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True Wireless serves the states of Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Texas by providing Lifeline Assistance cell phones to the financially disadvantaged. The government cell phones are completely free in four of the states, and only $1 a month in Oklahoma.

True Wireless Plans in Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island and Texas

True Wireless’ plans offer 90 minutes of free airtime each month in Arkansas, Maryland, Rhode Island and Texas. The data-equipped camera phones allow text messaging, with each text message sent or received costing one of the 90 minutes. Additional minutes can be purchased for a low cost.

You can call anywhere in the United States. Only airtime charges apply. Calls cannot be made internationally. Calls to emergency services (911) are free. Keep in mind that the minutes do not roll over, so use what you need each month.

The True Wireless Oklahoma Plan

Oklahoma does things differently than other states — they require that the cell phone recipient have some skin in the game. So, True Wireless is required to charge $1 per month for the plan. But the good news is that you get 1,000 minutes a month for that dollar! That’s a lot of talk time and a much better deal than in other states where you get, depending upon the vendor, up to 250 minutes per month for free. Text messages will count as one minute.

But wait, there’s more. If you can scrape up $6.75 a month, you will receive unlimited airtime. Talk as much as you like. And if you find that you text a lot, you can add $20 a month for unlimited text messaging and data.

There is no money required up front to enroll, and monthly payments can be made with a credit card, MoneyGram, ACE and through direct merchants.

True Wireless has over 100,000 customers in Oklahoma so the plan must be OK with them.

How to Qualify for True Wireless

The qualifications to get a phone from True Wireless are the same as for the other companies in the same states. You probably qualify if:

(1) You already participate in another State or Federal assistance program such as food stamps, public housing, or Medicaid (and others). Each state page on our site has the eligibility criteria.


(2) Your household income is at or below 135% to 150% of the poverty level according to your state and/or the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

* See Federal Poverty Guidelines

True Wireless
Sign Up For Service: 1-877-818-RING
Spanish Support: 1-877-818-RING
Customer Service: 1-877-412-1919

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  1. Bonnie Murray says

    My phone will not turn on past the echo screen. Keeps repeating welcome screen and gets really hot. Can’t find any representatives.

      • Ashley says

        Hi I have a phone thru true wireless and I’m suppose top have unlimited minutes yet I’m not able to make any calls and when I call customer service it just hangs up on me

    • johnny says

      I’m having the same problem except mine isn’t getting hot thou, although I do expect it to start getting hot. It just started doing it this morning.

  2. allison says

    I’m getting extremwly pissed my phone qas stolen and I want to get it cut off but I can’t because everytime I call the customer service line it only gives the option to make automated payments. How the hell do I get hold of a representative

  3. Rhoda says

    Hi,I’m having. Problems with my. TRUE WIRELESS. PHONE.I can’t make any calls. It keeps saying not activated.It just started today.I Can’t text True wireless or*call them from this phone.

  4. Helen Cloud says

    I have had my True Wireless Phone for 1 month and have had trouble with it ever since I got it Now they want me to pay my bill, I don’t know an account # or where to pay the bill. I tried Wal-Mart and it didn’t go thru.

  5. Danielle Shrope says

    Well the guy lied to me about the service plan but it’s still cheaper than anyone else…but he didn’t tell me the “true” plan he said I can call&get free minutes if I run out..but he said I get 3000 talk 3000 text& 1gb of data..well I ran out of data so I called him then alil bit of the Truth came then..I am upset about him lying bc I was falsely signed up…I want the phone but it would have been nice to get the real plan told to me

  6. Margaret Staton says

    Battery won’t stay charged, customer service hangs up, tech line doesn’t answer after 20 min on hkld, also recording is obnoxious. Cant get help, can’t make calls, battery dies in 4 hours, phone transposed numbers. Not happy

  7. Kimberly Pipkin says

    You’re customer satisfaction is way below expectations! I’m a single mom with 2 kids and when I broke down my phone was roaming only miles from my house. You’re numbers listed only want me to pay them and then tell me good-bye!! I WILL NOT PAY FOR THIS SERVICE!! You need to fix my phone or you can pay my $5! I would appreciate a fast response too! I’m going on week 3 with no data (that I paid for) and no way to call people! Thank you!

  8. Elizabeth E. Burgess says

    I have been with truewire for 6 weeks. I was hurt very badly and raped 3 weeks ago. I have police reports, protective order, and im in a emergency hiding Domestic Violence Shelter. The police have been monitoring my phone. My phone started freezing and locking up. 2 times i have had to run to neighbors to dial 911. My battery dies pretty much after its charged. Yesterday the detectives released my phone with over 1,700 txt from this person. Today i called to get a new phone and new number for safety. I was refused unless i came up with 50% of the charge for a new phone. They have a 30 day warrenty but the police asked me to keep the phone for evidence. I came straight from a hospital with no clothes,shoes or money. I asked them to bill me on 3rd and they said NO. I begged for a 10yr old flip 30phone just anything to dial 911. My ? is if this is a LIFELINE phone then shouldnt the company be responsible for providing a phone that dials 911. I asked the supervisor if it was a law that they provide emergency number. He said yes but i had to pay and wait 10-12 days for shipping! Even if i came up with the money he said i could not go to the tent location and get one. I paid my bill on the 1st. So i paid for a lifeline phone but am not receiving one! I would like the name of the ceo of this company and if anyone knows which part of the govt i could contact i would greatly appreciate it.!

    • lorrie says

      so sorry for the crappy service you got. i have had service for 3 years, with nothing but trouble, trouble. i cancelled my service today and am so glad !!!!

  9. clyde says

    Yes my phone was sut off today I make my payment on the 3rd of every month even though I did not start service untill the 7th of july 3 months ago I have had 2 strokes 1 mild heart attack real high blood pressure here I am cannot call out I would just like to say thank u true wireless for nothing I hope for your sake nothing happens I CAN’T EVEN CONTACT MY CAREGIVER

  10. clyde says

    Yes this is clyde again sorry I did not put my email adress correctly. I am so upset my blood pressure is really high I can’t even call 911 the comment above this one that says clyde is mine please help if u can someone out there I pray helps thank you. CLYDE

  11. Dwight says

    does anyone know how to get a hold of anyone at true wireless my phone was stolen and wanted to see what i needed to do about getting another phone or if they could transfer my service to another phone thank you

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