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Cintex Wireless is a small, but strong player mainly in the Northeast United States. They are one of over a half dozen companies approved to offer the Lifeline Assistance program to the needy in four states. If you live in Arkansas, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island or West Virginia, you can choose Cintex Wireless to provide your cell phone and service to you — at no cost.

While the most popular participants in the free cell phone from the government program offer 250 minutes of airtime a month, Cintex Wireless only offers 90 minutes. And, to top it off, each text messages, in or out, uses one of those minutes. The good news is that any unused minutes will roll over. Not everyone does this. And long distance in the U.S. is included.

The phone don’t differ much from vendor to vendor — you’ll get the standard features like caller id, voicemail, and call waiting.

You can buy more minutes at reasonable rates. For $3 a month you get 20 minutes; $5 gets you 30 minutes, $10 gets 200 minutes, $20 gets 500 minutes, and $50 gives you unlimited minutes and texts.

Qualifying for a Cintex Wireless phone is exactly the same as with the other companies. In general, any of the following qualifies you:

  • Income at or below 135% of federal poverty level* (proof required)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Plan (LIHEAP)
  • Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Board of Education Free Lunch Program
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Section 8 Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Website: Cintex Wireless
PO Box 10707
Gaithersburg, MD 20898
Contact form on website.

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  1. Lori Zeiner says

    I am new here, and I am low income, and I do not have any other monies coming in. I do have a food supplement card -food stamp card. My no. 734-301-****. I do not know what kind of phones you guys carry bit i am interested in a flip or s Slide. Mrs.Lori Zeiner

  2. jo-ann albino says

    I have a phone from cintex free, but I want to upgrade my phone I want to able to take pictures and send with the phone I have I can’t do that. What kind of phone can I bye that will still give me my free mintes but more features. Please advise. I called a time ago and was told but I forget.

  3. Teresa A Wylie says

    I have a Cintex. Cell phone now–broken! I am trying to upgrade to your 500 minutes. Talk and text. This is all I use and need. I have tried to up date online, but I am not getting anything to go thru. Please help. :-). Also can use email address: ****[email protected] Cintex phone number is 240-265-****. The phone it self is broken. I get Food Stamps!