How do I do the annual recertification of my phone?

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One of the questions we’re asked most often by readers who already have their free government cell phones is, “How to I do my annual recertification?” This is important information, because if you don’t complete an annual recertification with your free government cell phone company, your service will be suspended.

At least once per year of service, you are required to re-certify yourl eligibility to participate in the Lifeline program. You may be asked to re-certify at other times, such as during the FCC’s recent hunt for fraudulent accounts, but generally will be just once a year, prior to your anniversary date. With the exception of some states, unlike the initial application procedure, you will not need to provide supporting documentation of program eligibility. There is no additional charge for re-certifying.

The phone providers are required by law to contact you prior to the expiration date of your eligibility. You will receive a text message, phone call, or a letter informing you that you must re-certify with them. You must respond within sixty (60) days after being notified. If you fail to respond, or you respond and the phone company is unable to verify your eligibility thru a state eligibility database, you will no longer be able to participate in the Lifeline program and you will lose your free Lifeline service or your Lifeline discount if you have discounted Lifeline service.

You will be required to submit certain information to perform the recertification. Of course you’ll need your phone number, and you may need the PIN number (or password) that you were originally assigned. You may be asked for any of the following:

  • Your current address
  • Your former address (if you’ve moved since you got your free government cell phone)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number
  • The name of the qualifying government assistance program in which you participate OR your total household income.

We’ve written up the procedures for the main free government cell phone companies, below. Some companies have a convenient way for you to re-certify your Lifeline phone online. Unfortunately, most do not. We’ve provided the link for those who do allow online Lifeline recertification; and we’ve provided notes for the others. If you don’t do it online, you will either do it over the phone or by mailing in a recertification form they will mail you.

Following is an example of what a recertification page looks like:

Assurance Wireless Recertification

Access Wireless Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

American Assistance Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Assist Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Assist Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

Assurance Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Assurance Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

AT&T Mobility Recertification

No online re-certification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Blue Jay Wireless Recertification

No online re-certification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Budget Mobile Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Budget Mobile, you can easily re-certify online here.

Cintex Wireless

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Easy Wireless Recertification

The site says to click on the “Re-certify your Lifeline Eligibility” link, but there is no such link. You’ll have to wait until they call, text or write you and follow the instructions. You can also re-certify by using your Easy Wireless phone to call our automated phone line at 611 or 1-877-476-3451 and follow the prompts.

EnTouch Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions. But you can directly download, complete and mail/fax back the this recertification form to re-certify.

Feel Safe Wireless Recertification

The site says to click on the “Annual Certification” link, but there is no such link. You’ll have to wait until they call, text or write you and follow the instructions.

Life Wireless Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Link Up Telecom Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

nTelos Wireless Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Q Link Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Q Link Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

Reachout Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from ReachOut Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

Safelink Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Safelink Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

Standup Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from StandUp Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here or call 866-693-5077

T-Mobile Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Tag Mobile Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice fromTag Mobile, you can easily re-certify online here.

Telscape Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Terracom Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Terracom Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

True Wireless Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Total Call Mobile Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions. But you can also download, complete and mail back this recertification form.

US Cellular Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

US Connect Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions. But you can call 817-601-4659 and re-certify by telephone by following the prompts.

Yourtel Wireless Recertification

If you know when it’s time to re-certify, or if you’ve received notice from Yourtel Wireless, you can easily re-certify online here.

Verizon Wireless Recertification

No online recertification process. Wait until they call, text or mail you and then follow their instructions.

Don’t commit perjury

No matter who your free government cell phone provider may be, you will not be re-certified until you swear under penalty of perjury that you do indeed still qualify for the progam.

This outstanding program is, unfortunately, plagued with fraud, so the penalties for perjury can be (and should be) severe.


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  1. Charles A ******* says

    Yes I called customer assistance and waited on hold for one hour an twenty minutes. concerning my brothers recertification.He has129 minues on his phone but for the last three months there has not been any service on his phone. he cant read or write so im trying to help him with this problem.His enrollment ID number is ******* name Charles ******* safelink phone number 706218**** date of birth March 03 **** address ******* Drive Dalton Georgia 30720 please call me im his sister Virginia ****** phone number 706 218 **** Thank You or your for your time and service. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IS *** ** ****.

    • says

      We have allow this redacted comment of an example of what NOT to post. Great way to get your identity stolen, and have crank phone calls as well.

  2. Emanuel Carr says

    I am Emanuel’s aunt who is assisting him in getting his minutes back or a new phone. His mother is not able to tell me who his provider is because of illness. He is an autistic person who need assistance.

  3. Bruce Chorlton says

    I used my number from my Safelink phone to get a deal on a second phone for my wife as i cannot leave her home alone without a phone. I need a new number for my Safe link phone but cannot get a live person no matter how many times i have tried. You are the worst company i have ever encountered.

  4. Guy Rogers says

    why if I have already recerified and have had comfermation, do they send me notice to recertify again

  5. Frederick Altland says

    I did recertification about a month ago and I got another reminder in the mail to recertify which I already done. Then you call Safelink customer service up and you can’t understand them. I just wish they would stop outsourcing customer service to India.

  6. ralph pelkey says

    I recertifed 3 or 4 month ago on line and they still shut my phone off I need it on I have ms

  7. becki says

    I got a letter saying I need to recertify and I tried, status says application was dissaproved and no minutes this month.I called customer service and can’t get through,I need to know why my application was dissaproved

  8. Patsy Hayes says

    How do I get into recertification? I get the phone # and code then hit submit but it does not take me to another page!

  9. brenda says

    in my opinion assurance wireless is the best one, sometimes too complicated to talk with a real person but i understand what the advisors trying to say when i talk to them, i have almost 4 years with them no complain, i had before safelink and tracphone no good experience about all i wont recommend them, also i have the unlimited plan,good reception all places i go eventhough out of my city,i call last week to re-new my contract and a live advisor took care of that promt and easy, i will recomend assurance wireless.

  10. Rowena Ward says

    I have a SafeLink free phone and it will not work. It is way past time to get my minutes and I can’t receive them. I have gotten 3 emails threatening to shut mine off but I can not get on the website and when I call the phone number it gives nothing as a choice to report it broken. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

    • Steve says

      Several months ago my Safelink Tracfone quit working. After multiple phone calls (via landline) and over a hour time wasted with Tracfone, I bought another one. It was on sale some place else, & Walmart honored the price, $5!

      While most Tracfones are compatible w/ Safelink, Android phones are not. I had my new phone with the correct phone number & minutes in 1 phone call & less than 20 minutes of my time.

  11. Barbara crawford says

    I been trying to recertify my lifeline phone for almost two months and can’t get it done its like I don’t exists so can u send me an application to renew my lifeline Barbara *****, **** 12th street Rock island,Illinois, 61201 I don’t want to lose my service due to u guys thank u

  12. deborah himes says

    like anything to do with the govt, the free phone program is a nightmare as well. bunch of foreigners on the other end of the line that you cant understand, and that don’t help you worth a dime, and that wont do as you, the customer, asks in connecting you with someone you can understand, or with a supervisor.

  13. deborah himes says

    okay. this is the most frustrating thing ever. I have safelink. I usually recertify by mail or online. I assist an elderly lady and she has safelink also. I have tried for 2 days to help get her phone recertified. been on the phone twice with safelink and tried online. she has received text msgs since oct that I wasn’t aware of. she DOES NOT text. has no clue about it. she is 78 years old and disabled. she does need her phone, but its almost not even worth the rudeness nor the aggravation of trying to recertify because today, as yesterday, I was told that they could not find her info in the system and they needed the enrollment id number. we don’t have that. never received anything with that info. only the text msg about recertifying. so I ask the lady today on the other end of the line to connect me with someone in charge. asked her right from the start. she continues to just keep asking me questions to the point that I repeatedly said connect me with someone in charge. she finally said hold on, as the guy did yesterday, and both cut me off. its a nightmare trying to deal with them. im about to try and get her govt phone svc with someone other than safelink since they are absolutely NO help. thanks for letting me vent. I sure wont be recommending safelink to anyone.

  14. donna stachowski says

    I have tried to do the recertification on my cell phone but it does not let me finish, and then keeps hanging up on me. What to do?

  15. chris vallin says

    hello i have a concern im sure many also have this problem. i am certifiede so to say disabled and recieve ssdi its literally month to month bills and food. i was turned on to budget bedcause a few better perks (more text airtime and a crappy android phone which beats my current assurance.) i tried upgrading phones thru assurance custaomer service most part is horrble. i have had excelent help with customere service aswell and loved it. main concern i recieve my own income W2 i am a recognized own household etc. i share no i reside in households with someone who is a single mother bellow poverty level. not a girlfriend honestly dont get along with her to clear that up for any of you. will i requested a phone from budget nope adress in use i simply emailed support saying seperate household established lifeline accounts verified all legal. plain NO same house hold. no questions of proof etc. i find me as a disabled person by the state of california as rediculess. the other household well fatherless family of 3 girls struggling. i wrote back demanding an appology with full composure and am going to wait for a phone call orr message ten days. saving the initial brief response on there simplified qualifying household policy requiring proof. ask for proof please, i have my irs my state of california even lifeline certified houshold. lifeline policy allows multi family househould as long as they are deemed seperate households (proof providing ) allowable do to the poverty level. that is also on federal lifelinje standards do to many factors. im disgusted with there no thought answers if my gmail address existed id say contact me at vallin dot chris because im not to the disabled extent completely but most are or retired and there being brushed off. id love to demand repair imediately to there web forms denial there simple generic to bads and id say civil liberties for multi cultural organizations across the country aswsell as and support for ADA members thank you

  16. Phyllis Maxson says

    This is the most frustrating process! My poor mother keeps getting calls to recertify her Safelink phone but they cannot find her in the system. She has no enrollment ID. She keeps getting threatened with losing her minutes. I just spent over an hour with two different people and there is no resolution. I just don’t understand!!! Can anyone help her?

  17. Loretta McMichael says

    i have tried to recertify on line and on the phone and can’t get it done

    i need to change my address help please

  18. Annette sheppard says

    I need to change my address on my account before I recertify so my info is current and correct. Cant find a site that offers that option.

  19. ROBERT A. LUNDIN says

    I would like to confirm my free cell phone eligibility on line ( 360-982-**** ) because I have poor reception and I’m hard of hearing. I’ve tried to confirn my eligibility with the cell phone but could’nt get past step three. Please help me with this problem.

  20. franklin says

    necesito nuevamente mi telefono a mi casa en el *** e 5st hialeah, fl 33010-6244 y que mi teléfono esta roto no se ve el numero que estoy marcando en la pantalla por favor mándame otro teléfono a la direccion anterior gracias

  21. Leroy Ivory says

    I have tried to rectify my safe link number which is 478 718 ****. I was told that my add which had be changed from **** Jeffersonville, Rd. Macon, Ga. to *** Sparta Rd. WarnerRobins, GA. 31088 could not be change and my phone did not received the min. for the month of Oct. It is now Nov and I need recertification on my number. This number is filed with all my doctors and emergency contacts. Can you please me to get my minutes and keep my number. I can be reached at 478 334 ****. Thank You Leroy Ivory

  22. lanette white says

    I was trying to do the recertification online. I do not have my enrollment ID #. If u can please call me on my main line @ 901-649-****. Thanks Lanette White

  23. Fresh Dirt says

    One of these agencies has texted out my 888 number as the number to call to recertify your free phone. This in the number to a privately owned graphic design business. PLEASE DO NOT CALL 888-282-4002!

    If you know which agency has done this please reply so I can ask them to stop publishing this number in error.

    Thank you.

  24. Mary says

    I also got a message saying I needed to recertify, called the number 877-919-1944 and it takes a long time to connect then goes to a fast busy signal. Tried doing it online with my company, which is reachout wireless and that link won’t work either, says my phone number and last 4 of my social are not correct. Tries online chat with them, over and hour and 15 minutes and still didn’t get help. Tried calling them, over 33 minutes, the supervisor hung up on me after telling me I needed to send in a copy of my drivers license and food stamp card. I thought after the initial you didnt’ need to send in those items and I am not comfortable sending in a copy of my license through the mail, email or fax. I have always done the recert over the phone, normally they call me. My question is, is there another number to call? I would love to get this done but as of now I have wasted several hours on this today alone.

    • Vickie says

      I have the same problem Mary. I don’t know what we are supposed to to and I noticed you had no “Government” reply to your answer.

  25. J.Laboy says

    Life Wireless dont know the distance betwing my city(San German,P.R.) and Maricao,P.R.,is a long distance.I received a text messaje that said that i need to recertficate my account in Maricao,P.R.In my city the people from Life Wireless is in my city now and Life Wireless said no,that i need to recertificate in Maicao.Why?

  26. carol peculis says


  27. nancy lavway says

    Trying to recertify online. where is id number. also tried to call. Nancy ****** cell 207768****.

  28. Patricia De Carlo says

    i tried to help a friend who had to reapply since he did not recertify on time. it made me apply and there was no place to say he already had a phone but was just reapplying because he had not recertified in time.
    frustrating process.

    • deborah boling says

      I have been trying to re-certify on line or calling the number they have given me , but i can’t not get to talk to anyone .i have been getting notifaciations to re-certify but can’t seem to get it right I need help , they r saying my birth date does not match my name . I do not know what they mean I have given them everything tell have asked nothing has changed Thank You

  29. laney w says

    im trying to get my phone turn back on they turn it off becuz they said i didn’t redo my paper work when i know that i did i did it on the web . they asked for the number but i didn’t have it i was in the middle of moving .needless to say i have not had a phone as of july i keep getting the run around from reachout wireless .i have cancer and i’m by polr and live by myself .i need a phone how can help me! th thank you l.wilson

  30. angel says

    i really dont kno how i put in imformation to apply for a phone for my daughter im using her nintendo dsi and i need help

  31. james carroll says

    my phone was stolen at a homeless shelter in Hartford,Ct about aweek ago i have no form of communication?!? please help!

  32. Arvie says

    I have had the same run-a-round everyone else has had, only this is my second year go-round! You are wasting my time and everyone else’s. I know everything to do with the government is really skrewed up, but don’t you have at least one intelligent person, in your pool of idiots, that can fix your phones, websites, and programs, that can help us get what is required of us done in a timely manner?

  33. bill west says

    A most frustrating process and after several nothing happens. Cannot change the address, cannot access the site by entering the correct information ….. now I notice a lot of readers and customers with the same problem which means there it no reasonable expectation of a solution…… what is the point of this.???

    If you cannot get it correct, clse it down an let someone else do it…..give it to
    GOOGLE or APPLE they fix problems

    I give up.Bill

  34. sharon pilkington says

    I don’t understand how you want the birthday part put in. Tried both ways, but nothing works. That makes it very upsetting. Plus you took away a bunch of minutes that I bought. I would like it very much if you would put them back. How can you do a person this way? If you don’t put them back, I may just go back to buying my minutes. That way I can build up my minutes like I want to do, since you wont let me do it any other way.

  35. cynthia carmichael says

    I am trying to recertify my life wireless phone but everytime I go to the correct prompt # it keeps repeating it and not taking the number. I went online to see if I can do it there but I do not see a link for it. What shall I do now?

  36. richard bleile says

    I call assurance wireless to recertification I went through the process they said they would switch me to someone eles to change my address I went the process agian I called 6 different numbers all automated I need to talk to a person I need a person to talk to about my problems on phone calls my pin # is fine on the web site my pin# is invaild

  37. shron says

    I call to recertify the agent says my info is incorrect he will sent out papers to fill out. I receive an application for a phone. I go online and system says my information does not match, that is my info
    geez get your system corrected

  38. joe says

    I just tried seven toimes to re-certify. Website doesn’t work i enter zip, birth, and last 4, and siite goes around in circles

  39. Russell D. Hopkins says

    I just received an extra 250 minutes, I now have 500 minutes, my enrollment ID 12243795.
    Thank You All !
    Russell D. Hopkins

  40. Corpus Rosario says

    A quien coresponda : Yo llene mi solicitud para el telefono y teminando la solicitud se me apago la computadora quisiera saber si recibieron la solicitud o tengo que enviar de Nuevo. Muchas gracias

  41. Lynne Boyd says

    If you want to do your job and you want a verify on my . than please take the info. that you ask for. name ,address,phone no,

  42. larry d. glasscock says

    I am using a trackphone, and I have received a message to recertify before cancellation. What do I do? Thank You! Please reply. larry d. glasscock.

  43. Rita Owens says

    I have tried to recertify for Assurance Wireless phone service. However, the message I keep getting is that I cannot be recertified due to a system error and to try later, I have already mailed a form back to your company, signed, and I’m trying to make sure you have received it. I need help. thank you in advance.

  44. Jesse Earnest Handy Jr. says

    I have been trying to recertify and i am not have god luck it seem that no one is getting threw My information is the same not has changed

  45. Just George says

    I live in a rural area. My phone does not work at my home.
    I have to drive part way to town to get service. But that is not my major complaint.
    My main complaint is that I am asked to re-certify about every two to three months.
    I get a thing in the mail, I fill it out, send it back, and a week or so later I am told to
    go to the Safelink website to re-certify. Their website can not locate my account, whether
    I enter the account number, or provide my birthdate, last 4 digits of my SSN and zipcode.
    I KNOW I’m entering it correctly, and have tried at least 6 times. When I phone to get help, I get a
    big run-around, then eventually after at least a half hour, I get someone who can not speak english
    understandably. After hours of hassles I get it re-certified and 2 to 3 months later it starts all over again.
    I should mention that I do not even have my own internet service and have to borrow someone else’s
    computer. I’m really sick of this!

  46. Henry Jimenez says

    Hi. my name is Esther Jimenez and I am Henry,s mother. If is possible I would like to speak with someone regarding a letter that I got telling me that in order for my son continue receiving the phone service, I need to sent a letter that shows the last four digits of my son,s social security number. I already sent that information, but last week I received another letter telling me to do the same thing again. I,m trying to contact someone from Safelink but I can not contact anybody. Please let me know what to do. I would like to know if they did not receive the letter that I sent to them. Thank you in advance for your help. My phone number is ***-507-1847 or please send my an E-mail .

  47. Marjorie Grover says

    I either lost my phone or it was stolen and I have tried to report it to Safelink to no avail as I do not have the sim number. I am up for recertification now and will not do it as I do not have the phone and have not had it for awhile. So please cancel the phone.

  48. kimberly hill says

    In May Careless Wire sent me a txt message asking if I would either like to receive more minutes on the phone I already have or get a upgrade on my phone. I chose the upgrade on my phone cause the one that I have is playing out. On Friday July 5th I received my new phone. However it doesn’t have any minutes on it…I would like to know why????? Why shut off my other phone if you’re not going to get me minutes on my new phone??? Is it not a Gov phone like my old phone???

  49. paula jackson says

    I have been trying to do my annual ceriftion every where I call I get run around it want let me submit the first page and finish the application every thing is the same

  50. james demoa says

    1. I have been trying to get a Safelink phone since January February March, April May.Each month have mailed applications and the most recent enrollment # is 12406180. I wait for the 30 days and I have yet to receive a phone !!!
    2.Today-6/17/13 I received a card from Lifeline saying “I must call right now !! to keep my phone activated”.
    3. I realized back in January one cannot receive “any” Federal support to qualifiy for Safelink so I cancelled Lifeline and the discount on my hard line phone so as to qualify for Safelink.
    4 Today 6/17/13 I phoned 1 *** 543 3620 to inform them that in January I had requested to CANCEL Lifeline. Apparently this open account with LIFELINE has held up my application!!!
    5. My name is: James *****, *** Crab Apple Ct,******,Il. 60*** Apt.1,You may phone me at *** 637 0011. ( this # was the post card-3312131788 it might mean something to you !)
    6. Each time I phone SAfelink I am to my application is approved BUT NOTHING HAPPENS !!!

    • james powell says

      email me @[email protected]

  51. Dick says

    The Safelink annual verification site no longer works; it doesn’t recognize my entries. The phone verification service also doesn’t work. After putting in the required information, a gibberish recording says something and the connection is broken. I have tried it several times.

  52. Westoney Buskirk says

    I have been trying to get a free government cell phone I qualify for one but I am having trouble getting the application for one online

  53. Jim says

    How the heck can I use the Assurance Wireless Annual Certification, when the only THING I can talk to is a stupid recording!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I use an option. The stupid recorded message puts me back to where I started! W T F. NO WONDER THIS SERVICE IS FREE. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD PAY MONEY TO USE THIS STUPID SERVICE!

  54. Fernando L.Echevarria says

    Please I have about an hour try apply for Govertnment assisted cellular phone mention all but dont mention the most important HOW YOU GO APLY ON LINE?Please !

  55. Esther Smith says

    I had my phone for few months, but I could not find out just WHY my service was closed. There one minute ( with extra minutes left ) and gone the next minute. Cannot get in touch with anyone. Seems this is another Government Program that doesn’t work.
    I hope you fix this soon.

  56. raymond greenley says

    I sent in my verification form in the mail over three weeks ago,and the first of February came and went and I Still have no minutes,what do I do now?thanks

  57. jim says

    A little sincere advice, Mary: Never put all your personal information out to the public like you did in the comment above. We deleted it in your best interests. You never know who can use information like that for bad purposes.

  58. jenny vanderod says

    ALrItE I’ve had my assurance phone stolen. I made a police report about the incident an everythin,so will I be able receive a replacement phone or not. An how are u supossd to do it???

  59. karen wallace says

    how do i check the status of my re-certification once i have re-certified.That was a week ago and still haven’t received my minutes

  60. Demeatrice Robinson says

    I forgot to add my email so that someone can get in contact w/me. ([email protected]). Can someone and/or anyone HELP me to resolve this problem?????I will appreciate any help that I can get. I just want to say THANK YOU in advance. Have a good evening.

  61. DianeResignalo says

    I have been with assurance wireless just over ayear and yeah I get my 250 free minutes but I never never have received any 250 TEXT MINUTES!! everyone I know that has assurance wireless has always been able to receive their free 250 TEXT MESSAGES minutes SO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON???? I do BELIEVE they owe me all those minutes as advertised!!!! Also correct is you can not get ahold of anyone and the dead line for annual certification is due the end of DECEMBER 2012!!!!!!!!!!!! The customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Stefani Lekkas says

    I log in to my Life lines account-no problem, but, I cannot get to my profile page to enter my cell number. There is no “contact us” or a phone number to call. FAQ”s do NOT address this issue. All I can get to is the verification page and that tells me they are waiting for my cell number. There is no link to my profile and edit account just want me to change my password.

  63. WarrenWoody says

    I need 250 Minutes for my phone. Why ual keep telling me that their is no pending update. This have been going on for to long. You have all the information that is needed. What is the FREAKING problem???

  64. Dixie Lee Oates says

    this is the worst help how do i verify if there is no response ….now i have nomore mimutes and can’t get a hold of anyone…now what do i do..i thought when it said you have so many day’s left then you should so many day’s left… do what they tell you to do and then what ????? now i don’t have a phone any more..

  65. Miracle Coutee says

    today i tried to certificate my phone on the internet and every time i put my dob it says my dob is not valid and i know good in well i used the same dob for me to get the government phone i need help on this certification form cause i’m at the point were it is really getting annoying so please send some help and i mean right NOW!

  66. Barbara Albright says

    I’ve tried and tried to certificate before 11/03/12, and after (like now), which has been several times, to NO AVAIL! It won’t happen, what do I do? The phone process don’t work, the internet don’t work ! What to do??? I have been on the website to NO AVAIL for help!

  67. john says

    i know assurance says you MUST use your assurance cell phone to call and recertify and it says it DOES NOT cost you minutes from your account

    no one even mentions their provider but i suggest you look on your provider website for specific answers and help with problems…

  68. John Beck says

    I do not remember the name of the service for my free phone. When I call them I receive an endless string of keypad options but no one answers the phone. As a result I am unable to re-certify.

  69. ReachOut Wireless says

    At ReachOut Wireless, we understand that the annual verification process can be confusing.

    Each year ReachOut is requred by law to verify your eligibility for the Lifeline program, and we only need a few minutes of your time in order to continue to provide you with your discounted wireless service.

    If you are a ReachOur Wireless customer and are not sure how to complete your annual verification, you can call toll free at 1-888-480-6915 or email [email protected].

    Thank you

    • RN-worksforaliving says

      Or you could:

      Step#1 Get a CLUE

      #2 GET A JOB (or maybe three jobs-like I have)

      #3 Get your OWN phone and pay your OWN bill-voila you now have a reliable phone-WOW!!!


  70. serena bevan says

    i have tried several times to recertify my account and at the end it sends me to a live person and they tell me to call back at a later time i need my phone so what am i supposed to do

  71. Larry Brunette says

    hi, i”m having trouble filling out this form, i put my propper pin number and this tells me it”s incorrect, whats going on here? and every time i call assurance wireless cust. service, the person tells my that my number is not a essurance wirekess number, i was calling from my essurance wireless when all this was happening, im trying to taker care of this verification
    application get back to me soon, send me an email, thanx Larry

  72. luis e leyva says

    This is the worst phone company in the world ,dissorganise etc. the goverment should cancel your contract.What ever answer you give your clients over the phone is a bunch of lies.The goverment should send you all to yail for liyin to the costumers.I have called no less than 40 times in the last month to recirtificate with no luck whatsoever, unfortunatly i am stuck with assuranse cause i am poor with no money.

  73. miriam rios says

    i have been trying to annually recertify by phone and e-mail but i keep getting told it is not time for my annual rcertification that i will get a letter for recertification but i keep getting a message on my phone saying i am about out of time to certify and save my wireless service this is really aggravating i have been going through this for the past two weeks can someone please help me

  74. Mr.Rufus Murry Jr says

    To whom this concerns, I thought I had lost my cell phone , and it showed up. No I,m trying to get back on line,although,I see I will have to be walked through it.

    Mr. Rufus Murry

  75. Patsy Hunter says

    I need to make change to account. My address have change from 1010 ***** Street to 3738 ***** Drive A9. I try to do a annual certification on line but for got my account pin number.

  76. Bobbiejo crawford says

    Trying to verify: dont have access to a computer your services will accept my verification submition your phone services act like they have no idea about what the problem is because it takes 4 hours or longer to finally find right receptionist who will help… Then after all of that… It only takes five minutes to fix their problem they dont know anything about…. Ne way just send verification papers thru mail because none of your services work correctly….Not that the mail verification works either because you just say you never recieved it…End the damn program if theres no money…Theres no good doctors dentists or eye doctors for welfare recipients anyway…. Sincerly not happy with any of safelinks services customer p.s WHY cant your services call the customer for verification…like the department of public welfare does? hoping to get any kind of reply or answer …before you cause the FCC to disconnect my phone because of your non -understanding… That none ofsafelinks .coms or phoneserv. Work.

    • RN-worksforliving says

      Step #1 GET A CLUE
      #2 GET A JOB
      #3 Get your OWN phone and then pay the bill YOURSELF-voila you now have a reliable phone!!!
      #4 Stop expecting EVERYONE ELSE to pay your lazy a$$ bills.

      • Kind Human says

        HEY RN-worksforliving…..GREAT!!!! NICE COMMENT, hope to god you have more compassion for patients, maybe not. Kind of doubt it. You are an A$$. You know that little thing called Karma, look out because Karma is going to come knocking on your door. Hopefully sooner than later.

  77. Carole Lawrence says

    I can’t seem to certify my info…I called the number and answered all questions…it said they were having problems on their end and to call back…

  78. anita lafave says

    for some reason i cant get through to verify my phone i called and talked to some one about my phone and the lady told me my phone wass all set but i guess not.

  79. carrie lipf says

    i have treid to do my recertifaction and i go through the thing on the phone thne it doesnt go thru it says sorry your ceriftaction didnt go thru due to a system error anyone else having this problem i get a hold of someone finally and i cant understand him since he is from india im very frustrated i have unitl november 3rd then that it unitl i do this…

  80. Sheila says

    I just did my recertification over my phone, however it wasn’t completed because my address has change. When it redirected my call to a live person the center was closed. How do I go about getting my address updated in the system in order to complete my annual recertification before Nov.3,2012.

  81. Monica Griffin says

    I have tried to recertify my phone today by use of my assurance phone. I was almost through with the recertification process, when I got to the end, and it asked if I wanted to electronically certify my phone; and I said yes. Unfortunately the next response I got, was the there was a problem with the system, and I would have to try again later.

    Can you please help me with the problem. I am not trying to do so online, and I cannot seem to fing the right sight for that. Looking for where it says Annual Recertification – start here.

    I received a message on my phone telling me that, my postal mailing address was incorrect. I
    do not understand what this means. My address has not changed. My assurance phone ends in 9397.

  82. carlos lloyd says

    i enter the birthdate and it says wrong format whats the deal i enter the month day and year and keeps coming up wrong format i put in 06/29/1943 so wahts wrong

  83. Linda Hummel says

    I need to verify my Safelink free phone.I’ve tried several different phone #’s, I’ve tried online. No can do??

  84. Betty Walton says

    I am trying to re-certify my phone. I can not find the link. I can not make calls on my phone, it states they are not accepting calls at this time. I need help.

  85. edith benda says

    i need to recertify my account before dec 1st and i cant seem to get to it to recertify.have tried a couple of times cant get to it. thanks.

    • Christine Cavallaro says

      Hi…trying to recertify by Nov. 3rd….Can’t get into system….

      Let me know if I do need to recertiy, or am I already done….

      Can’t get a live person on any of the numbers supplied…

      Please reply….
      Thank you, Christine

    • christina vandeputte says

      when i try to change number in household and the amount of earnings for the year it won”t allow me to do so. i am on assurance wireless annual recertifacation web site.

  86. Stephany Carey says

    I am trying to recertify for my phone and I cann’t seem to get anywhere,,,my phone is currently out of service til I get this done,,,please help

    • Kay Sanden says

      I have tried, to no avail, to recertify via phone, but the program has a “bug” in it and I cannot get past the date of your birth “month”. No matter what I enter in the month date, it tells me “you have entered a 1, is that correct and when I tell it no it just goes back to the same tired question. So, I gave up on that and went to a computer I can use. I got all the way to the “I agree” box and, when I clicked on it, the program just froze and wouldn’t go past that point. I am giving up on all automated forms and am mailing the form back. I hope that will suffice for my recertification. If not, I guess I’ll be without a phone. You can’t say I didn’t try!! Fix the darned programs!!!!

  87. donaldmorris says

    how can i complete annual cerfication using a computer to answer recertification questions and at what website for the free goverment phone for one more year.

    • michael craig hearndon says

      if i have moved and someone else in my household has a cell phone,but its not assurrance wireless .can i keep my service.

  88. marvin warren says

    i canot find online to do my annual certification sign up for my phone i have tried several times to do this what is the problem

  89. Audrey Hickman says

    I have been trying for 7 days to recertify per your instructions .The phone msge is not clear the website is not working.

  90. Essie L Redfield says

    I want to do my annual recertifacation.could call me or send me an that i can get that done.and i put a comment not long ago what happen to that one.

  91. Essie L Redfield says

    I am trying to do my annual recertification but i have forgotton my pin do i retrive it. or can i set up another.thank you. Essei Redfield

  92. Rose says

    the online certification wont work , and I use my last 20 minutes on my phone trying to call so now what…I wish they have a live chat for this .

  93. Curtis Hough says

    How do I go about recertification for my telephone. I can not reach you bec ause I have no phone service. Please help me thanks Curtis

  94. Bonnie Myers says

    I have do the annual recertification for my phone and it always asks for a pin number.. I have no pin number.. I need one so that i can recertify…. Thanks Bonnie Myers

  95. Shirley Scruggs says

    I have tried to recertify by telephone and on the website. The phone tells me that my call cannot be completed at that time. The website says that I cannot access that website. So exactly what am I surpose to do? I have to recertify in order to keep my phone. Can you please help me with this matter as soon as possible please?

  96. constance mcclain says

    also recived text about recertify , called number that was given only got recording. forgot pin so recived another number to call it also wants pin so i am getting noware going that route . HELP!!!!!!! this needs to be done before 10/10/12. thank you for any help.

  97. victoria bloodsaw says

    Im attempting to fill out my annual certification for my assurance account, its not showing up online for me to complete the form.

  98. Dessie Coleman says

    Just noticed on cell phone, have “5” days to address recertification for continued use. Tried to do thru Internet. Was unable to find proper link. The cell phone number is 773/226-3662. My status remains exactly the same – nothings changed. Did not see a phone number to call. Need assistance ASAP to certify. Thank you.

  99. Dessie Coleman says

    Just noticed on cell phone, have “5” days to recertification for continued. Tried to do thru Internet. Was unable to find proper link. My situation is exactly the same – nothings changed. Did not see a phone number to call. Need assistance ASAP. Thank you.

  100. Jennie Castro says

    Having trouble with recertification, called the number received on message and the person on the other end did not know what I was speaking of. When on internet and plugged in the address as instructed did not find what I needed to recertificed or the site could not find my account. Please clearify this recertification process. Have a good day.

  101. robert stacy says

    i need to recertify my virgin mobil phone which i didn’t know i had to do annually.

  102. cee hill says

    i can not fill out the form to be verify for another year i ve tried online it s assurance wireless.plz let me know something

  103. Albert Thompson req your billing Name says


  104. alisha says

    (Sorry for typing in all caps but I felt at least some of you needed to be shouted at)

  105. Alana Myers says

    I havent recieved my min for Febuary and i was wondering if i hade to re-apply
    or what was going on

  106. nicole says

    i am trying to do my yearly verification online but it not letting me do it when i go to put my bday in it telling me wrong format every time i try to enter my bday i have tried several different ways of entering it an it keeps telling me it not right format . what do i need to do so i can finish my verification process an complete it . any suggestions on what i should do . i need to get my verfied an cant get anyone to answer when i call techinal support or customer service . thank

  107. Billy Norris Nance says

    I am writing you to let you know,that my time run out 03/08/12.But things has not changed at this time,i would to keep this plan,until it dose. Thank you very much

  108. pam price says

    i received an E-mail saying to recertify my phone plan, I went to the website of and nothing it doesn’t exist. I call them and they tell me to go to and again nothing, with that website I was directed to this web site and still no help in recertifying.

  109. CALVIN BAKER says


  110. jeanette says

    After faxing all my information to Reach out wireless for Annual recertification my phone was turned back on for about 3 day’s then received a call to which the person answering my phone gave incorrect address from which I applied.Now I get the same recording asking me to fax all my information again to show that I still am able to qualify for free Government phone. How can I resolve this problem? I don’t understand why after 3 day’s of being turned back on I have to do the procedure again.

  111. S Taylor says

    Do not understand how to recertify. Have been trying for 2weeks. Was given this site by phone, but still do not get any close to recertifying. Where is the link?

  112. Kelvin Jefferson says

    I received a text saying my secret question has expired this morning and to contact you guys with my account pin.please lead me in which direction to take.Thank you

  113. john o. minor says

    hello my name is john minor and i would like to send you this e-mail to recertify for my annual verification thank you very much for your time my adress is *** *** st.west palm bch fla *** phone number ***-633-1660

  114. RAMON VASQUEZ says


  115. Dorothy Ashley says

    I have been tring to do my annual verification, on the computer and is having a hard time the phone # this is for is xxx-xxx-xxxx. what should i do?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You shouldn’t post your phone number on web pages — I redacted it in your comment.

      You’ll need to call your phone vendor.