What are the three Safelink plans available?

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When you enroll in the Safelink program you’ll be asked to choose one of three plans which will dictate the number of airtime minutes you’ll receive each month, how your minutes are carried over each month, if your international long distance is free or not, and how your text messages are charged.

Here are the three plans that are currently available from Safelink:

 Free Monthly Minutes Included in PlanUnused Minutes Carryover Each MonthText Message Charge*Free International Long DistanceVoicemail

Caller ID

Call Waiting
Plan 168 in all states (80 in MA)Yes3 Texts/1 MinuteYesYes
Plan 2125Yes1 Text/1 MinuteNoYes
Plan 3250No**1 Text/1 MinuteNoYes


You’ll note that the number of minutes per month varies with each plan, and with Plan 3 you get 250 minutes, double Plan 2 and almost quadruple Plan 1. However, you also lose some benefits as well, the biggest being the ability to carry over minutes from month to month.

Plan 1 and Plan 2 allow you to roll over your unused minutes into the next month. But with Plan 3, unused minutes will not carry over UNLESS you purchase and add more airtime by buying and redeeming a TracFone Airtime Card before the 25th day of the month. If you do this, they will roll over, but only for three consecutive months from the date of your last Airtime Card redemption. If you wait until the 26th day of the month, your airtime balance will be reset and not be carried over to the next month. (Adding more than one Airtime Card at the same time will not extend your airtime beyond the three months.)

Safelink really wants you to buy those TracFone Airtime Cards don’t they?

Another thing that is different is the text message charge. With Plan 2 and Plan 3, each text message you send or receive is equal to one minute of airtime. With Plan 1, however, it takes three texts to use up one minute of airtime. (Note that these text messaging rates apply even if a different rate is stated on an Airtime Card.)

The last difference between the plans is the International Long Distance Charges. The calls are no extra charge in Plan 1, but chargeable in Plan 2 and Plan 3.

It’s important that you understand the distinctions between the plans, or you are going to run out of minutes when you least expect to. If you are not happy with the plan you have, you can contact Safelink Wireless at any time to change to another plan.

For your application, go to the Safelink Wireless page for contact information.



    • Terry Prothero says

      Purchase a tracfone and contact safelink. You’ll need to get the IME number off both phones (it’s located under the battery) and give that info the customer service person. They will transfer your account to the other phone. When you do this, though, you will lose any rollover minutes you had on the old phone and will start over with ten minutes. I had to do this because I accidentally damaged my phone. Just make sure it’s a tracfone and not a phone using the android operating system. Otherwise it won’t receive your new minutes properly.

      option 1: English
      option 4: Problems with your phone.
      option 6: All Other inquiries (gets you to a live person)

    • Joyce says

      Minutes are added automatically on the first of each month. You need to be sure that your phone is turned ON in order for your minutes to be received.

    • Michelle says

      They have been giving out these phone since Clinton and Bush were in office. It sounds dumb to say Obama phone. Like he is so great and helping out those who need it. I don’t know who started with the Obama phone but it isn’t because of Obama you have your phone.

  1. ona says

    I never received info on WHEN MINUTES are added to my “Obama” phone. How does that work? Respond in English please. This site won’t allow me to,select anything other than Spanish.

  2. Aurora Martinez says

    I ran out of my safelink free minutes so I bought a trackfone 60 min card at the store. I followed the instructions and still have no mins after 3 hours. Please help

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