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  1. Erin Gualtier says

    I have been denied safelink for 2 years cuz my s.S. # that ive have all my life didnt matso lo and behold i recieved nothing from them and i callech them records. So i tried again and they said i needed to send in proff that im on disabilty for which i did. Well its been a month, so i called and lol and be hold they never recieved my information for which i did send but did they even call and say “we still need inform” nope they send i had to start over. Thank you safelink, for nothing!

  2. Frances Rhoden says

    My phone WILL NOT turn on!!!!! Been trying to get through to a REAL PERSON for 3-4 months….Keep calling and it says”if problem not resolved call back in 15 minutes-”when you call back you get SAME message and phone hangs up!!!! Never ask for a alternate number to cal you back if phone NOT WORKING. Ask for email address but won’t even send email to resolve problem not!!! I got phone because it was NEEDED.Been without 3-4 months REALLY??? Done this rating numerous times to no avail.NEED to be able to talk to REAL PEOPLE NOT A MACHINE!!!!

  3. James Wood says

    I have had a safelink cell phone for one year now because I am currently unemployed and on the Food Stamp Program (SNAP)Benefits as well as being a sufferer of epileptic seizures which if you dont know is a dangerous neurological disorder so my brothers which I live with but who do not pay my bills need to know if im ok as well as my parents yesterday I recieved a letter from safe link stating that I could keep my service because there is a 2nd lifeline service active and I know for a fact thats a false statement the house was bought less than 2 years ago and I am the only person here to ever have a lifeline phone IF YOU NEED A RELIABLE PHONE DONT USE A LIFELINE PHONE( unless u like being lied to and cheated)

    • James Wood says

      that was supposed to say that the letter from safelink said could not keep my phone because of a nonexistant 2nd lifeline phone at the same adress

  4. Jason says

    These comments are bogus, just look at the spelling and grammar. Looks like someone from Assurance Corp in Columbia trying to spread negative propaganda about a perfectly legit SafeLink service. Assurance pays people and companies to spread lies about SafeLink in order to cover up for the way they handle business. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES!!!!!! Assurance only wants to steal your information, with the promise of a “free phone”. Yeah, a broken phone may arrive in the mail at some point, along with bills from credit cards that “you” opened in a foreign country. Assurance is a rip off, SafeLink is legit. Believe what you want to believe, but if you think what I am saying is wrong, then pay my credit card bills. Money talks bullsh!t walks….

    • Trisha says

      Assurance was the only provider with great customer care. And provides a decent phone. Qlink sucks and I’ve had safelink years ago no problems… The best out of 3 is problem assurance

    • Deanna says

      I’m not from assurance, and I cannot get my safe link wireless phone even after being approved. I have sent in copies of proof and they are saying I need to send in proof. Hello, if proof isn’t proof, then what is????

  5. Tonya says

    I have done all I’m suppose to do to keep my service,but have to keep calling and the robot says no one is in to take my call. Soon I will have to say f it. I will be calling assurance for my f king service. This is not all I have to do is try to call you all every day. This should have already been fixed. I sent my documents. Get to work. I’m not waiting forever. I need a phone.

  6. viola wolaitis says

    my sansung phone thru safelink will not ring for in coming calls and I cannot open messages…p;ease advise

  7. L. Baker says

    Okay, my question is how does one return a cell phone to Assurance Wireless. I have 2 complaints. The first one is that the company deleted the minutes that I paid for out of my pocket @ the end of the month & then only gave me 250 minutes. If I had been alllowed to keep the minutes I had placed on the cell– I would’ve had over 500 minutes on the phone. I realize it is a gov’t phone, but serioudly, why do they have the right to take off minutes that I pd. for myself so I could talk to whomever. They also do not allow roll over minutes from month to month, which actually is s rip-off, as far as I am concerned anyway. I also hate that you can’t seem to talk to a real person–only automated….

  8. Mary says

    STAY AWAY !!!! worst Provider ever!!!!!!!! Horrible Customer service ! Always losing applications – They very disorganized ! Hard to understand customers service Representatives who can hardly speak English. So glad there are other wireless companies that are joining the Lifeline market!

  9. Deanna says

    If you see safe link wireless, you better run!!! I applied and got approved right away. Here’s the catch, you have to send in proof that your on Medicaid or snap benifits (EBT card), which I have done repeatedly, to no avail they keep rejecting my proo!! I call back and finally get a person, who hardly understands me and they tell me to send in a copy of my EBT card or Medicaid card. I also do this, still keep getting rejected, saying I need to send in proof that I am on medi acid and food stamps. HELLO IF THE PROOF ISN’T PROOF WHAT IS???? WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME???

  10. kay says

    Cannot use phone because I am out of service area. Called 4 times to explain I do not live in the area code given phone number. Each time the computer changes the number and gives me another number with that same area code. Throwing the phone in trash not worth anymore aggravation. I need the help or I would not have applied for this phone.

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