What are the three Safelink plans available? Some states up to 500 minutes & Unlimited Texts

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Limited time offer for New Customers
Free Cell Phone & Unlimited Texts* & 500 Minutes for up to 5 Months**
* Unlimited Texts in NY, FL & TX, 1,000 Texts for all other states.
** After 5 months in NY, FL & TX the program continues with 250 Minutes and unlimited Texts,
in all other states after 3 months the program returns to 250 Minutes and 1,000 Texts.

When you enroll in the Safelink program you’ll be asked to choose one of three plans which will dictate the number of airtime minutes you’ll receive each month, how your minutes are carried over each month, if your international long distance is free or not, and how your text messages are charged.

Here are the three plans that are currently available from Safelink:

  Free Monthly Minutes Included in Plan Unused Minutes Carryover Each Month Text Messages Free International Long Distance Voicemail

Caller ID

Call Waiting
Plan 1 68 in all states (80 in MA) Yes 1,000 Yes Yes
Plan 2 125 Yes 1,000 No Yes
Plan 3 250 No** 1,000 No Yes

Note: Do not go over your 1,000 minutes allowance. If you do, you’ll be deducted voice minutes. With the 68 minutes plan your message deduction rate will be (18.5 SMS /min), for the 125 minutes plan (10 SMS/min) and for the 250 minutes plan (5 SMS/min).

You’ll note that the number of minutes per month varies with each plan, and with Plan 3 you get 250 minutes, double Plan 2 and almost quadruple Plan 1. However, you also lose some benefits as well, the biggest being the ability to carry over minutes from month to month.

Plan 1 and Plan 2 allow you to roll over your unused minutes into the next month. But with Plan 3, unused minutes will not carry over UNLESS you purchase and add more airtime by buying and redeeming a TracFone Airtime Card before the 25th day of the month. If you do this, they will roll over, but only for three consecutive months from the date of your last Airtime Card redemption. If you wait until the 26th day of the month, your airtime balance will be reset and not be carried over to the next month. (Adding more than one Airtime Card at the same time will not extend your airtime beyond the three months.)

Safelink really wants you to buy those TracFone Airtime Cards don’t they?

Another thing that is different is the text message charge. With Plan 2 and Plan 3, each text message you send or receive is equal to one minute of airtime. With Plan 1, however, it takes three texts to use up one minute of airtime. (Note that these text messaging rates apply even if a different rate is stated on an Airtime Card.)

The last difference between the plans is the International Long Distance Charges. The calls are no extra charge in Plan 1, but chargeable in Plan 2 and Plan 3.

It’s important that you understand the distinctions between the plans, or you are going to run out of minutes when you least expect to. If you are not happy with the plan you have, you can contact Safelink Wireless at any time to change to another plan.

IMPORTANT: For complete information on Safelink Wireless and its current plans, and for how to apply for service, please go directly to our main Safelink Wireless page. CLICK HERE.

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  1. Anita Wilson says

    My granddaughter lost the card telling her how to get her free monthly minutes by using her tracfone cell phone. Is there a telephone number that she can call to get this information? She was able to get her minutes last month by following the instructions on the card, but cannot remember the procedure. Thank you..

  2. Gina Yates says

    I need to stop my internet & cable tv as it costs too much. Can you help me with cheap HD internet? Gina

  3. dominique wheelock says

    Ive had my safelink Phone for a mnth or 2 now & i havent gotten my other mins for this month like i was supposed to, help me please i rly need this phone.

  4. kimberly says

    I have enrolled before and my address changed,I never recieved my phone but did receive activation information,tried to e mail but didn’t get responce back

  5. Karen Hartvig-Nielsen says

    Safelink is a terrible company to deal with. Their automated phone service is next to impossible to access; if your particular question or issue doesn’t fall within their selection guidelines, you are out of luck. After hours of trying (on different days, weeks, etc.) I still have not been able to get a real live person.

    I live next to the Canadian border so my cell phone doesn’t get a signal. I changed to a 60 minute a month Canadian plan, but my request for a change apparently did not go through as the phone still doesn’t work. Also I sent them a letter requesting that my account be closed, since the phone doesn’t work in the area I live and shop in. It has been two months, and I am still getting notices from them to activate my phone or I’ll lose my minutes.

    HUH? I haven’t used my phone for months! I sent a letter cancelling the service yet Safelink is STILL CHARGING THE GOVERNMENT. Assurance had the same issue of no service near the border, but at least they were honest about it. Similar to Medicaid fraud.: It seems like some Lifeline providers are taking advantage of what could be, and should be, an essential service for all.

  6. Davena M. Carter says

    Thanks forthe heads up!
    I have safelink already i love the service your company has provides! I would recommend Y’all to my friends!

  7. diane ramos says

    I want to know if I bought a safelink phone would I be able to add my 250 free minutes and text to it or I can only use the phone I was mailed ?

    • FreeGovernmentCellPhones.net says

      They won’t. They, like most all Lifeline phone providers, give out refurbished phones based upon what is available to them in bulk at the time.

    • Tiffany Holstead says

      I went to Dollar General Online and bought an Alcatel Feature Phone for $36.00. When I got it in the mail I called Tracfone and told them the Serial Number and the SIM card number and they transferred my Safeline account to the new Phone.

      So yes, they do have the ability to add Smartphones to Safelink accounts. At the time I called, before I bought the phone, the rep said the Droids were the only ones they did not have on line but that was going to change soon.

  8. theresa nelson says

    It isn’t right for them to take ur roll over minutes I had over an hour left on my phone and they took 66 minutes from me. That’s just not right.

  9. JohnnyBravo says

    I have heard that once you receive the phone you can get a tracphone of your choice and activate the store bought one

  10. walter chasse says

    Ive had nothing but problems with phone you sent me and have already received a replacement battery and now again this phone is not only not keeping a charge but will not even charge for a person with my medical problems I need a phone that I can depend on in an emergency the way it is now you all are making me homebound due to the fact that I AM a recovering liver and kidney patient at any time my health can make a turn for the worse so please help me rectify this unfortunate situation and thank you for your diligence and I hope promptness Walter Chasse

  11. Charity says

    Hi, I have plan 3, but I still would like to make international calls. How do I keep this plan 3 and still able to make 2 free international calls a month?

    • JohnnyBravo says

      I hear you can go to a big box store and get a tracphone replacement, I like the big big boy they name it, built in flashlight, many store carry them for under $25

  12. Jamil.Salahadyn says

    I just received my new saflink phone and it was stolen from me and it has over 350 minutes still on it.

  13. Stacy Shorr says

    Hi I was looking on line and got a yellow envelope offer of 500 mins and unlimited texts. Unfortunately, I lost the connection for a moment and it seems the offer with it. I hadn’t finished reading the site but if I do sign up, I’d like to be able to access that offer. Can you help me?

  14. patricia crooks says

    is there any way to get a phone with a larger screen? i have bad eyes and can hardly see this little phone ….. Please help me >>> Thank You for any comments …

  15. Pamela locke says

    I older phone I do have phone no phone to used now had can I get phone now can mail me application to me mail or send phone about Fed ex or ups ok sold how can I get phone ok need phone her I have little boy her at home he do not one what do he on 4 year old ok my address is **** half Floyd jonesboro ar 72401 Pam **** ok ,thank you God Bless:

  16. Jason Wesley says

    I live in Tayolrsville , Ga and get 250 minutes.Do you have any smart phones or iphones or unlimited text and talk and data plans?

  17. liz says

    Hello I live in illinois & currently have the 250 plan minutes & 1,000 txts is there any plan that includes unlimited txts? Plan 1 ? or 2? or no? Thank You

  18. synthia henson says

    my in laws just got safe link with 250 mins and get 500 for 3 months which were very greatful one down fall is they don’t make a lot of calls some months and more on other months if there mins would roll over they have no worrys nor do I please concer all plans have roll over mins it sure would relive stress

    • Max says

      I got my phone and I love the idea of the free texts 1000 per month got my 500 and added some more minutes just to have all minutes roll over its no biggie for me after a while I will just use it like a regular cell phone

  19. Ariel Ybarra says

    The first of the month came and I still haven’t received my free mins but my phone texts but no calls will I receive the mins anytime soon

    • Debbie knight says

      i have safe link for two years, i did not receive my free min. for Dec.. I have called too many time to mention.no min. yet.I have called 5 different phone #s Called air time 100 times ( 555 )no code…no min.s yet. Whats going on? I need my mins.

  20. Aurora Martinez says

    I ran out of my safelink free minutes so I bought a trackfone 60 min card at the store. I followed the instructions and still have no mins after 3 hours. Please help

  21. ona says

    I never received info on WHEN MINUTES are added to my “Obama” phone. How does that work? Respond in English please. This site won’t allow me to,select anything other than Spanish.

    • Joyce says

      Minutes are added automatically on the first of each month. You need to be sure that your phone is turned ON in order for your minutes to be received.

    • Michelle says

      They have been giving out these phone since Clinton and Bush were in office. It sounds dumb to say Obama phone. Like he is so great and helping out those who need it. I don’t know who started with the Obama phone but it isn’t because of Obama you have your phone.

    • Terry Prothero says

      Purchase a tracfone and contact safelink. You’ll need to get the IME number off both phones (it’s located under the battery) and give that info the customer service person. They will transfer your account to the other phone. When you do this, though, you will lose any rollover minutes you had on the old phone and will start over with ten minutes. I had to do this because I accidentally damaged my phone. Just make sure it’s a tracfone and not a phone using the android operating system. Otherwise it won’t receive your new minutes properly.

      option 1: English
      option 4: Problems with your phone.
      option 6: All Other inquiries (gets you to a live person)

  22. Anya Conger says

    I’m in a wheelchair and my husband is unemployed, he had to quit his job because I needed him at home because I was falling a lot. Then I found out why I had a tumor on my spine. I was operated on and the doctor removed the tumor. My husband is going to college with the University of Phoenix. So it would help us if we had a cell phone.

  23. joe says

    Have yall ever heard of jobs?
    People have made it thousands of years without cell phones, why should you get one for free?

  24. says

    A few people abuse publicly libraries, schools, and roads, too, but you never hear people crying about that. How? Never returned that book? You abused the library system. Didn’t try your best in one of your classes? You abused a free education. Littered, used snow chains, or driven during a snow alert? You’ve abused public roadworks. All publicly funded programs that your taxes paid for. Instead of beating up people on welfare why don’t you track down all those misplaced library books. It would be a more productive use of your time.

    Regardless, explain to me how someone who doesn’t have a phone and a phone number can look for work? What do they put on their application? How do they call 911 if there is an accident? How do they make doctor appointments?

    It is fun to abuse others from a position of privileged. Indeed, history has shown that its the American way (there’s so much cheap labor to be found among the impoverished). Fun doesn’t make it right, though.

    /isn’t on assistance, doesn’t begrudge people who are.

  25. rosalia says

    i am a 13 year old girl my family is struggling on foodstamps and food from our church pantry.i am getting older and i am going out more my mom is afraid that somthing will happen to me .iask her for a phone so if something does happen but we cant aford it we have food to buy and bills that we are behind on.

  26. Tonya says

    Maybe the streets sound nice to the lady, but when you lose your job and have no where to go, with nothing to eat because of circumstances that cannot be helped, some people need this program. It is not easy not having all the luxury some people are fortunate to have. I see many in abused situations getting these phones. Would she have them taken away from the women who don’t have a phone any longer, as well.

  27. Michelle says

    I would like to know why I am paying for this program by being taxed on my own cell phone bill that I DO PAY for myself! I know not everyone abuses this free program and some people really do need it but when I see on the news that some people have 20 or 30 of these because nobody keeps track of them?? Seriously?? I work very hard at a stressful job everyday serving low income families and when I see how they abuse the programs and all the free things they get?? The families drive cars that are new and very expensive, carry designer purses and wear designer clothing. It really makes me want to quit my job and go on the system so I can just do nothing and reap the rewards. I’m not the only one that feels this way either…there going to be a large backlash in this country. People are tired of paying for everyone else!

    • julie says

      @Michelle You say you would like to quit your job and reap the rewards of welfare. Well go live in public housing for a week and then tell us how rewarded you feel. Then maybe you could see how it feels to have ignorant people judge you on the basis of welfare and what you wear or drive. Don’t judge an entire group of people on the actions of a few. Most of these people do need the help, a select few abuse the privileges. Michelle…do a little more research before you start talking about things you know nothing about.

  28. Dave says

    I would also like an answer to Jerry’s question.

    jerry January 6, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    On Plan 2,, 125 Minutes,, I understand that this plan that left over minutes at the end of each month rollover to, and add to the next months new 125 Minutes.


    Is there a limited amount of months that the rollover minutes can be added?
    Hypothetically could ones minutes roll over to add up into the thousands of minutes over many months of rolling over the leftover minutes on one account?

    Someone told me that there was a certain amount of months that the rollover thing could be used but searching online I can’t find that rule, or limited RO minutes.


  29. jerry says

    On Plan 2,, 125 Minutes,, I understand that this plan that left over minutes at the end of each month rollover to, and add to the next months new 125 Minutes.


    Is there a limited amount of months that the rollover minutes can be added?
    Hypothetically could ones minutes roll over to add up into the thousands of minutes over many months of rolling over the leftover minutes on one account?

    Someone told me that there was a certain amount of months that the rollover thing could be used but searching online I can’t find that rule, or limited RO minutes.


  30. Valentine Knight says

    For those of you who can only get your mail at a PO Box, have you tried, using the post office’s street address with your box number like an apartment?
    That’s what we have to do here. There is no street mail delivery, everyone gets their mail at the post office.
    Your Name
    1234 Walnut Street, #135,
    City, State, zip code.

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      The problem is that only one phone can go to one physical address, too. It’s really a problem.

        • Terrance says

          The different box/”apartment” numbers for the Post Office physical address are each a different physical address.

  31. Ben Mclemore says

    Where can I buy the Safelink refill cards in the Tampa bay area? I used to be able to buy the 3$ and 5$ cards at Walgreens but they arent carrying them anymore. I cant find them ANYWHERE….not kmart, not CVS, Not walmart….WHERE? I cant afford the 20$ tracphone refill card!!!!!

    • Christina Owens says

      SafeLink Wireless makes wireless telephone service more affordable by offering Lifeline service for qualified customers. Qualified customers will receive a free SafeLink Wireless handset and free monthly Minutes with no commitments, contracts, or bills. If you need additional Minutes, you can buy TracFone Airtime Cards at any TracFone retailer (Walmart, CVS, Kmart, Target, Radio Shack, Walgreens, Rite Aid stores, Family Dollar and Dollar General).

  32. kj connors says

    I do not have a telephone and although eligible for a safelink phone I cannot get one because I live in a rural area and only have a PO box for mail delivery. My 911 street address does not register on your (and other) systems. I have even tried to use the street address that I had before 911 changed my address ( which was about 5 years ago) and you all can’t use that either. I contacted the USPS and was told that although my street address is correct with them there is nothing that they can do about my (and many others) address not showing valid. As I have been very impolitely told by your customer service reps you all won’t…under any circumstances deliver to a PO box. I believe that exceptions could be made concerning your delivery regulations based on individual circumstances such as mine . I have exhausted any and all ways of proving my address is a valid address . I have mailed you all a certified letter from the USPS stating that my address is valid although I can only have po box delivery unless mailed FedEx or some other private shipping/mailing service. I have spoke my feelings, thanks. KJ




  33. Oma Magyary says

    My daughter is living in a nursing home, and we are wondering if she is entitled to a free government cell phone, She is on disability. Thank you for your time. Will be waiting for your answer. Oma