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  1. Kristi says

    After reading some of these comments, all I can say is “that’s the government for ya”!!

    I cannot even begin to explain all of the problems I have had with this company over the past two years and what they’ve just did to my account, drew the line!! They permanently deactivated my account through no fault of my own and they say that I have to buy a new phone so that they can continue to add my monthly minutes!! Why do I need to buy a new phone for them to do this?? This makes absolutely NO SENSE!! Not to mention that they’ve told me two different reasons as to why my phone got permanently deactivated. They said that it was their legal department who did this. So, in an email that I just sent to them, I asked them for an email address to their legal department. I wonder if there’s some lawsuit against this company!! Are they treating their customers — those who buy minutes, etc., from them — the same way?? Anyhow, I have contacted my local Congressman’s Office about this and someone, from his Office, sent me a form to fill out so that they can contact the FCC about this. In fact, I think I will include this particular link on the form so that he and the FCC can read these complaints and do something about it!!

    My situation all started around 2 years ago, when this particular company supposedly sent me a replacement phone, because one was needed. However, that particular phone went to someone else in a different state!! Go figure!! The company has my information!! Why did this phone get sent someplace else??

  2. Diane says

    First impressions! Ha! I called 3 times to get the Refer a Friend minutes, haven’t received them yet! I was told that I would get 30 min and my friend 100 min. I started online and the rep told me to call 800-723-3546, this is where the headache started, I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hrs being transferred to different departments until they closed at 10:30pm, never received any help! Finally told to call original number again! Waited 2 days and called back, was told to wait till Wed. to see if minutes would be added. Nothing happened! I waited till today, Tue. to call back waited for 1 hr, talked to 8 people & one rep told me to use another phone which I did, told me to punch some buttons on my phone which DEDUCTED 31 minutes from my phone. Now TOTALLY DISGUSTED, I was told to call original number AGAIN!!!!! I hung up! So if you think your going to get extra minutes for referring a friend. FORGET IT!!! They don’t know what their doing!!!!

  3. Abd. says

    On 02/16/2014 I went to the Safelink website looking for information on upgrading my phone. Not finding any related information I started a chat but was given the customer service number which was an automated system. I finally found a number and was connected to an operator in the Philippines who wanted my social security number and date of birth before she can connect me to technical support. I refused to give my DOB or SS # but did give my name,address and phone number. [ I am a customer for more than 5 years] . Apparently technical support is the only department that can help me to upgrade my phone. So no help from Safelink to upgrade my phone. I cannot believe that to buy a phone I have to give my very personal information. I wish I had the information as to which government agency to contact about this. Rated POOR MINUS.

  4. James says

    Safelink is run by people that do not understand English. As forest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about That.”

  5. Mary says

    I’m unable to work due to epilepsy and an agency told me about safelink. There is no consistency to how minutes are used, I went online to look at a basic website, I did not download anything and I logged off in less than 8 minutes and it took 53 of minutes! I’ve only had the phone 2 months and didn’t get my minutes and wasn’t able to call because I’m out of minutes and it uses minutes to get support. My daughter called for me but they wouldn’t help because the phone wasn’t in front of her. I just found out my doctor has been trying to call for a week but I have no other phone or way for doctor to call. And so annoying to call for support and get people in India that I can’t understand. The government should get rid of safelink and use a company that will really help people

  6. Jeff says

    I too have had and am having continual problem problems with them, I have even contacted “Tracfone” the parent company, (have not heard back yet) spread the word about the problems with this company, I have tried to resolve this but to no avail. I filed a complaint today 2/21/14 with the FCC over false advertising. here is the link, (FALSE ADVERTISING) please pass it along and SPREAD THE WORD!

  7. tarah says

    Worst customer service in the world. They will just tell you to call another 1800 number. If you allow them you’ll just go in circles between 3 numbers all day with no one answering a single question.

    Tryed applying and the website wouldnt pull up my allocation after that. Called and called and called. Finally got a lady to figure it out. Told me my phone would come in 7 – 10 days.

    20 days later no phone. Called and called and called. Lady said “oh your application is still pending”. I said no online it says its qualified. She says “oh i see you are qualified your phone will come in 7-10 days”.

    These people dont know wtf is going on.

  8. Hawken says

    I have been battling theses guys for two months at least to even get my phone which I still am waiting t receive this thing, every time I call the Philippines which always tell me the American people are to busy. the first application I had they messed up and had my last name as two different words which shut down my application. now I’m almost at the 10th day waiting to receive my phone. anyone know how long this crap takes them to get it to me r help

  9. melissa says

    What a mess I live in an apartment and they tell me that someone else here already has phone so I can’t have one but no one lives here but me and I certainly don’t have one so since I moved just 2 months ago tried to use my old apartment number and guess what there is someone there too using a phone and no one else lives in that apartment yet. What a crock of you know what. I am disabled and really need this phone and am definitely eligible per the government standards. Just goes to show everything with the government is a pain and I worked hard for 20 years to be attacked by an inmate at work and didn’t ask to be disabled forever and what help to I get the programs available really are not there you just get sent around in circles.

  10. Mark Willis says

    I am disabled and mostly housebound; To try to reduce the load of gear I carry when traveling I bought a better phone from TracFone to replace my SafeLink cell phone, camera, MP3 player w/ 32GB microSD card capacity, radio etc.; TracFone sent a phone which did not work, I entered countless codes, etc., net upshot after over a month of attempts, replaced SIM card, etc. was that the phone just would not get on their network. So I told them I wanted to return the phone and shipped it back to them; They sent a different phone to me, which I returned as it didn’t have FM radio and wouldn’t use my MicroSD card in it’s non existent MP3 player, just had a VGA camera, etc. – So I asked them about a refund and they stated it was in process. It is now 2 months later and the story’s changed, now today – for the first time – they say that I never returned the cell I bought, as well as that I took over 30 days to return the phone so I can only get a replacement phone (but of course cannot even get THAT, as now I supposedly didn’t return the phone, and now someone else is using the phone I bought. (Of course, it’s not possible that the phone was received there, repaired, or whatever, and resold by TracFone.) So supposedly I am just out the $33+ because “We Say So”? Deal with them if you want to, but know your enemy first.

  11. p diddy says

    Why are you guys complaining about a phone that your not even paying anything on. Another want something for free

  12. SHARON WILSON says


  13. Mr roy e stojsih says

    It took me 2.5 hours to apply over the phone. kept having to repeat my self over and over and over. the person on the other end of the line had the attention span of a 3 year old and typed like one also very slow and hard to under stand. finally got it done and approved. 3 days later phone arrives. cheap flimsy phone. so called to have them transfer my old number to new phone. they said no problem. again had to keep reaeating my self to this other person over and over. he told me now I would be without service on both phones during transfer process and a new sim card with my old phone number would be sent. oh yeah they sent it alright with the exact same number that the first phone they sent me had. so I called again to get my old number from att transferred to this new phone. and was told I didn’t have an account and would have to reapply again.RED FLAG WARNING.. HAV TO GIVE OUT ALL MY INFORMATION SS NUMBER ECT. TO A 3RD PERSON THAT I CAN BARLEY UNDERSTAND . GOD KNOW WHAT COUNTRY I was TALKING TO.. so as I started the process for a third time. having to reapeat over and over #s addresses ect. that’s when it hit me!!!!!!!!! RUN this is not a good sign. so I had them un enroll me from safe link and to disconnect the phone and remove me from all trac phone accts since the 2 are connected. and they told me oh keep the phone you can always add tracphone minutes. and use it that way. AAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I want no part of tracphone or safe link god only knows where my information is going to wind up. I DONT TRUST THEM ONE BIT.. to make a long story longer I finally got everything cut off and deleted took the phone out side and smashed the phone to bits. bottom line STAY AWAY FROM SAFELINK AND TRACPHONE

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