Kentucky: Providers of Free Government Cell Phones

If you live in Kentucky and are reading this, welcome to the Kentucky page. We put it together to help you get more information on the Lifeline phone service program that’s available in your state.

The governor of Kentucky released a report in June 2011 that said the state’s economy was strong. “The third quarter was a great quarter, and it looks good going forward,” said Greg Harkenrider of the State Budget Director’s Office.

This is, of course, is of little comfort to the people who find themselves unemployed and under-employed. Fact is, Kentucky has a 10% unemployment rate, which is far higher than the national average. 211,622 residents of the Bluegrass State were unemployed in April 2011.

Free Cell Phone Providers in Kentucky:

Here’s a list of all the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phones in Kentucky. They all offer different plans with different numbers of minutes, different refill options, and serve different geographic areas. So click through them all and find the plan that’s best for you.

Lifeline Discount Companies in Kentucky

If you qualify for Lifeline Assistance, but you find that none of the companies offer free government cell phones where you live, you have another option. The companies below, while not offering free cell phone plans, do offer substantial Lifeline discounts off their regular mobile phone plans in Kentucky:

Lifeline Cell Phone Eligibility in Kentucky:

You are eligible if you receive benefits from any of these programs in Kentucky:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance/Section 8
  • Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program (NSL)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

You may also qualify if your Total Household Income is at or under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To see these calculated income levels, please see chart below:

Income Based Eligibility for Kentucky
Members in Household Annual income Monthly Income
1 member $15,890 $1,324
2 members $21,506 $1,792
3 members $27,122 $2,260
4 members $32,738 $2,728
5 members $38,354 $3,196
6 members $43,970 $3,664
7 members $48,586 $4,049
8 members $55,202 $4,600
For each additional member add $5,516 annual or $460 monthly

Latest News for Kentucky:

Assurance Wireless Brings Free Phone Service in Kentucky - This week, fast-growing Assurance Wireless, who provides free cell phones and airtime to the poor, introduced their service to Kentucky.
Cincinnati Bell enters Lifeline cell phone program in Ohio - Cincinnati Bell has just entered the Lifeline cell phone market in Ohio, with plans to expand in neighboring Kentucky soon.

If you have any other questions, please refer to the links in the sidebar.


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  1. greg price says

    I applied for a lifeline phone through budget. But was denied because they said I already have a phone. This simply not true. How do I clear this up and get a phone.

  2. Ronnie Bruce says

    I signed up for a phone at safelink several months ago the first one they sent had no signal where I live I have contacted them several times they said I would get another phone each time it’s been over several weeks and still no phone I need to know what I can do

  3. Reeko says

    those in poverty get spied on by the government through a free phone service sounds promising I hope they have the money to jail a lot of idiots

  4. Donnie craft says

    As someone who works for a living. I wish someone would explain to me when a cell phone became an entitlement. This is just one of the many problems in this country. No incentive to get a job. Why bother. Everything will be given to you. Tax dollars hard at work right here

    • Deyvaen says

      I paid into the system my entire life and worked 2 or 3 jobs most of the time. If I was physically healthy enough I’d still be working, but that option is no longer available to me.
      I have the luxury of being completely disabled and living on an extravagant $800./month SSI & food stamps, which barely covers my rent, electric, heat, medications, food and trips to the doctor or grocery store. I don’t have cable TV, internet or any telephone – I have to go to a neighbor or friend’s house to use theirs. I would take a land line phone if that was offered, but a cell phone is what’s being offered. I would like the privelege of being able to call one of my 7 doctors for an appointment or the pharmacy to fill my medications. Thank-you for your help.

  5. James r bailey says

    I draw ssi and live alone, i can’t afford phone service on my income.
    Hopefully you all can help me,

    • says

      As you can see above in the article, SSI is a qualifier. Give one of the providers listed above a call and you will get your phone.

    • says

      I’m sorry, with the exception of dialing 611 (if your phone is working), there is no way to know the name of your company.

    • says

      Everything you need to know about getting a phone in Kentucky is on this page. If you live in another state, please click on the States link in the navigation bar up above.

  6. laura simmons says

    i currently am getting lifeline assistance on my home phone. i would like to transfer that to a cell phone. could someone please contact me for assistance with this? thank you. L simmons

    • says

      No one can contact you, you’ll need to select a provider from the list on this page and contact them.

  7. Sherry Stewart says

    I got a free cell phone recently and it was working great until last month, and now it say that it is not register will u please help me?

  8. wanda slone says

    hi I am a cancer patient with back promblems and I have to to the docor a lot I take the bus we have here but it takes awhile to get back to get you and in some doctors offices its hard to get to use their phones I need a cell and appreciate it if you would point me in the right direction to get one … I cant afford to buy one ..I am on ssi ans the snap program ..I don’t drive so I need to know where to see if I can get one I li ve in Pikeville ky and my zip is 41501 …thanks

  9. Betty Bailey says

    Hi, I’m Betty I have talked to bill from field marketing and I’m interested in selling life line phones in the Newport area. He says he is the manager and I’m having trouble finding the online application. I can be reached anytime at 513283**** thank u I’m very interested in working. :)