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  1. Dan says

    I applied over two months ago, and I still have not received a phone. I uploaded my proof to the ReachOut website, and everything was good to go. I checked the status the next day, and my order was cancelled. Long story short, I spent two months contacting customer service over the phone and through instant message chats. My application was submitted four times to four different people at ReachOut. I emailed my proof and ID to them five times in total, and every time I was told the application and proof was submitted, everything looks good, and please check the status in five to seven days. Every time I check the status, it is cancelled again. I’m told I need to re-send my proof and ID. These people are either the most ignorant, jacked-up people on the planet, or this is a scam. I’m thinking both. I spoke with someone at Safelink today, and they said I’ll get a phone from them in 4 to 7 days. I hope Safelink respects their customers more than ReachOut. My advice is AVOID REACHOUT AT ALL COSTS!

  2. terry Collins says

    I have been trying to get a free government cell phone from Reach out wireless since April 1,2014. I sent in my information on four different occasions and have waited on the phone for more times than i can count sometimes for an hour. i get someone and i am transferred which takes more time. I have personally spoken to 12 different people and told several times that my information was not received or they can’t see my face or read my card or whatever. I have applied for so many jobs on line and now i have no contact number because of this miss managed program for a free phone government, I think that this is so ridiculous to put anyone through this train wreck. I now have no phone to make return calls to all the jobs that i have applied for. I have no way of finding out how is interested in my services at this time. What a joke! I still don’t have a phone!

  3. tomecia says

    I have been a reach out wireless customer for 4yrs now an I have no complaints other that the data speed could be a lot faster. Other than that I love reach out wireless!!!!

  4. Valerie Bachelier says

    The storefront where I got my phone is no longer in business, the website contains a message that there is a problem with the security certificate. How the heck are we supposed to purchase additional minutes if we run out? This is an Obama phone, and just like him, it sucks.

    • Linda Angelo says

      I have a samsung government phone, free minutes. how on earth do you get to someone of the safelike whatever that can help me get a bigger phone, I cant see the numbers. tx for any ideas. If i sound grouchy, its because i have been dealing with ATT for months and now even though I pay my bill on time, I have no darn phone.

  5. cashmoney says

    I would avoid this company at all cost. They make it so challenging to contact them. There website is useless unless you are giving them money. Do yourself a favor& find a more respectful company. If I have to say something positive is there cellphones are through Verizon.

  6. Julie W says

    I have been attempting to complete my enrollment for over 3 weeks now. I sent in my proof of government assistance and the application and they were accepted right away. They said to wait 24-48 hours to complete enrollment. I call 2 days later and am told again to wait 24-48 hours. Every time I call I have been told to wait anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. This is getting ridiculous! I have now been on hold for over 90 minutes (starting at #25 in line on hold and currently at #9) to speak with someone. Yesterday I was finally told that today was the today, that my enrollment process had finally been complete and I could order my new phone today. The online chat rep said it would be another 3-5 days and I told her that was not acceptable. I am without a cell phone and do not feel safe being without one as a disabled woman.

  7. shaymane says

    I send my public assist information out on JUNE 28 2014 I have not receive my phone yet please send me a letter to my house and let me know what going on. I will wait couples more days I will write n call

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