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In Oklahoma: Unlimited Voice and Text, plus 200MB data

Assist Wireless is a recent entry into the Lifeline Assistance free cell phone marketplace. They’ve begun by offering service in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Oklahoma. The lifeline phones are completely free in Arkansas and Maryland, and as is similar to other vendors in the state, the phone and service costs as little as $1 a month in Oklahoma.

Assist Wireless Plans in Arkansas, Maryland and Missouri

You will get 250 free voice minutes per month. You can send and receive text messages, and they will be assessed at a rate of 0.50 minutes each. Unused minutes do not roll into the next month.

The Assist Wireless Oklahoma Plan

Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plan

Get 1000 monthly voice minutes or 1000 text messages for only $1.00 per month plus fees and taxes. Text messages, incoming or outgoing, will be charged one minute per message. No roll over minutes.

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Voice and Text Plan

First the good news: There is no limit to the number of voice minutes used or texts sent or received, and it’s only $4.95 per month. Call all you want. BONUS: You will also get 200MB of data for free each month.

How to Qualify for Assist Wireless

You probably qualify if:

(1) You already participate in another State or Federal assistance program such as food stamps, public housing, or Medicaid (and others). Each state page on our site has the eligibility criteria.


(2) Your household income is at or below 135% to 150% of the poverty level according to your state and/or the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

* See Federal Poverty Guidelines

Assist Wireless
Sign Up For Service: 1-855-EZ-ASSIST (1-855-392-7747)
Support: 1-855-392-7747

Latest News on Assist Wireless Wireless:

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Assist Wireless offers free government cell phones in Arkansas, Maryland and Oklahoma, other states coming soon - Assist Wireless has begun it's free government cell phone business by offer the phones in Arkansas, Maryland and Oklahoma.

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  1. ricky says

    I ha e assist wireless they gave me a great phone when i signed up the screen quit they ha e me a phone i told them i didnt want much smaller than the original to get a similar phone would cost $98 or take the crappie one.seems when you sign up your great after that. your screwed they get the for at least 60 days couse your stuck and it sucks for both parties me and gov

  2. idrisbinkarim says

    Hi i am older customers right now is my phone no working I don’t known what happen please can help for me I am already paid yet for 5 month

  3. Brandy Hoover says

    I have used all my data already, do I have to wait till next month before I get anymore? Can I get unlimited data? If I get unlimited minutes, I can’t get text??? Why not? The sales guy explained absolutely nothing to me.

  4. Sherry Graham says

    Is there somewhere in Bartlesville or Dewey, Okla where I can sign up for one of these?I am on SSI an d I think I qualify I also need to know what I need to do this so I don’t have to drive up more gas than 1 trip.Thank you.

  5. marcus willis says

    Am a subscriber and my phone died before Thanksgiving and it still wont work! How do I go about getting a new phone, battery, or both? Thank You

  6. Tonya Anderson says

    I can’t make or receive any text messages. What do I need to do to change this? I can’t seem to get an answer.

  7. linda sanders says

    i just got my phone last week im out of min thought i had unlimted, but was told they will put 100 more on @ a time till i get 500 back on next month, still dont have any min phones been off since noon yesterday,this is really messed up, dont need the stress, got to go back to cricket, i guess,

  8. M K Hefner says

    I’m fairly irritated. The store I enrolled at and bought my phone/plan from is understaffed/needs flow systems to handle the customers and an attitude adjustment.

    My phone has stopped using the network so that my weather app won’t load, etc. and I don’t get green for either bars, WiFi or network. I started trying to get this corrected 3 months ago. I’ve been back to the store too many times to admit to, and STILL without being able to stay long enough to have it seen to! Today, they are fortunate that I didn’t “sign in,” because if I had been there for another half hour, either of the times I was there, today, the fur might have flown. There were too many people waiting to imagine keeping my friend waiting.

    It’s wrong that trying to run in and pay my bill can take so long that I have to leave before seeing it done. Yes, I have resorted to paying online. Why should someone who just wants to pay have to wait for technical assistance savvy clerks?

    It’s wrong that I’m paying for and not able to use my data package. Being Disabled means I can’t drive and folks good enough to give me a ride shouldn’t have to make a day of my phone. I shouldn’t have to wait and wait in a lobby after being told to sign in, nothing else, and, it’s not ever my turn to ask how much longer I might have to wait.

    I’m really irritated. I’m almost ready to go through the mess to use another provider.

    The Assist Wireless store I’ve tried to use is at 1415 SW 59th St in OKC.

    Thank you,
    MK Hefner

  9. stephanie brewer says

    I am not happy cuz I was told that I had unlimited talk and text when the lady came to myt house and I am gettinhg a text saying. I am almost out of min.

  10. Alex says

    I have lifeline cell in NYC, and I want to used the Android phone, can you provide me with the SIM card, anf Transfer my account too?