Customer Shows off his Assurance Wireless LG200 Camera Phone

Assurance Wireless is the fastest growing government cell phone vendor, and perhaps issuing quality phones is one of the reasons. Here’s a video recently posted to Youtube by an Assurance Wireless customer, who is showing off the LG 200 Camera phone he just received from them.

As you can see, it’s a beautiful, modern phone. With a full QWERTY keyboard, the LG200 makes it easy to send text and picture messages, email, and IM. This phone also features a camera, Bluetooth, and Mobile Web (which you won’t be able to use in the free Lifeline program). And of course it runs on the Sprint/Nextel’s Virgin Wireless.

Don’t get too excited about the built-in camera though; while PC Magazine liked the phone for a low-end phone, here’s what they said in last month’s review of it: “The VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera is as worthless now as it was in 2004 when they first began appearing on cell phones. Amusingly, Virgin Mobile trumpets this as a “high-resolution” camera, when in fact it is the absolute lowest resolution cell phone camera ever sold in any volume.”

Anyone who groaned after reading about the camera, shame on you. Don’t forget, this is a free phone you’ll receive, compliments of other Americans.

We do have one suggestion though: the reviewer needs to quit smoking those nasty death sticks so he can rid himself of that hacking cough before his next video.

Take a look at the Assurance Wireless plans to see if you might want to add a few dollars to upgrade your minutes and texting volume.


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  1. Marilyn Matson says

    I am in a assisted living and need a phone and have no money would you please help me with a free phone,minutes, texts, and camera I would very much appreciate it. I like the samsung phones but would take what ever you have.

  2. Matthew robnett says

    I am trying to find a store in oceanside, CA where I can get a touch screen assurance wireless phone please email me with a few address and phone numbers for around here please and thank you

  3. Deloris Jones says

    I have the old phone with no camera on it but would like to upgrade to the LG200 Camera Phone because my son will be going in middle this year something for emergency for himself I would gratefully appreciated Thank You.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We are just an informational website (although we are, admittedly, the nation’s leading source of information on the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone program). That being said, we cannot send you a new cell phone. You must contact your provider and ask them how to proceed.

  4. Pamela Golgart says

    The LG 200 has keys so small they are barely visible…..difficult to use for someone with poor eyesight or arthritis. Assurance needs to offer an Android phone for their customers..much easier to use…

  5. Jane Whitehead says

    can I please HV the new lg 200 free govt phone. pls send me an application I was approved for assurance wireless the old phone.pls email me back. How do I get this free Obama phone.

  6. Pamela Golgart says

    I paid for a phone upgrade but I am not able to use the phone sent to me due to the buttons being so small. My eyesight is poor and I have arthritis in my hands which is a problem with such small buttons.
    I would like to transfer the amount I paid for the phone I have to a smart phone (android). Please instruct me on how to go about choosing a new phone etc.

  7. Jane Whitehead says

    Can you please send me the free lg 200 s camera phone. I HV the old kind and I’m almost 53 and its to hard to text. I would really appreciate it. I was approved about 6-8 months ago and was sent the old phone. They used my snap fs card and I was approved right away.

  8. lisa dethloff says

    I was just wondering if I could update my government assurance cell phone for one like this please I want this type. I don’t like the one that I have now please

  9. THEODORE says

    I am on medi cal and qualify for free cell
    where on oceanside, ca 92057
    can i walk in and pick one up
    i have documentation

    thank you

  10. Cynthia Stillson says

    I switched from Assurance to Safelink because I could upgrade to a Tracfone if I wanted to. It’s very easy to switch, then you can buy an upgraded phone or even a smart phone or Android if you want and it is VERY easy to keep your phone number by calling Safelink. On Tracfone’s website, they list all of their phones and which ones are and are not compatable with Safelink, so it’s unbelievably easy!

  11. Sandra Farley says

    I received a lg government phone that quit working, says initial programing needed, they sent another phone, I do not like and it doesnt work correctly! I gave up my home lifeline phone for this serice! Please help me get my lg government phone back,

  12. Arthur Hansen says

    I am currently enrolled in the asurance program, and would like to upgrade my phone to a newer model possibly a Sprint QUALCOMM 3G CDMA, as an associate of mine newly enrolled recieved. I would like to keep my phone # and continue on with my plan as scheduled without any loss of service, in other words I would like to trade my current phone for a newer model.

    • Cynthia Stillson says

      You can, but you will have to pay somebody to “flash” the phone you buy so it will work with Assurance. Switch to Safelink. You can buy a tracfone at Walmart and switch your number and everything to it and it’s real easy. But go to Tracfone’s website and check which phones are Safelink compatable.

  13. Angie says

    my husband has an assurance plan how can he upgrade his phone not his plan? I add minutes to his phone every month I just want to get him a better phone.

  14. Earline Curtis says

    Where is the application to order the phone from assurance wireless can someome help me please

  15. Candace Franco says

    I would like a assurance wireless camera phone ASAP.If the free phone isn’t as good as one I could buy,please send me a photo of assurance camera phones, Thank you! Candace Franco

  16. Felice says

    Some of you people make me sick!!!!!!!!!! You bitch about the quality and amenitys of a FREE PHONE! What the hell do you want. If you want a cool phone go get a good job and buy one or stop bitching!!!!!! You get a cheap (yes) phone that works very well to make and receive calls. Thats about it. You dont get a fancy camera or free txt msging but u get a decent phone for free. If you dont like it go break out your wallet and buy one like the rest of the world or be happy you even have a phone. FREE is FREE!!!!!!!!!!! you people that bitch I would like to put under a bridge with nothing and see how much you would appreciate any help. Stop being a lazy good for nothing and buy what you want and shut up!!

    Sorry not all of us have such a good fortune to be spoiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heather says

      You must not have anything better to do with your life to sit and type hateful comments to people you don’t even know! Who do you think you are talking to people like that?
      Last I checked that was GOD’S job!

      • melanie says

        heather, i can’t believe all the ppl on here that are ,i guess, here to judge all these “spoiled” ppl who want a phone. what business is it of their’s? i was glad to see your response!

    • Angie says

      My husband would love to go out and work however due to medical reasons he will never be able to hold down a job, Surgery after surgery will prevent him from working. As I have a brain tumor we really do not know how long I have here And I just would like an upgrade for which I am willing to pay for. I pay for any extra minutes he gets & I am grateful for what we do have. Please understand not all of us on disability are abusing the system, we are simply receiving what we paid into. Just like anyone who has ever held a job and has taxes taken out. We do not wish to be sick we really would like to well, to be able to have nice things and money in the bank however due to misfortune we are both physically unwell. If this puts you out remember and be grateful for your health, we all are so fortunate.

    • c says

      but that’s where you’re wrong, we can use the free service on nicer phones, they’re using this message board to help one another out with info, and what’s the big deal?

      Mind your own business

  17. Patty says

    my mother-in-law recently received this phone thru the assurance program, so, yes they are free, but you cannot request one. If you are willing or can afford to pay a small amount you can request certain models. Go to the website and you will find a lot of information to many of these questions posted on here. There are several companies as part of this program.,, and I believe a couple more recently added. But this is a start.

  18. lisa says

    I wanted a fone for my daughter,shez in high school coz I cant even afford for my self..i applied assurance selected,received a phone,but the phone is so cheap like a daughter refused to use it and she dont wanna take it to school,coz friends will make fun of it :( how can ichange or exchange the fone…or I have to buy her a nee virgin mobil fone? which I cant afford…
    someone plz reply…

      • Heather says

        Jeez Krissy why are you even on this website? Just to bash people who need phones? Why do you even care? Get a life!!

        • melanie says

          tell her heather! though i do think that woman ought to take the phone away from her daughter, if she doesn’t like it. it does seem that miss krissy is here to judge us, it must be GOD’S day off!

        • JackTheRipper says

          No, Heather and Melanie,
          Not that she is JUDGING anyone. People that can afford contract phones pay for US to be able to have some type of service because we can’t afford it. Be glad you can get a phone and have someone else be paying for it. Where do you think ther Govt gets the money to subsidize our phones, out of thin air ? Shut up, sit down, and be greateful we can even GET this service !

  19. Renee Matson says

    i have been trying to get a camara phone and been unable to find them here in houston texas i saw the video about the lg 200 virgin mobil camara phone that can be used with assurance wireless phones please tell me exactly where i can purchase the camara phones or can i get it through you all assurance wireless please help me with this request asap thanks

    • KRISSY says

      if you are poor, why are you expecting to GET A CAMERA PHONE??
      why do you need one?? is it essential?? ASSURANCE, LIFELINE IS WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK?? HMMMM, “LIFELINE”. what does this tell you. DOES IT SAY SOCIAL PHONE?? SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOL??

      • Heather says

        Um Krissy she asked where she could PURCHASE one! Did you miss that seems to me you need to get off your ass instead of sitting around commenting on these people!!! Just saying! Who do you think you are? You have no clue about any of these people and what their situations are!

      • melanie says

        have you thought about needing a camera if there was a car accident or something? and why is it any skin off your butt if some poor person would like to have a damn camera on their phone?! people who have an attitude like you do, towards the less fortunate, often end up less fortunate. it’s called karma. and until you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, do not judge why they may not be working. i guess you’d feel pretty shitty if you were talking to someone who’d lost a limb, or had cancer, wouldn’t you? so unless you know, for a fact, that someone is just “sittin’ on their ass”, STFU!

  20. cheryl metcalf says

    i have a goverment cell phone with the number 3122138017 the front of the phone has a crack across the face is it possible to replace this phone? i have also relocated to another state. my new adddres is 102 dublin rd so. thomaston maine 04858. (i am not sure if it is an assurance or safelink in the move i have not seen my paper work sorry)

    thank you

    cheryl metcalf

    • Jason Larson says

      just call assurance wireless to get a replacement free same thing happened to me but the inside of the screen was cracked they sent me a new one.

  21. Rosemary Shackleford says

    I Would Like One Of These Phone’s .My Address Is 262 Oak Grove Dr,Jacksonville,AR .72076. I’m On Foodstamp.Need One For The Home. Thanks,Rosemary Shackleford

  22. says

    actually this model is only available in like 3 or 4 states and its NOT free. its 30 bucks. You can buy it (only if you live in one of these states), or choose the shit for a phone Jax for free (I have it). Though the free phone gets virtually no signal, I am extremely grateful for this service as my fiance and i have fallen on some desperate times, and are actually now sharing this phone as our only means of communication.
    SHAME on those people who sneer at these services and the people who desperately need them. They are only flick of Gods finger away from losing everything they have and needing these services too. I understand being upset as a taxpayer and paying for services you don’t qualify for. But until you’ve been on the receiving end of these tax funded services, you really don’t know what it’s like to need them. And how essential they are.

      • KRISSY says

        ashley i like you,and you really rule. i just want you to know this if you ever read my reply to what you wrote. i suppose you read my angst ridden/riddled reply to the chick that commented above. i am sorry about this,but it just makes me angry at times to just read about, and view on the news as well how people EXPECT FREE THINGS whether insurance, money, food, clothing,etc from others. whether these others are the government, or charities, etc.., it still is so obvious that they are just EXPECTING IT AS IF ENTITLED.
        it is wrong. i am so not happy being unable to work. i am not at all a person who feels sorry for herself either. i just was raised to work hard,and that is what i have done my entire life even when i was very ill. I would lose jobs,and ALWAYS GET ANOTHER ONE RIGHT AWAY though. I am so blessed to have God with me,for yes, we all can have Him,but well..He enabled me to be employed where i was at in the past. the non-profit organizations were crooked in MANY SICKENING ways,but the people, well..just to touch lives, it ruled.
        just to go to the workshop i managed,and get my hugs,and hang out with when i had breaks, the people who had to attend it daily was such a gift.
        anyways, i am just so worked up about this. i want to work again,and about 6 mths ago my one doc stated something along these lines…krissy, you are not going to be normal(my insides, and my disease) for many, many, many, many years,but it is possible. i thought, “hmmm, okay, well you could have stated it is going to be a rewarding situation,or something..haha..but okay”. then my other doc stated just recently that i am very,very “disabled”. not even one week ago i had to evade this doc,and another med professional,for they were in ka-hoots with one another in regards to me needing extra medical attention within the walls of a “posh,and upscale hospital”.. what is funny is that i cannot afford a hospital , let alone a “posh,and upscale” one. it would have been a huge bill,but well, if not, medicaid,for i do get this temporarily now until either i am better,or again, for the second time, i get disability. i am sure i will be approved,for it is a disease that i have forever, BUT I NEVER WILL STAY SICK. I GET BETTER,AND IT KIND OF IN A SENSE THEN GOES DORMANT WITHIN ME. it is always gonna be around,but well, if the correct medications are taken for it once it is not all screwing me up,and debilitating me, then WORK IT SHALL BE YAYYY…

        i respect you pls know this. i am not proud of having to receive help. i still have this issue,and sin, pride. always will possess it. not stating you do at all. i just really do get down on myself about being on assistance,and having to now hold a food card,and even am too sick to go shopping alone without my mother. i feel people deserve it more, and are ignored, or are turned down for it,and other benefits,for so many are taking advantage.
        i also know though that i did put in,and I AM SO SO GRATEFUL. I MEAN, no, i am not fond of our governments um, lets say, beliefs,and decisions that its made on many things,butttttt, they have HELPED ME. without my insurance i would probably be dead. i mean literally , DEAD.
        i take so many medications,and my one doctor is covered through medicaid,and i would say better than the 160 dollar a visit one that my poor family is billed for. he is a family friend. he is basically doing this for free. also i see a sliding scale person who is president on a medical board here in michigan,and also writes for three magazines. just was so blessed by the Lord,for 40 dollars a visit,and a Christian..she RULES.
        the 40 dollars is also, “billed”, for there is no way i can afford it. there are true hearts out there.

        i just know that without this phone i would be screwed,for i need one to just get in the public. i also need one when i am out at appointments, for emergencies, for appointment making, to keep in touch with my doctors,and other medical professionals that i see, call my atty, etc.
        i also use it for my mentor from my church. she has the number,and calls me to check in. i can call her 24/7 if needed,and she also calls each friday when on her way to visit for out now, Acts Bible Study.

        i am not being a judgmental person in a sense that im not going by facts. i have just read, seen, heard,etc too many people undeserving, and lazy that expect,and receive free things. its just so wrong.
        meanwhile we have our elderly freezing to death even in their own homes in the winter time due to heat being shut off,and nobody realizing till its well, too late. i remember a story like that in the not too recent past…sick.
        meanwhile we have people freezing to death in the old train station in detroit, etc as well. now, i am not stating that all homeless people as well deserve help,for i was there too,and well, it was when i was a kid,but still. i saw people who loved the life,and wouldnt have it any other way,and would love to get their ssi checks each month to buy drugs,while others just loved the life. then there were the struggling ones that were hating it,and wanted out. just NEEDED THAT BREAK,and that CHANCE. received a bad hand,and well, just kept getting worse,,and worse cards as the days,mths,and then years passed. some dead,and well, id say all still on the streets that are not.
        the ones dead, addicted, and well, sure, people sneer at those people too as theyre looked upon as…”those people”,but addicted and young…different.
        -R.I.P. Joseph William Smith….I should have been there for you.I love you.

        • melanie says

          wow, what a lecture! and why did you feel the need to tell your life story! you can bet no one read all that crap you wrote. i bet you’re a hoot to be around!

          • melanie says

            now i have scrolled through all these letters, i realize that you’re the one with this LONG ass SOB STORY about your life, and then you sat here and jumped on everyone else’s letters! what the hell is wrong with you? now i know why you’re on here, commenting, cause you’ve probably got no one in your life, you’re really kind of pathetic.

        • Liz says

          Don’t feel bad, if you need a phone you need a phone.
          Just take a long look at congress who get everything from the government for free! Cars, gas, entertainment credit card and raises every month, even though the country is in debt. And the money and perks that they get is out of control, most of them are millionaires and use the government to puff up their rich chest and they gladly accept anything that is free from the government . They are the biggest recipients of government handouts.
          So the little free phone that you get, is nothing compared to the every growing list of free perks and entitlement that congress gets, even when they’re not working.

  23. L says

    I dont want to put all my info right here but i am trying to find the application and it keeps going back to the same pages, and still no application. Thanks

  24. stephanie says

    i have no phone and wouuld like one my address is 1115 division st port huron mi 48060 plzzzzz send me a phone i have babies and no phone