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The original, and the largest provider can give you a phone and 250 minutes and 1,000 texts each month. In 38 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

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SafeLink Wireless, a Tracfone company, is the largest, oldest and best known of the companies that offer free cell phones through the government’s Lifeline phone service program. They have millions of customers in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

If you qualify under the Lifeline Assistance program guidelines, you will be able to get a free cell phone and up to 250 minutes of airtime and 1,000 texts each month for free plans vary according to state). After one year, if you are still eligible for the phone, you simply need to re-certify. It’s unfortunate, but with the way the economy is going, it seems many people will get several years of use from the phone.

SPECIAL ALERT: For a limited time new customers who enroll in SafeLink will receive 500 minutes for the first 3 months of service. After 3 months, the program returns to the original 250-minute plan. This offer is limited and only for New Customers, it will expire after September 15th, 2014.

Do you qualify?

Are you eligible for a new Safelink Wireless phone number? Be aware that guidelines vary by state but you’ll probably qualify if you participate in a public assistance program such as any of the following:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program's Free Lunch Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • Head Start (if income eligibility criteria are met)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • State assistance programs (check your state).

If you don’t receive any of these public assistance benefits, you may also qualify if your total household gross monthly income is low enough.

Safelink Wireless is free and there’s no contract to sign. Just submit your Safelink application online or by traditional methods. It’s really very quick and easy.

Here’s a look at all the features you can get with a free SafeLink Wireless cell phone:

  1. Free popular features such as Caller Id, Call Waiting and Voicemail.
  2. International long distance.
  3. Unused minutes carry-over (depending on which plan you select).
  4. Your handset will remain active for one year upon shipment.
  5. You can use all TracFone Airtime cards.
  6. You can use all TracFone Airtime cards.

NOTE: TracFone Airtime Cards are now available at Wal-Mart, CVS, Kmart, Target, Radio Shack, Walgreens, Rite Aid stores, Family Dollar and Dollar General. You can also buy minutes online.

Safelink Wireless offers three free plans, and you can buy addon’s for plans with more airtime. Here is a snapshot of the free plans:

 Free Monthly Minutes Included in PlanUnused Minutes Carryover Each MonthText Message Charge*Free International Long DistanceVoicemail

Caller ID

Call Waiting
Plan 168 in all states (80 in MA)Yes18.5 Texts/1 MinuteYesYes
Plan 2125Yes10 Texts/1 MinuteNoYes
Plan 3250No**5 Texts/1 MinuteNoYes


Now, while the free plan limits you to 250 minutes per month, you can get more. We’ve thoroughly covered this subject on our page, Safelink Wireless/Tracfone Minutes. And, you’ll be able to get some VERY GOOD deals with Tracfone promo code.

There are many detractors of this company on the web, calling it the “Safelink Wireless Scam,” but since they are the original wireless company participating in the Lifeline program, they are simply taking the heat for those against this public assistance program. It’s a bonafide Lifeline service vendor and they can assist you if you are in need. Call Safelink Wireless Customer Service today, if you live in one of the states they serve.

Compare Safelink Wireless with Other Lifeline Companies in Your State

There are many other free phone service providers you your state, Reachout Wireless is just one. In every state there are many options, often over a dozen companies to choose from. Plans and phone choices often vary substantially between providers and you owe it to yourself to look at them all. To compare plans, begin with our state-by-state free phone service page and click on your state to see what’s available.

Contact Safelink Wireless:
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Enrollment and Plan Changes Support: 1-800-977-3768
Technical Support Only: 1-800-378-1684

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  2. Sandra Miller says

    Hello! My cell phone has been fine until now. I charged it and it did not work. I thought it might be dead.
    Then I got a yellow card from Safelink and I thought that maybe I did not make enough calls last month.
    I called to see if they could help me start it, but I could only get automated operators.

  3. Morse Edward Stewart says

    To whom it may concern:


    I got a message to update, then a message to disregard and now my phone is off line.

    I thought it had lost its charge so I recharged it but it is still is not working.

    I thought this was approved for a year and received this message last year:

    OTAP Mailing Code – 32110 from Oregon Public Utility Commission:

    “The Oregon Public Utility Commission sent me a letter dated October 23, 2013 saying I had been, “…Approved…for free cell phone from SAFELINK WIRELESS BY TRACPHONE…” Sincerely, OTAP/Lifeline Staff”

    I am 73 years old, a veteran, have quite a list if infirmaries and rely heavily on this phone for staying in contact with the VA Doctors.

    I request your help please,

    Morse Edward Stewart
    503 380-**** (Not working at this time)

  4. Ruth Archer says

    I applied for a free phone from a man sitting under a tent and was qualified for it and he told me that it would arrive in 5 to seven business days well that was several weeks ago and still no phone My husband has a heart problem and I need a phone when I call the phone # and tell them all the information they ask for it always says invalid.Please help me with this

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The phones generally take longer than this to arrive. Did you have your paperwork? Call Safelink to check on it, but you might be on the phone for a long hold time.

  5. mary says

    My sister in law used my notebook to get a phone and now I need a phone and it won’t let me fill out applacation she did not ask me if she could use my notebook she does not live at this address

  6. judith duke says

    I would like for safelink to accept me as a new customer. I was a customer before but, my phone was broken. So I sent it back to safelink. For the last year I have had a different provider. I don’t want to recertify with them at this time. My phone was in a class 3 flood in pensacola, Fl on April 31, 2014 at **** n. 9th ave. 23a zip code 32503. I need a new phone. Currently my phone number is 850-898-****. I think my old safelink # was 850-341-**** when I was at *** decatur ave. p’cola, fl. 32507 Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon as I receive food stamps, medicaid, and housing and I am currently seeking disability for stage 4 cirrohsis. of the liver.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You just need to contact Safelink Wireless and tell them want you want.

      You shouldn’t post personal information on these or any other public webpages.

  7. candace porter says

    Ice chatting with a lady named names amy and was told there’d somebody already got a replacement phone from me i do not remember my old phone number i do not live at the old address in i never want to receive a replacement phone from you guys i never called to get a replacement phone or send an e-mail in time now in china chat with somebody until now i have a child that is in school i have doctors that has to get a hold of me in if i do not have a phone then disco northern doctors will be able to get a hold of me for somebody has use my name is a phone or a replacement phone in my name and i’m not very happy with it because when i was trying to explain out with her then she just cut me off and i was not rude at all i was trying to explain it to her in so i’m not very happy because i need a

  8. Fcuk TwistedTalk says

    Called 1-800-723-3545, 1-800 378-1685 Online won’t recognize Enrollement # won’t recognize last 4 SSN, Unable to get to human after pressing 1 for english, 5 or 6 (tried 6x) and I get a “goodbye” call us back after you tried this”.I cannot get a hold of an human no matter How many times I call and I can’t even use the reference number 109 746 **** to get my fkg gdmn minutes.!!!

  9. paul cooper says

    how do you report a loss phone. you do not have it in your menu. or howto get another one you need to be more persice

  10. duane wood says

    I have had safelink a couple of years. My phone drowned and does not work I bought a new phone and I would like to transfer the number and the minutes to a new phone, but I get NOOOOO help from your customer service Can you tell me where to call to get a person who speaks passable English who can solve my problem?.

  11. Bonnie Farias says

    I just got my safe link phone I am trying to get it turned on. I can not understand what the person on the phone is saying. I have called several times and can not understand anyone who has answered the phone. Where can I find a store or English speaking customer service?

  12. Sherry says

    I live in the country so I sometimes don’t get my minutes because of no service. Is there away I can add my free minutes myself a friend told me 555 but that doesn’t work.thank you for any help.

  13. Karen says

    I make sure that my phone is turned on at the beginning of the month, and I do not receive my minutes. I have to call in and go through several automated system prompts before I speak to someone to get my minutes.

  14. Barbara Jack says

    I had to return my first phone because I couldn’t get any reception in the building in which I live.
    It had over 500 minutes on it. Tracfone sent a second phone with no minutes and no days of service and it couldn’t be activated so I was sent yet another phone that has no minutes. If I have to buy minutes I might as well get a phone large enough to see the the numbers.

    Calling customer service didn’t help.
    B. Jack

  15. linda says

    i lost my phone,and i am very sick i need my phone, i am a good customer 4 years never had a problem till now i called 4 another one and waited about 35 min on the phone just 4 some one 2 help me, and with that said you did and i was told i should get a new one in a few days hope all goes well ,the only thing that i hate was the time i had 2 waite 4 help

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      If you are asking me if you qualify, all you have to do is read the article and you’ll see that you do.

  16. nancy reber says

    Im writing to find out why after sending my info through the mail and now I have faxed it why know one seems to know where all the info is I have sent a lot of personal info and would like to know where its going this seems like a scam to me I have sent you everything you asked for but its never enough I cant seem to talk to a person ever will some one email me to tell me whats going on or call the number I gave to you

  17. jared says

    I call them toll free numbers and its pry worst I’ve ever called!!!!! I need to get them to send me new phone but shouldn’t he this hard!!!!!!

  18. Parsley says

    how long did your phone last before’it died’ ? I’m trying to figure out which one of these services to use.. and so far the reviews on the first 2 sound scary….

  19. Patti says

    I got one from Budget Mobile and it is VERY USED and won’t charge. I’ve been trying to get the phone changed but not getting much help from that company. Now I’m searching for another company to deal with.

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