Who’s More Popular – Assurance Wireless, Safelink, or ReachOut Wireless?

Last month, we examined the subscriber growth rates of the big three free government cell phone vendors by looking at their Lifeline revenues. It showed that Safelink Wireless had almost double the subscriber count of its closest competitor, Assurance Wireless. Safelink had an estimated 3,774,109 subscribers, and Assurance had an estimated 1,837,700 subscribers. In third place was ReachOut Wireless with 741,618 subscribers.

Yes, those numbers clearly establish who the current leader is, in terms of subcribers. But the article also showed that Safelink is growing considerably slower than the others. We wanted to follow up on this discovery by looking at some other recent data which shows the current interest levels in each company. To do this, we’ll look at page views on our site, and search traffic in Google.

As you can see in the column on the left, we have a page on our site dedicated to each of these three main vendors. An analytical reporting tool we use shows that 39% of visits to these three pages are for the Assurance Wireless page, 31% are for ReachOut Wireless and 30% for Safelink Wireless. So while Safelink has about double the number of subscribers as Assurance, and about quadruple the number of subscribers as ReachOut, they have the lowest interest level on the site.

We also took a look at the number of Google searches that people make for the company names each month, by using what’s called the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It turns out that Assurance Wireless is the clear winner here too. People searched “assurance wireless” an astounding 74,000 times in the most recent month, while “safelink wireless” was searched 18,000, and “reachout wireless” was searched 4,400 times. Safelink managed to beat out third place ReachOut, but is dwarfed by the huge number of Assurance Wireless searches.

All this further confirms that Assurance Wireless is the company to watch ln the Lifeline mobile phone market.


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  1. John Beck says

    l used Safelink once before and it was good with roll-over but now l am waiting and waiting for the
    reactivation to my phone. l wished l had went another way.

  2. Shawna Doran says

    *Ron77 I don’t know that you’ll ever see this, but bravo for your response to all the pointless/venomous spew that has been being thrown!!! And, I salute you sir as a gentleman and a soldier….I am a military brat myself and “the soldier lifestyle” affects the families as well as the vets themselves. Some civilians may unfortunately never know the true sacrifices of soldier and family but never forget there are those who do…and will EVER be grateful! :) God bless America!

  3. Ron77 says

    I hear all of these people complain about paying for other people and calling them freeloaders i feel embarrassed to be an american. What do you call your fellow americans that fought for your freedoms and lost a limb or two like myself and have no choice but to take part in these programs because our government for some reason can’t provide for me or my family. If I am a freeloader then you are all cowards let’s make a deal i’ll provide my own way and you suit up and go to war and let’s see how you feel when the shoe is on the other foot that’s if you have them when you return home. I think i’ve earned a free ride.

  4. Tony says

    I ordered an Assurance phone and it has been a month and all their website says is that it has been activated so i called them yesterday and the service rep wouldn’t give me a straight answer where my phone was but I was told to wait at least another 7-10 days and call again if I didn’t get it. I asked how long it takes to mail it to me and he said 7-10 days!! I really think they have not even mailed it yet.

    I also have discovered that Virgin mobile (AKA Assurance Wireless) has only about half the coverage area of Safelink (AKA Tracfone) and that is according to their own coverage maps.
    Also found out from a friend who has the Assurance phone that if you go outside one of their areas you cannot ‘roam’ because Virgin does not offering roaming. Your phone is just dead.

    I am already very sorry I did not go with Safelink because they have huge coverage and you can ‘roam’ without penalty. I am already looking how to get rid of Assurance.

  5. Holly says

    My, also disabled, neighbor has safe link they get a few more texts than I do each month but are not offered Internet access (data). We live in Oregon. Hope this helps someone in making a decision.

  6. Holly says

    I have assurance wireless (Kyocera jax). I get 250 texts & 250 anytime minutes put on my phone on the first of every month. The reason I chose assurance is because they offer for $20, unlimited talk, text and web access in my area! For another $20 (one time charge) you can order a virgin mobile paylo phone which is not an iPhone or smartphone but does have a bigger screen (Kyocera brio) to see web pages more clearly.

  7. Sarah says

    Safelink 250 mins/1000 text free each month
    Assurance Wireless 250 mins/ 250 free texts.

    I would say it depends how much one texts.

  8. Samuel David says

    Assurance Wireless, and Safe Link Wireless, Both are Providing Same Service.. but I am Sure Which one more better. So Please let me know.. which one I should Take…Sam

    • cindy says

      Safe link is better because it gives you a total of 1250 text free a month and 250 talk time.
      They state 250 text but they only charge you.20 a text thats way more than assurance which is 1.00 a text so ya only get 250 text total Plus i have never had trouble with my safelink phone

  9. tony says

    The worst has got to be reachout wireless they sent me a free phone that didnt work wouldnt even turn on after charging but with the phone they had a paper with bunch of phones that you could purchase from them lol kinda think thats why they gave me a broke phone…. I got safelink and the phone service is great but the phone is kinda cheap but its free so who cares.

  10. Dave says

    Why in world do you expect me to pay for a phone for you? This agenda to make people think they are owed a fair share is crude. You are owed a chance to work for your fair chance to make it on your own and that is it. There are those that through no fault of there own are unable to work but they are a fraction of those after the frrebees like free phones provided by politicians to get your vote. I lost my job thanks to 4 years of government going after business. When will they learn business is not some creature. A business is made of people and investors. Yes even big oil is not a creature. The companies that are made up of people. Whoyates hurt when the Gov. goes after them? That’s right it is the people working for them, investors risking their own money ( including big and small union pension plans), and consumers buying their goods. A tax on a buiness just another tax on us. We pay that added tax when the companies pass it on to us. I have worked my butt off for over 30 years and not once have I thought anyone owed me Anything. Did you know that big oil has one of the smallest profit margins? ( no I did not work oil companies) But gov. Wants to after them and Wallmart because they can blame them. Why not go after the IT guys like Apple who have much higher profit margins?
    Enough with all the blame game and belief that you are some how owed something from someone else. if you can’t afford a cll phone then you won’t have one. The only exception should be a phone for a medical reason!

    • RN-worksforaliving says

      “Ask not what this country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” President John F. Kennedy -a democrat that believed in opportunity for all -not free stuff for freeloaders.

      • deb a. says

        @dave … you shouldn’t take others personal inventory. You pretty much have to have a disability or some great hardship to get a free phone. for some people at a critical time in their lives it may be their only option… of course, what you say is also valid to get the votes. but then again this past election was dismal in the voting turnout. i guess everybody is fed up. just tired of all the b.s.

  11. Deb A. says

    I’ve had only good experiences with safelink / Samsung tracphone. Right now they offered me via text — if I needed to buy 60 min. more, then they’d give me 200 total. 250 per month isn’t much but i don’t use them all and they roll over which is why i chose that plan — Never a problem with re-certifying. You can choose from 2 other plans, 450 min. with no rollover (i think was one other). Attractive in the Assurance plan is the internet availability. If anybody can share their experience, it would be most helpful.

  12. rita says

    You all act like people living under hardship conditions are getting smart phones or iphones. We are getting phones about as useful as a pile of trash — phones like Kyocera Jax from Assurance wireless that you cannot hear a spoken word; cannot get an answer as to why they are providing 250 free minutes and a free phone that doesn’t even work. For all of you who think it is so great to be on medical disability and get a free phone that doesn’t work, maybe you’d like to trade places. Instead begrudging you should be grateful it is NOT YOU that is impoverished enough to qualify for this program

  13. tara says

    I had Safelink first. Then I, for some reason, decided to try out assurance wireless. It’s awful. I’m trying to get back to Safelink. I’m rarely ever able to make a call or send a text with Assurance. I believe this is due, in part, to the fact that the Sprint towers in our area are extremely limited. Sprint doesn’t offer such hot coverage in our area but i do LOVE Sprint which is probably why I decided to opt for Assurance. Customer Service is terrible in both companies. See what happens when we move our jobs and call centers overseas??? Thank Clinton for that one. Anyway, Safelink is my personal preference because I’ve never had a problem making and receiving calls or texts.

  14. WISE OLD OWL says


  15. ereck says

    Dear Rich,

    Perhaps you need a spelling lesson at the very least (“OHONE”) LOOSER! Do you really have nothing better to do than attack those that are less fortunate than yourself. What a pompous ass you do appear to be.

    • RN-worksforaliving says

      “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” President John F. Kennedy.

      Rich, you know what you can do for your country-stop making excuses for freeloaders.

      Sincerely, A nurse that has worked at least two jobs for the last 40 years and will never see a penny of the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars I have paid social security and medicare. Yet everyday I see freeloaders that I give care too that have; no hospital bill after giving birth to 8 out of wedlock babies; that I am feeding with WICC, and food stamps, and paying their section 8 housing, and heating bills; that have free childcare for their 8 children; and call me at the nurse’s station (0N THEIR FREE CELL PHONE) to come to their hospital room and then treat me like “the hired help” while they are yelling at their children in the room “shut the F***ing up ya litta F***heads”. Do I sound bitter-no-alarmed by the lack of respect of themselves, their own children and for the people (nurses/doctors) providing their care. They tell me (not ask) “do your job” when I see them defecate on the floor, inches away from the toilet and they smile and walk away. Free stuff does not SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF SOCIETY. You can only kick a dog so many times before they bite back- and this nurse is tired of this freeloading society sucking the blood out of this country.

        • Daisy says


  16. Corie says

    I’m not surprised to hear that Assurance has more Google searches, at least in the Spokane, Washington area. On network TV, I have seen many ads for Assurance and none for Safelink. And when local news has mentioned the free cell phones, so far I’ve heard them mention only the Assurance plan being available. I contacted one local network and told them there were 2 companies that offered this program in our area. For some reason, they kept on mentioning only Assurance. Perhaps it had something to do with only Assurance buying ads on their network?

  17. Marrilynn Sharpe Lockett says

    Dear Customer Care Manager:
    I di not receive my 250 minutes for themonth of august on 28 July. My account cannot be located; however, I am sure that I do not know my pin number but I did receive s telephone from your company and now I can’t use it. I still am a recipient of Food Stamps. I was told when I tried to reverify that I was verified.
    I cannot use my telephone because I have no minutes assigned to it. Will you help me. My telephone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you. I pray you willl be able to help me with this.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      It is not a good practice to post your phone number on public web site pages. I have redacted it in your comment.

      You’ll need to call your vendor.

  18. Carol says

    I’m been on my son’s Verizon plan for years, but now he has married and needs to save money so I will no longer be on his plan. I cannot afford a plan on my own, so I’m interested it these plans since I am of low income and on PAAD and HEAP. My children and grandchildren text…words and photos…and leave voice mails…that’s the only world they know! Is there a plan that includes more of these things other than actual talking time? And what if I already have a phone?