Free Cell Phones in Michigan from the Government

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been described as “ten months of winter and two months of poor sledding.” But when it comes to looking for a job these days, Michigan residents face twelve months of poor sledding.

Manufacturing has always been huge in the Wolverine state. It accounts for more than 30% of the state’s economy. Of course, the auto industry is the state’s biggest industry and it has faced major problems in recent years. As a result, the cities of Detroit, Dearborn, Flint, Pontiac and Lansing have been devastated.

The state has tried to diversify by attracting more high-tech industries, but the effort is going more slowly than leaders had hoped.

Until the economy turns around, at least the Lifeline phone service program is here to help Michigan residents with free government cell phones.

Michigan is lucky in that it has all the big players from which to choose a free government cell phone. These four companies all offer close to the same thing, as they must work within the guidelines of the federal government’s Lifeline program.

Free Cell Phone Providers in Michigan:

Here’s a list of all the Lifeline Assistance free government cell phones in Michigan. They all offer different plans with different numbers of minutes, different refill options, and serve different geographic areas. So click through them all and find the plan that’s best for you.

Lifeline Discount Companies in Michigan

If you qualify for Lifeline Assistance, but you find that none of the companies offer free government cell phones where you live, you have another option. The companies below, while not offering free cell phone plans, do offer substantial Lifeline discounts off their regular mobile phone plans in Michigan:

How to Qualify for a free or discounted cell phone and service in Michigan:

You are eligible if you receive benefits from any of these programs in Michigan:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance / Section 8
  • Food Stamps
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • National School Lunch (free program only)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Medicaid
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

You may also qualify if your Total Household Income is at or under 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and we have constructed a table to be able to see those calculated income levels:

Income Based Eligibility for Michigan
Members in Household Annual income Monthly Income
1 member $17,655 $1,471
2 members $23,895 $1,991
3 members $30,135 $2,511
4 members $36,200 $3,017
5 members $42,615 $3,551
6 members $49,855 $4,155
7 members $55,095 $4,591
8 members $61,335 $5,111
For each additional member add $4,160 annual or $347 monthy

Latest News for Michigan:

Business booming at TAG Mobile: Company offers free government cell phones in six new states - Tag Mobile is now offering free government cell phones to in six more states (Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin).
New in Michigan: Free government cell phone company has special offer for Medicaid enrollees - Assurance Wireless has teamed up in Michigan with OmniCare Health Plan to offer unlimited calls to their healthcare providers.

If you have any other questions, please refer to the links in the sidebar.


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  1. Sara says

    i already have a safelink phone i have had it for years and they cancelled it they said i have applied for another phone but wont or cant tell me who how do i fine out who i supposedly applied with so i can cancel it and get back to safelink

  2. Walter Peltier says

    I was told that my social security does not count as income for a phone, without it my income is about $12,500 in line 12 of my income tax. With my and my wives social security we above the poverty guidelines. Would I qualify?

  3. Lisa Rudnik says

    I need a cell phone to get ahold of my family when I leave so they know where I am and I am safe. Also, because I am applying to jobs. I need a phone for them to contact me.

  4. Beth says

    Hi, I am Miss Beth Keck and I am problem with my hearing impaired.

    I don’t have any government cellphone free and I like the cellphone with touchscreen that easy to reads because of my eyes able reads well than small cellphones! If I were had one with a small cellphone as I shall not like it.!!!

  5. Cindy Sanders says

    My sister has a free Assurance Phone . She has to re-register yearly. Every time she tries to the recording says she is not using an assurance phone. But she is! It also tells her to use another assurance ph. She is getting close to loosing her service. What can she do?

  6. casimo Bongiorno says

    I’m currently on SSI I have all phone already through ReachOut wireless but it just got shut off and I was wondering if I could set up a plan through a company to get a phone company that will support me in a decent price I’m really on a low budget SSI and food stamps and Medicaid I’m disabled can you please contact me back thank you.

  7. David Sayles says

    My parents both work and I still live with them but I am independent of one for myself and I work at target part time 20 to 25 hours a week. I was wondering if could qualify free Obama phone for work but already own a phone is that a problem I need to. Could you please respond within the next 1- 2 business days that would be great

  8. Mechelle says

    My grandfather wants to know what does he have to do in order to qualify/ apply to recieve a government phone. How can we go about getting it for him?

    • says

      You merely have to read the article on this page and follow the links to the various companies that can give him a phone.

  9. cindy says

    My charger broke within 24 hours, battery is invalid, n a borrowed charger is an unauthorized charger.. I got it in Kalamazoo Michigan .. Medicaid was billed. I have 2 months of time on it. Its a Motorola.. Please help. It does not work at all.

  10. js says

    How can both me and my spouse each get a phone? I would like to be able to contact him when I am not at home. Many of these lifeline programs say it is about being able to stay connected to friends and family- well I MOST need to be able to contact the person I live with- for many many different things- be able to contact each other if we are each running different errands and need to meet, be able to let him know what’s happened if I get a flat tire or injury, etc. Are there ANY lifeline programs that allow us each to have a phone? Am I stuck for the rest of my life with only one of us having a phone? We have extremely low income and qualify for a LIfeline phone- but how can we be able to get a second phone? We need it to be free, but it would even possibly someday be doable to pay for a second phone if they ever make a phone that is 5$ a month for even just 200 minutes. But LIfeline says you cannot have any second phone. This is ridiculous- is there any help out there?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You can only one phone per household.

      “Am I stuck for the rest of my life with only one of us having a phone?” We think it’s very generous of the government to make even one phone available to a family.

  11. Salvatore says

    I recently became homeless and just applied for assistance. Where do I go to get free government phone somewhere in macomb county Michigan

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We don’t know where any physical locations are, just contact the companies through the internet of by phone.

  12. Lovie Hooks says

    I am the legal guardian of my sister who is in a nursing home and is a Medicare, Medicaid recipient. How do I apply for her to receive a free cellphone

  13. david says

    i work in a phone store and see people getting 4 or 5 phones a month.or more…its a program that started out good and has gone to heck… most people dont use these phones for anything but a social network….not what the program is about. just a goverment program that failed…

  14. Laura Jackson says

    My sister was laid off and her unemployment has run out. She does not currently receive food stamps (bridge card) or public assistance. Her cell phone has been shut off but she can not look for a job with no telephone number. Does she qualify?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You’ve got 13 providers in Michigan, if that is in fact where you reside. They are all listed above. Check them all out and pick one. If you are asking for where there will be a street vendor perhaps, handing them out, we’d recommend going through the company’s website.