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  1. edward lugo says

    Just called them again the cant find my fax need to call V,A and have them send another fax I don’t know who the hell is running this program.

  2. edward lugo says

    the V.A just sent them another fax they cant find gave them fax number from were it looks like they lost another fax.

  3. sherryl wilcox says

    I’ve just read all my complaints over and over I’ve trying to get help I finally got a person and he said he didn’t speak English and hung up then a recording kept asking for my info over and over. this has been going on everyday for a long time if I remember I think the bones to call are the fcc I did that before when they were doing this when I first started trying to get a phone

  4. Becky says

    Have the cell with free minutes only. Never been to happy, glad to know it is not just me. (Sorry) The battery does and never did hold a charge, when I actually got to a person, I was told I had to purchase a phone from them and them only. And could not get a battery only. Could not use a outside (previous) phone. To this date, I have to plug in every day, if I use it or not. 1call=1bar (if I keep it short) 1 text=1bar. Only 4 bars on a phone, so guess what, 4 calls and I am done. If I do not use it, I can go about a day and 1/2 before I start beeping. It will beep for 3-4 days, low battery. Reception in not so good, have dead spots in my own home. But only I do, others use their phone and are fine. I hate to call again, the waiting, for ever is nuts. Wondering how they got a free Government Phone contract, when they are not based here in the U.S. When I did my annual renewal, what a nightmare, took 1 week to do it. I did it over the phone,2 days later my minutes were taken, after I was told by the phone, that I was renewed, then I spent 4 days after my minutes were taken, trying to get it done, Hours on the phone, days on the phone. Good luck to us all.

    • cher says

      Everyone! that put these complaints about reachout wireless, you’all are telling the truth.,I have been up and down a rollercoaster with them.something is not right with that company they tell you the system is a little messed up and they are in the process of fixing things.WHAT A BIG LIE!!!!!!!!

    • Becky says

      This is no joke, this company is crooked or something. I have been trying to get someone on the phone for over 4 months.. and when I went to live chat they told me I had to buy one of their upgraded phones because even if they send you a busted phone ( battery will not hold a charge, changed batteries, changed charger, it actually makes a sizzling sound when I charge it and smells like burnt plastic) your screwed if you don’t have the money to spend to upgrade. It’s all a big scam to get you to spend money.

  5. James says

    I am in a wheel chair with finger amputations and have lost out on two employment opportunities due to this company. My situation was explained upfront and I personally watched a social worker send the original fax with the my explanation of finger amputations. After several phone calls and more than THREE months later I received my first phone. It was less than 3 inches long with buttons so tiny, about 3/16 inch square. I could not use the phone without hitting 2-3 buttons at a time. Was this done on purpose?

    The replacement phone took 7 weeks to arrive. So, now it is FIVE MONTHS LATER and I receive a defective phone. The phone sent to me had the previous owners history, data, list of save phone numbers, ring tone, etc., etc. The phone also self dials repeatedly (all different times of the day or night) and prevents me from resetting it to the default setting or inputing a security code for restoring.

    When I emailed Reachout Wireless they said they were sorry, to return it, and they’ll send another one out. I am now in the EIGHTH MONTH of going without a phone – and pretty much figure this program is nothing but excrement. They don’t respond to emails. The online Live Chat doesn’t work. If I borrow a friends phone to call them, its at least a 45 minute wait. This leadership, down to the last worker, simply don’t give a damn.

    Unfortunately an employer will not care to interview you or do any follow up if they cannot get a hold of you. I wish a state representative or someone with clout would hold this company accountable for the extremely unforgiving actions they demonstrate.

  6. christine says

    This is not a American government phone service it is India everytime I call I can never understand what the hell they say also very rude

  7. Bri says

    I just argued with a customer service rep for over 45 minutes. My phone won’t hold charge and keeps sending random text messages to people. They told me I need to buy an upgraded phone. Well that’d be ok if I knew it would work properly. I’ve had this phone for a little over a year and had to buy 3 replacement batteries and chargers. I’ve had problems with them in the past also when I purchased their so called unlimited talk and text program which they would shut off on me within 2 weeks and when I would contact them about it they would tell me I needed to purchase another unlimited plan. I’m not dealing with this company anymore and am switching to Straight Talk. Just so other ppl know Straight Talk has $45 a month unlimited talk/text/data. They also have some free phones, I’m getting a samsung galaxy proclaim for free all I had to do was purchase the $45 plan with it and I’ll get my phone within 3 days. But reachout wireless is a joke and in my eyes a scam and rip off. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN>

  8. Eric says

    This is the worst company i have ever dealt with. It took them 4 months to get me lifeline. They gave me a 2004 vintige phone and no minutes. I am a homeless math tutor and they just reset my voicemail the week before finals causing me the loss of a ton of work. Then the message telling me how many minutes i have disappeared. Ok so i’ll just login to my account: nope their website is totally broken and you cant get any info from it. Ok so i’ll add $10 of minutes which should be several hours. Did that two days ago. So today, during finals week, my cell gets disconnected because “i am out of minutes”. So i call them (again and again) and i am caller 118 waiting to speak to an agent. They close at 3pm pst. Closed on the weekend. Never got a response from my email, even though they say you get one within 24 hours. Their live chat doesnt work either. This is the worst experience i have ever had with any company in my life. They have caused me the loss of most of my work for finals week. I have clients trying to call me but my phone is disconnected. I paid for minutes and they never showed up. Do not even consider using this company. I am going to contact the fcc and also try to sue them in small claims court. Would anybody like to try for a class action lawsuit ? This company needs to be shut down immediately.

    • Jaime Clark says

      I also have had the exact same experiences, voice mail gone, pre-call announcement of minutes remaining gone. I finally got thru to a live chat, that pretty much told me sorry but there system is going a revamping! I asked to view my usage information because my minutes have disappeared 2 weeks ago I had over 6 hours of minutes, now I have under 3 I dont use my cell that often there has to be something wrong here. And they want me to pay $10 to view my usage history!!!! I am very upset and have asked the online tech support several times to speak to a supervisor, they just keep telling me the same thing, “thats the policy sorry”. I asked to see this in writing, there is a vague sentence on their terms and conditions that states “Additional charges may apply for detailed information about your usage of services” it doesnt say how much and i still think this is rediculous! Additionally their website is full of misinformation, one page says one thing then another says something completely different. Like what options you have for your lifeline plan. Definately see a class action lawsuit in their future. i want to change companies but in the interim would not have a phone.

  9. Customer_of_ReachOut says

    Outrageous. They sent me a phone here in Chicago with Las Vegas number of some poor person. So for a month I was on the phone with them they did not want to resolve it. They asked for to pay $$$ for to send it to them for repair. I paid for the shipping and send it on 26 of February 2014. Today it is March 26, and still can not get the phone from them. I called and ask for the status. They say: “It is in the progress”. The question is two: Who let those crooks or incompetent the Government Contract? How to bring the complain to the government (FCC) about complete and blatant mistreatment and also obvious misuse of the government money.?
    I also asked for supervisor they resisted and asked why? I insisted they put me on hold forever? Is there someone who is aware of the government contractors kitchen – so how to bring the compline to FCC so it is heard?

  10. Bibi says

    I can’t believe i stuck with this company as long as i did however desparate times calls fpr desparate measures.
    Every month I have be on the phone with them because they have not received my fax for proof. How many times do I need to send you my fax with personal information. i am still waiting for my email that the rep Ann said she emailed me on saturday morning. As soon as i hang up with them my phone gets disconnected. And get this the reps are not helpful at all, sarcastic and rude. And there is no managers thats what they said when you request to speak to one!!!
    I am again on the phone 30 min and still no one responded.
    Lost so many calls and in process of a job interview that I have to have this phone connected :( just so heartbreaking and no help from anyone else.
    How is the gocernment giving these guys $$$ to do this!!!

    We need the govt to look into this contract and get this straightened- something is just not right here.

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