Can I use my Safelink Wireless SIM card in another phone?

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Q: I need a better phone than the cheap one Safelink gave me. I’m wondering if I can get a new phone that I really like and then pop the SIM card and into it instead?

A. You cannot do that because a SIM card becomes locked to a Tracfone phone (sister company of Safelink Wireless, where they get the phones) the moment the phone they sent you is powered up. After than, it becomes “unusable” in any other phone or with any other provider.

You can call Safelink and see what phones they have that you can upgrade to, but you’re probably going to have to shell out some money to get an upgrade.

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  1. Tim McCarthy says

    I have a Safe link phone that got dropped by accident into a puddle. Problem is this is I think my 3rd replacement. I don’t want to hassle anyone with Safe link so I want to purchase a cheap tracfone. Will my Safe link Sim work in a cheap Tracfone?

  2. dixie pittenger says

    My trac phone got knocked into a cup of coffee and it doesnt work. Where can i go to get another government trac phone with a keyboard to it. thanks dixie

  3. dixie pittenger says

    where can i get a new government trac phone that has the key board for text messages. Thanks Dixie Pittenger

  4. Jane Lewis says

    My safe link phone is so old it just won’t work properly any more. How do I get a new phone replacement?

    • Matt says

      You can go to any family dollar store or walmart and buy a tracfone of your liking. Then call safe link and ask for the service to be transferred to it. Has to be tracfone not net10 or straightalk

  5. Josh says

    One reply stated that once you power up the safelink phone with the sim card, you can’t use it in another phone right?
    If I don’t power up my phone in the trac phone safelink sends me, how about I use that sim card in a Nokia Lumia 1020? Its a windows 8 phone.

  6. Zeus says

    have an iPhone 5s. its unlocked. is there anyway could put a safe link sim card in the iPhone? its a full sized sim card. worried about cutting it. wouldn’t just be cutting into the plastic. would have to cut into the copper to make the sim card fit inside of the iPhone 5s micro sim slot. is there anyway to transfer service into a empty micro sim card some how? will the sim card still work even if an small amount of copper is trimmed off?…

  7. lucy says

    I have the safelink tracfone but I got another tracfone its not the smart fone kind and I tried to switch the sim card to that one but it said sims card rejected how can I get it to work?

  8. Tonya says

    I have a ftee safelink government phone that quit working its so old. And a friend gave me a ZTE android tracFone, can I transfer my safelink account to this phone? It is a tracFone?

  9. Hunter says

    From reading all the comments, hope this helps. I got signed up on SafeLink, after a month was using the plane Jane phone they sent, the buttons was too small & really you couldn’t text. I had called CS asked about what other phones I could use, The lady told me I could use ANY Tracfone cell that had a SIMS. When you get the phone of your choice (Tracfone) call CS and tell them you want to switch your account from the old phone to the new. But YOU will have to wait until they send you a new SIMS for that phone for it to work. It was about a week later when i got the new SIMS. After I stuck it in the phone, it has worked fine. hope this answer some of your questions.

    • Dave Coleman says

      Thanks Hunter for that clarification, I need a better way to message w/keyboard and the Samsung 425g. tracfone would be a big help.

  10. melissa says

    Someone stolen my SIM card for safelink phone. Where I can buy? Or what number I call them. Please respond back to me immediately

  11. Dave Coleman says

    Now, when you call safelink, at 800-378-1684, there is prompt to guide you through the process of transferring your service to any Tracfone that you own or have just bought.

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