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    • paul says

      it helps if you say why they suck? other wise no point in coming to this website to decide if you want reachout service?

  1. Dan says

    I applied over two months ago, and I still have not received a phone. I uploaded my proof to the ReachOut website, and everything was good to go. I checked the status the next day, and my order was cancelled. Long story short, I spent two months contacting customer service over the phone and through instant message chats. My application was submitted four times to four different people at ReachOut. I emailed my proof and ID to them five times in total, and every time I was told the application and proof was submitted, everything looks good, and please check the status in five to seven days. Every time I check the status, it is cancelled again. I’m told I need to re-send my proof and ID. These people are either the most ignorant, jacked-up people on the planet, or this is a scam. I’m thinking both. I spoke with someone at Safelink today, and they said I’ll get a phone from them in 4 to 7 days. I hope Safelink respects their customers more than ReachOut. My advice is AVOID REACHOUT AT ALL COSTS!

    • pauline cantrell says

      Rudest people I have ever had to deal with in my whole life. Same as your story, done me the same way and still have not gotten anywhere with these jerks. I think their nothing but scammers. Ashame an elderly person can’t get a phone where every drug head in this county has or state has one. Please help if anyone knows what or how to go over these people’s head and get something done. Sick of the b.s. Please don’t ever try and get a phone updated or even get a phone from these people!

  2. terry Collins says

    I have been trying to get a free government cell phone from Reach out wireless since April 1,2014. I sent in my information on four different occasions and have waited on the phone for more times than i can count sometimes for an hour. i get someone and i am transferred which takes more time. I have personally spoken to 12 different people and told several times that my information was not received or they can’t see my face or read my card or whatever. I have applied for so many jobs on line and now i have no contact number because of this miss managed program for a free phone government, I think that this is so ridiculous to put anyone through this train wreck. I now have no phone to make return calls to all the jobs that i have applied for. I have no way of finding out how is interested in my services at this time. What a joke! I still don’t have a phone!

  3. tomecia says

    I have been a reach out wireless customer for 4yrs now an I have no complaints other that the data speed could be a lot faster. Other than that I love reach out wireless!!!!

  4. Valerie Bachelier says

    The storefront where I got my phone is no longer in business, the website contains a message that there is a problem with the security certificate. How the heck are we supposed to purchase additional minutes if we run out? This is an Obama phone, and just like him, it sucks.

    • Linda Angelo says

      I have a samsung government phone, free minutes. how on earth do you get to someone of the safelike whatever that can help me get a bigger phone, I cant see the numbers. tx for any ideas. If i sound grouchy, its because i have been dealing with ATT for months and now even though I pay my bill on time, I have no darn phone.

    • john says

      just go to a moneygram phone. you will have to pay $2.95 but you can put minutes on your phone like that

  5. cashmoney says

    I would avoid this company at all cost. They make it so challenging to contact them. There website is useless unless you are giving them money. Do yourself a favor& find a more respectful company. If I have to say something positive is there cellphones are through Verizon.

    • john says

      I know how you feel. the run around is immaculate unless you say $$$$$$$. then you go straight to where you need to be!!!!

  6. Julie W says

    I have been attempting to complete my enrollment for over 3 weeks now. I sent in my proof of government assistance and the application and they were accepted right away. They said to wait 24-48 hours to complete enrollment. I call 2 days later and am told again to wait 24-48 hours. Every time I call I have been told to wait anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. This is getting ridiculous! I have now been on hold for over 90 minutes (starting at #25 in line on hold and currently at #9) to speak with someone. Yesterday I was finally told that today was the today, that my enrollment process had finally been complete and I could order my new phone today. The online chat rep said it would be another 3-5 days and I told her that was not acceptable. I am without a cell phone and do not feel safe being without one as a disabled woman.

    • Julie W says

      I wanted to reply and give an update on my enrollment process. This past Monday, the 21st, I contacted ReachOut Mobile using the chat service (mostly because the wait times when I call have been so long. the last time I started out as caller 40-something, finally got to #1 and spoke to someone where they had to transfer me and again had to be on hold from a 40-something starting position. Of course the end results were always that I had to wait another 24-48 hours). Anyway, I got on the chat and asked the rep for an update on my account and she gave me my new cell number and the tracking number for the phone! It arrived yesterday. It’s an LG VX8360. It’s a flip phone, obviously used, but it works and now I don’t have to worry about being out and about with no way to call for help in an emergency so I’m not complaining.

  7. shaymane says

    I send my public assist information out on JUNE 28 2014 I have not receive my phone yet please send me a letter to my house and let me know what going on. I will wait couples more days I will write n call

  8. Yvonna K says

    Do NOT use this company under any circumstances whatsoever!!! I placed an order on June 25, 2014. On July 10, I still had not received my phone so I called in, and then I was told I had to send in a copy of my ID. Completed that, received an email the next day that my order was being processed. On July 23rd, still no phone, so sent another email, received a response the next day that my order was still being processed. On a gut hunch, I decided to initiate the online chat, where I spoke to another rep who informed me I had to fill out another form!!! WTH?? I cancelled my order, contacted American Assistance Wireless, filled out an application online, and called to follow up, where I was informed I should get my phone in 7-10 days, with no other forms to fill out. I was on hold with them for less than 5 minutes, and the rep I spoke to was very friendly. Avoid Reachout Wireless at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jim Medearis says

    After 4 years with this co. and numerous complaints – I tried to make a call and was told I was out of minutes. For 4 years I have had there 250 min. plan and each month the remainder rolled over. Now I am told that there is no rollover on the 250 min plan. I explained that for 4 years I was getting rollover, but kept getting same responce from a David Lee saying that they do not have rollover on that plan. They are in breach of contract and I will be filing in court. Just want future customers to know that I am a 4 year customer of theirs and will be changing service ASAP – I would never use Reachout again for any reason – I am sending complaint to US free cell phone program and the FCC. Hope others do the same, so they lose their contract with the government!

  10. Tammy Foster says

    I got first phone free and charger part broke . Then I bought another phone charger broker first time changing it . Not happy one bit

  11. Zhora says

    Run! Don’t Walk! to any other lifeline provider that might meet your needs!

    The name ReachOut is a joke in itself; at no time did I feel that anyone who worked there would make an effort to reach out and help their customers. In April or May 2013 I applied for service. I already had a lifeline land line which, due to ReachOut’s poor online instructions which made it sound like you could not have another Lifeline phone to apply for ReachOut lifeline cell service, I cancelled the land loine the day I signed up for their service. So many things went wrong from that point I can hardly remember all of them.

    The first fiasco was, after applying online and emailing copies of forms needed to qualify (program based) I called them to check on what was happening and they said they had no record of my application. So I sent them the application and copies again which they did receive. I knew there was a “short delay” to get a free phone and starting in June I began the routine of calling them and waiting for them to find my application and tell me that there were no phone and they’d have one for me in a couple weeks. So went July and most of August calling every couple weeks to see when I’d get a phone. One time they had the gall to tell me that I was first on the list to get a phone but several “couple of weeks” passed with no phone. Finally in late August, after waiting 3 or 4 weeks to check back with them I was told that my phone had been sent to me 2 weeks ago. It took a couple more calls before they were able to give me the shipping info with the correct tracking number (I received the wrong number at first) so that I could track down the package. They never offered to do any checking themselves. The phone was sent by UPS but then passed to the USPS to handle the final delivery. UPS said it was not their problem after they delivered to the post office which led to needing a USPS tracking number for the remaining distance (door to PO Box package hold). The package was shown as “undeliverable” and returned to sender after spending 5 minutes in the P.O. (due to a change in USPS personnel the PO would no longer deliver to box holders if the PO Box was not shown in the address even if the employee knew that person and the box it should be delivered to(!), and since I’d asked ReachOut initially how the phone would be shipped (UPS) I had given our physical address (and then for the last 20 years we’d lived there we did receive mail with only a physical address at our box so I had no reason to think that UPS would deliver to the PO and it would be sent back.

    OK, back to ReachOut. I called them again and this time I was told that they had received the empty box that the phone had been sent in but the phone was not returned. I’d never seen the package during it’s trip here and back and the few minutes between receiving and refusing it by the PO was documented. But ReachOut said I had to file a claim or inquiry to see what had happened to the phone. Again, no help. If I wanted another phone sent I’d have to pay a 15% restocking fee because: “If a phone is returned to ReachOut and not delivered to the customer a 15% fee is required to have it sent again.” Then, “No sir, you must pay the fee if you want a phone. That is our requirement.” No possibility that anything could go wrong that wasn’t the fault of the customer. I proceeded with the USPS claim but everything looked OK in their records. Another ReachOut call and a different person (much nicer) told me that I’d need the claim documentation for them before they could send another phone. So after contacting several USPS departments I was finally able to have an official printout from the local P.O. showing that the package never actually reached us. It was not October I believe. When I called ReachOut and told them (different person each time needing to review the who record) I now had the failed delivery documentation they wanted, I was put on hold and upon return the employee told me that the box was not empty as I had been told but had been returned with the phone still inside. And also that I’d need to pay the 15% restocking fee to get the phone sent to me. And so I put all the papers from the last 6 months in a pile and told myself I’d make a report to the FCC but it was a bad year for any company to do anything right and I never got to it.

    Now, July 2014, about 1 year and 3 months since I had cancelled my land line lifeline phone service (we fortunately had a different Vonage phone at least since 5 and 6 day storm outages of phone or electricity or cable made having alternate methods necessary). When I chose ReachOut it was because they were the only cell provider that had the possibility of being used from our home of those in CA and I was finally getting ready to deal with ReachOut again (hoping they’d lost the priior records and I could start fresh or possibly using my partner’s name instead of mine to avoid that (everlasting?) 15% fee. With extreme joy I discovered today that Budget Mobile Lifeline is now available with a better, cheaper plan as likely to be serviced here as ReachOut so I will now be very happy to think that I never have to deal with them again!!!

    I’m a person who tries not to yell at the front line customer service people since they are often just following a script set by some hidden company executive. But usually there is a way to go up a level or so and find someone who can actually make a decision based on the current situation if you can’t get the problem solved at a lower level. ReachOut appears to be operated by a large group of employees who are unable to think, who don’t care about their customers, who have developed a set of procedural rules that they believe handle every possible event, who don’t communicate well inside or outside the company walls, who bend the truth or lie, or are just incompetent in their ability to handle a problem themselves, or are just plain dumb (with probably a small set of reasonable people scattered throughout who are pleasant to deal with but whose attempts to fix your problem won’t hold up when you call back and return to the same, uncaring banter as you’ve received earlier! [Note: A few relevant anagrams for ReachOut: Ache Tour, Our Cheat, Tear Ouch]

    OK, back

    • Carol Coleman says

      OMG! Your nightmare is MY nightmare! This is the worse, absolutely the WORSE company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire 65 years. Believe it or not, ReachOut Wireless is worse than AT&T. Yep, it’s true, AT&T is in second place as the worst of the worse, ReachOut Wireless being Number One. My 3 month experience dealing with ReachOut Wireless makes “Nightmare on Elm Street” seem like a Disney movie from the 1950s. Stephen King couldn’t write a more nightmarish tale than the “ReachOut Wireless Nightmare”. My advice to anyone considering dealing with ReachOut Wireless is to save yourself a big headache and don’t. If you want a huge headache, go stand in the noon day sun in Death Valley. Much less painful and aggravating than dealing with ReachOut. Much!!!

  12. ANNA says

    The worst service i have ever dealt with!!!!!! I cant believe this company still exists. I was on hold for 2 1/2 hrs just so they can tell me to call back in 3-5 business days. Could you believe it!!!!????? I have never experienced something like this in my life. I have no words!

  13. Carol Coleman says

    About all these complaints about ReachOut Wireless are absolutely, positively the way I feel….and a kite (quote from a Ray Romano book). I’ve been getting the same run-around since early May. Not only that, but they talk to me as if I’m a 5 year old. I may be poor, but I’m not stupid. This company is a million times worse than AT&T. I don’t understand how the FCA lets this company exist.

  14. Mary Beth Wilkey says

    I LOVE this company. I got my Lifelink phone a month ago from a community instant walk-up & get your phone immediately booth. It took only 15 minutes,…they digitally photographed my documents, programmed the phone and sent me off with a wonderful Samsung model that was programmed on the Verizon network. I have EXCELLENT reception and unlimited internet access. Customer service and tech support is IMMEDIATE and effortless,…if you just go to their website. I’ve had a ton of cell phones that I paid big money for,…and spent almost $600 a month to be a Verizon customer in the past. I’ve NEVER gotten better or faster response to any inquiry or problem I’ve had with a cell phone. I hope everyone is able to get a phone like mine from this company. I find their service to be absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  15. rachelwonderly says

    my name is rachel wonderly i would like to get a free cell phone with more minutes you are a good wireless company i am in fremont ,ohio 43420

  16. paul G says

    All I wanna know is this. Has anyone else been told they get 250 minutes per month? Then when you check your balance on the first there is only 150 minutes added? Or Rip off scenereo 2. Anyone ever pay for more minutes and 2 or 3 days later like half of those minutes are gone though you only used like 10 or 15 minutes? I specifically wanna know if anyone has had a problem with them stealing your minutes/money. Depending on how many yes answers I get I will let you know how to get your money back.

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