Can I use my Safelink Wireless SIM card in another phone?

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Q: I need a better phone than the cheap one Safelink gave me. I’m wondering if I can get a new phone that I really like and then pop the SIM card and into it instead?

A. You cannot do that because a SIM card becomes locked to a Tracfone phone (sister company of Safelink Wireless, where they get the phones) the moment the phone they sent you is powered up. After than, it becomes “unusable” in any other phone or with any other provider.

You can call Safelink and see what phones they have that you can upgrade to, but you’re probably going to have to shell out some money to get an upgrade.

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  1. milagros says


  2. Jessie says

    Can I order a Safelink phone and when I receive it, put the SIM in another phone before I power it up and it work that way?

  3. Jennifer Dawson says

    Change I change my safelink phone number to my former AT&T phone number and only use the safelink phone?

  4. Nicholas James says

    You can buy a phone from track if it is not andriod (I don’t know why SL doesn’t support android)… I got a LG 306G…

  5. Will says

    Yes. You CAN take your SAFELINK SIM card out and use it in another phone, but is MUST be another SAFELINK phone that uses a SIM card. It CANNOT be a TRACFONE, STRAIGHT TALK, NET10 or any other UNLOCKED phone.

    Why? These phones contain special software designed for the holding of pre-paid or free minutes on a specific network… i.e. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint. This is often called a ‘tank of time’ or a ‘bucket of minutes’.

    Many people believe that Tracfone, Safelink, Net10 and Straight Talk provide the cellular service. This is untrue. They only provide the ‘customer service’, activating/deactivating and the billing aspect. They are a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), or mobile other licensed operator (MOLO), which is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network infrastructure over which the MVNO provides services to its customers.

    An MVNO enters into a business agreement with a mobile network operator to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates, then sets retail prices independently.[1] An MVNO may use its own customer service, billing support systems, marketing and sales personnel or it may employ the services of a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE).

    Depending on the area where you live determines the actual cellular network you will be on, i.e. Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint.

    Companies like Safelink, Tracfone, Net10, MetroPCS, Cricket, etc., are called MVNO’s, or Multiple Virtual Network Operators.

    For a list of MVNO’s and the cellular network they utilize, go here:

  6. MarcoBriseno says

    I was wondering if I can get a new phone because I drop mine and it broke and I have no way use my last minutes before the month starts over again

  7. jessyka graham says

    the phone I got some of the buttons don’t work I have to hit them over and over again to get it to work and i keep waiting my mins bc it keeps going on the web with out me meaning to

    • says

      You won’t be able to go to a booth for a replacement phone. You have to contact the company. Click Here to learn about getting a replacement phone.

  8. hope says

    Ive been treated so poorely by saveling. A rep would not allow me. To change my addess with them because i moved. Said i had multable lines and i only have one gob free phone. And i also have a net 10 phone but i pay 4 that one. My safelink will not let me on fb and my net 10 will! My safelink calculator does not work. Next year u might not respond to my review.

  9. Russ says

    My safelink is an old Motorola flip phone, would like to change phones to a Alcatel tracphone that someone gave me that’s more up to date and good condition with under 170 minutes on it. Ho do I go about this ? Thank you…………..

  10. joey marie says

    I finally got my replacement phone today. I had my other Safelink phone for about 5 years. It wouldn’t take a charge and would not turn on. After talking to many reps who all tried like hell to get out of sending me a new phone ( I can’t turn on and off a phone that won’t turn on!) Anyway, finally I get someone to agree to send me a new phone, scratch that, a new, refurbished previously broken piece of crap from the early nineties. I got it today and it is the worst phone I’ve ever seen. I realize that it is free, and for that I am grateful, but why send me a phone with data capability but not lket me pick a phone where I don’t have to scroll all the way through all of my contacts to find a number? Just a normal phone would be great.

  11. mickey mason says

    I lost my Safe Link phone and applied for a replacement phone two weeks ago and have not recived it. Do youknow about haw long it takes to get a new one?

  12. Jamie says

    What kinda ticks me off is they wont let us use a Trac Fone that is a smart phone (Android) on Safe Link their really is no need for this because 1 we can buy data packs on Trac Fone & 2 50%-100% of the time most smart phone users use WiFi anyways so if we use Wi Fi we dont need data

  13. Jenna wheatman says

    I need to upgrade to a better phone. One with an actual keyboard and larger screen. Help pls?

    • Susan says

      Call and find out which phones you can use in your area. You might even find it online. I got a Samsung with a slide out keyboard which I love! There are a lot more choices than before.

  14. Sarah says

    Bought an alcatel Big Easy flip phone today at Targets. Called tracphone and followed prompts to safelink and followed prompts to change your number to a new phone (#2), gave them my sim number on the registration card. Hung up and within minutes the new phone was activated with my old number. Don’t activate your new phone just turn it on and from another phone call tracphone, go to safelink follow prompts to change your number to a new number. (#2). As for those who don’t like government help, get a life.

    • Kate says

      Can it be any unlocked smart phone or does the new phone have to be the trac phone or safe link or which ever one the person is currently using? For example my current free phone is an Alcatel phone but says trac phone when I turn it on, so could I get for example an edge phone, boost, sprint,: just as long as the aren’t already contact set up phones?

  15. tavia says

    Instead of putting the sim card in the tracfone soon as you get it from safelink, can you put it in a better tracfone since you havent activated the phone yet?

  16. Gus says

    Hello, I have a few questions concerning these govt supplied phones, and their sim cards. First, (about the sim) What makes it “impossible” to use an already active TracFone sim card in a smartphone, and from where are you getting your answer? I know there has to be a way to hack it to make it work.

    Also, How could I transfer data onto a TracFone, I wish I could make some sort of usb wifi into the charger input and develop a browser app for it, or even put a MIDI ringtone on it. Hmm…That’s actually irrelevant now that I ordered a smartphone, but still makes me wonder.

    Ah, what’s the difference between one of these sim cards and any other sim card? I think it to be the data. How else are they able to lock it to the TracFone used? Yea, and the compatibility issue,.. Thus all the more reason for me to believe you can hack it to make it work.

    How would one unlock the sim card for an unlocked smartphone?

    • Frank says

      The word Impossible may have a tech loop hole so I don’t like to use the word much :-) But I think there are a couple of things that are in play here.
      1.) The “Free” plan has no data so it wouldn’t work as is.
      2.) They work on??? CDMA ?? or something which also I imagine has it’s limitations.
      3.) The biggest reason I imagine is that the whole government program that Safelink is working under, is very limited. This basically is a “lifeline” service for the 21st century. The same as the poor and elderly in decades past could get a landline dial tone for 911 calls. So imagine in order for them ( Safelink and others providing phones and service) to meet requirement and not leave themselves open to misuse or violation of any rules and regs and agreements with the government…….They just say no!
      They probably don’t want someone coming back and saying…”wait a minute, if this guy has the money to buy data plans….then he has money to pay for his/her own phone”?????

      • Louis says

        Actually your incorrect as far as #1 “free” does support data but its .50 mins for each MB I believe also the reason sim won’t work I believe is the tracfone stores minutes info and possible oth network info in the phones memory to get that info you would need CDMA phone tools on a PC and USB connection to the phone but tracfone have charge only USB I recall they disconnected the data pin or something to that to prevent these things. So it really is nearly impossible unless the data connection could be established.

    • dorothy bardo says

      where can I get a car charger for my safelink phone? it is a tracfone lg I don’t no what the sim nu. is. please let me no. thank you. it wont hold a charge very long..

  17. JJ says

    I have had my safelink phone now for five years and it is a old LG real small and now I get free texting on it that’s about all I do on it sometimes call my daughters on it or they call me when they need something lol but it takes me 5 to 6 min to text a massage on it you have to hit the #s keys 2 or 3 times to get to the right letter you want but my mother in law bought me a unlocked iPhone 5s or 5c it will take any carriers SIM card in it and works tried 4 different ones now and they all worked and like I said I have had my safelink phone for fives years now and it is on its last leg the little re are just about gone on it getting harder to text on it is there any way I can get a SIM card with my same # on it from safelink it would make texting so much easier Plz help if y’all can thanks

  18. Steve Reid says

    Go on ebay and buy a tracfone. They are cheap. Do not buy an android. Lat time I talked to sasafelink, They said u cannot use android phones. I bought a touch screen for 20 bucks and put it on. Now nobody knows that it is a safelink phone and it works very well with good sound. You have a choice. You can buy a phone that has a [C] in the type of phone. This is a CDMA phone and uses Verizon towers. U can buy a phone that has a [G] in the number. This is a GSM phone and uses ATT towers. Safelink which is tracfone uses both Verizon and ATT towers. Take your choice. I live in the Northeast and I am using ATT towers and they work well. I know Verizon also works well in my area. The only thing is Tracfone is not offered all the towers that you would get with a regular ATT or Verizon phone. However the Tracfones work well and the price is right. Do not go with Virgin Mobil also called Assurance wireless. They are terrible. The signal in the Northeast is useless.

  19. Joyce says

    I have a safe link phone. I lost my first one, as I age, I need a bigger phone to text without messing it up and my eyesight is also poor. Could you send me a bigger phone (such as a smart phone for that use only). I have one now but it does not work properly. Please get in touch with me and let me know. Thank you so much. All these new things sometimes are too much for me.

  20. tina says

    It has been pure hell trying to transfer safelink to a flip tracfone. my husbamd called 5 days ago they said transfer is in place give it up to 24hrs and your new phone qill work. No. it doesn’t they also said his old phone would work till tranfer was complete.
    Day 1 cut off in middle of survey call no service.
    Day 2halfway thru day old phone starts working again( has to reset up voicemail)
    Days 3 & 4 old phone still works
    Day 5 neither phone works but if you call his number it gpes to voicemail that’s not setup for 3rd time and neither phone works. UGH

  21. lee says

    I know someone that took a safelink SIM card and put it in a smartphone and it worked. They never turn the safelink phone on they just put the SIM in the smartphone and turned it on and it worked.

  22. Susan Deen says

    I Recently dropped and broken my phone and they were kind enough to send me a new one. I’ve already activated the new phone. My Question is how can I copy my phone contact number’s to the new phone? without doing it manually. Is it Safelink or Tracfone? They have both names on the packaging. Also this may help too the old phone is a Samsung and the new phone is a Alcatel. Any help would be greatly Appreciate. Thank you for your help, Susan Deen.

  23. Robert Vanderpool says

    My present phone doesn’t work vary well can I buy a new one of my choice and will you transfer what ever is needed to be transfered from my old phone to the new one also do you have any suggestions as to the kind of phone I can get if I can get one Thank you R.V.

  24. MIKE says


  25. Aquila mines says

    My boyfriend Terrance hasan lost his old phone& his service is cancelled so can you see if you guys can mail him a safe link cell phone. So here is his address it’s ****. Apt#6e buffalo n.y. 14204. So that way he’ll have free more minutes& I have the same phone my self safelink. So that way we’ll be on the same plan!!

    • Jesus Is Lord says

      Most people who have these phones are tax payers, the working poor. They work a lot harder and longer than the people who complain about how taxes are spent….and for a significantly less amount of money. And the ones who aren’t working wish they were fortunate enough to have a job. Regardless of whether public assistance exists or not, taxes will keep going up. And if these people could afford a brand new phone on any given day, they would not be able to get a free phone. These people have to save over long periods of time, buy used phones that are only “new” to them, or are lucky enough to get a hand-me-down phone from a friend. I’m sick of privileged people complaining about money that isn’t there’s after they pay taxes…yes having a good job is a PRIVILEGE!!! Stop complaining and be thankful you have a steady job and a home to go to!

  26. Billy says

    Oh dear Lord in heaven! You are in for a trip through hades. I went through it last spring. No one knows what they are talking about, or what you are talking about at tracphone! If the foreign duds that you need an interpreter to understand can’t understand you, they just pull the plug on you, with no apology or offer to transfer you to another agent that might be able to help you. Then you start the insanity over! The robovoice questions, and prompts, push this, push that,wait! More stupid people that have no idea what they are doing. I was so stressed, that I had tears in my eyes. Days, and days of calling back, and trying again, and after I had thought my new phone was instated, and everything was o.k., I found that they had cancelled my safelink contract, and I was on Tracphone. Then I had to reapply for safelink, and go through all the crap, send in my old phone, wait for a new one, that was a real el’cheapo, with no camera, no features other than talk, and share button text. I would rather just pay for my own phone nexttime. Welcome to a trip to a psych ward!

  27. Michele Goins says

    I have a safelink phone but recently I have difficulty hearing people on the phone it is just the one they sent me a couple of years ago. I have dropped it a few times and that is the problem as to why I can’t hear other people on it. if at all possible I would like to get an upgrade of my phone that I have had since August of 2013

  28. The Bella 304 says

    Go to tracphone they have some on there you can use they can tell ya what phone is compatible too if you find a model you like walmart has some and qvc has them with the minutes you buy find out what model numbers you like online and call tracphone with the tracphone model numbers and they will tell ya if there compatible or not some aren’t and that don’t make sense but check it out first.

  29. Alice Brauhn says

    Itried to update my 5 year old phone I have been tryingfor over a week and have no service at my home. When I call to try ad get this fixed they tell the tower sin use is the problem. with the other phone I had sevice all the time. I tried o get my old one back in service and was told the towers in use don’t support the old technology I have. is there a way this can be resolved

  30. Christine Crislip says

    I would like to upgrade my safelink phone. Every time I get a new one it never works right. How do I go about doing that. Thank you

  31. lmn says

    Activate any unlocked/clean ESN Tracfone cell phone on Safelink except a smart phone. I highly reccomend one with the model number ending in a “C”. That is CDMA technology and will use Verizon towers for better coverage in most areas, plus no hassle of SIM cards. The CDMA Tracfones are harder to find but worth the effort. Look on the Tracfone website or eBay.

  32. Gloria Royal says

    I have already made the mistake of using Safe Link. There must be other companies that I can switch my free phone plan to. I have already wasted my time 3 1/2 hours today trying to get a phone number for a company that I can go through besides safe link= tracfone. Every time I get a safe link employee they transfer me to a tracfone operator. I am old I have already had 5 minor strokes and a massive stroke please HELP ME, I don’t need another stroke, email me or call my land line 801-886-****.

  33. calvin berry says

    i think the company give us better phone and more mins.wat 4 and a half mins.thats not enough for low income ppls.we r barly making end meet as it is .with ss,ssi checks need better pone n more mins

  34. Larry says

    One of the operators told me where to look for the sim card I need for my Nokia Lumia 635 today. They have always been good to me.

    Sometimes our frustration with fur’ners is partly our own fault, ’cause we’re both frustrated when we can’t figure something out or understand each other. I dunno…just an idea.

  35. mary ann colyer says

    I’m with ky bluegrass cellular in somerset, they are supposedly going to discontinue their costumers march31,2015. Can i still keep my same phone number if i switch to a safelink phone? Also does safelink add the minutes on for me every month?

    • Larry says

      Yes, you just have to tell them you want to keep your #, there may even be a
      ‘prompt’ on the phone system for it.

      Safelink will add and keep track (if you have it set up that way on your phone) of your minutes. Just remember to turn on your phone and leave it on for the first three days of the month.

    • Shelley says

      I just called safelink and asked if I bought another trakfone if the sim card from the government phone will work ? Under no circumstances will that sim card work in any other phone … they will be sending me another one to replace the broken one .

  36. bobbie cormier says

    Why can’t I use my old android for my safe link? I live in countryand to use my ssafe link phone I have to walk OUTSIDE!

    • Larry says

      So do a lot of people with ‘regular’ phones! Really, it depends on your carrier (or who you’re piggy-backed on), your phone, the stuff your house is made of, the positioning of the satellites, blah, blah, blah…

  37. Felicia says


    • Larry says

      Unfortunately, you have to call them to set it up, if it’ll work. I don’t think they care what kind of phone you have, as long as it works on their network. For instance, an operator told me about another company’s sim card, because my other phone can use it to get on the network.

  38. Rosie says

    My safe link phone no longer comes on and I can’t do anything with it so is it possible to switch my safe link service to a net 10 phone?

  39. Susan says

    The service is great…the phone I have is not very good for elderly. The buttons are too small. The screen is too small. I have tried to have see if they have a larger one for elderly but they don’t.
    Thank you,

  40. mary ann colyer says

    Also does safelink add the minutes on every month, or do i have to go someplace local and do it myself? I live in somerset ky.

  41. mary ann colyer says

    Can i keep my same phone number i have a bluegrass cellphone. They are discontuining their services on march 31,2015 .i need a new cellphone provider.

  42. Tolessa Scott says

    I need A better phone the track phone I have and the plan is to much I don’t get any free minutes and I’m constantly buying minutes for my track phone can’t afford it please send me another cell phone with affordable plan sincerely thanks

  43. lorraine Sitter says

    My safelink phone is not working well. I can barely hear anyone on it. Please help me. I need a new phone This is my only phone and I am an elderly person

    • Kort says

      Lorraine Sitter: I don’t work for safelink or tracfone, but if your phone is not working good for you, you can purchase another one at the tracfone website You will have to pay for the phone yourself (out of pocket) and call safelink or tracfone before activating it so that they can connect your safelink # to that new phone. Make sure (before buying the phone online) to see if the phone is compatible with the safelink program. Any “android” phone on their website will NOT be compatible. It will say in the details “This phone is not compatible with the safelink program”. Good luck.

  44. richard says

    My phone was took and it had important phone numbers on it how can I get. Them back to this phone. I thought that was what cloud was used for

  45. Gail Barker says

    Is there any way that I can get the flip phone for the bigger numbers I am still having the name Chester Glasser come up on land line caller ID’s

  46. Billy Wood says

    I would like to one these phone I draw tribal check and get food stamps my address is 100 Lou assist wireless was stolen thank you Bill Wood

  47. Denise C says

    Hi…I tried to decipher through these questions and answers but I just got more

    Question: I have had a motorola tracfone for the past seven years..I like it. It’s the flip cover kind. It lights up when you open it and has bigger buttons. Recently I was eligible to receive the SafeLink phone. It’s a samsung one nothing fancy ….I don’t like it…So can I take the sim card out of the new safelink samsung phone and put it in my old motorola phone? I don’t care about changing phone numbers or saving my info from my old phone…I just want to be able to keep my current Motorola phone. Is this possible??
    Thank you for your reply.
    Denise C.

  48. Sam says

    So if you get a sim card from safelink for the first n haven’t put it in the phone they provide you with you can put it in another tracfone and it wil work without having to call

  49. Dave Coleman says

    Now, when you call safelink, at 800-378-1684, there is prompt to guide you through the process of transferring your service to any Tracfone that you own or have just bought.

  50. melissa says

    Someone stolen my SIM card for safelink phone. Where I can buy? Or what number I call them. Please respond back to me immediately

  51. Hunter says

    From reading all the comments, hope this helps. I got signed up on SafeLink, after a month was using the plane Jane phone they sent, the buttons was too small & really you couldn’t text. I had called CS asked about what other phones I could use, The lady told me I could use ANY Tracfone cell that had a SIMS. When you get the phone of your choice (Tracfone) call CS and tell them you want to switch your account from the old phone to the new. But YOU will have to wait until they send you a new SIMS for that phone for it to work. It was about a week later when i got the new SIMS. After I stuck it in the phone, it has worked fine. hope this answer some of your questions.

    • Dave Coleman says

      Thanks Hunter for that clarification, I need a better way to message w/keyboard and the Samsung 425g. tracfone would be a big help.

  52. Tonya says

    I have a ftee safelink government phone that quit working its so old. And a friend gave me a ZTE android tracFone, can I transfer my safelink account to this phone? It is a tracFone?

    • heather says

      They specifically told me that we cannot transfer our safelink to an android (tracfone) phone. They told me they could transfer my number and minutes but that I could not continue with safelink using the phone I had bought so I bought another cheaper touch screen but no wifi and such phone.

  53. lucy says

    I have the safelink tracfone but I got another tracfone its not the smart fone kind and I tried to switch the sim card to that one but it said sims card rejected how can I get it to work?

  54. Zeus says

    have an iPhone 5s. its unlocked. is there anyway could put a safe link sim card in the iPhone? its a full sized sim card. worried about cutting it. wouldn’t just be cutting into the plastic. would have to cut into the copper to make the sim card fit inside of the iPhone 5s micro sim slot. is there anyway to transfer service into a empty micro sim card some how? will the sim card still work even if an small amount of copper is trimmed off?…

    • JD says

      No. Do not cut into the ‘copper’. It will damage the circuit and not function. Also, just putting the sim card in will not give you that service, it’s a bit more complex than that.

  55. Josh says

    One reply stated that once you power up the safelink phone with the sim card, you can’t use it in another phone right?
    If I don’t power up my phone in the trac phone safelink sends me, how about I use that sim card in a Nokia Lumia 1020? Its a windows 8 phone.

  56. Jane Lewis says

    My safe link phone is so old it just won’t work properly any more. How do I get a new phone replacement?

    • Matt says

      You can go to any family dollar store or walmart and buy a tracfone of your liking. Then call safe link and ask for the service to be transferred to it. Has to be tracfone not net10 or straightalk

  57. dixie pittenger says

    where can i get a new government trac phone that has the key board for text messages. Thanks Dixie Pittenger

  58. dixie pittenger says

    My trac phone got knocked into a cup of coffee and it doesnt work. Where can i go to get another government trac phone with a keyboard to it. thanks dixie

  59. Tim McCarthy says

    I have a Safe link phone that got dropped by accident into a puddle. Problem is this is I think my 3rd replacement. I don’t want to hassle anyone with Safe link so I want to purchase a cheap tracfone. Will my Safe link Sim work in a cheap Tracfone?

  60. Debbie says

    I got a LG840G and it works great with safelink. I can also use the wifi when in a restaurant, etc to check facebook for free.

  61. Christine says

    I have a GI phone and I was wondering if I could take the SIM card out of the GI phone and put it into a AT&T phone since its the same carrier. Not entirely sure that way I could put the gophone SIM card in the GI phone.

  62. Okjanos says

    Safelink allows you to use Tracfone phones, period. Some Tracfone smartphones are excluded. You don’t lose minutes when transferring your number to the new handset. If it is not a new Tracfone or not a CDMA Tracfone, they will mail you a new SIM card for free. Call any Tracfone number to get it done. I did it 3 times because of loss of my phone. It was no problem. Also, Pure Talk has unlocked SIM cards on their free lifeline, which I am using in my unlocked iPhone 5, but I had to trim the SIM card with scissors. Pure Talk SIM cards work in any unlocked phones. They also offer Samsung flip phones, completely free.

  63. tonya says

    all phones sent out are used and refurbished phone so almost all phones are broken in one way or another so all the people that are thinking they send out brand new phones think again the send you a phone hat will last till you can buy one to replace it and for the people who think only people that don’t work get them get real it any one that gets any kind of help even if its only medical my kids get medical that’s is and that’s because my job doesn’t offer it and the plans are more than my income to pay on my own this was all because the place I had worked closed down so think smart before you judge people it just make you look ignorant

    • gered says

      Hey man this is what I’m trying to do but dont know exactly how to do it, Im buying a phone from china, do i have to buy a new saflink phone and put that sim card into the unlocked china phone

    • Fen says

      Please provide more information. A search on YouTube turned up nothing. As I understand it Tracfone and Safelink SIM cards only function on América Móvil (Tracfone/Safelink/Net10/etc) handsets. The firmware that functions with Safelink SIM cards is completely different from any other phone’s firmware.

      If there is some unlocked Chinese smartphone that works with Safelink SIM cards I would very much like to know about it specifically. Can you please describe how to get more information in detail. “YouTube is your friend” did not help at all: a simple search turns up absolutely nothing that contradicts the accepted understanding that Safelink SIM cards will not work on ANY non-América Móvil handset.

  64. Gail says

    I just went to Kmart and got a new Track phone. I went to Wal-Mart to get it set up and he said that I need to have safe link send me a sim card. I have been trying to get a real person on the phone but I cant. How do I get to talk with a live real person and not this recorded crap. I just need my old Obama phone information and my old number on this phone to all be transferred to this new track phone. Can you give me a number to get a hold of a person to help me with this tonight

  65. Cindy says


    A patient of mine is very old and cannot hear well. She does not have the money to get a phone. I know this because I occasionally help her with her finances. The phone she received from Safelink has extremely small buttons and is very hard to hear anyone on. I tried it. I am young and I couldn’t even hear on it when I was helping her with it. It’s not just that it is a bad phone. It is unusable to her. She needed to upgrade so she could actually use it, not because she wanted a better phone. She doesn’t care about that kind of thing.
    So your comment about being able to afford an Iphone is absurd. Even if she could afford an Iphone, she couldn’t afford the payments. People like her need to upgrade so they can actually use the phone. It’s not because they want some top line smart phone. By the way, she worked almost her whole life and she is in her 80’s. She has no kids and her husband died years ago. Don’t be so quick to judge people.

    • tina says

      thank you. It’s not about a better look it’s about what is best for the person using it. My husband has one and he hits the wrong # because the # are so small and close. he can’t handle it because it is to small. He just refuses to take it or talk on it . When he needs to use it he asks someone to dial it for him.

  66. Rhona says

    what type of phone did you expect to get from the government that is free, an iphone? Get real, if you can afford to go out there and buy an iphone or something close to it, then leave the cheap as you call it cell phone for someone who is really in need of a phone.

    • Hardworkin says

      I was just thinking that! Im only searching for this because I wanted to buy my mother a phone (even though shes happy and greatful with the one she has.

  67. Ann says

    I just bought a new Tracfone. Here is what I did:
    WAIT to turn on the new phone, get your activation card and call Safelink. Talk to a representative. Tell them you are replacing your old Safelink phone with a new Tracfone. They will verify your information and ask for the activation/serial number to the new phone. They will have you put a couple codes in the old phone. Once that is done your new phone will be activated with your old number. Hope this helps someone!

    • Antario Dareante' Davis says

      I’ve got an Safelink Wireless Phone that I’ve had since Safelink Wireless came out but that phone has started to fall apart and I’ve got an TRACFONE that I want to switch my Safelink Wireless Phone number to my TRACFONE model#:LG800GHL s/w version:V10e h/w version:Rev1.0. Let me know if this is possible for this to happen, you could feel free to contact me at my other cellphone at ***-***-**** Antario Davis. Thank You!

  68. Dennis says

    I have had my safelink for three years. I would like to get a newer phone, is that possible or am I supposed to keep this one forever?

  69. daletha says

    I havr a net ten phone. But it is of tracfobe wireless. The sim card has never been activated. I also have my safelink phone. And i want to swutch it to my net ten phone. How can i do that? Will i still get free minutes?

  70. Joyell says

    My brother had one and it was difficult to figure out. He was mentally ill, and found it very frustrating to try and use.

  71. says

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  72. ernesto garcia says

    if u have a att phone u can use switch the sim card and u r ready but only if u have lifewireless sim card this company works with the obama s free phone program ,also u can buy min unlimited text and calls for 30 bucks!! hope this info help someone !! by the way u can apply on line if u dont have a lifewielees company near u. god bless us!1

  73. betty buechner says

    my sim card is full . how do i empty it? i tried to delete the numbers but they dont delete. can someone help me? thank you .

  74. april says

    hi i got a question i have a straigth talk phone and it has been activated before can i just call safelink and have them activate with the safelink number i got

  75. Rachel says

    The double/triple mins are only good for minutes you buy to add on, not the ones they give you every month. Would be nice, though!

  76. Linda says

    Another question about switching safelink phone to another phone. If you choose a triple minute phone, will the 250 monthly minutes triple?

    • Tracie says

      Linda I was wondering the same thing. If I buy the triple or double card, will it do the triple or double on the minutes they ad

      • Keith says

        I believe the answer is no. The 250 minutes you get each month will not double or triple. However, if you were to buy additional minutes cards, they will be doubled or tripled. Hope this helps.
        Also, If you buy a 60 minute card [for $20] (either through Tracfone’s or Safelink’s websites, or at a retailer) it will add 200 minutes to your phone. Basically, the minute cards you buy for your Safelink phone will give you minutes at 10 cents per minute.

  77. Jessica says

    YES YOU CAN! You can switch phones as long as the phone you are switching to has a gsm sim card. It can even have a bad esn (unpaid bill) as long as its unlocked. AND you can use any unlocked phone, or any T-Mobile or AT&T phone as long as it has a gsm sim card. NO CDMA SIMS WILL WORK! That means no sprint, verizon, boost mobile. I know all of this because Tracfone told me, I asked them straight up and they said all you have to do is order a $5.00 sim card from them to put in your new phone. You can also buy the sim at Walmart. Just thought everyone should know that you can switch phones from other carriers! If you have doubts or don’t believe me, call them and ask! :)

  78. Bailey says

    just so u guys know as of this very second i am changing my safelink phone number and putting it into a straight talk phone all u have to do is call and ask em if u can change ur safelink phone number to a straight talk or any other tracfone phone device!! :) it works

  79. Mark says

    OK people, i am going to try putting the sim card from this cell provider into an unlocked, jailbroken iphone 4s, this thing is going to be like in the movie transformers when the one robot that is all beat up, gets the parts from another robot and becomes a really strong one

    • Dale says

      Mark, I just applied for my safelink phone and i am hoping to get it soon. I am used to having a touch screen or an iphone to be exact.. times are just rough and i cannot afford a cell phone bill through a normal carrier.. hence why im getting a safelink to make sure i have an emergency phone in case of need.. i seen that you were going to try to put your sim card into an unlocked iphone, I have several old iphones i have access too, and i was woundering how putting your sim from your safelink phone into an iphone went?? Did it work?? That would be awesome if i could use a phone im firmilliar with, using my hopefully soon to be safelink number!! I know your post was a few months ago.. but hopefully you get this and can help me to figure this out!! Thank you in advance if you can help Mark!

  80. Arlene says

    Why are you so rude. You dont know the circumstance of these people. Yes. They may already be working and still be eligible. Why are you on here anyway? Are you just a lurker here? Go away!

    • Dale says

      LOL, People can be so rude and so not understanding.. Not everyone can afford to live comfortably even if they have jobs and no kids or responsibilite besides themselfs.. I am struggeling HARDCORE lately and safelink will hopefully be a saving grace in this difficult time!! Ever since my father passed away may 6th 2012 in a motorcycle accident up in NH its been rough trying to pay all these wounderfull people who have had their hand out expecting me to pay his old bills and debts as if i got a life insurance check or something!! I got NOTHING.. And i wasent looking for anything but paying the morgue and all the services are not cheap.. and car payments and old cell phone bills and everything he had was left to me and my 18 yeart old brother to pay.. Some people will never understand what it means to struggle.. i grew up having to want for nothing, i was very fortunate.. but as my parents split up and everyone went their seperate ways things got harder, and bill stacked up.. and not my mom is about in forclosure and is trying to save the house.. POINT IS.. NOT EVERYONE HAS EVERYTHING HANDED TO THEM!!

  81. duscry says

    I looked this question up because I have old phones sitting around that aren’t being used so why not switch the number over. And for those who commented that they pay for our phones so do many of us. I am a hard working mother of three with a good job that my checks go to gas for my car just to be able to work and get my kids where they need to go, for some of us rural people that is about 20plus miles away. So don’t judge cause I’ve been busting my butt for 12 years for a free phone. It was a simple question not a social status so no one needed to judge or be rude.

    • Mason says

      This is so true umm they have one at Target that is touchscreen for 30 dollars you know. Well I think it is 30 dollars you can buy that to had a better phone if you dnt like the free one you have just call safe link on another phone and they will hook it up with your free mins every month

  82. Rikki says

    I bought a tracfone phone card to add airtime to my safelink phone. it wont work though. does anyone know how to get it to work?

  83. Kmonet says

    If you want another phone, you can go into any store that sells tracfones and buy one just don’t activate though the number on the packaging. Call safelink and tell them you want to switch to the new phone and they will do it for you. I’ve done it twice. Tracfones are relatively cheap. The one I have was $10.

    • Mason says

      They have, many touchscreen ones for 39+ I think I found one at Kmart for 50 dollars so they can be cheap. But the better phone the more you are going to have to pay.

  84. Melissa says

    I am grateful for having a phone period. It’s hard to get a job much less an interview without one. Besides all that music and picture crap isn’t nothing more than a need not a want. Grow up Gina.

  85. Heather says

    These free phone are simply for talking and in some situations texting
    for someone to complain about a phone not taking pictures or playing music or getting pics is pretty selfish
    90% of all the people receiving these phones are on some type of government help
    if you want to complain about the government trying to help you out by giving you a free phone with free minutes then you dont deserve the phone to begin with of course everyone wants a “smartphone” but if you cant afford it then live with what you got just saying it helps me out and i used to have a straighttalk smartphone until it got stolen so know how nice it is to have had a nice phone

  86. Linda Page says

    Can i switch from reachout wireless to safelink..I am on my second phone from reachout,and the first phon e and the one i have now will not hold a charge

  87. RB says

    One way to get low cost phones is to find someone who buys the refurb phones when they offer a free phone card with it. Just be sure find out which phones will work.

  88. melodyanne says

    @christie! you are a complete idiot! you are not paying for anyones phone unless you own tracfone hunny, not to mention “lifeline” has been around since reagan, it used to be for landlines! it’s not federally funded, nor does it come from taxpayers’ money. you should educate yourself on a subject before you comment on it.
    didn’t your mama teach you, if it don’t apply, let it fly.

    • says

      @melodyanne, THANK YOU for posting your comment and providing the link. Here is another link for people the look at if they choose to learn the facts about this program. The catalyst for this program dates back to 1913.
      People really do need to educate themselves and do research before they make such judgmental comments. Being low income does not mean that a person has limited intelligence, ambition, or doesn’t contribute to society. It means that their income is limited, period. Sadly it is happens to a lot of people, especially in this economy. Even people with master’s degrees and 40 years of experience have become ‘low income’. It can happen to anyone…even those most judgmental and critical of programs to help people in need.

      • RB says

        What the web site does not say is that there are fees added to everyone’s phone bill to help offset the cost for low income people to have phones. Nothing is ever really free– someone some whrere has to pay for it.

  89. rachel says

    i have 2 phones. one is a safelink wireless that i dont use much but i love having a cell phone i can call people on. but i have a LG Optimus S Sprint phone that i use much more and would love to put my safelink wireless service into it. is it possible?!!!?!?!?!

    p.s. i dont earn much money i earn 3 dollars a week

  90. Patricia McCarthy says

    ALL… I need is a REPLACEMENT phone, no upgrade! The one I have is sadly, banged up and not working properly. Who should I contact? How long does it take? MOST IMPORTANTLY: WILL THIS COST ME ANY MONEY, because I am on a limited SSI income, and TRULY need my phone! ANYONE?

  91. Bigpapi says

    So safelink send me a t105g and I want to buy a t404g dose anyone know if that is possible would safelink send me a new simcard for the t404g?

  92. Desirae says

    This phone is not meant to replace your own personal cell. It was made for emergency use, not prettying up.. Be grateful you even got it..

  93. Tracie Wood says

    The phone they sent me is very small with tiny number keys. My big clumsy fingers have a hard time with it so I was happy to read the info on here. I saw a Tracfone flip phone that had bigger keys and a bigger screen, so I’ll have to come up with the money to get it and have my Safelink account switched. Thanks for the info :)

  94. lyn brumley says

    In 6 weeks I have received 3 phones from reachout wireless. The first one was awful. I figured I needed to upgrade so purchased one for 100. It came and would not work. The third one worked for 2 weeks before becoming unable to recharge. I took it to a verizon store and they told me my phone was illegal and they could not sell my a phone unless I accepted their plan. So, I have emailed reachout and will send this one back. Perhaps the next one will be the one.

  95. LeeLee says

    Even though I understand what you’re saying,Gina that’s still asking for a lot from a free government phone. At least you’re able to receive and send text messages and make and receive phone calls. I must admit I would like to personalize mine as well but I’m still very appreciative of what I have.
    **Thanks so much for these responses it truly helped me and answered my questions.

  96. Gina says

    Well a free phone is nice I appreciate it but but when you cannot even send pics to your phone so you can personalize it and make it yours, that is kind of sad, all you can do is send and receive text messages and make and receive calls. Come on now. I don’t need a fancy high end cell phone, I just want to be able to receive pics, send pics, camera, music player, recorder is all i really want my gps has blue tooth so I would like to be able to connect my cell to my gps but I can live with out it too.
    And thank to those above for the information on upgrading.

    • Christie says

      This is what’s wrong! It’s a free phone! You don’t need to take pictures, play music and send/receive pictures! I’m paying for your phone and you are ungrateful for what you get for nothing! Plus if you have Bluetooth and a gps, how are you getting this for free! You are pathetic!

      • Sarah says

        I am so saddened by this response. My mother is elderly. She has many medical problems and is permanently disabled.She has a hard time using the phone safelink sent her to text message, because the repeated tapping on the number keys aggravates her arthritis. While I can understand the frustration you feel for ‘paying for someone elses phone’ please take into consideration, while I was working, paying my taxes AND going to school, I recieved state assistance to help feed my two girls.

        I used my little phone that was sent and was very grateful for it, but it is disheartening when you can’t share photos or take pictures on a whim.

        I am so, so happy to find this thread now (I’m no longer on assistance and have my own cell phone through Sprint now, so please no hate on me for my apparent ‘abuse of the system’) because I can purchase my mother a phone with a keyboard and she’ll be able to text message with my brothers, her granddaughters and myself with ease.

        All I can ask is that you think before you judge. I never once ‘abused the system’ and the moment I was stable enough to provide for my girls and myself, I declined further assistance. Some of the comments I’ve read simply break my heart. It’s comments like though that discourage people who really just need a little help from asking.

        Thank you, everyone, for helping me help my mother. I truly appreciate it.

      • Heather says

        if you want a phone that takes pic then go BUY one and dont complain about the free one that is only for texing and talking thats what phones are for anyway wanna take pics go get a digital camera!

      • xita says

        Yes it is free, but an old person trying to use a phone that small, just isn’t right, because they can barely see the buttons on the safelink phone.

      • Arlene says

        Your not paying for squat. If you do a search before complaining.. you will see that taxpayers are NOT paying for our free phones. So keep your stupid thoughts to yourself. Or is it that your upset that you can’t get one?

    • Rob says

      “I don’t need a fancy high end cell phone, I just want to be able to receive pics, send pics, camera, music player, recorder is all i really want my gps has blue tooth so I would like to be able to connect my cell to my gps”

      FOR REAL? That’s all?? Nothing fancy, just everything. Want it to print out hundred dollar bills too? I work for a living and have an old cell phone that makes calls and sends texts. TEXTS, not pictures because it doesn’t have a camera, an MP3 player or a GPS. It’s kind of sad that you don’t appreciate a FREE phone without it being just like a phone that you’d have to pay big bucks for. You want it personalized? Get a marker and write your name on it.

  97. Dolores says

    My Father has moderate alzheimers disease and although he still takes walks near home, we all feel safer when he has a phone with him. Just in case. he now qualifies for a safelink and recieved one a few weeks ago. However, because the design is not a flip phone style like the one he used to own, he can not ‘learn & remember’ how to use the style sent. I appreciate hearing experiences others have had & I plan to assist by making a call to safelink to see if a change to a flip style phone is possible.
    For people who are quick to negatively judge and assume, I pray you or your love ones never develop any condition in which you need to rely on ‘the system’ for added supports. My Dad worked his whole life as a plumber, never recieved a dime from ‘the system’ and sadly now is fading with an illness no fault of his own. Although there are surely some people who may abuse ‘the system’, I for one say ‘who cares’, those people are recieving peanuts in comparison to other governmental endevors. Tolerance and compassion can go a long way in our world

    • xita says

      I have the same problem with a mother who cannot understand how to use the safelink phone. Would be so much easier if it was a flip phone. Another problem is it is too small and they come from a generation that can’t function with it.

  98. Eva says

    Thank you SO MUCH for all this information everyone! I was asking myself the same question, and this answered it! I am going to be very content buying a better phone and still be able to have the safelink service on a better tracfone then the one they give me. thanks a bunch. and btw i read on another question answer site that ppl think if we can afford a better phone the we can afford our own plan but they are wrong, i can have money one moment for a better phone but i dont have money every month to be able to afford a plan. (just saying) lol

  99. Jax says

    Did you notice that they weren’t complaining they were simply asking how to upgrade the phone. What is wrong with that??

    • Christy says

      Ppl aren’t complaining. They were simply asking and I don’t blame them. I’d want a better phone too, cause some doesn’t take pics. Or when it doesn’t work right. You shouldn’t even be on here with your bad attitude! No one asked for a comment like that! Thanks!

  100. Pam says

    Just a little fyi… I transferred my safelink phone number to a Tracfone. It’s a lot better than “the cheap one” they sent. What you need to do is call their customer service (LONG wait), tell them you want to transfer to another phone (make sure it has a slot for a SIM) and you will have to give them the numbers off of your old and new phone. They will tell you if it is possible. They just sent me a new SIM card to go into the tracfone that I had. So, yes it’s possible, but may be limited to a Tracfone, Net10, or StraightTalk phone.. Hope this helps!

    • Pam says

      numbers being the numbers on the back of the phones under the batteries. You DO have to provide your account information (safelink account info) and give them your Safelink phone #. I strongly suggest using a house phone or someone else’s cell that might have unlimited minutes.. They just quoted me a wait time of 30 minutes…