i-Wireless Free Cell Phones

This local Cincinnati Bell Lifeline program serves Ohio residents

I-Wireless is a company of Cincinnati Bell (not to be confused with national prepaid carrier I-Wireless), and sells phones only in parts of Ohio. So why list such a small player even listed on our site, which otherwise has only multi-state vendors? Because they are backed by a solid company, they provide 250 free minutes each month, and their website clearly describes their plan.

Lifeline Wireless is available throughout the i-wireless home network area in Ohio which includes the following areas:

  • The Greater Cincinnati Area
  • The Greater Dayton Area
  • Springfield
  • Hamilton
  • Mason
  • Lebanon
  • Middletown

Qualifying for an i-Wireless Lifeline cell phone

Free cell phones and service from i-Wireless are limited to those who qualify through the Lifeline phone service program. You are eligible if you are at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, or if you already participate in one of these government assistance programs.

  • Section 8/Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Free National School Lunch Program (NSL)
  • General Assistance/Disability Assistance
  • Any Home Energy Assistance (HEAP) program
  • Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • Ohio Works First or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

If you are qualifying through by your income level, you will need to provide documentation proving it.

The i-Wireless Lifeline Plans

Connect Plan: This is the free Lifeline phone service plan. It provides 250 free local minutes of airtime each month; the unused minutes do not roll over to the next month. Additional or roaming minutes are .10¢ each. Text messages are .20¢ each. No data capabilities are included. Price: FREE.

Unlimited Talk & Text: Unlimited local minutes and text messages. 100 national roaming minutes; additional roaming at .10¢ a minute. Data for .05¢ a minute. $28/month.

Mega Monthly: Unlimited local minutes and text messages. 1,000 national roaming minutes; additional roaming at .10¢ a minute. 100 MB Of Data .05¢ Per Kb over. $38/month.


Oddly, there is no phone number on their site that we could find for conveniently signing up for Lifeline Service (although we found this number for parent Cincinnati Bell: 513-565-2210). However, there are a list of store locations, and it’s obvious that they wish you to sign up in person at one of their stores.

Website: www.i-ontheweb.com/lifeline/ (NOTE: URL no longer resolves to a web page, so we don’t know the status of this service).

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  1. Audelia Delatorre says

    I have a account with a government i wireless phone that i recived and my contract dont exspaire until 2016 of next year and y service was turned off i would like my service reinstated please. And my cell phone number is (909)494-****

  2. mary runa beamon says

    need a different phone its been swapped out and stolen and the battery is pink and not working as planned and sprint has hacked with m4 t4 q4 other side side been tampering and were done with forged contracts with us data ibm apple computeronics me mary runa beamon maiden name mckissick threw gulf coast college………micro soft and intell thats us adobe and qualcomm invading and comodos turners hacking wind com q7 eau tec. and dimensional walkers tec and rumstad also att jerlyn and phillip griffitts and pearson childs and mic communications got hacked my people are suing everybody with alltel in panama city florida which is tmobile now

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      You’ll have to contact i-Wireless. Their phone number is at the end of the article on this page.

  3. crystal says

    Ok So Its Past 12am And My Government Phone Still Doesnt Have Any Minutes On It … Hasnt Scince The Middle Of Last Month Not Even Letting Me Text …? Havent Gotten Any Thing In The Mail Asking Me To Renew ? I Just Got It In December ?

  4. tracy grieves says

    i’m trying to deactivate my phone as it was stolen and i’m having great difficulty. please help. i can be reached at 815 326-****. thank you in advance for your immediate concern to this matter.

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      We wish we could help you but the only thing you can do is contact your own cell phone company.

  5. Zayra Tamayo says

    I want to apply for a free lifeline android phone. Please let me know where I can go to get a free phone.

  6. James Penn says

    I am not sure if you are my carrier I am trying to locate because the phone needs to be replaced. The store kiosk I got it from is closed. The cell number (216)509-****.

    James P.

  7. Kenny Truett says

    Also my first cell phone from the government. Thought it always give me great updated service. Did not realize about the issue. Help me get to realize the government is great people
    With great guaranteed products in the great USA for people who needs help. Afterall if the government where in my shoes or when the tables is turned they would realize more about the issue extra more for the balance of personal realization in fairness without being stingy in gods eyes to also produce blessings, luck, solutions extra more then problems. When will it be all solutions and no problems.

  8. Kenny Truett says

    Seen reenburstment date for my minutes for two months. Have not gotten them yet. Need them back. How can I get them back. Thanks for your help please. I love to text. Can think of my thought of words better when texting. Got a speech issue and other issues. Great device to use these times.

  9. THorne says

    I haven’t received my 250 free mins since Sept.2014(3mos) I don’t kniw how tio get my minutes. What to do? My# 623-261-**** please help!

  10. James Hamester says

    I have a new wireless phone and it stoped working all together,no service,no battery life,no turn
    on at all,how can I get activation issues resolved? 513-704-**** Please fix this issue.

  11. Charles Horton says

    Every month on the 20th day of the month my i-wireless selfcare government phone,disscountiniues service
    due to lack of minutes. But my current balance keeps showing 250 minutes. I do have to explain the confusion
    this causes every month(doctor”s and other important appointments and text messages that I never get.).

  12. annette says

    my phone is not working because I did,t get my airtime for 8/9/2014 what shall I domy phone is a sprint phone

  13. Milton Batiste says

    I have a phone that I can’t see the front of and i wanted to see if I can get another phone and keep the same number, because i cant see who is calling me.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You’ll need to contact i_Wireless (assuming this is your provider, since you are on their page) and ask them about that.

    • Phil benjamin says

      My battery dose not work anymore phone is less then 2 months old what can I do I can, t find your phone number u can call me at 224-805-****

      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        You’ll have to call your provider for a new battery. A two month old battery that goes bad should be warrant a free replacement.

  14. michelle tuke says

    I have a rumor2 phone from your company and ive had your service for 2 plus years with few problems . the lights on the front of the phone haven’t worked for a long time you have to slide it open and use that key pad . Now I need it to work more than ever and it has a mind of its own and works only when it wants ! I have no way 2 call or receive important phone calls from my doctors ! please help me get a new phone that will work all the time and I will be glad to keep your service and if not then I will have go some where else and tell people how bad your company .Thank you 4 your time hope to hear from your company soon

  15. Ferna says

    this company should be squashed. no service at all . who ever has this company really hit the jackpot.
    no work.

  16. michael nickerson says

    No one is minding the store how can we call a ghost? Never have I seen a business that will not allow you to seek help from it even when you use a cash refill card I cant get help no matter how many times I try. I thought there was a law stating if government services they must allow the public access to it. What they do, they do very well except to allow you to ask for help.. The phone I received was broken when I got it but it don’t interfere with its operation. The battery keeps falling out. I have trouble with my eyes and need help making the fonts bigger but again NO ONE will answer the phone at IWIRELESS.
    This is a good company did they just begin sending phones then forgetting you. I tried to call Cincy Bell with no results no one knew who could help me. Why is this great company doing this to people who rely on their phones.
    contacting Iwireless is more difficult than selling refrigerators to Eskimos.
    plz help me

  17. michael nickerson says

    I don’t know my password nor can I even call my voice mail. I call the number on the refill cards but cannot contact customer service. How can I set up voice mail or and receive my vice messages not knowing my password. Is there a page on the phone that helps ya recover ur voice mail? Why do I have so many web minutes when I don’t use them at all. I need everything that someone can tell me about this phone. Is there anyway to talk to customer service?. I didn’t select the plan I now have. At first everything was fine then for one reason or another it changed to calling the USA only. I add cash even and I cannot get the service I had when I first got my phone about 18 months ago.. It tells me to add money to make the call I wanted to make. I did and still I cant make the call. They just add more minutes and many web and text time. I wanted to create a balance to call Mexico but it wont allow me to do so. Why cant the money I add be put where I want it to be? When I first got my phone I accidently called my sister in Mexico using my I Wireless phone and it went thru. Now it just tells me to add money for the call. This is confusing the way I am asking its because I am totally confused myself. if anyone can help please email me on yahoo.
    my user name there is ******
    or txt me at
    already my minutes have almost disappeared. I need to call and talk to a live person if at all possible to get my plan back and to get my password and HOW HOW HOW to get my voice mails since it wont allow me to open my voice mail anyways. I use this phone for medical only. I also want my money to go where I need it most as well. I tried 611 and the 866 number (I think its a 866 number)
    call txt or email me if you can help plz.

  18. Nicole A. says

    Wow, I am amazed at the intelligence level of the folks here. This is an informational website only, directing you to the companies themselves. If you want a phone, go through the actual company and apply. It’s like you people don’t know how to read or something. It’s saddening, really.

  19. rose m. roberts says

    I thought this was a good company but you all have my phone for two months surpose too be fixing it and I still haven’t got it back yet and i’m tired of trying to redo it on the internet to see when you all will send me my phone maybe now I will get a answer from you all thanks for listening

  20. latisha pass says

    I got a free phone and they said that I would get 250 free minutes on the phone every month, and I havent , Why? …and…What must I do to receive the free minutes?

  21. Cynthia Edwards says

    I was wondering if you could help me with a problem. My mother recently received a free cell phone from her sister in-law. The only problem is that she didn’t refer to what company she received the phone from nor did it come with an instruction manual and my mother is still having a hard time operating it. The phone is called a Knack by Verizon Samsung Model: Sch-U310. Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide.

    • Candace Palmer says

      probably reachout wireless, if it was a verizon it was more than like a refurbished phone, the best gov. phone out so far, the minutes roll over!!!

  22. gay taylor says

    i would like to recieve one of these phones. Please Thanks very much. My address is **** state route *** ravenna ** ***** my name Gay **** Thanks so much

    • amy says

      You can’t just put your address info on here. You need to go to their website and apply. This website is just giving you info on the cell phone company. You need to request an application from the actual company. Go to assurancewireless.com or safelinkwireless.com and they will help.

      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        Thanks, Amy. We’ve given that same answer a thousand times on this website. Glad to have someone else do it for us.

      • brittanie hatfield says

        hey Sylvia I actually just applied for a reachout wireless phone .. I think I finished it it just thank you for applying it didn’t say if it was gnna be sent or anything it asked for my debit card number but nothing was charged cause the amount said 0.00 but did yours do this when u applied is there anything else I need to do will they mail me something they didn’t even askf or proof of foodstamps or anything