FreedomPop announces free cell phone service that works with your own phone

freedompop bring own phone

One of the main complaints about Lifeline, the free government cell phone program, has been that customers’ existing cell phones were incompatible with the program. That’s no longer a problem for some because FreedomPop is shaking up the entire cell phone business.

FreedomPop bills itself as “America’s first free mobile service company” and its latest innovation allows customers to use their existing Sprint cell phones as part of the FreedomPop plan.

They call it the “Bring Your Own Phone” plan and it allows customers to switch their service over to FreedomPop. How? Well, it’s simpler than it sounds. A lot simpler, in fact. All you do to make the switch is go to and activate your phone on the FreedomPop network. Voila! Your phone will begin working on FreedomPop’s nationwide 3G and 4G network. And you’ll get free voice, free text and 500 MBs of free data every month.

What you get from FreedomPop

Let’s take a little closer look at what you get for free from FreedomPop. The company’s basic plan gives you 200 voice minutes each month, 500 texts each month and 500MB of 4G data with 3G roaming every month. To repeat, it’s all free for as long as you want to keep your account.

It’s estimated that the average customer may save more than $1,000 per year over competing wireless plans with the FreedomPop program. What’s more, it’s estimated that heavy internet users can save 80-90% when compared to similar plans.

“At a time when carriers are squeezing voice and text revenues from consumers, we are liberating them with absolutely free voice, text and data connectivity,” said FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols.

Other FreedomPop services aren’t completely free

If your phone is not supported in your area, FreedomPop will ask if you wish to look at their other phone plans. Should you decide to try a FreedomPop program other than the “Bring Your Own Phone” plan, let us remind you that FreedomPop is not completely free. Unlike Lifeline, the free government cell phone program, which offers consumers cell phones absolutely free of charge, FreedomPop charges for its phones. And that may be the biggest difference between the programs. The free Lifeline phones are generally refurbished recent models, but FreedomPop offers a new Android smartphone for $99.

As we say in every article about FreedomPop, the program isn’t right for everyone. But if you can afford the cost of the company’s $99 smartphone, everything else is free.

If you don’t qualify for a free government cell phone or if you’d like to upgrade to a newer, smarter phone, FreedomPop may be exactly what you’re looking for. And if you have an old Sprint phone laying around, then the “Bring Your Own Phone” plan can be a Godsend for you.


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  1. Grace Pamela Howell says

    I have received a sprint Android phone, while also having an assurance, I will like to keep the new android for it is fashionable and full of features, but have not been able to make the change for I cannot get the phone to function as a normal phone, I also forgot my password and found no link or prompts to enable to reset same, I cannot read my account balance or date to receiving minutes, so I am asking for a 30 days trial period before I can make the change, my android is from sprint, so I will like to receive some update and functioning update by email thank you, for assurance will soon want to stop my service therefore I must have this service functional thank you, then my google email was entered as my existing and this also will not open screen continues to read fail connection try again later, and to down load there is not explanation in the manual even my radio, I asked google and was asked to pay a one time $25.00 fee which I will have my associate pay , for I need the little comfort,after 3 and a half years of homelessness and hardship, I am so glad to make a change any way please send me the facts of my new phone before my 30 days is up, was assigned on the 27th August,2015 thank you Miss Pamela Grace Howell aka Miss Grace Pamela Howell for I will need to sign out with the exiting assurance should you service proves better.

  2. Debra Wright says

    i am a SafeLink user and my phone is lost, there is no way to talk to a person. I have an android smartphone but powered by Verison, can I use this phone? I am on disability and do need your service

  3. chase says

    Do you know if for freedompop you can not buy one of their phones and instead just activate an old one you had

  4. Beth Cantu says

    Do all Free Gov’t Cell Phones Companies offer basic phones? Is there some that offer the basic smart phone? If there are some Companies that offer the basic smart phone. Please list them for me. Thank You for answering my request.

  5. Richard says

    Confusing. This article first says that you start with Free Voice, Free Text and 500MB of Data. Then it says the basic plan is 200 voice min., 500 text mgs., and and 500MB Data and does not differentiate between the two as to which is what.

  6. Rich harding says

    I am hoping that I could receive more information about if I can use any other phon besides a sprint phone to activate to my free phone government plan. If not than I would like to know if it has to be a sprint (contract phone) or could it be just a sprint prepaid cell phone. But most of all could I buy an android phone from any company (any style) and have it flashed to sprint or the government plan. Thanks

  7. jeremiah says

    I have a unactivated Verizon android. Its not old it is about 3 years old. Is there any government plan that will activate it for free?

  8. Linda Susan Van Horn says

    I currently have Sprint service with a Kyocera phone. I’m unemployed and have been searching for a job for 10 months.

    How much will it cost monthly for: 500 free minutes, unlimited texting and long distance.

    L. Susan Van Horn

  9. Janice hall says

    How much will minutes cost if I go over the free limit? I am on my daughters sprint family plan, she is having to down size so I am looking for a servie of my own. I qualify for free cell phone service and have a sprint cell phone, interested in the bring your own phone plan.