What Assurance Wireless plans are available?

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California Unlimited Talk & Text Offer

In August of 2014, the Assurance Wireless phone company rocked the Lifeline cell phone world by announcing their new California plan: Unlimited voice calls and unlimited texting! At the current time it’s not promoted on their home page, but click through to California and you see the generous offer.

Basic Assurance Wireless Plan: 250 free minutes and Unlimited Free Texts

When you enroll in the Assurance Wireless free mobile phone program you’ll be automatically enrolled in the basic plan, which will give you a free cell phone of their choosing, plus 250 free minutes and unlimited text messages. (special offer in effect with 500 minutes now)

$5 Talk Offer

If you pay $5 per month, your airtime will be increased by 250 additional minutes per month.

$30 Talk, Text & Data Offer

By paying $30 per month, you will also receive unlimited airtime and unlimited web data.

Buying Extras

If you add money to your Safelink Wireless account (with a credit/debit card or Virgin Mobile Top-Up card), you can purchase the following extras:

– Additional minutes at 10¢ each
– 10¢ text messages
– Messaging Packs as low as $5 for 200 messages
– 411 service at $1.75 per call + standard airtime charges
– international calling (for an extra charge) to over 200 countries

Things to understand:

  • Minutes do not rollover. Any unused minutes at the end of the month will be discarded and you will start fresh with your monthly allotment at the beginning of the next month.
  • For the $5 Talk Offer and the $30 Talk and Text Offer, you will only get these upgrades if your account has the proper amount of money in it on your payment due date.
  • For the $30 Talk and Text Offer, international text, picture messaging and voicemail messages are not included in the monthly allocation of messages.
  • If you use all of your monthly voice minutes before a new monthly cycle starts and you have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be charged 10¢ for each additional minute you use. If you do not have a sufficient balance in your account, you will be limited to calling 911 or Assurance Wireless Customer Service.
  • If you are on the $30 Talk and Text Offer and use all your monthly text messages, each additional domestic text, IM, email and email notification message costs 10¢, and each additional picture message costs 25¢.
  • If you are on the $5 Talk Offer or the $30 Talk & Text Offer and you do not have sufficient funds in your account to pay your monthly charge on your payment due date, you will automatically be switched to the 250 Free Minutes offer.

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  1. John Vosteen says

    Some time ago, you folks offered me “free” Internet service. I was not eligible, so I did not respond. I am now eligible, but do you still offer Internet service? Thanks, JRV

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Contact Assurance directly. Its contact info can be found in the article above.

  2. Carol Nowland says

    Trying to set this up for my son who is in a nursing home with all old people and he is going to be 34 years old next month I would love to get insurance wireless phone for him for his birthday the 250 minutes for the first 4 months 500 minutes with unlimited texting would be awesome I will pay for whatever I need to pay to get him upgraded wireless phone if that’s possible he is disabled but he still has his upper body capability so please call me at 727 area code 3264 *** my name is Carol now and my sons name is Todd now and its spelled Nowland right now has safelink his phone number is area code 848 hold on 340 years old next month I would love to get an shines wireless phone for him for his birthday to 250 minutes opera first 4 months 500 minutes with unlimited texting what the awesome I will pay for winter I need to pay to get him upgraded wireless phone I that’s possible I hear is disabled but he still has his upper body I capability so please call maine a 727 area code 326 **** miami sparrow now and I son’s name todd now and it spelled on all wll on day his phone number is area code 848-448-**** that is a safelink phone he has had for several yrs.but he doesnt have internet and he doesn’t have anything I’d like to upgrade it to whatever the best phone is that you have available at assurance. I have assurance and I like it a lot better than safelink so that’s what I’ve been trying to tell him that if he switches to assurance he will be a lot happier and for only 5 dollars a month he can get an extra 250 minutes he’s not going to need more than that so unless I can get him unlimited minutes and unlimited text with a regular android phone.
    you can reach me at 727 – 326-****
    thank you very much
    Carol Nowland

  3. Kenneth Biggs says


  4. irene weinstein says

    i forgot to mail in my other form with the pin number is it okay if i send it alone and it can be matched up with copies of eligible form?

  5. Deidra Vinson says

    I do not seem to get the internet….is it NOT avail on v Phone ?
    I can go to a phone shop and get it activated by me if necessary.?????
    I talked to Kim,

  6. shannia beasley says

    I can’t see the # or letters on my cell is there a way I can upgrade and continue to get the free minutes and txt, if so what kind of phone is compatible and yet big enough for me to see

  7. valerie roberson says

    I would like to know how do I go about signing up for this program? I live in New Jersey or a program compatible to this one?

  8. laura ramirez says

    Can I change companys, I have budget but I’m interested in assurance wireless because I have family in mexico and I believe they have international service for a small charge.

  9. Lisa Stevens says

    Hi, I have not received my minutes on my phone yet. When should I get these? I need them please. Thank you Lisa Stevens

  10. Pamela Bullock says

    I moved about 125 miles from my old address and now my phone has no service at all or no texting I called and spoke to someone that works with your company and they said they would work on this problem that was 2 months ago and still no service what good is this phone to me when I cant use it can I return it and go with another phone provider where I can get good service? I will gladly return this phone. 601434****. Thank you.

  11. jeanne says

    is there a plan that you can pay an additional fee to access internet service? If I purchase a telephone that can utilize the internet I want to know if I can pay a monthly fee to have the service? thank you

  12. Helen Arthur says

    I need a cell in case of emergency. I don’t text so thats not important. Just want to beable to call and get calls. Any service that works in North Myrtle Beach area ? I can’t afford Verizon or other cell companies.

  13. judy murgatroy says

    I Judy called last week because I either lost my phone or it was stolen. I have not yet receiced it could you please email me the tract number? Thankyou

  14. Lyubov Biletska says

    I get your phone and 250 min free &250 messages free for more than 1 year.Service was good,thank you.I am 58 y.o.,not citizen yet,get foodstemps from DSHS,have medical problem for 5 month,dont have work for 40 days and you canceled me from you service free.Now I have to pay for my cellphone.I don’t understand,why.Please explane me what I have to do to continue recieve service free from you?Thank you.

  15. TERESA says

    Love assurance wireless service.Works better than my daughter’s att phone service. When running out of free minutes, i call and add 250 more for $5.00, with tax costs, $5.66. Customer service reps are phenomenal. Courteous , friendly and answer any and all questions quickly.

  16. norma says

    i am a citizen in need of a cell phone due to my unemployment i am receiving 189 dollars every month of food stamps, can you notify me how i can receive my free assurance cell phone ? i would love to get the talk and text service in which it would help me a lot in my search for a job with it , please reply to my email above and thank you .

  17. Karen says

    I would like to know if collect calls from the New York are included in the $30.00 unlimited talk, text, and web plan?

  18. Ericka V. says

    Does Assurance Wireless offer a unlimited talk and text phone plan? If so, how much does the plan cost monthly?

  19. Jimmy Brown says

    I puchused a virgin moble a couple months ago.. the battery went dead and yall replaced it. when i got it and turned phone on the screan has lines in it now. can yall send me a new vigin moble phone? please

  20. Sharon Conlee says

    i have a assurance wireless do you have any phones i can upgrade to i have to charge mine up twice a day sometimes .thank you

    • Carolyn Tillinghast says

      Yes go to VirginMobileusa.com and select the Paylo Phones. Or go by Walmart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens and purchase one in person.

    • Diana says

      You could use any virgin mobile cellphone EXCEPT: iPhones, Androids, and Blackberrys….with that being said you could use any phone except those 3 with assurance wireless….hope that helps somewhat…

  21. Maria L. Martinez Roman says

    Yo tengo un plan del govierno con ustedes pero no he recibido los papeles para renovar el contrato me los podrian enviar ya que no los he recibido gracias

  22. James Williamson says

    If you already have a cell phone but can’t afford to pay for the service can you use the one you have?

  23. Rickey May says

    I submitted my paperwork to assurance as they stated on their website they provided coverage in Forest City North Carolina and yet I just received notification of denial for no coverage in this city. Please check on this for me and refer me to a free wireless plan that is offered locally if you can.

  24. julie says

    my phone is very small.> .. my fingers are to big to use buttons! Can I exchange Phones. Also I have to go to windows in my house to use it!

    • Matthew says

      @lendoa: Yes they do have unlimited talk/text/web it costs $30 IMHO if you want unlimited goto H2O wireless as they have a $30 unlimited plan.

      @Beth: you cant get another phone unless yours is broken you CAN use a PayLo Virgin Mobile phone on Assurance wireless though.

      @Dino: Yes. Sprint/ Assurance Wireless has service in 95448

      @julie: That is sprint for you. The Nowhere network

  25. Dino says

    I live in a forested area five miles northwest of Healdsburg, CA 95448.
    I’m concerned about having a signal and reception as i have a hearing
    Please send me a picture of you Free Cell Phone i qualify.


  26. dawn aguon says

    If the phone provided is not functioning properly(about 9 mths old) do you replace it, and if so how do I go abuot doing so

    • Linda Carter says

      It is pretty good. I live near Tupelo. The only problems I have had were when I was in Pontotoc, Ms. at my workplace. There most likely was a lot of interference. I worked in a hospital.

  27. joyce jewell says

    I got assurance wireless cell phone # ***3199887 but I had it in my pocket and it broke I like to get a new one but don’t know how can someone please tell me how to get my phone replaced.Thanks very much if someone could help me.

    • Linda Carter says

      I just replaced mine. You get one free replacement. Then another phone is only 15.00 and it is a different one. Its really nice. Just call the 1-800 number for Assurance wireless and go thru the prompts.

  28. sue maxwell says

    need to know how my husband an i quialify he is on disability
    i do not draw anything…really need help..send info to sue maxwell *** n.e. 4th st.
    Atkins,Arkansas 72823

    • Linda Carter says

      The telephone number to call is: 1-888-321-5880. You will be given automated options to choose from. You can get to a human this way, if you choose the correct option. If you need an application, you can get one from the internet site for Assurance Wireless. Just look for the free phone application form and print it out. Hope this helps. I know that it can be very frustrating sometimes, but you have to keep trying if you are on the phone and not on the internet. Bless you. Hope you get it taken care of.

  29. Neil L Green says

    I have read here in one of your articles that California has been added. Can I get a free phone and 250 minutes FREE? We are on food stamps and would qualify. Please get back to me. If there are other companies servicing California, could you let me know. Thank you…. I truly think you are all robots. Don’t you have any live people that work for you to answer a question? It is totally frustrating to call and get your prompts only to have it say good-bye if you are out of the zone. Maybe some one from your company should call the numbers you have listed and find out how stupid your phone system is. Well now that you guys are probraubly mad that I have critizied your office phone system you won’t answer me. Again thank you..

      • blown away says

        you are the most impolite person I have ever seen in my life. how rude do you have to be everyday to make yourself feel better? really just try using your manners every now and then

  30. Mary says

    i have been checking on assurance cell service would like to know how you get the internet with assurance on a cell phone some of there phone have mapping and so on would like to no if that comes with the 250 min plan or do i need to buy a bigger plan?

      • Jim says

        Actually, if you go through Safelink wireless and your Tracfone has a built in browser, you can connect to the Internet. I recently upgraded my phone (got it for free on Listia) that has Internet access and it worked. I asked Safelink if it is ok to use the Internet and they replied that as long as I had the minutes, I can use it if my new phone supports it. It just tends to eat a lot of minutes.

  31. Castian says

    hola! me gustaria cambiar mi telefono por uno mas actualizado,alguien sabe si puedo activar uno de boost mobile, o un android de cricket?, como y donde tengo que ir. Gracias!

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      Absolutely. We removed his comment entirely.

      People please, do not place your address or phone or name in a public comment. We will delete it as soon as we see it. And we delete about 3-5 comments a day like this.

  32. Karl wickel says

    I have an iPhone that is lock,, I didn’t pay my last bill because I can’t afford it any more.. My question is can I use my iPhone And just put the free minute call and text?

  33. dan beach says

  34. Betty says

    I have put apps in a couple times and have checked back. And they say I need to fill out another app. I have tried 2 different times. and no answer from anybody.I will try this again and see what happens. I don’t no if this is my mistake ur somebody else fault. I am on a very low income. Can’t hardly afford anything very hard to live. Hopefully 3rd time a charm. thank you.

  35. cathy renaud says

    I’ve been trying to add minutes to my phone, but don’t know what the phone no. is. can you tell me? this site is so confusing.

  36. moats norman says

    I need a phone and not working and to change number call me 252-367-4496 and my sister will not get it and will not use it

  37. patti says

    I would like to up grade my cell phone. I have had mines for a while ,and gettin where it doesnt work all the time. i need to know if you have up grades On the phone ,that we can purchase. Please reply…

  38. Steff says

    I have an old Blackberry Curve just sitting around, will that work for the assurance wireless? BTW, when I applied it took about 8 months for me to even get a phone. I had honestly given up on it, then one day OUT OF THE BLUE a little package came, and sure enough, it was the assurance. I have yet to activate it though, as I ended getting a phone myself through Sprint

  39. Michael says

    I had a minor problem with Assurance Wireless that numerous contacts with their customer service reps over the course of 5 days couldn’t solve. Here is how I finally got help and fast: I sent an email to [email protected] and my problem was solved within a few hours. It is another department and those people are great. You can also find them at the Assurance Facebook page. Though they need an email at the above address to look into your case.

  40. Michael says

    A while back, I said that I would report back on my experiences with Assurance. Overall after 6 months the experience has been good, not great. Reception has been good and I have been adding on minutes every month by inserting $5 at the website. I bought a Samsung Restore phone on sale at Radio Shack and added that with no problems. You can add different phones but make sure ahead of time the one you choose will be accepted, no androids. I now have the free text messages, that were added this month after contacting AS customer service via email. Dealing with them over the phone is difficult and long. I do have a problem with them now that is minor but seemingly impossible to solve even after corresponding with numerous representatives. Overall you can’t beat 500 talk minutes and 500 texts for $6.20 per month (tax and fee). You can even use your phone to send an email for the cost of a text.

  41. james esparza says

    i would love to use youer service pleas help me do so by use-ing me E-mail addres thank you so much

  42. tommy says

    I’ve had my assureance wireless phone for over a year now and very happy with the service and the quality of the phone.

  43. Ricky says

    The free Assurance plan now include 250 minutes AND 250 texts per month. They also updated their other plans.

  44. Sylvia says

    Shaunna, I know you care about your daughters, but do you really believe a 8 and 9 year old need a cell phone. They should all ways be in your care or someone care at all time.

  45. Shaunna says

    I have two daughter that i would feel safe with them having their own cellphone. one is 8 and the other is 9 closer to 9 and 10. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to go about getting them one. They both have medicaid. thanks

    • Ghod says

      The article clearly states ONE phone per household so if you have one they can not and if you did get one for them they would have to share it

    • Rebecca says

      Really?? we are talking about young children here. I recieve a free government assisted phone…I work, have all my life, have paid taxes and my dues as far as I see it; however, I have been going through this message board and can’t belive some of these postings!! Do your young children really need a phone??!! People are sucking our sytem dry and taking advantage of the system. A lot of ungrateful messages have been posted and your wanting a cell phone for 8 and 9 year old children is a bit ridiculous and wanting to AGAIN…suck more out of the system!!! Not right people. Lets be thankful and appreciate the things that are given to us…Please!!

  46. Felice says

    to change your plan norma to the 1000 min you just have to push up on your menu (says ok) button and select change to $20 plan or dial and get a rep and tell them they will help you do it. I do it every month. Hope this helps


  47. hope says

    which company are we talking about. Assurance/virgin? or safelink?
    I’d like to know before I choose which company to use.

  48. Hunter Diamond says

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    If provide the Lifeline free cell phone program in Califonia, please email me an application.


    Hunter Diamond

  49. Bill says

    What can one do if they live in a State that is not on the list for Free Cell Phones, besides sign up for news ? Like Oregon.

  50. patty says

    My phone is no longer working. When I try to make a call it makes a real loud noise and when people try to reach me they get a message that the phone is out of service. I need to order a new phone. How do I do that?????

  51. Kimberlyn Jefferson says

    I’ve been with Assurance Wireless for some time now. I would like to change phones. I have an older Sprint Sanyo Vision and wondered if it would be feasible for me to transfer service to it, and if there is a fee involved. Please remit.

    Thanks K. Jefferson

  52. Earl Newman says

    I sent my application back 3 weeks ago along with proff of eligability but i have recieved nothing instead i recieved another application I would like to know what,s wrong

  53. Joe says

    I mailed my application including supporting documentation (Drivers Lic., Access Card, and Medicaid card all photocopied on 1 sheet) on November 1st. Today I received my phone. I will report back on my experiences with usage and/or service. I live in Pennsylvania.

    Good Luck,


  54. Clara Sill says

    I applied for the free phone on Nov. 3, 2011. I have not gotten the phone yet. What’s the deal? Where is the phone? Am I going to get one?

  55. Shannon says

    I have applyed 2 time for a app. and i have no phone and i have job that i applyed for that cant call me! andi have kids with their schools calling me and no phone!

  56. Mary says

    I live in the national forest in Fl., and some of my friends have come over and their cells don’t work out here. One of them have a Virgin mobile. How will I know if I get a cell that it will work and what to do if it does’nt get a signal?
    Thank You

    • Steve says

      Depends on your carrier/ solution first, and the device with OS, Manufacture, models of all devices and carriers where you are. If they/you have WiFi then download Google Voice for each platform/OS versions etc. on each device , just download/install Google Voice and add Talk if you want redundant texts. Look at my post above and just have them all get everything you want for mostly free except for a $15 headset or Bluetooth if you have it as a better solution.

      Hope it helps and just let me know.


  57. Edith says

    I want to apply and have been unable to do so, A message indicates to call an 800 number but I cannot cause I don’t have a phone. Please direct me to the correct way to apply .
    Thank you

    • Steve says

      If you have a computer with Internet then you have all you need! ..mostly. Get a headset anywhere, download Google Voice and it will give you a new free phone number and features that will blow you away. You can port your old phone to Voice by law for about $10 You can also get Google Talk for texts, but the Voice app really does both all in one place. I like all the features and # 4 to turn on/off crystal clear recording for those times and the voice to text and superior telco features seamlessly all into Gmail. It auto synch all of your devices history, etc that the MS Surface promises. I wish they put Voice on their almost empty menu bar instead of hit more, then find and clicking the app.

      It’s kind of tough living on WiFi but some strong Hot Spots you can just pull up outside in your car like McDonalds, Starbucks and many more etc.. I have been living only on the wire so this seems a good solution especially working from home and having a big business apparence with as many lines as you want and storage out the Gazoo. Just get a good Bluetooth set and you should be fine, and I just saw a very cool 4-5 Hour Apple pocket Bluetooth handset and asking about Android. The better the antennas, CPU, memory in the devices can vary like my Nexus 7 tablet Vs. My T-Mobile My tough 4g(WiFi only) and my desktop/server and Notebook too. I’m signing up for these phones cos I’m broke unemployed going on 6 years. I’m trying to use basic/free tech to offset my bills and the smart phones can be used as great hotspots for up to 5 devices. I’m like most heavy on videos that chew up up so many minutes when you think about a Netflix movie. I know they use a Chinese company called Huweaui for their smart phones on Cricket and others. You can just buy a Hotspot device from Cricket etc. for about $80 discounted and a decent high bandwidth solution in a small phone size/shape for wherever you go.

      Other than th