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Some states: unlimited talk and text for $3.99.

Sister company to TerraCom Wireless, Yourtel Wireless is a six-state, regional provider of Lifeline cell phones and airtime for those with low income or who are already on a government assistance program. YourTel serves the states of Kansas, Illinois. Missouri, Maine, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Rhode Island and Washington.

The Yourtel standard plan is the Lifeline Plan 250. Please note that Oklahoma get an even better deal due to Oklahoma-specific Lifeline rules.

Lifeline Plan 250
Receive 250 free voice minutes each month. You also can send and receive text messages which be be counted at a rate of 1 minute per text message either sending or receiving text messages. There are no rollover minutes with this plan. Not available in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan
Each month you will receive unlimited voice minutes and texting for $3.99 per month plus fees and taxes. This plan is only available to Oklahoma residents.

Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plan
Receive 1000 voice minutes and/or texts each month for $1.00 per month plus fees and taxes. Text messaging will be assessed at a rate of 1 minute per text message, sending or receiving. There are no rollover minutes with this plan. This plan is only available to Oklahoma residents.

In some areas special tribal plans are available if you live in a tribal area. You can call anywhere in the United States. Only airtime charges apply. Calls cannot be made internationally. Calls to directory assistance (411) are free.

The qualifications to get a phone from Yourtel are the same as for the other companies in the same states. You probably qualify if:

(1) You already participate in another State or Federal assistance program such as food stamps, public housing, or Medicaid (and others).


(2) Your household income is at or below 135% to 150% of the poverty level according to your state and/or the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

* See Federal Poverty Guidelines

Yourtel Wireless
401 E. Memorial Road
Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
For Enrollment, Customer Service, or Technical Support: 1-877-388-1082

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  1. Dustin Couch says

    Received your phone but battery will not stay charged to adtivatevit. Please contact me at above email.. Dustin Couch.

  2. tonia brunsback says

    I switched from safelink to yourtell wireless last month and so regret it the same day I had it it quit working so I went back to the stand at harry and Washington and they gave me another fone well later it also stopped working well took it back an got another one well again it happend but they wouldent take that one back told me to go and up grade at the store an I refuse to the fone only works if changing but will also work with out a battery if I’m lucky ive been without a fone for a month going on two how can you help me not mad just pissed thank you tonia

  3. Lamel Washington says

    I would like to become an agent for your company in the Chicago land area. I have door to door and business to business sells experience. Please contact me and I will email a copy of my resume to you. Thank you for your time.

  4. kenny says

    this is NOT free!!!! They charge more for crap service with limited minutes than i pay now for my unlimited data, text, and call minute plan !! Plus you have to pay for the phone! take this company off the free govt phone list please!

  5. velvet chelton says

    I’m writing in reguards to my yourtel wireless application…I was told that within a 24 Hr period of time I could check on the status of my application…

  6. Diann Kay Cutting says

    i need to add minutes to my phone..where can I walk into and pay it? no green card, no credit card. I have this problem evey month. I am in Kansas City Mo or Kansas area.

  7. KC says

    the service sucks the unlimited talk text and wireless is a lie and you constantly have to call in to get minutes if you quote run out of your unlimited which they don’t mean understand with unlimited means plan and then you have to go through the hill and then they don’t answer your phone so unlimited why are your tail Wireless is a joke and sucks sometimes it would be easier to go without a phone but in emergency cases it is okay I accept I guess so other than that it being a free service other than it being a free service to the government it sucks and they can track your phone intervene in anything you do and hack your website and change everything so I don’t trust them!!!!!

  8. Foy Fox says

    i wouldn t mind having a free phone and as i am deaf i would like to get the one that has text messages i get food stamps can u provide me with a phone please

    • says

      You need to contact the cell phone company directly. Their contact information is in the article above.

  9. debra goedhart says

    my phone wont hold a charge and when it says its charged i use it one time for 5 minutes and it goes completely dead,i do believe it is the battery …I need a functioning phone right now ,how do i go about getting a replacement in a timeley manner?

    • sbani says

      If it’s an Android phone, try uninstalling any Facebook and Google+ apps. Come back and let us know how this works.