Conexion Wireless Serves Arkansas and Maryland with Lifeline Cell Phones, but Should You Use Them?

conexion lifeline cell phone

NOTICE: It appears that Conexion Wireless must have gone out of business sometime in Spring 2013. When we have any information on what happened, and what happens to customers, we will update this page.

We all know who the big players in the Lifeline wireless phone market are: Assurance Wireless, Safelink Wireless and ReachOut Wireless. There’s another small player we’ve discovered that covers two states: Arkansas and Maryland. It’s a prepaid wireless company named Conexion Wireless. Conexion sells prepaid wireless phones into 49 states, but has only so far been approved to for the Lifeline phone service in the two states.

Unlike its larger competitors, we’re unimpressed with the information available on their website. There are literally two only paragraphs that tell you that you will be talking soon for free, but they do not tell you how to qualify for a free cell phone, how many minutes you’ll get, what the policy is on rollover minutes, international calling and other features.

The first thing they want you to do is to add a phone to your cart, and then supposedly after that you will complete a form to see if you qualify. And, we don’t know — but we doubt — if at that point they will actually tell you the terms of their service. We tried searching for further information and followed the resulting links but the pages we ended up on were strange pages that’s we’re sure were not intended for the customer.

You’ve got all three other popular choices in both Arkansas and Maryland, so we recommend you select one of them instead. At least until Conexion shows more interest in the Lifeline program and spends some time adding complete information on their website so you can comparison shop, and feel comfortable with the company.

In Arkansas, you qualify for a free cell phone from the government if you are at or under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or are already participating in Aid to Families, Section 8 Housing, Home Energy program, Food Stamps or Medicaid.

In Maryland, you qualify for the free phone and free minutes if you are already in one of the following programs: Electric Universal Service Program: Maryland Energy Assistance, Medical Assistance, Public Assistance to Adults, Temporary Cash Assistance, Temporary Disability Assistance, Food Stamps or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


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  1. justtrecia says

    honey the best government phone is REACHOUT WIRELESS i have been with them for 3yrs. now haven’t had a problem sent my phone out right away i order it friday and recieved it tueday REACHOUT WIRELESS IS IT. had a friend that order a phone from conexion BAD,BAD i’m just saying

  2. will t says

    thats cause they taking all your info ss# an may b use n it for other stuff. be very worried people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kabura raye says

    This is kaburaraye so ineed form abaut this phone application pls send to me my address is 3801southshore dr apt b3 dayton ohio 45404 thanks.

  4. Mike says

    Here’s an idea, stop bitching about not getting another free hand out from tax payers, get a job and pay for your own damn phone!

  5. marie says

    i got my phone in october with terrawiress i i cant hear people in my ear when i talking to them on the phone, only can talk to people when they on speaker.i called they tell them about the problem they told me u pass your month you have to get another phone its not right.



  7. Don Wiltbank says

    I got an unsolicited phone in the mail. Works OK BUT you just get 100 minutes a month instead of 250 for other government phone carriers.

  8. serethaparris says

    i get my phone but need to talk to them about min on it and what time of mo. you get them but they will not get the phone waited for 1 hour and 45 min on the phone and get mad.i call all the # they have too

  9. me me lee says

    My cellphone was stolen and I would like to know who would I contact to get the phone turn off. If anyone has any answers can you please let me know. All i remember is that it was a free government cellphone, but I cant remember the company name. Like i said if anyone has any idea’s please let me know. Oh yea, I found out about them by a TV ad. They were advertising on TV.

    Thank you

  10. Tim Rosson says

    I ordered my conexion wireless phone 9 mths ago and got it 4 mths ago and for the last month have been trying to get them to ad min. on the thing but I haven’t gotten any yet. I Have a medical condition and have to talk to doctors a lot and so I need the thing.. Hey the upside to the thing is that they have really nice reps if you can ever get one on the phone.. They didn’t load the 500 min.. on the phone like they advertised either.. 100 is all I got..

  11. Obvious says

    Hello, as I read these comments I see people who don’t take advantage of their emails and internet. First of all, getting a job doesn’t mean you can just go buy cell phones. Like myself, I have children and paying for a phone for two teenagers is not in my budget. This advantage is good, so why not use it. If it doesnt interest you, dont look on the website. OBVIOUSLY if you could have participated you would. Secondly, sending an email to the support team is beneficial. I got my minutes in 1 week of contacting someone. People stop putting your business in the public so someone couod come to your home and kill you. People look for persons just like you. Go to the website and enter it there. Or again, EMAIL the support team.

  12. rb says

    What happen to conexion wirless are they out of biz…try to call them since 6/21/13 there phone number 1877-303-6075 don’t work their website…don’t work e-mail the same…i had their service for 1yr and now my phone doesn’t work…do u know what’s goin on

    • Free Government Cell Phones says

      We didn’t know anything about this. We just checked the site and yes it’s down. We called the phone number and there’s a message with another company name, unrelated to phones. We’ll look into it. But given the site and the phone no longer go to the company, I suspect they’ve closed their doors.

  13. Joan Spease says

    My son has an account with Conexion his phone went dead what’s the name of the company that took it over? His phone has died and needs to get another one.

  14. Free Government Cell Phones says

    We have not heard anything about what happened to Conexion, nor any word on what happens to their customers. We’ll let you all know as soon as we hear something.

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