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  1. Under the Radar says

    I had a problem with a phone. The battery wouldn’t stay charged and when I went to use the phone, I kept getting a message that said I needed to check my phone’s restrictions. I couldn’t make calls or send messages. After getting the run around from the company, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. I filed an online complaint and the company I was having problems with jumped through the hoops mighty quick. I received a replacement battery in less than a week. I had no further problems with the company after that. And, the BBB followed up to make sure I was satisfied.

    • MJ Brewer says

      Nice. I need a phone because I’m about to lose my house phone. I’ve been dubious of getting a government phone because of all the senseless frustration people have endured. But with two elementary students, I have to have a phone. This seems like the way to go. Thank you for sharing.

      • JLAli says

        I have had an Assurance Wireless for 2 years. I was sent a Kyocera Jax phone. It gets 250 phone minutes and250 Text nessages a month for free. It is a smaller phone, and has a connector for the charger, one for the earphone, and controls for the volume. All other adjustments are done thru the settings control inside. I can choose large and regular print. I can look up missed calls, received calls, all calls, etc. For an additional $5 I can receive 500 minutes a month, etc.

        When ever I have a question, I call customer service (611) on the phone, and they help quite well. I get good signals, have dropped calls onky when going under large, long bridges. It’s free, does what my friends (expensive!!) phones do, and does quite well.

        I’m pleased. I’d like to go online to my bank, but I can’t really pay for the web service, so, in general, I’m happy with the free phone and the free service.

      • Linda says

        I want to return the phone I got and get out of the free phone plan. I never asked for it. My grand kids thought I might need it, so they did. The phone seldom works or accepts calls. I don’t have texting because I don’t text. The phone is so cheap, if you drop it even once, forget it. I have no address to cancel the service. I don’t know how to do that. if anyone knows where to send these Assurance phones to cancel the service, please post it. Thanks

  2. Lary says

    I needed to get a cell phone and filled out the app and sent it two times I have my pin # and all the info to check statue….Never was processed 2 times. After several phone calls to customer service Which is bogus I find out 1) its in Columbia south america, 2) they tell you to wait 7-10 days 3) they have no information period 4) when I ask for customer service in the USA

    • Lin says

      Had the same issue; are you by chance a Sprint customer? go to t-mobile; I was approved and activated within a week

    • Ms J says

      I put in an application for assurance wireless on Feb 2,2014 Each time I call to check app ,
      I am told 7-10 business days. Today is April 4, 2014 still no assurance phone………..
      I just learned, the cell phone was sent to the wrong address…… cell phone is not worth the worry

  3. yucomplainin? its free! says

    Still no complaints.
    The phone works fine for a cheapie. Its lightweight and does everything a basic cellphone should do.
    No issues with the calling plan. I was getting low near the end of the monthly ‘cycle’, and topped up with no problems at all. Now I’m into the second month and decided to top up at the beginning.
    I guess I should change my name from ‘yucomplainin? its free!’ to ‘yucomplainin? its five bucks!’

    • Heather says

      It is easy to put down people that have complaints if you don’t have any. When I signed up last year they sent me a broken phone. I was able to get it to last for two weeks by fidgeting with it then it broke in half. My only option was to buy one of the three phones they had available on their website as replacement phones. All three were priced over $40 (way out of my budget) so I was never able to replace it. It is like if I had to stand in a long line for a free ice cream for an hour (because I couldn’t afford one from the short line) and just as they hand it to me my scoop falls off (because it was melting all over the place) and they tell me if I want a replacement scoop I would have to pay double for it now. It is only a benefit if it is actually usable.

      • yucomplainin? its five bucks! says

        You fidgeted with it then it broke in half.
        Technically, it looks like YOU broke it.
        I’ve never seen such a cheap phone. But amazingly, it works.
        If they sent you a broken phone, why didnt you just send it back and try to get a different one?
        Your ice cream analogy would make sense if you said you fidgeted with the cone and the scoop fell off.
        But then, that would be your fault as well.

  4. geri E. says

    nice it’s free, not free of one major headache, the co. in South American has of course language barriers. amid that, they have some money service to call, and leave you messages, which both will use up your free minutes. after asking them repeatedly to take my number off their call list, they don’t. and when I ask them to repeat something because of the language barrier, and they still cant get it, I ask them do they understand English, and they TELL ME I’m being rude!..really!?..the calls from their money services which of course is not a part of Assurance are frequent, a ploy to force me to buy more minutes. its very aggravating because I’ve asked them so many times to remove me from their calling list. I get more calls from their money service than I actually get personally. it is not all that free.

  5. crescente Villahermosa says

    Can’t receive incoming.AUTOMATICALLY goes to voicemail.Complained in writing snail mail, email, by phone. Techs can’t solve. No action. gave it to daughter to keep her safe and to track her.useless.

  6. Russell Fletcher says

    Nothing but trouble since I got the phone. First, it went dead about 2 weeks after receiving it, so I asked for a replacement. While the replacement phone was on the way, my old one comes back to life, so I send the replacement they sent me, not activated or used, back to them in the padded envelope provided. Then I start getting texts, then phone calls, saying I needed to return the phone or my service might be suspended. I sent many E-mails and numerous phone calls to Customer Support telling them their phone was sent back. On February 14, 2014, they shut off my service! I report them to the BBB, yet all they want to do is talk about the phone not being returned, which it WAS! Would not advise using this company to my worst enemy!

    • JLAli says

      call the service # and explain you sent back the new one. Without a retuern service number they have no idea who is returnng the phone or for what reason.

  7. Scott Graff says

    I have received two phones so far.The first phone had the same problem that the second phone had.When I tried to talk to someone on the phone,I could hear them,but they could not hear me.I wrote to the company online and they basically told me to reprogram the phone(nothing changed).I called the support team.They told me not only to reprogram the phone,they also asked if the mute was on(the mute was not on).What are the odds that two different phones would have the same problem?The woman on the land line told me that if they sent me another phone,they would have to charge me for it.I refuse to pay for a inferior product.

  8. carrie says

    Tried ordering my husband an assurance wireless phone.Faxed the application and proof of eligibility together on Febuary 25,2014.On March 5,2014 an application came in the mail with half of my husbands first and last name on it.I have called assuranced 4 times during this week only to be told that the sensitive info that I faxed in cant be found.Im sent from one person to another to explain my problem and still no answer on what happened to our papers.I have the fax info that shows that they received the fax and somehow they just lost our information.Still waiting for promised phone calls to be returned with answers from them to make this situation right.Still a little worried on where our personal information reguarding our kids and ourselves has went.

  9. Still waiting says

    I have sent in applications 3 times, have called to follow up 3 times and have still gotten no where. Started this process 5 months ago. Sigh.

  10. Lin says

    This company is the worst; I applied and after repeatedly resubmitting information by mail and by fax no one could tell me why I was not being approved; I was told repeatedly that everything had been received but I kept receiving notices that my application was incomplete and when I called in to find out what was needed, I was told to resubmit my application. I was so stressed out after several months of this, I could not take it any more; a year later I applied to T-mobile and had my approval and service activated within a week. Assurance is either totally incompetent or has another agenda; I suspect they are connected to Sprint and were not approving me because I was a Sprint customer.

  11. Randy says

    I received my Assurance phone about 9 months ago due to financial hardships. I’m glad they offer the program and help people out. Just one complaint. Since I’m looking for a job, an employer may call and the phone keeps dropping calls and losing signal. Other than that………

  12. Diane Cazier says

    I work for a State program and have helped more people than I can count receive a free cell phone from the Assurance program and they all received them with the FIRST application. I myself qualified for a free cell phone, and tried to get one 6 times.
    I MAILED in the first application and they sent me notification that my application didn’t come out in the FAX. They requested I FAX the next one, and I did, and they said I didn’t include my income statements. I had saved copies of everything I FAXED and my supervisor noted the FAX and everything was doubled checked at the time it was faxed and the income statements were included.
    They asked me to resubmit again (this simple 2 page application) which I did. They came back with a response that I hadn’t checked all the boxes required. Again, I had saved the third copy and had my supervisor check before sending the FAX–the boxes WERE checked.
    The fourth time I resubmitted they denied me again stating that I had forgot to sign my application. We checked the copies that were FAXED–and they WERE signed.
    My supervisor had FAXED my application that time and we both double checked the application together and my signature was on the application as clear as day.
    The fifth time I had to resubmit, I had a hour long phone call with a supervisor from Assurance and she guaranteed that she would get to the bottom of the situation. She wanted me to resubmit and FAX it directly to her and gave me her FAX number–which I did…and guess what??! I received another denial stating that I hadn’t included my back page of the application. Again, my supervisor and I rechecked the application and found that the BACK PAGE of the application was indeed FAXED.
    Tonight, I spoke with another supervisor and got the same run around wanting me to refax everything. (By the way– I received notification that all of the FAXED pages had successfully gone through –on every one of the 5 FAXES).
    Anyhow, knowing full well these people from this call center are totally incompetents–I did apply–this one LAST time–which probably categorizes me as the biggest fool of all this April Fool’s Day 2014.
    I hope you all have better luck than I did:)

  13. Eric says

    I applied and sent the necessary documents. It took about two weeks and I received the phone. I didn’t have any problems at all with my phone. I followed the steps and I was up and running within minutes. All the features are easy to set and navigate to and it all works quite well. Just take a little extra care with this phone because as you will see it’s small and there’s not much to it (don’t drop it or spill nothing on it). Because it is FREE I really can’t see the reason to complain about the small stuff. However, I do sympathize with those who are having problems applying for one, especially since this process was painless for me. Overall, a very capable little gizmo!

  14. Kathy says

    Worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. First of all, the service is outsourced to what I believe may be India, some of the phone people are impossible to understand or don’t understand what you are asking. Second, each rep I spoke with (and there were at least 4 over many weeks of this disaster) told a different story. Or they assured me they would “personally escalate” the issue, which never happened. Certification papers were lost, they couldn’t tell me how they would do what they said they would do to check it out…after 41 minutes of this garbage at the last phone call I gave up. Run away from Assurance Wireless, there are likely other companies in your state that offer the same government lifeline service. Terrible experience with them. Seriously, keep looking.

  15. Marie says

    well I have been waiting over 2 months now for my phone they say im approved and all paperwork is in order but each time i have called I’m told wait 5 more days well its been 5 more days about 5 times now the last time i called i was told it now has to wait for the GOV to give a go a head before they can ship or give me a number was told to wait 5 or 6 days that the GOV is running slow that was 2 weeks ago Funny i did’nt go seeking this company It was shoved in my face but a very nice lady who was signing peeps up and saying oh you will get it in 10 days well 10 days is now over 60 days Yes I know its free and I need it due to low income and medical reasons emergencies and Doc Appt after the 10 days i called they were not able to find me and when they did I was told no its going to be 5 or 6 days after the 10 days and then 5 or 6 more days after the 5 or 6 days ect ect Now its aproved on Assurance end but they have to wait for Gov end geesh I have been real nice about it and They even thanked me for being nice But how far can a person carry the nice

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