it taking a long time for me to receive them



    • Reachout Wireless says

      Reachout Wireless customers can dial #6673 or #022 to check mins when the free mis load also to purchace mins via a credit card

  12. Wilhelmenia Dyer says

    my reachout cell phone is lost I don’t have it anymore.can I get a new cell phone I don’t have the reachout cell phone anymore my number was 609 238 ****.do I get text minutes also with new cell phone!♡♥♡

  13. Robert C Manthey says

    Sorry, I think most of the comments are stupid. “How do I get more minutes?” Um, did you ever go their website? The home page also tells you that you can add $5 for 50 minutes but if you don’t know where to look, I’m not telling you. You should have known all this when you received your first phone. ROW is VERY clear about not giving a free phone after the first one, no matter what the cause is. If that were the case, we’d all be losing our phones on a weekly basis.

    • Barbara says

      Sorry but that is not true. I received 2 more after my first one because they did not work. There is always an exception to the rule. It is not written in stone.

  14. peter says

    If you live in california forget reach out they suck i didn’t know i was getting ripped off, In ca you can get 1000 mins and unlimited text for free from budget mobile is what i have now for free, And now you can get unlimited text and text from assurance wireless

    • Leota says

      thanks for the tip on budget! Reachout does suck. I just tried to add minutes using their website but it would not go through. I had to do it in a chat with a service rep (which may be dangerous giving out all of my credit card and contact info to a stranger.)

    • Barbara says

      I have Budget and I was told that I have free unlimited talk and text, not just 1000 minutes every month so you may want to check again with them. ReachOut had Unlimited when I was being offered 1200 free talk and text minutes. The agents do not always know everything that their companies offier. They are not always up current with all the offers from their company and unfortunately it hinders the customer but I could call back and ask for a supervisor and see what they say. I thought that all the California Lifeline companies had a free unlimited service now. It seemed that way when I was shopping recently. There is also another company that offers Lifeline service in California but they were new to me so I do not remember the name. They were one of the companies I recently saw outside a DPSS office in my area.

  15. swoodson says

    I give out ROW phones to the pubkic.
    thanks for all the comments it really helped me.
    especially how to find out how many minutes are on the phone.

  16. kathy says

    Reach Out Wireless is dishonest! Do NOT choose them. you will spend hours of headaches trying to iron out their crooked mistakes. they pressure you to spend more money on minutes and perks. Do not choose them.

    • Robert C Manthey says

      In 6 years, I’ve never had a problem, the extra minutes are cheaper, and to upgrade your phone varies from about $20 to over $100. The now offer plans that offer various amounts of data. I honestly don’t get why I read so much trash talk about ROW, but if you don’t like it, switch, don’t bitch.

      • Barbara says

        You hear so much negative info about ROW because so many people have them and so many people get the run around from them and are being kept on the phone and online on chat for long periods of time without getting their problems taken care of right then or having to be on the phone or on chat for more than one or two hours to get it taken care of. I had to be on chat 6 hours over 3 days to get something taken care of. Each time they told me it was taken care of but it was not and I had to get back on once more. I did change and now I have a free 4G Smart Phone from Budget Mobile. Yes. Budget Mobile. I am very happy now plus I get to keep my number when ReachOut previously told me that I could not. They did not know the law.

        • Brian says

          I am currious what “network” Budget Mobile is on and if I can bring or buy my own Android/ Smartphone and if they allow me to port my current # “In?….. Thank you in advance, Brian~

  17. TONYA says


  18. Lonnie Boling says

    There is nothing honest or fair about Reachout Wireless! This company is one of the biggest frauds the Federal Goverment supports. Low income and disabiled are suppost to be getting help from projects like this, but in reailty, tax dollars are being misappropperated and it seems to me that no Goverment agency is chedking to see where tax payers money is going, OR… somebody is getting a hell of a kick- back yo keep quiet. I have tried to inform my congressman, and my state senator of this fraud, but all I get is answering machines and NEVER any responce. I hope somebody really cares enough to call me. Tens of Thousands of people are being swendled along with Millions of tax dollars.

      • Leota says

        Now I can, Shawn. Before there weren’t other options! ROW ripped me off 2 times with their upgrade phones. Had to buy once a year because they sent such broken down equipment. Today, their website is not accepting payment for minutes – and it is dangerous to give out credit card info in a typed chat to a complete stranger. DO YOU WORK FOR THEM?!

  19. Leah says

    I have been with ROW for over 2 years now. The phone they sent me is wore out and barely works properly. I’ve contacted ROW multiple times about a replacement, they told me to go to their website to see what phones they have available. I have checked that site over and over, and it always says “under maintenance.” I’ve told them this many times, so they sent me looking for a phone that’s compatible with their service. I’ve bought 3 phones now using their guidelines and each time they tell me these phones won’t work with their plan. Phone won’t last much longer, Help please?

    • mohammed hussain says

      Yes the reachout send me a cheap phone which it didn’t even work , so i looked up the phone that reachout sells, i went into e-bay and order the same type of phone the reachout offered the reachout phone was $79.00 and the same phone i bought from e-bay for $46.00 and it works just fine

    • Leota says

      I’ve had the same problem. Bought 2 replacement phones which were so old they were actually broken down, just partially working. The first replacement, the battery would not stay in the cover, so I had to buy a second. Terrible service. And it is much more expensive now.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Yes, they do. Each company’s plan is different. Some count them against a 250 – 500 minute usage, and some companies are moving towards unlimited.

  20. Priscilla Chamblis says

    Hi I am a new client and my phone was out of minutes, but I didn’t know it. I did dial #022 but the message I heard did not relate any information about finding out how to know how many minutes are on the phone, or how to obtain my minute balances so I would have an idea. If anyone can assist me I would greatly appreciate , thank you

  21. Peter Proff says

    I have a reachout phone and am on lifeline. My minutes are used upand am now trying vehemently to add them, I have a dollar amount in mind but am reaching and hitting dead-ends! How do I/Can I achieve this as I’ve now been on this endless charade for over an hour and a half and my patience is wearing very thin. I was on your $26.50 endless program when they canceled it and paid my $26.50 getting minutes and ran out turning my phone into a piece of junk! Is there or will there, ever be as program like that ever again? That was the only reason I purchased and stayed. I don’t want to seek another phone company as my needs were met, not quite successfully but satisfactorily, but now I’m getting kind of pissed/nervous as you do not offer even a successful way to renew and I need my phone now!!!!! What can I do, and maybe I’ll get shocked and you’ll actually respond to this email!!! Please respond as I need to add minutes so I can use my phone

    • DOTTIE says

      they just added unlimited talk & text back for 27.50 log on to your account only way u can get that price.

      • QueenKunt says

        They are a unprofessional company. The link they send you for that rate NEVER works or brings you to ANY rate like that. Furthermore… the idiots on chat don’t even know it exists and just enjoy arguing with you and wasting your time while they are on the pay clock.

    • jackie says

      same with me but they said that i never changed my address which i did or i would of never recieved my notice stating they dropped me. i agrued with them for days sent copies of the letter nd date nd still they havent put me back on its been two months now . i just waited til my phone turned off nd last night it turned off all day ive been tryin to get minutes on it nd cant its a b!!!! i paid $37.50 nd still cant get it put on. i use to only $27,50 but it went up $10 but i still paid now its gonna cost me more then attnt sprinit or any of the other companies so i dont know what to do anymore what do i do?

    • Dennis Boyle says

      Reachout Wireless told me when I called them telling them that my phone was stolen said I would have to buy my own phone with the Verizon emblem and that then they would be able to set up the new phone for the Government Free minutes and etc, etc… I found one on Craigslist for $20.00 bucks then went to the place where I got my free phone the one that got stolen and they set the new phone up with the Government Program had to pay a small fee to do so. It didn’t cost much to do so. I think around $5.00 or $10.00 dollars. So, this is what you have to do Rosemary. Only explanation I can give you. Bye for now…Dennis Boyle

  22. Tameka Bateman says

    i recieved this phone and they say i dont have an account and now im trying to put mins on it what should i do and where can i buy mins for this phone i live in east orange nj 07017

    • jarrod says

      if you have reachout life line dial #022, send. there it will give you them mons on the phone and it lets you add money by way of creditcard but if you want to talk to some sorry don’t know that one yet good luck

    • Reachout Wireless says

      REACHOUT WIRELESS customers can dial #022 or #6673 to purchase minutes with a credit card. or dial 1-877-870-9444.

  23. faith says

    I like the phones n yes the minutes don’t last very long but this phone is s big help n I’m grateful.
    However the only problem I have with this service is u can’t see how much talk or text time you have left.and I cannot know how or where to go to find out when my monthly minutes are available each month

    • Peter Proff says

      don’t let the minutes run out like I did as there is a nasty price to pay in your phone gets shut off and there seems no way to turn it back on as all you’ll get is a reachout recorded message

  24. Rosemary Barron says

    I’ve been with Reachout Wireless for almost 3 years. My phone was stolen or lost and I need to know how can I apply for a new one? Can someone reach out to me by email or can call me on my grand daughter’s phone. (***) ***-2371. I really need to replace my phone because I do not have a house phone line. You can leave a message if you call that number. Thank you. regards, Rosemary Barron

    • Woodrow Williams says

      will not let me buy minutes. Tell me my zip code is wrong. I live in Pratt Ks. , and zip is 67104….. now what ?

  25. Don Simpson says

    Ive never in my entire 57 yrs have seen such a incommpatent copany cant load minutes ,cant get ahold of personelby phone or online #022 has become a joke .I intreduced my friends to it 2 yrs ago I don’t believe there friends any longer. Hey good money scam fuck the poor people.

  26. Tana Wrigley says

    My service was interrupted and was told to fax paper work in, but instead I mailed the paper work in because I had eye surgery. When will I hear from them . I need my service restored just in case of an emergency.


    when the min. was added on the 9th of may, i really dont use my ohone that much ,i just checked my min. i have 1 min. left on it. how could this happen. and this is june 9th

    thank you

  28. Sharon Adams says

    I was finally able to get the 500 minutes this month for the 5.00. They kicked right in and on my phone as soon as they r on I reset my timers n text so I can see if I am actually using all of my time n I didn’t. I only used the 250 minutes and only made 10 maybe 15 phone calls. That isn’t not even close to 8 hours worth of time us it? The only way to go is with the 26.50 plan even though up you can pay the same amount and go through metro pcs.

  29. Gary says

    When texting, if I go over 160 characters my cell phone will start over on the second page with 17 min! Don’t really care too much when it happens on ROW’s free minutes but when I get ripped off after buying my own minutes that hurts! Reason being mainly is because it took an act of Congress & 3 Legislative votes to acquire them in the first place!

  30. David Brown says

    No longer get text stating new minutes have been put on, even worse no longer get informed of balance of minutes left. Enron or Halliburton obviously now own reach-out wireless. Customer service refuses to answer. What is left for the poor to do than mass for an armed revolution???

  31. Terry Daniels says

    we need to know why we dont know how much time is on our phone please let me know what is going on my number is **********

  32. says

    I need to know how to tell if my minutes have been added to my phone. I use to get a tex when it was added but this time I have not got anything on my phone telling me my time was added on the number .

  33. shanique says

    why is it so hard to add your minutes to the phone it should be simple. This company will not be in business long free or not.

  34. jj says

    This company is ripping off it customers. I have over 16 hours left however, they say I am out of minutes. I think we should complain to the federal airway FAA or federal communication FCC. They are shrewing people over. And you can never get an actual person on the phone it is always an automation.

    • Angel says

      Every month since December I have filed a BBB report on these people. My service is no better and the customer service reps have the nastiest attitudes. I have added minutes and waited days for them. Minutes deplete with no warning it is totally ridiculous.

  35. Bebrezzy2you says

    I’m having the same problems as other customers. I payed for minutes at Wal-Mart money center each month. Not only do I not get my minutes until I call in but they have the nerves to tell me to leave a call back number due to high demands. Well if I sit and wait for a returned call from ReachOut Wireless, I’ll still be waiting for that call. I think we can get better services from any Dollar Store than reach out wireless. If this companey is funded by the government, Reach Out is just taking the government money. I really do not think that the government KNOWS about how bad these services are that we are faced with on a daily base. Reach Out Sucks Bad!!!!!!

  36. John a brown says

    Your service sucks. Your answering service sucks. I waited from caller 115 down to 34 and then you cut me off!!! #1 he bought unlimited plan for $37.50 march 6. On march 22 no can’t even reach you to replenish??? Did one time and got confirmation #and then THAT didn’t work. WTH??? Bout works just like our government does…it don’t. Broke system

  37. Pam says

    How is so hard to get in touch with ReachOut, what is the method of checking balance of minutes ,I cannot find out who owns the phone company, is it still ReachOut. I cannot even get costumer service on my phone?

  38. george bozesman says

    on march 17 I received a message that I had used all my minutes.on the 7th of march my free minutes was added .I had 7-hours or more remaining on minutes purchaced.without using my nee phone for only three times ,my minutes disappeared.

    • Ann Marie Eigenman says

      My name is Ann Marie and I have been having trouble with my mobile device deactivated itself somehow My # is (***) ***-***. It is a Samgsung’ Versizion, On the back of the phone, behind the battery —MED HEX ; AOOOOO173D8E2A. MODEL ; sch-u750. I need my phone turned back on. This is the second time this has happened in the last few weeks. I feel you owe me some free minutes for my trouble. I don’t understand why it’s not working all of a sudden.??? This is my only lifeline to the outside’ and I live in a bad neighborhood.Its real important that my phone gets turned back on.

      • David R. Johnson says

        This happens to me quite OFTEN. In fact, it IS to be expected, with wireless reach out. Simply be on your land line of choice. After waiting for 5 hours, a 3rd world agent will come on, GIVE them the numbers, you typed in, on this web site, on inside sticker, inside the back on your phone, inside of it. Remove the battery to see it. After a few moments, The phone will be able to call out again. It’s BEST,to always have another phone, so you can test, the reach out phone, on a regular basis.

        • Rudy Goldstein says

          A third world agent? Are u kidding me? These are government phones n they hire ppl to run them from a third world country?! Not cool, keep the jobs in US, that’s y we’re not working n can’t afford cell phones or land lines :-/ I apologize for my rant :-(

          • Mia says

            Yes the customer service agents are from Imdia. You also have an option on their website to chat with a American.

      • Jodi says

        I added today june 2nd 39.99 for 1200 minutes now they said my minutes were on when i purchased them today ! Nope my phone is not working i live in the country alone i am crippled and 8 drs i am missing all appointments , this is also my lifeline ! whAt is going on ? now they want a copy of my award letter and Ca id very strange

  39. Micheal says

    I put 10.00 on my phone bcause I had no time and I called u guys said I had used my monthly min and the 10.00 I had put on my phone and there was no way I also no u took the money from my card and never gave me my min.u also did it to mu friend I let her use my card u took the money and never gave her the min. And then she called u told her she used her alloted min plus the ones she paid for and there was no way all tjis happened in the first part of feb. And I use to tell everyone about how great u were but now I just dont know pls get your company together!!!!!!! Micheal Lacey

  40. Cathy says

    You should all check virgin mobile you get 300 minutes with unlimited text and unlimited data for $35 dollars

  41. susana aguirre says

    quisiera saber si aun exite el plan de $26,50 de tiempo ilimitado, ya que e tenido problemas con mi cell, este mes de febrero e puesto credito de $20, $10 y $5 dls y me quitan pronto el tiempo y solo trato de hacer textos y solo resibir llamadas de l a School o del doctor, estoy pensando cambiar de compania pero mis ingresos son muy bajos. :(

  42. Jeff says

    I was going to switch from Metro PCS paid service to Reach out. I have a new Reach Out # but after reading about all of these problems I’m going to bite the bullet and keep my paid service. I tried contacting Reach out customer (lack of) service 3 times. I could not believe the level of incompetency. Reach out is a prime candidate for being a corporate contractor for Obama Care:) Maybe that’s what they are hoping for, they are building quite an impressive resume.

  43. kevinzunk says

    i will be sending a letter to are goverment about you were the hell is my min you all should be droped from the program

  44. george says

    Was gonna buy extra minutes, but not after reading all the problems. Doesn’t anyone in your customer service check this site?

  45. Richard Golden says

    My phone was cut off without any warning at all! I am reading all of these messages and am afraid to add min, for fear you will just take the money and run!
    I was very satisfied with this company, what happened that you all of a sudden have started to go downhill and so fast?
    Your customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Now what do I do since everyone has this phone number?

  46. samantha says

    it seems like this phone service is a scam they seem to be ripping off alot of ppl with there minutes that is not cool

  47. Thomas Earls says

    Called in to see how many minutes i had left because you stop telling me on the phone when i dialed a number, you say i have only 101 minutes left and i only used 19 minutes,why are you taking my minutes or how and what reason. Took my $26.50 now my minutes.Wonder can the goverment help.You are taking people stuff.The goverment need to know.

  48. James Brown says

    I’ve trying to contact you for four days and haven’t made contact yet ,you took 37.95 out my checking account on Monday 3,2014 and I have no time on my phone as of yet. You are taking people money and not giving them service for it. I’m not going to try anymore I will let my law take over from here. You have no time now my law will look in to the BBB and see if you have any other people in the same order.YOU won’t get back to me so I have to let my Lawer take thing now.

  49. ana says

    I’ve been trying to purchase mins. and its impossible to be able to speak to some one….it takes from recording to recording and unable to speak to anyone… after reading all of the bad reviews I don’t feel comfortable making payments on line. I understand this is a low income program but that’s no reason for such bad customer service.

  50. Linda Orsborne says

    I just purchased $26.50 of unlimited mins the confirmation on my letter is ELEPA756D480, i am a cancer patient and i need my phones in case i need my doctor or have to call the hospital, i have been 2 weeks of getting this done please do something about this problem or i ma going to take this to my lawyer and see what i can get done This is not right to the people that has chosen ya’ll for their phone carrier.

  51. robert wilson says

    hello,i recantly for some reason have no time on my phone.i never got no text is month saying my 250 minutes where even put on there.i did speak to some one last week and he told me that my time was going to be added on the 26th of every month instead of the its jan 30 still no time have been added.tryed calling this week and push 3 and i get the main menu.can you contact me a.s.a.p
    thank you
    robert wilson

  52. Ignacy Goleczynski says

    I purchased 30 minutes thru your automated system. My debit card was charged right away, but i did not get any minutes on my Reachout account. I tried to contact customer service, i pressed #3 as instructed and instead customer service i got back to main menu and same thing happened several times.
    Because i need to make important calls asap i purchased additional 50 minutes and again my debit card was charged right away but no minutes were added to my account.
    Please, look into it and contact me asap.
    Thank you
    Ignacy Goleczynski

  53. Sheila says

    I have called your company 4 times today and left messages after listening to the 5 minute message wanting me to buy a data package that I’m not interested in. At the end of the message I have to leave a message and I’m still waiting for a return call after being without my phone service that has been paid for. Since I have a child with a medical condition my phone is very important to me and I’m very dissatisfied with the poor customer service I have received today. Please get back with me promptly!

  54. T. Lynch says

    I also purchased mins for my phone on 1/24/14 at a western union and also online but never received them. 50.00 dollars gone!!! I want my mins or my money back!!!!!

  55. laurie floyd says

    hi i brought 5 dollers worth of minues for my reachout wire wireless cell but the minues are not on it you.tell me why they are n0t on it . ibrought them in st.louis mo at a shop save pharmacy

    • says

      I purchase minutes for $26.50 it’s only been about 3 weeks and my phone was disconnected this what I was suppose to pay what do I suppose to do I have children I’m a single parent and a 4yr old that had 4 heart surgeries how do I suppose to keep in tone with my children?

      • Patricia Ratliff says

        I agree maybe we should file a class lawsuit. Seems to many people are getting jipped out of their minutes or money

  56. THERESA says

    I have been trying to reach some one in customer service for three days, keep going over the same thing over and over and over………again no answers to customer service, have not received my minutes for the month. THANK YOU.

  57. Mark Rathburn says

    I just put minutes on my phone witch was 26.50. I would like to know y I have no phone serves/can some one tell me what to do please/thank you.

  58. tommy travis says

    I am trying to get my socail number right on my ocount and i fax everything to reach out and i got no respound from them i cant get them on the phone or e mail.

  59. craig says

    my name is craig phone number is ***-***-****.I want to know why come is it that your not loading my mintues i pay for on sunday jan 12th.2014?

  60. Susie Homemaker says

    Reachout wireless needs to have an automatic payment system because it’s ridiculous that I have to wait on the phone for a half hour just to load a pin.

  61. B. J. Allen says

    Answering some questions:

    1] is their home page and is pretty easy to navigate.
    – – – bad news: ALL of the ‘cookies’ are mandatory to use their website

    2] enrollment is most easily done at their website

    3] their login button is at the very top of the page, about 2/3 of the way across the page.

    4] call #022 for free from your ReachOut phone, or 877-870-9444 from any phone for customer service
    – – – they have live telephone support 9:00am to 6:00pm EST Monday through Saturday
    – – – they have live on-line support 9:00am to 6:00pm EST 7 days a week, upper-right corner of their
    – – – home page, but the reps handle multiple calls at a time, so this option is S–L–O–W
    – – – – – Customer Support can help you transfer your number to a different compatible phone
    – – – – – If the phone is broken, their customers can buy a replacement for as little as $15 on their site

    5] call 1-888-820-6002 to get your free minutes for the month posted onto your phone
    – – – the free minutes will NOT post onto your phone until you call EACH AND EVERY MONTH
    – – – roll-over minutes seem to continue to accumulate even if you do not call them

  62. candace bowen says

    yes everyone keeps telling me about this I have a2 month old son with no phone but I cannot figure out how to sign up please call me at *** *** ****

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We can’t call you, and you should be care to not enter your phone number in public comments. Look around this website and it will tell you everything you need to know.

  63. ed says

    eyedon’t see any place to be invited to sign-in to my open account at reach-out-wireless 626-808-0085,,, where do eye log in with my temp. password???

  64. betty says

    I just bought mins for my cell ,,, but ,, idk,, hw to add d mins to it,,, I cant call d # from my cell,,,
    cn u plz help me,,,,,,
    thank u

    • karen says

      Happy New years
      I want to add more min. but I want to check or debt card
      Help me please
      I have been on hold for two hours

      • Karen Scroggins says

        I wondering if I could have the $26 taken out of my checking account each month, my mother is not well and I would like to keep in touch with her.
        Thank you in advance

  65. Enrique Rangel says

    I buy a new phone with u plan and the phone is no longer working I try to buy new battery a new cable and still not working please I need u help please bring this to attention

  66. teresa says

    i want to add minutes on a friends phone , by card but do nant my information to be stored so it will able to be used after by them, i am just trying to help out a friend

  67. Di says

    If additional minutes purchased from Reach Out Wireless never expire, why don’t I have any minutes on my phone right now? I have been a customer of theirs for ten month to a year and purchased minutes a few months ago.

  68. Susan says

    I have spent hours this week on ReachOut Wireless’s website trying to help someone add minutes to his phone. The webpage for this function does not work. We tried calling the customer service line…again it did not work. Finally, waiting 45 minutes for a chat operator and giving her the credit card information, we succeeded in addint 120 minutes for $10. (Expensive!) Avoid this compnay at all costs. It feels sleazy and untrust worthy and they are making millions from the government. There should be some standard,but obviously there isn’t.

  69. Wendy Brooks says

    I have been a Reachout Wireless customer for about 2 years (as I recall) I am 63 yrs old and I do not like that you have over complicated the process of adding minutes on the cell phone. I have been trying to add minutes for over 10 ,minutes and I can not find the familiar website that I am used to using – I am not a potential customer – I am a long term customer that is about to drop your service and go with another service that is more senior citizen friendly.

    Also last month I made more than one attempt to sign up for a Internet Wireless Device and each time I was denied without explanation.

    You have my e-mail address and I need assistance ASAP.

    Thank you

  70. targets rifle says

    I’m very pleased to uncover this web site. I want to to thank you for ones time due to this fantastic read!! I definitely savored every little bit of it and i also have you book-marked to see new things in your website.

  71. linda singh says

    I’m having a very hard time trying to add minuets to my phone on line, hard for me to get out so this was my best option. Why has the cite changed?

  72. Melissa Alvarez says

    I’ve never had a problem with my free phone n I’ve had. It for two years almost:) I’ve never added mins to it tho either. But it’s a trusty phone… My mins are always on the phone same date every month. Thank you!!! Being a single mom phones bills are hard to pay!!!!! Lol

  73. Maureen Jamieson says

    The speaker on my 4 yr. old phone has died. I need a new phone right away as I am disabled and very ill besides. I have a lot of calls to make and receive from doctors and pharmacies. The “vibrate” is the only notice I get and I pretty much miss all my calls Who, where, how can I get a new phone as soon as possible. Thank you.

  74. Antony L Krupnik says

    How much was Charged for this purchase?
    11479576U5810084F – This is your Confirmation Number
    Please advise?


  75. Jovita Viveros says

    Thank you for putting minutes on my cell phone. To make it easier for me can you please send me your email address so that we can chat when I need something. Thank you again.

  76. Virginia Robles says

    I want to thank-you for this government program regarding cell phones for seniors and low-income families. My one question though is that how soon will my minutes be added to my phone. I just paid today for 250 minutes and my phone still has no time on it. Will it be today or tomorrow when I receive my minutes on my cell phone. Please notify me with a reply. Thank-you again and May God Bless each one involved.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Virginia Robles

    • Tina says

      to purchase minutes for Reach out Wireless you go to their website and then on the page you will see where it says Add Minutes click on that and then enter your zip code and then choose how many minutes you want to purchase then pay them with a credit or debit card and then your done.. really people its not that difficult …

    • Trich Sayer says

      @ Tina ty for ur response & help, however when someone asks a ? Rather you think its silly or not you really don’t half to b mean. There’s enough of that in the world as is. Especially I believe when someone says or writes “May God Bless EVERYONE Involved”. Not just “God Bless You” which is just as rare and a Blessing in itself. What if the person asking couldn’t see or just wasn’t as comp literate as everyone else, which is Not a Must Requirement by the way in Life.. I say to you “Virginia Robles” ” GOD BLESS YOU!!” God Bless Everyone as well. No one is a perfect Christian. Period. No one is Perfect at All.. I just don’t understand when I read all of these comments sometimes people need for offending for no reason at all. Even when Even when they’re being told to be blessed by God… No 1 s perfect though right?

  77. Diane JamIson says

    I need to purshase the unlimted plan for 26.50 and can;t find where to buy them on the website and you please let me know where to go and buy the plan

  78. Mary says

    I think you need to up-date your web site. really hard to understand your gobblygoop when some of us are not experienced in computers. I want the same plan. Mary

  79. Toni says

    Okay so I have bought minutes in march.april and may. I am on thr 2.50 plan lifeline and all i get is just 91 minutes or 152 minutes/ Theses are supposted to be payments too. when you by a $3 card you get 91 min atomatically and that is also the $2.50 so where is the extra mins I paid for..

    • RUSS says

      Add minutes and reachoutmobile or reachoutwireless and your in the black hole of Calcutta, I don’t know if it’s scam/rippoff. they liars deceptive and impossible to complete/conclude business with. No one seems to know from anything and they’ll tell you any to act like they care and then hang-up on you. Badly managed & operated. Try to add time forget it, but ask about upgrading and they are like flies on you know what.

  80. Dianna W says

    I usually pay my son;’s money by going to your website, but I can’t find the site where I can pay $26.50 for unlimited text and etc. what did you do with that? I am paying his bill for him, he is in the hospital and I DONT remember it being THIS complicated!!

    Can you understand this message?


    • ANNA Clark says

      I used to do the same thing now i cant find it theyve
      changed everything on there website it seems i need minutes on my phone also and was trying to see if there were any upgraded phones to buy mine keeps freezing up dropping calls ,voicemail will not let me in

  81. Betty says

    I just recieved my phone with no minutes, i am trying to call customer service and noboby answers the phone, i think its a horrible service and very rude people.

  82. Cassandra & James Thoreson says

    I am highly frustrated with “Reachout Wireless” EVERY month I add minutes through the “MoneyGram” Kiosk. And EVERY month i don’t get all of my minutes. I add the minutes “Pay” $5.00 + 2.95 fee. to be applied to my phone and I always have to call back several times and after at LEAST 3-4 Transfers. I get some yea hole in PUNJAB INDIA. I give the acct #, & the “Reference #” to that transaction. And it seems that they NEVER give me all my minutes… 2 months ago I purchased a $10.00 Package and a $5.00 Package on the same day. I got the credit for the $5.00 two days later, and have NOT recieved the $10.00 at all…?!? WTF!!! — TODAY I purchased $5.00 package and was unable to get through to provide my reference #. I strongly recommend that you all get medical attention to help correct your CRANIAL RECTUMITIS !!! “In ENGLISH” {GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR A$$ESS}. AND STOP STEALING FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS… IT’s BAD FOR BUSINESS !!!

  83. Disgruntled Customer says

    I tried to add $7.50 for 3 months..because last month they said I had to pay for 1 month, 3 months or more..but not 2 months like I tried to do last month…Well they charged my pre-paid card $2.50 twice..and I did not get any bonus minutes and they now charge 10 cents a minute for customer service calls unless it is a now I am completely out of minutes after adding minutes-added on the 8th [14 days ago].with rude, powerless customer service. Offshore customer service is useless to the customer. If they have not power, why answer the phone..let it ring, until someone can act with authority.. I am trying to add minutes, but customer service lies or does not give answers or explain anything…Americans ‘know’ Customer Service for Americans.

  84. Veronica Mars says

    I have had this service for a couple years, and I usually always get my monthly minutes, but everytime I buy extra minutes they rip me off and the minutes disappear even though I have not used them! I would suggest not buying any extra minutes because they don’t rollover and most times just disappear! When I contacted them and told them what happened they just told me that I must have used the minutes and to check the website records… of course they would say that, and the records don’t show any information about my calls so I have no proof…. :/

  85. john glenn says

    not having a definite day when minutes come on is real incovenient for me i dont know whether to purchase or wait

  86. DeValle Joiner says

    My monthly minutes have not loaded currently waiting on a representative but the props say nothing about loading the free minutes…what should I do? This is the first time having this issue.

  87. felipe domantay says

    i have been having a hard time using your automated service in buying airtime of my cell fon..infact up to now i can not go through with your automated services….i suggest that you also check once in a while….there is no proper coordination of what is being instructed..pls. help asap…

  88. joshua hardy says

    i did not have my phone on when the minutes were supposed to be added. now how do i get my minutes?

  89. joshua hardy says

    i did not have my phone on when the minutes were supposed to be added. now how can i get my minutes? the new month just started today

  90. eugene thymiakos says

    i did not get my 665 min that reachoutwireless was going to give me when i order the phone several months ago what happend to my min.

  91. Eduarosa says

    I purchased a $10.00 worth of refill with additional fee of$2.95from Moneygram last March 16, 2013 with the understandin that i would have 325 minutes plus 250 additional minutes for the next 4 months. Its been more than a month since i had the refill but up to now, i havent recieved said additional 250 minutes.
    I would therefore request for an expalanation why this is so.
    Thank you and hope to recieve a reply soon.

  92. j cross says

    i am trying to purchase more minutes to my phone on april 20,2013 at 10.36 am as of now 11.45pm
    i have still not received my additional air time on my phone . i tried calling the 800 number and
    only got automated service i never got a real person to check on my purchase. please help me asap
    as i have no minutes . i feel this is bad business practice. call me at ***-214-1340.

  93. Diane JamIson says

    I have a freind that need a application sent to here so she can get a free phone could you please send her one to Denise **** 2099 ***** Rd. Monroe GA 30655 thanks.

  94. joyce says

    i am trying to recritify my phone but they say they r not doin it on line and when i call i just be on hold. so wha do i do now.

  95. evelynhill says

    I have the free phone I need to buy more minutes and another .phone. I can not get the page that was up when I bought other minutes, how do I buy them now?

  96. Riyaz Khan says

    Since March 27 2013 I am trying to add minutes to my reach out phone. Once I did it on computer and made payment through visa card. It did not go through and a reply came saying that there is some issue
    in transaction. Then I tried to call them. I was connected to a telephone assistance but after a few seconds the line went off. I am now frustrated and do not know what should I do now. My phone is completely off. Please help me if you can. I need to add minutes. Thanks

  97. Patricia Johnson says

    This phone has become my only cellular choice due to economic reasons. Thank you for being there when I need a reasonable carrier. Thank you I have health issues and this is important to me and my Doctors thanks again, Bless you

  98. Monica says

    I just wanna say I am so grateful for this FREE phone! It has been an absolute blessing =) Also every time I call they are so polite as well & always handle my biz for me. Yes it’s a little difficult to understand due to the language barrier (the call center is in India.) And although all they say can sound “scripted” you know what? I think of how difficult thier life is in India, and hey this might sound cheesy to sum but I feel love for those hard working people who strive so hard to just make it in this life. That’s when patience and a little understanding on my part go a long way! So ya gratefulness goes a long way when you apply it to ordinary life. So yup I’m cool, it might take a little longer to get er done, but it gets handled …thank you Jesus!

  99. Rita Kenney says

    I’m reading a lot of negetive comments re: Reachout Wireless! I have called the #022 on the phone to add minutes and when it gets to the amount you want to pay ($20.00) I entered 2000 and it justs keeps repeating,”Please enter the amount you wish to pay.” I enter 2000 again and it justs keeps repeating.
    Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong?? I am a senior with very little income so I cant take the chance of not getting my minutes!! Please help!!

  100. Holly says

    I got a safe link phone a short while back. I could not use it because I’m EXTREMELY hard of hearing. I wear hearing aids in both ears and can not use cheap phones because they are not hearing aid compatible. I need a phone so bad but cant afford one. What am I to do?

    • AMY says

      Sorry, Holly. I don’t know much about hearing aids (yet) but I did notice when I looked at the website of Assurance Wireless, another lifeline phone provider, they had the user manual for their phone model posted online, and it went into some technical detail about hearing aid compatibility. You could check that out, and presumably request a similar manual for other lifeline providers’ phones. Also, if you wanted to buy your own phone, the Assurance site stated that some other Virgin Mobile phones–but not smartphones like Android or Blackberry–work with their lifeline service. Good luck!

  101. mary says

    so can i go to like walmart or radio shack and buy a phone that has never been used or activated and use that with reachoutwireless or someone please tell where i can buy a phone that will be compatible w/reachout

  102. De'Bora Brown~Brooks says

    sorry some of you are having or have had problems. I love my reachout phone. I added minutes and they continue to rollover. the only thing I don’t necessarily like is that they take 1 minute for every text. now when they work that one out…I’ma be all :)

  103. stephanie phillips says

    I dont know what everyone is talking about. Ive had reachout for 4 years and havent had a problem yet. i can allways get ahold of them calling 1800 # or using live chat on their website. and ive never not got the minutes i pay for. i go to wal-mart and do moneygram and minutes are on phone within 30 minutes. I would definitly recommend this company. maybe its not the company or the phones, maybe the people with the phones!!

  104. Roxann says

    Can anyone help me! Use to beable to go on web and order minutes . Am I doing something wrong ALWAYS REFERRING ME TO WALMART AND ETC.. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE NUMBER JUST TO GET MINUTES,DON’T NEVERGET TO TALK TO ANYONE FOREVER WAITING THAT’S HOW THE MINUTES GET USED! anyone out there to help me.

  105. latanya hickson says

  106. Sam says

    I got a phone from ReachOut couple of months ago. It worked one month. The the battery died! I bought a new battery but after one months the charger broke. I bought a charger. The phone worked for another month, and then it started playing game with me. Now the charger does not charge the phone.

    By the way, I have never received monthly minutes! I have always had to buy extra minutes. They claim they will add 250 minutes each month, but that is not true at least for me!

    After all, now the phone is useless! It does not take charge!

    Question: Can I transfer this number to another cell phone that I already have?

    • RABI says

      yes you can transfer the number to another cell phone but the cell phone should be through Verizon, Page plus & Alltel .It should be contract phone where the contract should me removed from the phone. Regarding free min 250 min is added between 5-10 of every month ,however if in case you did not receive min by 10th of the month you can call the customer care number 1-877-870-9444 and min will be added there and then…..

  107. Blanche Dotson says

    I have been trying for the last 3 days to reach these people to find out why I have not received my monthly minutes. I still have not been able to get in touch with anybody. This is the phone I use for my job search, so I guess I’ll have to buy some minutes. THAT’S GRIMEY!!!!

    • chet says

      the phone was a godsend. it’s free service when you cant afford to buy service. you should be grateful.
      if the phone that was sent to you doesnt work, buy one for ten dollars on ebay, IT has to be A VERIZON, CDMA, DEACTIVATED PHONE. NOT A PREPAID.
      as far as adding mins you can do it on their website from home. they also have unlimited text and talk for $26.50, you cant be that.
      I dont get why your all complaining about Reachout, get a job and get a real phone if you are so unhappy

  108. sarah says

    hello world.. i am trying to add minutes to my reach out phone. how do i do this? do i buy a Verizon prepaid minute card? please let me know asap. thank you

  109. Gary Stutte says

    let me fill you in, on what I’m been going through and am still going on with reachout wireless. I ordered my phone about 6 months ago. The 1st phone they sent me you couldn’t get it to activate, so I had to send that one back and of course they send they would send me another one. They did, this one would not take a charge, so they send me a new charger,That didn’t work. Sent that one back, got anouther one this time it was a nice one I thought. You couldn’t get any reseption couldn’t get calls to go through, find out the anntina pulled out from the bottom of the phone and it was so loose it came right out of the phone.Needless to say they were suppose to send me a phone that would work, and needless to say,” I’m still waiting to recieve the phone, plus I’ver been given 5 months free airtime to my account, However what good are the airtimes if you don’t have aphone that works. What do I do? Any sugestions. Thanks for listening.

      • Connie says

        Which retailers sell Emida, so I can put time on my phone without paying for money gram. Also if I have another phone from another company, but have not had service for a long time with the company, can I get my reachout service on that phone? I have had two different phones from you, the first one would not hold a charge and this one is to hard to hear it ring.

    • Paige says

      Try one of the other free phone companies. I have used Safelink and Assurance and they are both awesome! Assurance is Virgin Mobile and their minutes are a quite a bit cheaper than Safelink which is Tracfone and they are ridiculous! Good luck! By the way…. with either of these companies you get great customer service, convenient pay plans and payment options and best of all they send you your phone fast!

      • Veronica Mars says

        You can use any verizon phone with this service, peoples used phones, the cheap 20 dollar phones from the dollar store, just as long as they are verizon. All you have to do is contact customer service and switch your service to the new phone, which I have done a couple times, but have been trying to do for the past 2 days and it is proving to be difficult to contact anyone on the website.

  110. gpol says

    “And to make this option even more attractive, minutes purchased through MoneyGram will be automatically loaded onto your account. What could be simpler?” Not having to drive to CVS or Walmart to add minutes — that would be simpler. I should be able to charge by phone to my credit card. THAT would be simpler.

  111. Shelly L. La Mar says

    This company is bogus!!! Never can get through and they take money but don’t add minutes. And then hassle you to prove you did not get the minutes!!

      • vlp says

        ya i just got off the phone with them to find out why i haven’t received the minutes i paid for and they just kept me going in a circle like they have a script and say the same thing over and over, i did not get any where with them i finally hung up after 5minutes completely aggrivated.

  112. Tracey says

    I havent had an issue with free minutes or buying more from Reachout but customer service does suck there. Here is what happened to me. In April I bought a nice phone from them for 59.00. Qwerty keyboard, flipped open, etc. 3 months later the port stopped taking a charge. I contacted customer service who told me it was my charger. It wasnt my charger as I had already thought of that and gotten a new one and tried it before calling in. I asked for a supervisor. Same stupid tests and he says its the battery. I thought well that makes a little more sense. I was told I was being sent a battery for my phone. One week later I got a charger. Contacted them again..Asked for a new phone of the same model I had recently gotten. Was told that I would get a randomly selected refurbished phone. I freaked! Again spoke to a supervisor and was promised the same phone and inconvenience minutes. (I had bought the unlimited plan at the beginning of the month. A lot of good it did me since I havent had a phone). One week later I got a random selected refurbished phone. This LG is so old it has an external antennae and NO camera what so ever. Not even a display on the top so I can see the time!
    Needless to say I am pissed. After being a Reachout Wireless customer for over a year, I am looking for another company to go to.

  113. Joe Harris says

    This service is HORRIBLE. I am on the Govt plan and there is no way to add time, not the Govt offered times. Then I called twice at the 877 number and got a recording saying “All or agents are busy, please leave your name, number and your question and someone will return your call”. Well I have doe this twice, well over a week ago and still no call. Three other times I was told to call back because everyone was busy, I mean WTF is this? Im going to pay more and go back to Verizon, this is not worth the headache and hassle.

  114. carroll macintosh says


  115. carroll macintosh says

    my reachout wireless was working fine untill i ahd to make 2 911 calls for the lapd and then it stoped all together.

  116. Kizzie Watts says

    When I first recieved my phone it worked fine had the 250 minutes on it and everything. At the end of the month when it was time to get more minutes they never came. Do I have to purchase minutes every month or is it 250 free minutes everymonth? If any one could assist me on this I would be greatful!

    • Joe Harris says

      The 250 minutes is added between the 5th and 10th of each month, I got mine I just cant add minutes, at least not the ones advertise by the Govt.

  117. Tauheedah says

    I am interested in getting a Gov phone. I qualify in about 4 different ways. I need to know where and how to go about getting one.

    Thanks Tauheedah

  118. anna sanchez says

    ive been try to call so i could add minutes on my phone. i just keep getting the machine saying ur open between 9 am to 6 pm and to call back . u could call me at 661*******. please and thank you.

  119. Gruneichtime says

    The Reachout Wireless Website also say’s you can buy additional minutes using your Pay=Pal account!!!!

  120. Melissa Berry says

    I paid 26.50 for unlimited minutes and text and it took it out of my account but never applyed it to my phone and i cant reach anyone in coustmer service please help me

  121. Barb Williams says

    My used reachout phone went to a black screen and I ordered a new used one from reachout only to have reachout disconnect my black screen phone and now I have nothing for a phone. Thanks reachout—–also paid for unlimited talk and text but have no phone at all sine they disconnected it…..GOOD JOB!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marcella Bellamy says

      I bought some minutes 5-16-2012. I pay $10.00, but I never got my minutes. I bought the minute at CVS.

  122. Deborah Primm says

    Im trying to add minutes to my phone and the service will not let me,also i would like to apply for the lifeline program.I have been a reachout wireless customer for over two years.Will someone please contact me asap.

  123. dolores says

    i lost my phone how can i activate a different phone or get a new one its been two months already and i need the phone…

    • BrEnDa C says

      dolores im with you on that anybody can you help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • naomi says

      kelly it is easier if you call cust serv and they have no fee if you pay with ur debit i usually get the 10$ plan 250 min a month is good enough for me
      so the extra few bucks you save is good for the following month

  124. julie rincon says

    use web chat..its so fast..le i was on hold 4 ever using my sisters minutes and i i was pisst and frustrated at the holding processes and not to mention hung up on twice..went on to chat and all my qurstions and answrs wer handeled in abt 10 min

  125. says

    i already have my phone, however i never know how many minutes i get free per month. and neither do i know how many avaiable minutes i have during the month! would you please explain how i can track the minutes i get/have during a month

  126. Leigh says

    I have my phone. Had really nasty music and pics on it that I had to remove. Use the Chat on line vs calling. You don’t use your minutes that way. All works well. We are blessed for this service. Praise God!

  127. jeanette says

    why after faxing all the correct information to reach out wireless for annual certification my phone got turned back on for 3 day’s, then I start getting the same recording telling me to fax the all information again? what happened?

  128. Jon says

    why is everyone complaining? This is a free cell phone to help you get a job and stay connected to family, not for you to yap all day long with your friend.

    • A. Pena says

      I rec’d a Samsung…Verizon Wireless cell. I used to be able to send pix and rec pix as well as text messages. Pix don’t work now. and I keep getting Voicemail messages I cain’t pick up. Help. ATL<GA

  129. jacky says

    if u need 250 in louisiana i know 3 that are very good and one u can call and text> ************ put in subject please “need 250 phone”. or i will think its spam.

  130. garry fields says

    Ive had a reachout wireless phone for right at a year now and Ive NEVER gotten 250 minutes a month only 50 but thats ok because the phone only worked in a very few places now its not wanting to take a charge and after being on hold forever I finally get to talk to someone that doesnt speak english ( middle eastern ) and their website wont load

  131. Heather Vitale says

    I have had a cell phone from you for over a year and i want to cancle the phone because wgen i received the phone over a year a go i have not used it because it never worked i could charge the phone all day long and then go and use it and it would only last for one bar then this is not convenet for me to keep this phone activated.

    • Tre says

      U get what U pay for right. Don’t talk so much or get more minutes. If this is ur 2nd phone why you milking the system?? U obviously can afford a regular phone or are you scamming?

      • Conserned says

        I Agree ! I Know Someone That Is One Such Person That Has Slipped Through The Cracks And Is Useing 3 free Cell Phone Providers ” Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless & Reachout”. And It Makes Me Sic!
        I Am On Disability, Yes I have A home Phone And I Am Useing The System To, BUT” I Only Have And Use 1 of The Free Cellphones From 1 Provider. I Use It For When I have To Make My Quarterly 200 Mile Out Of Town Trips To One Of My Many Dr. Appts. I Have My Home Phone Forwarded To My Free Phone. That Way I Do’nt Miss A Call Especially So I Do’nt Miss A Call If It’s From 1 Of My Dr’s. Who Do I Get In Touch With To Report This Person ?

  132. Catherine Nguyen says

    I surf around and didn’t see the web application for applying free cell phone by government. I’d like to apply online for him,who lived in CA and have all conditions to apply for.
    Can you send an attachment via my email.
    Thankyou much.

  133. Nancy from Cali says

    I received my REACHOUT WIRELESS PHONE this month. I applied on the 4th and received it on the 11th of Sept.. I told a friend of mine about the program and they applied later that same day as i had. Well they received their phone 3 days later! I was annoyed that i didnt get mine for another week! When the phone did come I was disappointed that i didn’t get the same type as my friend. I received a Motorl / Crazor ( had some charging issues @ 1st but after several chring’s it’s fine now). I’ve already used my mins for the month so, now i’m deciding on which method to refill my account. Swaying towards the MoneyGram for the extra mins (reimbursment for the cost of the MG card). My phone service has been good quality- no dropped calls but, trying to get thru to C/S is a joke on us & nearly impossible to get thru. If u call use a phone that has unlimited service . You will be on hold for a while, at least 25 mins.. We must take the good w/ the bad. Be humble and thankful that this program is here for us. So when you finally do get thru to an operator … BE Kind & Polite ! NOT Crappy & GHETTO !! Not the place for acting your shoe size or exercising your ebontics. Or trying to get one over on them. After all – They CAN just drop YOUR crappy ass CALL too ! LOL

      • trell says

        I totally agree. I am very thankful/greatful for R/O, they save me soooo… much money, every month. And if like me you didn’t get one of the more fancier phones so what! They have a large selection of phones you can purchase at a good price with the money you save using their service.

  134. Erin says


    this website is just general information on all government free phone providers. You’re going to have to call your provider (Safelink, Reachout Wireless, etc whichever one you have) and ask them. Or since you’re having trouble getting them by phone, go to their website and email them, or some have Live Customer Help. Good luck with getting your phone back.


  135. loyce Taylor says

    I sent my phone in for repairs and I can not reach anyone in customer service. I am getting very upset with this situation and your customer service. Please fix this soon!