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  1. Charlie says

    Oh my God–where do I start with this company–they are TERRIBLE–SIMPLY TERRIBLE. Pure “bait and switch” They lure the elderly and poor in with a promise of a “free” phone and then several months later they fine a “reason” to discontinue service and then the fun starts. They ask you to send and resend documents and they claim they never get them–the refuse to return calls, e-mails or letters. Their whole motive is to get you so fed up that you will gladly pay (“Topping up” they call it) 10 cents a minute for the phone. Don’t believe me? Look them up on line. They should be investigated for fraud!! STAY AWAY from them. They also have the WORST Customer Service on the planet!

    • Val says

      Wow, I feel bad that you have had a bad experience with your phone. I made the switch almost a year ago after being with sprint for several years and paying $80+ monthly for unlimited talk/text and data.
      I had to downsize due to my job and miner health issues. I started with the 250 free talk and text, but my daughter and I are close so we chat a lot. I now pay $30 a month for unlimited talk/text/data.
      I even got to keep my same phone number from sprint that I’ve had for years.
      I have always had the best response from anyone in customer care. The only problem now is that I owe sprint for breaking my contract. I am blessed to have found this company. I hope they resolve your problems and everything works out for you, hang in there, It gets better.

    • fed up says

      Totally agree lost phone they sent me a new one and would not activate it after having service for 7 months said i could top it off for the ten cents a min plan until i reapplied B.S…. don’t waist your time they are con artists !!!!!!

    • Marcia Nichols says

      Holy COW! I’ve had the exact same experience with this horrid company! They told me I qualified but needed me to send them my food stamps??? Serious…that’s what the customer service rep said to me! Ah, but that was only the beginning! It was “we need one more thing” for months on end & I provided every single thing they asked for (minus my food stamps!). 5 months dealing with these idiots & providing everything they asked for to find out now that because I have a PO box, I can’t have the service. I TOLD them I don’t get mail at my home & gave them my home address which is obviously different than my PO box address. They told me to call USPS & tell them to register my home. Well, I was told by USPS that if I did that, I couldn’t have a PO box! Oh, & by the way, good luck in getting anyone at Assurance wireless who speaks and understands English!

      • Arlene Chabez says

        They wanted a copy of you proof of government assistance. Here in California all you need to qualify is a copy of your EBT,, Medical card etc. and to fill out the 1 minute app.

      • Na says

        Same thing happened to me. I told them I had lived in the same place 40 years. I have filled out 3 apps, exactly like it was suppose to be. They deleted me out of the sytem. I told them I had the phone for 3 years, but when renewal time came, they found a reason to not renew mine. It is so frustrating. I depended on that phone. With our limited income, we cant afford huge phone bills. Something should be done. These phone are suppose to be for us, with low income and other things. I want to scream everytime they email me, that I cant use my box number. I KNOW THAT… ughhhhhhh

      • Joshau says

        I’m currently going through the same thing! First of all, I had a phone through them because I am on disability, am unable to work and receive EBT and medicaid. I live below poverty and have no other options for a cell phone.
        This was the reason they gave for canceling my phone OUT OF THE BLUE with NO WARNING: “The address you provided us is incomplete or could not be validated”. I even went so far as to get the post office to check and double check my address to make sure it’s valid, which is what these Assurance con-artists told me I needed to do.
        So I did, which takes weeks to go through the post office and then re-applied and guess what! I got a letter stating ONCE AGAIN that “…the address you proved was incomplete of could not be validated.” Are you kidding me? knows how to deliver to me, UPS knows how to deliver to me. And since I live in a rural area I HAVE to pick up my mail at the small local post office. There is no other choice.
        And here’s the topper……THEY MAILED MY PHONE TO ME ONCE A FEW YEARS AGO WITH NO PROBLEMS…WHY CAN’T THEY DO IT AGAIN? The answer is, they don’t want to. They sucker in the elderly and the poorest of the poor, then they attempt to squeeze money from them. It’s disgusting. And if you don’t fall for Assurance wireless gimmicks and just use the basic service, they cancel your phone. With no warning. And their customer service is a HORRIBLE.
        If Assurance Wireless is indeed receiving federal funds to provide phones for the poor and elderly, they are in big trouble. A lawsuit is coming and it’s coming soon.
        Avoid Assuracne Wireless at all costs. I mean, we’re talking about a company whose BUSINESS MODEL is preying on the poor, infirm and elderly? These guys are the lowest of the low.

    • Brenda Serrano says

      Yes, this is the case for me too. Exactly the same. I recomend you do what I did and call the FCC and fill a complaint. I have already done it and am going to do it again as they have not resloved my issure which is the same as the complaint above. The are a scam and a half.

    • Debbie says

      Oh My God I applied for a phone they told me I could,nt get one “because my physical address was not in the USPS data base” I sent a letter to Assurance wireless with the proof from the Post Office and they still Denied me a phone. I went as far to turn them in to the better business people and it took 3 months for me get finally get a phone from these assholes. well had it a year and they CUT me off for the same reason.

      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        It’s not really their fault. The FCC is really on the companies to verify the addresses and they are just doing what is required of them. I know it’s a pain, but if they gave you a phone they’d be fined.

    • B/ onnie Taylor says

      They did the same thing to me!!!! I went through this even longer – don’t know why I kept believing them. They are still collecting money on me I think – and i still have no phone and I’m listed as having one with them so I can’t get one with a better company.

      They lied and lied and lied and lied so many times.

      Assurance Wireless / Virgin Mobil has made a true chump out of me.

      They have really damaged my life, and ability to function safely. It hurts. Thanks4listening.

  2. Kathy says

    I’ve been with Assurance Wireless for about 3 years. I have never had a problem with them at all. The only issues I’ve had, are, the phone is really a cheap. with a tiny screen, and a tiny keypad. After 3 years or longer, the screen is very scratched. I can’t see anything in my account, such as my personal information. Somehow, about $45.00 was “topped up” in my account without my knowledge. I can’t afford that nor would I ever add that much to just sit in my Assurance Wireless account. I don’t use the phone all that often. I use it to call my Mother and other family members who all live out of state. I have never gone over my 250 minutes. The other problem is lack of disabled accessible phones, for people with low vision, and lack of mobility or use of my hands, and so forth. No one in the company seemed to know anything about accessibile phones for persons with disabilities. Assurance said they offer a few, not so great, low rated, “PayLo” phones which you can purchase from their web site. They run from $11.99 (is the highest rated phone due to low price) to about $34.00 plus shipping (lowest rated phone). These are Android phones that have like 2.0-2.4″ screens. Some have the pull out, qwerty keyboard, some have the regular telephone keypad, and I believe one or two have on screen keyboards. These are still all too small in my opinion, and are too hard to use if you have low sight, no sight, and/or mobility problems like I have with my hands. However, they are very inexpensive (especially the $11.99), and except for the phone, you receive 250 free minutes and now get 250 free text too. They sent me a letter telling me I would be getting 250 free texts too that would go into effect in a few months (months ago). Well it didn’t happen on it’s own. I thought it just would start. But no, many months later, I finally called when I saw that there might be a $45.00 top up on my account. I asked why I didn’t get my free 250 texts and they informed me I had to call in and request them! How goofy is that? So I requested they be added, they were but I had to wait until the next cycle. Who knows why? Overall, the customers service staff have always been helpful and polite. I’ve had a good experience with them. They refunded the mistaken $45.00 top up in about 2 weeks, back to my bank account, even though it had been their apparently since Oct. of 2013. I discovered the mistaken top up the middle of April 2014. I think most mobile company’s would not have refunded the money. I think most would have insisted you keep it on your account as a credit to use. They did try that first. They tried to get me to use the funds to get an “accessibility” phone. I didn’t want one, or don’t as of yet. Overall, they handled that issue really well.
    In sum, the customer service department have been very helpful, eager to please, and the free cheap phone they give you, seems to stay charged for a month! No frills, bells or whistles, just a simple, small black, plastic phone, to use for when you’re away from home, urgent, or long distance calls. After doing some research online, looking for the Lifeline free cell phones, it seems so far, that Assurance Wireless seems to be the best in customer service, and the best in the amount of minutes/text provided. I would like the ability to use the web on a screen I can actually see. I may try the newer company (that I just forgot the name of), which allows you to bring your own used Sprint phone of any kind.
    Assurance Wireless is also part of the Sprint Network and is connected to Virgin Mobile. You can buy any of Virgin Mobile PayLo phones to use with Assurance. And yes, you can top up them up over the phone, on the phone or online..
    I have no complaints except for the lack of accessibility phones for the disabled. I need a bigger clearer screen, and one where I can text from the screen using a stylus or a talk feature. The Qwerty keyboards buttons are much too small for my hands which that do not work well. It’s painful to text on their cheap plastic, black, very small phone. For example, to get the C you have to press the #1 4 times. It takes forever to try to send a 1-2 line text. The keys are tiny and the screen gets scratched easily so try to find a cover for it if it’s going in your purse or pocket.
    Although there are laws regarding accessibility for disabled persons, Assurance Wireless staff, are totally unaware of the laws.
    Lastly, I have never been aware of a “referral program” with Assurance Wireless. But I think I read somewhere around here, that Assurance has one. They certainly don’t tell you about it. I would go so far to say they hide it from you. As I said, I’ve been with them for several years, have referred a few people and have never received any written or any information about a referral program where you get additional free minutes for a completed friend or someone who signs up.
    If you’re not disabled, have good eyesight and have good mobile dexterity in your hands,then Assurance Wireless, thus far, seems to offer the best deal for free. They offer the most minutes and texts too.
    My Mother has a TracPhone and really likes it a lot. Personally, I really like Virgin Mobile’s, Assurance Wireless services, except for their lack of knowledge of disabled person’s rights to accessibility, or use of a what in the end, has to be FCC compliant device.
    I hope this helps someone make their decision!
    Oh if you have to call internationally, I don’t know think Assurance is so good in that case. I’d check around if I was you first. Assurance Wireless charges .10 cents per minute rounded up of course! This will add up very fast if you have family out of the USA. That is not a good deal compared to some other services out there. Not many give you free international calls but I think at least one does in most states. But then you don’t get as many talk minutes or texts.
    Happy Calls Everyone!

    • Joy says

      Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I was going to get my spouse service thru Assurance. From your opinion of them I have decided to look elsewhere. It`s hard enough to be disabled. We do not need any more grief, aggravation, and frustration. Thanks to all who gave their experiences also.

    • Bernard Wilhite says

      This company is a complete and total let down. I stayed with them for over a year, I had moved, they never forwarded my new address to California Lifeline and I was discontinued. It took four phone calls for them to even admit their error. Then they not only attempted to hide their error, they did absolutely nothing to correct the situation. I had put $5.00 on my phone, anticipating on getting 250 minutes and they told me I could not do that. I spoke with a manager named Josh, who said he would see to it, that he could at least give me the minutes that I thought I was buying, he promised to call back in one hour and never did. YOU CANNOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE. It is to the point I am going to legal aid and see if I can initiate litigation. These people cost me a job. I am telling everyone DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Assurance Wireless.

      • edwin flanders says

        Kathy, if you don’t like the phone, then please do what my mom did (or rather, what I did for her). She couldn’t stand that original phone (that came with the plan), but your account CAN BE TRANSFERRED to a better phone. Go to a Radio Shack. Shell out a little over 20 bucks for a KYOCERA KONA (very basic flip phone). Bring your PIN number, and your original phone. Ask them to do the transfer for you. My mom did that months ago, and now, she actually likes it! The reception is MUCH better, and she’s elderly, so she really appreciates the larger buttons. Also, since it’s a flip-phone, there aren’t any scratches on the screen, and aren’t likely to be.

  3. Kathy says

    I meant to add that you do have to get recertified every year on ALL free cell phones! AND you have to use the phone once in awhile. If you don’t use it for 6 months (or maybe it’s 3 months) in some way either text or call, you could lose the phone. I think it’s a fair policy. If you aren’t going to use it then someone else can.
    I have an extended family member who is 2 times severe Traumatic Brain Injured (TBI). He has lost about 6 Assurance Wireless phones. Each time Assurance got him another phone. So I’m just saying..I think that’s really patient of them. He isn’t allowed to get another one from Assurance but I’ll help him get one (with some kind of case/holder to wear around his neck), from a different carrier. He is homeless right now and really needs a phone!
    I still say Assurance Wireless has been great to me overall. My phone was activated as soon as I gave them evidence of eligibility and have not lost service of any kind since.
    I’m sorry the few people above have had problems with them. Maybe there is a misunderstanding on how it works? Maybe if varies from state to state or region to region? I hope you all find great free cell service. I hope I do as well.

  4. James M says

    I think some people do ok with this service and free phone, but alot of people are having issues, I was approached by an assurance wireless rep in a dollar general parking lot offering me a free phone with 250 free minutes a month, He took all the info, wanted to take a picture of my ebt card and wrote the number down, I had to cancel the card because their rep had all my wifes info and they had no record, then after calling customer service, they wouldn’t do anything about it, they just laughed it off

    • Marcia Nichols says

      That’s incredible!….the customer service rep I talked to told me to “Send your food stamps to me”.

  5. Lin says

    I had the phone for almost 2 years and apparently they had one digit wrong in my address and just cut me off a few days ago and said I’ll have to reapply. Customer servcie appeared to be in mexico using US govt funds or using illegal aliens. Couldn’t understand them and they were no help whatsoever. I emailed and they didn’t get back to me.

  6. Walter McGrath says

    I do n’t know how to turn my service back on. Last month my phone was shut off. Somehow I contacted the company and payed $ 20.00 plus tax and they turned it back on for a while. Now it is off again. I don’t know how to contact the company, my phone is dead and I just missed a doctor;s appointment, and a hospital appointment for a ct scan. Please, how do I get my phone back on? I need help!

    • Milena says

      If you still have your asw cellphone you can dial 611 to speak with a live rep, or you can call 1-888-321-5880, it sounds like you are using your service at ten cents per minute

  7. Jan says

    I’ve been with AW for 2 years now. They operate out of the country of Columbia and the majority of time you can’t understand what they are saying. They do not have a way to switch you to someone else, I’ve asked this.
    When you call the only way to get to a person is to KEEP pressing “0″. They all take American names, ex: Henry, Jennifer…
    Recently, I’ve been trying for over 2 months to go to the $5 month plan from the free one as my brother in another state is dying and I speak with him when he is very depressed. They say you can switch online..BUT YOU CANNOT !! I’ve even had my 40yo daughter try… it can’t be done.
    FInally I called *86 where you don’t have any charges against you to speak with them.
    I was told that the company has had so many complaints that you CAN NO LONGER top-up automatically meaning you can’t have the 500 min plan for $5. You have to call them each month to have this. HOW SAD. I’m changing to another pay plan FREEDOM POP with whom I have great internet service and they now have phone service UNLIMITED for $6.67 mo…but you have to pay a yr in advance and buy their $99 phone or have a Sprint enabled phone already.

  8. Jmar says

    Ok this company is horrible! If it is even legit company. It really is a joke. They have you apply, think of some bogus reason why you were “denied” then tell you to reapply. I have played this stupid game back and forth with them for the past 8 months! This company is sick and gets off by messing with people after they get all your personal info. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

    • Marcia says

      When I had their service, they kept sending me texts saying “This is your last warning. Use your phone to make a call or your service will end”. I HAD made a phone call on the phone! Who ARE these people at Assurance??

  9. Bar says

    Stay away from Assurance Friend applied 6 mos ago still no viable explanation for rejections. They are sending rejection letters daily 2-4 a day…so far 30 plus received….scammers! Federal government needs to investigate them. Still no phone

  10. stephen says

    Assurance SUCKS. They are all LIARS.
    Applied since 4/15/2014. I have been waiting for 2 month. I sent them application for 4 times!!!!!!
    Customer service in Philippine site; They can’t recognize each other; They can’t transfer to those whom I talked before; Whenever they promise or guarantee you with something, don’t trust them.

    When I faxed 3rd application over to them, they wanted me to wait 7-10 days again for processing. After 7 days, I called them, they were saying it was receiving and processing so i have to wait 3 more days. After 3 days, I called them again, and they said reviewing was done but it was not updated because all cases update by Sunday, and they wanted me to call back on Monday. On Monday, they told me they didn’t even receive the application. WTF!!! and wanted me to send another one with new fax number which was direct fax number (8004303987).

    I faxed it over again, and after 8 days i called them again. FRANK, a worker, said it is reviewing and he escalates the case. He put my case as a priority and he gave me a case id number. HE guarantee me I can get either approval or denial by Friday (3 days after).

    On Friday, I called them, but they are saying application was not received. WTF they are doing.
    They just keep playing with me. Talking with Supervisor or manager??? It means nothing. Just keep saying “sorry about that. But there is nothing i can do. I will create new case then send us new application.”
    That’s fkin horrible. really. Never seen like these people.
    Even there is only 1 number!! and there are spreading to all world. Even though we note their name, date, and time, they can’t even recognize who they are. WTF
    Even we can’t complain to those who lie to me.

    These SCAMMERS OP.
    Federal government should know about it.

  11. diane melton says

    I HAVE SEND MY PERSONAL INFO.IN TO ASSURANCE WIRELESS 3XS.WITH THE APPLCATOINS AS REQUESTED.AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REP. WAS NASTY RUDE.AND SINCE I GAVE A BAD REPORT His SUPERVISOR The person keep denieing my application and my personal information is just anywhere. I need a response asap. Or I will write congress.

  12. diane melton says

    This last comment belong to Diane Melton I need a answer. And I recieve disabilty I qualify.

  13. M1111 says

    Had service for 4 years, got a text that I needed to update my address, which I did just before the rep hung up on me after extreme rudeness. 2 weeks later, service cutoff; reason given: no valid address. Called them, went thru 3 reps, asked for supervisor, told I had to send in a new application, which I did. Waited SIX WEEKS, no mail. Called, told it would be ANOTHER 2 weeks. Finally got application, filled out completely, mailed. After 3 weeks I called again, told they would call me in 3 days; waited 7 days, no call from them. Called them again, told it is in process, would take another 2 weeks,. After 2 weeks got a letter that address is “incomplete” and service is denied. Called AGAIN, read them my photocopy of CORRECT address I sent on their form, they said it is incorrect. I have lived here over 4 years and get mail daily…how the heck is that an invalid address? Told AGAIN a supervisor would call in 3 days. It is now going on to the 6th day. Word of advice: NEVER, EVER, waste your time on these pathetic, lying, incompetent imbeciles.

  14. Catherine says

    Everything all of you have said about Assurance, has happened to me. I’ve been trying to get a phone from them since November 2013. Six or seven apps later, I’m going to go elsewhere…but WHERE? Any recommendations?

    I have been homeless for 1-1/2 years, and while I have used various addresses over that time on my app (being homeless, I move alot!), how is a homeless person supposed to get a phone when an address is required? It seems to me that we are some of the neediest but aren’t able to get phones. While I live in Minnesota, I asked if the phone could be sent to my sister in Iowa whom I trust and see often, and was denied. I asked if the phone could be sent General Delivery, and was denied. I was in a group residential home when I first applied, and because someone who had lived there YEARS ago had gotten a free phone, I was denied by Assurance. While I think this company STINKS in customer service, and you have to push 0 repeatedly to actually talk to a human being who doesn’t speak or understand English, I also think someone needs to devise a system for receiving free phones for those of us without permanent addresses.. I recently read an article congratulating someone for their BRILLIANT idea that allowed homeless people to receive their free phones through the Public Library system. Anyone know more about this? I would be most thankful for any info or ideas.

  15. Catherine says

    Get this one….My application was denied because there was “something missing” in the address, and yet the letter with accompanying applications got to me just fine using the address I had given them on my initial application….WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?????????

  16. Pinky says

    I did send document using fax number provided two times for which I got call report of fax sent successfully. Evenafter that while calling customer care. They denied saying haven’t received any document by fax resend it again..
    It is horrible

  17. Parsley says

    hmmmmm… I was going to go with this service… but if ANY WAY affiliated with team-mobile.. no way ! I went on T Mobiles 14 day try out plan many years ago… I got a phone… didn’t work… they shipped me a new one on my 13th day of my trial.. took the original back to the store and tried getting them to extend my ‘trial’ period… they refused, so I said I didn’t want their service… returned the 2nd phone… and… not only got billed for ‘not returning the first phone’, which I did at their location…they billed me for service !!!!…..

  18. Felipe NA says

    There’s one thing everyone should understand, all that bull regarding applications, address conflicts, recertification is necessary info requested by the government, that has nothing to be with assurance. I work at Assurance as a customer center representative, and personally I get really frustrated when I see people getting denied or opted out of the service for the most stupid or simple reasons, but this decisions are taken directly by the government, and even if we wanted to help you there’s nothing we can do as the government platform is totally locked up and it only let us check the status and send out new applications.

    One thing I have to express is how upset I get when people call angry complaining about every single thing about the service, like if they were paying for it, it’s f***ing FREE, free phone, free minutes, free texts, and they complain more than the paying customers, people should be grateful instead. I don’t want to generalize but this is something that happens at least in 1/2 of the cases.

    But the service itself is really good, you know assurance is a Sprint company, they use Sprints network to operate so the service is pretty swift and stable.

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