Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phones

The original, and the largest provider can give you a phone and 250 minutes and 1,000 texts each month. In 38 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

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SafeLink Wireless, a Tracfone company, is the largest, oldest and best known of the companies that offer free cell phones through the government’s Lifeline phone service program. Millions of Safelink phones have been distributed and they have customers in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

If you qualify under the Lifeline Assistance program guidelines, you will be able to get a free Safelink phone and up to 250 minutes of airtime and 1,000 texts each month for free plans vary according to state). After one year, if you are still eligible for the phone, you simply need to re-certify. It’s unfortunate, but with the way the economy is going, it seems many people will get several years of use from the phone. Just contact Safelink Wireless customer service via their website or the Safelink phone number.

SPECIAL ALERT: For a limited time new customers who enroll in SafeLink will receive 500 minutes, and even unlimited texts in some states, for up to 5 months of service. After 3-5 months (depending upon state), the program returns to the original 250-minute plan. This offer is limited and only for new customers. See their website for current details.

Do you qualify?

Are you eligible for a new Safelink Wireless phone number? Be aware that guidelines vary by state but you’ll probably qualify if you participate in a public assistance program such as any of the following:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • State assistance programs (check your state).

If you don’t receive any of these public assistance benefits, you may also qualify if your total household gross monthly income is low enough.

Safelink Wireless is free and there’s no contract to sign. Just submit your Safelink application online or call the Safelink number. It’s really very quick and easy.

Here’s a look at all the features you can get with a free SafeLink Wireless cell phone:

  1. Free popular features such as Caller Id, Call Waiting and Voicemail.
  2. International long distance.
  3. Unused minutes carry-over (depending on which plan you select).
  4. Your handset will remain active for one year upon shipment.
  5. You can use all TracFone Airtime cards.
  6. You can use all TracFone Airtime cards.

NOTE: TracFone Airtime Cards are now available at Wal-Mart, CVS, Kmart, Target, Radio Shack, Walgreens, Rite Aid stores, Family Dollar and Dollar General. You can also buy minutes online.

A Safelink free phone comes with three free plans, and you can buy addon’s for plans with more airtime. Here is a snapshot of the free plans:

  Free Monthly Minutes Included in Plan Unused Minutes Carryover Each Month Text Messages Free International Long Distance Voicemail

Caller ID

Call Waiting
Plan 1 68 in all states (80 in MA) Yes 1,000 Yes Yes
Plan 2 125 Yes 1,000 No Yes
Plan 3 250 No** 1,000 No Yes

Note: Do not go over your 1,000 minutes allowance. If you do, you’ll be deducted voice minutes. With the 68 minutes plan your message deduction rate will be (18.5 SMS /min), for the 125 minutes plan (10 SMS/min) and for the 250 minutes plan (5 SMS/min).

Now, while the free plan limits you to 250 minutes per month, you can get more. We’ve thoroughly covered this subject on our page, Safelink Wireless/Tracfone Minutes. And, you’ll be able to get some VERY GOOD deals with Tracfone promo code.

There are many detractors of this company on the web, calling it the “Safelink Wireless Scam,” but since they are the original wireless company participating in the Lifeline program, they are simply taking the heat for those against this public assistance program. It’s a bonafide Lifeline service vendor and they can assist you if you are in need. Call Safelink Wireless Customer Service today, if you live in one of the states they serve.

Compare Safelink Wireless with Other Lifeline Companies in Your State

There are many other free phone service providers you your state, Reachout Wireless is just one. In every state there are many options, often over a dozen companies to choose from. Plans and phone choices often vary substantially between providers and you owe it to yourself to look at them all. To compare plans, begin with our state-by-state free phone service page and click on your state to see what’s available.

Contact Safelink Wireless:
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Safelink Wireless Customer Service: 1-800-977-3768
Technical Support Only: 1-800-378-1684

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  1. nandi sankofa says

    on march 31, 2015 the 250 mins. was loaded at 11:50 and took 11 mins. from the 250. It’s suppose to load after midnight. The folk that control these government phones treat the poor however they choose. There is no one can be called concerning their illegal practices. It’s sad My complaints may never be seen.

  2. robin schabo says

    hi, I am interested into getting a free phone. I get food stamps for me and my family every month and I live in Jonesville nc. will I get good service here and in other towns around me?

  3. Katherine Cole says

    I applied for free cell phone through Safelink on March 11. The email says ‘Pending’. Tried to send required info but it was returned marked undeliverable. Haven’t received any other reply. I tried to reapply but it says I’m already in the system. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

  4. susan butcher says

    I would like to get my mom into the Safelink free phone program when she gets on medicaid. What choices of phones would I have and which would you recommend that easy to operate and has larger buttons to press. She has dementia so it’s a challenge. Thank you.

  5. Penny surrett says

    I’m recently homeless but don’t receive state assistance I live in nashville tennessee an need a phone

  6. Linda wahl says

    My mother is 86 years old she stays at hunter hill nursing home in rocky mount north Carolina some one stole her phone how does she get another one her phone number is 252-885-****.
    Is there anyway to ping or locate the phone

  7. Michelle Maria Warne says

    I do NOT have a Safelink landline anymore. That is why I need a cell phone. I am 71 years old and no one lives with me except my dog and cats.

  8. John Linke says

    Hello, I have a safe link phone and for the past 2 or 3 months I did not receive my 250 min. and this month I didn’t get any and now I might run out soon and tried to put in code 555 and it said I had no updates please contact me back with info.

  9. lora taylor says

    My old safe link broke nd now I dnt know what happen to I’m interested in getting another one because I neep a phone in my house hold.

  10. suzanne Nichols says

    i am trying to get a user manual and or instruction sheet, as I don’t know how to use this safe link phone.

  11. Donna Davis [enrollment ID 4926674] says

    I got safelink while in Michigan but have since had to move to Ohio. staying with my daughter while I got over a bad fall. I am now able to move to Arlington Manor, a HUD apartment complex, in Arlington, Ohio. Do I have to completely reapply since doing the recertifcation wouldn’t accept my Ohio info? Can I get a bigger phone, this one is very small for an old lady of 80 to use?

  12. David Fountain says

    I had a bout with my heart couldn’t get a hold of 911 in the campground where we were staying. Drove myself to the hospital. I lost my phone in the process had 1600 mins. on my phone from the rollover program. The phone was replaced but they would not give me my minutes back and can celled my rollover program. But now give me 125 mins a month now. and said the rollover plan no longer was offered. This is such a scam if ever I saw one. Very unimpressed people getting rich on the backs of the less

  13. Linda Mattix says

    Safelink has become useless. Calling customer service is a joke. You only get a computer no matter what button you push. My charger went bad and after trying for 2 days to contact them via their several phone numbers I sent an email. I received a response 2 days later telling me my one year warranty was expired and I would have to buy a charger. Exactly how does a warranty expire on a free phone? Currently looking for a new provider!

  14. Joyce Pejakovich says

    My phone was stolen when I was in Illinois visiting family. A police report was made. I need a new one. I hope that you can help me. Thanks Joyce.

  15. jeffrey beasley says

    I have lost my phone and need to see if I can get a replacement. Also if u have any phones with big buttons because my eyesight is poor

  16. Steve says

    *For those of you who have not a GSM
    but a CDMA phone model*

    Your also able to bring a CDMA phone to
    Reachout Wireless. –

    Via Reachout’s FAQ-

    “” You are also able to use a different phone model with Reachout Wireless™ service. There are restrictions on the type of phone you can use. Phones must be a CDMA type phones. These phones are very common and inexpensive. They are available at almost all retail wireless locations in your area. Inform the retailer that you would like to purchase a CDMA phone and that you DO NOT want it activated. Inform the retailer that you have active service, and would like to purchase just the phone equipment. You may contact us online or over the phone prior to purchase to verify if the phone equipment is compatible. You may also choose to purchase a compatible phone from us. ReachOut Wireless™ provides phones starting from as low as $15 up to $189, depending on the make and model you desire (including shipping). “”

    The hot deals offered to our existing customers are the best in the market. Visit our Upgrade Phone page at-

    for more information.

    So there you have it, BYOP to at least TWO Lifeline service providers.
    GSM and CDMA phone models…

    Thanks, Steve

  17. Kathy Stevens says

    I require you’re help! My zip code recently changed…It was “97006” it is now “97003”! I can not sign up for the FREE cell phone as “97003” is not recognized in your system. I tried my old zip code but it auto changes it based on what information is at the post office in Oregon.

    Please advise. I am scheduled for surgery on Monday Feb. 23rd and am without a phone at this time…



    • Kathy Stevens says

      Hello…I have not received a response. Do you have any recommendations as to what I should or could do to receive a free government endorsed cell phone? I am qualified. I Know how to get one. I have taken all the steps to get one. This Zip Code question is a pertinent, as my previous zip code 97006 qualified. The new zip code (97003) is not recognized in any state for this program. The Post Office is a government based facility is it not?

      Please advise,

      Kathryn Stevens

  18. lawonha baisden says

    my mom does qualify for a government phone in ohio but we are looking for something out there like jitterbug with big numbers older people can not see those small buttons or screens with cataracs and glacomma I do not know why they do not come out with a phone government paid that help the older people who can not see advise maybe I am overlooking this government paid phone and if it is not out there can you tell me if there is a flip flop phone out there for government paid

    • Steve says

      @ lawonha baisden Hello,

      Yes I agree at least one carrier with at least one phone model of Big Buttons, Amplified Sound, Personal Emergency Response System should be offered in each state that Lifeline service providers supports.
      “This should of been a requirement of the FCC with the largest providers of LLSP in each state, just for the volume of subsidies received, I’m sure they are not in business to break even but profit through this program”.Where these phones would cost them to much profit money, for them to offer.

      These phones offered for free that you get hardly cost $40.00 new and they are not new but, bought in bulk recycled phones
      that are closer to $1.- $2.for them at bulk prices. Then they turn
      that $. little investment X 50,000 to 100,000 or more (maybe 10X more) in customers and at the (Ex: 250 Talk Minutes + 250 Text Messages = $9.99 charged to the government).
      So if my Math serves me right for a single applicant at $9.99 X 12 months = $119.88 then multiply that times 50,000 applicants = $5,994,000.00. Again say 100,000 applicants = $11,988,000.00. So they have employees a building and cell service they in turn have to pay out of this. So say the large company $11,988,000.00 – $2,000,000.00 = $9,988,000.00 (Remember might be 10X this amount).Then think about the up sales of minutes and phone model offered to Lifeline customers, of which say 1 in 5 participate, along with Federal, State, County and City subsidy, tax breaks, along with all the loop holes this Government allows.
      I feel like every $100. in subsidies $90. is pocketed by them.

      March of 2009, 8 million government phones were in circulation so what’s this now 6 years later in 2015. November 2013, $2.1 billion US dollars that had been spent in this year on the Lifeline Program. Is it even written in the FCC rules that indicates you have to be a legal resident of the United States to qualify? Private carrier companies that were partnering up with Lifeline are now making profits in the millions off a program that was designed to help the poor have a second chance in life and was funded by the middle-class Americans who are not only paying for their own phone plans but also for the phone plans of the poor in addition to profiting the rich. Who is winning here? It seems that although it is benefiting millions of American households in the United States today, it is also making billionaires even richer.

      It is as though we have regressed back into the days of Kings and Queens and the middle-class is paying taxes to line the pockets of the extremely financially advantaged Royal class. There is no free in the US cause someone is always paying and when money changes hands the one’s with the biggest hands get the most. The US people should not want a minimum wage but a maximum limit to the excess the rich have and keep. The rich siphons off money of the US’s economy and hoards it not putting it back in to jobs, circulation and inter-structure. Yet the majority of us are living pay check to pay check.

      lawonha baisden there’s two routes you can take to help your mother.

      It all starts with going here –

      Work down the list going to each Lifeline provider website and read what they offer in a phone upgrade and how much it will cost. Remember to make sure to note if their service is GSM or
      CDMA, in the U.S., Sprint, Verizon and U.S. Cellular use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.
      These are the big 5 where all wireless signals come from, no matter where down the line you eventually go with for their service, it will come through one of these major network towers.

      GSM- It’s much easier to swap phones on GSM networks, because GSM carriers put customer information on a removable SIM card. Take the card out, put it in a different phone, and the new phone now has your number. GSM networks have simultaneous voice and data. Not all sims cards work in all sims phones, it has to be on the same network as the branded phone or met contract obligations for a sim unlock ,unless it was sold unlock from the start. Frequencies and bands have to match also.

      CDMA- carriers use network-based white lists to verify their subscribers. That means you can only switch phones with your carrier’s permission, and a carrier doesn’t have to accept any particular phone onto its network. CDMA networks “EV-DO” or “Evolution Data Optimized”) also, generally, can’t make voice calls and transmit data at the same time.

      The CDMA vs. GSM gap will close eventually as everyone moves to 4G LTE, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s phones will be compatible. LTE, or “Long Term Evolution,” is the new globally accepted 4G wireless standard. All of the U.S. carriers are turning it on.

      Many Sprint and Verizon phones now have SIM cards, but that isn’t because of CDMA. The SIM cards are generally there for Sprint’s and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks, because the LTE standard also uses SIM cards. The phones may also have SIM slots to support foreign GSM networks as “world phones.” But those carriers still use CDMA to authenticate their phones on their own home networks. Remembering in the US CDMA carriers use network-based white lists to verify their subscribers.

      The problem is, they’re turning it on in different frequency bands, with different 3G backup systems, and even, in the case of the new Sprint Spark network, using an LTE variant (TD-LTE) that
      doesn’t work with any other U.S. carrier’s phones.

      The safest and sure bet is to buy an upgraded phone through one of the providers on your Ohio’s State page. (no question of mismatched) service technologies versa phone radio systems.

      If you can’t find an acceptable phone and your experienced somewhat or willing to use google and read a bunch. You can opt for a new unlocked GSM phone, I only know of Life Wireless offering the bring your own phone to their FCC Lifeline program.
      Life Wireless will send you a free sim card to use their service once you have signed up and been accepted. Again you have to research their service for a proper match of you phone purchase to their service frequencies and bands if your buying it elsewhere than Life Wireless.
      Its bring-your-own-phone policy says:
      Customers may also use their existing unlocked GSM phone by ordering a Life Wireless SIM card. This free SIM card can be inserted into the customer’s handset and activated
      for immediate use.

      I searched hard to find this following information for you and others to use – if you doing the BYOP thing. I believe it to be
      currant and complete but you better ask the LLSP for conformation before you commit to one based on my info.

      Wireless Frequencies and Bands
      850-(5), 1900-(2) MHz – 2G/3G/4G (GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+)
      700-(12,17), 1900-(2), 1700/2100-(4) MHz – 4G (LTE)
      700-(12) MHz – bought in January 2014 from Verizon, to be used for 4G LTE
      1900-(2) MHz – 2G/3G (GPRS/EDGE, HSPA+ PCS)
      1700/2100-(4) MHz – 3G/4G (HSPA/HSPA+/LTE)
      800-(26) , 1900-(26) MHz – 2G/3G/4G (PCS/EVDO/LTE)
      2500-(41) MHz – 4G (phased out WiMAX, moving to LTE)
      US Cellular
      700-(12), 850-(5), MHz, 1900-(2) MHz – 3G (PCS/EVDO)
      700-(13), 1900-(2) MHz – 3G (EVDO)
      1700/2100-(4) MHz – 4G (LTE) – currently building out coverage

      (#) as (1) = Bands in the above – other numbers = Frequencies

      lawonha baisden I hope this give you some insight and helps you, as well as others.
      See my replies below to other Questions to get a fuller understand of my experiences with Lifeline free phone and service – They start around Dec 3 2014 and come up in dates.
      my name is Steve
      This is my last post here on Safelink portal I’m going over to Life
      Wireless portal.

    • Steve says

      @Peggy, You have to sign up with a provider of
      the Lifeline service from your state, use the links below,
      go to – (& click on your state)
      (using above link make sure you look at wireless not wireline or homephone service providers) if you want cell phone service.

      Check out each service provider for their coverage map and coverage at your address, I would call them or Email them to get a firm understanding of how good the service will be at your address and what major service providers towers they (piggyback) on or through to serve your address, and ask them if they have adopted the FCC project expanding into internet smartphones for the Lifeline program as of now or when will they be. (Most of them will make you use their own phone they supply you with, all set up and ready to use).

      If you check here on by your state and look through the Lifeline service providers offered for your state and go to their home site webpage of each one looking for their FAQ, so you can find information for special needs phones (hearing aid capable/ vision impaired), although some sites are very lacking in any information given – email them instead for answers about your special needs phone.

      You must sign up on their home page and supply the required info. and paperwork (I was required to take a Pic of my food stamp EBT card) and email it to them
      besides filling out the online form within their site.
      Make sure you print or write down your enrollment ID #
      cause that’s required to check on you enrollment status
      or contact them about anything later – Enrollment ID # is more important to them to identify you than your phone #,
      cause phone # comes later when you get the phone. Besides anybody you would call could get your phone #, but only you would know your enrollment ID # to verify yourself to them.

      Fill the form, supply the required info., pick your plan and
      wait for your phone to come.

      The hardest part of it is figuring out all the stuff they don’t say on their websites, like –
      *when your minutes start on what day every month.

      *How’s the service averages (bars on phone) in your neighborhood. (ck your neighbors to see if they get good cell service and who of the top 4 their service is with).

      *what phone you will get, and if there is an upgrade option. [That they are mostly recycled not new and generally low end phones with cheap components
      and features – dial buttons or screen dial buttons],
      (mine doesn’t have a camera & only 1 1/18″ w x
      1 3/8″ t screen).

      *whose service of the big/top 4 service carriers they contract with to know where its coming to you from,
      (some neighborhoods have dead spots from certain carriers).

      *what their response time is in contacting you back,
      is it an email system or automated phone system or
      they have live phone and chat operators.

      So what I’m saying is research and know before hand to make an educated decision and NOT a post regret.

      I’m Steve and if you look below for my name and the date Feb12-2015 for a reply to Christine Feb 10, 2015 and a reply to Marie December 4, 2014, you will find more information in my answers there.

      I long winded but, I just hate to halve info. something to somebody when I answer.
      I hope this helps you Peggy and others too,

  19. Christine says

    I got my Safelink Wireless phone on Jan. 16, 2015, but the problem is the phone signal isn’t good in my area. I have tried placing calls and text messages only to have no signal. When I do receive or place a call, the call drops or is badly broken-up that no conversation can take place. I contacted Safelink support online chat on Jan. 28, 2015 and talked with Dan (have all chats saved!) and he told me that he would have a replacement phone sent to me; and he gave me a ticket number, but that ticket number was to my original phone. On Feb. 10, 2015 I contacted several people with online support and eventually calling the 800 tech support number, only to be told that they need me to call them on a separate phone while I’m in my area/at home so that they can trouble-shoot the Safelink tracfone, but I don’t have another phone and I won’t be able to borrow someone’s phone as my neighbors work. My closest relative is in another town, but that won’t be useful to Safelink when the trouble-shoot for the connection in my area. I offered to return the phone so their tech support can do their trouble-shooting, but that wasn’t a possibility (per Diane supposed supervisor). I asked to just have a replacement phone sent and I would return this phone, but again, Diane said that per Safelink that can’t happen until the trouble-shooting takes place. What a nightmare. I truly can’t use this Safelink phone and phone number for resumes to find a job. Absolutely piss poor cell coverage and service.

  20. Donisha Pyatt says

    Hello my name is Donisha Pyatt and I have been patiently waiting for my phone to come in. Today is supposed to be the day. I have sent two verification papers to your office. Please tell me what’s going on? Send feedback in a email.
    Feeling annoyed.

  21. jesse says

    I have apply been approved for the free phone I still have no phone. I been waiting and have contracted Safelink several times and get the run around on the phone which as of today I have not talked to a person.

  22. Donna Sours says

    I have had my gov. phone for almost 3 yrs.. I’ve always received my mins. at the first of the month..and did Not receive any minutes .. OR they may show up later ?

  23. Evonne Harter says

    I have had one of your Alcatel phones for about 6weeks now and it is very handy to use. I have had no issues at all until today when it wouldn’t work and says I have an unregistered SIM card. How can this just happen all of a sudden? How do I fix this issue?

  24. Lois Helton says

    I have apply been approved as of today I still have no phone. I been waiting since Oct 2014 and have contracted Safelink several times and get the run around on the phone which as of today I have not talked to a person.

  25. Thomas Fasenmyer says

    I have no cellphone. I qualify because I receive food stamps and SSI because my
    Social Security is only 428.88 per month. I an 85 years old. I hope all this is
    enough that you will send me a cellphone.

    Thomas ****
    ***** Rogero Rd,
    Jacksonville, Fla. 32277

  26. belva j davis says

    my phone is broken can not turn on when I call the support I can not do what it wants phone is broken I need a replacement my number is 276 243 **** need my replacement asap!!!!


  27. Darlene Abbott says

    I’ve had family members who have used this service before. I am looking forward using this service myself, and I am in need of a cellular phone. I have read a few comments. One question I would ask is if you get a trac phone can you transfer your contacts ect.?

  28. Marilyn Sullivan says

    I recieved a new trac fone from my family can I trancfer all my suff to the phone i got from my family I do have a tracfone account my phone # is 352-216-**** and my model # is LG420G The S/W Version is LG420GHL_V10f can I use the phone my family go me they do not have a return slip for it Thank You Marilyn

  29. Haydee Goyco says

    Pues yo tambien he tenido problema,,,con safelink! hacen ya 2 semanas que hise un transfer de un phone a otro,,pues me dijeron que me iban a mandar dentro de 3 a 5 dias una sim card new,,para terminar mi transacion’y todavia no he recibido nada. So estoy paralisada en el servicio de los 2 phone ni uno ni el otro que yo compre.,,,no he podido hablar con nadie,,,en persona!! todo es maquinaria y no he podido hacer en atsoluto nada pero nada.

  30. Roberta Kiser says

    I applied and received through assurance wireless my free phone. since then i have moved and cannot get service where i live now. i went to their website and it tells me they dont have service out here but are expanding etc. so i tried to get one through you and it said i already had an account so i couldnt get one, so i assumed the sompanies are connected. is there a way i can transfer to a company that i can get services or do i cancel my services and reapply? thank you and wll await your reply

  31. Donna Wyatt says

    I have a safelink phone my number is 1-931-200-****. It will not charge and therefore I can’t make any phone calls. I need a replacement phone. How do I go about getting one. I have called all the numbers and they tell me to turn my phone on and call back in 15 minutes. If I could do that I would. Thank you. My name and address is below.

    Donna *****
    **** Lantana Road
    Crossville, TN 38572

  32. Evette Goodridge says

    I will like to get a free cellar phone with mins and texting with camera etc., how can I go about it and I hope it is free that way I do not have to pay for it.

  33. Celimary says

    Hey I would like to know if you guys have sent my phone ive been applyed for atleast 2months already and still nothing

  34. John C. Reily says

    I don’t like the free phone as its too small and fragile for me. Can I purchase another Tracfone and switch the sim card ? .. Example – Can I go to Walgreens and buy the Tracfone flip phone for $14.99 and place the SafeLink sim card in it ?

    • John C. Reily says

      I apologize, I just realized this phone is not Tracfone brand but is Alcatel so I believe the answer will surely be no.

  35. linda kinmonth says

    I received a smart phone and used it. I then got a card saying it needed to be activated by making a call out. I called daughter in Texas before I got the notice a few times as well as my granddaughters. I went to use the phone in Jan. and can’t as it says it needs to be activated. It will not let me use it at all and I do not know who to call to get it straightened out.

  36. ceedaja ponder says

    I was just approved and my phone will be delivered in 7 to 10 days i put my home address on the application i put a differentbaddress in the mailing address and ill be leaving from greenbay on wensday cause my baby is being released from hospital…will my phone come to my home address thats on the application or the address in greenbay

  37. Celina Lawhorn says

    I’m interested in the rates for internet for low income families. I’m also a full time college student and both of my children are homebound homeschooled and really need the internet for studying purposes.

    Celina Lawhorn

    • says

      You are in luck Celina. There is a program called Internet Essentials, that is high-speed broadband for kids that qualify for the national school lunch program. It doesn’t mean they have to be actually enrolled in the program, just qualify for it. You can get more information here:

      And yes, this applies to homeschooled children, in addition to public, private and parochial students.

  38. Marilyn Folkner says

    I need a cell phone and cannot afford to buy one at this time and DONOT have a home phone either. My cell phone will not allow me to pug my charger cord to it, it appears the little bar that it is suppose to plug into is pushed in it to far and won’t connect. I am a senior citizen, living on social security of $1208.00 monthly. Yes I have sec 8 help with my rent, $16.00 a month food stamps and get energy assistance one a year.

    I also have had a 3way bypass and 2 stints, have had knee surgery. I was just released from the hospital on Dec.20,2014 while having pnumonia and also had a blood clot in one of my stints.

    As of now I am WITHOUT A PHONE and can’t afford to buy another phone, which is not a good things for me . My phone was a Straight Talk ,trac, I used about 1000-1200 minutes a months depending on how muck texting I did, also I would need voice mail on a phone. I am willing to pay for the extra mimutes if I can buy them to add to my phone.

    My home address is **** Willow Creek Dr. Eldon, Mo. 65026

    • says

      Marilyn, you will need to contact the company directly. The contact info is up above in the article.

    • says

      Batteries don’t last three years. You need a new one, and you’ll have to pay for it. Contact Safelink or search the web for a replacement battery and order it online.

  39. lina says

    I had a government phone before but someone told it or I loss it cant find it anywhere so I need one fast . I want the one that roll over when I don’t use all my mins

  40. Bertha Veilleux says

    I would like to cancel my safelink account.I do not need this anymore. Please let me know how to go about doing this.
    Thank you
    Bertha Veilleux

    • says

      Just give Safelink a call to cancel. But you can also just stop using it, they are not going to want the phone back. When you year of use is up, your service will stop.

  41. rochelle e evans says

    I am currently with Century link for the past three months for my internet…
    They offered me a “senior Indigent discount”, which included a land line phone.

    I cannot afford it, with the installation charges.
    Please give me some information, so I can lower my cost, so I can keep internet service.

  42. Terrance Bynum says

    I would like my free goverment cell phone. This is my 3rd time sending in a application.. They keep saying that there’re not getting them.

  43. joan taylor says

    I have had a safelink phone for years, my phone was wonderful..allI wanted is to send and receive calls(no text, no voice) I am 68yo live alone in the woods, in Maine. Thus when the power is out, or I am out driving after dark or in winter having this phone is essential safety.
    Recently I thought I might be getting lifeline as well as safelink, although in my state they take out some $ for those who need a phone, I was not sure. So I did not want to get both advantages, and called safelink to see if I did not keep their mobile phone service, if I could keep The phone (as it was very old and worn) because I never had a dropped of incomplete call ever, and I asked if I could keep this phone and buy my own minutes how much /min would they be.
    IMMEDIATELY the person was telling me I was breaking the law and could be put in jail for this offense, on and on. So I told them I was calling Fairpoint ( my land line provider) immediately and would call back, which I did, 10 min later. and was told my service was discontinued…
    This all started in Sept 2014, since then ( after many many minutes, days actually, of trying to straighten this out I have never received any polite, considerate service, rather I have been given rude impolite people giving me the run around.
    So much more about this, however as of today !2/19/14 …and after contacting the FCC, I have a new phone, was given 250 min, and an extra 250 min, and never received any more minutes since Sept. None came in Oct,, Nov., or Dec, I have tried to contact Safelink and dialed the 555 in the “get minutes” menu, and can not seem to be able to complete the process. I have called the tech support #, to find that it is all automated now and they ask for a “pin or code” which towards the end of my experience, I was specificially told I did NOT need a pin# or password. Now I find I can not access the process.
    I have a phone (that does way more than I need) with a number, and will shortly have zero minutes. Today I received a call for another person, and the caller was sure that this number I have is the other persons.
    This is my testimonial of the non-service one can receive thru safelink

  44. adrenia ammus says

    You know it is bad when safe link send out 3 different phones and 4 different sim card and either of them work in my area, but they keep saying we will be sending you another sim card in 5 to 7 days. This has been going on for 3 months. To top that off every time I get a different phone or card you have to call them to get it activated . I keep telling them every time that I cant see out of but one eye. You know what happens when I get a different phone same little phone.

  45. [email protected] says

    I am on a very low income from SSI and social security and get a very limited amount to live on how can I get proof of my income to apply

  46. Carmen Ducro says

    My brother-in-law needs to apply for a Safelink free phone. I have printed some material out, but do not know where to send the application and qualifying documentation. Do you have an address and phone number, please? Thanks.

  47. Vicki Howe says

    I cannot get through to a live represenative. I am having trouble receiving my minutes. I also get 30 seconds for every text I send or receive. They are suppose to be 1000 free text. I have had my service cancelled and am not sure why as I has done everything required of me. I want something done or I will file a complaint. I WANT A LIVE PERSON TO TALK TO, NOT AUTOMATED!!!!

  48. michael thacker says

    i just wanted to know i have not been getting my minutes my phone i just wanted to know if i have sign up again thank you

    • says

      If it’s been 12 months since you signed up, you need to contact the company to recertify.

  49. Marie says

    I mailed in an application to Safelink with all the appropriate documentation the first week of August. Every couple of weeks or so, I would try to check the status either at their website or the 800 number. Always said “no application received/exists.” Huh? I’ve read here and heard from other people that it could take weeks to get a phone. So after awhile II gave up and applied with Assurance Wireless in mid November, then bam! out of nowhere I got the Safelink Wireless (Alcatel A250g) cell phone in the mail yesterday (12/3/14). WTH?! No letter, no explanation, and no enrollment ID number. The phone did come “preactivated” with 500 minutes on it though. I’ve got the feeling now going with Safelink has the possibility of being messy.

  50. kathleen M. says

    I signed up with Qlink…soon as my phone died, (It went dead and wouldn’t charge…i replaced the charger) nobody would help me. Sent several email and all I get back are automated emails saying they will call in 5 to 7 business days…..then never call…..I also went on line to purchase a new phone and tried to call their number….it said to leave an email, and someone would call me……..guess you get what you pay for Hahaha!



  52. olla l. tate says

    i am trying to reactivat a tracfone fo r a friend theodore shell ,we changed the phone number because some scamers got the number and are harassing him. he is unable to go on the intrnet so i am doing this for him.his last phone no. was 330-208-****. it was changed to 330-319-****. since changing the no. the phone will not come on even those we charged it. we only get automation on the phone which does not correct the problem. is there anyway we can speak to a real person? we have tried every phone number available to no avail.the person i’m sending this for is theodore ****** **** rhodes ave . akron ohio 44307.

  53. Patricia Bloomer says

    I am interested in getting a safe link phone, my ex husband got one had it for years and really appreciate it he lost his last one and we been trying to get him a replacement but not had any success so far he needs one

  54. Rebecca Stapp says

    I’m a single mother and really need phone for emergencies and would like to have wifi or some internet to help with my sons homework.

    • Ed says

      This is not the phone for free wifi but just for making calls and texting. It is just a generic older cell phone, non smart phone unless you upgrade the phone on your own to a tracfone smart phone.

    • dianeg1234 says

      Can you upgrade your safelink phone service to a smart phone I have trac phone service at this time and was interested to know if I am eligible for a safelink service if I can transfer this smart pyyhone to safelink?
      Can any one help.

  55. Michael Faison says

    I do have a need for a phone right now do to me looking for work, and I am homelees at the same time.I would be very greatful if I was to receive an opproituity to get a phon like this.

  56. robert gonzalez says

    mi telefono celular se me perdio , y no sbia , como notificarlo , tendria derecho a otor , celular de safelink ?
    gracias .

  57. Brooke Ball says

    Someone has took my phone for 3 months and I need a phone for my kids and I if you could please send another so I could have for appointments for my kids more my son with down syndrome with a change of number thanks Mrs.Ball

  58. Ricky holshouser says

    I would like to enroll in your plan for phone. Im unemployed and trying to get a job and I have no way to be contacted.

  59. Rita Probst says

    I am trying to enroll in your plan but can’t seem to find a site to do so. Can you please advise where I should go to enroll? Thank you.

  60. teresa ramirez says

    i sent all nessisary paper work and never got phone….i have no phone and i am disabled on ssi and desprettly need phone,,,,can you help…

  61. Toni says

    I Toni Boris put a application in for Helen M Boris 44137 15317Edgewood Ave .Maple Hts, Ohio My Phone is 216 835 0287 (And She never received the phone ) End of september , Why And Can you please call me so I know what’s going on? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Toni

  62. Amen says

    My Heart goes out to all my poor brothers and sisters who have to use the Safelink wireless service, whether they are making ends meet, are elderly or Disabled or Just Poor for any number of reasons.

    And it make me sick that these respectable peoples are Not allowed to get a better phone or even if some one wants to give them a gift of better smart phone so they too can use internet or do online banking etc. While waiting in Doctors office or on a bus stop or in a train. Because Safelink wireless believe and think they don’t deserve it…! because they are old, poor or sick… They gives them $9.95 monthly service for free. Why do they care what phone they use with there own money. Tracfone itself is a carrier for poor people and have a very low end line of phones and now even they are offering some cheap smart phones but these poor safelink recipients aren’t even allow to use all Tracfones …

    Shame on you Safelink..

    Its like saying, since you receive food stems you are not even allow to go to McDonald’s even if you have $3 for big mac.

    So Said.

    • says

      The eligibility rules are not set by Safelink, but by the FCC’s Lifeline Assistance program.

      • Gail Jones says

        Eligibility is one thing; not being able to bring a Trac phone given to you is another.

        It makes no sense. Please show me where it is in writing that the Safe Link Customer Cannot bring a Trac phone to their service. It sets up a No Compete…which does not seem quite kosher to me!! …come and pay more money to Trac Phone…if you have a Trac Phone. More “free providers” need to come into the States where they are and allow people to bring their own phones!!


        SL has CS people in “3rd world countries” and they are clueless as to what you are speaking about and repeat the same thing. NO. I cannot get anyone from TRAC PHONE (parent company) to speak with me about this. FCC needs to take their contract away!!! Lets see Trac Phone change their tune then!!!

  63. corlisa Johnson says

    I am trying to help a friend get a safe link but having a problem signing him up. It keeps telling his address is wrong please help me get him signed up. Thank you

  64. Leon H Ciesla, says

    I cannot reach your firm. There is a redcorded voice with no applicable choices.
    My problem – I’ve received the phone, but am unable to use. First, after many calls, I still don’t have a phone number. Secondly – At this point, I cannot dial out; when I attempt to dial, I have the first digit I dialed appear, followed by Z”this is not an emergency number” Also. I have no pin number

    So far, I have a phone, but am unable to use!

    serial # 013 325 001 417 985

    Leon H Ciesla

  65. SHARON Hartley says

    I send you my Application for a safe link phone due to I am in Disability income plus I am all on Medicaid but have not hear from you so am I accept for this problem and when will I get the phone? I am Deaf so can not talk on phone but would like to have one to use as texting.



  66. Jack Estes says

    I have been notified that my account can be cancelled because someone else besides me has a Safelink phone in my home. That person was never a resident in my home. I let him stay with us for a few weeks while he was going through a crisis but he has been gone for months.

    I am a seventy nine year old man with an enlarged 15% functional heart, eight bypasses, two stints and a pacemaker/defibrillator. I can’t leave home without some way to call for help if I have a problem.

    I have tried to take care of this at your web site but your automated system insisted on a pin number that I can’t remember and won’t let me talk to a person. I can supply my name, address, phone number and any other identification needed to get this resolved but not on this comment. Can someone help me?

  67. sharon sattler says

    I BOUGHT A NEW TRACFONE FOR NY SAFELINK PHONE WAS ACTING UP AND WAS GETTING HARD TO HEAR WHEN TALKING TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE.they keep telling me ican,t us it because they give triple minutes.So now were can I get anew phone? SO NOW I HAVE A PHONE I CAN,T EVEN USE

  68. Jannis Coley says

    Talked with someone today because the phone I have will not stay on. Also, I have a shunt implanted in my brain that sits on my optic nerve and I can not see the numbers or the screen. Is there any other phone that I can receive that is bigger with larger number’s and screen?

  69. janice martin says

    i need a cell phone for me and my son we live on disabilty s.s and my sons ssi could you help us out with to cell phones one for me and one for my son thank you god bless you

    • says

      You can just stop using it and since you’re not being charged for it each month, you won’t be responsible for any bills. And since the phones are so cheap, it’s not worth it for you to spend a few hours on the phone trying to get a hold of someone to return the phone.

  70. linda,hall says

    I haven’t had a phone for three years id like to get one i recieve food stamps my address is *** lake destiny lot b eastman georgia 31023thanks

  71. Marcia Bacchus says

    Gm I have lost my phone and I know my phone is not active can I get another and I cannot remember the number my name is Marcia Bacchus olive at **** lexington ave newyork,ny10037 can I get another number and a phone thanks you

  72. ana arruffat says


  73. Stan Pysczynski says

    For almost 2 months I have been trying to get my free Safe Link replaced ! I have talked with 3 people to no avail, they keep telling me I will get it in 7-10 days….What Federal Agency govern’s them ?

    Have you ever tried to make a call and suddenly it dies ? What if this was a real emergency call ?

  74. Scottie Briskey says

    Im Scottie Briskey I have filled out a application about two month ago about a cell phone but didn’t never recieve it why

  75. carolyn a melton says

    my cell-phone will not stay charged for only like 30 min. then i have to charge it again. i don’t even have the
    right charger because the cord part broke at the site where you hook the phone to charge. could i please have a working phone. it want stay charged.
    thank you

  76. jan hall says

    My friend applied for a free phone. I want to check status She did that about 3 weeks ago.. Her name is Wilma *****, 27 high hill rd, ******, Jacksonville, NC 28540. Thank you.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You or she will need to contact Safelink. Three weeks is a short time frame for these companies, by the way.

  77. AVIS A. TURNER says


  78. karen Jaskulski says

    I received my raise at work and DHS has cut me off, so I am trying to report this so I don’t get into trouble.

    Karen Jaskulski

  79. kast meka says

    Fraud. Filled out forms (paper and online), gave evidence online and in US mail. Still, no phone, and no reply. Fraud, plain and simple.

  80. wanda sanabria says

    two weeks ago like around 10/7/14 a girl/black/short, I forgot her name….she said she’s from safelink and because my daughter was over 19 years old, with Medicaid and foodstamps in the home…..telling me like the one I have with medicare eligibility (asking if I have one)…..she said that my daughter was eligible to give her our zip code, her date of birth and with a machine she took a picture of my daughters last four digits of her ss#……..she said that the phone would come 7-10 days or before……….Safelink, do you send people like this around the public? or could this be a scam/fraud….please reply….as soon as you can…..if I have to report this to the social security office at least, I do not know where else to report this at……….also calling safelink they gave me a reference number 19063683…….I do understand that she is not eligible……. my problem is that someone is getting ss# illegally….please rely ASAP thank you………..Wanda Sanabria

    • Ed says

      Its a scam. Do you actually think people would come around offering a free phone? The company would go broke. You deserve to be scammed if you fell for this one.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You have to contact Safelink directly. They don’t respond to these forums (nor do they have your address) and we are not the phone company.

  81. michael makowski says

    My safe link phone was stolen 3 months ago and I yet to be able to report it to safelink.There is no number to call or “push this for this” that can find and I have been unable to even get to a human being to talk. Safelink is some outfit.

  82. sheila mullins says

    I was told to remember the number of when I first signed up for a safelink phone. I don’t remember numbers very well. I have called for three months for a replacement phone only to get the run around. This is wrong to do to people. They say if you receive Snap and SSI that you can get a phone but it’s not true. They let certain ones receive isit . Like I said I have called for the last three months to get a replacement phone and was told it would be here in ten days but never received a replacement phone .

    • Ed says

      yea certain ones. The rich ones need the free phones. Everybody gets a phone. If you lost a phone you just have to wait till they get you another one.

  83. Manuel G Rodriguez says

    No tengo problemas con el servicio que hace anos ustedes me ofrecen, pero me gustaria saber si existe la posibilidad de extender la cantidad de minutos pues 250 verdaderamente cuando necesitamos comunicarnos con ciertos y determinados lugares qaue nosotros las personas mayors y de bajo recursos se nos hace imprescindible contactar, es imposible que esa cantidad nos alcance, considerando que en estos telefonos tanto quienes nos llaman como a a quienes llamamos el tiempo del telefono se va descontando. No es una queja simplemente estoy queriendo sabver si se puede con bajo costo recibir mas minutos. Gracias

  84. Susan Jacobson says

    SafeLink told me back in July that my account was cancelled due to the DOB on my application having a 9 instead of an 8. I re-applied and they gave away my phone number in the meantime. Service is still on, but I applied to another carrier explaining the situation due to loss of trust and confidence in SafeLink. Received their phone yesterday. E-mail to Executive Resolution said I have to call their 800 number which is the call center in the Philippines. I don’t trust the Bozos who work there.

    Can I send a letter to SafeLink cancelling my account to avoid getting in trouble for having service on two phones rather than having to call their 800 call center? Safelink Philippines can not tell me why my phone with them still works if my account was cancelled, and my phone number was given away, and why they gave me minutes in August, September, and October. Supervisors do not have any number I can call who is in the United States.

  85. robert weber says

    this order is for my stepson, all he needs is a application to order a phone. Thanks
    My phone has been great, I have no complaints, all is well, thanks.

  86. Lulu says

    I’m trying to apply for a free phone for my mom and the app is not accepting her address.
    She receives mail at her local post office but it will not accept either her physical or po.
    What should I do?

  87. Deatra mcfadden says

    I am disappointed with safe link. First issue with safe link, my phone was stolen I had 167 minutes left. I called to report it stolen and to get a replacement. The rep I talked to claimed she was a manager but she was so confused the kept me on the phone for 55 minutes just to order a replacement phone. I informed her in the beginning of the conversation I was on a time sensitive call. I was even more aggravated when she told me I will not be getting back the 167 minutes that was still on the stolen phone smh.then to top that I was given 20 lousy minutes for this replacement phone and when I made the first call after activation I realized my phone # was changed without my permission. When I ordered the phone I was asked and I clearly said yes I want to keep the same number too many ppl have it.that was transferred successfully but no supervisor could get on the phone. Another kicker in my stomach if I text before the 1st of the month. It will take from the 20 minutes they so cheaply gave me. Smh again
    I promise to NEVER purchase airtime for safe link nor will I recommend anyone of my friend and family to safe link

    • Rebecca says

      I have been having problems with safelink also. I even tried to cancel my phone and everything and it won’t let me. When I tried renewing it years back it sat pending for the years even when they received all the information they needed from me and the lady on the phone said I’d be approved no problem. Nothing but a headache and a pain in the rear!!!

    • Ed says

      When a phone is stolen, like a credit card, number has to be changed because who knows who has the number. You keep the old number and when you start getting calls in the middle of the night you would blame safelink for that also. Airtime is free so they are not out anything. They have 100 customers behind you so losing you wouldn’t be too big of a deal.

  88. Harry Randolph says

    I use to have a safelink phone an it got stolen.. so I reapiled for one over 2 months ago an I’ve not heard anything I sent in everything.. I really need one can’t afford any other phone.. please help..

  89. Roger Clifford says

    I have had your free phone now for over 2 years in that time i lost my first phone you replaced it with a new one thank you. but for bthe past 8 months i have not gotten any free minutes why and my phone has no service at all. either send me a new one or give me my free minutes. Roger cliffortd

  90. Gary platt says

    I have no phone and no way of communication I have many Dr appointments and I am fearful something happens to me when I am driving to my doctors appointment for when I am alone in my home

  91. andrea verret says

    I don’t have a job to afford one and would like one for my son for emergency purposes and I don’t always have a ride. Would be so greatful. Thank You.

  92. barry woodall says

    Have been sick for about 7 months in and out of hospital during that time.would I be able to get this service?unemployed during this time.

  93. billy wyant says

    how come ply for a free phone and get it and i can,t get one i would like to know why you are turning me down for from geting a free phone from government that i try to get for my self this will be my first phone ever i do not have a phone that i can use i haft to get some one elice to call for me if i need to make a phone call

  94. Kathleen j. Russo says

    I have the safelink phone for 5 to 6 yrs. My Battery has died. I’m in need for a new phone after so many years If my phone charges at all, I can get 1 call out or 1 in.. I had to go through 5 extentions And not one answer, The only one that seemed helpful, want’ed me to take out the battery and read the # unfortunatly since The past 4 years I can no longer see the # I understand if I use my phone time I still have use of 911 But with no battery time I don’t even have that … thanx O.B.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      They can’t supply a new battery unless you can give them a number so they know what to send you. You’ll have to have someone read it to you so you can write it down. Then call again. Or, go to Radio Shack or Best Buy or Amazon and see if they have one. Safelink isn’t going to give you one for free since it’s so old and is just worn out, so you’ll have to pay for one anyway.

  95. David says

    I applied for Safelink and have been on SSI and food stamps sadly for over 10 years but to get it They requested my SSI award letter which I misplaced and I wonder why can they just look up my equalization by social security number

    • Kathy Davis says

      Why are u so sad for receiving SSI and food stamps for over 10 years… first of all u should be glad that there is help for u to have some type of income and food… stop feeling sorry for yourself… and if u received an award letter before, it shouldn’t be no problem for u to get a copy of your award letter from SSI nor a copy of your food stamp letter… u r either not being truthful or want somebody to feel sorry for u…because for u to even state that u feel sad for receiving something type of help that u needed it appears that u have low self esteem…

      • lindsey adams says

        DAVID>>> you can print an award letter off of the SSI website. It is very simple, And then you can just send a copy of it to them


    Dear safelink,,,,i keep trien to get my safelink phone service back since i was told i had another lifeline, the other lifeline has since been disconnected and is no longer active. Ive called and tried to give safelink the verification code number for proof of disconnection of other lifeline..Safelink said they do not need it…And i can recieve new service from them again. Well, my issue is,,,, every time i try to apply online (because i cant get thru to a service rep by phone) the online keeps stating that i have a lifeline from another source….. It simply is not true!!! Please contact me with this matter..I need my phone back on!

  97. nancy reber says

    Im writing to find out why after sending my info through the mail and now I have faxed it why know one seems to know where all the info is I have sent a lot of personal info and would like to know where its going this seems like a scam to me I have sent you everything you asked for but its never enough I cant seem to talk to a person ever will some one email me to tell me whats going on or call the number I gave to you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      If you are asking me if you qualify, all you have to do is read the article and you’ll see that you do.

  98. linda says

    i lost my phone,and i am very sick i need my phone, i am a good customer 4 years never had a problem till now i called 4 another one and waited about 35 min on the phone just 4 some one 2 help me, and with that said you did and i was told i should get a new one in a few days hope all goes well ,the only thing that i hate was the time i had 2 waite 4 help

  99. Barbara Jack says

    I had to return my first phone because I couldn’t get any reception in the building in which I live.
    It had over 500 minutes on it. Tracfone sent a second phone with no minutes and no days of service and it couldn’t be activated so I was sent yet another phone that has no minutes. If I have to buy minutes I might as well get a phone large enough to see the the numbers.

    Calling customer service didn’t help.
    B. Jack

  100. Karen says

    I make sure that my phone is turned on at the beginning of the month, and I do not receive my minutes. I have to call in and go through several automated system prompts before I speak to someone to get my minutes.

  101. Sherry says

    I live in the country so I sometimes don’t get my minutes because of no service. Is there away I can add my free minutes myself a friend told me 555 but that doesn’t work.thank you for any help.

  102. Bonnie Farias says

    I just got my safe link phone I am trying to get it turned on. I can not understand what the person on the phone is saying. I have called several times and can not understand anyone who has answered the phone. Where can I find a store or English speaking customer service?

  103. duane wood says

    I have had safelink a couple of years. My phone drowned and does not work I bought a new phone and I would like to transfer the number and the minutes to a new phone, but I get NOOOOO help from your customer service Can you tell me where to call to get a person who speaks passable English who can solve my problem?.

  104. paul cooper says

    how do you report a loss phone. you do not have it in your menu. or howto get another one you need to be more persice

  105. Fcuk TwistedTalk says

    Called 1-800-723-3545, 1-800 378-1685 Online won’t recognize Enrollement # won’t recognize last 4 SSN, Unable to get to human after pressing 1 for english, 5 or 6 (tried 6x) and I get a “goodbye” call us back after you tried this”.I cannot get a hold of an human no matter How many times I call and I can’t even use the reference number 109 746 **** to get my fkg gdmn minutes.!!!

  106. candace porter says

    Ice chatting with a lady named names amy and was told there’d somebody already got a replacement phone from me i do not remember my old phone number i do not live at the old address in i never want to receive a replacement phone from you guys i never called to get a replacement phone or send an e-mail in time now in china chat with somebody until now i have a child that is in school i have doctors that has to get a hold of me in if i do not have a phone then disco northern doctors will be able to get a hold of me for somebody has use my name is a phone or a replacement phone in my name and i’m not very happy with it because when i was trying to explain out with her then she just cut me off and i was not rude at all i was trying to explain it to her in so i’m not very happy because i need a

  107. judith duke says

    I would like for safelink to accept me as a new customer. I was a customer before but, my phone was broken. So I sent it back to safelink. For the last year I have had a different provider. I don’t want to recertify with them at this time. My phone was in a class 3 flood in pensacola, Fl on April 31, 2014 at **** n. 9th ave. 23a zip code 32503. I need a new phone. Currently my phone number is 850-898-****. I think my old safelink # was 850-341-**** when I was at *** decatur ave. p’cola, fl. 32507 Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon as I receive food stamps, medicaid, and housing and I am currently seeking disability for stage 4 cirrohsis. of the liver.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You just need to contact Safelink Wireless and tell them want you want.

      You shouldn’t post personal information on these or any other public webpages.

  108. mary says

    My sister in law used my notebook to get a phone and now I need a phone and it won’t let me fill out applacation she did not ask me if she could use my notebook she does not live at this address

  109. Ruth Archer says

    I applied for a free phone from a man sitting under a tent and was qualified for it and he told me that it would arrive in 5 to seven business days well that was several weeks ago and still no phone My husband has a heart problem and I need a phone when I call the phone # and tell them all the information they ask for it always says invalid.Please help me with this

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The phones generally take longer than this to arrive. Did you have your paperwork? Call Safelink to check on it, but you might be on the phone for a long hold time.

  110. Morse Edward Stewart says

    To whom it may concern:


    I got a message to update, then a message to disregard and now my phone is off line.

    I thought it had lost its charge so I recharged it but it is still is not working.

    I thought this was approved for a year and received this message last year:

    OTAP Mailing Code – 32110 from Oregon Public Utility Commission:

    “The Oregon Public Utility Commission sent me a letter dated October 23, 2013 saying I had been, “…Approved…for free cell phone from SAFELINK WIRELESS BY TRACPHONE…” Sincerely, OTAP/Lifeline Staff”

    I am 73 years old, a veteran, have quite a list if infirmaries and rely heavily on this phone for staying in contact with the VA Doctors.

    I request your help please,

    Morse Edward Stewart
    503 380-**** (Not working at this time)

  111. Sandra Miller says

    Hello! My cell phone has been fine until now. I charged it and it did not work. I thought it might be dead.
    Then I got a yellow card from Safelink and I thought that maybe I did not make enough calls last month.
    I called to see if they could help me start it, but I could only get automated operators.

  112. ESSAN C NGUESSAN says



  113. Tena Reisinger says

    I need new one my is broke safe link phone . I want the one that I can hear I deaf I wearing hearing aid please send me one I don’t have cell phone.

  114. Michael cain says

    I broke my. Phone it was. A boost phone. I added. Minimtes. From. A. Checking. Card from. Allegacy I onley. Added 10$ they. Were. At. The store. But. I,ll. Try. To order. A phone. But please. Order. Me. A phone. I Can not. Even. Dell. Without. A phone.

  115. Sean McGary says

    How long does it typically take to process an application (and hopefully get approved)?

    Also one of the questions in the Application (for the Low Income Housing) asks for my monthly & annual income & I just wanted to know if I’m supposed to put the amount prior to taxes being deducted, or the amount that I actually take home weekly?

    One last question, I know that some providers outsource their service to a larger cell phone provider (Ex: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Etc…) and was wondering if Safelink outsources their service to another provider (possibly a larger provider) for their service in Florida?
    Thank you in advance for your help!!

    • Parsley says

      interesting that no one has replied to this… I am new and NEED a phone ! … still sounds scary, this place

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      There is no real “typical” time to get a phone from what we hear. We’ve seen a week, several weeks, a couple months. And we’ve heard of them never arriving. We have no ties to the companies so we cannot deliver a good answer, nor can we improve the process.

      As for what networks they partner with, here’s the answer from wikipedia:

      TracFone Wireless operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, “MVNO”, holding agreements with the United States’ largest wireless network operators to provide service using their networks, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US, and U.S. Cellular.

  116. Jennifer DeGrazia says

    When I try to apply for a phone it says I have a pending application. This is impossible, as I just now heard about it :-/ How can I remedy this please? Thank you.

  117. Jannis Coley says

    I received a text message that my minutes had been added to my phone. The only problem is the minutes never showed up on my phone. What can I do?

  118. Teresa Slack says

    I sent in my application the 3rd wk of June, I just checked the status and they are saying they haven’t received my application.

      • jared says

        I call them toll free numbers and its pry worst I’ve ever called!!!!! I need to get them to send me new phone but shouldn’t he this hard!!!!!!

        • Parsley says

          how long did your phone last before’it died’ ? I’m trying to figure out which one of these services to use.. and so far the reviews on the first 2 sound scary….

          • Patti says

            I got one from Budget Mobile and it is VERY USED and won’t charge. I’ve been trying to get the phone changed but not getting much help from that company. Now I’m searching for another company to deal with.

  119. george j cayer says

    hi i received a free phone a few monts ago and i noticed on it now that im not recevin my free time in the past 2 months whats goin on can any one help thanks i tried callin no luck

  120. Robyn Kyle says

    I would like to get a appalcation sent to p.o box 201 1386 springwood rd. Fincastle Va. I’am on food stamps ,medicare and Medicaid .Sorry about my typing my hands shake really bad . I would like to get a reply . thank-you Robyn Kyle

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We can’t send you an application because we are not the phone company. You need to contact Safelink directly.

  121. Esther Gallard says

    I sent in an application over a month ago. Your ofice says has not received it. And to reapply online. I worry about who has my information.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      If Safelink says they have not received it, they you should send them a new application. Or choose another provider for your state.

    • Angela says

      You can call them and see how much for a replacement or you can buy one online or at a store. I saw one on Amazon for 4.99 and it’s a qwerty phone. If you buy one, call Safelink and tell the you want to transfer your number, minutes, and lifeline to the new tracfone. It takes about 24-48 hours for it to be completed.

    • Toni says

      Your son lost his phone. Do you also have a phone, if you do what happened to the rule of one phone per household.

  122. Keenan Gaines says

    My phone is no longer active for services, I called this morning and was told I was no longer eligible because someone in my household is receiving these services, That’s not true I’m the only one with a free cell phone, I was told I have to re-enroll. Why do I have to re-enroll, there is an error in the information that was reported to you. My calls have been unsuccessful.

  123. Erin says

    I did not receive my 500 minutes as the limited time offer and I just joined a month ago. I then called and they said I would only get 250 why is that

  124. tna ravenel says

    yes I would like to know if you have a cell phone from cricket can you use it for the cell that you wouldn’t haver to sent me a cell phone because I have this one can I use it for my gov cell phone

  125. delores kender says

    It is hard to hear on my phone lots of noice scratching sound myphone is several years old how can i get a new phone?

  126. jimmy smedley says

    I have not received my free minutes for the month of july, can u please add my minutes to my phone. I tried to call you on numerous occations, but no luck.

  127. Robert Vandenburgh says

    hi I lost my phone there fore i perchased a new one however I keep trying to call and am having alot of trouble getting someone on the phone so that i can do so please let me know what to do asap thankyou

  128. Gregory Kout says

    I was wondering about my status, and when I can expect a phone, or a confirmation.
    Thank you. Gregory Kout.

    • kai Gram says

      When someone calls me on my cell phone, Do I have to pay for the time I am answering and talking to that person although I did not make the call. In other words do I lose minutes when I receive a call?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      This information is here and easy to understand. You are on the Safelink page, if that’s what you want use the contact information on this page to contact them. If you want to review other vendors, use our state page.

  129. [email protected] says

    Please, send me an aplication for the safelink phone. i think that I’m qualify. Thank You

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Only Safelink can get you the application. Contact them directly — info on page above.

  130. Olga Garcia says

    El telefono se me cayo en el agua y ya no funciona.Aunque sobre todo estoy muy complacida con el servicio.Quiero saber que debo hacer para reportarlo y obtener un sustituto.mi telefono es 407-233-****.

    att Olga Garcia


  131. tom bruce says

    i am disabled and can not feel my legs i have tried three times to get my phone replaced with another flip phone like i have they do not seem to care as they keep sending me a flat phone that will not last more than a few days i would look for another service provider that cares about the customers needs.

    • Marshall Dygert says

      Tom, good luck finding any customer service department ( with any business ) that ” cares about the customer needs “. In regards to specifically Safelink, over the last two weeks I have spent over two hours on the phone attempting to talk to a real person via their automated phone system. No luck! All 5 or 6 or more lines are circular. There is no response to e-mail and their “we will call you back shortly” system is ignored! ( 3 times). My next move will be attempting to contact FCC . I’ll bet that will work about as well as Safelink. Dealing with the government is as bad or worse than corporate America!



    • delores kender says

      My cell phone is old and it is starting to give me trouble how can i get new one and can iget one that ica n tex on and what about being able to take pictures.

  133. Christopher Caron says

    I sent the application and verification through the mail last week and was wondering how long will it take for me to receive the phone and/or information

  134. Cassandra McMorris says

    I would like to know if the Safelink wireless phone I have can be upgraded to a camera phone. Pls let me know & if so how do I get one.

  135. Wilba Chalker says

    My neighbor gave me your 1-800 number but I was unable to get information about a free phone. I’m over 70 years old and not really computer savy and I do have a cell phone now but rarely use it and I have to buy minutes even though I still have minutes remaining but time has run out. I’m on a fixed income and would like information on your service. Thank you

  136. Gil says

    Safelink I have a hard time getting some one in person to help me with my problem and I get the running around Costumer Service Sucks

  137. lakisha colson says

    I’m not getting my free 250 monthly minutes every month unless I call to get them put on my phone.

  138. Todd Ellithorpe says

    hello i lost my phone i have try to call you more then once no word back like to get a new phone

  139. Jessie says

    I am not getting my free 125 minutes a month, since I had to get another phone, called all the numbers all I get is automatic people.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Safelink’s contact info is right on this page, above, near the end of the article.

  140. Lenard Reynolds says

    Thank you for offering this, I,M DISABLED and need a phone so I can get help when needed, It Is like a saftey line I will feel much more secure when I GET THE PHONE GOD BLESS YOU. Sincererly Lenard Reynolds

  141. edna baker says

    I apply for a phone I put my child get free lunch I want to change it to Medicaid I have a photo of the Medicaid card how can I change it o n my application

  142. Mercury V Simanovicki says

    I’m trying to get a low income phone with free minutes each month. How do I know if I qualify or not?

  143. deborah a kehrer says

    I tried to check the status of application and it said id number not valid the number is 17911805. I applied on june 18th and emailed a copy of snap card at the same time. Please email me, how long untill I hear something. Thank you.