What Assurance Wireless plans are available?

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California Unlimited Talk & Text Offer

In August of 2014, the Assurance Wireless phone company rocked the Lifeline cell phone world by announcing their new California plan: Unlimited voice calls and unlimited texting! At the current time it’s not promoted on their home page, but click through to California and you see the generous offer.

Basic Assurance Wireless Plan: 250 free minutes

When you enroll in the Assurance Wireless free mobile phone program you’ll be automatically enrolled in the basic plan, which will give you a free cell phone of their choosing, plus 250 free minutes and unlimited text messages. (special offer in effect with 500 minutes now)

$5 Talk Offer

If you pay $5 per month, your airtime will be increased by 250 additional minutes per month.

$30 Talk, Text & Data Offer

By paying $30 per month, you will also receive unlimited airtime and unlimited web data.

Buying Extras

If you add money to your Safelink Wireless account (with a credit/debit card or Virgin Mobile Top-Up card), you can purchase the following extras:

- Additional minutes at 10¢ each
- 10¢ text messages
- Messaging Packs as low as $5 for 200 messages
- 411 service at $1.75 per call + standard airtime charges
- international calling (for an extra charge) to over 200 countries

Things to understand:

  • Minutes do not rollover. Any unused minutes at the end of the month will be discarded and you will start fresh with your monthly allotment at the beginning of the next month.
  • For the $5 Talk Offer and the $30 Talk and Text Offer, you will only get these upgrades if your account has the proper amount of money in it on your payment due date.
  • For the $30 Talk and Text Offer, international text, picture messaging and voicemail messages are not included in the monthly allocation of messages.
  • If you use all of your monthly voice minutes before a new monthly cycle starts and you have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be charged 10¢ for each additional minute you use. If you do not have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be limited to calling 911 or Assurance Wireless Customer Service.
  • If you are on the $30 Talk and Text Offer and use all your monthly text messages, each additional domestic text, IM, email and email notification message costs 10¢, and each additional picture message costs 25¢.
  • If you are on the $5 Talk Offer or the $30 Talk & Text Offer and you do not have sufficient funds in your account to pay your monthly charge on your payment due date, you will automatically be switched to the 250 Free Minutes offer.


  1. Sharon Conlee says

    i have a assurance wireless do you have any phones i can upgrade to i have to charge mine up twice a day sometimes .thank you

    • Carolyn Tillinghast says

      Yes go to VirginMobileusa.com and select the Paylo Phones. Or go by Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens and purchase one in person.

    • Diana says

      You could use any virgin mobile cellphone EXCEPT: iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys….with that being said you could use any phone except those 3 with assurance wireless….hope that helps somewhat…

  2. Jimmy Brown says

    I puchused a virgin moble a couple months ago.. the battery went dead and yall replaced it. when i got it and turned phone on the screan has lines in it now. can yall send me a new vigin moble phone? please

  3. Ericka V. says

    Does Assurance Wireless offer a unlimited talk and text phone plan? If so, how much does the plan cost monthly?

  4. Karen says

    I would like to know if collect calls from the New York are included in the $30.00 unlimited talk, text, and web plan?

  5. norma says

    i am a citizen in need of a cell phone due to my unemployment i am receiving 189 dollars every month of food stamps, can you notify me how i can receive my free assurance cell phone ? i would love to get the talk and text service in which it would help me a lot in my search for a job with it , please reply to my email above and thank you .

  6. TERESA says

    Love assurance wireless service.Works better than my daughter’s att phone service. When running out of free minutes, i call and add 250 more for $5.00, with tax costs, $5.66. Customer service reps are phenomenal. Courteous , friendly and answer any and all questions quickly.

  7. Lyubov Biletska says

    I get your phone and 250 min free &250 messages free for more than 1 year.Service was good,thank you.I am 58 y.o.,not citizen yet,get foodstemps from DSHS,have medical problem for 5 month,dont have work for 40 days and you canceled me from you service free.Now I have to pay for my cellphone.I don’t understand,why.Please explane me what I have to do to continue recieve service free from you?Thank you.

  8. judy murgatroy says

    I Judy called last week because I either lost my phone or it was stolen. I have not yet receiced it could you please email me the tract number? Thankyou

  9. Helen Arthur says

    I need a cell in case of emergency. I don’t text so thats not important. Just want to beable to call and get calls. Any service that works in North Myrtle Beach area ? I can’t afford Verizon or other cell companies.

  10. jeanne says

    is there a plan that you can pay an additional fee to access internet service? If I purchase a telephone that can utilize the internet I want to know if I can pay a monthly fee to have the service? thank you

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