Will I be able to send and receive text messages with my free government cell phone? How much does it cost?

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It depends on which free government cell phone you get. If you get one that supports SMS, you’ll be able to send and receive text messages.

Costs may vary depending on which service provider you select, but each SMS message sent or received should consume about one third of a minute. Other plans may consume as much as one minute per text.

Check with your service provider for specific details of their programs.


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  1. Savannah says

    My phone will not recieve texts. It says messages I send r sent but cant receive texts. I thought it was unlimited texting

  2. nicole says

    Hi I got a coolpad government phone and it won’t let me send pictures through my messages. You brother got the same phone and it let’s him so I was wondering why mine won’t let me. Please let me know as soon as possible

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      Each plan has different number of texts you get each month with your plan. Some make it a part of the 250 minutes (like 3 texts count as one minute), and Assurance Wireless will give you unlimited texting.

  3. Will Rosado says

    Why can’t I get text from my job .I’ve texted to 42800 like I was told and it comes back sorry this service not available with your plan .I’ve called safe links and was told everything is OK,but still no text

  4. Ragan Walker says

    Want to know why this year my text messages is costing $.30 for each incoming/outgoing text messages? This was not a charge since I’ve had this service. Will it be possible to return to no cost text as before? Plus there is a $1.00 fee for incoming/outgoing call’s. Please advise if there is something new going that I’m not aware of. Thank you!

  5. jessida says

    Why all the sudden after a month is this government phone taking a whole minute away when I make and get texts.

  6. Paul says

    I have just received my phone. Can you go on the internet with these phones? Mine won’t connect me to the internet. Please reply. If you can please tell me who I would speak with. Thank you very much.

  7. Rachel says

    I just got the same text today @the “safelink.com/sms”. NOTHING.
    Also got a text saying “Welcome to SafeLink, we hope you will enjoy your service!” -which I have been for the past @2yrs., ever since a rep from their co. signed me up at the local DSS office. Don’t know why they sent the “welcome text” though-As I just said, I’ve had their service for @2yrs. I did, however, just receive a replacement phone as mine was lost recently, so maybe that’s the reason for the “welcome text”.

    I have a feeling, if anyone-like me-w/the “government phone/plan” for people w/low-income, calls to ask a REPRESENTATIVE about this, I bet you’ll be told what I was told @1wk. ago, concerning “Safelink” promotions, etc.-which is:

    The government phone/plan is for Safelink, yes-but what we have isn’t “technically” SafeLink-it’s “LIFELINE”. It does state this on our recertification we have to do for our continued phone service every so often. Yes, it’s SafeLink, linked up w/Assurance Wireless, but being LIFELINE, I have a feeling we’ll be told that SafeLink promo’s are only for “straight” SafeLink accounts-NOT LifeLine :(
    However, IF that’s the case, we shouldn’t be getting the misleading text to begin with!
    *Note-that text they sent us all @the “free texting” didn’t take out’ve my 250minutes. They’re lucky for that!

  8. Kevin B says

    Every commenter on here needs to get a clue. Are y’all daft enough to think that you get a completely free ride (Free Talk/Text)? I mean c’mon, you can see that some of the posts on here go back to 2012 (2 yrs. ago). Stop relying on the Gov’t for everything.

  9. norma says

    ok, it says text messages from your cell at NO extra cost! Don’t know how? Learn at safelink.com/sms
    I can’t get NO where. Why the false info?
    ty Norma

  10. Peggie Starks says

    Im trying to get information about the free talk and text for my phone but cant send or receive text messages. I’ve tried changing my plan but it didnt work. What’s the problem.?

  11. chris says

    i have at&t i can send and my girlfriend can receive texts from my phone to her safelink phone. all the sudden she can still send them to me but she cant receive texts from me. anybody else can send and receive texts to her safe link phone. i call att&t thinking it was my phone. its not! what gives? why cant she receive texts from me? and nobody touched any settings on either phone….

  12. waymond perry says

    I have the same problem my phone says to go to safelink.com/sms to learn how to text from my phone at no extra cost but there is no info on that subject

  13. leitha curtis says

    I have the same problem as everybody else does. Why is it
    You tell us one thing, and then it. Turns out we can,t. So what give? The government want,s us to trust them but how can we when your telling us half truths and other stuff so hat give

  14. Debra Garza says

    I got on my phone that if I go to safelink.com/sms. That I can get free text message on my safelink cell phone.

  15. Debby says

    I too got the message saying to go to Safelink.com/sms to get free text message minutes. Can’t find the link. I was under the impression that I got 250 free call minutes and 1000 free text minutes when I applied for the phone. So where are the 1000 free text minutes? Thank you…

  16. Kathy says

    I got a message this morning on my safelink phone that said CLEARLY THAT I COULD use TEXT (sms) messaging completely FREE if I went to “www.safelink/sms” and YET there is NO INFO for this!

    (A) HOW can I receive FREE texting w/o charging my minutes (JUST AS THE PHONE MESSAGE CLEARLY indicated????

    (B) I certainly hope that YOUR text message did NOT take away from MY minutes!!!

    I ask for someone to call/text/email me with clarifiied-directions.

    Genuinely, Kindly–
    Thank You –

  17. Alexandria says

    my boyfriend and I was wondering if it takes minutes from his government phone if he text’s someone and receives messages from the other person. Because it charges him whenever he has to go to his voice mail or call someone he looses hours on his phone.
    We would like to find out if it’s unlimited for texting so He can save on minutes because the government gives him so meany amount of minutes a month.
    Because we are about to get our apartment by the end of this month and we need to be able to contact people about our apartment and when we can move into our place.


  18. Cece says

    I asked to change my package to free talk and text and got a message back that said ok and it would be working on the 27th of Sept. It is not. I keep getting a message that says your balance is too low. I saw this on your ad on the TV- FREE TALK AND TEXT-250 minutes for both. Am I understanding ths wrong? ???????????

  19. pamela says

    The contract says that I have free texts, but after I get my minutes (250) I try to text and the response says because of low balance, my text didnt go thru. Seems like the only way I can text is if I put money on the phone.

  20. Julia says

    Hello! I have recently received a SafeLink Cell Phone and I know I can send texts but I cannot receive texts.. or I can’t make calls or receive calls either… What can I do and What does this mean??

    Thank you,