10 Surprising Facts about Free Government Cell Phones

free government cell phonesYes, we said free government cell phones. There’s a little known government program called Lifeline Assistance that provides free cell phones and free minutes for needy Americans. And as the economy slows down, the program speeds up.

Here are ten surprising facts about free government cell phones and the people who have them.

1. Over 10 million free government cell phones are now in use. The program began in 1999 with landline phones, but since the first wireless phone was handed out in mid-2008 its growth has accelerated rapidly.

2. In 38 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico, companies offer government cell phones. The program has come a long way quickly since it began in Tennessee in mid-2008 — expect coverage in all states soon.

3. You can qualify for a free government cell phone simply by accepting other government assistance. Medicaid, food stamps, SSI, National School Lunch, Section 8 Housing, etc. Don’t worry about providing proof. The program will take your word for it.

4. You can qualify for a free government cell phone in some states if your household income is 150% of the poverty level. Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas, to be specific. But in all the other states you can qualify with an income 135% of federal poverty guidelines.

5. It’s nicknamed the Obama Phone. Calling this the “Obama Phone” an inaccurate appellation, however, because contrary to the rumors the first free cell phone was doled out under President Bush, not President Obama.

6. Illegal aliens are welcome. The program’s rules don’t exclude non-U.S. citizens and there is no mechanism in place to verify citizenship. That will undoubtedly result in reduced funds available for Americans.

7. The world’s richest man in the biggest player. Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire and world’s richest man, owns Safelink Wireless, the original and largest company in the free government cell phone business.

8. The program is plagued with fraud. Here’s just one example out of many: The population of Puerto Rico is 4,000,000 and the government estimates that 200,000 of Puerto Ricans have fraudulent free phone accounts. More fraud means fewer free phones for those truly in need. Fortunately, the FCC is going after the fraud.

9. Oddballs. 38 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico participate in the free government cell phone program. In 38 of those jurisdictions, the program provides a free cell phone and 250 free minutes per month. The oddballs? In California customers pay $1 for 1000 minutes, in Alaska they pay $1 for unlimited talk and text, and in Oklahoma it’s $2.50 for 250 minutes.

10. If you like the free government cell phone program, you’re going to love the free government internet program. Cheaper internet for the poor is already here, but now the FCC has proposed a new program to offer free internet and low-cost computers to America’s needy.

Bonus #11. The free government cell phone business is a growth industry. The program cost a relatively modest $800 million in 2008, but government “experts” estimate that it will exceed $1.5 billion in 2011. Don’t believe it. We think the final number will be closer to $2.0 billion.



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  1. AmazonSister says

    Comments section are always far more entertaining than the article itself!
    Funny thing is that if you look past the ‘emotional leakage’ and strip out the actual meaning of the comments… we all basically agree!!
    Americans are generally good hearted & make sure that when one of us falls on hard times, they get a hand up. We don’t want them to be ashamed, yet know something’s wrong if they don’t. We all respect hard work, disdain laziness. And we’re all tired. Some of being taken advantage of, others of needing to be helped.
    What with the abusive fee’s & stiffeling over-regulation making business in the U.S. far too overwhelming for many and too costly for others.. the one’s who stay in business, and the one’s who keep their jobs HERE, have to hire too few and pay too little. Many who would start their own business to make it, can’t.
    We agree there’s way too much abuse.. both of & by the ‘system’. We agree our gvmt takes too much, spends & wastes too much and gives too much away to the undeserving (people AND countries incl’d). Not surprising, it’s not ‘their’ money (+ it makes their jobs necessary).

    Most of all, most of us agree on this; We don’t like the way things are going in our country!
    It seems to me that in the past there had always been enough of the kind of people who’d actually DO, while most just bi*ched! And too few of those ‘type’ exist these days. Maybe we all need to be Americans first and foremost & put aside everything except what is best for America till she’s fixed. Then VOTE!

  2. JJ says

    Well, if we were all worried about our jobs or looking for work we wouldn’t be here arguing….and ya, a cell phone in this day and age is a necessity. I say this as a single mom during summer break. I like to have a way to reach my kids–I can’t afford a car, and I can’t walk as far (or as well) as they can…because, you see, I’m a disabled-leeching-off-the-government type of person. But hey, at least I’m in school to make something of myself while the doctors are working on me. Then again, that could never possibly happen, huh? GAWD. Just be nice, will ya? No wonder kids are such snots…they get it from their parents!!! Oh, and for the record, we wear designer clothes, too…buy them at thrift stores all the time. Very expensive…sometimes a whole DOLLAR!!! And why does this have to be a political debate? Really. Write your congressman if it bothers you so much. It’s life man. I’m sure as hell not gonna be flippin off every person I see driving my dream Jaguar down Route 66….I’m gonna own one when I become a doctor. Even if it’s a HotWheel. So There.

  3. Bobbye says

    Seems like all you people are the same. So quick to put the people down who do receive any type assistance from the government & personally I think it’s b.s. & there’s always that 1 person who wastes no time to trash talk. It just shows what a jerk (put nicely) you truly are. Yes having your own opinion is one thing but talking about those of us who do get government assistance like you do,not nice. There’s so much I want to say but with the anger I get just from reading these comments,I can’t type it the way I want to due to language. NOT everyone on assistance are lazy or “cheating” the government, some are. When you want to add your negative comments about anyone who gets help you should keep in mind NOT everyone’s doing same thing
    Yes I DO receive help from government programs such as food stamps & the phone program & I’m NOT ashamed or embarrassed by it. And a lot of you people state that your paying for our so called “free ride” but so are we. There are things we have to have that can’t be purchased with food stamps & we pay our share of taxes,too.
    IF there’s any of you who feel this is directed towards them, we’ll then even though NO finger pointing has been done then maybe you should feel this way for a damn good reason. Have some level of respect for others & don’t put every one of us in the same classification as “we’re screwing the government” or “just lazy” & so on.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. Elisabeth O says

    Free government phones are providing jobs for people in India, Columbia and Central America. I got one of these phones but it doesn’t work and I won’t use it. I am 100% disabled after working since 12 years old. I refuse to use this phone. Bring the jobs back to America. Charity begins at home and should stay at home. It angers me that mean people abuse the system and angers me more the same government who provides us cheap phones and sends jobs overseas won’t crack down to the fraud.

  5. Mark says

    I used to have a lucrative job with a company sub-contracting to a State Agency. I WORKED. I worked every minute of overtime I could. I went to nearby State Agency Stations which had different late night hours (each location stayed open several hours later for people who could not make it in during work hours). It was nothing for me to rack up in a two-week period an additional 58 hours of time and half.

    Then I got injured on the job. The company crewed me. I lost my HMO, and had to choose between using my bank to pay for doctors and medication or rent, lights, and food. I filed bankruptcy and I had to let go car, TV, internet as unemployment ran out and my bank grew thinner and thinner. And Disability?? Ads all make it sound so simple, “can;t work for at least 12 months? file”. Yeah, right. “Professionals” who never even met me made discisions based upon *company-paid doctors* and kept denying me. It would take about 4 years to get in front of a Judge. So I continued to leverage money from life insurance and 401k. I had to rush Workers Comp to a settlement to get money right away as opposed to dragging things out to *maybe* get more. I decided to use that money to move to another state where my mother and sister live because the rent there was cheaper and I could pre-pay a year’s rent for what would only have gotten me 3 months in the Northeastern state I was in. Yeah, I had to stiff my old apartment, but to pay them what I owed would have virtually eaten my settlement.

    Things were bleak and Clinical depression set in. I *used* to think the various TV commercials about it was bull. I’ve been beyond humbled.

    All the while, unable to get help for my injury, my back grew worse and worse. I could no longer stand up straight, impinged nerves makes each step searingly painful. MIgraines started, set off by light (sun!) and reading. My blood pressure shot up to and stayed around 240/117. WITH 6 medications it now averages 190/93, which is still high. My heart is working overtime. And all because the company I poured my soul into did not want to reciprocate. At first they thought I was faking, surveillence staking out my apartment (I hardly went anywhere not doctor or food shopping), and then when I had to hand over my car, they missed that because they staked out my old House (mom and sis had sold it and moved out of state 3 years ago!) and another worker from my place who had fallen thinking I was in “cahoots” with him to defraud the company.

    In NJ I could not qualify for foodstamps. In Georgia I can. I finally got in front of a Social Security Judge and he took one look at me and my records, asked a few questions, and I was accepted. Now I have just enough a month to pay rent, light and heat, and I got internet (no TV or Phone). However barely enough to pay both Dr visits AND medication, but I’m still seeking plans which will help with all that.

    3 years ago I got a free cell phone. It is the only real communication I have with my sister (mom passed last year) or for 911 (heart attack is a real possibility).

    Trust me, if I *could* work, I would. I *exhausted ALL* of my funding sources as well as unemployment. And Social Security was a teat I had to *fight* 4 years to get on.

    My health is broken now. I doubt I can ever be 100% again. I cannot sit or stand for more than 20 minutes or so at a time and same applies to laying down unless drugged out so I can sleep at best 3 to 4 hours before back pain makes me have to get up for a couple hours.

  6. Lakyce says

    I get the credit on my phone bill. All it does is offset the universal charge which is part of my phone bill too and some taxes. I have no friends or family to go to or to help me in these “minor” ways. I am too disabled to do most of the things discussed here. I even appreciate being able to buy slice pickles because it is so difficult and energy depleting to do it myself, and then something else doesn’t get done. I still have hopes of getting back to work, even though I am retirement age and all these “handouts” are no more than a type of insurance payment for having paid into SS while I was working. Even with all the help I qualify for the only thing that is easy about it is the medical insurance, and that isn’t as on-demand as a lot of people seem to think. One time I was at a food bank and a worker asked her boss if I qualified, and the boss said that if a person is hungry and they have food they will give it to them and anything else was between the person and God. (except for government commodities – they keep close track so a person doesn’t get more than their share). There is no way anyone can tell what another person has to deal with in their life. But you guys make me feel like I should be dead so I won’t be using up your resources anymore. A person can only get just so much help with borrowing and favors and even from agencies or churches. Perhaps a class on how to help or how to be helped would give a lot of us a sense of direction and reference. It won’t do any good for many of the people speaking so indignantly here, who appear to be unwilling to even allow for a possibility of the things they are complaining about doing good for so many more and in a lot of cases the very kind of things that they think people should be doing, who are getting these handouts. I believe that giving a person the benefit of a doubt would do us all a lot of good and be an excellent foundation on which to build understanding, consideration, and mutual support.

  7. Libby says

    I am sitting here, reading these responses and it is making me face-palm in real life. There are people in every aspect of life that take advantage. But to the “struggling” folks out there.. if you really think that your life would be easier if there wasn’t so many pesky senior citizens or disabled in the world, soaking up all your tax dollars, then you are sadly mistaken. You will always be raped for your money by the government. Its just a part of life. I mean, I did not hear all this belly aching when Bush (and then Obama) just handed billions of dollars to a bank or a car company. Why not make your feelings heard then? Or would you rather see a bank get bailed out before you help your fellow man? It is true that Americans are idiots. So focused on stuff that doesn’t matter and missing the things that are RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!

    I will be glad when they micro-chip us all up, link us to Google and put us to work in a camp somewhere. Then you guys will see that you never had a choice in the first place.

    • Libby says

      The whole purpose is to find a way to track people anyway. Who cares if you are PAYING to be tracked by the government and someone else is being tracked for FREE?

  8. c. Money says

    We are two old people who worked for forty odd years each. When I retired, we gave up our cell phone because we needed to cut expenses. I have been so upset since I found out that the universal service charge on our regular phone bill is to pay for other peoples cell phones. I called our state senator’s office in D.C. and found there is a bill that passed the House to eliminate this sorry program but they will not send it to the Senate because the democrats have already pledged to kill it. Conservatives will never win another presidential election because democrats are buying votes with free “stuff.” Our nation cannot sustain the course it’s now on….God have mercy on us.

    • Hahaha! says

      You got that right! Hand-outs have been happening for as long as I can remember, it’s not just an Obama thing. But IT’S TIME TO STOP. I think that’s why so many people were so dramatic about the election and wanting to secede. It’s not the system they are so upset by, it’s the ABUSE of the system that is causing the crash. As Americans, we DO band together and take care of our neighbor. Better than any country I know! BUT there is a growing number of people who have GIVEN UP on the American dream and become RELIANT on the government. They simply quit striving for whatever reason. And the burden falls on everyone else. The idea is to spread the burden so it’s easier to carry, but when there are more open hands than people to help….quite frankly we’re all sunk. Thank you for your insight, c. Money. Your outlook is valuable to me!

  9. Hahaha! says

    Helping people in hard times. WHAT hard times? Is it REALLY a hard time without a CELL PHONE? Yeah, it’s not as CONVENIENT as you would like, but it’s NOT a HARD TIME just because you don’t have a cell phone. Other factors make it very difficult, but lack of cell phone is not one. So you don’t have a cell phone and you consider that a HARD TIME!!!!! Look outside your window. Ok, so maybe you can’t see that far, but the rest of the world doesn’t consider it a HARD TIME without a cell phone. They are in worse conditions. People CAN function without Angry Birds, y’all. Surprising, I know. Hard-er to manage without one, YES – but NOT impossible!!! It just takes more EFFORT than the average American in hard times is willing to put in. Americans are generally fat, lazy slobs who cry about doing anything that resembles breaking a sweat. YOU DON’T NEED A CELL PHONE, PEOPLE!!!! Break free of the cell phone and pick up a pen and paper, go to the library and log on to free internet, use a land-line, use a pay phone, borrow a phone, use the phone book, ask for directions, go to your friends house, check the weather by looking outdoors….whatever you think you need a cell phone for – there is an alternative. Except Angry Birds….and then, gosh you’re just sunk and I feel so sorry for you. Yes, I have a cell phone and it’s great, but it was broken for a MONTH and even in my position at the time, it did NOT hurt me in the least NOT to have it. My life was actually happier! Get over it and quit being dependent. Being in hard times is different than relying on the government for something. People are willing to give and help to those truly in need. Other people just put themselves in the position they have to rely on the government – it’s a LAZY habit. Those who are truly in need try everything they can to help themselves….take a look in the mirror. Who are you and why are you relying on the government? Do you really need the help, or are you just too ***** lazy?

    • gail says

      This would work people…Give them a phone for 6 months…no job no phone. Everyone has a friend or family member that will get a message to them. Lets get real. Senior Citizens 65 and over can have a phone with 100 minutes for emergency, medical and still a little family time. if family calles them they don’t pay. That would work. and you must qualify through your SSI number. Americans will not mind that !

  10. debbie says


  11. NSummers says

    To the people worried about those on government phones, and getting help when they need it, you have noone to thank but yourselves and your family heritage that has led us to this glorious day. don’t blame presidents or government officials, because most of the ones complaining are the same ones not taking an active political part in helping to shape the future. Just suck it up and live with what you, your parents, and their ancestors have created and get over it.

    • gail says

      We can’t and that is the problem. We want to live and be treated like our ancestors and let us help people we see in need with out money. that is what people use to do. ! no American will watch another American suffer !

  12. Ellen says

    The United States is severely in debt. It is not a question of the poor not being able to afford a phone but can the USA afford this bill for free cell phones. No, they cannot. Most of the world seems to be very poor and USA is helping them too. I wonder how much of the aide sent in supplies and money actually go to the poor in these poor countries. Time to stop and think. If I cannot help my own family, why would I be giving away my food to my poor neightbor of whom I cannot help because I am taking that very food away from my family. How many of these poor people are on some type of assistance is going outside finding a dirt spot and planting tomatoes, lettuce, cucumers, beans, etc. There are ways we can help ourselves. Yes, it is horrible to be without a phone and I know from experience. One time in my life, I would have to ask a neighbor to use the phone and oh my, the look I would get but I used the phone and felt like trash. But I got through it. When I got back on my feet money wise and told myself how to budget so I would never again get myself in that predicament. There are too many people on assistance that are on illegal drugs and how do I know, a reliable relative told me so and yes I do believe her. She herself told me about this free phone program and applied at many different free phone places and got the phones and either lost them, gave one away or just does not use them as somehow she got the smart phone and is using that because I guess it makes her feel like she is somebody. So, just think of the waste of money just by her not even caring because she got so my cell phones but they were not the Smart phone or the I Phone. I know some may be angary but the few good people who do follow the rules suffer by the bad people. I vote for getting rid of this free program for phones. I am elderly now and probably in the poor classification but I still vote to get rid of this debt.

  13. dixie says

    how awful is this??? Why not spoon feed these people too? There was a time when there was something called WPA (during the depression) you had to do some kind of work to even to get food for your family)now we are handing out stuff…. come on Americans…what is wrong with you all? A universal charge on my cell phone bill, I don’t think so. Borrow your neighbors cell phone to make a call, go to the food bank for food and help out there. If you stop getting stuff may-be you might just look for work instead of shopping at Wal-mart daily……We Americans are better than that are we not???

  14. DAMN says

    Ok I just received my free phone… I am a single mother of (1) child, I lost my job and had to let my car go back. I am a receive food stamps, but no unemployment. I totally understand Not2Happy’s comment! However…WHAT IF YOU LOOSE YOUR JOB, should people complain about helping you out, if you were in my situation? I don’t think it’s fair for women that “pop out babies,” to just receive Government help, but the “working class Americans,” that are trying, I think it is fair. My gosh our economy is in recession, if I still had my job I wouldn’t be bitching about helping out people that are trying to help themselves. NOW I would about people that don’t, they need to have stricter QUALIFICATIONS and or PROOF that you definitely qualify. I had to send in proof of my Food Stamps, I live in Kansas. So maybe it varies state to state.

    • Truth says

      Need proof for some things here but yes they do need to be strick about where the funds go and yes also help the working class and ex-workers also. To easy to pose as if they need the free things but also develope some departments from to certain programs such ass SSI or mental/ Physical handicaps with a lie detection to who what where when and why all they are qualified and if its intentional that they did this on purpose for money ect.. Im sure it will be cheaper than dishing out money to millions who do need these and take advantage for a little fee for a lie- detection. A little extream but is needed now a days for recover of the finances of our country

      • Snuggles says

        I have to agree to a lot of this. However, not to a lie detector. I am on SSDI and I also receive most of the gov’t help. I am also in the process of getting my kids back and the courts required me to take a psychological evaluation and let me tell you, had i not already been getting SSDI they would b handing it to me on a platter and appologizing for not giving it to me sooner as well as asking me how I managed up until that point. I say this because it goes into such detail that some assumed diagnosis’ and some things never revealed all came out onto paper! Right there in black and white gave me a shock that was hard to swallow but I bet u my bottom dollar if everyone was required to take a psych eval either everyone would b req to get help, more help, or off of all gov’t assistance. Then the ones that ended up getting a job but wont b able to hold onto it or dont really care that they have a job, can let their job positions become available for those who can and want to work.


      You are a working mother that deserves help when needed, this should NOT be taken advantage of and OBUMMER is allowing that….it’s HIS fault, not people receiving them. i think it should be the same as welfare…if you need help, get it, but PROVE you are a US Citizen, prove you aren’t on drugs, and prove you are working!!! bums should NOT receive this kind of help…if you are capable of working, DO SO! i am all for helping people, but i also think everyone needs to help themselves, as well!

      • LTF says

        Some of you seem sensible and perhaps, intelligent. However, this program was started by BUSH!!! Not Obama! These issues have been going on since before Obama was born. EVERYTHING NEGATIVE is blamed on him. How do you separate those truly in need from those who are opportunists? Everybody complains but offer no real solutions. With millions of citizens, those who aren’t and more entering the country illegally, HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Pointing fingers and name-calling certainly won’t do it? I assume that everyone posting responses here have had a life where they have NEVER had financial issues to bear. Nor physical. Nor emotional, Nor mental anguish of any kind. Sooo many self-centered individuals. (Just speaking in general, to no one specifically). Walk in anothers shoes before judging. Responses to this might be enjoyed by someone but not me because I’ll not check to see what was said. I’l justl take my elderly self somewhere and sit down and try to figure out how i’m going to stretch this tiny Social Security check so it won’t run out before the next one comes. Seems I shouldn’t have a free phone to go with the $16.00 food assistance I receive monthly from the goverenment. Should I give up my subsidized housing because most apartments rent for more than my check? i never thought I would become and old widow and have to depend on anyone or any type of government programs but life happens.

        • AJ says

          I completely agree with everything you said. My mom is in the same situation. You never know what tomorrow is going to hold. The idea that something like this is available for someone that needs it is a good thing. Even though I qualified for it, I continued to pay my $200 monthly bill to Sprint. I certainly couldn’t afford it, but the ignorance exuded by some people makes you almost ashamed to say “I have to have some help sometimes.” I pray, LTF, that you are continued to be blessed and the SS you worked all your life for is able to continue to get you through. Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom.

    • Amen! says

      Here here! I also am a single mother who was working full time when my son was born and have never received assistance of any kind in my 32 years of life!!! When I was laid off and couldn’t afford child care to look for more work I found myself getting evicted and living in a motel. It is extremely hard to get back on your feet when you are a parent doing it all alone. I was ashamed to ask for help and therefore tried to do it myself. Hence why I ended up in a motel. So…..Not2Happy, have you ever had to deal with the situation described? How would you handle it? Im guessing your implying you’ve never had to ask for help in your life and therefore should be one to help others although I think in reality you’ve probably never given a dime to the homeless, or ill, or anyone less fortunate. So from those of us who understand what “pay it forward” means, thanks Not2Happy, we appreciate your understanding and yes, you are a jerk.

    • Laura says

      My grandmother and mother were both widowed with young children. Government didn’t take tax dollars to give THEM phones (cell or otherwise–but cells didn’t exist then). We relied on “Party Lines” and NEIGHBORS if our phone service was shut off–not the government or taxpayers. I was laid off 2 years ago… I needed a Bridge Card–do you think they gave one to me? Of course not and I’ll tell you why…I have three major flaws working against me: I’m white, I’m intelligent, I’m an American Citizen. I wish you the best of luck.

  15. Moishe Pippick says

    No my friend, we need money for all our fellow Americans in this economy, and we need less whiny selfish me me me me talk.

    • Truth says

      Really yes more shareing but for those who make efforts to get back into successful ways such as jobs or other income but for those who cant take care of themslves they need these more than the fakes who aply for SSI, food assistance, insurance, free phones, internet & anything free to just be a lazy peace of SH$#. Or people that help others with there needs and not use these things for a hustle! We deplete our nation from what we have in funds and still owe others so until this is met with a serious look into it then have fun helping our contry become poor day by day. (not directed to you Moishe Pippick but to all to try to be lazy users and help use funds to be lazy and not really need these things). Fell free to comment back. Im sure this will cause a stir in some ways.

    • gail says

      Maybe, you need to start buying 3 or 4 phones a month and donated to the government programs. ! no whinning now ! maybe buy 8 – 10 a month. help people who don’t qualify for a sad reason. keep going until there is nothing left for you. get a sample of life !

  16. Not2Happy says

    Well I am not too happy to hear about this program. I had NO idea it existed until today. But I do know that I have had LENGTHY discussions with both my landline provider (AT&T) and my cell provider (Sprint) as to WHY I was paying an exorbitant amount to some blandly named fund “The Universal Fund”. I told them I did not want to be charged for this fund. I was “opting out”. They told me it was government mandated. a FEE and I could not opt out. It is required and it’s not a TAX.

    A FEE is worse than a tax, at least a tax you can mitigate or offset a bit through deductions when you file a tax return. A fee is a a 100% slap to your bank account. You can’t even report it as an operating expense! It’s government mandated that WE pay for other’s freeloading.

    Yes, the middle class or even those who are NOT even middle class, but just above qualifying for government programs have to pay and pay and pay some more for others free rides. It is WRONG. We need our money for ourselves, especially in this economy! I want to “opt out” of the Universal Fund!

    IF those who are freeloading were all ethical and honest (which they are not! I have been horrified seeing the welfare recipients around here driving luxury cars and wearing designer clothing!) and striving diligently to get OFF of government assistance that would be fine. But they are not. They get lazy and after getting freebies for a while, decide it “feels good” and is so easy and they continue to apply year after year. Like someone here said, they earn and don’t report other income so they aren’t even paying taxes like the rest of us.

    Something has to change. Quickly. I am not willing to support people who want to get everything free. (I have a freeloading sister, who although she is capable of working, doesn’t “want to”. She is on SNAP and other assistance. My mother is paying for her cell phone. She qualifies for this program and since she is taking all my mother’s money to pay for her apartment, her electric and her phone, maybe she should get one, at least it would be one less bill my elderly mother doesn’t have to pay. .

    There should be an INCOME REQUIREMENT to MAKE people eligible to pay the Universal Fund. It should NOT fall upon every person paying their own way (and not taking handouts) to PAY for those who are. At the very least, there should be a sliding scale. The way the system is now is HORRIBLE. It is broken.

    I think I will stop working, get section 8 housing, a free phone and internet and free food with SNAP. From what I’ve seen, you can live pretty well when others are footing the bill.

    • daniel minchew says

      not to happy-i have owned 4 auto repair shops,yes i had money,money ok i hurt my back 6 years ago and cant work.you have been lucky you have not fallen on hard times,and with your attitude i pray you never do,spend your money and shut the hell up!!!!

      • patricia collins-kadlec says

        to daniel m Good luck with your future may good things come to you hold your head high shall come to you god bless

      • gail says

        Daniel, sorry you have had such bad luck with your auto reparis shops. Did you have 4 at once or open and closed several times ? EWe have an auto repair shop and a paint and body shop for 34 years and we are so worn out ! It is very hard work. Sorry about your injury. It is very hard to stay afloat in Auto Repair. my husband is 69 and still works ,mamy hours a day !
        good luck !

      • mandy says

        yes there should be programs for ppl that need as you do. but i also agree with her. my dad had a heart attack about 3 yrs ago and has had trouble with finding a job because of that. but he cannot receive any help from the gov since my mom makes to much. but un like everyone else she did not lie about her income or anything else when trying to get help. for not lying they was turned down. she barely makes enough to pay their bills and in order to be able to eat they have been selling and pawning things to get a little bit of extra money. when i found out that they was having trouble with money i moved back in with them to help out with food and some other bills. what sickens me is that i know several ppl and familes that lie on the app as far as their address/ income / ect to be able to receive free handouts from the gov. they are in good health and very able to work. the problem is that they are lazy and the gov has made them even more lazy by handing out more and more free benefits. they receive more free stuff from the gov they feel that its not worth them getting a job. so with all the gov handouts they end up with brand new name brand expensice clothes, new upto date smart phones, the women some how always seem to have the extra money to get their nails done and their hair done every other wk. money to go out and party on. but they dont have the money to pay their bills or feed themselves they have to go through the gov. ppl are getting more and more free stuff from the gov that its not makin them have the want or motivation to want to get out and find or get a job. its better for them to just have everything handed to them. the freeloaders are taking more and more from the ppl that really need it and the working ppl. im paying for these ppl to live worry free cuz they are having everything pd for them and getting everything free. im not knocking the ppl that are using these programs that truely need it and are using it for the right reason. its the preople that lie and are taking advantage of the programs.

    • patricia collins-kadlec says

      i see my last reply was taken off but you are still a jerk I have a job Plus go to school full time to get back a portion of what we lost. Its people like you that we try to protect our children you are a bully and at one point i said i hope you never have to go through what we did but Ive changed my mind I hope you do I hope the Karma comes around and you find yourself begging for work because you cant find any and you havent eaten for days and peoples judgements stop you from appling for food stamps and you end up sick and in the hospital because you are to ashamed to tell anyone your hungry yeah that sounds much better than doing whatever it takes to get back up on your feet again. people die everyday due to shame you are just another bully that treats people like dirt but im sure smiles and wishes them well to their face you are a jerk

      • gail says

        We are self employed. I have lost 5 full term babies while running a business with my husband. Once you get free things, life becomes easy and you want more free things. I don’t know anyone who has every gotten government help that has every gotten off of government. I do know more than 50 people on help and not one has returned to work.
        At what point does someone decide to never work again ? At the point of too much help, I think. I wish everyone had a perfect life but we got to keep trying as a country. People in Wheelchairs sell lightbulbs so a back injury is not a reason to never work again. have the surgery by the government and then go back to work. just saying. if we all felt like the government owes us we will never go back to work and our great nation will fall !


      income requirement, off your BUTT requirement, drug free requirement, etc. TOTALLY agree with your last comment! i am livid about this. saw today that a lady has 36 of these free phones. where does it stop?!?

    • gail says

      The truth is that if every Republican would not work and pay taxes for 1 week, nobody would get anything. Perhaps the working class should all lay off a week. I think we could all handle that. maybe 2 weeks even better. What they going to do…beat us with a whip ? They would have to stop all this crap !

      • ewrzjc says

        Here is a clue: Most Blue States do NOT get back $1 or more for each dollar they send to the fed gov.
        Most RED States get back MORE THAN $1 for every $1 they send to the fed gov. =
        The Blue/dems support the Red/Republicans.
        Apparently u have never seen the essay on splitting the Red States from the Blue States: the Red States would go bankrupt without the funds provided by the Blue States.

    • ewrzjc says

      Here is a little clue for you if u r losing sleep over the free cell phone program that was started by PREZ BUSH: Per the conservative Wall Street Journal: The cost of the GOP lie that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction /our invasion = $4 TRILLION DOLLARS. That is more than the annual federal budget!! It is more than the TOTAL U.S. COST OF WORLD WAR 2. PLUS: 4,500 American soldiers died and 200,000 were injured in IRAQ. U, and our military, got screwed by the GOP; WAKE UP! Your children and grandchildren will be paying for the GOP Iraq war.


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