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  1. Lloyd Allan Dale says

    I qualified for a free phone, was sent a delivery date and never received the phone. When I asked for a replacement phone, they finally sent it but only gave me twenty hours airtime telling me because I lost the phone that was never delivered, I’d have to wait another three weeks to receive my 250 minutes. I called them on another phone and explained I never lost the phone they never sent and please give me the advertised minutes, which they finally did. At first I could only call out but not receive calls. Now I can. But, I can’t set up voicemail at all. And, when someone does call me, the voicemail rings but only asks me to send a message to my phone, which makes no sense whatsoever. I am on disability with a very limited ability to purchase anything. SafeLink Wireless is the most useless company I’ve ever dealt with and anyone who works for them or owns the company should be fired.

  2. NM Evans says

    I initially qualified for the program; my family receives both foodstamps and Medicaid. However, it took several weeks for Safelink to verify the documents requested. When I finally received the phone, which I had intended for my daughter to use because of her involvement in her high school marching band and the subsequent travel involved, the instructions that came with the phone were rather cryptic to say the least. The company website offered little assistance. And when my daughter accidently broke the screen on the phone thus rendering the phone inoperable, trying to get to customer service to report the problem was in itself the problem. Because we did not make the required phone call to keep the phone activated, Safelink shut the phone off, so my daughter is again without a phone to use to contact me in the event of an emergency. I would not recommend this lifeline service or company.

  3. CTH says

    Signed up with safelink 4 years ago. Some minor issues when I purchased a new phone but worked it out.
    All done online. No sending of info or runaround.
    I am happy for the service.
    I’m not going to complain about a free service!

    • Catherine says

      Dear CTH,
      There’s being “thankful” and then there’s being condescended to . It has been my unfortunate experience to be homeless after living in and paying for my home for 24 years. That said, I am most certainly grateful for any help I have been given. However, if we were “paying” customers trying to get social services,including free phones, it would be a new world. There’s no incentive for the many social service employees to try to fix mistakes made by us or them, and we are the ones left without, not them. I have had the good fortune, at times, to receive help from generous and caring civil servants…they are few and far between.

      You can’t tell me that if we were dealing as “regular” consumers, we’d be treated so poorly, and any of our concerns and problems would be quickly attended to, as the company’s goal is “customer satisfaction”. I haven’t a clue what the goal is for these free Lifeline Assistance companies, but what ever it is, it ain’t workin’!

  4. robert Burton says

    I Qualify for this service. What is my next step?

    Disability due to bipolar condition


    Robert Burton

  5. Donna says

    Safelink charging for 911 now? What the hell? I guess free isn’t free. Even if it’s less than $2 a month, I WILL NOT send a monthly check for a so called “free service”. Even if we don’t call 911 we are still going to be charge for the service. I will no longer use this service as of today. bad move for safelink service. your service will crash and burn because you will loose customers with this 911 charge for a free service.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Well that’s interesting. Thanks for pointing this out. It appears they are only talking about Alabama. It turns out, “effective January 1, 2014, the Alabama Statewide 911 Board (“911 Board”) passed regulations that impose a new E911 tax or charge on your Lifeline phone benefits that you currently receive at no charge. Enhanced 911, or “E911″ is a system that links emergency callers with the appropriate public safety E911 answering center.”

      I found info online that Safelink has been fighting the state board over this.

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