Who’s More Popular – Assurance Wireless, Safelink, or ReachOut Wireless?

Last month, we examined the subscriber growth rates of the big three free government cell phone vendors by looking at their Lifeline revenues. It showed that Safelink Wireless had almost double the subscriber count of its closest competitor, Assurance Wireless. Safelink had an estimated 3,774,109 subscribers, and Assurance had an estimated 1,837,700 subscribers. In third place was ReachOut Wireless with 741,618 subscribers.

Yes, those numbers clearly establish who the current leader is, in terms of subcribers. But the article also showed that Safelink is growing considerably slower than the others. We wanted to follow up on this discovery by looking at some other recent data which shows the current interest levels in each company. To do this, we’ll look at page views on our site, and search traffic in Google.

As you can see in the column on the left, we have a page on our site dedicated to each of these three main vendors. An analytical reporting tool we use shows that 39% of visits to these three pages are for the Assurance Wireless page, 31% are for ReachOut Wireless and 30% for Safelink Wireless. So while Safelink has about double the number of subscribers as Assurance, and about quadruple the number of subscribers as ReachOut, they have the lowest interest level on the site.

We also took a look at the number of Google searches that people make for the company names each month, by using what’s called the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It turns out that Assurance Wireless is the clear winner here too. People searched “assurance wireless” an astounding 74,000 times in the most recent month, while “safelink wireless” was searched 18,000, and “reachout wireless” was searched 4,400 times. Safelink managed to beat out third place ReachOut, but is dwarfed by the huge number of Assurance Wireless searches.

All this further confirms that Assurance Wireless is the company to watch ln the Lifeline mobile phone market.


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  1. Shawna Doran says

    *Ron77 I don’t know that you’ll ever see this, but bravo for your response to all the pointless/venomous spew that has been being thrown!!! And, I salute you sir as a gentleman and a soldier….I am a military brat myself and “the soldier lifestyle” affects the families as well as the vets themselves. Some civilians may unfortunately never know the true sacrifices of soldier and family but never forget there are those who do…and will EVER be grateful! :) God bless America!

  2. John Beck says

    l used Safelink once before and it was good with roll-over but now l am waiting and waiting for the
    reactivation to my phone. l wished l had went another way.

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