The free government cell phone program comes to Oklahoma. With a little twist.

1,000 minutes and 1,000 texts for only $1 a month.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that you just can’t get much for a dollar these days. Perhaps enough gasoline to get you to work and back once or twice. Maybe half a pound of apples, not even enough to keep the doctor away for a week. Or possibly one of your local newspaper to line the bottom of a bird cage for a couple weeks.

But now, thanks to a government program called Lifeline Assistance, you can get a government cell phone and 1000 minutes of air time or 1000 texts each month for, believe it or not, just $1.

That’s such a remarkable offer that we think it bears repeating: You can now get a government cell phone and 1000 minutes of air time or 1000 texts each month for just one dollar.

In other states Lifeline is called the free government cell phone program because there’s no charge for the service. Absolutely none. But for reasons we cannot begin to guess, Oklahoma’s Lifeline companies are going to charge their customers $1 per month for their service. Perhaps the $1 charge here in the Sooner State can be explained by the fact that Oklahoma suppliers give you four times as many minutes as phone companies in other states – 1000 versus a mere 250.

Either way, it’s a truly remarkable offer that eligible Oklahomans should rush to take advantage of.

Who is Eligible for the Government Cell Phone in Oklahoma?

What do we mean when we say “eligible” Oklahomans? Does that mean there some catch? Does that mean it difficult to qualify? Does it mean that there’s some fine print that means you’ll end up paying a lot more?

In a word, no. It’s really pretty simple.

Specifically, you may be eligible for your $1 cell phone and 1000 monthly minutes if you receive benefits from any of the following:

  • Aid to Families
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance/Section 8
  • Home Energy
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (otherwise known as Food Stamps)

You can also qualify if your Total Household Income is at or under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Unfortunately, the number of Oklahomans who qualify is skyrocketing because times are tough and the state’s poverty and unemployment rates are even higher than the national average. We’re sad to report that one-third of the state’s residents are now on food stamps or Medicaid, but we’re happy to report that that makes them eligible for the Lifeline (nearly) free cell phone program.

Who are the companies who have brought this outstanding program to Oklahoma’s needy?

Terracom Wireless and Yourtel Wireless. Although they are separate companies, they are also sister companies. We don’t know why the parent company decided that two if its subsidiaries should begin offering the same service in Oklahoma, but the fact is that we really don’t care as long as it helps local residents who are truly needy.

We’re just happy their here to help you and your neighbors by offering cell phones and 1000 monthly minutes of air time for the bargain price of just $1.

Welcome to Oklahoma, TerraCom and YourTel.



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  1. Esmeralda says

    How old do I have to. I am a 17 year old, and pregnant. Need a phone to make my appointments. I have food stamps.

  2. carol accurso says

    my mother betty Robison was using terracom phone service in her home fell and broke her hp now she is in a nursing home she cancelled here hard wired phone service and wanted to get wireless service she has called over 12 times and given all her information she is on food stamps government assistance ssi can she have wireless in the nursing home. when she first called everything seemed to be set up were told to go to cell store and pick up the phone we do and they had no record and said we needed an enrollment number. well 12 phone calls later no one knows what that is nor how to get her enrolled. HELP HELP she needs to be ableto contact family and doctors

  3. Audrey Michelle Strozier Rawls says

    What is the real cost for this phone? Is it for a $1.00/mo as stated or is it $4.99 as was mentioned in comments. Additionally, why are there so many comments of having trouble with their service? Also, do I also qualify for the $1.00 a month home land line service? Being disabled and needing a phone when going to Drs and calling them, I need the cell phone with me for any emergencies while one the road or out of my home and I must have a home/land line for emergencies. Please give me an answer soon as I would like to sign up as soon as possible for both services. Being on SS Disability and receiving Food Stamps I do quailfy for these services from all companies that service Oklahoma, I have seen your adds and at this point would like to deal with the same company for both services.
    Thank you,

  4. Missy says

    My husband and I are both disabled,and having only one phone doesn’t help us. I can get land line “lifeline” service, but that does no good if we are out on seperate reasons and can’t get hold of each other. We had good cellular service, but now he’s disabled and fighting for social security, so we lost out great service, but all of these apparently only allow one, which is ridiculous.

  5. Dee says

    I received one of their claimed unlimited plans, they are not totally unlimited. You have to call and ask for mins to be uploaded when you run out. Was told you could call as often as you wanted then today told their is a 4000 minute limit per month. I don’t see this printed anywhere. They advertise voicemail but I have never had voicemail since I received my phone. When I called about it they said there was a problem with the system. Three months with the company and I still don’t have voicemail. Seems every month there is something different going on with this company. Another family member had YourTel, which is their sister company and she had nothing but trouble and had to cancel service.

    • Loreta Rose says

      apply with True wireless 1-877-412-1919 has unlimited text and minutes for $1.00 plus bill has not been over $1.65. hope this helps. I’ve been with for several months and are great.
      have had several people I know that qualifies to check out and every one now has their phone and services.

  6. Betty Skerbitz says

    I cannot find the way to sign up and get this phone offer. My
    son is on disability and medicaid, so he would qualify. We would like
    to know how to get this offer.

  7. david W. christopher says

    will you send me a picture phone, with a cord that is easy to use, not hard to put in. thank you. \.

  8. Suzie Q says

    This is on the tax-payer dime… The Feds can find many ways to spend MY money, whether or not I want to fund cell phones for ghetto dwellers (and I don’t).

  9. connie simon says

    I have the unlimited plan for 6.95 a month. It is a life saver for me. I am thankful there is a service like this.

  10. Kenneth Dewoody says

    i ordered a phone last Oct. and all i got was a bill for 10 something. never have gotten a phone,.was told last Dec. that my phone was on its way. Here it is Feb. and still on phone ,so i am going to send in another order,OK?

  11. Mitch Rogers says

    Im having problems with phone cannot receive or call out. key pad somtimes it works and sometimes not. need to exchange with a working one. what do i need to do please help.

  12. norma luna says

  13. boo hiss says

    Change is going to happen. It may take companies going out of business thousands of people losing jobs until things get rearranged. Take the Oil companies for example: the smart ones are doing their best to expand to ‘renewable energy’ so they don’t get forcibly phased out in the years to come.

  14. Sam says

    Thanks to Government. More and more Facilities to those which are already burden on the society. Many small Cell phones retailers are going out off business because of this. Whats Next Free Laptop,Free Car, free Car Insurance , Free Money!. Government : What a Smart Move. Trying to Keep everyone Happy . Two words ” GOOD LUCK””

    • Dusty McLaughlin says

      Why dont you try surviving on $750.00 dollars a month with a terminal illness ! obviously u havnt done any research little cell companies were being forced out by major cell companies like at&t, but they are making a comeback by offering services without a contract! A burden on society REALLY better watch your words Sam u may be the one relying on assistance one day,I pray not because I wouldnt wish that on anyone! God Bless you sam,Dusty McLaughlin

    • Sammiewaterdown says

      I havent recieve my phone within seven to ten business days and i was wondering when will i recieve my phone….