Budget Mobile Free Cell Phones

California gets UNLIMITED minutes and UNLIMITED texts!
Those in other states will receive a free phone and 250 minutes each month. Options for more minutes.

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Budget Mobile offers government-subsidized cell phones through the FCC’s Lifeline phone service program. They serve needy people in many states. The Budget Mobile phone program is available now in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington, Utah, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. They are working on certification for other states.

Budget Mobile is offering free phones and up to 250 free minutes of airtime each month (varies by state) to qualifying US residents. If you qualify under the Lifeline Assistance program guidelines. You can re-certify after a year if you are still eligible for the phone.

UNLIMITED IN CALIFORNIA: Those in California get a special deal. Budget Mobile now offers unlimited talk time and unlimited texting in their California Lifeline program. That’s an incredible deal. One other company, Assurance Wireless (to find out more about Assurance Wireless, click here), offers the same wonderful deal in California. Be sure to check them out as well.

Here are the various plans:

All states but California:

Free: 250 minutes and 250 texts
$5/month: 350 minutes and 1,000 texts
$10/month: 500 minutes and 5,000 texts
$20/month: 1,000 minutes and 4,000 texts
$30/month: 2,000 minutes and 6,000 texts

California Plan:

Free: Unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

If you’re not in California, you’re probably not to happy about your usage limits. But California gets more because both the Federal government and the state of California kick in with the subsidies.

Do you qualify?

Are you eligible for a new Budget Mobile phone? Guidelines vary by state but these are the general guidelines:

  1. Low income Home Energy Assistance Program
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  3. Federal Housing Assistance Section 8
  4. Food Stamps
  5. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  6. Medicaid
  7. National School Lunch
  8. SNAP
  9. You may also qualify if your total household income meets government guidelines in your state.

There’s no contract to sign. Just submit your application online or by traditional methods.

Here’s a look at all the features you can get with a free Budget Mobile cell phone:

  1. Free popular features such as Caller Id, Call Waiting and Voicemail.
  2. National long distance.
  3. Caller ID
  4. Call Waiting
  5. Voicemail

Be sure to compare budget mobile with other options in your state

Budget Mobile is just one of the many Lifeline Cell Phone providers in your state. Some states have over a dozen cell phone providers to choose from. Plans and phone choices often vary substantially between providers and you owe it to yourself to look at them all. To begin your comparison shopping, please go to our States page and click on your state.

Contact Budget Mobile

Budget Mobile
1325 Barksdale Blvd.
Bossier City, LA 71111
[email protected]
Toll Free: (888) 777-4007
Website: www.budgetmobile.com

Please note: there are almost a dozen other companies that participate in the free cell phone program. You should take a look at all free cell phone providers before making a decision.

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  1. Prather says

    Before, we did sign-up your agent offering “VOD” smart phone.
    But when we received by mail is totally different. It was very old phone.
    Please, close account now. Or just give the one you guy offer at first place, would you?
    Thank you.
    Prather family

  2. jesse mendoza says

    i have a budget mobile and its not the touch screen one either i have the older phone but i can not send pictures to anyone and i can not get pictures from anyone it keeps saying network error what do i needa do to fix that and can i get a upgrade on my phone

  3. damica carter says

    I need a copy of my phone records from May 21;2015. How do I obtain these records? I am willing to pay to get the records. Please email me back. Thank you very much

  4. john labonte says

    got your phone no book let john labonte ***** Marysville calif 95901 why did you not send me papper work with it

  5. cheryl says

    I sent you my info last week i even up dated for you and all it says in my order acct. is that your sending me a packet i can go some were else if this is not convince for you. please e mail back thank you. Cheryl

  6. guadalupe mitchell says

    I have reachout wireless, but would like to switch to boost mobile. I called to get an answer, but to long of wait left my number for a return call but no one called. If I switch can I keep the same number from that company.

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      I would not count on receiving a return call. Keep calling until you reach a live person.

  7. Lloyd Armour says

    I have the California LifeLine program on my home phone. I know California will let me transfer my home phone number to a free Government phone with unlimited text & unlimited minutes. PLEASE TELL ME if I can purchase a NEW CELL PHONE from you, I had a phone thur you and cancelled it because it was used & didn’t work. I”m still interested, but I want to just pay for a new phone.

  8. Erica says

    If I’m already an agen, is there another site I can use other than the articulate site that has the slides and a quiz to pass, that I can use

  9. Smithb284 says

    Can you add a Blackberry template? This web page is tricky to read otherwise for those of us browsing with cell phones. Otherwise, in the event you can place a RSS link up, that would be good also. abekkdcegfedbggb

    • Trish says

      I would like to get an upgrade to my budget phone. How can I do that? Can I do that on line since the nearest budget store is over 2 hours away??
      Thank you

  10. Diana Mestas says

    I am hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. The kind that are molded to fit in the ear. Does your company or service provide an adaptable phone?

  11. debra olszyk says

    I made a mistake on phone how do I get back on budget I thought you were safelink I got a paper in the mail to fill out I did assume it was a follow up now im with out a phone at all told ii have to wait 60days to get back on mistake

  12. keith gibson says

    I would like to know where I can purchase additional phone minutes for my phone the # is 951 579 9343

  13. Maisha Brown says

    Hello. I want to get a phone with data for my daughter. Can you please let me know of a lifeline program near Moreno Valley, CA ? Thanks.

  14. john lamoureux says

    I now have California lifeline for a caption call phone. I also would like to have a cell phone for text. Can I get a cell phone through this program. Thanks

  15. Jesus Cervantes says

    Hello. I recently applied for a free phone. I qualified for it, and it says that my order has been submitted. But it also says that i need to upload my proof that i qualify. Which makes no sense at all because i have already uploaded my proof. And when i go to my account i can see it. So what do i do? My proof is right there with my order so i don’t understand why it would say that. I tried contacting budget mobile, but no reply yet. Has my phone been shipped or is it still being looked at?

  16. kamalajit Gosal says

    Hello I use a budget phone and I cannot remember my pass code to retrieve messages.
    thank you


  17. Joseph D. Costello says

    I tried these people this morning. Same ol’ same ol’ couldn’t hear me gpt to the point of demanding a supervisor, was refused all she did was ask how to spell my last name 14 times.. they claim Connecticut is a free phone phone state to them. It is in their ad. They say tthey do not cover Connecticut. They hung up on me 4 times.

  18. Shawn Powell says

    yes my name is Shawn Powell I received a call from you yo hit me up old dirty a** phone many buttons and I don’t want this phone I need to wait if it is send this phone back to y’all so can someone get in contact with me cause I tried to call and it gave me the runaround so can somebody get this message and give me a call so I can send this phone back to you or send me some in this phone but I have my address I just received the phone today so someone please give me a call as soon as I get this message

  19. Bettie Giles says

    I recently applied for my budget cell phone and I opted to not pay for the $45. to be able to use Internet at this time, is there a way to be able to still pay for and have internet when I can pay for it later?

  20. GLORIA GALVAN says

    I cannot remember my PIN for my Voicemail on my Budget phone. I have tried getting help from Verizon, Verizon Wireless and they cannot help me. I was referred back to Budget. Can you help me? All I need is to reset my PIN for Voicemail.

  21. leon says

    Got my phone in the mail today 4-15-2015 was told it would be on and ready to go.Will can’t make calls get calls or text not too happy right now. Can’t get ahold of my doctor couse I have no PHONE!!!

  22. ricki rosenthal says


  23. Dinah Kudatsky says

    Hello friends,

    I believe I qualify for this wonderful program. I already have an inexpensive flip-phone cell phone, (from AT&T), and I’m currently using AT&T’s inexpensive 10c a minute no-contract monthly service. So I wonder if I could do two things: could I just get the free service, using the phone I currently have? Also, can I keep my current cell phone number, which I like?

  24. Greg Gopman says


    I run a homeless outreach program that speaks with 100’s of homeless people a day. I’d like to sign up to be a provider of Budget cell phones. Can you please call me to discuss, 415 940 ****


    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      You can transfer your cell phone number. But you’ll need to reenter your contacts unless you have some software that does that for you.

  25. richard petersen says

    I just got my phone yesterday. It has been stolen already. Please help. How can I get a replacement a.s.a.p.. Thank you Richard ******* ******** dr santa rosa ca, 95404

  26. Vladimir Rachmanov says

    I believe I qualify for a free cell phone. I have Medi-Cal and I also use a Federal Housing Assistance Program (Section 8).
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Vladimir Rachmanov

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      You need to contact one of the companies in your state, or Budget Mobile (info above) directly.

  27. deneen says

    I have filled out the forms at least 10 times and answered all the questions,and when it comes back it says cannot validate address? Cannot find street?? It is a dirt road. I live 2 miles from the nearest paved road,but I assure you there is a legitimate
    Residence here?please help.
    Thank you… deneen

    • gil lutz says

      I. too. live on a rural dirt road, no mail delivery, etc.. However my road has a name and I have an address number, which is the same physical address that the state (HI) social services has had for me the past 15 years. I have filled out the online Budget form several times, giving my mailing address, then my physical address, and then indicating the mailing address as my shipping address. Keeps getting bumped as “Not a valid address” or some such reason. Us oldsters out here in the sticks really need these phones, but Budget seems unable to provide service. Have you or anyone else had any luck overcoming this obstacle?

  28. Seng says

    Hey is there a way to use your service on a different phone ? Can you guy send a SIM card to put on the phone?



    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      If you read the article above, it states all of the ways you can qualify. Food Stamps is on of them.

  30. fernanda balan says

    I was approved for the free phone the phone, you sent one to the old adress and someone turned it on on my name . another phone was supposed to be sent to my po box due to we dont get mail run on the physical address. i did not get the phone again. i dont have a phone right now or ill call. i dont want a phone on my name that someone is using please resolve this promblem. the account number is ******** my name is **********.

  31. aimee says

    I just got out of rehab and I am Miles away from where I got my phone. I called to have the phone shut off because I have no idea who has it andwas told there was NO way unless I physically came in. There is no way possible I can do this. Please tell me I can do this another way

  32. Dan says

    I need an owners manual for my new phone. I also need a complete list of features & services that are included for free. I’d also like a list of additional features that are available.

  33. Robin says

    The flip phone I have from budget isn’t holding a charger I won’t to change my number to another phone asap

  34. johnny says

    I have an account with budget mobil for about 6 months and i always check my account every month to see when my minutes reset and they were supposed to reset today but they never did. Whats wrong? Im always using my phone every day so i dont know whats the issue.

  35. Giovanni Hernandez says

    I live in Vegas and the provider for the free phone which is for my 75 year old grandfather is Budget Mobile they are rude obnoxious employees working there. I’m currently in LA for a business trip and someone stole my grandfathers phone, I called them to have cancel the minutes and they say to go in into the office with a picture ID. My mom goes to the office the next day and she understands English perfectly she just can’t speak it that well so they decide to move her to a different line since they couldn’t understand her. She calls me and tells me then I call and ask to speak to the manager and this rude obnoxious person answer the phone and is rude and let’s me know that she was not inside the store when I’m like really? I just heard her on the background and then she just clicks on me what type of costumer service is that!!! There’s no corporate number where we can call who is in charge of that place!!! DO NOT GO TO BUDGET MOBILE point blank period!!!

  36. Elizabeth says

    Two years ago you could qualify for a free cell phone if you were on MediCARE, which I was and still am. I just re-certified my phone and I believe the recording said you need to be on MediCAID to qualify, which I am not. Do I need to give up my phone?

  37. gloria naquin says

    On Feb 27 2015 called gave my card info to get400 talk minutes took money but didnot get my minutes for number 985-772-**** it ₩as 15.00

  38. Alex says

    My free budget mobile phone came in after i requested a second one since the first one broke. Whenever I send a call, it displays “failure to call”. Other people have also been able to call my phone. This has been happening for a few days now, can someone help me?

  39. eddie espinoza says

    I signed up with budget and life line says I have a number with budget but somehow budget has a bogus mailing address and sent my phone to the wrong address. I had assurance and had no problems what so ever. Now I have no phone what so ever and it has been a nightmare trying to contact budget… Please help me! I have called emailed setup trouble tickets I have had it. Please I need my phone or budget to cancellation my account so I can go back to assurance. Please help! Desperate!

  40. dionisia capulong says

    my mom has a budget phone. she accidently dropped the phone and not functioning. what she has to do to fix or change the phone?

  41. Britney kalk says

    I found a budget mobile phone is San diego. Is there any way to get the phone back to it’s owner? I’m sure it’s a homeless woman’s phone as I saw her drop it a few times outside the bar I was at. Thank you.

  42. Gloria Borrero says

    Hi I applied for a phone in the beginning of Dec and I still haven’t received my phone yet, I was approved and I got ahold of some in Jan they said wait a week and I haven’t received my phone call back I’ve been calling for a couple of weeks know and left many messages and still no response from anyone why haven’t I received my phone are heard from anyone pledge respond thank you

  43. summer says

    I was wondering if you can transfer your budget mobile service to another phone you already have. I’m in San Diego, so I’m going through Version? The phone I was sent is nice but the phone I have and used is a very nice one and has all my contacts, pictures etc. etc…..So I’m hoping that I can. Thanks

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Maria. Once you’re approved, it takes about 7-14 business days for your phone to arrive at your home.

    • Chau vu says

      I am using Verizon Internet but they charged me so much. I cannot afford to pay it. Please provide me with cheap internet. Thank you

      • Matt from Budget Mobile says

        Hi Chau. Unfortunately, data is not a part of the LifeLine program at this time. If that changes, we will be sure to let you know.

  44. Steve says

    @ Matt from Budget Mobile,

    The above has this in the second paragraph above the

    All states but California:
    FREE, $5., $10., $20., $30, area..

    “Unlike other major Lifeline phone suppliers you do not get text messaging unless you pay to get a better plan.”

    But next to the Free it says this-

    “Free: 250 minutes and 250 texts”

    So which is it?

    I like the fact, that (Budget) has you monitor your listing here at freegovernmentcellphones.net and answers question besides FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net, at least from all of them, that I have read about to offer service in Missouri, which was all of the listed.

    Got one more Q for you, who does Budget use to offer their service through, which one of the Big 4 coverage areas do I look at to see coverage in my area. Ex: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint.


    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      You receive free talk and text if you qualify for the Lifeline program. Period. You can pay for additional minutes and texts on top of the free offering if you choose. We offer service through Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint depending on what area you live in.

  45. Nicolette Denise Clark says

    Hey yall I had lost my phone I don’t I know I was wondering can y’all send me other one in the mail

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Nicolette. Lost or stolen phones are not covered under our warranty policy. You can purchase a new phone by either visiting one of our retail store locations or by sending a money order for $20 to the address below. http://www.budgetmobile.com/stores

      Budget Mobile Returns
      1325 Barksdale Blvd (1st Floor)
      Bossier City, LA 71111

  46. Hope Patlan says





  47. robin lastrapes says

    I am unable to use my phone its saying online the phone is in inactive stastatus and I don’t know why. Please hlp and advise. My number is 424223****

  48. Fernando says

    I have no idea who my service provider is. My phone is not ringing so I have no clue if someone is trying to call me. How do I get this fixed if I don’t know who my service provider is? I live in Stockton, CA

  49. jessica pineda says

    Hello my name is jessica and I am interested in working for budget mobil I have Lot inexperience in this lifeline program and I have a group of people willing to work so I will love to get a contract..and how much you guys will offer me likebi said I have over 30 reps.

  50. Crystal says

    I’ve seen at different times tents set up at different locations where you can get an Obama phone right on the spot. Is there a website that will tell you the dates and places of where they will be set up for my area? I live in Phoenix, AZ.

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Crystal. Our street teams are independent contractors, so there’s not a list of when and where they will be. You can always sign up directly on our website so you don’t need to wait to find a street team. http://www.budgetmobile.com

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Marissa. No, that is not an option. If you apply online you will have to receive your phone through the mail.

  51. Lois Stewart says

    Why can’t I get a person on the phone to speak to? The prompt says to press 9 for a person but it never works.

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Eric. It depends. We generally tell people that you’ll receive your phone 7-14 business days after you’ve been approved. The entire process can take about a month from the time you sign up to the time you receive your phone.

  52. Bridgette L. Boyd says

    Why am I not eligible for a free govt phone? I have applied, and they sent me information and requested verification of social security benefits, that was sent in and I still am having difficulty getting approved.

  53. Eugene GuidryJr says

    I signed up for phone here in Stockton CA never received the phone can’t reach no one on the phone they medic cal card yes I qualified for phone don’t know the status or why they told me 10 business days no response

  54. Jessica says

    Ok so I’ve had the budget mobile phone now for about two months and have not been able to make any calls outside of my home. I followed directions corretly and let the phone charge. put sim card in, etc and i only get service in one spot in my house. I live in the midde of town and am not sure why reception is so poor. If i leave my house I am not able to use the phone because of this. Im not sure if its the phone i have or the service the phone is through, which I believe is T-Moblie. Any suggestions?

  55. Donna says

    My phone was set into deactivated status because I “didn’t turn in a household information form” which I never received. I have had the phone since 2013. I talked to them last night, 1/5/2015 and I recorded the “household information” with the tech on the phone and was then put on hold and then a machine recording played and disconnected my call. How will I know when my service is reinstated? I’ve followed all the guidelines. Use the phone within the 60 day period, never go over my minutes, and re-certify when I receive the text. But all of this doesn’t seem to be enough.

  56. lynda allen says

    i’ve been trying since 11-25-2014 to reach someone , to receive the free gov. cell phone. have faxed budget all information with no results.i do qualify for program by having a ebt card for food and help on pg&e because of medical .Please Help!

  57. Delilah Blair says

    They said when you qualify for a free phone you get 1000 minutes or text. You are saying you don’t get any text unless I pay for it . Is this correct? can I get 2 phones ? one for me and one for my husband? Thank you very much for your time.

  58. Dee Dinkel says

    I have tried for two days to reach you to report that my phone was stolen on Sunday, I did make a police report at our local police department they did give me a case number. What do I do next with you, and can I request a new phone?
    Thank you for your help with this matter

  59. Sonia Nunes says

    In modesto ca 95351
    Where may people find a kiosk and what days + time so that they to may apply for budget mobile. There are many others in need and dont know where theres a kiosk. Thanks. I would like to let others know.

  60. Jackie Wahlig says

    Have been tring for hours this a.m. and again this afternoon – to try to add minutes and cannot get ahold of anyone. Are your lines working? 888-777-4007?

  61. jeanette talamantes says

    Sorry to ask but, i lost my phone and i wish to know if i may replace this service to an old phone without no service to continue having your good free government service. Thank you

  62. david says


  63. Erin Johnson says

    Yes I’m getting ready to start school, I’m not working and I have no income. Can you tell me who might offer free internet service?

  64. cecelia cole says

    i applied and got assurance wireless and was told I got 250 free mins and 250 free text I did for the first month but now I don’t have any mins and I haven’t been getting the free mins

    • jayne says

      @Ms. Cole, if you have questions about Assurance Wireless, please visit the Assurance Wireless Facebook page! They’ll be happy to help

  65. trice says

    This is a good thing for people that really needs them. I think that it is false advertisement in sort of a way because it says you get a whole year free. But at the same time after 3 or 4 months they just stop wworking. Which is right after the warranty so there’s “nothing” they can do about it. You then have to purchase another phone for 21 $ for what they call the basic phone. the price is not bad but the point is that we are promised a year for “free” but it goes out and you have to purchase another phone…. another thing is if you pay 5 $ to send and receive 50 picture messages you have to use all 50 in that same month or the privalage is take in off and you can not send or recive any more pics without paying 5more $ for another 50 for another month. I do like the idea of helping people in need and giving them phones I just wish they would let us know
    up from

    • Matt from Budget Mobile says

      Hi Trice. I’m a little confused by what you mean when you say “false advertisement”? Lifeline service is free for as long as you qualify for it. As to our phones not working; they are refurbished phones. That means that they’ve been used by someone else prior to us giving it to you. Some of these last for long periods of time, others don’t work when our customers receive them (and we replace any phone that’s malfunctioning for free if it is under warranty).

      All of our prepaid services are on a monthly basis and they do not roll over. This is not an uncommon practice in the telecom industry. We’re very upfront about all that information as it is listed on our website in our terms & conditions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service department at the link below.


  66. Ralph Carpenter says

    I fully understand that these phones are reconditioned and they are free, but they are junk for the most part. Very few people I know have received a phone that works properly if at all. The phone I received appears to work ok, I can make and receive calls and texts, but it has no internal phone memory storage capacity at all. I downloaded an operation manual from Verykool and found the misuse of the English language in said manual to be in line with the phone I received, neither one is worth much.

    • Matt says

      Hi Ralph. My name is Matt and I represent Budget Mobile. As you say, the phones we offer are refurbished phones. We purchase these wholesale and distribute them to our customers. If you’re unhappy with the phone you received, you can visit any of our retail stores and purchase a new phone for $20. http://www.budgetmobile.com/stores

  67. Billie J. Clark says

    I have been trying to get minutes added to my phone. I get shut out on your site and have called customer but have NOT BEEN ABLE TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON. I WANT THE $10.00 LIFELINE PLAN FOR 500 MIN. UNLIMITED TEXTS AND 250 MB DATA. MY NUMBER IS 208-446-4522. THIS IS VERY VERY FRUSTRATING. PLEASE HELP ME. CALL ME AND WE DO THIS ON THE PHONE. THANK-YOU LUCKIEME

  68. craig gavette says

    I have 2 friends that need 2 get a govt ph- neitherhave em addresses. Can u tell me where in flint mi area i can take them 2 get a ph. Thanks Craig

  69. Janine Henschel says

    there were some people that came out to the homeless shelter but I didn’t get their name, do you also help the homeless to get a phone too ? thank you

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      Homeless cannot qualify as they do not have a physical address. They can’t use a shelter’s address unless they are the only one so far to use that address, as only one phone allowed per address.

  70. Deborah says

    You guys sent me a Motorola Q, the phone won’t hold a charge. It also says it’s in Flash Boot loader mode. I talk to someone from Motorola and they told me that phone needs to be replaced. I’m reading some of these past saying it’s 20 dollars to replace a phone. That’s not something I have. I’ve left messages and waited on hold for hours at a time, only to be hung up on. I’m frustrated. I have another government phone that I was told could be connected. I live in California, not in a vicinity by no means of a budget mobile store. I’m desperately in need of help, I’m legally blind. I need my ohone. Please help me.

    • Matt says

      Hi Deborah. If you’ve had your phone for less than 60 days it is still under warranty and we can replace it free of charge if it meets warranty standards. Just send the phone and charger back to the address below and we will send you a new phone, free of charge (if it is under warranty and meets warranty standards).

      Budget Mobile Returns
      1325 Barksdale Blvd (1st Floor)
      Bossier City, LA 71111

  71. philip martin says

    did not get my phone. Place where it was supposed to go will not release it to me. I need the plan stopped on that phone. Will provide a better address later.

  72. orville says

    hello budget, thank you for my free phone with unlimited talk and text, i just received it in the mail. But im having a problem the phone you sent me is so small and the buttons are tiny, i am 46 years old my vision is not what it used to be, is there anyway possible to exchange for a different one, and also being a male maybe i can get a black one this time instead of flourescent green…thanks so much budget

  73. james christopher says

    I have had this phone for a month now. I have been unable to get the budget staff to get my voice mail set up properly. I have never received such pathetic incompetent answers in my life. Every time I call 611 I hear how many minutes and txt time I have remaining about 500 times yet when I press 9 for customer service the dam thing hangs up EVERY SINGLE TIME

  74. paula fields says

    Im having issues with unlocking my phone and using it then i dropped it and it cracked cant see the screen can i switch my budget mobile account to another phone i have aroubd the house and if so how?

  75. matilda says

    I just received my phone, made a couple of calls, now it’s saying when I dial a number that this account can not be located…

  76. Tim says

    Hope you don’t have a problem with your phone service. I just got told I would have to go to Indianapolis to get it fixed…….3 hours away. I just bought minutes for my phone yesterday and somehow 750 minutes is magically gone, but there is nothing they can do over the phone. I just got the run around and pretty much told oh well. Thanks budget

  77. Rhonda Nelson says

    Hi. I am interested in the unlimited talk and texting because I live in California and am on the Federal Food Stamp Program but there is someone else who lives in this residence (my cousin) who receives the Lifeline Assistance Program with her cell phone through Cricket. I was wondering since she already receives Lifeline, if I would be eligible for a Budget phone. We have the same address but we consider ourselves as separate households. Thanks for the information.

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      Unfortunately, the address will stop you from getting one — due to fraud protection, only one Lifeline discount per physical address. Not always fair, but that’s how it is.

  78. Raquel Providell-Appenfelder says

    I don’t have a job and I nee a way to talk to anyone to coordinate and know what is going on.

  79. timothy foley says


  80. Sally Vue says

    I just received my phone late October and I have been unable to use it since 11/21/2014. A whole bunch of error codes keep popping up as soon as I turn it on.

  81. dianne says

    Hi matt how long does it take to receive the phone by mail? I live in Az its been 1 week since they approved me. They told me I was gonna received it in the mail.
    Thank u.
    Dianne Nunez

  82. peter says

    stay away from this company they are horrible, you can never get any one on the phone and most of the time when you pick an option it just hangs up on you, i called to cancel service since i am going with another and they don’t seem to want to cancel they keep making up crap and saying it will be done soon sure they are trying to keep billing lifeline please stay away from this joke of an company

  83. monique says

    I got a budget phone in sAcramento ca a few days later it was stolen so i purchased a new one. And now thos one dosent. Ring ive only had it a month and half

  84. Charlie Phelps says


    Where in the zip code numbers 40004 or 40008 can I get a Obama Buget Phone, once I qualify of course? Or does the Obama phones have to be sent via mail?
    Thank you for your time and reply.



  85. cindy avilez says

    ihave reachout wireless but i m thinking of swiching my plan to budget because i need unlimlited. talk and text instead of lumited minutes

  86. danny phan says

    My friend got a free phone from budget phone with t moble services, he want buy and activate to a smart phone, but we dont known where is local location telephone sevices in sacramento , can you let me known ? THANKS !

  87. Susana Melendez says

    I trying to get a phone I just move I need a cellphone I have been very sick so I need a phone what do I have to do To get one let me know

  88. Gale Carlson says

    I just filled out all of the information that you required for free cell phone service. It said that my address or something was not correct. I have lived at this address for 15 years. Now what do I do. Please let me know.

    • Matt says

      Hi Gale. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. Our system follows the USPS system exactly. So, it doesn’t like punctuation or symbols. So, enter your address like this:

      123 Main St APT 456
      Your City, Your State
      Zip Code


  89. Christina Trans says

    I came into the office near 1879 Senter Road, San Jose, Ca 95112. To one to the representatives at the booth. I am waiting on my order status and delivery. Please send me updates. I can confirm any other information needed. Via email is the best form of contact.

    Thank You!
    Christina Trans

  90. amy nicholson says

    Hi. I currently have a budget mobile phone I just received. I am wondering if leftover minutes rollover each month? Also wondering if I have to purchase a plan before I run out of minutes, or can I call after I am out of minutes and get more? I dont know how many minutes will be sufficient for me yet?

    • Matt says

      Hi Amy. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. Your leftover minutes will not roll over, unfortunately. Your best bet would be to purchase add on minutes on our website. You can also purchase monthly prepay plans that allow for more minutes and texts each month, as well. http://www.budgetmobile.com

    • Matt says

      Hi Dumitru. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. If you qualify to receive government benefits like food stamps then you qualify for this program.

  91. angie chavez says

    hi I’m I need of a cell phone do 2 me being on ssi and I live by my self and I don’t have a car and I don’t know any one here ware I live and I have asmha and if I was 2 have one of my asmha ataecs I have no way 2 call 911so how do I get one of our cell phones for me a.s.a.p my add is p.o.box’s *** traver cali 93673 so can u help me plz thank u god bless u

    • angie chavez says

      so sorry for my spelling not good at all and I’m using my kids phone do 2 she is here at my home but she don’t live by me at all she lives like 30 min from me in visalia cali and she comes by my house 2or3 times a mouth so I do need a phone cuz all my ssi money gos 2 my rent and bills and a little bit of food for me and by the 2 of the month I’m out of money 2 get me my own cell phone so plz can u help me god bless

    • Matt says

      Hi Anya. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. You can call our customer service line at 888-777-4007 and select the first option to speak with a representative. You can also visit our website for information on your free cell phone and its service. http://www.budgetmobile.com

      • marie litterio says

        Would like to participate in your free cell/text services. However, I have special needs. Even when volume turned up all the way, I still cannot hear speaker &would like to keep conversations private. Had Budget Mobile in the past. Would also like to text. I still qualify.


  92. Gloria Arellano says

    I wanted to ask f someone buys u a smart phone can we transfer services and keep everthing we have on our pho.es or do u have phones for sale

    • Geoff Scott says

      How do you switch to a new phone I just bought 3 days ago I have had budget mobile for 2 years and who do you get a hold of??my old phone is dying!!

    • Matt says

      Hi Gloria and Geoff. My name is Matt and I represent Budget Mobile. We offer smartphones for sale. You can visit one of our stores to see the types of phones we offer. Geoff, please visit our website for contact information. You can also visit one of our stores to replace your phone. http://www.budgetmobile.com/stores

  93. Douglas Westen says

    I received a phone in the mail with phone number 323 252 ****. Yesterday I received a letter from California LifeLine Program that I did not send it the proper paper work and therefore I have been disqualified
    (002-007-****). If this is the case, why did I receive the phone and how and where do I return it?
    I emailed with an attachment from Disability Insurance stating my monthly amount and the dates that I receive these amounts…..I am a bit confused and would like to know what I should do.
    Douglas Westen
    213 494 ****

    • Matt says

      Hi Douglas. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. Please visit our website (http://www.budgetmobile.com) or call our customer service line at 888-777-4007 and select the first option for new service to talk to a representative. They’ll be able to figure out what went wrong.

  94. Azadeh says

    my mother has a budget phone. She was given a flip phone, it’s very old and too small for her vision. Am I allowed to go to the budget mobile and buy her a bigger size phone? Or she is only supposed to use the phone she was provided with?
    Thank you

    • Matt says

      Hi Curious. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. Our parent company, Budget Prepay has been in business since the early 90’s.

  95. ryan says

    I have two questions. First, what kind or kinds of phones are these? Make and model? Second question, if I qualify and everything goes smoothly, how long after I send in the application until I receive the phone in the mail? Not sure if it matters but i reside in California. Thank you

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The phones are whatever they have purchased at the time. There are no choices. We can’t tell you how long it takes to get the phone, each company is different.

    • Matt says

      Hi Ryan. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. We offer a variety of phones ranging from flip phones to low-level Android and Blackberry. Generally speaking, it takes about 3-4 weeks to get your phone after you’ve sent in your application assuming all goes smoothly.

  96. james knowles says

    When i make calls my number shows up on caller ID as 626 240-****. When people call that number, they get someone answering ti Lomita.Help.

    • Matt says

      Hi James. My name is Matt, I represent Budget Mobile. Please call our customer service line at 888-777-4007 and select the first option for new service to talk to a representative. You can also visit our website to file a report. http://www.budgetmobile.com

  97. Chris C says

    Hello I sign folks up for these phone through budget for the state of Colorado , just wanted to let you guys know that we do 250 talk and 250 text now. I have several spots around Denver if people need to know where to sign up

  98. michael gloudemans says

    I have disconnected with budget on July 9, 2014 & I am trying to go with assurance. My old number is 317-498-****. My social security number is ***-**-**** Assurance wireless said’s they need a conformation number from budget in order for me to go with Assurance. It show ‘s on there records that I still have Budget. Please, e-mail me a conformation number so I can get this straighten out. I can’t get through when I call your customer service at 888-777-**** Please, call me for any questions at 317-589-****

    Thank you
    Michael Gloudemans

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We are not Budget or Assurance, or any phone company, so unfortunately we cannot help you. But please, we urge you to not post your phone numbers and especially your social security number in open forums online — anywhere.

  99. marcus says

    my name is marcus, my phone has had problems with the voice and sound,i have california life line, so i stop[ to see the reppresenitive who hangs out on a table and laptop at the human resourse asking people to get an obama phone, well i stop to tell him ,,can i get another phone? and told him my problem,he siad ,,hay no problem, you sure can get another phone,, so this was last week i been waiting on a phone that should work better ok.. well to my surprise i get a letter that i had requested to be switched fromcalifornia life line to budget mobile??? i never requested this change they shut my service and i dont know whats going on??? customer service please take me off budget mobil i never asked for that ..i have californialifeline..thank you sorry for the trouble, hope there isnt an emergincie because i have noway of calling 911…….

  100. Jennifer Sikora says

    i have a free cell phone from buget but i lose my phone how can i get a new one please email me to let me know at ****@yahoo.com to tell me how i an get a new phone thanks

  101. Tina Eddings says

    I just gotten this buget phone a couple of weeks ago and i want ,,,, to use it but i can’t connect what should , i do i need a phone real bad because i’m thu the goverment program and i do have medical-cal and i need a phone to connect people and i’m on a program with the county of los angeles .And if i need to be contact i can’t so what should i do . I have been calling the phone but there no answers i’m very confuse…

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      What do you mean, “if you have medical?” But, only the eligibility requirements we’ve listed qualify.

  102. Erika Boles says

    Hi my name is Erika Boles. I want to know what kind of cell phone do you all have can the phone receive text and also can it receive picture. And daily inspirational texts.

  103. Cheryl Townsend says

    I need to find a free cell program that includes a free phone. I qualify for free service, but I do not have a cell phone. Are there programs that include a phone?

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Please read the page above. We are not the phone service, we tell you where to get the phone.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Call your cell phone provider and ask them. If they won’t contact a different company in your state (click our States menu link)

  104. Travis Keith says

    I recently got approved for a free lifeline phone thru another distributor,since receiving phone been having some problems with them. I heard something aboht switching providers. Is that true, and what providers allow you to switch .

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      You can always switch. We are looking into this, but I believe that if it’s within 60 days of a new contract, you must first contact your current company to de-enroll, and then contact a new company. If after the 60 days, you can go directly to the new company. But make a call to the company to be sure.

  105. Sophia says

    My phone was working , now it says initial programming needed what do I do and all I get is a busy signal I can’t make phone calls from the cell phone

  106. Mary A. Lee says

    I keep getting busy signals every time I dial a number and I know that I haven’t used all my minutes.

  107. Brandie says

    I would like to know who to contact if I’m having an issue with a lifeline phone company (budget Mobile).

  108. Ramon Morales says

    I have a budget phone but, it has been disconnected and it needs up grading could you please contact me at cellphone ********* or thru my email.

    Thank you,