Good news for LifeLine wireless subscribers: Now you can get reload minutes at 40,000 retail locations across the country

Until now, only the two largest Lifeline wireless companies could offer customers a convenient way to reload airtime at retail locations across the country. This gave them a huge competitive advantage over smaller companies and limited consumers’ choices.

But those days are over, because Ready Wireless just introduced a terrific new program called AirFair that allows any wireless company – even the smallest ones – to offer reload services at thousands of convenient retail locations across the country.

There are dozens of small Lifeline wireless carriers and they have a combined total of more than two million customers. Current AirFair carriers include ReachOut Wireless, dPi Mobile, StandUP Wireless, MTI, TerraCom Wireless, YourTel, LifeTel, Telecom Service Bureau, Inc, Your Tel America and Affordable Phone Services. Others are quickly lining up to offer the service.

Soon their customers will be able to purchase additional reload minutes at more than 80,000 locations through well-known partners like Dollar General, CVS, Rite Aid, Murphy USA, Cumberland Farms, Stripes, Fred’s, Speedway, Pilot, Travel Centers of America, Village Pantry and 7-11.

Once Airfair-branded airtime is purchased, it will be automatically applied to customers’ existing Lifeline mobile telephones.

That makes the Lifeline program even more competitive than ever, and competition is always good for consumers.

The way we see it, Airfair is a win-win-win situation. Smaller Lifeline wireless companies win because they’ll be able to attract and retain more customers. Retail stores win because they’ll be able to offer an attractive new product. And Lifeline wireless customers win because they end up with a program that’s even more convenient.

Fact is, everyone wins. Well, everyone except the two big guys, that is.

Thanks, Ready Wireless. We think your new Airfair program is going to be a huge hit with our readers.


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  1. Hazel Brace says

    I purchased air fair wireless reload card. The problem is my carrier which is Access wireless won’t except it. I would like to know how to get my 20.00 dollars back”

  2. Emmanuela says

    muy buenas tardes ….. Les escribo estas líneas solicitando su ayuda …. Ustedes me proporcionaron una línea telefónica gratuita junto con el equipo …. En este momento e conseguido otro equipo y podo de su ayuda para cambiar la línea telefónica que me proporcionaron a otro equipo … Solo les pido que si me pueden dar información de donde puedo hacer ese cambio o a cuales oficinas recurrir yo me encuentro en Calexico california … Si fueran tan amables de ayudarme … Estaré esperando su respuesta … Gracias

  3. Susan says

    Me and my husband bought the sim cards to use in our phones to use the service. We BARELY have any signal at all…..first month, all together we paid 80.00 for both phones, second month we went down to the 30-35 per phone….I have NEVER EVER had such BAD RECEPTION!!!!!!!! We live an HOUR away from their store and every time we call…”you’ll have to come in”…HELLOOOOO, would you please pay for our gas to get there!!!!!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! We will research more and find someone out here that services this area before having to be ripped off again by Airfare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kimberly says

    Hi my name is Kimberly Cesar and i didn’t receive my minutes for the month of may and i really need my phone i have Children at home and i need to contact them. Thank you

  5. cheryl mosley says

    I would like to know do I have to recertified or send any thing in to receive my minutes this month. Please could u let me know when or when will I receive my minutes. Please

  6. Mike says

    Stand Up Wireless stands out of all the other crap, their customer service reps are so freindly, never had a probllem with them..

  7. william jones says

    I had just a goverment phone this past January, the 1st time my service was suspended because of no time. This past Febuary i put a 1000 minutes on my phone that a month here it is March 6,2012 when to make a and got the same crap about suspended service. There is no way i could have blow a 1000 minutes in so short of time. This is the second damn time they will not be a 3rd time because if it happen again I will either call or send an email to the federal trade commission about this bullshit!!!!!! my phone number is 501-414-4023

  8. Edward Brown says

    I have hunted all over the Springfield Missouri area for the Airfair refill cards and there is nowhere to be found the phone number in springfield 417-866-3222 is not in service so what is the deal. I have no Debit or Credit card so how am I supposed to put more minutes on my phone if there is no retailer here in Springfield,Missouri that sells the Airfair Cards

  9. Jerome Cosey says

    I would like to change my phone number area code from 331 to chicago area code where i live people are affaid to call me because they think its a long distant call.How can i do this please email me,Also, I have a phone with the name kyocera by metropcs,but i donT know how to add minutes please reply with both. MR.Cosey or call 331-220-8252

  10. xavier mooney says

    hi my name is Xavier Mooney & i was needing the account number for the cell phone u sent me. the cells number is 918-565-7529 i live in oklahoma. if you could please email me back or call me at (918) 486-6755…. i really need my phone as i am a single mom taking college classes & have a heart condition.

  11. Wylma Harmon says

    Yahoo.(I don’t mean the search engine). Yourtel has added itself to the top-up card program. However in Illinois they are only offering 68 minutes a month now.

  12. andremurrill says

    I just receive my phone in which i have tryed to call several times so i can cntinue my services.I can not seem to get through,can someone from your office please help me with this situation.