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This local Cincinnati Bell Lifeline program serves Ohio residents

I-Wireless is a company of Cincinnati Bell (not to be confused with national prepaid carrier I-Wireless), and sells phones only in parts of Ohio. So why list such a small player even listed on our site, which otherwise has only multi-state vendors? Because they are backed by a solid company, they provide 250 free minutes each month, and their website clearly describes their plan.

Lifeline Wireless is available throughout the i-wireless home network area in Ohio which includes the following areas:

  • The Greater Cincinnati Area
  • The Greater Dayton Area
  • Springfield
  • Hamilton
  • Mason
  • Lebanon
  • Middletown

Qualifying for an i-Wireless Lifeline cell phone

Free cell phones and service from i-Wireless are limited to those who qualify through the Lifeline phone service program. You are eligible if you are at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, or if you already participate in one of these government assistance programs.

  • Section 8/Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Free National School Lunch Program (NSL)
  • General Assistance/Disability Assistance
  • Any Home Energy Assistance (HEAP) program
  • Supplemental Security Disability Income (SSDI)
  • Ohio Works First or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

If you are qualifying through by your income level, you will need to provide documentation proving it.

The i-Wireless Lifeline Plans

Connect Plan: This is the free Lifeline phone service plan. It provides 250 free local minutes of airtime each month; the unused minutes do not roll over to the next month. Additional or roaming minutes are .10¢ each. Text messages are .20¢ each. No data capabilities are included. Price: FREE.

Unlimited Talk & Text: Unlimited local minutes and text messages. 100 national roaming minutes; additional roaming at .10¢ a minute. Data for .05¢ a minute. $28/month.

Mega Monthly: Unlimited local minutes and text messages. 1,000 national roaming minutes; additional roaming at .10¢ a minute. 100 MB Of Data .05¢ Per Kb over. $38/month.


Oddly, there is no phone number on their site that we could find for conveniently signing up for Lifeline Service (although we found this number for parent Cincinnati Bell: 513-565-2210). However, there are a list of store locations, and it’s obvious that they wish you to sign up in person at one of their stores.

Website: i-Wireless

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  1. James Hamester says

    I have a new wireless phone and it stoped working all together,no service,no battery life,no turn
    on at all,how can I get activation issues resolved? 513-704-**** Please fix this issue.

  2. Charles Horton says

    Every month on the 20th day of the month my i-wireless selfcare government phone,disscountiniues service
    due to lack of minutes. But my current balance keeps showing 250 minutes. I do have to explain the confusion
    this causes every month(doctor”s and other important appointments and text messages that I never get.).

  3. annette says

    my phone is not working because I did,t get my airtime for 8/9/2014 what shall I domy phone is a sprint phone

  4. Milton Batiste says

    I have a phone that I can’t see the front of and i wanted to see if I can get another phone and keep the same number, because i cant see who is calling me.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You’ll need to contact i_Wireless (assuming this is your provider, since you are on their page) and ask them about that.

    • Phil benjamin says

      My battery dose not work anymore phone is less then 2 months old what can I do I can, t find your phone number u can call me at 224-805-****

      • Free Government Cell Phones says

        You’ll have to call your provider for a new battery. A two month old battery that goes bad should be warrant a free replacement.

  5. michelle tuke says

    I have a rumor2 phone from your company and ive had your service for 2 plus years with few problems . the lights on the front of the phone haven’t worked for a long time you have to slide it open and use that key pad . Now I need it to work more than ever and it has a mind of its own and works only when it wants ! I have no way 2 call or receive important phone calls from my doctors ! please help me get a new phone that will work all the time and I will be glad to keep your service and if not then I will have go some where else and tell people how bad your company .Thank you 4 your time hope to hear from your company soon

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