Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones

Free Phone, 250 minutes and UNLIMITED texts each month.
IN CALIFORNIA: Unlimited Talk and Text!

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Assurance Wireless, a Sprint/Nextel company, is currently available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. And, as with their competitors, they’ll be coming soon to other states across the country.

If you qualify for an Assurance Wireless government phone, and requirements vary from state to state, you will get a free cell phone, 250 minutes of airtime and unlimited text messages at absolutely no cost. If up 250 minutes are not enough, you can get more minutes for a low monthly fee, or more minutes can be added as needed with Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards, available from thousands of retailers nationwide.

Note that the during the first four months, new customers will receive double the minutes — 500 minutes per month. After that, your allowance goes back to 250 minutes.

UNLIMITED IN CALIFORNIA: And residents of the nation’s most populous state get the best deal to be found anywhere: unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. Unbelievable, but true. The only other company that provides unlimited voice and text is Budget Mobile (to find out more about Budget Mobile, click here), so be sure to check them out as well.

Assurance Wireless is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies offering free cell phones through the federal Lifeline Assistance program, and it continues to grow rapidly because it is a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile, which itself is a subsidiary of Sprint/Nextel. They are the second largest company, behind Safelink Wireless. Although with their aggressive plans they’ve recently released, Safelink needs to be looking over their shoulder.

Are You Eligible?

Eligibility requirements for an Assurance phone and minutes often vary slightly from state to state, but you probably qualify for a phone from the company if you participate in any of the following government aid programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • State assistance programs (check your state).

If you are not on a government assistance program that is Lifeline-approved for your state, you can still qualify if your household income meets certain government guidelines in your area — namely, if it is at our below 135-150% (may vary upon state) of the federal poverty level. Submit your Assurance Wireless application online or via mail, or call the Assurance Wireless phone number to see if you qualify.

Features and Plans

Assurance Wireless phones are modern mobile phones with a wide range of standard features such as voicemail, call waiting and caller id. The basic plan is a free phone and 250 free minutes plus unlimited domestic text messages each month (unused minutes do not rollover into the next month). But there are specials, differences in some states, and additional plans you can purchase. Here’s the rundown:

California Plan: Unlimited voice and text.

Basic Plan: 250 free voice minutes and unlimited free texts.

Current Bonus: an extra 250 free voice minutes each month for the first 4 months of service.

Extra $5 per month: additional 250 voice minutes.
Extra $30 per month: add unlimited voice and web.

* Buy Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards from thousands of stores across the country. Or use credit, debit or PayPal.

Be Sure to Compare Assurance Wireless with Other Options in Your State

Assurance Wireless is just one of the many Lifeline Cell Phone providers in your state. Some states have over a dozen cell phone providers to choose from. Plans and phone choices often vary substantially between providers and you owe it to yourself to look at them all. To begin your comparison shopping, please see our phone providers by state page and click on your state.

Contact Assurance Wireless
Assurance Wireless
P.O. Box 686
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Assurance Wireless Customer Service
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Further Reading on Assurance Wireless

Latest News on Assurance Wireless

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High demand for free phones meets high temperatures, chaos ensues - WOWT-TV reports that things got a little heated recently when Life Wireless tried to give free government cell phones to low income residents of Omaha, Nebraska.
High tech innovations stop fraud in free government cell phone program - Contractors like Life Wireless and its subcontractors have gone the extra mile to make sure only eligible individuals are processed for the phones.
Free cell phone competition heats up in Arizona: Life Wireless and Assurance Wireless now enter the fray - Life Wireless and Assurance Wireless have officially opened their doors in the Grand Canyon State and are now offering Lifeline Assistance free government cell phones to the state’s low-income residents.
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  1. Lauren Dianne Spector says

    I live on a fixed income and have food stamps. How much would this phone cost me. I will only use this phone when the power goes out and I need help. Also, I am a senior citizen who is disable.

  2. Victoria Goulet says

    My Mother is 87 and I currently pay for her cell phone; however, I’m also struggling with finanaces….. If she qualifies for a free phone does she get to keep her current cell phone number?

  3. cj mckenzoe says

    I need information and forms for our residents at****, **** Williams Ave., Portlànd, OR 97227. We have low income resident that are quadraplegics who need to have easy access to lifeline type services around their necks with a easy push button.

    • says

      The Lifeline program phones we discuss on this site will not work for what you are looking for. They are just standard, small cell phones.

  4. shawn wohlers says

    had buget moble and went to renew food stamps buget moble went out of buisness and would like to see a reliable phone service

  5. Al-Alee Workfield says

    I need to get the activation pin for my phone but the call care service is acting up. how can I have it sent to my email address.

  6. Jeanette says

    I signed up for a phone and checked my status online it says activated what does that mean if I haven’t recorded the phone yet.

  7. myles jackson says

    I have mail and faxed my form you sent me to fill out information as a copy Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). I have yet to hear from you, and the AT&T informed me to call you to see what is going on.

  8. Thuy Tran says

    I have 01 free cell phone over 01 year.On 4/1/2015 it end service.I would like update 01 more year.Can you help me to do it???Please answer to me as soon as.Thank you very much.I wait right on my computer.

  9. Rick Albert says

    Alright, I’ve been bounced around enough on this website. Sign me up for the free Assurance Wireless phone with 250 minutes and unlimited texts monthly.
    You’ll have to email me because my phone has been stolen.

    • says

      Luckily, you have bounced right on to the correct page which tell you how to get an Assurance phone. Read the article at the top of this page, and then if you qualify call the phone number listed at the bottom of the article, or sign up at their website, which is listed also near the bottom of the article.

  10. Eugene Deucker says

    I have applied twice for a free gov’t phone and twice had a problem. The first time I called customer service and spoke to someone who said I qualify for sure because I am on food stamps and medicade. I sent back another application with new copies of proof and two weeks later got a response of denial because they could not verify my SS# and name. I think this is some kind of game. Can someone please help me?

  11. Robert K. Johnston says

    I got my Assurance Wireless phone last August, after a bad incident with Telscape’s “Customer Service” department regarding my Android (that was stolen on the San Diego Trolley).
    The phone, while basic, works pretty well.
    And since I live here in California, I have unlimited text and talk.

    Overall, I am rather happy that I have Assurance…but there are bugs in the system.

    One, I do believe that the “phone-in-question” should be a flip-phone, with longer battery life (at the least). It gets to be a pain in the patoot to have to keep locking-and-unlocking the keyboard to use it.

    Two, we should be allowed to upgrade our phones once-a-year. I’m not talking about getting “the latest-and-greatest,” but a nicer phone would be a good incentive to stay with your company year-after-year.

    Three, consider adding more options to the plans…including an easier “opt-out” feature.

    Four, make your plan better known to folks. You have a good thing going–so let it be known!

    Thank you for your time!
    Robert K. Johnston,
    Vista, CA

    • You sound entitled says

      Your comment is ridiculously entitled and you sound ungrateful. You should be thankful for what you have. If you want something else you should choose another plan!

  12. Shelby Ramsey says

    Worst customer service ever! The phone, Jax by kyocera, life value of this phone is low. Consider giving a different new phone for its use is not very useful. Revamp every thing about Assurance Wireless the hassle with you all is not even worth the phone.

  13. Scott says

    I’ve been checking to see if my application was accepted. Up to today it was saying still being reviewed. Now it says it can’t be found. Does this mean it was misplaced, denied, or accepted?

  14. Florentina Zamora says

    I applied for a free phone outside of Walmart a month ago and still haven’t received it. So I was wondering if I’m still going to get it in the mail and by when.

    • William Robles says

      I lost it like a month ago I can’t find it disconnected and I need another one thank you for your time

  15. Kathy Ullsperger says

    I currently have Q-Link. You offer a better ( more economical) plan. May I end theirs this month and begin yours after paperwork is sent in and approved?

    • tom suminski says

      I applied 2-26 15 for a phone and was told I would receive it in 2 to 5 days’ and that my current phone would be shut off within 10 days. I received nothing. the internet said an application would be sent to me. received nothing. I calledyou. and the agent said I have to cancel my present phone first. WHAT DO I DO- THANK YOU

  16. betty says

    hello I resive my cellphone but i would like a different phone one smartphone, its possible for me to buy a different phone ans use the line? help me please!!!!

  17. steven floyd says

    you say hat people on SSI get a free phone ,WELL THAT’S A LIE . cause I’m on SSI and I applied for a free phone and I was told I didn’t qualified for a phone which is bull**** and full of **** cause I’m going to be homeless soon.

  18. Linda Martin says

    I am not looking for a phone for myself. I am helping a woman who has been homeless. She has no income. She does have food stamps or whatever that program is called. She is getting help with rent and other bills, but has zero money. She is collecting cans for change; trying to sell items; begging.
    She has various medical problems and needs a phone.
    She lives in Twain Harte, CA 95383. I am not sure the service for the cell phone will work here. My A T & T does. How does she go about applying?

    • Ashley says

      She can go to website and apply !lifeline assistance, another name for the phone assistance, or call the customer service line on the website or on the back of her card. Hope this helps.

  19. Beverly J Owen says

    It was advertised to be at Tatonka today in Clearlake, CA to sign up for the free CA cell phone, and that we would receive them in the mail with set-up instructions in a week or so.

    However, I waited for an hour today and the lady did not come. I got a ride, so I couldn’t wait longer. When I left, there were a lot of people waiting, standing outside in the cold weather, 43o–even moms with babies.

  20. Sheree Price says

    My phone was about to run out, and I kept getting messages from the company about calling a number from the cell phone so I could keep it going. For 3 months we tried and every time we called the number, it hung up once a connection was made, or gave us the message that to renew our plan, we had to call the following number….which was the same number we had been calling. Eventually, I was informed by voice mail that I would have to “Top Off” my phone to keep it working. Nice. Set up a Catch-22 situation that can’t be gotten around to get whatever money they can but claim to the Government that they’re “providing” a free phone to Food Stamps recipients.

  21. Debra Brown says

    I am a single mom with one child still living at home looking for information to help make living expenses a little easier.

  22. Dennis Lee Thorpe says

    I have applied for an assurance wireless phone and have tried in vain and have talked to at least 25 people to help me at your phone company and to my regret I still haven’t received a phone please check on this for me, I am a veteran, with no phone and no car and I would like your phone. Please help me I have been trying to get this since 12 12 14 and to no avail……………………….. A friend of mine is sending this mail to you. please help me .. Dennis Lee ****** **** Michael Dr. Alger, Michigan 48610 Please note NO ONE lives with me……………………………

  23. iris cullotta says

    I’m eligible, and have been. I sent my info in by mail several months ago, and I was told my SS#’s didn’t match. I would like to know why I’m not receiving my well deserved phone?

  24. susan Phillips says

  25. Kimberley Lavender says

    Hello, my question is, ” I have applied for a phone before, but was denied due to someone else used my adders. How may I receive your phone and services at my address, when an ex roommate has already used said residence? Thank You

    • BILL PIERCE says


    • ASW Social Care says


      If you have forgotten your pin number, please contact our customer care line at 888-321-5880 and they can assist with sending you your pin number….
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  26. Melody says

    I was with another free government phone program in December. when I went to upload January’s minutes they informed I had been cancelled saying I was also with another carrier. I have the phone but can’t receive or make calls and this has put me in high anxiety! I’m looking for work and not able to receive or return calls and they said I would receive a letter from National Lifeline Database and would POSSIBLY be able to resume my service after 2 month’s! Since my accounts cancelled with them can I apply with you and how long would it take to have service?? I have a phone. Help, Please! I’m in my 50’s with ADD and have not been through this before. melody

  27. Jenifer Marlow says

    I already have phone service with assurance wireless but my phone will not work. I have had the same phone you sent me in 2010. I haven’t been able to use my phone for 2 or 3 months now and I’m gonna buy a new phone soon and I just wanted to know if it is still active. I had just recertified a month or 2 when the phone stopped working and I want to continue using it. Please let me know if it is still active before I purchase a new phone. I really want and need to keep this service it is by far the best service I have had and I had also signed up for unlimited texts which will help me a great deal. Thank you!!

  28. Andrew says

    I have an old LG virgin mobile flip phone. It was a pay as you go phone. I was wondering. Instead of getting a new phone from assurance wireless, can I use my old phone instead for free voice minutes and unlimited text plan?

  29. Eric Sanchez says

    I have put in four applications, and have been tuned down each time. The first time, and the second I may have made a mistake, but the third, and fourth. The second time the man told be just send in another app. , and there would be know problems. When I called I was told they couldn’t find my app. The third time I was told they couldn’t read my name. NOE FOR THE SAKE OF GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I am on SSDI, and SNAP. I demand the Government phone number to call, and find out what is really going on! Eric Sanchez

    • ASW Social Care says


      We are truly sorry to hear of yoru experience with the application process. There is a number of reasons why an application will be denied, you want to ensure the application is filled out clearly and fully. If you would like to check the status of an application you can contact our customer care for a live representative at 888-321-5880 or you can reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to look into that for you
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  30. Stanley Trowbridge says

    Did Sirs: I applied for a lifeline phone back in October 2014 and have continued to do it every month since. Your representives keep asking for the same things that I already Faxed to you. Example: they keep asking for address verification yet the address I supplies they are able to get the information thru to me. I am a homeless vet and a staying a a place that supplies homeless vets a place to live for up to 24 months. I live in a studio apartment that vet lived in previously and must have gotten a phone thru you. He does not live there any more and is gone. Your representives have informed me that I am qualified for one. Please e-mail why it has taken 3 months to and I haven’t gotten one. I am very angry about this. This is the number to my case worker here: 251-***-**** her name Is Brooke ******

    • ASW Social Care says


      We are sorry to hear you have not received a response back in regards to your application, you can contact our customer care at 888-321-5880 to check the status of your applications or you can reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to see if we can look that up for you on our end
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  31. Augusta Christian says

    The phone that I’ve got now is not like the phone I did have that one was a tracfone and I lost that one. So I did just what the promgam said to do and they send me a virgin moble phone I’ve had it for a month got the free mins went to charge it and it did not turn on now I can’t get to call and let them know this . I have all that was in the box to send back I also ttryed to go to the site for the phone sevier but their computer keeps telling me it was not a vaule account and the phone numbers was wrong too.

  32. Nancy Greene says

    I. Want to return my phone. I recently sentproof of my last name thru the court and also cancel led my landline. I m on medicaid food stamps and as. I got a letter today saying I m no longer eligible. The woman I spoke with said Greene did not exist. I had sent all the info about my name change and had it certified mail. The woman could barely speak English and had to spell my simple name four times. What the hell is the address to do so? She could or would not give it to me.

  33. deborah young says

    Does Assurance wireless roll over unused minutes to the next month or do they take away what you dont use?

    • ASW Social Care says


      At this time our company does not support the rollover minutes feature. Minutes will reset once the full month on an account is up.
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  34. Christine Mikula says

    I have had assurance wireless and LOVE IT!!! Their cus service is beyond expectation. Ive recomended ALL my family and friends to switch from SAFELINK to ASSURANCE WIRELESS,as I did,and have gotten ALL THANK YOUS!!!!! Thry truely care about their customers and most of all THEIR CUSTOMERS DEBILITATING NEEDS. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!!!!!
    ~C~ 2015

  35. Stan Harris says

    I was approved (low income) and received a phone from Assurance on Jan. 5th. The phone was so tiny I couldn’t even read the keyboard, let alone the mini screen.I’m 70 years old! Being of no use to me, I mailed it back on Jan 5th. then emailed Assurance. I received a reply today, suggesting I “upgrade” to a better phone-for a price! Sounds like the ol’ bait & switch to me! So much for “Free” phones plan. So, how does one ever get a free phone that is usable?

    • Barb V says

      Try contacting Consumer Cellular. Look at your AARP magazine at your local library. Their screens are bigger and plans start at $10 a month and go up from there. I don’t have one, but I heard they are good.

  36. Rolando Zamora says

    I’m interested strictly in promoting your product as a means of earning an income. Please forward me your response via my e-mail. I’m very much interested in learning more about your company.

    • ASW Social Care says


      I am sorry to hear you are being billed every few days. We would love the opportunity to look into this for you. If you are still needing assistance with you can contact our customer care line and speak with a live representative by calling 888-321-5880 or you can reach out to us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  37. Amy says

    Can I come in to an Assurance Wireless store and get a phone? If so where is the nearest location to me? I’m in San Diego zip code is 92114. Thank you so much

  38. Cheryl Whitman says

    Safelink wireless reps. have gotten somethong wrong with themselves-idiots. Reason why I have o free cell service is of necessity especially being on oxygen-and I need emergency help like at the end of June 2014 when the hospital put me on a ventilator cause I stopped breathing-theoirj phone doesn’t work as I said to them we are breaking up-etc. I have no other number to call from-I told them I just moved from out of state and don’t know neighbors so I don’t have a nother phoine to call from -they laughed at me. and won’t send another phone so I have one for emergencies- I am thankful to have a computer to apply for another service and to tell everyone safelink are not nice people-safelink can say whatever they want to me at 61 Horseback Trail-Gerrardstown.

  39. Michael Staana says

    Hello I am curious about any similar to yours for residents of Hawaii.

    Thank you for your time and help.


  40. Tim Mullen says

    Can we keep our existing phone number with any of the free cell phone plans? Can we get roll-over minutes with any of the plans?

  41. Betty Woods says

    I had an assurance phone but it was stolen yesterday and would like it turned off and I woukd like another one issued. All of my information on record is still the same. As a matter of fact I recently requalified by phone. Please let me know what steps are required to complete this request l.

  42. georgianna godla says

    Got my replacement phone cant seem to activiate it can somebody from r company please call me ive been on hold from another phone for 20 mintues …I cant even call from this phone I was sent….to call 611 for customer service….

  43. Stephanie Rawlinson says

    I applied for my free phone about 4 weeks ago. I explained to the person on the phone that I carry a lifeline on a home phone. I was told the the number could be transferred to the free phone. As of today 12/20/2014 I have made 2 or 3 phone calls and have not heard or received my phone from your company. Some friends that I know applied around the same time and have received there free phones already.

    Is there a problem?

    • mollatakele says

      my name s mollatakele i wos cend apilcation ror the life line selephon i didn t resive the in formation i didn t nowtheprobleem i wuod like to now the problem pleace e mail by tehis email takelemolla**** tahnk you bery mach

      • Maryanne says

        Maybe you should learn how to write and speak English first. I was a rep and many customers do not qualify because they are new to Nevada and do no have an “USPS recognized” address. This is very common for those residents that reside in the “Segal Suites, Budget Suites because the USPS recognizes these units as one single residence.

  44. This is bullshit says

    You can’t imagine the frustration, anxiety and stress these bozos turds have caused using these overseas operators who pretend to work, act like they are doing something just ot geta paycheck, that are infuriatingly dumb and stupid.

    They act like they don’t hear you, understand english and cna’t understand what you are calling about. But as soon as you swear, curse or yell at them they understand.

    They refuse to get you a manager, someone in the US and don’t even get the info right.
    Loose your info, promise to send a replacement, promise to send you what you need within 3 days. And of course you expect not ot see it either. Because they don’t know what planet or time it is.
    They use these morons, retarded turds for overseas operators rto answer there phone.
    I wish and hope all there children and family members reap all the bad seed they sow to caus us indignat people who rely on this to go through and feel what we feel.

    They are complete jackasse amd retards. They should eat, sleep, and breathe all the anxiety frustration and asthama attacks one feels from all this bullshit.

    They are so dumb they son’t even know this. And all these major big coprs are using them thinking they are saving money and t hey aren’t in fact they are loosing customers to other companies because us americans are fed up and tured of the shit.

  45. Sandra R Singer says

    My phone was stolen and I have moved so please contact me., I have no phone now but my number was on Virgin Mobile 916 752**** and I’d like to have the unlimited text and nation wide calling plan. I am still on the program based participant. I still have the po box in Sacramento as my billing address. My renewal period is 4/24/2015

    Thank you for your assistance
    Sandra R. Singer

  46. peter guy says

    So far service seems good 12/17/2014 I got an email saying that my phone had been activated today is 12/18/2014 I called assurance and they said it was shipped out how ever I didn’t need to wait you can use any pay lo phone I went to best buy an picked up the samsung montage phone i called assurance and they activated it for me, Assurance really makes it dam easy to get an new phone not like all the others who give you the run around.

  47. brian says

    i aplyed for one of those goverment phones and i got the pink envelope in the mail i filled it out and i got copys of the requirements that was proof that i qaulified for the phone and then all the sudden i get another pink envolope in the mail saying that they could not read the copys good enough why is that the copys were very neat and clear and clean and they wre very easy to see and read them

  48. ANN PALMER says

    Recently I moved from AZ back to CA and QLink had sent me a phone just before I left AZ, then when I had to order minutes, I was told I had to sign up all over again becasue of now living IN CA but I can’t seem to get anything done. I have no minutes on that phone that I assume replaced the older phone. I have MAGICJACK for my house phone and when I call in and get only recorded messages saying press 1 – 2 – etc. pressing a number DOES NOT WORK ON THIS PHONE so I can have NO human contact. I cannot live on Soc. Sec. only and must get ocassional weddings to officiate or possibe extra work in TV/films as I am still in the union. THUS I NEED to order current business card but cannot do that until I have a DEPENDABLE phone service. CAN YOU HELP?? ANN PALMER – M.J PHONE 480 478 ****

  49. Elma Alvarez says

    I received a free phone, I was expecting my current linrline number to be used in my free phone, I dont have no use for this phone, but my son does, Can we put this on his name?
    Should i return it & ask him to apply for his own?

  50. James L. Fitzpatrick says

    A few weeks ago I applied by mail, returning our application, for a government-sponsored free cell phone. I have heard nothing. I did call the 888 number who assured me of receiving a phone, but have neither heard nor received anything.

  51. cecil shorty says

    on October 28 2013 I applied for a phone I sent all my information to assurance and did not receive my phone what happened?

  52. nessne says

    I received the application, I finished it online on California lifeline as option 2. 2 days later checked status it said approved . Then got email from assurance wireless said a new pin was created for my account . I checked status iwith the info on assurance. It says activated on. Thats it. Is this the process? Do they accept it activate it then ship it?

    • ASW Social Care says


      We have seen that you expressed your concerns regarding how our process works when approved. If you have not had any of your questions answered, we will be more than happy to do that for you. You can contact us at 888-321-5880 or reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to look into that for you.
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

    • says

      Being disabled is not a qualification for a Lifeline phone. You have to qualify under the terms in the article above.

  53. Gary Besner says

    What is considered the sharing of income and expenses in a household? If I am the only household member with an income and I pay more of the bills and rent is this considered sharing? My roommate and I both have Assurance Wireless phones, moved to Florida last month, and share food. However, once I begin work again, my money and his will be separate. I currently receive SSI which goes directly to me; he does not touch this, and it is with this that I pay my bills. Please advise. Thank you.

  54. john lapearl says

    i was trying to get a real person on the phone for help and i hit the i lost my phone # by mistake
    i had just paid 5.40 cents to get 250 extra voice mail and now i can’t use my phone at all…
    PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS! i need this phone

  55. traci johnson says

    ive tried 4 different numbers to report my phone lost and none of the selections get me where i need to be anyone have a # ?

  56. Becky Harrison says

    I filled out application and sent proof in just to get letter saying “need proof” before finished application was able to reach someone to talk to, to be sure it got to my address but NOW after receiving this letter cannot reach person for nothing

  57. kim maryan says

    Can u plz send an application for me to print off computer to my email address and plz tell me if there are any locations in st Louis that I can go to in person w my I’d and documentation to get a phone asap thanks

  58. shirley scanlon says

    I have a cell phone thru assurance wireless..I’ve used the automated service six times in the past two weeks to renew my contract..Apparently it was never put thru the system because I keep getting messages that I need to contact you and update my information. Then I got a message today that stated my service is expired as of today. What is going on????

  59. Kita says

    I applied three times and Assurance wireless still had sent me another application with the same information they need me to send back to them. I am wondering why do they asked for the same information on the application?

  60. Sondra Lisa Baugh says

    Is there NO ONE to respond to my problem? My phone does not work….NEED to re apply for another phone. HELP…..ASAP

  61. Leonardo Martinez says

    It is time for my recertification.I’ve been trying to do it from my phone as the messages I’ve been recieving tell me to.When I give them my telephone number…the automated voice says it’s not my number.I’d like a telephone number where I could talk to an actual person to explain my problem to.

  62. mario fernandez says

    I have no income as of now and need help with proof of income . I don’t have a W-2. How can I show proof with no W-2?

  63. Mary says

    I live in Spotsylvania, Va in
    a senior apartment. I am
    disabled. I can’t walk well
    because of a severe deformity.
    I was hoping to qualify for a
    phone. I have a Section 8
    Housing Voucher and I receive
    Disability Income once a month.

  64. Jessica Rose says

    I need to apply for an assisted phone with low minutes for emergencies could someone help me apply I do not know where to start

  65. Susan Murphy says

    I have an assurance wireless phone. I moved from Norwood, PA to Ridley park, PA on Nov. 3. I called tochNgeaddress and I was told I was dumped from the program. Why?

    • ASW Social Care says


      If you are still needing assistance with reviewing your calls and/or texts, we will be more than happy to see what can be done for you and provide you the information you are requesting. If you can reach out to us at, we will be more than happy to help you out
      ….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  66. Cristy says

    I’m on assurance and saw that they were now giving unlimited texts with the 250 voice messages. I have not received the unlimited texts yet and should have received them last month. What can I do about this?

  67. keshona McIntyre says

    hey I really need a phone I just had a newborn and I have 3 other boys so I can have to call make doctors appointment and day care and with schools.

  68. Theo says

    I have a Assurance phone and I live in N.H. and they shut me off and when I tried to reply I got a computer voice saying that I got to press 1 for this and press 2 for that. I feel that the company that give’s out theses phone’s should be able to help out. They gave me a phone number and when I called it the number did not work plus I wrote to them and they did not answer my question’s nor did they help me out. But when I called again I got the run around just like that commercial on T.V. with the two desktop’s talking about identity theft and when the janitor come’s in one of the desktop’s say’s we are all set in here AL and the other one say’s have a good night brother. Are these companies that damn LAZY to pick up a phone and talk to a real person?

  69. Marinka says

    Would like to know if the free phones from government are smart phones, since I am a student and need any smart phone to use it for my homeworks.

  70. ruby says

    2 days ago I apply for a free phone to assurance vendors on the street. He asked me for my social security: Is this info a must? I gave to him, but when I realized that maybe I made a mistake I took his name and number ID from his Assurance ID. How can I contact the Corporate office or whoever is in charge?

    • says

      Don’t ever give your SS#. We don’t know the corporate number but maybe you can start with their customer service number: 1-888-898-4888

  71. Sabrina says

    I am in Fresno Ca. I would like to know I could possibly get a job with assurance but don’t know how to go about it. Can I please get some more info Thanks

  72. Michelle urbano says

    I’m a single mom and have food stamps WIC and Medicaid and choir a phone n apply for the please some so please send one I am also eligible for the 250 minutes and unlimited text and assurance Wireless

  73. Trina says

    They don’t help you. I lost my original phone they sent a replacement that stopped working now I don’t have a phone. What kind of government service is this when you’re unable to purchase a phone. If I could afford this I wouldn’t be signed up with assurance.

  74. lloyd martinez says

    I”m a low-income receiving snap and disability. I want to apply for this program in receiving a phone, and do I qualify for this program?



  76. terri says

    please send me an application for assurance phone. I have been disabled for 21 years and trying to live on only $700 a month. I have to give up medicines and other basics. appreciate your help.

    • says

      You are on the right page. Just go read the article above, all the contact information is on the page.

    • ASW Social Care says


      We are so glad to hear you are interested in our company. You can obtain our applications online at If you have not already done so. If you need additional information regarding our application you can find that informaiton on our website as well. If you are needing to speak with a customer care representative you can by calling 888-321-5880….ASW Social Care Specialist Monique G

  77. Susan Murphy says

    I have had an assurance free phone around 5 years. Last month when my new plan started, it didn’t. They cut me off because I moved. Last Monday is also the date I did move. They also claimed I didn’t recertify. I have yet to receive anything via mail to tell me how to fix it. And no matter how hard u try, you can NEVER get a person on the phone. Just automated circles going back n forth. HELP ME

    • William arnold says

      I was with you all before and my phone messed up,so I had a old phone here and I had it turned on till my new phone got here and you all cancel my sev. I would love to come back.

  78. frankie says

    I’ve been trying for months to get an assurance phone. I don’t know what the problem is. It seems rediculous how many applications you have to send and they still never seem to get em wether by fax or mail. They should conduct their business much more professionally. However they have the best plan for thr free phone service so I will keep trying

  79. Kenneth Riffle says

    I want to know if u all have phones that have were you can down load ring tones to your type of phone cause I am looking to drop the company I am with now with? The company I am with will not replace my phone the key pad is hard to press numbers in. Get back with me asap

  80. Illana feldstein says

    I had a phone From assurance but some one took. How do I get a replacement phone? Please email or call my house number at 717 586 ****.

    Thank you
    Illana Feldstein

  81. Karen McKinney says

    I applied online and my PIN number is ******. I faxed my documentation today 11/3/14, can the application be faxed to me at 904-739-**** instead of mailing it to me?

    • says

      Karen, you’ll have to contact Assurance Wireless directly as they are a separate entity from us.

  82. john says

    on many of these posts they mention not getting a live operater… iget one everytime by hitting the pound key on all assurance numbers

  83. Dianne Ponce says

    I have been with assurance before.can I have a application mailed to me at my house.? My Address is Dianne Ponce – *** Gahart Dr #**, Colorado Springs,Colorado.80916 and my to my phone will be off the 3rd of November 2014.But I really need a Phone.I’ve been on ss and ssi and. Medicaid and medicare and snap for a long time.thank you for your time…Dianne Ponce

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We’re not the phone company so we cannot mail you an application. You’ll need to contact Assurance Wireless; their info is on the page above.

    • Jordan says

      you might want to vist, and login to your account with you cell phone number and account pin. go to settings, then edit service setting, and make sure that the sms block is not active on your account. Assurance wirelsess does not block text messages simply because you sent a text wrong.

  84. f keller says

    I had made a mistake sending a text without putting in right number how many days am I blocked from using my text again?

    • Luis says


      I work for assurance wireless customer service, if you missed your re-certification, unfortunately you will have to reapply as there is no way to restore the service back once you have missed the re-certification.

      Kind Regards,

  85. shannon pugh says

    i faxed all my info a couple weeks ago then i recieved a letter that stated i didnt prove my client id # which i have faxed twiceeverything
    its #*********
    shannon ****
    *** national ave. n rm ***
    but its getting really frusterating cause i have faxed all my info twicw

  86. stephanie says

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if we all get the same kind of phone, if so what kind is it, or do they just pick one at random and send it to you?

    • Jordan says

      The phone that is sent originally with the accounts is called a kyocera jax. its a small tiny basic phone. The only way to get another phone is by purchasing a VIRGIN MOBILE PAYLO phone.

  87. Everett Presley says

    i contacted you 8 hrs ago,got reply you would contact me soon.? i need to pay due bills now,please contact want to buy minutes. thank you.

    • Jordan says

      if you have foodstamps you qualify for assurance wireless. simply request an application by going online to, or by calling 1-888-321-5880 and speaking with a customer service rep. when you get the application make a copy of the front and back of your foodstamps card, and attach it to the application.

  88. Deborah says

    Thank you. Your page was informative + professional. I appreciate that.
    I have filled out an application at QLink. I. Have not sent my verifications. I like to change to Assurance. How do I do this?
    They have the last 4 digits of my Social Security#, + they are waiting for me to send proof of eligibility. I’ve discontinued my LIFE-line discount with TOY Communications, so timing is important; with TOY I can only call 4 towns with “BASIC”phone service, none are where my family or Dr. Are located.

  89. brenda fennell says

    Could u please send me an application for goverment phone. . Address is *** West Sabine Ave. Gladewater. Tx. 75647

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Asthma is not a qualifying condition. Once you get food stamps (SNAP), you can qualify with that.

  90. Dunno says

    Do I need to have a home phone in order to maintain eligibility for a wireless phone?

    If I drop my home phone it would save me over $30 per month – but what would I use as my account pin?

    Or, if I am allowed to drop my home phone, can I get a new pin??

  91. Jane says

    What happens if I misplace my phone can I get my account cancled incase someoneesle finds it and uses it. I wont hv to pay for it will I? Im on welfare just curious what wld happen

    • Jordan says

      if you lose your Assurance phone all you need to do is call Assurance wireless at 1-888-321-5880, provide the rep you speak with with your phone number and account pin, then tell them you need to suspend your account, because you lost the phone. there is also a possibility that you are eligible for a free replacement phone.

  92. Doris Gail Napier says

    I am retired and am receiving food stamps, I live in a small town and medical help is 25 miles away. Would I qualify for a phone?

  93. Tracy confair says

    I’ve been on this program almost two years now,never had one problem, I’m a happy customer. I would like an upgrade though? Hint.

  94. denise lackey says

    I’m disabled and a widow. I need a cell phone due to my health and safety but can’t afford one. I’m on a fixed income with only social security to help me. Can you help me?

  95. pam benner says

    I am calling to renew my phone but the recording says I am not on my cell -I am the recording does not recognize 253-330-**** why is that? I cant recertify because they say it is not an assurance phone and it is ! what is going o n? pam B

  96. penn says

    So many of the non-answers here say “we are not Assurance; you have to contact them” If you are not Assurance, then why is everything on this website related to Assurance – including the bold title at the top of the page? : Assurance Wireless Free Cell Phones
    Free Phone, 250-500 minutes and UNLIMITED texts each month
    IN CALIFORNIA: Unlimited Talk and Text! …. and all the way through. There is nothing that says you are anything else. This is a scam and a nasty one that tricked me into giving personal information to MARKETERS. Shame on you.

    • james hammond says

      and i had the phone for about 4 weeks before they terminated it.
      they say assurance did that.
      and i do NOT want to lse my old phone number over this

    • Jordan says

      you can call customer service at 1-888-321-5880 and tell them you want to check the status of your application. They will ask you a few questions pertaining to your application in order to locate it, then provide you with info about what is going on with your application.

  97. Bernice Hill says

    I received a cell wireless phone two years ago. and you sent me a recertification letter saying to have it in by October 6, 2014, I did not receive my recertification until October 8, Then you cut me off, even after I called you and told you about . How do I become recertified?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Good question. Ask the company and please let us know. Usually though, those with zero income qualify on government benefit programs.

  98. Erasmus Darwin says

    I too received a letter indicating I had more than one account. You will get no satisfaction other than venting and lowering your blood pressure. I do have a suggestion – this program is supervised by Universal Service Administrative Program – their reps are A+++. They will really look into your concerns. Another possibility is two voice your complaint to FCC (Federal Communications Commission. Individually you will make little difference I imagine but collectively when Congress has to re-finance the program – a pile of our complaints might turn the tide. So thank you for posting your concern – I share your frustration. Oh USC website is

  99. loretta phillips says

    I notified you guys that I lost my Obama phone and need a replacement but it keeps asking for my password and I forgot it I need my replacement phone immediately please

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      It won’t help to tell us, you need to contact Assurance Wireless. We are not affiliated with any cell phone company.

  100. mark daume says

    When I call with a Q, the automated system says “enter your phone number.” As soon as I enter the first digit, the system says “please try your call again later.” The system also tells to call from an Assurance wireless phone. The one that I have, in fact, is the only phone I have. And, yes, it is an Assurance wireless phone. I guess I’ll get one of those Walmart phones. As long as they’re not Assurance. Oh, one more thing. I was told that I received more than the allowed number of phones per household. Not true.

  101. Allie says

    Can you use your sprint phone with this company? I have an older inactivate smart phone by sprint can I activate it with this plan?

  102. Rosa Lee says

    Assurance Wireless Contact numbers are on this website. Be sure to make notes of what you need to talk to ethem about and be very clear and concise. The customer service representatives are supposed to handle calls quickly and satisfactorily. They can’t do that if you aren’t prepare with all your info.

    • abraham collins says

      i send my application in yesterday ! 10/16/2014 , do you have the touch screen phones available also ? my friends have them ! i miss out when they where giving them out !

  103. nancy says

    When you get your free phone is there a way you could connect that same number to another phone and the min. And text will still be free

    • tanya shultz says

      I have att phone was wondering if I can use it my off only work sometimes and their no volume just on speaker phone or get a new thank you

      • tanya shultz says

        I mean I have an att phone can I use it with my plan or get a new phone my phone only works on speaker phone and doesn’t ring at call what should I do thank you tanya

  104. jacqueline Calip says

    I have already been approved for lifeline.
    I called Assurance to transfer my lifeline from home to cell phone.
    I have been waiting for over a month. I have filled out 2 applications and talked with LIFELINE 4 times.LIFELINE said they received applications with wrong address. but they did not need application as I was already approved..
    I have talked to Assurance 4 time and supervisors twice who said they would escalate it to the back office.

    I haven’t even got a phone and am getting the run around continuiously

  105. Elsie says

    I got a free government cell phone from Assurance Wireless. I received it through mail in Orlando, Florida. But I might be moving to Texas. What do I do? Can I call and transfer it to another state?

    • sassy says

      Just sign up for a new one when you move and once you get the new phone, call 611 on your old phone (or contact the old company by whatever means) and cancel that phone plan

    • Jordan says

      Due to the fact that the lifeline service is different for every state, you will have to reapply when you move to another state.

  106. Ulysses L. Veal says


  107. tin nguyen says

    I have a free phone but sometimes it restarts I do not know if I can get a replaced phone but keep the same phone number ?

  108. Brian Eric chambers says

    I never had recovered my cell phone n I think someone is using it here is my number
    267-973-**** please send me a phone n turn that one off n please don’t ever let anyone say there me here is my s.s number 170-56-****. My d.o.b. Is 05/27/1968 my home address is
    **** marsden street philadelphia pa 19135 my access card info is 600760-3103360990-*** my PIN number will be used as ****. I think the old one was **** here is my drivers ł incense number 22-524-**** pa please send it out soon n turn off the other number 267-973-**** was the number I was given please turn it off ASAP I would love to receive my new phone soon please any question call me at 215-626-**** Brian 24/7 I will answer thanks for your time I really mean it from my hart ……my email address is. Bcham******

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We are not Assurance Wireless or affiliated with them. We’ve redacted your comment and are publishing it in order to remind others to not publish personal information in public comments.

  109. shuana says

    This month my minutes wasn’t added to my phone and I have now run out of minutes how do I get my 500 free call minutes to be added to my phone? I’ve had my phone for 3 or 4 months now and this is the first time it didn’t give me my 500 call minutes.i lost the book so I can’t look it up and I don’t have a phone number to call someone (customer service) I live in ohio

  110. zulma mohamed says

    I lost my home and moved in with my daughter and tried to change my address. but the phone won.t let me do it and I can’t find a place to do it on the net. I did send in the paper work but it has not arrived at your office as yet. It was mailed just over 2 weeks ago. I got one text that said it was updated and another that said it needs to be updated. so what do I do now?

  111. Grace Lazear says

    I canceled with one free government phone because of all of the problems ….broken phone, text only ,no manual for useing the phone,could never get ahold of the wireless co.,I returned 3 phones at my expense and finally i just canceled the whole phone thing.I signed for this one because I thought it would be better but from what I was reading its sounds just as bad…..Isure hope not.( Please do not sell my e-mail address…you say you do not publish them but you mention nothing about selling them.)

  112. Randy Gray says

    I have been trying to contact someone about my account, but just get a recording. There is a problem with my account because had discount on home phone but have cancelled it, but doesn’t show on account. How can I talk to a person about this? have tried for weeks, just get a recording, ..Thanks

  113. Denver Kessler says

    My cell phone was broken, as was the plug-in AC adapter unit. I called for a replacement, as it was still under warrant. I spent OVER AN HOUR on another phone with some moron who REFUSED to send the replacement to a P.O. box, insisting it HAD to be a confirm-able residential address. (He HAD to confirm it, naturally!)
    At length, he agreed to send it to an address over 40 miles away. I have significant troubles traveling that kind of distances. So, WHEN I finally reached the address some months later to retrieve the new phone, I discovered there was NO ADAPTER included, even though I’d SPECIFICALLY reported the problems IN DETAIL of both units. It cost me an additional $20. out my own pocket to purchase an adapter to charge the phone up. Then, when I attempted to call the 1-888 dial-up assistance numbers (TWO of them!) Neither number was any good. Both times, I received messages “Call cannot be completed as dialed…” et cetera.
    Also, included with the replacement phone was a warning that I needed to re-activate my account WITHIN 15 days of receiving my new p-hone, or my account may become suspended/cancelled/whatever. At NO TIME did this bozo I was talking to EVER say anything about a time restrictions. Otherwise I would have definitely made every effort to get to the phone and activated it sooner!
    Was this done on purpose???? It is MY belief, that, yes it was done deliberately!
    I for one, would like an explanation, and demand an answer to what the hell is WRONG with you people!
    DO NOT attempt to contact me via e-mails. I am unable to receive e-mails now, thanks in large part to ‘you people’. Please, contact me via snail-mail ONLY because now, thanks to ‘you people’ my e-mail has been blocked! I’m now told that I need a ‘security code’ in order to access my e-mail account, and to receive an access code, I need a phone for text mail which they can send it to. Well, NOW I have a phone…which doesn’t work….and I can’t receive anything at all! Thus – no security code, and no e-mail access! Thank you very little for screwing up, and complicating my life even that much more than is absolutely necessary.
    If you’re looking for people to hate you – you’ve done a very splendid job of it. I HATE you people!!
    Congratulations, incompetent idiots. What a true government job you have done!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We’re sorry to hear you had such issues. We hope Assurance is reading these comments and can learn from their mistakes.

      • paul says

        try buying a phone and activating it with a paid service. these companies that support obama phones aren’t very good.

        more on point though, have them deliver it to the address you are actually living at. if they are unable to, i find it is often easier to simply forgo the entire process and visit any local cell service retail store who should have a charger that will work for your phone, for a small amount of cash. that way, you get to keep your plan active and you should not have to even travel 40 miles. or spend time talking to someone over the phone, and waiting for the wrong items in the mail.

  114. eleanor finocchiaro says

    I sent my free phone back because it was for texting and that is not what I do, I,m 89 yrs old and must have the phone in the event I should call for help.. I sent my application in some time ago. Can someone please help me, Thank you Elleanor

  115. Joan says

    My phone does not ring for incoming calls. I may have accidentally changed the settings. Now I am confused because I do not understand some of the terms. I thought ‘escolate’ meant to make louder but I still have no ring tone. Also I have a message that tax is soon due on my phone.
    How do I pay that? I tried calling my phone from another phone and got a message that “this phone does not accept incoming calls!”

  116. timothy moffet says

    Why is it so difficult to receive a free phone? People with physical or mental issues need this service desperately. I sent copies of my food stamp and Medicaid cards. I have a pay-as-you-go phone now, and will use up precious minutes going through the frustrating phone tree stuff. I don’t need the extra stress!!!!!

  117. Marian Schvart says

    On Nov.29 2014 I will go from Ohio to Florida to spend 4 Mo. there.I don’t have a Cell Phone To use in case of emergency and in time where I will be in Florida.My self & my wife make $2000/Mo in social security.Are we qualify for this program ?

  118. Malorie says

    I applied for your free phone and now my account says its active on 9/19. How long does it take to receive the phone and will I receive one. thanks

    • Brigitte says

      I had an assurrance wireles, I used it to call my family but I missed placed it and now I need to get another one, so I had to ask. How do you ask for that phone to be turned of and discontinue it?

      • Leo Hall says

        I also lost or my phone was stolen, i did not think i could get another one. how can i get another one and can i find out if someone is using my phone

        • Darlene rahilly says

          Call the phone number for assurance wireless. I also lost my phone and they did give me a replacement one free no cost. Also they will stop you’re number so anyone that has it can’t use your remaining minutes. I hope this helps you

  119. Linda BACON says

    Lifeline wireless told my phone company I had got an account with them.( I had applied but sent no proof of government assistance) so my company cut off my lifeline service and I had a full I’ll for this month. So I cancel my home phone, because they did not contact me. Now I am with Medicaid, and cannot get threw to lifeline because they say I have lifeline with my home town company.

    • Darlene rahilly says

      Call the phone number for assurance wireless. I also lost my phone and they did give me a replacement one free no cost. Also they will stop you’re number so anyone that has it can’t use your remaining minutes. I hope this helps you

  120. rasheba says

    I applied for a phone on 09/08/14 they said i was approved gave me my pin # and told me i @ should be receiving a letter in the mail just sign it mail it back and i should be receiving my phone only problem is i never received the letter so now what

  121. Darlene Foster says

    I need a new phone as my is phone does not get incoming calls or outgoing calls I have a assurance wireless and don’t no how to get replaced

  122. Jason Stover says

    Hi, I filed for a free phone about 5 weeks ago and the lady said it would be here in about 4 to 6 weeks. I still haven’t gotten it and I am now wondering if I got scammed. Can you please send me my free phone that I was to get?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      5 weeks is within 4-6 weeks, so it’s still in the time frame. These companies are all slow though.

  123. Sarah says

    I applied for assurance over 2 weeks ago, i got an enail on Sept. 15 sayibg that my app had been processed and my service has been activated…only problem is…i never got my phone?!?!! Ive been waiting for it to come in the mail but its still not here! So now my account and service is active but its just wastibg away bc they never gave me a phone to use!! I have no idea what to do now considering every number they give u to contact them diesnt allow u to speak with an operator!!!!

  124. sheila says



  125. Mary Goings says

    I applied for a free phone on 8/29 on 9/09 i was told give them 3 days more to process. Today 9/15 told me that my physical address does not exist. I have a mailing PO Box and gave both. What now???

  126. Bonnie Cleary says

    My case worker faxed assurance fax number that was on the applacation. An she faxed applacation an proof of food stamps an medicaid I recieve. Said would receive free assurance cell phone within 10 days. Been 2 weeks .can I get a cell phone please to be sent soon.Total disabled need a ph to get help when I need to Dr’s get gro. .an rides to church an etc Thanks so much.

  127. TALAL HADDAD says

    I send an application in post since three weeks ago with SNAP . and also send it by fax. tell now their is now answer . could advise me what to do ….thaks very much…..

  128. Ruby Farrar says

    I have not received my replacement phone I was told that it had been mailed out to me,in the area I live it is possible that it was taken out of the mail box.
    Should you send another phone to me would you please send me a flip phone? the open face phones can accidently hit buttons and I lose minutes.

    I thank you for all that you are doing to help people.


    Ruby Farrar

  129. Ida says

    My mom lost her phone. How can we go by getting a new one? Should we re-apply for a new one or will you replace the old one? Please let us know.
    Thank you!!

  130. Carlos says

    I have a cellphone I’ve had for a while now but I can’t afford to pay it do any of these companies add service to a phone you already have? Or do I just use whatever phone they give me? Thanks

  131. ollie ruble says

    i have a free cell phone service i received thru your company i got a message that i will lose service as of sept 11 i am 80 years old this is the only long distance i have what do i need to do thank you

  132. Tracy Getz says

    My Assurance wireless phone is broke I tried called all numbers listed to find out what I can do to get a new phone or even buy one and get my service moved over. COuld not reach anyone on the phone. HELP!!

  133. michelle says

    Ok I applied for assurance and I was reading about the free phone and it says that they dont provide a free phone, but on here they do, so what is it? And assurance had already approve me, so where is the phone? Will they mail it to me?

  134. Dan Brueske says

    I’ve applied to Assurance wireless twice in the last 2 months. I was told on the second application that I was approved for a Samsung Galaxy with sliding keyboard or a blackberry phone. To date I have not received either. WTF ?

  135. Maura Ghedini says

    For the past 2 months I have had no free minutes. There is now an ongoing clerical error.
    Only once last week was I able to reach an actual rep. in person and she could see that after I reapplied I had been approved. This week I received a letter telling me someone else in my household gets the free phone.
    There is no one else, there never has been since the 3 years that I have received this service.
    I have had a most frustrating time with the automated replies that think I am someone else.
    Here are the facts:
    my name is Maura **** my Assurance phone # is 1-774-216-****
    until Nov. 2013 I lived at ****, Wellfleet, Ma. 02667
    As of Nov. 2013 I moved to ****, Wellfleet, Ma. 02667
    In spring 2014 I never received my re-certification notice. When I figured that problem out, I reapplied. Once by phone and once by mail with all the same information.
    When I try to get new minutes on it while I wait for the reconnection to the free program.
    Please attend to this, I feel unsafe without a cell phone, I am a senior driving an old car.
    I share a space in my landlady’s house, so we share the landline, it is 1-508-349-**** it is in her name: Annie **** (I think the system is going bonkers on this).
    Is there no less public way to reach you online?????????

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      These are public comments and not suitable for submitting personal information. And we’re not Assurance Wireless. You need to contact them; their contact info is near the bottom of the article above.

  136. Javier Mancheno says

    I was given a cell phone by sprint,one week later it was taken away.
    I sent an e-mail to them explaining that even though I do not receive food stamps
    I am beneficiary of Medicaid ( it makes you ellegible for getting the cell so they
    connected again) because I got medical expenses completely paid.
    On the 15 of August they interrupted the service again,but this time it said that
    on the 26 of August these minutes will be reimbursed,the 26 already passed and
    there is another information that I’ll be reimbursed on September 26th.
    There is no explanation for that and no body help.

    Can You ?

  137. agnes powlette says

    i am unemployed and homeless i have an address that i get mail at only i need a phone to find a job so i will eventually get an apartment when i try to recertify i couldnt i need my phone please help

  138. tana says

    How can i check voicemail and text messages from a different phone until im able to get it due to i left my phone at my fathers cabin up north?

  139. Rochelle Mention says

    I’m already on a plan have had the same phone for five year how can i upgrade an get another phone?

  140. Jonathan Kerr says

    #1st i see i can keep my current qwest phone #.. #2 im on USDA rental assist, and SSDI w/Medicare, and alas i only make 9000+- per yr, or 836 per month, do i still qualify? cuz im a home bound disabled Veteran also.. disabled not service connected(sic) #3 is it the provider who states what equip i need, or use? #4 am i able to use my own phone, instead of theirs? #5 that if free i will take anyway, as a backup, or do they come pre programed with nontransferable minutes from provider? #6 or is that a question for the provider?.i got less than 30 days to get er done or qwest will have me on hot coals.$$$


  141. Rusty Shackleford says

    These comments are hilarious!!! It’s entertaining reading these questions and seeing the straight man response to them as they were already answered several times in the article. BTW, what’s the best way someone get several of these phones to use as burner for “business purposes”??

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      No way to get more than one phone like in the past. The FCC has cracked down and invalidated multiple phone per address, and people can’t get away with it any longer.

  142. Edward J Shields says

    I have applied 3 times for a free cell phone and each time my application is denied. I correct what is wrong on the app, but still get denied. I am very frustrated. Need this phone badly.

  143. naysha says

    hi there. i recently applied for a phone. i havent recieved it in the mail or anything. its been about a month. address 320 talbot ave .

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Tell the provider that you want to “port” in your current phone number. They should be able to do it.

  144. tyfanie says

    what if im living in a shared living enviroment and more than one person needs this sevice can they get it to it is just a temporary adreess

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      No, they’ve got strict rules about one per address. We know, it sucks for places where many separate individuals live.

  145. Christopher D Kerns says

    Lets face a few awkward facts this organization, a subsidiary of Virgin Mobile would have you believe they are in the USA, THEIR 800 NUMBER IS OUT SOURCED to SOUTH AMERICA!!! No one in the USA will, or can help you!! Fact!!! 5 hardcopy letters 5 faxes, and 3 months later no help!! No lifeline phone!!! Its time for the US Government to look into this!!!

    • Mark says

      I’ve been waiting for 5 months. They don’t reply to emails now. I would call, but well… I need a phone to do that.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You’ve come to the right place. Follow the links in the menu near the top of the site.

  146. Bella Wu says

    I had an Assurance cellphone for over three years, now the battery is going to die. How do I get a new battery?

  147. Barbara Anderson says

    I am DESPERATELY looking for a FREE CELL PHONE, with a sign up plan. I am a disabled senior citizen. I need this phone to be absolutely FREE, so I can afford to pay anything else that may come up. (minutes, etc.)
    Please advise me of what to look for, for what I need.
    I live in an area where “LIFELINE” is NOT available. However, there is NOTHING WRONG with dialing 911; is there?
    TYVM for your assistance.

  148. James Poole says

    I work for a non profit that helps to sign people up for free cell phones. What do I need to do to be able to get more than one phone sent to my place of business?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      It’s all written up on the page you just posted on. There’s their website, their phone number and their address.

  149. linda greenwood says

    I need to put 10.00 dollors in my goverment phone I cant enter my top up . My password I forgot I have enter my phone#435634**** please help me how to put $10.00 onmy phone.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Your comment is moderated (not published) until we approve. Blame the spammers.

  150. G. Lane says

    A blind customer needs an appropriate ‘phone. On the ‘phone you told me to click on “shop”; I can’t find “shop.” Need Help!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We didn’t tell you that, we’re not Assurance Wireless. You’ll have to call them back.

  151. Tu d Nguyen says

    I wand to switch to your plan, I am retired , If I an do that, please send to me your forms and teach to me know : what’s I must to do?
    my mail address : Tu d ******* , **** Collins St, Arlington, TX 76010.

    Thanks with your help.

      • miles k fine says

        I had assurance wireless last month and had till june 18 to call but my health has been real bad and inhome real been hard on me and would like to get hook back up with a plan my home number is 423 623 **** nothing has change from the 1th day I got it I need it real bad please let me know asap nothing change thanks miles k fine phone number was 865 313 **** 0n my assurance thanks time oo sirvice