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This regional provider in 26 states can supply you with a free cell phone and 250 minutes each and every month.

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IMPORTANT: We are not sure about Reachout Wireless’s future plans for their Lifeline service. Please read our recent story, The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Reachout Wireless.

ReachOut Wireless ­is the third largest company in America that gives out free phones to the financially disadvantaged, compliments of the federal government’s Lifeline Assistance program. Like many of the companies, Reachout Wireless provides 250 minutes of voice calling (350 in Oklahoma and unlimited in California) in the states listed below. Other than California, each text sent or received counts as one minute of your allowance.

California Plan: In California, eligible residents get a significantly better deal. Similar to what other major phone vendors are doing in the state, both voice and text usage is unlimited. That’s right, unlimited calling and unlimited texting. Several other California companies also offer this plan so if you live in the Golden State be sure to Click Here to review all of them.

Reachout offers other Lifeline plans that are not free, in each state. You can find information about these on their website (when their current “Under Construction” Lifeline pages are replaced by plan info). In California, these upgraded plans offer various limits of data usage.

Free government cell phone companies have to qualify state-by-state. Currently, ReachOut has been approved to offer the LifeLine cell phone in 30 states. If you live in any of the following states you may be able to get a phone from them: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Aside from living in the right state, you will have to qualify. It’s simple to know if you qualify. The easiest way is if you already receive assistance from any one of the following government programs:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (also know as SSI)
  • Section 8 Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF)
  • National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch

If you are eligible through one of these programs (and perhaps others — check your state page), it’s really easy to complete the application. You merely have to sign under penalty of perjury that you are on the program. There is no submission of proof required.

And you can also qualify by a low-income status. If your total household income is below between 135-150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, depending upon what state you are in, you can qualify. You’ll have to submit some proof of income with this type of application.

Cell phones from ReachOut Wireless offer the following features:

  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • International Long Distance
  • Select Text Messaging
  • Voice Mail

For a small fee monthly fee, you can also upgrade your phone and your services.

Before you call ReachOut Wireless be sure to go to your state and see who all the vendors are there. You are likely to have several choices, and you’ll be able to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Be Sure to Compare Reachout Wireless with Other Options in Your State

Reachout Wireless is just one of the many free cell phone providers in your state. Quite a few states have over a dozen cell phone providers to choose from, with all have at least several. Plans and phone choices often vary substantially between providers and you owe it to yourself to look at them all. To begin your comparison shopping, please see our state-by-state phone providers page and click on your state.

The free plan limits you to 250 minutes per month, but you can buy more. We’ve created a page that thoroughly covers this subject here: ReachOut Wireless Minutes.

ReachOut Wireless is a company of Nexus Communications.

Contact Reachout Wireless

Nexus Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 247168
Columbus, OH 43224
Enrollment Support: 1-877-870-9444
Technical Support: 1-888-820-6587
Customer Service: 1-877-870-9222
Fax: 1-877-870-9333

Further Reading on ReachOut Wireless

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  1. cheryl says

    I am trying to help my brother get a free phone in Richmond CA and am having trouble finding a place to go get one. Can u tell me where exactly to go. Thank u very much.

  2. Elaine G. Manor says

    Lost my Sfelink cell cellphone in a move a mothago and the zip code doesn’t go to my town where I am now and because of my poor health I really need one in case the power goes out. I get Medicaide, food stamps, medicare, SSD. Sincerely Elaine Manor

  3. Diane S Butler says

    I am very sad. I lost 2 phones, one a smart phone the other a new medicaid androin phone. I left my phones hidden in the bushes due to entering a government building, when I came out, they were both gone. My mother lives in Texas and dyinng of mestastis cancer from her breast to her bone to lymth nodes. I have not seen her since 2004. I have no phone and am desperate to keep in touch with her.

  4. Polina Turchina says

    I tried to call 1-888-820-6002 number today, to add free minutes to my phone but I cannot get through. It says that Verizon connot complete this call as dialed. Which number should I use?

  5. James templeton says

    Im inquiring about possible employment with your awesome company how do i get an application to sit out and give away these phones in my area i live in west virginia in cabell county and im willing to travel

  6. cynthia cordier says

    Where’s my minutes for August… I need them.. the customer service here is AWFUL.. KEEP SENDING YOU IN CIRCLES.

  7. John Jackson says

    I am so angry right now I cannot see straight. I tried to use my phone on. August 1st and it did not work. I called reach out wireless and the tell me that I switched life line providers pm July 21st. I DID NOT GIVE ANYONE AT ANYTIME permission to switch my lifeline service. I did call reach out wireless a few weeks ago to change my plan to one that had roll over minutes. After bing in the phone for over one hour and fifteen minutes I finally hung up after talking to a real ass of a supervisor. It is clear to me that someone made a mistake. It refinances not I. But once again it is I that pay the price by having my phone disconnected. And they tell me that I must reapply but they are not taking any more customers in my area right now

    • says

      We are not certain what the state of ReachOut Wireless is right now. Their site’s Lifeline page links and their enrollment buttons have been on “Under Construction” for some time. In addition, we checked the government’s reimbursement reports and their number of subscribers in the last year have dropped very dramatically.

  8. mike honkoski says

    I filled out paperwork to get one of your phones about three weeks ago and i never got the phone but i just found out the the girl that i did the paperwork thing through is having the phones delivered to herself and then selling them. That’s why i never recieved mine.
    Please feel free to contact me for any other information you might need
    mike honkoski

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We’re having trouble believing your comments, Mike, because you left identical comments on our pages for Total Call, Telscape, Tag Mobile, ReachOut and FeelSafe. Not a good sign.

  9. Randelle Osmun says

    Iv been trying to call to get my 250 free minutes in before the end of the month and keep saying all circuses busy please help i need my minutes thank you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We’re sorry to hear that the circuses were busy because we really enjoy the clowns and elephants.

  10. latefah shampine says

    I paid $9.95, around three weeks ago. I brought a battery. I need you to refund my money. The phone is no good. I now have to buy a phone. Yet the $9.95 should be refunded to my banking account. I have called at least 7 times. I get ignored every time. I need my money.

    Latefah Shampine 216 451-1847 216 409-8494

  11. Susie James says

    This morning – July 29, 2015 – I’ve been trying to access ReachOut Wireless for my required monthly call to get my minutes for August. Each time I call the number, 1-888-820-6002, I only GET AN AUTOMATED VERIZON VOICE TELLING ME I CAN’T GET THROUGH WITH THE NUMBER I’M CALLING. What’s up?

  12. hongthiva says

    I was with reachout for 3 years and i’ve always make sure i have minutes because of in case of any kind of emergency. And one day i was wondering how come my phone hasnt been ringing, so i try to make a call and it said i have insufficient fund and to add more funds. I decided to live chat with reachout. I ask about my minutes on my phone and the agent that i’m chatting with says reachout no longer serve my area.!? How come i didn’t receive any letter saying or letting me know?

  13. Theresa says

    My 84-year-old mother receives Social Security, lives by herself and has been on my cell phone plan, but we are switching services. She makes a little over $1,400 a month. If she qualifies to get a phone through the free program, can she keep her same number?

  14. michael says

    reachoutwireless website has been down (can’t sign up for anything, but you can buy an overpriced phone you can’t activate) for a long time. I think you are going out of the free phone business. Something smells rotten.

    • says

      Their website has been up for us when we look at it. However, some key pages for Lifeline have been display “Under Construction” banners for some time now. Makes us wonder what the long term prospects are for the company.

  15. David says

    Can you clarify a few things on this article?
    It states ReachOut Wireless offers service in 26 states; however, 30 are listed.
    On the page for NY Providers, ReachOut is listed, and this page is linked to, but NY is not listed as a viable state on this (the provider) page.

    • says

      Thanks for catching the errors. In 2011, Reachout announced they were going into NY, but apparently never did. And yes, the number 26 should be 30.

  16. John Lamaison says

    I previously had a cell phone (337-696-****) which has been broken for awhile now. I am in need of getting another cell phone but when I try to apply it says I already have an active account. Can someone please advise. Thank you!

    • Jac says

      Hey, Genius! You just gave the entire freaking world access to your full name and cell phone number! Even if your phone is broken, it’s still not a smart thing to do! Try to edit/delete your post ASAP before all the freaks start prank calling you, unless, that’s your kind of thing…

      • says

        Thanks for pointing this out. We try to redact all the phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers (yes, people do post those!) and other personal contact information out of the comments. But there are so many people that do this, once in a while one gets past us.

        EVERYBODY: Do not post your phone numbers, address, and social security numbers in the public comments.

  17. Ernesto A Balajadia says

    I’m a low income person need a cellphone…. I’m on Medicaid, food stamp and SSI. Receiving monthy in SSS $540.00/month….. Thank You

  18. richard dill says

    my phone was stolen/misplaced I need a replacement phone and the old phone service disconnected

  19. luna musselman says

    I have a Reachout wireless Nexus phone on the Lifelife low income category. My # is 6570203-****. I received a replacement phone 4 days ago but when I dial a contact numer I get this message: “yOUR SERVICE IS NOT DISCONNECTED.” “YOU HAVE EXCEEDED YOUR AIR TIME”. I have never had to purchase air time. Something is wrong. Can you help? I get this phone free for text and talk…my current balance is 720 minutes. PLEASE HELP, I LIVE ALONE AND NEED MY GOVERNMENT PHONE. THANK YOU,

  20. Patricia rost says

    Why i signed up for a free cell phone with assurancewireless,they sent me the phone before my mobile phone number on the paperwork,plus 1st they had the wrong email,tehn they were trying to send me the paperwork at my address,i dont get any mail there told them,i get it at my p.o. box,whats wrong with these people,i

  21. Arlene Clayton says

    I have not been awarded 240 free minutes for several months. This morning after I purchased 100 minutes the recording from Welcome Verizon buzzed on advising me that I had used “all of my minutes”. I HAVE NOT USED 240 minutes from the first of June until now because I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY 240 MINUTES FOR SEVERAL MONTHS.

  22. Cathy Underwood says

    When i call my friends government phone it goes directly to voicemail. He can call out and receive text. We r in Denver Colorado. What do we need to correct this problem. Thank u do much for your help. My phone #’720-334-****

  23. marvin woodard says

    I keep getting a message on my phone that I must make one outbound call to
    continue lifeline service, what does this mean?

  24. Brad says

    When one calls Social Security offices, does the phone call count against the minutes on the plan. Also, will the call to Social Security be viewable in call history if I call them.

  25. saman russel says

    my phone damaged and i want a new phone. can you sent me a list of the phones so i can order instead of the damage one my phone number is 616-401-****? I want a new product less than $80 so i can transfer my service to it

  26. Donald searson says

    I had reachout for 3 years but i never question why i was running out of 250 minutes in less then four days well one day i decide used my phone just for 30 minutes and just wait a few days well i attempt to make a phone call and it said i had used all my minutes so i log on to my account just to see what was going on and my account said i had 30 minutes left which keep in mind i got the 250 minute plan and only used 30 minutes so i should have 220 well i call and got someone in customer services which at the begin acknowledge i had 30 minutes well i told him my phone is not working that it said i used all my minutes so iam making a call and the phone is stiil telling me i depleted all my minutes while he is on the phone this man is telling me that iam making phone calls and they are going thru then turns around and tell me i have no minutes then i told him wait a minute when i first call you said i had 30 minutes now i got none i been on the phone with you for 45 minutes arguing with you that my phone dose not work and iam putting this man on speaker phone so he can hear when i dial a number and said i depleted all my minutes how about their system is registering my calls that iam trying to make then telling me i depleted all my minutes but at same time they are taking minutes i should have on my account off and after trying to convince this man my phone is not working for about a hour now he gives me 15 minutes and tell me to make a call and all of the sudden the call go thru so iam just going to put this why i still have phone and every month ive been going thru this i got a contract phone right now but i can go get that phone on the 5th make a few calls less then 30 minutes in a few days i wont have now minutes but every call i try to make after that is saying i depleted my minutes but at same time the system is saying my calls are going thru so my advice every month reset your call log and when your phone say you used all your minutes add up your minutes on the call you made and if you want proof iam going to make a video and put on you tube for the month june

    • says

      Donald, we’d like to see that video when you get it up. Please come back and post the link here.

      P.S. We don’t think the period key on your computer is working.

  27. Linda Melville says

    Am calling about Reach out Wireless Phone. I have reach out phone it doesn’t work it doesn’t received phone calls & you can’t call in. I call reach out and they have me try different numbers to activate but it doesn’t work and now they put you on hold they hang up on you. I need my phone working but they don’t care. This isn’t the first time I have had trouble with Reached out phone. Thank you, L. Melville

  28. L Hamby says

    When did you stop offering unlimited for 26.50 to gov assisted customers, and can you get the regulary unlimited 39.99 on a gov assisted phone from reachout wirless.

  29. Silvia says

    Hi,could I get you to email me an application for a pho ne thank you so very much. ******
    im low income and havent been able to afford a phone in a long time,i so greatly appriated

  30. norayer gazarian says

    My father’s reachout free cell phone is not active any more what I have to do to return back the service.

  31. Michele says

    i live in Hart Mi i was told that reachout doesnt have service here but on this page it implies that it does which is it? im very interested in getting service with reachout and was a costumer before

  32. TVictoria says

    i. am unable to even find out how many minutes I have or how much texting I did the customer service number continues to lead back to the same recording I dialed for different numbers and got the same recording I’m a little confused as to why I can’t even access how many minutes I’d actually have so please help me out with this and change some of those recordings so that the more informative thank you

  33. marissa says

    Want to enroll. I’m a previous client. I already have a verizon phone from you just not activated. How do I get started?

  34. Timothy Charles Lewis says

    I ordered a replacement phone ,because my other phone was not working right ! Now the one you sent me isn’t operating right and the screen will not stay on and it keeps on blinking on an off ! Having hard time trying to phone some people because
    of it ! HELP ME to get a better phone PLEASE !

  35. luisa francescone says

    I need a large phone – I am 66 and my social security check is only $700 per month – i need a cell phone for emergencies

  36. Dawn DeBiase says

    Please send me the application for a free cell phone I’m on food stamps n I have a small child I need one badly thank you for your help

  37. David Evans says

    I was in the hospital for one week and my hone was shut off. My phone number is 734-718-****. I had been getting the message that I did not have that much activity and if I did not show some activity that my phone would be shut off. I would like to continue using my phone. Please turn my phone back on. Like I state earlier…my phone number is 734-718-****, My phone I consider my emergency phone since I have heart disease and use it everywhere I go. This phone is a definite emergency lifeline for me. I do need a reply asap. I was in the hospital for my heart problem and as u see this phone is valuable to me.
    Thank You
    David Evans- 734-720-****

  38. Willard Gove says

    I am asking the Supervisor that approved my application one day and the next day this supervisor told me that Reachout Wireless quit being a Provider of California Lifeline phones? I am doing this because since I was told that Reachout Wireless quit providing California Lifeline phones and now when I try to get a California Lifeline phone from a different California Lifeline Provider “Access Wireless” I am being told I already have 2 California Lifeline phone accounts when the day before none of the California Lifeline providers would let me apply for a California Lifeline phone account. So now I find out that obviously Reachout Wireless still is providing California Lifeline phones to people.
    So I am asking the Reachout Wireless supervisor who approved me for a California Lifeline account and gave me a approval # and a pin # for my account then the next day I receive a email stating I didn’t have a account. So Reachout Wireless Supervisor how could I now have 2 California Lifeline phone accounts when I was told I didn’t have a California Lifeline phone account and no other California Lifeline phone companies approved me because they had the excuse that my street could not be found? How did this happen that my personal information ends up on the California Lifeline applications which makes me committing fraud when I have never was approved by any Provider of California Lifeline phones when I actually live in the state of California? Plus I report fraud on my Personal information of having 2 California Lifeline phones to the FCC Lifeline Fraud Tip Line. I need to know how I end up with 2 California Lifeline accounts when I was never officially approved by a California Lifeline provider? I am the one who gets the wrap pinned on me when I do not decide anything in the process and why would there be 2 approved Lifeline accounts when I only spoke to 3 California Lifeline providers and all 3 did not approve my attempts to get a California Lifeline phone? So what’s it going to be? The truth Reachout wireless or cover up the truth so Reach out Wireless looks?
    So I guess my factual information post of my experience with Lifeline phone companies will not been seen but will be covered up by a provider of Lifeline phones.

  39. Jay Coyote says

    Signing up was ludicrous: I needed to return to Chat dozens of times, every few days for 2 months, because they stated that otherwise my activation would not progress through the dozens of steps in their process. Most ridiculous process ever.

    Plus, while I’d given them an alternate phone number, they didn’t call it before disconnecting me for not using the phone for 60 days. I only got the phone for emergencies, and when my car broke the disconnection was a very bad surprise.

  40. Renee L Roberts says

    I was a reachout customer my phone broke and you wouldn’t replace it so my service couldn’t continue. I didn’t know what to do, loved the service but couldn’t new phone from you.

  41. kathleen Madonna says

    I received public assistance and would like to know to get cheap internet for low income families

  42. Jeffrey Kitchen says

    I have just been informed by ReachOut Wireless that they are no longer supporting or providing lifeline service in the state of michigan. R u aware of this? Options?

    • says

      Interesting, thanks. We’ll check it out. We just went to the site and clicked the Enroll button (regardless of state) and it goes to an Under Construction page.

  43. terry marrlett says

    January 26, 2015 sent my cell phone in due to not charging. Told to send it in because it was the 2nd time I called about this issue. Have not heard anything further and still no phone ,as of Feb 12, 2015 5:30 pm. Whats going on?

  44. Roger Petrie says

    I am a 61 year old male currently in a nursing home in Rockford Illinois. I am in the end stages of renal failure and on medicaid and SSI. i had a trac phone but due to my lack of funds can no longer afford one. I go to dialysis 3 times a week and have been stranded more than once waiting for a ride to and from so I really do need a phone for times like this. Can you please tell me what I need to do to apply for one of your phones? Thank You.

    Roger Petrie

    • Roger Petrie says

      Received a phone yesterday that is the worst phone we’ve ever tried to use. No instruction manual and the back once taken off will not go back on. The screen doesn’t display anything showing the phone in dial mode. It is horrible to use for someone who is blind in one eye. Had several people look at it and they said the same thing and they have full vision. When we called to cancel the service the person we talked to spoke such unclear English it took twice as long to communicate. Have called probably 5 – 6 times and never gotten anyone who speaks clear English. Having to repeat and spell what you are trying to say over and over getting more than a little frustrating. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE>>>>>
      Again, I no longer want to be a customer of your free phone as it is completely unusable and you are charging for a product that doesn’t work. Was told have to request a manual??? What kind of nonsense is that???

      • jo says

        You can buy many different Verizon phones inexpensively to use on ReachOut wireless. Even smartphones that are Verizon 3G will work. I use a Motorola Droid x and I am very happy with the phone and the service from Reachout

  45. Robia Gongora says

    My phone quit working.. it was just working last week and just stopped.. my # is 815-209-**** please help i just did my reverification a couple months ago.. thank you

    • says

      You will need to borrow a phone and contact Reachout through their 800 number listed on the page above.

  46. Robert o-quinn says

    I live here in Wichita ks and was wanting to go around and sign people up with phones are u guys hiring I don’t have a background u can reach me at 316 882 **** hope to hear from u thanks robert

  47. jerry richardson says

    i have a phone with you but i want to get my mother a free phone she tried to get one
    but was told only one per household that is the problem there are 3 house here that
    use the same address my mom is 74 years old and lives alone and is on ssi please
    help get her a free phone

    • says

      No one is going to see your comment here and send you a phone. You need to contact the cell phone company and arrange to get a new one.

  48. luis r bueno says

    tengo un celular de obama con la compania reach ouy wireless,fui a usarlo ayer y esta apagado,no me han informado del nuevo contrato anual,quisiera saber que paso,para que me reintegren el servicio,mi numero es: (216)470-****. attn:luis gracias.

  49. Damon Leroy Wilhite says

    I am trying to help my nephew, Damon Wilhite, obtain and obama Phone. He currently has no income other than approx. $190.00 for food stamps and is on Medicaid. He is pending SSI disability. He has called many times in the past few weeks as I have. Please call me at 209.663.**** for Damon. I am his Aunt. He has talked to someone about this many times but still doesn’t have a phone. He lives in a room in a house with two other people. And really needs a phone. He has been disabled for many years and has proof with his medical records and no income. His DOB is 9/9/****.
    Please contact me right away and let me know how to do this and why has it been so difficult. We have been trying to get some help for about one month. Linda Parrott for Damon Wilhite 209.663.****. Need to know how much unlimited calls are as he no job unable to work and no care. He needs for communication. Thank you, Linda Parrott

    • says

      I’m sorry, but this isn’t the Reachout customer service web page, so no one will be able to get back to you. You have to contact Reachout directly.

    • Tabatha says

      If u go online and fill the application out for budget Mobil u get a free phone and free min. They only ship out on Mondays and Wednesday so I should get the phone in the mail in 1 week after u apply it took mine 5 days to get to me after they shipped it out

  50. demeisha banks says

    I never recieved my tablet that was sapose to be sent in the mail a mouth prior to when i recived my first free minutes during activation. were is my tablet.?

  51. Tanya R. Neely says

    I pray that you will be able to get me on to your program. I’m on SSI. ,I have a heart condition,Lupus Sjndrome syndrome,Parkinson disease Arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis and many other Illininess. I live at **** East Burder Street SAtreet. Burton,Michigan 48429 I will faxs you my copy of my social security record stating I am disabille.. MY Birthday is January 17, ****. I am a female my social number is *********. I’m not employed either.t My phone number is (875-****) Thank you so much for reading my letter,and may God Bless you!

    • says

      Please everyone, please stop posting personal information on this website, or any public website. If you wish to get a phone, you’ll need to contact the company directly (info above).

  52. Sylvester S. Murphy says

    I am writing because your company has not given me my 250 free minutes for the month of November an i was wondering if i was going to receive them before this month is over.
    This is the second month in a row that i have not received my free minutes and i would hate to have to contact the people inside the government that pay your company to let them know that you are defrauding them out of tax payer money for services that you are not providing.
    Last i checked that was a criminal offence that could cost you alot of money, that i am sure you do not want to lose, especially with all the complaints that are on the internet about your company from costumers.
    thank you for dealing with this matter in advance because i personally have never had a problem that your company didn’t try to rectify.

  53. latoya says

    This is the worst company in the world!!! The customer service representatives are RUDE AS F**k!!! At least bring the jobs back to the states .. the ppl handling our account can barely speak proper English…



  55. Freda Rivers says

    I like to switch my headset to MODEL NO UX660 SIM 610XPNY016879 MEID A00000321AC54 . YOU CAN REACH ME AT 614307**** BY TEXT IF YOU CAN DO IT

  56. Jeff Schwersinske says

    I got a wi verizon motorola wireless phone free phone,got call,min up date, phone wore out 1 call it,s dead,info up grade phone? 262/327/**** Jeff Schwersinske ***** w north ave apt 210 Milwaukee Wi 53226 can you send me one? Im using a Best buy phone it shot to cant hear on it to good 414/722/**** $32.oo a mouth buy a new phone,send me new phone

  57. georgette reynolds says

    I already have a account but my phone doesen’t work and would like a new one.My number is 661-305-**** ,I’m not getting any answers from my email.

  58. Pamela Alkire says

    I have recently been Riffed from my job. I cant afford a phone. If you could please help me with a phone to find a job?

    Thank you,
    Pam Alkire

  59. Carla Slatton says

    Why is Reachout mailing out thousands of mailers saying people in northern california can get a cell phone from you all. Only to find out it’s some sort of cruel joke, because us in ca. aren’t going to get one. I felt relief that finally I would “catch a break”… ha ha jokes on me.

  60. edward a.penalber says

    newer phones are beyond my limited income,survived,stage 4 cancer,now i need phone to stay in contact with doctors and family

  61. james thompson says

    my wife and i are on public asssitance and need low cost high speed internet or broadband are there any recommendations here for southern california?

    thank you for your help

  62. Gene says

    This is absolutely the worst example of government-subsidized monopoly.
    Staff is lazy, incompetent and rude.
    Services are non-existent.
    This is what luck of competition does.
    I originally came from Soviet Union, but even there services were not this obnoxious.
    3.5 hours on the phone!
    12 working days to deliver a phone!
    Customer has to call back in 7 days to get a tracking number!!!
    This idiots look down on their customers and revel in their “power”

    What a miserable place!!!!

    • just_saying says

      Gene, please go back to Russia. The taxes I have been paying my whole life were not meant for you, who just shows up and expects free stuff with excellent service.
      I’m sure Vladimir will accept you and give you free things.

      • David says

        No offense, just_saying, but if you research the Lifeline Assistance program, you’ll find that it is not funded by your tax dollars.

  63. Domenico Armani says

    I AM LIVID!!!!!!! I got a text for my review. It stated the minutes would NOT count against me. BUT THEY DID!!!!!!! I lost 57 minutes trying to recertify!!!!!!!!!!! WTF???????

  64. Marnitaward says

    I made a mistake and put facebook on my phone for a email address, every month when I receive my minutes on the 3th of each month they are gone on the 9th . My minutes last me until the next month , I am not a talker I get to make two phone calls for the past two months, how can I remove this from my phone ? Be cause I’m about to let this phone go. It’s no use to me now. Help please.

    • same situation says

      im not part of this company but its an easy fix…go into your facebook page and in your settings go to where you put your phone number in there and remove your number from receiving texts or emails..i did and my minutes were stopped from facebook…

  65. Delilah O. Johnson says

    I’ve been trying to get through to customer service. There were 17 people ahead of me. I put the phone on speaker, an hour later there were STILL 17 people ahead of me. Typical government inefficiency!

    I have a phone through California life line. I am supposed to get 250 Free minutes per month, but am told I have to recertify, and want me to sign the recertification with an e-signature. How the heck do I know what that is?

  66. Gail Workman says

    I have a free phone and it won’t hold charge and today something happened to all my minutes. I sent you my eligablity paper from Guernsey Muskingum Electric where I got help this summer. I have e-mailed it to you and had my senior Center fax it to you. Their fax number is 740-439-7478 and it was faxed on September 27, 2014 from Guernsey County Senior Center, Inc.

    I have tried calling you several times and I am always caller 80 or 120 and I waited one day on my home phone for 4 hours to talk to you and someone said I had other service and I called my phone company and they sent me a letter saying they had removed it from my bill. I didn’t even know I had it. I faxed that paper to you also. My home phone number is 740-489-**** if you want to talk to me.

    I would appreciate a new phone that I can use. Please let me know what is going on.



    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We wish we could help, but we’re not Reachout Wireless, nor do we have an association with them.

        • says

          They cannot be “screwing up blind” because are are not in business with them (or any other phone company).

    • Robert C Manthey says

      Did you ever try their chat? I get excellent service from them and you’re not on the phone, it’s all internet based. I use chat for a lot of things. I don’t remember the last time I actually called them.

  67. linda huzzie says

    I has a reach out phone but it got lost l would like another phone sent to my home at *** Webster street Lagrange game 30241 thank u

      • Robert C Manthey says

        I don’t think any of them provide a second phone for free, only the first one. Of course, I’m always upgrading my phone, but I do know only provides the first phone free and it’s clearly stated.

  68. Manuel Montero says

    my cellphone is messed up i cant see my screen or make any phone calls. or see any number i was wondering if I can get a new cell phone?

  69. Ned says

    Im new here and i got a free phone from other company but i lost it yesterday i got the other one from reachout co at the street. I dont know english well i bring the paper at home and give to translate now how can i do? It means i have 2 phone or no? Because i lost the first one and that was totalcall mobile. Can u give me an advice? Should i get back This new one or it is ok to have it??thank you very much

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      These companies take a long time to deliver. You’ll have to wait, or call the company to ask them.

  70. Joe Trotter says

    I received a phone the mins run out before they are suppose to I could never get any body on the number they give you. What is going on?

  71. N khwaja says

    i have several time to contact with reachout wireless about updating my address and also Fax twice proof of change of address. i did not get succeed to reach the person to talk about my problem except talk and follow machine Dummy. i need a live person who can help me to change my address.

  72. Lou Lowery says

    I Was suppose to receive my Minutes on the September 8, 2014. I did not receive my minutes for this month,I Got my Phone on August 8, 2014 they said that I will received my 250 minutes on the 8th of each Month,This is September 10, 2014 haven’t received my Minutes,My Phone Number is 480-387-**** can you please put my Minutes on this phone Lou Lowery,a Reach out Wireless Customer,Thank you so much.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Please don’t publish confidential information like email addresses and passwords (we’ve removed them). Also, we are not the phone company, you need to contact Reachout.

  73. Stewart Sam says

    I received a phone on July on the 31st and now that it is September, I didn’t receive my minutes for August. Where are my minutes?

  74. Shirley Harper says

    My friend is trying to get a phone for her disabled brother and they keep making her hold up to 30 minutes at a time and she has held several times. Can you help her get past the holding .

  75. sherry l allen says

    I have been trying to sign up for 2 weeks yyou will not accept my email address, what is wrong with you company the email address has been rejected by you several times, my email address is correct, what do you wany me to do next

  76. william holmes says


  77. Shirley Rice says

    I received a government assisted BlackBerry phone today..August 8 , I live 3 houses away from where they were giving them away. I went home and tried the phone and the middle of the phone fell out. The phone will not navigate so I can see messages or anything else . Which means..I have no phone. I went back to them and waited 3 1/2 hours for the main person to come pick up the girl, he looked at the phone and said that his daughter’s phone did the same thing and she uses it any way ..He told me to use it broke and he was not giving me another one..I am 69 and needed that phone, and now that you have my name..I won’t be able to get one that works..I called your number several times with that useless ( looks like junk without center piece ) This program and the people that give them out is worthless to me..Gave me junk phone because I’m low income

  78. CLIFTON HALL says

    Already an enrolled member need to replace my phone….Was given a number to fax my current address to receive another phone replacement. Cant find the phone number.

  79. laura says

    it is a alcatel but i got it signing up at a walmart for people on ssi lost info to contact its not working and i need a phone i get food stamps on ssi who or where do i go to apply for new one and where to i send this back

  80. M Lange says

    I need to get by disabled and sick brother signed up on his behalf. He doesn’t have a computer and can’t do his process. He also lives out of town. He’s 66, get’s less than $800 per month social security. How do I apply for him?

  81. brenda salinas says

    does reachout have a plan that gives you rollover min.? can I get a phone for senior citizen – age 64 with low income- I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I don’t recieve any gov. assistance

  82. shelly says

    I have tried to reach the provider buy e-mail and telephone and i’m still out my phone thanks so much for being there when i needed it the most. So how now do i get the upgrade the phone quit working on its own and is my second upgrade. Now i cannot even get a response to buy a new one.

  83. Darla Herbst says

    I would like more info for low cost internet. I am disabled. I receive Social Security Disability Benefits and I receive Medicare/Medicaid.